10 things Pakistani and Indian drama industries need to do

Published: September 13, 2014

I sometimes wonder if this new movement could allow for more collaborative work from people on both sides of the border. It would make for some fascinating viewing and perhaps more understanding.

Pakistani dramas are suddenly all the rage across the border yet again. Indian actors like Paresh Rawal, Kajol and Javed Jaffrey have praised them as a new channel, Zee Zindagi, is playing the best Pakistani dramas for Indian audiences who are happily lapping them up.

There was always a cross-cultural exchange between India and Pakistan, but with the Pakistani film industry in the doldrums, and the Ekta Kapoor-style serials’ overwhelming popularity, it had become a one way street. Before this channel arrived, Indian fans, and indeed the entire sub-continental diaspora, used to watch Pakistani dramas over the internet just as we all once used to watch VHS copies of Bollywood movies.

I had enjoyed a few Indian dramas earlier, like Kusum and Jassi Jaisa Koi Nahi, but dropped them in disgust at the unending twists and turns that never brought any change in the characters or their lives; but after hearing the collective sigh of relief heaved by huge swathes of Indian drama fans at the return of good Pakistani dramas on online drama pages and websites, I decided to check out a few of the latest Indian dramas to find out why.

One of the recent hits across the border is Be intehaa which seems to be in some way inspired by Humsafar. Set in a Muslim family, where the hero, Zain, is forced to marry his “from-a-simpler-background” cousin, Aliya, on some traditional deathbed blackmail. However, the resemblance between the two dramas ends there.

While, in Humsafar, we first saw Asher walking quietly behind his father off to visit his sick aunt, in Be intehaa Zain first appears on screen shouting from a helicopter, about jumping into some stranger’s wedding so he could convince the bride that the groom was having a gay affair with him.

Aliya is your traditional Muslim girl, cycling down a busy main road in a bright yellow outfit leftover from a mehndi. In contrast, poor Khirad could only afford cotton and, that too, was hardly noticeable as she cooked and cleaned and tutored children with her mother to make ends meet.

The way characters are unfolded in Indian and Pakistani dramas is poles apart.

Similarly, another show, Kumkum Bhagya, is about two middleclass sisters in love with the same man. Sound familiar? No, stop right there! It is not their neighbour, relative or colleague but a millionaire rock star who causes the rift. Sorry Faisal from Maat, you just can’t compete with that.

While Saman and Aiman’s mother worried about making ends meet, these girls from Kumkum Bhagya have a mother who wakes up each morning to blow dry and pinup up her hair with a bunch of fake flowers before she makes the parathas.

The gap between the two ideas is huge and though it may just be a case of different styles, or it may just be that people want an alternate to the hyper sexuality and surreal wealth shown in Bollywood movies and Indian dramas, which they find in the form of our Pakistani dramas. They wish to see normal people on screen, dealing with difficult, sometimes unsolvable problems.

I sometimes wonder if this new movement could allow for more collaborative work from people on both sides of the border. It would make for some fascinating viewing and perhaps more understanding. I think that there are many things that both industries can learn from each other. Here is a list of a few possible ideas:

Ten things the Indian drama industry needs to know

1. A story needs a beginning, a climax and an end, otherwise it just becomes an endless cycle of repetitions

2. Simple and innocent do not mean gullible and naive. These characteristics cannot be translated on-screen as unnatural head-bobbers, fixed wide smiles and strangely dilated eyes.

3. Stop choosing your colours out of a five-year-old’s crayon box. Primary colours have a time and place; give other colours a chance.

4. Stop using plot twists based on elaborate schemes that only a criminal mastermind or Niccolo Machiavelli would use. Normal people are just not that clever.

5. Try writing nuanced characters and show their motivations. Real people are neither inherently evil nor entirely good.

6. Love is not earned; it is a gift freely given

7. Women have honour; if they are abused, maltreated or disrespected, they can speak up and ultimately leave. They do not have to spend a lifetime proving themselves worthy to some man so he can appreciate them.

