An older, scarier version of ‘tabdeeli’

Published: October 2, 2014

PTI gave an example of its political opportunism as it endorsed JUI-F and JI’s proposed changes in K-P’s textbooks.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has become quite a talking point these days. Its chairman, Imran Khan, has been giving ‘dharnas’ for the past 50 days (though one must question the legitimacy of the dharna since it keeps hopping from Bani Gala to Karachi to Lahore and so on and so forth) in the name of… well, I’m not really sure.

Perhaps some of the angry, cussing, hatred-filled insafians can enlighten me with their version on this. I’ve faced enough abuse from PTI trolls for not supporting PTI and openly criticising Imran’s version of facts and events.

Khan sahib wants a ‘Naya Pakistan’ and chimes for ‘tabdeeli’ (change). He has a litany of allegations against the incumbent government ranging from rigging to the PM being ‘sadiq and ameen’ (Article 62 and 63). Every night, at prime time hour, Mr Imran Khan Niazi, MNA from (NA-56 Rawalpindi), stands atop his container and demands a resignation from the democratically elected prime minister of Pakistan. His tirade doesn’t end or begin with the resignation. He calls everyone in the parliament a ‘thief’ – conveniently forgetting that he is a member of it as well.

He insists that the Sharif brothers have looted this country for 30 years (a factual error that esteemed politicians such as Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Sheikh Rasheed can happily correct him on as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government has been in power for less than 15 years) and that only he, Mr Khan, understands the value and meaning of good governance. He cites examples from Scandinavian countries, and then goes on to burn his (allegedly paid) electricity bill. He talks of ‘azadi’ (freedom), ‘tabdeeli’ and a ‘Naya Pakistan’ but does not explain how he aims to achieve it.

There are two frightening dimensions of PTI. The first is the fact that there is no change in the province that they did manage to form a government. Whether it is the IDPs or flood-victims, Chief Minister Pervez Khattak seems to have little involvement in their relief. Imran himself has done or worked little to alleviate the suffering of the people of his province.

Instead of a civil disobedience movement, it would have been much more heartening had he asked his emotional and loyal insafians to donate heartily to the flood relief programs. Instead of making Nawaz Sharif the focus of his speeches, parodying Awami National Party (ANP) leader Achakzai or dancing on DJ Butt’s tunes, I would have respected Imran much more had he mobilised the crowds of millions and the Tsunami of people (by his own account) into making positive changes into their lives.

He is a crowd-puller for sure and has a faithful (almost cult-like) fan following who believe everything that comes out of his mouth. He ought to have led by example by teaching Pakistani men and women to respect the constitution, to follow the rules and to make Pakistan a better country by working together. Instead he spreads hate and violence, never condemns the attack on Geo television workers, openly incites hatred against state institutions and uses borderline abusive terminologies for everyone ranging from Nawaz to IG Islamabad to Najam Sethi.

The second frightening aspect is PTI’s soft corner for Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), considering how Imran wants TTP to open official offices and the Taliban claimed that they do not accept any prime minister except for Imran. Khan sahib also went on record to state that it was Benazir Bhutto’s own fault for being bombed. This is not only ominous and foreboding but is also misleading for the politically-ignorant followers of Khan. Siding with religious extremists or even being an apologist for militants at a time like this is not the change Pakistan needs.

Recently, PTI gave an example of its political opportunism as it endorsed Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)’s proposed changes in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P)’s textbooks. Stories of regional personalities such as Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Bacha Khan, Ghani Khan and Ranjit Singh were added by ANP, which JI and JUI-F strongly opposed. They demanded the removal of the abovementioned personalities as well as removal of pictures of women with their heads uncovered.

Education cannot be dictated by politics and religion, especially in a country like Pakistan where there are various ethnicities and religious minorities and the freedom of expression is already an important issue. In a country where professors, doctors and sitting governors are assassinated for exercising their right to free speech, it is imperative that our education system is free from bias and influence of religious extremism. It is imperative that we teach our children to embrace truths and differences of lifestyles in every way.

