An open letter to anti-PTI trolls

Published: September 3, 2014

I realise that Imran Khan will not be able to solve all our problems. But I do know that he has succeeded in bringing a change to Pakistan. PHOTO: ATHAR KHAN AND NEFER SEHGAL/EXPRESS

I realise that Imran Khan will not be able to solve all our problems. But I do know that he has succeeded in bringing a change to Pakistan. PHOTO: ATHAR KHAN AND NEFER SEHGAL/EXPRESS I realise that Imran Khan will not be able to solve all our problems. But I do know that he has succeeded in bringing a change to Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

Am I a member of a cult or some secret society? No.

Have I recently been released from prison for murder? No.

Then why do I have to cringe every time I show my support for the Azadi March and why am I made to feel like a deviant?

If you follow your leanings and happen to side with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), as an effort to get rid of this putrid system of government, get ready to be torn apart by a new breed of trolls.

Our government and our systems have failed us. We have been disillusioned and indifferent for far too long. Now that we have finally woken up and are exercising our democratic right to have a political opinion, non-PTI critics have made life a living hell for us.

My genuine question is: are the supporters of other political parties lambasted the same way as the PTI supporters?

The moment you enter a dinner party, your office, or open up your Facebook account, you are assaulted by unfounded criticism and rude remarks by those who want to provoke a reaction out of you. Timelines are spammed. You are jeered at. Worst of all, your ‘hope’ is attacked when they reiterate that nothing will come out of this.

The worst are the ones who voted for PTI and now keep reminding you of their disappointment. They voted as adults and they should own their choice, instead of whining. In the next elections, it is their choice who they vote for. Why do they tell their sad tales of falling out of love to us?

It is sad that social media activism and political viewpoints of so many people have just become an exercise where they do nothing but post negative comments about PTI. I don’t know if they genuinely hate Imran Khan and his party or if they are really just obsessed with him.

I believe there are reasons for the brutal out lashes against both Imran and his followers.

One of them is that Imran has, somehow, managed to question so many things that this nation had become complacent about and had accepted. One of them is the corruption, violence and bad governance this country has been subjected to at the hands of our rulers. Maybe we do not want to be woken up and have given up, which is why we keep saying,

“Kuch nahin badalnay wala”.

(Nothing will change)

It makes me wonder if the Pakistani nation has become like a battered, abused and beaten up woman who believes that her abuser will stop only to crush her bones once again. When the opportunity to freedom finally presents itself, she still opts for the abuser – because she is completely devoid of hope.

I feel like I am in the twilight zone. When up is down and wrong is right. We are expected not to take action while being robbed of our rights. But my simple answer is: don’t ask me to wait for another four years and don’t ask me to teach my children that if you lie and cheat you get everything in life.

My advice to a friend who was recently upset about the criticism she received for supporting the Azadi March was simple,

“Stay away from negative people as they will only stop you from doing something wonderful for your country.”

The best strategy is to avoid confrontations. If you are a PTI supporter, you have perhaps, by now, learnt to hide your support for the Azadi March. In our heads, we are standing up for our country. For the people, this makes us targets for ridicule.

Those who believe in the Azadi March have been accused of being rather aggressive in defending their beliefs. There is no denying that PTI trolls do exist. But non-PTI trolls are not highlighted enough, which is not fair. As a non-violent party, I believe the only place where PTI workers can release their steam is the internet.

We have been waiting for 67 years for a change and it is an unbearable thought to imagine our country’s future will continue to be in the hands of the insincere and the greedy.

I cannot understand the selective indifference and constant criticism exclusive to a cause that seems so just, so right. I confess that at times I am a bit too defensive and I have found myself distancing myself from my friends and peers because of it. And this is unhealthy. We have enough polarisations in our society and unfair attacks on each other because of viewpoints will make it worse.

However, if I won’t defend my view, who else will?

Ali Rahman, a banker, has had similar experiences, which he shared on a social media site.

“The anti-PTI reactionism (sic) on social media seems to be engineered phenomena. I am not a PTI supporter and I raise my voice or support for what I think is right or wrong, may it be any party.”

Ali shared an instance where once on Twitter he supported a PTI follower’s argument and he was cursed in bad language on a public forum.

“Another time, I had difference of opinion with someone and he was suddenly hell bent upon proving that I am a PTI troll though I am not even from PTI.”

