Either pay attention to K-P or resign, Imran Khan!

Published: September 12, 2014

They have not only paralysed the capital, but also ignored their responsibilities as government employees towards the people of K-P and Fata. PHOTO: ONLINE/FILE

They have not only paralysed the capital, but also ignored their responsibilities as government employees towards the people of K-P and Fata. PHOTO: ONLINE/FILE This was the time for PTI to deliver and make K-P an a role model for other provinces. Instead; they have spent most of their time in protests and marches, effecting the state and people. PHOTO: FILE

A Sikh trader, Harjeet Singh, was killed in Peshawar. This was the fifth target killing of Sikh traders living in Pakistan; in 2014, two Sikhs were killed in Charsadda and two were killed in Peshawar. But the reaction to Harjeet Singh’s murder was very different.

Sikhs have been living in Pakistan since the 19th century when Peshawar and Punjab were under the rule of Ranjeet Singh. While many other minority communities left Pakistan after the partition in 1947, a number of Sikhs stayed back and considered themselves safe in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) and the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA).

However, after the recent killings, the scenario has changed.

The enraged community felt the need to take Harjeet Singh’s dead body to the Azadi March as a protest against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led K-P government. Due to this march and their ‘preoccupation’ with having the prime minister resign, there were no PTI officials’ present in K-P. Unfortunately, the K-P police intervened and stopped the community from heading to the Islamabad march.

This is not the first, or the only, example of the provincial government’s neglect. When PTI started their Azadi march in mid-August, K-P was facing a rain spell that killed over a dozen, and left hundreds injured, in Peshawar. During this calamity, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Pervaiz Khattak, was seen dancing on the Azadi March container. Yes, dancing. Even though the opposition criticised this and questioned why Khattak’s visits to Peshawar were so short, the K-P’s Assembly Speaker, Asad Qaiser, attempted to neutralise the situation by visiting the injured in the hospital.

Since Imran Khan started his march against the status quo, the K-P government officials have been staying in Islamabad. They have not only paralysed the capital, but also ignored their responsibilities as government employees towards the people of K-P and Fata. The processing of important paper work has also been delayed and is pending due to the unavailability of the concerned ministers. After the criticism and uproar, PTI parliamentarians started visiting K-P again. But, observably the number of participants at the march decreased. To balance this issue, these parliamentarians started showing their strength by bringing workers along back to Islamabad, instead of giving attention to constituency problems.

At the beginning of operation Zarb-e-Azb, approximately one million people from North Waziristan took shelter Bannu district in K-P. Initially, Imran Khan and the K-P government showed enthusiasm and resolve with regards to helping the IDPs; they even celebrated Eid with them. These IDPs were permitted to stay in government schools but soon after they were vacated by the K-P government with no place to go. Thankfully, the Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, has paid regular visits to these camps.

If we look into PTI’s 2013 election campaign, it is common knowledge that the party spent most of its time and effort in Punjab because the bigger the province, the stronger the influence. But they won in K-P, whether they liked it or not. And now they have a duty towards the wellbeing of the people of K-P – this was the time for PTI to deliver and make K-P a role model for all the other provinces. Instead, all they have done is spent valuable time conducting protests and marches, affecting, adversely, not only the state but also the people.

The people living in K-P and FATA are sick of being sidelined over and over again.

So, in this time of great desperation, we appeal to Imran Khan and PTI to put an end to our plight. We do not care what your duel with Nawaz Sharif is about – we have no concern with any of that. All we are requesting is that you do your job. Bring back our elected representatives and let them do their jobs! We are tired of feeling the brunt of your politics and if you are not interested in K-P, resign from the post and give way to those who do want to do the job. We have been suffering from militancy for far too long and if there is little peace to be restored here, the least you can do is free us from your fight in Islamabad.