It is also imperative that Imran sahib, who regularly chants ‘change’ and ‘revolution’, should remember that charity begins at home and the censorship-stricken schools of K-P are as much a part of Pakistan as D-Chowk, Islamabad and Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore.


Mahwash Badar

The author is a clinical psychologist, a mum to two boys and permanently in a state of flux. She tweets @mahwashajaz_ (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Naveed Khan

    You have missed the basic demand which is giving strength to IK’s tabdeeli. People are demanding to see new faces in power whom they regard as “less” corrupt than the two parties. And who is there. Only Imran Khan. People are fed up with the terrible situation of the country. And I personally wish that these Marches reach to the similar outcome at in Adeerus Ghayan’s book The Scriptwriter. We want to see the change. we want jobs, security, food, house and these two parties will not give us what we want and what we are wiling to work for.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    seemed kinda reasonable until the ‘soft corner for ttp’ part….even the government the writer is trying so hard not to openly support, turned to negotiations, before zarb e azab

  • But what if you get nothing and only push the country back by decades? What if instead of becoming more accountable and stable, Pakistan’s democracy becomes more polarized and prone to crises, or is winked out entirely? Is it not reasonable to chart a more careful, measured path to “jobs, security, food, housing” for all? After all, we are a huge country and have a long, long way to go; there’s a lot of work to do. Sudden “tabdeeli” will not be a magic wand or a shortcut.Recommend

  • Asif

    Article is weak on reasoning side, but it does raise an interesting point. Why is Pakistani nation waiting for a Messiah to solve all their issues? Can’t they build small teams to say clean their streets, fix their lights, volunteer for hospital, color the shabby buildings, fund ordinary police men so that they don’t have a reason to take bribe… So many things can be done by this nation of reasonably sane people. But NO … Let’s wait for Imran Khan to become PM, let’s wait for Nawaz Sharif to become PM … Their magic will solve all issues, while we remain aloof of our responsibilities.

    All modern leaders are corrupt and can only be forced into path of righteousness by people doing the right thing, the law hanging over their heads and a system which has no place for individualism … if Pakistani nation hasn’t learned this in its 65 years of misery … then it is justified for not being a sovereign state.Recommend

  • Zee

    Author, pl enlighten me what good these personalities ( bacha khan, Abdul ghaffar) did to Pakistan? And yes what is the relevance of including Ranjeet Singh in Pakistani text books as quote me one book from across the border where any Muslim”s is included in the text books.

    Also came across to another blog on Dawn where blogger is discussing the same thing and crying on adding Aslalam Alaeuqum in the books!! What wrong in it?

    Am literally fearing for days to come where you so called leftist will demand for ban on Islamiat subject
    ET, pl allow the comment


  • Parvez

    There are many things wrong with Imran and his PTI’s workings and strategy….but if you take the 18 months of PML-N rule it is accepted that this period is worse than the 5 years of PPP-Z rule and that is saying a lot……can this nation afford for the PML-N to complete its term AND THEN have another rigged election to bring the PPP-Z back into power ? If the political paradigm is not subjected to an overhaul, that is exactly what will happen…… your write up you are looking at the tree and not the forest.Recommend

  • mazhar

    Well if some one is not sure then just follow the message and wake up!.Recommend

  • sterry

    How can the same tired faces of Imran Khan rubbing shoulders with Shaikh Rasheed, Chaudhry Shujat and Pervez Ilahi be a sign of tabdeeli? I agree with a lot of what the author writes but I question her motivation since she wrote against creation of Pakistan and how she is even ashamed of the country too. I think PTI trolls are wrong to continue protests that compromise democratic process and institutions in Pakistan. They don’t realize that Pakistani people don’t want the country to become unstable Arab state after their Arab Spring only made countries like Libya, Egypt, Syria worse than before. They think late night parties with DJ Butt and chanting slogans can replace effort and respecting that in civilized societies people make things better by working together in a system. So though I don’t support PTI and they are wrong in the protests, at least they have a right to an opinion about Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mobin Abrar