Ali feels that it is almost like a trend to lambast PTI and many continue with this agenda because they just want to fit in.

PTI followers, contrary to popular belief, are not blind. I realise that Imran Khan will not be able to solve all our problems. But I do know that he has succeeded in bringing a change to Pakistan. He has empowered me enough that now I will not depend on just one man for Pakistan’s salvation but I will rely on myself, my countrymen and my belief that our country will rise from the ashes and a new Pakistan will be born.

He has made us stand up for true ‘azadi’ and he will always be remembered as a man who made a nation rise. So give credit where it’s due and let’s give each other a break, if we truly believe in democracy.


Sara Chapra

Sara Chapra

She is an event designer by profession and a PTI supporter who stepped up to put in her share for the community.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Saad

    you write well sister. keep writingRecommend

  • Ayesha

    Well written article.Recommend

  • Saad

    //“Stay away from negative people as they will only stop you from doing something wonderful for your country.”//

    “Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”


  • MM

    Sara, you fail to understand that the criticism that you receive is partly because almost all Pakistanis have become corrupt. E.g. bribing a policeman to not issue a traffic violation ticket.
    Only people who yearn to live an honest life are motivated enough to join Imran Khan, irrespective of his methods. Unfortunately, that number is very small. And you will find people criticizing you while they contribute in no way themselves to the welfare of Pakistan.
    My advice to you, pity them and ignore them and keep working with Imran Khan to rid us of these hypocritical old politicians.Recommend

  • amaariqbalpak


  • MA

    get ready for anti- pti trolls Recommend

  • naeem khan

    there is nothing like ANTI PTI TROLLS the fact is these are ordinary Pakistanis who are sick of tonnes of abuse hurled to anyone who dares to disagree and they don’t care a bit if u support IK or for that matter a bananaRecommend

  • Ali Shah

    I share your sentiments. Great Article.!!Recommend

  • Three in one

    @author..”One of them is the corruption, violence and bad governance this country has been subjected to at the hands of our rulers”……that’s one??? …..Recommend

  • Junaid

    You have no clue that your brain is being washed re used by people like Imran Khan to achieve their personal interest because he is sure that if he run in to election he might not have a chance anymore to even win 10 seats anymore as not all people think like what you think. You need to understand our Democracy is technically 6 years old. Every time Democracy was growing it was murdered by someone even before it turned 5 years. We really need continuous Democracy and needs it to turn at least 11 -12 ( Teen Aged) to even feel the fresh breath of youth. The same way you grown to become youth. So please let Democracy breath like you got a freedom to breath and live.Recommend

  • Hamza

    Oh I have a very good reason for hating Imran Khan
    I’m in the Army. I fought in FATA for four years against the Taliban. In that time, I saw countless friends and comrades getting killed by those barbarians. My own two cousins are among the fatalities of this war.
    And Imran Khan shamelessly became their apologist! From asking for an office for them to calling them “our brothers”, he has done everything!
    Even when “Zarb-E-Azab” began, it took him a whole day to declare his support for the offensive. Just how willing he was to support the offensiveRecommend

  • Absar

    Agreed! I have seen a lot of journos, ex-government employees using obscene words against PTI and its supporters.

    Apparently I was taken aback by what I read on their twitter timelines. People who are greatest proponents of western democratic system are actually not corresponding to the ethics of western journalism.

    I support PTI and I still criticise the party at times thus inviting the wrath of the PTI trolls whom I ignore just as I would ignore the ads on Youtube But I am an individual. Journalists and columnists etc. hold a different value in the society and they at least have to stop exposing their selves and their weaker tolerance level. To exactly those opponents of PTI who think they are absolutely right in their stance: they need to learn to be tolerant on their adversaries to ensure a solid moral standing from their part as they think they are well-versed and bona fide in their views while others are not.Recommend

  • Realistic Change

    Well written. Thank you for speaking up with conviction. Respect!Recommend

  • Guest

    Boo hoo! Somebody was mean to you about it. Why is the ad hominem, uncivilized, angry, and extremely disrespectful spouting of venom by the average PTI troll and his or her not-so-average demigod completely lost on you? Recommend

  • L.

