Why do female supporters of PTI bother you, Maulana Fazlur Rehman?

Published: September 16, 2014

I have been working for PTI for a while now, and I can assure you that we know how to respect our women. PHOTO: FILE

I have been working for PTI for a while now, and I can assure you that we know how to respect our women. PHOTO: AFP I have been working for PTI for a while now, and I can assure you that we know how to respect our women. PHOTO: FILE I have been working for PTI for a while now, and I can assure you that we know how to respect our women. PHOTO: FILE

I am your archetypical Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter. I am young, charged up, and me and my counterparts are the backbone of the “tabdeeli” you see around you, whether you agree with it or not. And one thing is for sure – working for PTI as a volunteer worker has just reiterated my faith in the fact that whatever men can do, women can do equally well or even better.

They also bring to the political arena an innate wisdom, just like my leader Imran Khan had said a few years ago in a television interview, and keeps stressing in his speeches. While Pakistani women have always been politically awake and Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah is the role model, followed by others, PTI mobilised women (as well as the youth) like never before.

Is that what has irked Maulana Fazlur Rehman and others like him?

Is that why they have started flinging the ugliest exaggerations and insults at our mothers, sisters and daughter?

Not just as a PTI supporter but as a Pakistani man, I am offended.

Recently, in the parliament, the Maulana described the PTI’s Azadi dharna’s participating women as having bad characters and labelled them as women from the dark side of society. Imran, in comparison, believes women and youth to be the biggest agents of positive social change and, hence, stake holders in the political arena.

This attitude points towards the Maulana’s insecurities and his panic at what is about to happen. The growing lack of respect in Pakistanis towards the parliament owes to such politicians who do not see the use of profane words and ideas as a violation of the parliament’s sanctity. They expect Pakistani women to stay silent when rights to education, health and a better life have been taken away. Taken away from us is our pride, our honour and the respect that once came with a Pakistani nationality. Men like the Maulana have taken it away from us. But no more.

According to the social and religious norms of Pakistan, and the constitution of the “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan, a woman should have equal rights. However, women in Pakistan face substantial amounts of oppression and refusal to the freedom they are entitled to. A society where the law is naught, some women are given the illusion of freedom while others aren’t even entitled to such luxuries and are taught to be slaves to the walls they have come to know as their homes. Restricted in a bubble of limitations, the average Pakistani woman is apparently the sole representative of the honour of the family. We turn a blind eye to immoral acts of our sons, while the girl is to speak when spoken to, dress how she is told and marry any man her parents believe to be “financially stable”.

Some Pakistani women, who learn to break free of the shackles the society has caged them in, develop a sense of ownership in society. These are women who have realised that they have a voice and the right to an opinion. These are the women that seem to intimidate the patriarchs. Enter stage left – Maulana Fazlur Rehman. The mind-set of Fazlur Rehman and his likes is drenched in patriarchy, and not in accordance with our religious teachings. Sadly, many unknowingly start believing their propaganda.

Islam does not take away a woman’s right to vote, does not forbid their participation in political activity and certainly does not need them to be silent in the face of oppression. But men like “Maulana” Fazlur Rehman, political men, who never really gave women enough respect to recognise their power, just cannot understand this. They cannot accept how women are peacefully protesting alongside men against nepotism and corruption, going to PTI sit-ins, chanting slogans and singing along to our national songs. They turn towards character defamation when they have nothing else to turn to.

I have been working for PTI for a while now, and I can assure you that we know how to respect our women. It is a strange feeling when my friends and I form a human chain, to protect our female participants who always sit in the centre of our dharnas. I have seen amazing, smart and inspiring women join us from whom we, men, have learnt a lot. I would encourage my mother and my sister to come here because the environment is so good. Contrary to popular scandals, there is no “dancing” of women going on except rarely when the crowd is very charged up. But, hypothetically, even if that were the case, why the moral policing? If they disagree with our political stances, they should counter that with solid arguments. How dare they talk dirty about women?

In a recent peaceful hashtag protest campaign, PTI’s women started the hashtag, #WeAreWomenOfPakistan followed by #RespectIsOurRight. Whether you are from PTI or not, it is time to silence the scandal-mongers and give Pakistani women the respect they deserve.