    Which face on the container do you regard as new?Recommend

  • igloo

    The thing that is more scary is that this so called ‘psychologist’ is writing an article that is so cut off from reality, it makes Cinderella look non-fiction. “I would have respected Imran much more had he mobilised the crowds of millions and the Tsunami of people (by his own account) into making positive changes into their lives.” Lady have you ever opened up a history book? Do you seriously think change comes with flying unicorns and rainbows? Firstly, Have you been to KPK? why not ask the people there how much things have changed rather than making assumptions after watching the Pakistani version of Fox News aka. Geo news. Secondly, IK did not side with religious extremists, he was afraid that TTP would retaliate in the cities and KPK would be the worst affected province. infact your favorite party N league is allied with JUIF and Lashkar e Jhangvi, the two most extremist ideologies in the country.Recommend

  • Fahad Farooq

    Are you insisting that personalities like Bacha Khan, Ghani Khan and a g Khan should be a part of our TOUGHT leaders?? infact it should be A Q Khan who should be included and not Bacha Khan… who was a political figure , never accepted the demographics of Pakistan and is buried in Afghanistan … Freedom of speech aside what is the criteria of being a NATIONAL HERO .. for that matter is freedom of speech is to be OUR CENTRAL CONCERN may be we can have inclusion of regional TERRORISTS also in the books…

    2. About having women with headgear in the textbooks is concerned, its about promoting our cultural values that we ALL share in common … U might be liberal in your own way, but tell be truly, Ur daadi or Naani had her head covered or not?? no body is forcing other person to do a particular act .. but promoting our heritage and culture should be there ..Recommend

  • Humza

    We all deserve freedom of speech. You have the freedom to write that you are against Pakistan’s formation and your family would have been better off in India and not migrating. By the same token PTI followers have the right to ask for PM’s resignation and call for elections. I think they are wrong in protesting against the government which earned the right to rule through majority votes. I also think your views are wrong about Pakistan’s existence but it’s a free world. I personally believe that stability in Pakistan will only come from allowing governments to complete their terms and see peaceful transition of power every five years like in Western countries.Recommend

  • Jonbon Jovi

    Only a person is not IN pakistan can say that Pakistan’s current government needs not change. I am sick and tired of these people who dont live in my country but think that they have the right to write articles about it. Even international journalists with decades of on ground experience dont write articles about another country without consulting an expert or visiting that country. WE . WHO LIVE IN PAKISTAN, HAVE MADE IT CLEAR THAT WE WANT NAWAZ SHARIF TO LEAVE. He has single handedly destroyed this nation.Recommend

  • Salman Shareef

    Since when Ranjit Singh become the regional personality from KP? The same ANP declares Raja Dahir it’s hero. There is no point to add these traitors like Bacha Khan and tormentors like Ranjit Singh who converted mosques into stables during his reign. Recommend

  • Syed Mubeen Hussain Sabzwari

    And you don’t live in Pakistan anymore. That sums up the story!Recommend

  • Cgill

    Can’t believe that some people’s still have reasons to support current system and Govt. Same peopel abuse million times this system and govt and when IK took a stand against all this same people start supporting this system and gave a clear judgment that how wrong khan is. Get a life. What reasons do you have to support a system where girl raped by 4 people and set herself to fire because this system failed to gavd her justice. Get a life.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Naya Pakistan wants to keep the old and wrong version of history intact;And claim it to be nayaRecommend

  • AA

    Tabdeeli is comparative term, means changing from what is incumbent, so assessing the true meaning requires comparative examples, Imran vs Nawaz not comparing Imran versus his standards. The fact that there is no change in the province that they did manage to form a government is a falls statement, there are changes and the most significant is depoliticizing police and patwari system, getting rid of Gullu Butts. If you blog, be honest, when you make comment on Imran show where Nawaz stands on it.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Mahwash, I do agree to some of your points but please note that JI is PTIs political ally and elected party, so just like ANP, they have the right to make changes to syllabus, though one can disagree to their views. In democracy, the elected people are considered the voice of the masses, so if they take decisions, they have to be accepted as the decisions of masses, whom they represent.Recommend

  • sumair khan

    To add more insult to injury just yesterday he was dictating terms on how woman should dress according to his own morality standards, adhere to strict dress code in accordance with sharia and islam. so much for naya pakistan where your morality will be judged, personal freedom and expression will be compromised in a already conservative & persistent narrow minded society.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Although I dont agree with all that IK supports, he may just be the only one up for the job right now. Recommend

  • Aftab Riaz

    :) If you are not sure at first(as mentioned by you) then why you wrote this blog?