8. Credit your audience with some intelligence and allow a character to make a significant move without drum-rolls playing in the background. Allow your talented actors to actually act the emotion, instead of making the director of photography do all the work.

9. You have talented writers; allow them to tell real stories about the real world around them. Drop the Disney act.

10. Enough with the forced ‘cute’ characters. Watching an Indian drama is sometimes akin to drowning in a vat of sugary syrup. It isn’t working. Sensible and normal is so much better.

Ten things the Pakistani drama industry needs to know

1. Get an editor. Long, drawn out scenes where the characters sigh and give each other significant looks which the audience is left to decipher should be used with scrupulous rarity.

2. Get over the two wives formula. I mean seriously, this topic has been done to death. Contrary to our drama makers’ beliefs, watching two screeching young women fight over a middle-aged man is mind numbingly boring.

3. Suspicion is not the most common reason for divorce. There’s money, interfering in-laws and a whole lot of other factors. Try focusing on them too.

4. Get some lights: this is a special message for A&B productions, please buy some lights. Oh, and while you are at the store, some make up too.

5. Stop stretching serials till you ruin them. 22 episodes are enough for anyone.

6. Give talented young people a chance. Just because so and so has been hanging around since the age of dinosaurs and they knew your father’s cousin’s mother does not mean the audience has to put up with them.

7. The handful of incredibly talented directors is one of the biggest reasons Pakistani dramas are suddenly on the map. Nurture their creativity instead of making them compete, or undermining them and pushing them down.

8. Pay your writers better. Pakistani writers are the other reason Pakistani dramas are reaching such heights of excellence. Appreciate them for their work. Allow them to write with depth and nuance instead of demanding the same mazloom aurat and love triangle themes every other day.

9. While everyone understands the need for actors to work, it has become a joke how actors mix up lines and characters because they are on so many different sets. At least get better continuity and some software that can dub out their lines so the entire scene isn’t ruined.

10. Stay authentic. Despite all the cribbing and complaints, there is a spark of brilliance and talent in the Pakistani entertainment industry which cannot be suppressed. Let it shine bright.

Both Pakistani and Indian drama industries have created amazing dramas but both still have a lot to learn. Here’s to hoping that our dramas become better and we are able to have a cultural exchange where both parties mutually share good quality content and advice.

Sadaf Haider

Sadaf Haider

The author is a free lance writer, an unserious fan of dramas and films but most of all an observer . She is always looking for an amusing diversion and luckily other people are always willing to provide one. She tweets as @Tomtomatoe (twitter.com/tomtomatoe) She blogs at SadafSays.com

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ajay Gupta

    If we need ur advice, we’ll ask for it. There are other things to blog about with Pakistan in a mess than advising Indian serial makers. Recommend

  • aditya

    Love stories between cousin would be thought of as disgusting in india especially the north. That is why the colours show floppedRecommend

  • Ravikant

    Dear Sadaf,

    As an Indian, I really think that what you say about Indian daily soaps is true. I will get hate from those who love those dramas. But I do not care about such people.
    I will watch the serials only when those serials will depict the real Indians like they used to depict in the 90s serials like ‘Hum Sab Ek Hain’, ‘Hum Paanch’, and have good writing in them.

    With regards from all Daily soap hating IndiansRecommend

  • Ravikant

    You will say this only if you are Ekta Kapoor. We Indians do not like those irritating Indian daily soaps. I can’t judge Paksitani shows as I have not yet watched them.Recommend

  • Jor El

    If u dont need unsolicited advice, then y did u take the trouble of reading the entire article n then commenting on it ???Recommend

  • Hypocrit-Alert

    First, follow your own advice…. and stop advising !!Recommend

  • Prashant

    “I sometimes wonder if this new movement could allow for more collaborative work from people on both sides of the border. It would make for some fascinating viewing and perhaps more understanding.”