Zeyam A. Khan

Zeyam A. Khan

A young political activist, a PTI worker and currently a student at University of Hertfordshire, studying mechanical engineering. He tweets @zeyamalikhan (twitter.com/ZeyamAliKhan)

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  • Zahid

    Your effort is highly appreciated. This article gives me hope that there do exist voices for such crucial topics, which sound so alien in our society. It is even more encouraging that the article is written by a man. This misogynistic behaviour must be condemned with the harshest of wordsRecommend

  • Prashant

    “The mind-set of Fazlur Rehman and his likes is drenched in patriarchy, and not in accordance with our religious teachings.”

    As for his interpretation of the holy book, keeping a women at home is the right thing to do and if Maulana reads this blog, he will ask you ” where is it written in the holy book that women must go to the Imran Khan rallies?”

    btw, the Maulana in my opinion does not have an issue with women at IK rallies but the women who flaunt their glamour at political rallies. if you wanted beauty to be appreciated, Maulana should have been the last person you should have expected it to come from.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Was this blog really necessary to know the answer to this question? He is Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, and he is part of the Jamaat party! That is why. He along with his other Jamaat fellows still believe in things which are mind boggling in this day of ageRecommend

  • Manahil

    Great article!Recommend

  • Faisal Ahmad Jafri

    Surprisingly our so called liberals and human rights championed havent uttered a word condemning Fazl-ur-Rehman’s character assassination of women attending PTI jalsas.Recommend

  • Faheem Z. Choudhry

    one word for them its Pseudo LiberalRecommend

  • kazmi

    Actually you are wrong here my friend, Religion tells you to stand up for what is right, and ACTIVELY participate in it. Different accounts in the history of Islam also show that women actively participated against oppression and even took part in battle. So this thought that women should be oppressed dates to before Islam came to Arab where girls were even buried alive.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    PAT brought more women than PTI to the rallies, PPP gave Pakistan it’s first (and probably last, for a long time to come) female Prime Minister, and has repeatedly attempted to push pro-women bills, including the Domestic Violence Bill (also shot down by our mutual bête noire, Fazl-ur-Rehman, regrettably). If PTI did something for women, it’s certainly not the first one to do so.

    Meanwhile, your leader (Imran Khan) lauded the jirga system renowned for its horrid treatment of women; assumed a soft stance towards religious radicals with acutely misogynistic policies; and chose to ally himself with JI, whose leader had some exceptionally…uh…fascinating things to say about rape victims.

    And now that women are joining rallies by their own will, PTI has the gall to market this as the party’s personal achievement in the women-rights department? Truly?Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Character assasination is only the right of IK , yes?Recommend

  • Parvez

    It matters not what Fazlu Rehman thinks……..but if he were smart he would worry about what the people especially the youth and the informed think about him.Recommend

  • Guest

    “As for his interpretation of the holy book, keeping a women at home is the right thing to do”

    So sayeth Maulana Prashant.Recommend

  • Ali

    Great Article!!Recommend

  • SamSal

    You know, one should not dignify this molana by responding to his remarks.Recommend


    Zeyam you are very young to know the hidden culture of the society Fazlul was brought up in. It is despicable to be polite.Recommend

  • Sareer Ara

    Well written Zeyam Khan. Proud of our youth who are the spokesperson for rights of women. Listening to these youth brings back the hope that Pakistan has a bright future. The illetrate maulvis need to read Islamic history and learn the rights that the ladies in the family of Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him) enjoyed.Recommend

  • Queen

    It is unfortunate that we have leaders like Moulana who believe that women should be confined within a stone-walled room. They are afraid that if women are given their due rights ( which they are entitled to according to Islam ) then the women will become more powerful than the men which will be a major setback for the male-dominated society.Recommend

  • Guest

    PTI’s dharnay look more like a festival rather than a sight of epic revolution. I am not sure breaking into dance after every 5 mins (male or female) show the ultimate seriousness of the cause you are propogating (dissolving state’s govt, civil disobedience etc). In my opinion, this is no way to acheive Azadi! It doesnot even come remotely close to what our fore-fathers did for us in 1947.
    I do feel there are lot of PTI supporters who have Pak’s interest at heart but are conned into thinking ‘Imran the superman will magically fix every problem’, I am not sure how people have any hope in him with people like Sheikh rasheed as his best man by the side.Recommend