    Having spoken to many “insaafians”, i am very happy to say that mostly all they want from pti is a stable, flourishing Pakistan. Which is everyone’s right btw. Just wanted to say that please keep the importance of Pakistan’s improvement above any other reason. You should not be with PTI for IK, not because you are against NS; solely for the betterment of your country. So if anyone of TQ’s party or NS’s or even PPP have the same dream, then why not work together? If IK becomes prime minister, will all the namaz sharif supporters do dharnas to remove him, just cos they don’t think he is fit for the job? If NS does not resign, will all the pti supporters start believing that “naya Pakistan” can not be achieved for another 4 years? No, cos that would be silly. IK is not gonna pour some “Zum Zum” in our water and make us all unite. YOU are the people who have control over everything. And what can a country with 50% of the population under the age of 25 NOT achieve? UNITY is our main obstacle, people; it is also our greatest strength in times of need.

    Ps I do not support any party Recommend

  • Xman

    PTI followers would be remembered in history as anarchists who attacked parliament, ransacked PTV, and tried to create instability at a very critical time, when the state was fighting a war against terrorists. They became pawns of anti democratic forces and enemies of Pakistan. They engaged in politics of yesteryears, and tried to fool people by empty slogans of change. People are not stupid, hence the wide spread anti-PTI sentiment.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Excellent article Sara. Will look forward to more from u.Recommend

  • Emran

    The voice of my heart…..Recommend

  • Usman

    Nice read especially for pti supporters who have lost faith in concept of Naya Pakistan.Recommend

  • Zee Ali

    Thank you Sara, wonderfully written piece.Recommend

  • great leader

    This is a nice article, well written. I like to add that the government is composed of mainly members, supporters including fake degree holders. They will never want to give birth to change because parties do not want educated people and education to rise in the country.Recommend

  • titan

    Exactly…i just couldn’t accept that people are choosing stability over injustice…Thank you for this article.Recommend

  • itl

    Don’t pay any attention to N league haters, they can’t digest the fact that the nation has finally woken up against corrupt politicians and feudalism,so they resort to childish name calling and Smear campaigning.Recommend

  • Queen

    A much needed blog. PTI should be appreciated for bringing political awareness among masses. It is because of PTI that youth have started taken interest in politics. And yes, PTI’s emergence as a strong national party has give a wake call to other parties and they have now started looking at youth as a major force. Whether you label me a PTI troll or “a burger” but I will continue to support PTI :)Recommend

  • Imran Rajjad

    well you know this is the base of democracy. Its a head count , and it does not matter what its inside the head. Sadly the poor illiterate majority cannot think beyond finishing the day with a good dinner and nice sleep, that is why it is easy to buy them through laptops, and income support schemes. Also we see all the wrong happening here and know its wrong but majority has accepted it or shall I say gave up the idea of a law system that is equal for all.Recommend

  • Muhammad Sam

    First of all let me clarify that I am not a PML(N), PPP, ANP, PTI, PAT etc. supporter and to me all are same.

    Now your point is well taken and I respect your opinion, but just as you have a right to raise your opinion and criticize others, others have right to raise voice and criticize your opinion and no offence should be taken.

    But, no one, including PTI, has a right to block roads or disrupt others’ life just for the sake of making their opinion noted. You can find places, public & private, where you can all gather and make speeches and raise slogans but forcing others to listen to you by blocking roads and bringing the daily routine of others (that includes ordinary citizens as well as government functionaries and politicians of other parties) is not justified at all. What if I come and give a dharna right in front of main gate of your home blocking in n out movement of you and your family? You get offended of just comments passed over social media and yet don’t respect others’ civic rights…not fair !Recommend

  • Guest

    I dont think the ‘real people’ ever had a ‘real choice’. Not in the elections, not in the courts and not in the streets.Recommend

  • Moses

    Way to go Sara Chapra. Recommend

  • Raheel Zahid

    Many first time voters disapointed by PTI is that most of us like to be the winning side of the argument. See the reaction when Pak Cricket Teams Win and Lose. Winning is not synonym to being correct.
    IK is refusing to to accept “Miti Pao” mentality of this nation that’s about it. Old Habits Die Hard.Recommend