Mureeb Mohmand

Mureeb Mohmand

An Express Tribune reporter from FATA. He tweets @mureebmohmand (twitter.com/mureebmohmand)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Tahir Malik

    very unfortunate indeed………………………. its all about the KURSI………….. nothing else my dear…………………………. yesturday we saw a documentry on Mianwali……… place where IK belongs to…………………. and it was heartbreaking to see the plight of people there………… hope he understands that ………………Recommend

  • koshur_batta

    hats off to you. A good article but brace yourself for PTI jokers to condemn and call you a noora supporter.Recommend

  • ahsan

    thts why i quit yur foreign funded newspaper, i am eagerly waiting for bol newspaper to start. we know how desperately usa wanted nawaz sharif in power so tht they can pursue their own foreign and defence policy. and how much they r spending on local media to malign imran khan and pak army. InshAllah all patriotic pakistanis will switch to bol newspaper as soon as they will lauch. by the way i am frm kpk and ik is doing absolutely right job. and they r winning all bi elections in kpk as well as punjabRecommend

  • Guest

    Thank you Mureeb – Very well said!Recommend

  • Arslan

    Please kindly gather yourself and get you facts straight.

    First of all, KPK offiicials are handling things much better than any other former govt.
    2nd of All, Pervaiz Khattak spends his office hours daily in Peshawar and travels and join the Dharna in the evening only.
    3rd, KPK infrastructure is rotten and old. People live in house built out of clay. Improper standards of living, danger of been electrocuted raises in rain season.
    No. of people died either by been electrocuted or due to the collapse of walls and ceiling
    4th, Pervaiz Khatak is not a spider man. he is been in power for a mere 1.5 year.Recommend

  • Moiz

    Makes sense , PTI leaders from KPK especially those in the executive need to focus on their jobs instead of asking others to resign from theirsRecommend

  • Saleh Kakar

    FIR System started by PTI government; Mobile Court is also one of the
    biggest achievements in the province, furthermore Rescue 1122 has also
    been established in KPK. “Microsoft” has agreed to provide E-Government
    to KPK government. KPK government has Started to use biometric
    attendance system in educational institutions for its improvement and
    development, Imran Khan under 19 Talent Hunt Cricket Program
    registrations has been started through which young talent will get a
    chance to play cricket at international level, Enrollment over 220000
    students in Schools; Free Education upto Primary, No Any Corruption
    Scandal, Police Nizam most improved among all…..and a lot more in just
    1 year..Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahmad Khattak

    Your criticisms of the government are petty; there was rain and flooding in the KP, undoubtedly there was. What exactly do you want Imran Khan and Pervaiz Khattak to do about it? Do you want them to start building walls, brick by brick. Talk some sense, because its obvious from your writing that you have plenty of it. Do you understand what it means for the province to have, for the FIRST TIME EVER, an effective functioning government that is taking active steps in education, law enforcement, power generation and more. Your lot deserves the ANP and the PML-N and the PPP, because you’re only happy when you have something to complain about and the three parties I’ve mentioned in the line above have given you plenty of reason to complain while they were in power.

    End-note: While its easy for you guys in the ET to throw in a little line at the end that says these are not your views; you still have control over whats reaching the populous. Im going to write an article on the inherent bias that is so evident in your publications. Those are my views, will you publish them?Recommend

  • Jonbon Jovi

    The writer is totally out of touch from ground realities, IK has done so much for KPK. I have read the past articles by this writer and he always focuses on the negative aspects. Also a person who report on stuff should have better understanding of the situation overall , but you show from this article that you do not understand the situation AT All.
    E.T please publish this comment in full, if you edit it, it will not make sense.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    First of all, that’s your “belief”, not fact.

    Second of all, you telling me that Khattak spending nearly every evening for about a month in Islamabad has no impact on his duties in KPK, is baseless. If Nawaz Sharif goes to a foreign country for 2 days, whole of Pakistan collapses, according to PTI.

    Thirdly, Lahore infrastructure is old too, and the incumbent government only had a year to fix it. That doesn’t stop PTI from berating the government for the flood destruction there, does it?

    Fourthly, Nawaz isn’t Batman either.Recommend

  • Rahim

    Who asked people of KPK to vote for PTI? which has no roots in the province! How can you expect him to focus on your issues? Be more reasonable when you vote next time after this assembly completes its term,Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I expect PTI to do in KPK, whatever PTI expects PML-N to do in Punjab. Imran Khan should really not be pointing fingers at Lahore floods without checking out his own province.