  • Ahmed Ali

    Mr Zeyam let me start by saying that the way Maulana spoke of the PTI woman was indeed wrong.Having said that let me bring your attention to a couple of items that were found at the venue of the former PTI sit in.Condoms and bottles of beer as well as other types of alcohol.Now let me ask you if the environment is as clean as you say what were those items doing over there?.As for the dancing, a couple of my friends are PTI supporters and just recently returned from Mr Khan,s protest in Islamabad.They say that the dancing starts as soon as Mr Khan delivers his nightly dose of threats against the PM and then goes on all night and some of it is indeed offensive to say the least.They also mentioned several other disgusting activities that start once the lights go out.Now many of PTI,s oh so modern and westernized young people may be ok with all this but please remember that this is an Islamic country and most ordinary Pakistanis are indeed angered by what they are seeing in your jalsa,no matter what party they belong to.So yes woman,s rights should indeed be respected and protected at any cost but please do not try to link woman,s rights with what is happening in your concert. Recommend

  • vinsin

    If women were oppressed before islam in arab then how come kadhija was a business woman.Recommend

  • Gulwant singh Bedi.

    Mulla Fazl of JUI-F has a fear of women. Gynophobia.
    It’s starts at a young age. His mother mistreated him or
    rejected him. Later it developed into full blown fear of
    female rejection. That is why mulla Fazl has all this cooped
    up hate for women. Scientific explanation.Recommend

  • gp65

    I am an Indian and do not support any particular Pakistani political party. However as an observer, I do not think Imran is serving the nation well by his insistence that Nawaz resign, though his oriinal set of demands was more or less reasomale.

    Regardless of what I think of PTI policies, you clearly have a right to protest in a democracy. Want to askypu though how you feel when your party’s coaliation partner in KPK believes that women who are raped should stay silent unless they have evidence of 4 good men( would 4 good men watch quietly when a woman was raped)? JI and JUI-F are two sides of the same coin with equally antiquated ideas which you should clearly ignore.

    I have a question for you though. When Arif Alvi suggests that coed schools in KPK can be closed down if TTP desire without suggesting where the female students hitherto going to those schools would go to educate themselves, what does that tell you about PTI’s policies for women?Recommend

  • Zaid Abro

    You are allowing your dislike for Imran Khan to influence you into supporting Maulana’s remarks. Regardless of what pol party you support how can you stand to defend Fazl’s remarks? These are someone’s mothers, daughters and sisters out there and he is there giving out such remarks. These were the very Same clerics who spoke out against Mohatarrma Benazir Bhutto solely because she was a woman.

    Today you discreetly support Fazl’s remark sole because Imran has lauded the jirga system and has a soft stance towards religious clerics, that is no justification to support such remarks, clearly you have failed to understand the women empowerment that the PPP did bring forward.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I have not questioned Islam, I have simply tried to make the point that the same religion whether it is Islam or any other might have different meaning to different people depending upon their interpretation.

    Yes burying people alive predates the advent but hacking people to death by ISIS is also an interpretation which you may or may not like.Recommend

  • sana

    isnt it better than burning and breaking buildings, buses, blocking roads by burning tires…… violence is no way to show seriousness…… what our fore father did… it was a girl who displaye
    d flag at british building……. look at those pics of women they were all well dressed, fashionable according to their time….. n honestly only these women the courage to go outRecommend

  • LifeH2O

    “but as a Pakistani man, I am offended.” and I was taking the writer as a women :)Recommend

  • Grammar Police

    Faraz, have you met a host of PTI women and interviewed them?

    They are joining the sit-in because PTI’s leadership has inspired them to do so. It is the PTI leadership’s achievement. And if PAT brought in more women, then kudos to them. No one is in a race here, they’re all fighting for the same cause.

    Kindly don’t trivialize this with your comments.Recommend

  • Afroz

    Guest! It seems that you r relying on current govt of PML.N/PPP/ANP/MQM that they will bring the Pakistan on the road of prosperity. I can only pity on u.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    I don’t know about Maulana, but yes it bothers me because I am missing themRecommend

  • junaid wazir


  • Prashant

    Could be because the people whom you address as pseudo liberals consider IK a Maulana without a turban and a mindset worse than Fazl-ur- Rehman.Recommend

  • ali

    He misses the glory days of 17th century but unfortunately the time is working against that sort of thinking.Recommend