    The daily sops are not going to change 67 years of peoples understanding of each other. Also, your observations about Indian sops are correct but not the advise.Recommend

  • saki M

    truth’s always bitter -_- :PRecommend

  • saki M

    u should’ve added that point no.5 of ur suggestions to Pakistani drama industry to ur suggestions to Indian drama industry ‘ :D :PRecommend

  • Vikram

    She is perfectly free to write about whatever she wants. It takes all sorts of people interested in and working towards different interests that goes into making a society. Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    come on Ajay be a sport . you sound mad for no reason.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Excellent topic and an opinionated write up for sure………it looks like you’ve worked pretty hard on coming up with your list of advices.
    What I liked was your forthright style…….impressed.Recommend

  • MM

    Thanks for telling it like it is Sadaf! Brava!Recommend

  • Hammad

    Its not like we are pointing fingers at you only. But rather giving a friendly suggestion. Recommend

  • tungi

    well advice is to be taken from any quarters it is coming from! Recommend

  • Anonymouse

    Apparently reading the blog in question and providing your “valuable” feedback is a better use of time. Recommend

  • http://travelsinsonganddance.wordpress.com RB

    That’s uncalled for Ajay. Indian dramas haven’t been the best lately, I personally miss the days of Nukkad and Buniyad (which I watched as reruns with my parents and grandparents). There’s just not that kind of quality anymore. I mean do you remember Zabaan Sambhal Kay and Shrimaan ShrimatiRecommend

  • http://travelsinsonganddance.wordpress.com RB

    Hilarious Sadaf! I loved your special message to A&B Productions.Well written and as always very honest.Recommend

  • loboran tamzi

    i cant watch most indian serials for 5 minutes.Recommend

  • mehak

    correct analysis and also good advice .Recommend

  • Me

    Lighten up it’s just a blog.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    Don’t watch Indian, Pakistani or any other soaps, but unlike the other Indian comment here, I will accept the author’s suggestions.

    At the risk of showing my age, I last watched Hindi serials from Doordarshan of which my favorites were Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, Fauji, Mahabharat, Jaspal Bhatti. Can’t get these out of my mind even today…Recommend

  • saifullah

    the success of Pakistani dramas are not because of their content but time. Pakistani shows telecasted on indian channel finish a series in india within a month which is a brilliant marketing strategy by the channel. On the other hand, our dramas go on and on because you don’t want your audience to switch between channels. By this, channels will bring a dead man to life, kill a character and so on. If Pakistani dramas have to survive in indian market, channels will prolong it one way or the other the fact is india has 27 languages and in each language we have 100’s of serials being telecast. Those who say they like Pakistani dramas are fooling you guys.Recommend

  • gp65

    You need to understand that where sharp sories with a clear beginning, middle and end are concerned, it is Bollywood that tells them. There are many very realistic stories across wide genres that are being told today in Bollywood. The Ondian serials are expected to provide an ongoing uodate in lives of characters that audiences have liked. I am not saying this is the best way but this is what they deliver to their audiences.

    Finally you talk about collaboration as though it has never happened. Pakistani actors and singers do work in Indian productions and Naseeruddin Shah has also worked in a couple of Pakistani movies. What else did you have in mind when you refer to collaboration?Recommend

  • Guest

    Now now, let’s not be too harsh. She does have a few compelling points, Recommend

  • Srinagar.

    ^shining India folks!Recommend

  • Mona

    That was a very interesting read, thank you.
    I am a avid drama watcher so I completely agree with all your points.

