Kashmir: Battling floods and false-reporting by the Indian media

Published: September 12, 2014

Kashmiri men evacuate women and the elderly from a flooded neighborhood in Srinagar. PHOTO: AFP

Kashmir is battling the worst of times in its living memory. A flood that has inundated half of the valley is causing unimaginable devastation, yet the hyper-nationalist and jingoistic Indian media has made the so-called rescue operations by its army the centre of its attention and coverage.

“Army and air force are risking their own lives to save lives in #JKfloods. Separatists who have only abused the fauj should feel chastened now,” tweeted the cheerleader of India’s broadcast media Barkha Dutt.

Having been accused for her involvement in one of India’s biggest corruption scams, the 2G spectrum, the prime time journalist has the shameless guts to ask questions and pose a serious face.

The rescue operations, if at all, carried out by the Indian army, according to people on ground, involved in evacuations of locals voluntarily, is restricted to the outskirts of the Srinagar city only and on selective basis. In South Kashmir, the entire rescue and evacuation was done by the locals themselves. Yet the self-congratulatory media is all praise for the Indian army that is cherry-picking its own people and sending them to safer places.

NDTV and CNN IBN, India’s two leading English news channels, have stooped to the lowest ebb and brought disgrace to the idea of journalism. Instead of focussing their attention to the relief and rescue, they have been constantly equating the actions of the Indian army with Kashmir’s integration with India.

NDTV on its prime time show, The Buck Stops Here, discussed the topic “Armed forces at heart of rescue – a turning point in Kashmir” where the panellists and moderator were all praise for the army and how their efforts would integrate Kashmir with India.

CNN IBN’s report titled “Kashmir floods: Defence forces’ heroics expose separatists, ‘intellectuals’” crossed all barriers of stupidity and absurdity. According to this report “the defence and security forces have emerged as the saviours of the people” and that the “hated Indian army is doing commendable job.” The report says that the army has reached the “remote corners of the state with rescue,” which is a complete fabrication as only the central and large parts of Kashmir are flooded. Also, the report has the intelligence and rationale to say that “separatists are safe in their flood-proof houses”.

CNN IBN hopes that that the heroics of its army will change the perception of the local Kashmiris, thereby explicitly giving its efforts (I repeat, if at all any) a political colour. By that logic, the people of Pakistan, who are also battling a similar situation in Punjab, should change their perceptions about India and its army because the Indian prime minister offered them help. Also, the people of Kashmir should feel the same about Pakistan and its army as their prime minister offered help to flood-hit Kashmir.

The propaganda, that the Indian forces are helping in any way is blasted by the fact that these forces were stoned in Kashmir and asked to leave. According to the locals, the forces are taking out their own people and not the stranded rescuers. This is largely true. With such dense and huge deployment of forces in and around Srinagar the statistics would normally suggest that the rescue should have been over by now. That thousands are still stranded is indicative of the fact that the so-called “saviours” are doing nothing. However, the Indian media, with their reporters, chopper-riding and taking aerial surveys, are busy issuing certificates to their army and trying to absolve them of their war crimes in Kashmir.

Social media is the only platform that has been of immense help in this crisis. People on ground have been providing updated information about all the people they have rescued. In the name of help and rescue, the Indian media has been copying all the information and pasting it on their websites and attributing it to the government and security agencies to further their propaganda.

A ground report from Kashmir by one of the voluntary rescuers presents a grotesque picture of the state of affairs. The report posted on Facebook reads,

Screenshot taken from Facebook.

It further states,

Screenshot taken from Facebook.

A journalist, Sameer Bhat, who is in close contact with people on ground, presented the gravity of the situation in the most explicit manner possible.

Screenshot taken from Facebook.

But help does not seem to arrive from anywhere. The little that people could save and put into relief, food, water, and whatever people from areas like Sopore, Baramulla, Bandipora and Ganderbal had managed is running short. According to Kashmir Monitor,

“Relief shelters running out of supplies, no government aid is arriving.”

The inefficiency of the Indian State and its client regime in Kashmir can be gauged by the fact that water levels have not receded due to the unplanned development around the city which is in total contravention of environment rules and disaster management protocols. Reports on social media suggest that India has denied entry to foreign aid agencies, fearing a 2005 earthquake-like vulnerability of its actions in Kashmir. (Remember that mass graves were found after the earthquake in the areas worst hit.)