  • ali

    There should be one country dedicated to theocracy where everyone could move to if that is their main concern. Only problem with that is too many groups will start fighting with who has an accurate interpretation of Holy book. Some will prefer emphasis on certain while ignoring other parts, while others may do the opposite. The differences can lead to conflict and perceptual violence which is imminent because no one wants to be questioned on their faith. This will eventually leads to two path, one is perpetual violence or true democracy, where you live and let live. People have to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. There are lot less religious sect conflicts in advanced societies because they realized futile attempt to assimilate everyone with same doctrine never works and its too time consuming for any state to make advances,Recommend

  • Ain Fatema

    I really appreciate your article and agree too but I have few concerns which I think might be helpful in better understanding of this issue. I am also a woman. I’m educated, I’m working and also keep myself updated in terms of contemporary trends in dressing, fashion etc. My point is that besides all of the above I know very well what r my limitations. Women at dharnas are all from respectable families but few of them are badly affecting the party’s image by dressing inappropriately and then dancing in public. I would say again it’s ‘few women’. I would love to be part of these dharnas to show my solidarity for the cause and for our leader but in a decent way. The way which is appropriate as per our religion and culture of our country. Therefore, the participation and protest is not the issue it’s only about how you give your message to other people who are watching you. Such acts are spoiling the image of our great leader and of the cause as well and we don’t want to lose this battle.

  • vinsin

    Then how come khadhija was running business before islam. Recommend

  • Mohammad Athar

    I hope Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman should understand this thing…. at some point the nation will have to take stand whether they are male or female. Labeling the supporters as the dark side of our society… he should first see himself as a political professional, his work in this profession, and then if he finds himself free from every corruption then he can label others as he likes…..
    He is a Maulana, he should at least know that if he is not perfect he cannot say anything about others….Recommend

  • Grammar Police

    Wow, so you want people to break windows, burn tires and busses, create havoc because that’s the picture of a ‘real’ revolution to you?!

    Have you heard of the Singing Revolution in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania? No? Google it.

    Every leader and each nation carves it’s own history and their own way forward. This is our (r)evolution. This is the way we are going to do it.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    “Supporting Maulana’s remarks?”

    I’ve been decrying Fazl-ur-Rehman long before PTI made it cool to do so. Not that PTI’s own actions have been particularly pro-women.Recommend

  • Guest

    So you are rebelling against the corrupt system by standing with the party with corrupt pillars. Not sure what’s the logic here!
    For goodness sake, there is not much difference between any of them. But the immense damage PTI has caused to the country and the economy by seiging capital and setting a dangerous dharna trend to already frail Pak’s system can not be forgiven. I would understand if PTI actually had any clear plan to do things. Right now its all talk, ok if govt is dissolved then what! what and how are they going to fix Pak.Recommend

  • SRH

    Like it or not, but I have to agree with Faraz. The point is a tinge of opposition to PTI does not make one a Fazlur Rehman follower. Please learn to accept that.

    I was a staunch follower of PTI until I saw, with extreme pain, that they side with JI and vociferously announce their soft heart towards Taliban. Sorry but that was idiotic on the part PTI and IK, amply proven by Zarb-e-Azb

    I still support their cause as I believe that they are right. Whether they are fit to govern the country…… I still have my doubts!

    And please…. I am not in Fazlur Rehman camp by saying all this!Recommend

  • kazmi

    Yes bibi Khadija was among the richest traders in Arab. I never said women didn’t exist before Islam, but history says many of the ignorant people buried them alive and considered them inferior. So you are right, there is no contradiction however. Point was after Islam came it gave women rights, respect and even placed them above men at some instances (mothers).Recommend

  • kazmi

    Yes so there is no question about that, maybe I (and many others) were mistaken while trying to understand what you really wanted to say. It is also noteworthy, however, that it DOES matter what the majority of people think and how they interpret Islam to be.

    Furthermore if you really want to go into this, you will see that the ISIS are politically motivated more than anything. And it is strange that whoever the US supports initially (provides arms and finances) ends up turning violent and extreme (see Reuters report on this).Recommend

  • kazmi

    It also shows that PTI doesn’t want to enforce anything that is contrary to the will of the people. If you force your ideology on someone, it will always have an opposite and negative reaction my friend. You need to win the hearts of people otherwise there will be no difference between the extremists and the liberal moderates.