    Pakistanis waqaee jaag gaye hain…and thanks to Imran and Quadri for this.

    A big round of Applause for those who are still happy with the current democracy and the people involved in it.

    Please dont write just for the sake of writing… you wasted my 5 mins.. Psychologist..duhRecommend

  • نائلہ

    How much time do you think the current “measured path to jobs, securing, food, housing etc” will take to be paved out? Cos we have been waiting…..Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Same, I lost all respect for her after she said she was against the creation of the same country she constantly writes about. Recommend

  • Faisal

    but job is awarded to Nawaz Sharif in 2013 by the people of Pakistan and as per Constitution. Only allegations cannot make Imran up for the job right now. He has two choices 1) wait till 2018 or 2) prove that 2013 elections were rigged.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    I am really surprised that someone as sensible as you would endorse unconstitutional methods to unseat a democratically elected Govt – to continue with your analogy, you are suggesting to kill parasites by burning down the grove/ forest. I have no love for Sharif or Zardari or Imran Khan (thank God), but base hunger for political power (and not genuine desire for tabdeeli) is clearly pushing democracy in Pakistan to the brink, which I believe is a regressive step. If elections are being rigged, then some MNA (say, Imran Khan?) needs to raise the question and suggest a legally tenable solution – some of which would certainly be bringing in EVMs, spacing out elections to ensure that the security apparatus in the country can deliver more focus, and possibly temporary overarching powers for the Election Commission.Recommend

  • Sceptic

    Imran Khan spends summer in England and his children live there too. Does it affect IK’s crefibility?Recommend

  • Sceptic

    What do you think of the new system in KPK? BTW, Khattak had been a minister thrice before each time representing a different party. Talk about new leadership, naya Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sceptic

    What do you think of Qadri then? Why Imran’s children live in the UK? Is Bani Gala real Pakistan?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    But was he really chosen? Is the rigging being ignored by you?

    From the rest, imran is better. Recommend

  • Prashant

    So if a person is not a Muslim, he cannot be a hero for you?Recommend

  • mobileprice

    great post! i enjoyed reading it keep up the great work i have got something new from here and i would love to read something new from you in future

  • Mahwash Badar

    I am not against this country, I love this country, kitni dafa boloon! I am ashamed of the issues Pakistan has, I love the land, with all its flaws its MY land, it is the land of my children. Recommend

  • Fighter Man

    As A Muslim can not be hero for Hindus, Similarly Hindu can not be a hero for Muslims. Any other justification required ?Recommend

  • Maria

    The past year of PML N rule actually saw an improvement in Pakistan’s economic image in the world stage. If anything it is first time that Pakistan’s economic ranking has gone up in many years. Moodys of US improved Pakistan’s rankings before this Dharna business and this is the main reason why PTI wants to make sure PML N doesn’t complete its projects for motorways and energy plants or all the Chinese investments because then they would have little chance of ever being elected.Recommend

  • Ali

    Is Ghaznavi a hero for you?Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    Head gear is not our cultural symbol/value. And its certainly not one that is shared by “ALL”.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Every sane Pakistani is ashamed of the issues their country have. But they all don’t write against the creation of the country do they? Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Wait a sec, where did you get these points? Does it say in the Geeta to not see a Muslim as a hero or does it say in the Quran to not see a Hindu as a hero? Recommend

  • Parvez

    Sitting outside Pakistan I don’t blame you for coming to the conclusions you have……I neither have the space nor the energy to explain why you are wrong. But let me say that no one is talking of burning down the forest ( that the perception that the PML-N has spread in the foreign media and quite successfully )…..the talk is to reform the system that today delivers only for a few….and is trumpeted as democracy.
    Thank you for thinking of me as sensible.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Do you really think so ?…….if you actually live in Pakistan, like I do, I doubt you would fall prey to flawed government propaganda.Recommend

  • Gp65

    I am a Hindu and i certainly have many Muslim heroes. The playback singer Mohammed Rafi who has entertained all Indians for decades; the billionaire philanthropist Azim Premji, film star Amir Khan who has also used his popularity to highlight on social issues through Satyamev Jayate, our former President Abdul Kalaam.

