5 reasons I still support Imran Khan

Published: August 21, 2014

It is sad that even the brightest of us have so resigned to the fact that the system in Pakistan is corrupt that it has, over time, become a non-issue. For me, integrity is a huge issue. And that is what is unquestionable about this man.

At least once a day, I am asked,

“You support Imran Khan? Seriously?”

It is mainly because I do not fit the stereotypical image people have about PTI people. Emotional, young, immature and what we call “trolls”. I like to think I am none of these. Very few in my field of work are open about their political tilts, if any. Maybe because there is a remote chance it may interfere with journalistic objectivity. However, I have been very clear since day one. Anything I report will say the truth and nothing but the truth. Even if it goes against the Khan. Blogs, tweets and social media are based on purely personal opinions, and hence are a different matter.

The next remark usually is a grin followed by,

“Aah. You are one of Killer Khan’s female fans smitten by him.”

While I do not deny admiring Khan as one of the most charismatic men in Pakistan, this is certainly not the reason he got my vote or why I support him. People have to start giving people with differing views more credit.

The last week or more has been a trial for Khan’s supporters, me included. His very off-beat brand of politics has had Pakistanis who were never in favour of him smugly say,

“See! We always knew it would come to this.”

Jokes about his questionable political wisdom (I can already hear readers saying “does he have any?”), the “unusual” jalsas with an aura of festivity, and Khan’s very ad hoc, and at times incoherent and repetitive, speeches have not made it easier for supporters like me. It is not easy explaining why someone has moved from believing in PPP as the party that deserves the vote to PTI. But that debate is for another day.

As regards this man, undisputedly a national hero, there are very few who have centrist feelings. People either admire him to an extent that they become rude “trolls” in his defence, or write him off and are so put off by him that they react by laughing at him and at everyone who supports him. It is doubly difficult for his supporters who continue to support the man but question and disagree with certain decisions he has taken. I am one of those many. And openly so. Others from Pakistan’s intelligentsia prefer to stay under cover, because the amount of mockery you get from non-PTI trolls for being a PTI supporter is immense.

I disagree with Khan on many grounds. I disagree that he and his ministers resigned. I disagree that he is not budging on his demand of Nawaz Sharif’s resignation. I disagree with the words he sometimes uses, in a spell of euphoria and emotion. And these are just a few points.

Yet, I continue to support him and trust him.

All the mockery has not made me give up on him and his vision. The reasons are many, but here are the five major reasons why Imran Khan is still the only politician I continue to believe in.

1) He is not after the money

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is no mean feat. We, as a nation, are unfortunate that we are in a system that is steeped in corruption and bribery. That is a critical and basic problem with what’s wrong with Pakistan. And this attitude of “le de kar kaam chalao” starts from the top and trickles down at every level. A wonderful journalist friend who is very anti-Khan politically, but has worked with him on projects regarding Shaukat Khanum, once said,

“I will never vote for Khan. But I would trust him blindly with my money.”

For how many politicians in Pakistan can you say that?

It is sad that even the brightest of us have so resigned to the fact that the system in Pakistan is corrupt that it has, over time, become a non-issue. For me, integrity is a huge issue. And that is what is unquestionable about this man.

2) He is who he is

I admit that the man is not perfect, like all humans. He can irk the best of us the wrong way with never-ending cricket analogies that sometimes backfire. But he is who he is. Call it naivety, but how does one trust the “seasoned politicians”? Either you love Imran Khan, or you hate him, because at least you know what he is. As a voter, I have a connection with the political leader I vote for. I must know what he stands for and who he is. For someone who has little patience for hypocrisy, Khan is a natural choice.

3) His is not the politics of violence

Khan does not have a history of having had people punished brutally or beaten or attacked. The worst mudslinging his opposition can come up with is that he has been a ladies’ man, and that they don’t cease to remind the world about. But this man has not been involved in any indirect or direct criminal activity that ever harmed or took another human’s life.