  • A.A. Varaich

    Thank you for effectively representing our thoughts and
    beliefs. The beauty of a good verse or a piece of poetry, someone described, is
    that every reader appreciates it as something having reflections and
    applicability on his / her very own sentiments meaning thereby it has a
    universal appeal. And this description has perfect relevance to your article. I
    believe ‘change’ and new Pakistan’ are household passions across the country
    and the state of our national affairs has become a whole family affair regardless
    of age and gender. The change has already occured. Now we are not willing to
    ‘do in Rome as Romans do’. Fall of the Pakistani ‘Roman Empire’ is only a
    matter of time. Let the exposed characters do what they can to defend their
    castles of pseudo democracy. Hats off to the leaders and supporters challenging
    the staus quo. We owe are gratitude to them.Recommend

  • JB

    Yes, you would prfer those who attacked the parliament a few years ago. You would prefer the same old people who have looted and plundered the country for years with empty promises and slogans. I am surprised at people like you who consider a one year rule of PTI as not fulfilling promises whereas PMLN has ruled over Punjab for 20 years with empty promises. Just shows the kind of maturity and brain you people have. Comparing 20 years to 1. Bravo!Recommend

  • ehtesham

    yes your point of view is right for mature democratic countries. in pakistan someone is responsible for 14 deaths but you can not get justice. at least i am happy that even few ppl of pakistan came out to protest. it is a new can hope One day our mature democratic govt. will take seriously even one man’s protest in some corner of a garden or field if he is on rightRecommend

  • ehtesham

    as you forgot NS attacked supreme court we will forget this…hahaRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    ‘Anti’-PTI troll. That’s new.

    Get ready to be tweeted galore by PTI’s social media machinery.Recommend

  • Aqeela

    I was never a supporter of PTI, but now I salute Imran khan who created political awareness. Go ahead Imran Khan we are with youRecommend

  • Amir Ali

    Bravo…effectively, since I don’t support IK Party (I dont think PTI has any significance of its own its just IK- the messiah), therefore I am corrupt…y dint i think of that…its like 2+2=4…poor me…Thanks for enlightening those of us who are intellectually inferior to the ones who follow the righteous one :)Recommend

  • Muhammad Zeeshan

    A wonderful piece of facts. It hurts me to see people questioning any attempt for a positive change in the country. I always tell all those who oppose PTI that IF YOU DONT SUPPORT THE MAN … SUPPORT THE CAUSE ..Recommend

  • salman

    you mean like how PMLN are remembered for storming the Supreme court?Recommend

  • Logic

    excellent! injustice, corruption and arrogance are bound to be doomed.Recommend

  • gullu butt

    win what? Your brain?Recommend

  • Z A

    valiant effort!Recommend

  • Syed Shuja Hussain

    Its a very good narration of current situation what PTI supporters are facing. I am honest to tell you that I am PML N supporter and voted for them. But I can clearly tell you that the reaction you felt was the action we faced from PTI on FB and Twitter and so called jargons of Patwari, Noora league, illiterates, corrupt, status quo was the sound of the mouth from PTI and it was for all irrespective of the fact if any one is just an independent analyst.

    Now the parties trained their people purposely to defend this smear campaign. Further it was like making Odd man out to other if you are not favoring PTI. So now you guys are facing what you started with, you need to find answers with yourself.

    No doubt Imran Khan is change agent of politics and a great leader but he is short of being a statesman that he should be if he wants to distance himself from status quo.Recommend

  • Xman

    Strengthens the view that PTI wannabe inaqalabis are just a bunch of “me too” blind followers, who have been deprived of original thinking as a consequence of becoming part of a personality cult. IK supposedly called for change, something “Naya”, something original. But ended up delivering a repeat telecast of obsolete political mistakes, that have been tried, tested and failed. Then he left it to his party to defend his poor political decisions, who are now comparing his blunders to the ones made decades ago.Recommend

  • Sana

    Very well written. Thank you!Recommend

  • MM

    You are missing the point, Imran Khan stands for rooting out the old system. If you can show me real positive progress within the current political system, or show me the value of a common man’s rights, then I will accept that my stance is unrealistic.
    But the truth is, our acceptance of the corrupt political system makes us one of them.Recommend

  • Zee Ali

    from what you have wrote, i can bet on my life you arent and were never servingRecommend

  • Shahzad Kazi

    He talks about democracy but wants to use street power to get into the prime ministers houseRecommend

  • Humza

    In a mature Western country they would assign blame where it is due. So if some religious leader linstigated his followers to throw stones at police in Model Town, they would be rightfully disciplined and arrested. No one in West is allowed to attack police or destroy government buildings. In the West, they would have arrested Tahirul Qadri as the culprit behind Model Town and Imran Khan would be arrested for undermining the state with his hysterical claims to send money through Hundi, not pay taxes etc. Imran Khan demonstrated himself to be immature when he surrounded himself with Shaikh Rasheed but cries for Naya Pakistan!Recommend