    I think you have linked things out of context. IF, in an area, the majority of people think that girls should be educated separately, then sure why not (as long as it is not harming anyone it is fine). However it is understood that if there is not going to be coed, there will be separate schools for girls and boys, it is common sense.Recommend

  • Ilyas Sajjad

    Maulana means “my lord”. So do we really mean it when we use this word? I don’t think so. We should therefore use their proper name.Recommend

  • Guest

    Condoms? Please stop this bullshit false propaganda to malign them. Many notable religious people also go there. Don’t spread a lie unless you have witnessed it yourself. If condoms were found media wouldnt hv been so silent about it. Recommend

  • gp65

    If majority of people had demanded girls only school, then the parents would not have been sending girls to coed school. I am not against girls only schools or boys only school. But if a village can affordonlyone school andopens a coed school, then by shutting down coed school, the girls in that school would have nowherebto go.i am sure that many villages that ony have one school and implementing what Arif Ali said would leave majority of rural girls without a school o go to.

    Plus he never said it was due to people’s demand but said they could shut down coed demands due to TTP demand.Recommend

  • Kiran

    The filth u mention are not found at PTI jalsas but rather in your inbred mind. The sheer frustration of status quo is being revealed when they hurl such baseless accusations against PTI. What a shame for it only shows your upbringing or lack thereof.Recommend

  • shamsa qadeer

    Fazl ur Rehman speaks for himself , he is afraid that if women are given their due rights ( which they are entitled to according to Islam ) then the women will become more powerful than the men which will be a major setback for the male-dominated society.Recommend

  • Kazmi

    First thing is first, are we discussing budget or are we objectively speaking on having a coed school or a girls only/boys only school? Both things are separate. Indeed, if there is a lack of resources, you need more finances, plus a girls only/boys only school need not be in separate buildings, separate classes in the same building would suffice too.

    YEaaano I don’t think he said due to ‘TTP’ demands, TTP does not rule the tribal belt, it is just one stakeholder in the tribal belt. You need to understand that the tribal belt has a large population, and not all was/is under TTP control. And as we speak TTP has fled away (leaving behind the unarmed local population who has been deprived for quite some time now) so the politicians now need to play their part and start establishing institutions there. It doesn’t even matter if there is coed or not, if people dislike coed make girls only/ boys only schools to start with. Providing education is more important right now.Recommend

  • tkazmi

    Oh we are all worried about setting a ‘dangerous precedent’ are we not. Well my friend, if this is a precedent that will be set then SO BE IT. Next time any government that comes to power will not be insensitive towards the demands of the opposition, the will of the people and the rule of law. Meaning that it will not delay providing justice AND it will take rigging allegations seriously. Will this not strengthen democracy in the long-run?, why are we scared in setting a precedent? YES there needs to be a precedent like this set so that any, and I mean ANY, future government be it PTI or PPP or N or Q, will not adopt an autocratic leadership style. Doing dharnas and jalsas is democracy so let us not be scared of it.Recommend

  • Ahmed Ali

    In case you have not noticed most of the media is supporting Imran Khan either openly or silently because as long as his and Quadri,s protest continues people will remain glued to the TV screen.So it does not make much sense for them to purposely report against Mr Khan. Recommend

  • Ali

    Says the man whose country is famous for killing infant girls, for burning widows alive with their dead husbands and for highest number of female rapes. Before interpreting Islam try interpreting ur own religion which tells women to walk on fire to prove their loyaltyRecommend

  • Ali

    If you wanna look at female oppression look at the condition of women in the whole population not just nitpicking one member of the society. There are Indian Business Women but that hasn’t stopped the ever increasing rape stats.Recommend

  • qazi

    so you saying they did not comdemned that because of the fear of a leader who is not even been given a chance yet? seriously?Recommend

  • Guest

    I will repeat do not spread false propaganda unless you have witnessed yourself. My cousin is going from Lahore since day one and witnessing everything himself. Your logic is negating your claim itself. Media would go to any extent to increase their ratings so they would have never missed to highlight it especially GEO. Don’t show how low you can stoop to support N league and spread false propaganda based on fb fake images where they are photo-shopping Indian heroins.Recommend

  • THK

    yes very true, although most people don’t know the meaning, so they use it as a reference to him. But yeah technically you are right, it means “mera maula” or my lord. Whereas molvi means “maula wala” or ” the Lord’s”Recommend