The government has failed to provide food, shelter and water to the people and all help is provided locally by the people through self-help volunteers. But the Indian media is trying everything to conceal that under the facade of the “heroics” of their army.

The Indian media, through its continuing biased reportage of the catastrophe, has brought disgrace to journalism. It is bizarre and gross stupidity to think that such a public relations exercise will help India absolve itself of the crimes against humanity or really turn Kashmir into its atoot ang (internal part). Nothing can be farther from reality.

Basharat Ali

Basharat Ali

Basharat Ali is a freelance writer and blogger. He is doing his masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Peace Building at the Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He tweets as @Basharat_Dar (twitter.com/Basharat_Dar)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Deepwater

    This was a tragedy of an extreme proportion. The valley was cutoff from the rest of the country and men, machinery and fuel all had to be airlifted in . Communication links were broken, telephones did not work. Any government would have been hard pressed given these conditions. Every negative instance you cite regarding the rescuers can be countered by dozens of positive experiences from numerous first hand sources. The media might have been shrill and hysterical, but is that something new?

    It is true that the local government did not anticipate these events. Well, then why not become the change that you want to see by participating in the next elections? Do some good for your fellow Kashmiris if you are clairvoyant. The democratic system works by participation – slowly but surely. Recommend

  • Proud Indian

    Certainly the Indian media may have gone overboard in praising the Indian Armed Forces. That doesn’t make their efforts any less heroic.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    I hope the following comment is allowed by ET.

    Media might lie, but can pictures?


    Inspite of clear participation of the Army, Navy and Government’s disaster relief

    force, there is no mention

    The list of people recued by the Indian Army is here :


    If you want to see genuine reactions goto the Indian Army page in Facebook and see. You will see anger as well as complaints. But, unlike this article will be rooted in reality.

    More pictures..


    Kashmiris are from all Religions – Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist. Why doesn’t ET invite people from Hindu majority Jammu or Buddhist majority Ladakh? Recommend

  • LS

    So, army is suddenly expected to be an omnipresent like god with boats to rescue everyone. The coverage will be spotty… People need to help themselves and each other which is what they are doing. It is still a developing world. At the time of Katrina even US response to it was lacking and there was lot of mismanagement.

    So, I am not sure what is the complaint here when they are doing what they can? Moreover I don’t hear or anybody saying anything even if it is words of consolation?Recommend

  • Gp65

    Indian media has reported that 75000 people have been rescued and 400,000 are still to be rescued. So no one has claimed that everyone has been rescued. The broken communication lines, roads and the bad weather have no doubt made the job of rescuing people difficult. Thus the posts of people in distress are absoultely consistent with overnment doing everything possile to rescue the flood affected.

    Your idea that because some stone pelters had attacked the army in 2010, it would now extract revenge by failing to rescue people is completely bizarre. Not just Indians but the whole world believes when an Indian COAS says that they will not leave until the last person has been rescued.

    At a time of such human tragedy, if you cannot help to save people, at least you should nit use it to further our hatemongering objectives.

    By the way, NDTV is known to be an opponent of the ruling NDA. If indeed there had been a lack of eeffort, it would have definitely exposed it. Instead today, even Modi’s political opponents are praising yhe quality of rescue, relief and rehabilitation effort being mounted.


  • Prashant

    “With such dense and huge deployment of forces in and around Srinagar the statistics would normally suggest that the rescue should have been over by now. ”

    By the same logic, you should also say the Pakistanis are not deploying enough forces to get the situation under control in Pakistan flood affected areas as you seem to believe the numbers make all the difference.Recommend

  • UtkarshSinghNain

    Alright, the Indian media is biased and we shouldn’t take it on its word. You on the other hand, with your ‘reports from social media’, are completely balanced, free from prejudice and have no emotional stakes in this issue at all. How about, no to both?Recommend

  • jamshed_kharian_pak

    Narendra Modi committed Crimes against Muslims in Gujarat kathw & now in Kashmir Recommend

  • Rahul

    You are lucky you live in India, a tolerant nation that allows you to express your views even though most Indians would disagree with you.Recommend

  • Nandkishore C.