    I must admit though, I got all excited when I started watching Indian tv shows but once it reached beyond 100 episodes, I used to lose my patience. Some interesting twists & turns do make them watchable

    On the other hand, despite low production values, Pakistani shows have better stories & story telling. The credit for good Pakistani shows goes to the amazing Writers & wonderful Directors of those plays. They are the strength & backbone of those serials.Recommend

  • Ram

    dil pe math le yaar, it’s friend advice and there is nothing wrong and Pakistanis watch Indian soap opera too and so do many other countriesRecommend

  • Salman

    Likewise Ajay. Stop commenting on our newsRecommend

  • sharabi

    There are more important things then Dramas, why don’t you start from your country? Polio, Terrorism, Fanatics, Drones, Flood, Karachi shootings, Corruption, Mismanagement, Law & Order, Minorities Persecution……… there is a long list to start & Yes Indian Drama are crapRecommend

  • Kulwnt Singh

    Who compels to read the blog or to watch the Dramas if you don’t like why are u here. Recommend

  • Kulwnt Singh

    We are fed up with Ekta Kapoor serials they have no end , I never watch any of her serials but the other family members watch so boring. You can not distinguish between owner or servant, the female servants wear heavy jewellery which irritates. I am thankful to Zindgi channel for Telecasting Pakistani drams and we enjoy these drams not having more than 20 or 30 episodes Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    II have not seen many sharp stories in Bollywood either and I am a big fan @disqus_tvFnwpOA73:disqus even . In the heydey of Bollywood they used to tell interesting and challenging stories . Dramas are a different medium you can delve deeper go slower and be more meaningful .Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Try some Pakistani serials Nomad you will enjoy them . And thanks for readingRecommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Thanks Parvez you can see my writing regularly about pakistani Dramas @WWW>DramaPakistani.NetRecommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Why not Prashant . All it takes is an open mind and a little patience to realise our common humanityRecommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    thanks Vikram what do you think about the advice tho ?Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Funny how very few people are noticing there advice for Pakistani dramas underneath .. it is pretty strong and specific . I hope Pakistani drama makers take it on boardRecommend

  • abhi

    I really want to know who are the guys watching Zindagi, so far I haven’t met any.Recommend

  • gp65

    Thank you for taking thetime to respond to my comment. Well there is a wide variety of stories being told in Bollywood with crisp story lines: here are some you might enjoy that were told in the last 2-3 years

    Jolly LLB, Oh My God, queen, Finding Fanny, Aarakshan, bobby Jasoos, Band Baaja Baarat, Dedh Ishqiya, Gulaab Gang, Hasee to Phasee, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Mary Kom, Kahani, Dirty Picture, No one killed Jessica, Talaash, English Vingglish, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, Vicky Donor, Special 26, Saat Khoon MaafRecommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Ravikant do try some Pakistani dramas … Humsafar and Durr e shehwar are good startsRecommend

  • Prashant

    My father comes back from Punjab after having met my sister who is married to a Punjabi and he says he wants to watch the last episode of a particular pakistani serial, I told him I did not subscribe to that channel, he was disappointed and hence I needed to show him the episode online on my laptop. So, yes some of your TV dramas are quiet popular it seems in India but this is not going to change peoples perception of each others countries, bollywood has always been popular among the Pakistanis and the Pakistani singers in India, this might be a good business proposition for some on both sides of the border but nothing beyond.

    Good luck for your future endeavours Sadaf.Recommend

  • bmniac

    Miss Haider is mild in her views. Recommend

  • Sarah

    Hahaha, very interesting article. Some of the suggestions for Pakistani & Indian drama industry are excellent. I watch both Pakistani & Indian shows, but only Good shows.
    All those people hating on the writer of their article need to understand that she gave suggestions to both drama industries not just one in particular. I hope producers read this article & follow some suggestions so the plays of both countries can improve. Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    I can understand that there is a need to keep the audience hooked .. but then that is a soap opera which is about a “situation” rather than a drama “Serial” which has a story to tell and so ultimately must end .Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    TV is idiot box and Soap Opera is slippery greasy soap in that box. It brain-washes the morons who watch it does not give trouble to the rulers who are looting and plundering. No wonder Modi does not give damn about media.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    drama=devoid of Rama/divine/peace/wisdom. Instead of drama watching every one should spend one hour in garden to grow his/her own organic vegetables and grains.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Most of this is really lame advice.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Where did you get that meaning of drama…..just curious.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    ra=light ma=oneself rama=light within. breath = broaden of ath. death = devoid of ath. so drama is devoid of rama. Natak has different meaning. shabd = shaman of bda, dissolution/pacification of turbulence. Did my Shabd/word dissolution of turbulence in mind?Recommend