    I am very sure many Indian Muslims do have Hindu heroes also.

    If you want to limit your world view by viewing through filters of religion , that’s your misfortune.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Shehenshah Akbar is a hero for many Hindus. In recent times we have many more. Just some names:
    – Abdul Kalam, Azim Premji, Amir Khan, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Mohammed Rafi, Shabana AzmiRecommend

  • Prashant

    I have many Muslims as heroes and I do not need anyones stamp of approval to choose my heroes. Get over yourself.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country and who is the poet of their national anthem? Gurudeo Rabindranath Tagore.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Same Ranjit Singh whose army has substantial portion of Muslims,and whose Prime Minister was a Muslim.Read some books other than Pakistani texts.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Don’t comment about text books from across the border if you haven’t read them.Propaganda by Pakistani texts doesn’t change the history.Recommend

  • Ram

    Tippo Sultan,beloved APJ,Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad and so many others are my heroes and I am Hindu but a Indian first. Ranjit Singh may not be your hero but he belongs to the land on which are you standing today and you need to know your history. Education does not dictate it gives you knowledge to decide on your own what is best for youRecommend

  • Maria

    I don’t expect hardly a year of an elected government to fix the problems of the last 60 years but the world media seemed to think that Pakistan’s economy was on the right track. They see Nawaz Sharif government as business friendly and pro economy. That’s why financial markets were positive on Pakistan’s rankings and that’s why major American investment firm Moodys upgraded Pakistan’s economic ranking and I guess that’s also why Chinese are keen to invest so many billions in Gwader and infrastructure or energy projects. These projects won’t be done in a year but the enemies of Pakistan don’t want to wait to see them even start.Recommend

  • Parvez

    I did respond but ET chose to trash it….will try again, very briefly :
    No one is suggesting that the forest must be burnt down in order to kill the parasites…..that’s the impression the PML-N has successfully conveyed to the world outside. What is happening is an awakening of the people ( mainly the middle class ) to a system rigged and managed by those sitting in Parliament to benefit ONLY themselves and they loudly call it democracy. To understand the internal dynamics you would need time and a detailed explanation. Suggest you read some of the opinion pieces on this site……and thank you for considering me sensible.
    ET please let this one through as the gentleman deserves a reply.Recommend

  • That’s called an ad hominem response. Look it up.Recommend

  • Maria

    I guess people in India and Bangladesh see it differently but let people decide

  • siesmann

    forgot to mention that Farsi remained the official language of Government under Ranjit Singh.Even Punjabi was written in arabic script(shamukhi) rather than Gurmukhi !!Do books of Pakistan reflelct that?Recommend

  • stevenson

    Love the psychology of the writer who keeps writing about Pakistan when she hates it? I just can’t understand her and why ET gives her space to write.Recommend

  • stevenson

    How can Imran be better? A guy who can’t own up to losing an election and is willing to do anything to seize power only shows he is not mentally stable to rule a country.Recommend

  • Parvez

    this is my third try and it is to tell you that although you deserve a reply that I gave…..the ET site has really gone to the dogs…..and thats a shame.
    I hope ET prints this because i don’t want you to think that I did not respond.Recommend

  • Parvez

    All I can say is that Moodys is a rating agency just like the ones that gave the US banking industry a thumbs up on their sub-prime mortgage issues in the 2008 debacle….so reading too much into that is a mistake.
    The Chinese investment is part of their geo-strategic plan for this region and don’t get carried away…..the Chinese are intelligent people and will do what is right for them.
    This is not about Nawaz….its about a system that delivers only for a very few….and the people get nothing.
    The difference this movement has made is that this time the country had floods…the Prime Minister is sitting with the people getting his shoes dirty. The last time we had floods Mr Zardari was visiting his chateau outside Paris and never bothered to return home :-)Recommend

  • Guest

    Ghaznavi is a hero? Have you read your history, man?! The only psychopaths worse than him were Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Pakistani text books as quote me one book from across the border where any Muslim”s is included in the text books.”