    Then again let their be a flood anywhere in India I can get you the same photos and same comments and the same stone throwing. You bet. And the same blog. Why one. You can get ten such blogs.Recommend

  • dk

    Even if the media may be catering to the viewers does not mean that army is not doing anything as author claim…the kind of devastation that has happened no government in the world could handle it…think before spewing anti-indian articles just for the sake of it. Your whole city is flooded..your whole administration is flooded..you local government is themselves stuck like regular people..there is no communication links..boats and rescue chopters don’t just show up..they need to brought from different part of the country. relief materials have to be brought in..requires huge army infrastructure..all road links are destroyed..not just the capital the whole states, many towns, thousands of villages are hit..army is stretched with limited resources to handle this kind of tragedy..Just like every Indian I pray for the safety of the people and hope that things come back to normalcy..I also hope that people reading this article understand the scale of the tragedy an appreciate rather than critcize the efforts put by everyone collectively..both brave people and soldiers on ground zero.Recommend

  • senman

    So everythng you say is correct based on your source from facebook!! and everything the Indian media reports is wrong? Recommend

  • priya sharma

    Now you guys understand the meaning of a biased media. This is the rot that 10 years of Congress rule has given India. An inefficient bureaucracy and a sycophant and lazy media. Honestly, what more did you expect in the rescue? This is not a wealthy country like America or the UK. It’s just our India.Recommend

  • amir

    Mr Sameer bhat in the article you pasted above statement writes “the army and the local rescue volunteers are doing a great job”… now would you like to rephrase your “impartial” analysis of things ?Recommend

  • Parvez Mahmud

    BBC report shows that Indian army using helicopters to save only Indians resident in Kashmir.Recommend

  • doesnt mattter

    a journalist is someone who does balanced reporting. Screenshots of random people with biased leanings make it this blog. Kudos you are a first class journalist :)Recommend

  • Munna

    this article displays the mentality by selective nit-picking of the highest order.Recommend

  • Queen

    Well doing false propaganda is not something new for the Indian media. The situation will definitely improve if the Indian armed forces can set aside the discriminatory attitude and reach out to rescue people who are stuck on the ground. The recent floods are a natural calamity and everyone should leave their bigotry to help those who are in need.Recommend

  • Proud to be an Indian

    The author seems to be ignorant above the essence of Indian Democracy, even though he is based in New Delhi he still can write such article against the entire state , i can bet, had he been in Karachi/ Balochistan & writing against the pakistani state he would have been a target of the Target KillersRecommend

  • WB

    You know a little honesty would have compelled you to post a link instead.Recommend

  • Vikrant

    the content of the article/blog as a whole – biased, prejudiced and seems more like the usual rants one sees on social media. such a loss, for that country sadly is “drowning” in various crises even as I write this..!!Recommend

  • Anti-BJP

    I agree…he is responsible for the flood & landslides. He has special powers over earthquakes too !
    That’s why he has sent 1000 crore INR to J&K for flood relief.Recommend

  • Anti-BJP

    This is not the middle east,priya. The Judiciary & press are independant from the govt. thanks to the secular & democratic constitution.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Let us say Indian media is lyin. What about the opposition politicians who have also praised the urgency and sincerity of the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts of the NDA government? Why would they lie?

    Clearly many people are rescued (75000) and many more need to be rescued(400,000). The task is not easy and no one has claimed it to be so. With telephone lines down, bridges and roads Destroyed in many places and really bad weather, the odds are against the rescuers but they are not iving up. The COAS has said that they will not leave until every sinle person has been rescued.Recommend

  • Dr.N

    Yes,we accept all views,but after reading this article,I just feel very bad for people like my best friend (who runs an ngo) colleagues at work,local church community & neighbourhood school kids,racing around to raise funds,to purchase & pack tents,blankets,medicines,milk powder to send for the flood relief,since the Govt. is stretched to it limits ,airlifting boats & relief material from different cities.Recommend

  • Dr.N

    Yes,we accept all views,but after reading this article,I just feel very bad for people like my best friend (who runs an ngo) colleagues at work,local church community & neighbourhood school kids,racing around to raise funds,to purchase & pack tents,blankets,medicines,milk powder to send for the flood relief (since the Govt. is stretched to it limits ,airlifting boats & relief material from different cities)Recommend