  • Parvez

    You win.Recommend

  • Shalini

    I agree with your suggestions about our Indian dramas. I don’t watch any Indian serial just because of all these things. I have watched many pakistani dramas post zindagi gulzar hai and really love most of them. I have watched ZGH, Humsafar, mera naseeb, numm, ashk, daastan, durr-e-shehwar and loved most of them. I don’t like numm although I like Fawad Khan. Currently watching silvatein and would love if u could recommend some more good pakistani dramas.Recommend

  • Shalini

    I agree with your suggestions about our Indian dramas. I don’t watch any Indian serial just because of all these things. I have watched many pakistani dramas post zindagi gulzar hai and really love most of them. I have watched ZGH, Humsafar, mera naseeb, numm, ashk, daastan, durr-e-shehwar and loved most of them. I don’t like numm although I like Fawad Khan. Currently watching silvatein and would love if u could recommend some more good pakistani dramas.Recommend

  • Shalini

    I agree with your suggestions about our Indian dramas. I don’t watch any Indian serial just because of all these things. I have watched many pakistani dramas post zindagi gulzar hai and really love most of them. I have watched ZGH, Humsafar, KPKPBT, mera naseeb, numm, ashk, daastan, durr-e-shehwar and loved most of them. I don’t like numm although I like Fawad Khan. Currently watching silvatein and would love if u could recommend some more good pakistani dramas.Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Hey Shalini thanks for reading ..AND what do you think about the advice for pakistani dramas ? As to reccomendations….well AUNNZARA , Marasim Firaq, Mere humdum mere dost,Ullu baray frukht nahi , Rehaii ,Jackson Heights and Noorpur ki rani , Akabari Asgari and Shehr e Zaat oh and Daam ..quite a long list but it is the creme de la creme.
    fro my reccomendations join us at http://www.dramapakistani .netRecommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Thanks for replying @gr65 Films are a whole other kettle of fish . Yes I am going to see Finding Fanny and Ihave seen most of these movies as I said I am a fan of Bollywood :) But I have noticed a trend away from reality in Bollywood to kind of strange hyper-sexuality and wealth that has little to do with the realities of life .In real life we dont all have six pack abs or a figure like Deepika , but we still manage to attract mates , we dont have the wealth and slick lifestyles depicted but still manage to live our lives .. The films are you mention are superb but they are films .. I am talking about dramas .Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    err actually the word Drama is from an ancient Greek word which refers to actionRecommend

  • PS

    I have watched just a few Pakistani dramas,and though that is not lot, in comparison to the Indian dramas of the 1980s and 1990s,Pakistani dramas seem poor.The characters lack depth,as does the story-line, the extras cannot act,some of the jumps the stories make are unrealistic.They are like fast-food – quickly served,tasty maybe – but lacking in nutrition.Their only merit is that they have a time limit.When Pakistan can make something of the calibre of Buniyaad, Yeh Jo Hai ,Tamas etc or historical dramas like Mahabharata or Bharat Ek Khoj,I will agree with you that Pakistani dramas are better than the Indian ones.Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Thanks Prashant :)Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Greek nativism, Pagan nativism, Germanic nativism, Celtic nativism, slavic nativism was wiped out by enslaving colonialist Roman the way Indian nativism is being wiped out by Macaulayism & Urduization. why drama & draculla has same de? Devoid of Rama is DracUllah. native village Natak is more enlightening than darbari drama.Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    @ What do you think about the Indian drams I have mentioned ? Do you think Be inteha is deep ? I think you are taking this as some kind of India v Pakistan thing , which it isn’t. I don’t think you read the entire blog ,the rest of it criticises pakistani dramas too.
    There are some God awful Pakistani dramas out there ,I agree but the good ones are at amazing . Try Humsafar ,Durr E Shehwar , Aun Zara, Sheher e Zaat , Daam ,Vasal , Roag Dastan ,Kankar and then come back and tell me what you think . Not everything is about Nationalism , we dont always have to follow the line : ” My mother ;drunk or sober”Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    Daam , Akbari Asghari, Roag , Meri zaat zara Benishan , Qaid e Tanhai, Mera Naseeb , Mastan Mahi , Diya Jaley, Pyaray afzal < Marasim , aik Nazar meri taraf ,Talafi , Kami reh Gaeey , Rehii , Kankar , Shehr e zaat ……Recommend