    Larry Page has developed Google for everybody but especially for people like you, just google it and you would know the number of Muslim figures being taught in Indian history books, if you cannot find any, let me know and I shall teach you how to make use of Google.Recommend

  • Oats

    She is loved in India and everywhere where Pakistan is is viewed negatively. She plays to an international audience who need her comments to feel good about themselves by putting Pakistan down.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    I am touched that you felt it worth your while to try to respond this many times – thank you. It is true that I have limited understanding of the problems that you face. But I also feel that there is no proof in the public domain on Nawaz Sharif’s massive victory having been achieved on the basis of mass rigging. There may have been (and probably were) many instances of rigging, but to impute that someone else would have been in power this time round if these cases of rigging did not occur requires a stretch of imagination and arithmetic that I do not possess. These elections were largely deemed to have been fair by neutral observers, so either the whole rigging affair was managed in a most adroit fashion (which means that only rumors can exist and there is no evidence) or was on much smaller scale than is being communicated and people are being misled. Again, happy to hear your views and open to being convinced otherwise – although I will understand if you are tired of the entire subject and choose not to reply.Recommend

  • Zee

    Thank you dear! Some how I didn’t read the referred one. Utter disgusting and shame on the part of author. How come ET has allowed this hurting every Pakistani!!!

    Which countries don’t have issues but slamming the whole idea of country is…..

    I reckon this has become the fashion that some people always criticise country for every ill rather system! Though I advocate for the freedom of speech but this is enough as sitting, residing, eating and every thing from Pakistan but don’t let any chance to bash Pak.

    Shame!! Recommend

  • Zee

    Makes sense as some thing good they have done for India! What good Ranjeet Singh did for us to include in our text books? And yes Mehmood ghaznivi is a hero for Muslims and Pakistani Muslims! Our missiles are named on him.Recommend

  • Zee

    Thank you for teaching the google! Actually ET has trashed my comment though I knew that you will argue for Abul KalammAzad, APJ etc.

    Is Jinnah ( Quad-e-Azam), Mehmood Gaznivi etc are being in your text books? You included those who submitted to very idea of india and it’s culture and that’s my point.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The subject is much bigger than just rigging the elections and yes the rigging and the ‘ deliberate ‘ mismanagement was on a scale far in excess of what you have been told.
    The subject is that democracy has been taken for a ride over the last 6 years and this abomination still continues…….the move is to try and correct it but the entrenched beneficiaries of this ‘ system ‘ ( also termed the status quo ) will not give up easily because it signals their demise.
    As you seem interested suggest you read Fahad Husain’s last two opinion pieces on this site. Also read Cyril Almeida in last Sundays daily DAWN and the lawyer Babar Sattar on Monday 6th Oct also in the DAWN. This will give you a better idea of what the situation looks like.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    Wow! I must say respected Mr. Parvez that its an addition to my knowledge that such huge international institutions having hired the best of the best people in terms of qualifications and experience, putting in the best of the best systems, process and scientific research into their areas of expertise, whose opinions and suggestions are treated as authentic references all over the world should be rated as zero and reading too much into what they say is a mistake! i would again say WOW!!! This also points out to a major flaw in our educational system by producing half educated pseudo intellectuals like us… I wonder when our nation will come out of this hero worship syndrome and blind followance of individuals and instead start believing in systems, processes and institutions etc…Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Is Jinnah ( Quad-e-Azam), Mehmood Gaznivi etc are being in your text books? You included those who submitted to very idea of india and it’s culture and that’s my point.”

    Yes Ghaznavi is taught in Indian history books.

    You may not like the history but you cannot change it and hence it must not be ignored.