  • ak

    ET Mods: My comment is criticial of thw author as well as ET. But is not abusive , rather consists of logical viewpoint.Would appreciate if you could let it go thorough so as to construct a balanced view.Appreciate it
    .your whole article is so biased (based on a FB post lol) and reeks of hatredness. I know myself how much army has helped.
    Where you there? Didi you go into the rain, in the flood to help other…Still you cast aspersion on selfless deeds of army men. Recommend

  • ak

    GIve me one creible example of discrimination by Indian armed forces during these flood. Just oneRecommend

  • Tony Singh

    Why don’t you check out BBC website for a change! Recommend

  • Queen

    I agree that the task is not easy but adopting a discriminatory attitude toward people especially during times of natural disaster is really pathetic.Recommend

  • Bindu Dilip

    You guys on the other hand..Recommend

  • anju purohit

    india is the only country in the world which has accepted all people without attacking their culture Recommend

  • anju purohit

    he is living in a innocent worldRecommend

  • mohanrr

    When there is no god, there is Indian Army. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    How did they see from the helicopter that the people being rescued were India residents? Were they all dressed up in big tricolour flags?Recommend

  • Fu Na Ki

    I am from J&K and i owe my everything to the Indian armed forces. If they hadn’t come, i would probably be dead or washed away.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Hah…….Barkha Dutt is a female. That’s what I learnt from this…..the rest really wasn’t worth the read.Recommend

  • May_16

    radical elements…. Where-ever they are, only create nuisance to the societyRecommend

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    .the Indian army has rescued more than 75000 people till date…they have been going on non-stop sorties in their helicopters to air drop food & relief supplies.

    The Govt has given 1000Cr for reconstruction & rehabilitation. Apart from monetary aid to the injured & family members of those killed in the floods.

    and in return they are being pelted with stones Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    Your post is nonsensical. All the people of Jammu & Kashmir are anyway Indian residents.Recommend

  • TrueKashmiri

    Every word of this write up is true! Indian media is a propaganda tool in the hand of occupiers.rescue efforts have been launched by the locals, role of indian army is limited to saving its face in the region. Moreover, UN conventions make its mandatory for occupying powers to launch rescue operations, but indian forces have been saving its men,& indian tourists only.Recommend

  • WB

    Why don’t you post the link for a change?

    That would enlighten all us callous Indians.Recommend

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    the Indian army has rescued more than 75000 people till date…they have been going on non-stop sorties in their helicopters to air drop food & relief supplies.

    The Govt has given 1000Cr for reconstruction & rehabilitation. Apart from monetary aid to the injured & family members of those killed in the floods.

    and in return they are being pelted with stones

    Try moving to your beloved Pakistan…I doubt you’ll last even a week there because of the violence & instabilityRecommend

  • Prashant

    Well, on an issue like Kashmir, if Indian media takes sides, I have no issues as long as they do not say Kashmir without Kashmiris.

    No nation would surrender its territorial integrity just because a neighbouring country is claiming it. We have had insurgencies before and we have dealt with them and the situation in Kashmir from a security point of view is better than ever before. India is not in the business of winning hearts and minds across the border but within its own, if it takes a 100 years, so be it.Recommend

  • Prashant

    You are right, we are helping our own people there, Kashmiris who happen to be Indian nationals.Recommend

  • Naresh

    haha.. studies in Delhi and bats for Pakistan! How about checking out what’s up in PoK or rest of Pakistan under floods?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Very right. While inviting them to Pakistan, we should also try to regain the land of Kashmiri people which India has been focibly occupying since last 67 years.”

    The above was the comment made by you on another blog. I do not expect a better opinion from you of an Army which has been thwarting the attempts of people like you for as long as 67 years.

    If ever you had been fair to India on any of the issues, I would have tried to make reason with you, but then it does not matter for you.Recommend

  • hassan

    Completely fake comment !Recommend

  • Prashant

    Would you please stop putting our friends from across the border in spot by asking questions like these.

    Just one? There is none, she has an opinion of India and she just can’t help it.Recommend

  • Hassan

    As far as kashmir is concerned, there is no opposition in India !Recommend

  • thetruth

    Ladakh is not Buddhist majority, it’s 50% Muslim.Recommend

  • Prashant

    9/11, 26/11, 7/7 was a conspiracy by the infidels too…

    Asian Tsunami, Asian Hurricane, Pakistani floods are a result of a secret project by CIA/ Mossad/ RAW.