  • ali rizvan

    the point is this. nobody wants to kill the goose that lays golden eggs. if a serial with the same team earns money with its mindless plot, no body ends it. if more drama of Pakistan is shown, it will meet the same fate.Recommend

  • PS

    The Indian ‘dramas” you mentioned are not dramas; they are soaps.And,trust me,no one in India,not even the most nationalistic of Indians,would argue that they are anything else other than crap.Unlike you,I would say that Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin was awful.Never watched the other ones.I am not taking this as a India Pakistan thing,though I have to say that I have read many comments on ET that say that India makes rubbish TV serials and Pakistan makes the best.

    These Indian soaps are best compared with other soaps.Since Pakistan does not make any,these can be best compared to American soaps like Bold and the Beautiful or Days of Our Lives and such like.And you will notice that they are just as ridiculous and unwatchable as these Indian soaps that you have mentioned.

    I have not watched any of the ones you have listed,except for a bit of Aun Zara,where the acting seemed rather forced.Maybe I will watch the ones you have suggested.
    I imagine you haven’t seen any of the Indian dramas ( not to be confused with the soaps of today) that I listed?Recommend

  • LS

    It’s a blog and Sadaf did not invite you over to read her content. You chose to consume the content. If you don’t like the content then move on. There is no reason to spread the hate.Recommend

  • LS

    I think the reason you may feel that way is because film industry like any other industry is about profits especially when more that 1000 films vie for your attention and I am not even counting regional movie industries. Everyone wants a 100 crore movie and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there and in this lust true story teller gets lost…Recommend

  • Ravi

    I agree with the editor…….Pakistani serials are much better… I have seen few on Zindagi TV Channel in India……. Now I just like two kind of serials… American and Pakistani…….Recommend

  • Shakeela Khan

    I 100% agree with you. I was badly addicted to Kitani Mohabbat hai, it aired on NDTV imagine and trust me the chemistry between the two lovers was truly magical until they dragged it to really stupid point making the girls father the most annoying character. Pakistani drams are more closer to reality once its penned down by amazing writers like Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Shehr-e-Zaat. But I really am glad that our hit TV dramas are being liked by the people in India. You go guys! :)Recommend

  • Shakeela Khan

    I 100% agree with you. I was badly addicted to Kitani Mohabbat hai, it aired on NDTV imagine and trust me the chemistry between the two lovers was truly magical until they dragged it to really stupid point making the girls father the most annoying character. Pakistani drams are more closer to reality once its penned down by amazing writers like Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Shehr-e-Zaat. But I really am glad that our hit TV dramas are being liked by the people in India. You go guys! :)Recommend

  • Shambhavi Singh

    Pakistani serials are better than Indian ones will ever be.
    And for god sake it is not a war everywhere.