    End-note: ET publishes plenty of pro-PTI articles. If one cannot tolerate both sides of the debate, this is not the forum for you.Recommend

  • fze

    A Very callous reply to the appeal of Mr.Haseeb. It bespeaks the mindset of PTI.Recommend

  • Malveros

    Well done to the Author.Recommend

  • Parvez

    When you write like that what comes to mind is the saying …..you are missing the woods by only looking at the trees.Recommend

  • Humza

    Really, my own relatives in KPK say that things have gone from bad to worse under PTI. Can you even start to compare the governance of PTI in KPK with Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab? They are only good for late night music parties in Islamabad!Recommend

  • Agonizing

    PMLn got that seat Wat /ik can do about it. Hee made NML university there with out being in Govt … wat else you want ?Recommend

  • siesmann

    So it is Ok for IK’s KP police to stop Sikhs from their rights to protest,but it is bad for Punjab govt to arrest the miscreants of IK/PTI. Ik can only talk about himself as to how good a Pakistani or Muslim he is.Talk of self-promotion, and a false sense of superiority.Recommend

  • adeel khan

    very little knowledge of KPK.this article didnot exhibit the federal government responsibilities in which federal gov had failed .free and fair elections and people responsible for rigging is not only a national issue but its a future generation causeRecommend

  • Muhammad Waqar

    I think PMLN government is there from Last six years…..and what about the rest of Punjab same areas were affected by the floods in 2010…..
    BTW I am not a PTI supporter…Recommend

  • Jonbon Jovi

    I have no idea where they live. tbh the ONLY ones who have suffered ever since IK won the elections in kpk are the corrupt and the ones who considered themselves above the law. I personally know more than 50 people from KPK(most have studied with me in NUML) and each one of them is of the view that KPK has prospered a LOT ever since Imran Khan took over. I would like to recommend that you personally go to KPK and see what he has done.
    It is true he does not hand out laptops , but it is also true that he does not pocket 8000 rupees per laptop for his own good. You wont see any of the corruption that you see in the Punjab Recommend

  • Jonbon Jovi

    the Punjab government has just focused on Lahore, and ofc on the places where their people have been elected/selected.
    I am amazed that even some of the educated people do not see the reality as it is. Imran Khan has not built metro or w/e due to
    1) He is spreading out the devalopment around the whole KPK, instead of concentrating it in his OWN CITY.
    2) He spends on the people and does not gain anything for himself.
    Why dont people understand that building the metro and giving away laptops has cost the people of Pakistan sooooo much that they have been plunged in even more debt than beforeRecommend

  • Jonbon Jovi

    Imran Khan has been wanting to get the Dams built ever since he came to power. He did All he could. He cannot build dams to save his province cuz he is not allowed to do so , at least let him vent his frustration.Recommend

  • Arslan

    My dear can you factfully advise the number of years Punjab has been rulled by PMLN, you will get your answer.

    Still if you believe that we should give them another 100 years and find the same results, that is your choice.

    And do a favor visit KPK and than talk about it.

    for PTI all we can say is that if they not deliver we will surely show them the door, Recommend


    All persons, vehicles or any thing abducted or stolen from the entire country ends up in FATA.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Ik has lost it all.He is so hungry for power.His education program (tameer program) runs on donation coming from all over the country.This shows what his priorities are. The 365 dams he has plan to built will be funded by NGOs.yesterday the news came out that more than 6 police officials were promoted and hired without following the merit-corruption done.Still illiterates with degress follow him blindly proving it to be a cult.Recommend

  • Faisal

    PTI’S opponents are in dilemma
    ANP says IK is focusing too much on KPK -why he didn’t contest Prov seat and become CM?
    PMLN says IK not focusing on KPK.
    So both are giving statements which suit them and are doing politics.why this all happened and why it is necessary to held the elections 2013 accountable.
    They still think that it’s a personal battle and such justice can’t be obtained in PAKISTAN Recommend