4) He leads from the front

Khan’s courage is unquestionable. Barring a bullet-proof jacket, the man hardly has any security. His well-wishers often worry about him for this reason, but he is the fearless man that he is. This faith gives his supporters faith. Those who would use others as their shield do not inspire me to support them. He also is always the first to walk the talk.

5) He has truly served the nation

This one man has helped saved millions of lives in this country. Is that a small thing? People criticise him a lot for what they call his “self-absorbed” behaviour. Yet, this man has selflessly and tirelessly worked for public health and education of the under-privileged. For that, not only is the nation indebted, but I know what his priorities will be if he gets the reigns of the government of this country for an undisturbed five years.

It is sad that as a nation we have become so used to being led by people that lack these qualities that for us, dishonesty and corruption is acceptable, but a straightforward and sincere leader with much less serious mistakes is lambasted. Our leaders are a reflection of who we are. Time to choose our loyalties carefully.

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Farahnaz Zahidi

Farahnaz Zahidi

Farahnaz is a writer and editor, and has worked as the Features Editor with The Express Tribune. Her focus is human-centric feature stories. She now writes as a freelancer, and works in the field of marketing and corporate communications. She loves literature and traveling. She tweets on @FarahnazZahidi. Her work can be seen at chaaidaani.wordpress.com/

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sanober

    Was this article written before the elections or have you not been following the news?Recommend

  • Syed

    I totally feel your pain. Our nation is happily used to slavery and torture. Just recently, I came across an MQM supporter and when he was asked ” How come you support a party which extorts and loots everyone?”, he replies ” Yaar bhatta to Karachi main har koi leta hai yeh koi bari baat nhi.”
    This is how much the slave mentality has infected our mind. I hope this nation wakes up as soon as possible.Recommend

  • .-.

    You should have added more references above there cause as a PML-N supporter with full awareness of the Shareef brothers’ deeds and misdeeds even, I don’t agree that Imran Khan is that support worthy for he has done nothing substantial till now and when I researched him before the elections even then he was not worthy of a vote. I can trust him with my money but definitely not with my country with how childishly and impulsively he acts.Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    excellently put i may not agree with alot of decisions imran khan has taken but he is better than all of these tried and test parties who has done nothing but destroyed pakistan he is the one who made me realize that vote is my power.Recommend

  • .-.

    You didn’t respond to my comment? :/ That isn’t exactly giving off an admirable feel about the Khan followers but whateverRecommend

  • Rehman Ahmed

    Great piece of writing. He definitely is not the most intelligent leader but a very honest leader for sure. May ALLAH succeed him in #AzadiMarch.Recommend

  • salman

    Look under the title of the article, it tells you when it was published. Glad to help :)Recommend

  • ..

    On point!Recommend

  • Ayah Mitchell

    Even so I am not Pakistani, I am a supporter of Imran Khan.
    Reason 1) He does not come from a political family, his concern and wish for prosperous Pakistan and Pakistanis are real, not for just a few but all Pakistanis.
    Reason 2) He has a clean record, no corruption blemishes his life.
    Reason 3) He has vision and drive for change and he is capable to do it.
    Reason 4) He knows which he has to tackle first in order to turn things around and to bring Pakistan back on track at all levels.
    Reason 5) He is for justice. He is willing to fight for it, to stand up and to rid the country of leaders who committed fraud to win, so as to rob the country blind, run it into the ground and don’t give a thought about how many dead bodies they have to walk over to keep doing it.