  • Ali

    More people should have the mentality that you have. Maybe only then can the nation stop caring about “Bohat naach gana ho rha hai Azadi march main” and instead speak up against the daily brutalities that the government commits against its people.Recommend

  • Hussam

    You have raised good points but the reason PTI is lambasted is because their supporters themselves use invective on social media and they tend to come off as people who can do only thing; that is abuse. And before I am crucified for being a noora and what not, I voted for PTI. So it saddens me to see this new political culture in which you can attack each other’s family and get off with it. Some PTI supporters are so obsessive that they don’t even get when someone is against them and when someone is for them.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Win you will, What i don’t know…Recommend

  • Gp65

    I am not anti-PTI or pro-PML-N. In fact i have never voted in any Pakistani election, nor can I ‘ because I am an Indian. So please read my post with an open mind.

    Imran has made serious unsubstantiated allegations of collusion between former CJ, present PM, Returning officers, interim CM of Punjab and CEC and that is acceptable as freedom of speech. Fine. Why then can you not accept that there maybe people who disagree with his approach and they too have freedom of speech?

    The notion that anyone who disagrees with your ideas must be a paid troll is strange and somewhat intolerant. I have also come across this same criticism when Indians express their opinion. Immediately dismissed as paid Hindu trolls and it hapens to be an Indian Muslithen they are a paid Hindu troll with a fake Muslim name. No doubt some of my compatriots maybe unreasonable in what they write but in many cass they do bring facts and loic to substantiate their opinion. Likewise many people who disagre with what Imran and Qadri did may have very genuine reservations based on facts and logic. You can discuss and debate but to simply dismiss anyone who differs from you as a troll is unhealthy.


  • Gp65

    well if you can have liberal fascists then why not ‘Anti-‘PTI troll?Recommend

  • Guest

    “no one in west is allowed to attack police or destroy government buildings.”
    a reply to the above statement –> No police is allowed to kill people no matter what the circumstances are, they are there to protect citizens. for reference kindly refer to the actual news about how police actually behaves in west.

    A Pakistani living in West.Recommend

  • Saniya A

    So one can criticize the crap out of other political parties and they can’t do the same just because they do not share the same thoughts? That’s called having double standards.

    Believe me, I don’t support IK, TuQ or PMLN for that matter, but Insafians need to stop thinking that Imran Khan is God. He is and will always be a human and he has made a lot of mistakes and people will point them out just like guys point out the mistakes made by the previous politicians.

    For example, I supported the march because thousands of people came out of their homes to fight for their rights. A lot of the “burgers” of Islamabad joined as well. IK knows his party mostly includes the youths and youngsters. And still he shamelessly uses crude language in his speeches, and when he does, you think he won’t be influencing the youngsters who consider him their role model? There’s a huge difference between telling someone they’re wrong and bashing them shamelessly for it.

    Insaafians need to realise that IK is human, and he makes mistakes even if he SEEMS to be an honest man. I hope to God that he is, but quick-tempered people need to tolerate it just like the other parties do. Recommend

  • Hamza

    You know what? You’re right. You know everything because you support PTI. Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Is this blog serious?Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    I would have given your opinion and IK’s protest some weight, had IK been not very selective and in fact politically motivated when it comes to demanding justice.

    Did he ever protest against brutal killings of Hazars in Quetta and demanded justice and security for them?

    Did he ever raise voice against persecution of Ahmadies in Pakistan, 86 Ahmadies were killed in a Lahore not very far from the Qadri’s battle ground, did IK ever talk of that incident and demanded Justice for them?

    Did IK even talk of killing of 2 innocent girls and a pregnant woman recently in Gujranwala?

    Did he ever protest against killings in mosques, Airports, GHQ, Shopping malls?

    Did he even expressed sorrow over cases like Rimsha Massih?

    No he never, and that makes his claim bogus. NO HE IS NOT FOR JUSTICE FOR ALL.