  • Faisal

    HUMZA , do u really think SS governance is good? Does running in water makes him a better administrator? Does taking notices after a tragedy makes him a better administrator? if u think building a flyover is an achievement then I suggest u to vote for MALIK RIAZ in next elections and give him the budget of PUNJAB and he will build u tons of flyovers and roads and some underpasses as well.
    SHABAZ shareef is a mayor in my eyes , this isn’t called governance .In democracy , power is distributed to lower levels and institutions are made apolitical and independent and corruption free.
    I also live in Punjab and I know the condition of institutions here Recommend

  • irfaan

    Any one who thinks that IK has done some things the only thing abuse other and just doing nothing. Let me remind you that where is the local government elections in 90 days.
    Crupption eradicate in 90 days. Just keep the love of imran a side and then think you will find the reality of KPK government. Recommend

  • Rabia sheikh

    Do you know? people are heard saying on tv Lahore is drowning, however, there is no flooding in the city, I have my relatives living there. So, you can get an idea of how much they exaggerateRecommend

  • Rabia sheikh

    I totally agree with the writer, and the worst part is they have announced a celebration in Islamabad today– their so-called azadi jashan!!
    I ask them, what do we have to celebrate at the moment?
    We have millions of flood affected people in different parts of the country.
    It would have been better if they had called off the azadi march for showing solidarity with the affected families, and had asked their followers to visit the affected areas
    and help the people in need…Recommend

  • Asghar

    Can you please share the link for the news of police officials hired without following merit? Recommend

  • Shuaib Hussain

    NUML’s land was alloted by NS. Why did IK accept land from the so bad and oh sooo corrupt NS?Recommend

  • Aimal Khan

    Anti-IK is now a fashion. Recommend

  • gv

    Sikhs have been living in ‘Pakistan’ since Guru Nanak founded the religion in the 15th century…… haven’t you ever heard of Nankana Sahib?????
    In the 19th century when Ranjit Singh conquered Peshawar and current KPK areas from the Afghan Durrani’s is when a number of Sikhs would have migrated to what is now KPK-FATARecommend

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ AMINA AMEIN

    Sir with due respect you are not getting the bigger picture.
    Verily IK should pay attention to KPK,
    But he is working on a greater ambition which is to make Pakistan a real democratic state! Goodbye to Corruption!
    You cannot claim him to be a ‘Wrong man’ because natural calamities and crime hit the area while he is pursing the sacred cause.
    If QuaideAzam and Mohammed bin Qasim thought of staying Blank to the voices of mases and just focused on their shortlist present responsibilities abound by geographical limitations,
    There would be no Pakistan or Islam in subcontinent.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahmad Khattak

    While it might be hard for you to believe, I’m completely apolitical but I call out crap wherever I see it. The PTI is not perfect but its performing admirably in the KPK, which is incidentally my province, so I get to see first hand whats happening. The PTI are protesting against rigging and corruption. I would rather they just protested over how unbelievably incompetent the Prime Minister is, but I’ll take it, because you and I both know that if the PM had traded the blasted metro bus projects for a couple of dams along the rivers, there would be no floods to speak of today. Truth is, the areas that would benefit from the dams already vote PML-N, so why waste money there, right? Secondly, I spoke of bias, I didn’t say bias towards any one party. I was generally referring to bias across the board and that while it was ET’s duty to represent people’s views, there should still be some sort of quality control going on because this article was a little hard to believe.


  • Khan

    He (IK) has every right to point finger on floods in Punjab and specially in Lahore because in Lahore it is simply due to worse drainage system and it is SS responsibility to give his major city at least a good drainage system, instead of under passes Metro and taking picture in water standing every next year.