    And I am from India.Recommend

  • ravichandel

    I have seen pakistani serials way back in 90’s they were good but unable to after that zee zindagi is the best channel good mix of serial my mother has started watching this serials and i have too as i don’t watch tv much except news thanks for zee zindagi for these good serial keep it up but don’t take this popularity to TRP Indian series are like pain special every thing that comes out of balaji production specially ekta kapoor.Recommend

  • Kanika

    Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Paanch and sadda haq are few hopes that Indian Tv industry would get back to what it was in 80s and 90s..
    and one more thing i know that the kind of serials India has been making lately you wouldnt want to watch any of Indian shows but if u ever have time please watch yeh jo hai zindagi,dekh bhai dekh,tu tu main main,shreeman shreemati ,hum sab ek hain these are comedy shows n for serious ones Hum log,Buniyad,Aarohan,farman(based on urdu novel Alampanah),byomkesh bakshi..actually there are many of them but not able to recall..all those that came to my mind i wrote them…there are many of them
    there is also Saans,it was very realistic based on extra marital affair that husband haves and later on returns to his first wife…there was programme called Rishtey which aired on zee tv…each episode used to have different story based on bonds that humans share irrespective of caste,religion and social status…i know i have gone overboard but its just that i very much miss them and some were even better than Pak dramas(i feel so..thats my pov..not my intention to degrade Pak dramas)..Recommend

  • Rashmi

    Actually the problem is that whenever anyone talks about Indian film industry everyone thinks of bollywood…see u would find wonderful marathi and bengali movies they highlight social issues and with a lot of finese..I am a north indian so i dont understand these languages but i watch them with subtites…see bollywood produces around 700-800 movies every year..you cant expect every movie to be good..even in Pakistan not all dramas are good…i prefer watching ones with Sanam Saeed as lead..after ZGH i tried watching every drama that had Fawad in it but then some were really boring…thats when i realised the story of Pak dramas is similar to bollywood…there are many but not every product is quality product..Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net/ Sadaf

    you have agood pointRecommend

  • Rashmi

    I must say that the way u have pointed out problems in Indian television industry is absolutely praiseworthy…it is polite and not insulting…and every Indian would agree with whatever you have said in this blog..Indian television industry has gone from being fab to bad..we used to have really good shows but then came Ekta Kapoor shows which ruined everything..tracks are decided on weekly basis i mean can you believe that..god i hope that cvs in our country get some sense and learn from their Pakistani counterparts…anyways i absolutely love your blog….thats what you call constructive criticism..keep up the good work..Recommend

  • Rashmi

    ur blog is superb and i am sure every Indian would agree with you…Indian television has gone from being fab to bad…anyways i hope Indian cvs learn something from their Pakistani counterparts…i stil have hope that Indian television would improve as Ekta Kapoor has withdrawn substantially from making tv soaps and now focusing on films(she completely ruined our television industry)…..as of now i am a big fan of Pak dramas…i loved your blog….thats what you call constructive criticism..keep up the good work :)Recommend

  • bhanvi

    That was perfectly written :-)
    I completely agree With you
    your dramas are very natural very real
    not too long therefore easy to follow
    stories are short and crisp
    and I personally loveeeee them!!!!!!<3Recommend

  • Afrah

    Kumkum Bhagya , whatever similarilybit had must have ended looong back.. Its nothing like the writer has said, no sisters falling for the same guy but kind of a love triangle and whole lot of other crap!!
    Being an Indian I actually get whatever u have said and its true cent percent !! Recommend

  • Nandini

    I as an ex-writer of Beintehaa and a huge fan of some of the pakistani shows, appreciate your advice. But trust me the mazloom aurat/ablaa naari formula isn’t going anywhere. The proof lies in the fact that Humsafar and not one of the other excellent shows become the TRP pushers. Mahira khan is more known for this role and not the MUST-WATCH-FOR-EVERY-YOUNG-WOMAN, that Shahar-e-Zaat was is just sad. and so i think the advice is really wonderful but something that the writers/directors/producers cannot pay heed to till the taste of the audience changes. And trust me it frustrates the creative people too! I’d like to assert that in both countries, writers can give you excellent work but we don’t often get a chance. and trust me it takes a HUGE AMOUNT of work even to dish out what seems like trite/crappy writing….sometimes more….because to maintain the illogical stuff, more illogical yet entertaining stories/screenplays have to be created. But great article anyway. Also Humsafar track was only a part of the story, one small plot. the main story was the second Nikaah of Aaliya :)Recommend