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but selective justice is worse than no justice.Recommend

  • sundas

    Trolling is rather a practice associated with ignorance and emotional stance than the fact which political party one supports. Yes, the amount of trolling can differ from one party supporters to other. People from all political parties are doing it.are not they? when political affiliations are driven by emotions than analytical political-sensibility, trolling is likely to replace criticism!Recommend

  • Waqas

    Your point would make sense if someone asked IK about above cases and he denied that there was injustice there. Ask your local PTI representative for the official stance of PTI / IK for the cases you cite and then make up your mind.

    PTI / IK is demanding justice everywhere. And it makes sense to focus on the biggest issues first. Corruption at the top is what creates space for corruption at other levels. It is not about selective justice but rather prioritizing on the root cause first.Recommend

  • Farzana Faisal

    well done sarah. A simple honest and straight from the heart kind of article. Stand for what you believe in and if u find someone who is willing to show u the way join him. Yes there will be hurdles in the way, and yes there will be mistakes and disappointments. But as long as perseverance and determination prevails slowly and surely we will get there in sha allah. Naya pakistan. Khush haal Pakistan. Roshan Pakistan. Recommend

  • Humza

    Ever heard of Waco Texas? Heard of Ferguson Missouri ?Once the protesters cross a line and attack police with projectiles, the gloves are off. Perhaps you need to watch what happens when crowds attack the police in any American city. Do you really live in the West? I doubt it. Only in Pakistan can violent protesters throw stones, break government buildings and attack police but when they get a taste of their own medicine, they cry about police brutality! Did you not read reports about how the Model Town protesters even shot at police?Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    If by ousting Nawaz Sharif and punishing him you will be able to

    >>heal Pakistan’s economy.
    >>Reduce feelings of disgruntlemt in Balochis.
    >>Make Sindhis come in the mainfold.
    >>Make Pakistans level of education equal to America
    >>depoliticize Pakistan Police.

    >>Stop daily killiings in Karachi.
    >>make drainage system right
    >>Make Pakistan democracy eqal to that of America.
    >>Solve electricity problem.
    >>Make Kalabagh.
    and countless other problems

    then go for it.

    If however you are unable to deliver in all of these things
    then you too should be outsed in this manner , yes?Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    OK I ask you as a PTI worker, did IK raise his voice on any of the above mentioned incidents, did he ever protested in favor of Ahmadies, Hazaras, Christians?Recommend

  • Waqas

    I am not a PTI worker so do not have an official connection. But a simple 5-minute Google search gave me the following articles:

    And there were also a lot of articles criticizing him. I guess each person chooses to see and hear what they want to see or hear. But we should spend some time doing the right research. This is the minimum duty we have as good citizens.

    Again, I recommend that you ask the local PTI representative to give you a direct answer on whether PTI believes attacking of Christian homes i is wrong and if they have condemned such an act in the past. I am sure they will be able to give you the right information to help you clear your doubts.Recommend

  • yes man

    A generation will grow up understanding the importance of vote. Even if Imran fails today, old and rusted politicians and families will be wiped out in next 2-3 decades. History will name Imran Khan as one who really liberated Pakistanis.Recommend

  • yes man

    He protested only as much as you did.Recommend

  • yes man

    Everyone talks about corrupt politicians.Recommend

  • Saad Aslam

    Well, Sam if you go to D-Chock, u’ll get to see that dharna is been casted in front of Government offices. No schools, no houses, no markets come or link on its way. So, its an ideal place where no one’s life is being disrupted. Disruption is being caused by containers put in place by Government. If they remove it, then it’s all set free. Since supreme court gave them the right to protest then every other argument becomes void.Recommend

  • Amna Sarwar

    I am sorry but I am from west. I am studying Law here, and the state power of police can even infringe upon your bills of rights if those very rights of yours are infringing upon the rights of a community or creating unrest. Such dharnas are violations of others’ rights. And police has the authority to stop it by first less restrictive means and if that fails then moving to the next level. And the power to protest is not really a natural right if its doing harm to the general public. ANd not every right is absolute in the west.Recommend

  • THK

    A very nice read, I could relate to so many things. I would just like to say that yes it’s hard to face the criticism, it even hurts sometimes but let the pain come. Let there be difficulty in our lives by supporting PTI, things are never easy and change is very hard to accomplish in the face of oppression. So I will continue to defend PTI ( and i know you will too, because you can’t help it) even if it means sleepless nights and endless arguments. Let them say we lived, lived in a time of change and stood by those who changed Pakistan into the greatest nation of the world. IARecommend