  • Khan

    One should be fair in writing and performing duties and if you are you should better know KP people if IK didn’t perform we will show him the door but at least give him a chance to perform and we are pretty sure if he spend 7 or 8 years consecutive in KPK we will be much better in every thing compare to Punjab, Specially if you have a Government in Center as well,
    Shoudn’t they built a few dams on 5 rivers of Punjab or at least some Canals to distribute water to villages and improve Agriculture of the Province.Recommend

  • Khan

    He doesn’t need any promotionas he built a cancer hospital a NUML University w/o in Government he has been got such promotion by the grace of Allah that he is a well known well spoken honest and respected personality all over the World,

  • Khan

    Mr. Writer, you are worried for Sikkhs, how many Pakistanis muslim brothers been killed in Karachi and how many Hindus killed in Punjab and Sindh and many migrated back to IndiaRecommend

  • Ifti H Malik

    I am also a resident of NWFP/KPK but so far have not seen any of the so called changes here, in practise. Zero real achievements.Recommend

  • Ifti H Malik

    Humza, I also inform you that nothing at all has been done here except paper promises so farRecommend

  • Ifti H Malik

    This is totally untrue. Maybe these 50 people are PTI supporters? I believe that some PTI supporters of Parvez Khattak, Azam Swati and their close coterie, have been ‘rewarded’ while the huge majority of ordinary people continue to suffer in dismal conditions.Recommend

  • Ifti H Malik

    This is total rot. I have seen all the NWFP/KPK governments since the time of late Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil, onwards, and in my humble view, this is the worst and probably most incompetent yet.Recommend

  • Taimoor Khan

    Absolutely incorrect. Nobody is rewarded. Not a single political appointee in any department.Recommend

  • Taimoor Khan

    Completely wrong. Best govt in history of Pak – KP govt.Recommend

  • Taimoor Khan

    There are many residents of KP who have seen change.Recommend

  • Taimoor Khan

    Going to foreign country for 10-20 days and many times on holiday is NOT comparable to spending night within your country in another city for a protest and then spending whole day in your office!

    You do not even know that Punjab govt is 6 years old! Also PMLn have had 3 terms before this spell of govt!

    Leave aside houses, roads have opened up in Lahore! Lahore became waterpark due to rains after 20 years total PMLn reign!

    Nawaz Sharif is not a batman of course,, but not even a good administrator, that’s why he failed for 20 years of his rule!Recommend

  • Taimoor Khan

    NOBODY said there is floods in Lahore. Lahore situation was caused by heavy rain and failure of PMLN administration to build proper drainage systems. PMLN has ruled Punjab for about 20 yrs in total. PTI have only completed 1.5 yr in KP.Recommend

  • Tariq Afridi

    That is correct Humza. Shahbaz Sharif has managed to lift up Lahore from its gloomy slums to a city that ensembles Venice in the day and Paris by night.Recommend

  • Tariq Afridi

    Well written Mr. Mureeb, and you deserve to be commended on your worthwhile effort. So nobleman, for the record, PTI or for that matter its Chairman, neither has the authority nor mandate to exercise administrative power in the 7 FATA Agencies or the 6 Frontier Regions, which fall within the ambit of the Federal Government of Pakistan, unless you have mistaken Imran Khan to be the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan. I guess your sub-editor or the computer editing software made such an inexcusable mistake! Better luck next time.Recommend

  • Tariq Afridi

    It is always better to ask around before putting a blame or passing your opinion. Since I am working within the local government sector of KP for the last 3 and a half years so I do know a thing or two about it. As far as the local government elections in KP are concerned, KP was the first province to complete the delimitation process and the Department was all set for the local government elections which were by the way to be conducted by the Election Commission of Pakistan. Fact of the matter is that local government elections in KP can not be held because the Supreme Court has yet to give its verdict on the delimitation of constituencies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has nothing to do with the PTI-led Government willingness or otherwise.Recommend

  • Jonbon Jovi

    I laughed soooooo much at your comment. Perhaps you would like to join me. For you see ALL 50 of them strongly support ANP, so much so that one of them regularly drives his fathers vans to pickup people who vote for ANP and then take them to stations. Most of them still support ANP because they think that Imran Khan is not religious enough for them
    (I dont go into that discussion, its a can of worms and to each his own opinion).
    Bottom line is that 50 strong ANP guys, who have voted, and will vote for ANP, admit that IK is the best thing to happen for KPK ever.
    Please just visit KPK once you will see the change.Recommend

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    SO, if he cannot handle a SINGLE province, how can he handle the entire country? Immie says he will fix everything .. then god damnit fix everything in your prpvince without whining about the issues… if you cannot fix em then dont say you are superman!