    Jamshed, that should be enough for you to get a sound sleep for tonight, you will get your next dose when you come back with your next comment.Recommend

  • Namaloom

    Truth is always spoken on social media from kashmir side. Our Basharat Ali is so intelligent that he has quoted two hate filled propaganda posts from Sri Nagar ‘youth’ as the ultimate truth.Recommend

  • Namaloom

    We have our own BBC like we have our own DailyMailTimesRecommend

  • Prashant

    When you are on the verge of a painful death, every religion has an explanation for why God would not save you or decrease your pain but none of the religions will tell you that God is about to intervene.Recommend

  • Namaloom

    It is not Indian Army but Allah is saving Kashmiri people.Recommend

  • Namaloom

    Here is a clear proof of Indian Army atrocities on innocent Kashmiris during floods.Recommend

  • WB

    “adopting a discriminatory attitude toward people especially during times of natural disaster is really pathetic.”

    Tue. Lying about discrimination that does not exist is even more pathetic.

    You know where was discrimination and callousness? In the famine of Bangladesh in 1970 Bangladesh Cyclone.Recommend

  • Queen

    The author of the blog has mentioned that “According to the locals, the forces are taking out their own people and not the stranded rescuers.”Recommend

  • pankaj

    Something about writer…A seditious Kashmiri. He studies in Delhi and supports every team that plays against India.Recommend

  • LS

    It’s now 2100 Crores INR now but main point? You made me laugh today! Thank you!Recommend

  • Sabihur

    If the forces are not reaching the people to save them, how exactly were they stoned? Utterly inhuman post. Recommend

  • rohit

    How about showing some self respect n pride and leave delhi n go back from where you came from…Recommend

  • ajeet

    Jinnah committed crime against Hindus.Recommend

  • hellboy

    How a blogger sitting in New Delhi can handpick some images and some facebook posts and create a blog of misery people from a distant place.Are you a truth seeking journalist or a news trader just to fill your quota .Recommend

  • Abhimanyu

    A article conceived sitting in delhi that too solely from facebook posts and fictionalized accounts, while people in your state battle it out against nature. Army is putting its life at stake to save people, so the least they expect is some gratitude. If you feel so much for J&k, then go back there and help people rather than making moronic statements from the comfort of Delhi. People like you make merry on the resources and security provided by my nation and then bark at it when your holy separatist and paki masters command you…Have some life man.Recommend

  • WB

    Good one.Recommend

  • SSM

    As others have said, you are lucky to be living in India where the government will support and educate. Given my black heart, if I were the army men I would “accidentally” let some of the separatists calling for rescue slip into the water :-)Recommend

  • Ram

    Poor people are drowning in this nature’s fury and you guys are worst than vultures who is trying to take political milage out of this tragedy I am disgusted with every single commentRecommend

  • Headstrong

    Just because the media has gone overboard, that doesn’t take away from their efforts in any way.

    Of course, if the cowardly separatists want to use this opportunity to stoke feelings against them, then let it be known that this venture will also meet the same fate of all such efforts in the past.

    Meanwhile, you remain free to keep dreaming, of course…Recommend

  • Critical

    Yup,getting positive reviews for Modi from Barkha Dutt is like a KKK Leader praising Obama..

    its strange that she was used as a poster child by these Congressi brigade where she would criticize everything from global warming on Modi..but now she became biased….Recommend

  • Anti-BJP

    You’re welcome.I know its 2100 cr,Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    At least you acknowledge that there are Kashmiris who are pro India and anti Pakistan.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Do see the links I’ve posted in my other comment. Indian army has saved now more than 90000 lives.

    I don’t know how those pictures or that gratitude can be faked. can’t an Indian from Kashmir be grateful for saving his and his family’s life?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    He wants to cherry pick images. Clearly there are videos and images showing the forces rescuing people, but curiously they have been left out. This is propaganda. Hide the truth selectively, concentrate on your strongest point.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Indian residents meaning Hindu? Aren’t Hindus Kashmiris? Besides you could make out the Religion by an image?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    There is no coas I think in India. Recommend

  • Prashant

    This is a piece of information you cannot miss out on. May I know what is the percentage of Muslims in Zimbabwe and how many would qualify as Muslims if judged by Pakistani laws?Recommend

  • Prashant

    ….and his words are gospel truth for you? Have you ever seen an Indian reading Sapan Kapoor and taking his assertions at face value?Recommend