    Please also read your question again regarding what you asked.Recommend

  • Parvez

    …and again I replied explaining it as I see it, BUT sorry the blog police did not allow it…..and surprisingly so because one of ET’s senior staff who writes in the opinion section has to quite an extent voiced my views. If this gets through lets call it a day……..I enjoyed the exchange.Recommend

  • Anon

    The corruption of our current government is a-okay to you. Our government’s allegiance to the United States is okay to you. But, my god, supporting Imran Khan? NEVER. We should teach our children to obeeey the constitution, to mindlessly follow leaders who don’t have an honest bone in their bodies. Okay, sure. Keep trying Ms. Badar.Recommend

  • Parvez

    In the collapse of the banking sector in America in 2008……the Rating Agencies were giving the system a ‘ thumbs up ‘ right until the collapse……and then they played with words and legal jargon to escape responsibility.
    So yes one has to be circumspect when reading what they put out.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Thank you. Possibly my perception of the entire movement is colored by my assessment of Imran Khan’s motives, while the people who constitute the movement are there for a genuine reason, which could indeed by the desire for ‘tabdeeli’. I still feel that as a supposedly responsible political party, the PTI is doing democracy in Pakistan no favors by spear-heading this protest, but I accept the points that you’ve mentioned above (I’ve missed the Cyril Almeida piece, will dig it up). Thanks again.Recommend

  • Parvez

    We have elections…….but democracy is but a slogan used by politicians to further their own personal cause…….anyway it was good of you to bear with me so far. Let’s close this down.Recommend

  • Zee

    At least we are not doing like this what Modi govt is trying to. Pl enlighten yourselves with this article and would like to see your response as well.

  • Prashant

    “At least we are not doing like this what Modi govt is trying to. ”

    You are not trying to do this as it has been done a long time back in your country. Let me know if you need evidence.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the BJP comes with a certain baggage and this is one of them, as long as they want to glorify Hindus who deserve to be glorified, there should be no issues.


  • Zee

    Pl provide evidence as I would like to see. Moreover, am amazed to see your response since you are ok with the glorification of Hindus whether the same is based on truth or not.

    Including Akhand Bharat, presence of Airplanes in ancient India will not do any wonders rather create the distortion. Recommend

  • Jayman

    Won’t be surprised if Imran Khan and his party merges with the Islamic State. PTI members being present at the JuD rally seems to be pointing in that direction.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    DJ Butt?Recommend

  • JayMankind

    @Mahwash, the moment you say anything against the great Imran Khan, you will be labelled a traitor.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Pl provide evidence as I would like to see”

    I am surprised though that you would not make use of Google and ask me to provide evidence.

    “Moreover, am amazed to see your response since you are ok with the glorification of Hindus whether the same is based on truth or not.”

    Read my comment again and if you need help in comprehension, let me know I will help you with that, by your logic, any Hindu glorified has to be without facts because you seem to have your own standards for what is truth and what is not.

    “Including Akhand Bharat, presence of Airplanes in ancient India will not do any wonders rather create the distortion.”

    So when did I speak about it, get back to me if you have a coherent response rather than just ranting.Recommend

  • Zee

    Thanks and I purposely asked you to provide evidence coz I knew that you would be quoting the article of Raza Roomi!!!

    Actually he belongs to a circle read limited people in Pakistan who wants to change the entire Pakistan according to their wishes. Actually, you agree or not, the concept of neutral and fact based history is unfounded. Can you teach in your text books that you lost the war in 1962 from China likewise, you can’t teach your kids about the atrocities committed by Indian Army in the IOK.

    Concisely, in every country’s history / text books, there will be an official account of any incident, war etc which for others’ ‘d be entirely different.


  • Zee

    And to add one thing, I do not see every indian or Hindu as an enemy rather have very close circle of Hindu friends at my work place and 95% of my family is in India as only my Father, mother and some of their close relatives migrated to Pakistan.

    Been to india one time (92) but what I see over there now restricts me to not to visit again.

    Peace! ZeeshanRecommend

  • Prashant

    Why is he a hero for you? Is it because you share your faith with him? If yes, stop pretending that your ancestors have ever fought for the independence of undivided India.