    Plus he paid his bills, sayonaaaaaaaara civil disobedience movement!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahmad Khattak

    lol. That’s all you’re going to bring to this discussion?? Alright, well, the government in the KPK is performing admirably. Google it. Secondly, I, honestly, could not care less about who pays their bills, who does not and civil disobedience.Recommend

  • Sarah

    Exactly. Kindly – Immie and the gang, at least SHOW, if not for real, at least show you are “sincere”. Just another loud speaker after Bhuttos and Musharraf has come up and our people – the brainless ones are following him led by their emotions.Recommend

  • Sarah

    PTI has no focus on healthcare of the people living in KPK. World Bank rolled back its healthcare program from KPK and shortened it from 3 years to 1 year, curtailing its grant from 16 billion dollars to $10.2 billion.World Health Organization (WHO) declared Peshawar as world’s largest polio reservoir. 7 districts of KPK are afflicted with dengue virus, bogus vaccination for measles and 60,000 hepatitis patients could not attract provincial government’s attention.Education is a neglected field in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa according to the White Paper. Despite allocation of Rs. 24 billion allocated for educational development, only 19 percent was spent. “KPK literacy rate dropped by 2 percent during the first year of KPK government”, says White Paper. It also says that 354 education related protests were held during last one year while a case against DG Technical Education was registered in NAB because of corruption. “KP is the only province that does not have legislation to pursue Article 25-a free compulsory legislation”. Electricity theft high peaks in KPK (90pc loss)”, says the White Paper. “Kidnapping for ransom cases on rise in KPK. No PTI official went to console the IDPs and martyrs’ families of Operation Zarb-e-Azb. Despite 1 percent extra amount given for security from federal pool, KPK government has failed to impress masses on this front as well. Jail breaks went unnoticed in the provincial government and nobody was penalized for them.

    Do not Google. See the reality. :)Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahmad Khattak

    I’m from the KPK, I’ve spent almost all of my life in Peshawar. I dont see the reality, I live it and that’s why I don’t need to google anything while you have to turn to White Paper just to find something something worthwhile to say.

    Here’s what the WHO has to say about the World’s largest Polio reservoir: http://insaf.pk/news/regional-news/item/1788086-who-declares-peshawar%E2%80%99s-water-samples-polio-free-it%E2%80%99s-a-evidence-of-the-pti-health-campaign-ayesha-gulalai

    Please note that the largest reservoir comment was made in January.

    If you want to play this dirty game of who did what: Why is there MASSIVE flooding in Punjab? How about the famine in Thar-Parkar? How about a pregnant woman being stoned to death in front of the Lahore High Court in the presence of the Punjab Police? How about Model Town and 14 dead due to police brutality? The PTI must have failed there as well. This is a petty and never-ending debate. Give the devil his due and move on. Again, I’m not saying governance is perfect, just the best that I’ve seen to date.

    And I’m not going to involve you about what the PTI has or has not done in the KPK. You people don’t give a damn about KP so you don’t get to decide how the government is doing neither does White Paper; we do!Recommend

  • Sarah

    Good point..! (y)Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Lets get a few facts straight.

    IK blames NS party for corruption : fair enough Abdul Aleem Khan , Jahangir Tarreen,Shah Mahmood Qureshi , i will not explain more.

    NS inability to weed out terrorism:A just call, however IK was dancing in lahore when APS took place.His favours for taliban does not earn him any gold points either.

    NS inability to not govern properly:IK unable to do anything about kala bagh dam.

    NS does not make laws to stop corruption: IK unable to properly implement laws that stop his MPA’s for holding businesses.

    NS does not stay in the country:
    Parvez Khattak proudly spent 80 days in Lahore, where was KPK CM then?

    There are mistakes from both sides the sooner you realize that the sooner we can progress.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    You should as the province that pays the highest bills is Punjab Check for yourself how much does KPK pays in taxes?Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    “You only see what your eyes want to see
    how can life be what you want it to be ”