  • Vikrant

    From the gist of the article, and indeed most of the comments it appears to me that the narrative of “atrocities”. In other words, the poor Kashmiris have to contend with the all-powerful Media… !! Good Luck, Basharat Ali sahab!!Recommend

  • Dishum

    Organizations break down or become less effective when connectivity (road, telephone, power etc.) is affected. Anyone who has ever been part of an organizations knows that. Anyone who has ever held a real job or run a team or a business knows that.
    That is all about dividing people, spreading unhappiness, throwing rocks at those trying to help and selling religious intolerance wrapped in the name of culture. Recommend

  • Guest

    “Alright, the Indian media is biased and we shouldn’t take it on its word..”

    True that.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    They must be stoning the floods. What happens when you throw stone on water? Now we know why there were floods. Somebody was stoning the river Jhelum.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Sorry, I am unclear how your response to my comment is in any way related to what I have actually witten.

    I have NOT commented about army’s role in counterinsurgency. Simply said that I have no reason to disbelieve the media which is covering army’s role in relief, rehabilitation and rescue.the fact that some people are still stranded and hence frustrated is not onconsistent with the army doing everything it can to rescue them.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Are these Indian Residents? What about Pandits? Do you consider them “Indian Residents”? Islamists think this way..Recommend

  • Gp65

    How did you conclude that there was discrimination in the rescue and rehabilitation efforts? Where is your evidence? The fact i there is none because there is no discrimination.Recommend

  • Gp65

    India considers Kashmir as an integral part of India and Kashmiris as Indians. So anyone they rescue wokd be Indians, who else is there to rescue?Recommend

  • Pares

    You should have breakdown of the people rescued by the army..Could you
    share it here? Indians army have been rescuing their own soldiers,
    their families, tourists , Bihari laboures and families of officials.
    Officials say about 100,000 people have been rescued., Who rescued them and Who are they? Can we
    have breakdown?Recommend

  • Pares

    And NDTV many be anti-Modi, but it does not mean it will criticise army. There are credible reports that advisory has been sent to all Indian Newspapers and TV channels to project army by all means. Indian North Koreancracy.Recommend

  • captain pasha

    how do you know sitting in a distant place ?Recommend

  • captain pasha

    Becuase there is no good college univ. in pakistan to go for ?Recommend

  • Mrinal Malakar

    I may disagree with your opinion but, till death i will defend your right to express your opinion. Now this is India and she will flourish and prosper untill people who think like these are alive. Recommend

  • Queen

    If only Mr Prashant, you would have had read the comment to which I had made this reply, you would have had understood the reason behind the negative remarks. People from both sides of the border like their culture and heritage and it hurts when someone pokes you for fun but then again this is something you people have never understood.Recommend

  • Stinger

    You come to my home as guest on my goodwill.
    You cooperate and live peacefully as long as your type is less in numbers.
    Once you become majority through higher birth rate, you kick me out from my own house and kill anyone who doesn’t leaves.
    You claim majority and now claim my house is your house.

    Later you play victimization. Story of Kashmiri pandits and kashmir.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    How can you say it is fake.hypocrisy of highest order! do you know this guy? I have seen hurriyat
    leaders preventing rescue operation by army.They want their people to be dead and rot? they are the devils in kashmir society. Recommend

  • Viki Raghuvanshi

    Great, There are 3 million plus people trapped and forces engaged to help them are only 30-50K. So how do you expect everyone to get help simultaneously? Also compared to Uttarakhand, the relief and rescue efforts in J&K have been more prompt. I do not remember tourists and locals in Uttarakhand acting like this and complaining.Recommend

  • Venkat

    If it is merely views, it is fine since one is free to express his views. Recommend

  • Queen

    In the same way people from across the border have “an opinion” about Pakistanis and they too “can’t help it.”Recommend

  • Queen

    What about reports from Al Jazeera, BBC, or even from NDTV and Zee News which indicate the anger prevailing in the Indian-administered Kashmir over the rescue efforts? Recommend

  • Prashant

    It was not a rebuttal to you as such.

    t does not matter whether the rescue efforts are upto the mark or not, they would continue to criticize as they are the ones who ensure Kashmir is not lost to the militants.

    Your comment was logical but people who are lost in their hatred of others would not understand that, Recommend