    An invader comes to plunder, loot and destroy, some of the natives accept the faith of the invader and then they decide to change their loyalty, does it sound good to you, it has to else you would not call him a hero of anybody in the subcontinent.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I completely disagree, I had pasted a few more links which ET did not allow, just google it if you are interested to know the facts , it is there for all to see, not just for Pakistan but also India which shows not only the positive side but also the ugly side of both the countries, in my opinion, your countries other side not only affects yourself but also others and hence the interest from across the border.

    Yes the Indians are well aware that 1962 was a humiliation but not all of us know that it was not a Chinese fault completely, Kashmir is not a place India has sent its forces to commit atrocities, it is a place where in India has sent its forces to bring the situation back to normal and in some cases some of the members of the armed forces have crossed the line and have been responsible for committing crimes which is also quiet well known in India.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “And to add one thing, I do not see every indian or Hindu as an enemy rather have very close circle of Hindu friends…”

    Your comments suggest otherwise. It is not time for India to accept Pakistan as a reality as India has done it a long time back, it is time for the Pakistanis to be at ease with their identity and not ask India over and over again to accept its existence.

    “Been to india one time (92) but what I see over there now restricts me to not to visit again.”

    You may or may not visit my country, it is your choice. Cheers.Recommend

  • Zee

    Awareness is fine but here we are debating on the inclusion of facts in the text books! Likewise, we all know that we have been defeated in 1971 with the connivance of India and also because of our fault but yes this is not mentioned that way in the books.

    And yes my comments may reflect enemity towards India but I usually stick to logical debates without usual bashing which I see from the many commentators and by any count, you fill find those Indians.

    Finally summing it up! I still convinced on what I communicated on the official version of history.


  • Prashant

    “I usually stick to logical debates without usual bashing which I see from the many commentators and by any count, you fill find those Indians.”

    I do not find much logic in your comments mate, you ask if Muslims find a place in Indian history books, I say yes, you respond by asking if a particular Muslim is being taught, where does this end? If you want to prove someone wrong, you will because no one is perfect but the question is are you imperfect enough to lose your way and never recover from that?

    Asking questions which the entire world is asking cannot be bashing and if it is, you need to ask yourselves if your definition of the word bashing remains the same as that for the rest. Cheers.Recommend

  • Raju

    Its neither about the old system or the current system. Im Khan and Mulla Qadri have only one agenda, that is to save Mush and help him flee. That is what Mush League and his lawyer kasuri claimed and not contested by IK or Qadri to date.Recommend

  • ayyaz

    Imran Khan, Asad Umer, Arif Alvi, Abrar ulHaq, may be many more which I cant recall now. All are new faces in this political systemRecommend

  • siesmann

    You can keep trying,but closed minds will remain so.Why waste time.He regurgitates what is taught him.Not entirely his fault.Recommend

  • Ukesh Gomani

    You had a good point for your article then you simply turned yourself blind-sided to other sides. He has given the explanations countless times in his speeches as how he would change Pakistan. You might ask then why hasn’t he done that in KPK?

    Well, first of all look at the contributions of PTI in KPK. Firstly addressing the issue regarding corruption, he introduced ‘Conflict of Interest Law’ which by the way plays quintessential role in stopping the corruption. He brought ‘Right to Information” law which will facilitate the public at the basic level. KPK police is the most depoliticized in Pakistan. KPK gov spends the most % of budget on education of all provinces. They even received best financial management award by Federal Government among all other provinces. They are also bringing mobile courts there. Minimum wage for a laborer is 15000. They are also making prices of utility items very cheap. Mobile courts are also being set up. FIR can be filed online there. They recently made whole province polio-free after countering it out so badly. They increased the attendance ratio of primary schools’ students. They are building more schools through Tameer-School program. Government hospitals are working much better than they did in the previous government. They take the attendance of teachers through bio-metric system. They even brought the bill to introduce Bio-Metric system in local government elections. They are also building mass transit service (as opposed to Jhangla bus) on a reasonable price unlike metro bus which was an overvalued project.

    Once they come into power with the kind of majority that PML-N now enjoys (though it is arguably fake) then we can point all our fingers on them.Recommend