  • Ahmed Ali

    I assure you that the allegations are true.Ask anyone who is not a PTI supporter and who actually saw the place after the concert moved back to D Chock.And for the record I do not support N League or any political party.I support Pakistan .Mr Khan,s sit in is causing billions of dollars worth of damage to our economy daily as well as making Pakistan a laughing stock in the world.And all for what?His groundless accusations that the 2013 election was rigged.We are already facing a number of major problems.Half the country is under water,a major military operation is underway in Waziristan,the number of IDP,s continues to grow daily.A blind man could see that the last thing we need is “revolution” or “Naya Pakistan”.Yet thanks to Mr Khan and Quadri we are able to add political crisis to our list of troubles.I have no personal like or dislike of Mr Khan or PTI and I am certainly not spreading false propaganda against them.Recommend

  • Grammar Police

    SRH, N-league locked horns with the Army on Musharraf issue and continuing the dialogue process with the terrorists. N-league also has an alliance with JUI-F (also a right wing party), which is some ways is worse than JI.

    I am just surprised why people don’t measure up everyone with the same stick. People measure IK differently and NS differently. It should be the same.

    I can almost bet 90% of you have not heard NS speeches pre-elections. 99% of you would not have read the N-league manifesto. If you did, you would realize how full of crap these people are, compared to even the PPP.Recommend

  • Grammar Police


    You amaze me with each comment you make.

    Damage to the country that Ishaq Dar and his minions claim who lie on the floor of the parliament but beg the IMF by releasing actual stats?

    By sitting in front of a grossly incompetent Parliament, a mile here and there, they have disrupted the economy? The N-leaguers say 5,000-10,000 people are sitting in front of the Parliament. So basically these “few” people have caused $32 billion worth of losses? You have got to be kidding me!!! Stop listening to that money laundering-lying Ishaq Dar, and think about:

    What about the losses due to the utter gross incompetence of the N-league over the last 8-years of running Punjab and not building any flood systems?! How much loss has that caused?! How much HUMAN lives were the lost there?! How much money did they eat up, what were the losses there?! How much loss did the bloody METRO system cause us?!

    PLEASE do not eat utter fluff fed to you by your elders (or N-leaguers) who support the current system simply because it is beneficial to them.


  • Grammar Police

    Ahmed Ali, is it a dharna which is covered by TV channels or a massive public orgy not ever seen anywhere in the world?

    Condoms on the road? Where in the world are they using those? Think about it.

    Also, Imran Khan is not asking you to bring condoms or beer, or drink them. IK does not drink. If people bring it, it’s something they are already doing, so do not associate it with PTI.

    And why the heck does it bother you?! This preacher mentality really pisses me off! Whoever does wrong which directly does not harm you, is going to answer for themselves. Unless you want to answer for them on the Day of Judgement, then sure, keep talking.

  • Grammar Police

    And GEO/PTV? Are they also looking for high tv ratings and supporting the PTI agenda.

    How old are you? Really?Recommend

  • Sarah

    Great article … loathe men who think they are the saviors of society – especially illiterate!Recommend

  • Sarah

    He lauded the jirga system .. ? Say it isnt so!!!!!! :ORecommend

  • Akhtar

    Does the man know the consequences of making vile charges on a chaste woman? I think he does not have the knowledge or the marbles to make sound judgement. Somebody should take him to the shariah court for these Recommend

  • Grammar Police

    If ‘few’ women or men or anyone dances, how is it “bad”? One should stop being preachy and enforcing whatever your “limitations”. Because your limitations are just for yourself only.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Not true, but Muhammed did same one girl who was getting buried alive and said it should not be done. Maybe he wants to marry that girl. If women were consider inferior then how come Khadhija was a business women and there is no historical record even in Islam. Then why Muslims practised female slavery and are proud of it. Can you give some examples of non-muslims women treated as mother by Muslims?Recommend

  • vinsin

    But still rapes in India are lowest and has highest conviction rate. You can tell me then how come Muslim women situation is so bad in general. What rape has to do with women rights?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Can you prove that India has highest no of female rapes? Indian rape rate is lower than even Oman or Pakistan. Rape is a crime in India but not in Islamic countries why?

    Infant girls gets killed only in Punjab and haryana, sati was abolished in 600 AD what are you refering was Jouhar, you are incorrect in saying that women has to walk on fire to prove their loyalty. That is mentioned in one of the ramayana. There are close to 6000 of them.Recommend