    I hope he succeeds and will be the next leader of Pakistan. He has the vision and ability to bring about Naya Pakistan. I pray Allah will give him successRecommend

  • AFDS

    And why do you think Sharif’s are worthy of our vote and not Imran.? Their tax history is one indication why a naive imran khan is better than Sharifs. Lets not forget the latest videos of accepting bribes and what happened in response? was he made to resign, was there any investigation and do you think there is ever gonna be anything done against him. We all know the answer is NO. He will keep doing what he is best at. This particular event was a test of Sharif’s legitimacy to rule over the country and to be honest he has lost it. I wud take any honest idiot as a leader than a cunning and corrupt person. Imran Khan is not the best we want but he is the most honest of the lot. He has his problems but one thing almost ever rational person is sure of is that Khan is not corrupt.Recommend

  • Kash Hussain

    excellent writeup indeed – but then I must be a fan, with no intellectual capacity to think for myself, just a poor cult follower. Unlike the erstwhile supporters of PPP, MQM and PML-NRecommend

  • Ahmed

    This article has beautifully put my thoughts into words. We may not agree with all that he does but that should not keep us from ruling in his favour due to all the above mentioned reasons. Merely the man’s speeches show me his compassion for the country and it’s people. He has a vision and I pray Allah helps him full-fill it. He deserves endless support and it upsets me to see people turn their backs on him. I, for one, will InshAllah support him till he has achieved his cause. He is the honest patriot that the roots of this country are desperately seeking! May he be successful, InshAllah!Recommend

  • sterry

    So if I show up at the parliament and threaten to unravel a nascent democracy with a mob, you will support me too? I guess you love Morsi in Egypt too? A so called honest man does not surround himself with the worst opportunists and old guard politicans that exist in Pakistan. As for allying himself with Tahirul Qadri the less said the better!Recommend

  • naeem khan

    article dates before elections wake up pleaseRecommend

  • naeem khan


  • K Alam

    Sixth: He is not like traditional politicians
    Seventh: He is not a liar!Recommend

  • faisal

    Why nothing is done in KPK so far? What abt 90 days corruption free promise
    He is worst liar Recommend

  • Parvez

    My one reason…………look at the other options……makes you puke.Recommend

  • Irfan

    A big reason why I and many others like me visited Imran Khan’s dharna was the holding of live concerts at these. I mean come on, we miss the live concerts we all used to enjoy, and the rich cinemas that have all been wound up thanks to the Taliban threat. At least these concerts are fully sanctioned by Taliban as being shara’ee, in accordance with their sharia and we dont have to fear suicide bombers at the venue. After all Imran Khan is their biggest supporter after Kiyani-Pasha duo…Recommend

  • I am not a fan of PTI and Imran Khan- like, not one bit- but I liked this article. I can see why the author sees value in IK as a political leader, and I can respect that. I won’t trust him with my vote, but I am not willing to write off people who will.Recommend

  • fze

    You forgot to mention that we must vote for him as he is a great supporter of taliban and being muslim we must support them because they are fighting for Islam, Right?Recommend

  • Abid Ali

    I have seen all kinds of politicians during my 60 years of age. They were sharp, brilliant and cunning personalities but most of them lacked sincerity with their people. After observing Imran for many years I can comfortably say that he can be any thing but he is not in-sincere. I respect him for his upright position against tax evaders and businessmen turned politicians.Recommend

  • Shoaib

    He’s not perfect, no one is. But the guy is not corrupt and genuine. I unfortunately can’t say that about any other politician in this country. And I completely support his stand against the govt. I may disagree with his tactics but i support the principle he’s standing for.Recommend

  • Ahmad Malik

    If you still support the Sharifs after knowing their misdeeds then there is no hope Recommend

  • Abdul khaliq

    He may not be the best but he is the best we have. Country is known for their heros and I am proud to say that he is my hero, my champion. Recommend

  • Salman

    Imran Khan may have his flaws but what differentiates him from the rest is his squeaky clean past and past. No stories of corruption here. It is amazing to see so called expert after expert crying over the ‘merits of democracy’ when what we have in Pakistan is not a democracy. It is a self serving system that ensures that there is never any accountability but loot and plunder every 5 years. Unfortunately, in Pakistan everyone is a ‘political expert’ now. As if protests on the street have never happened on the streets in western democracies. What we have in Pakistan now is decisive moment, and even if Imran Khan fails, he at least tried. And it takes a lot of guts to challenge the status quo.Recommend

  • fam

    What about allegations on him for being pro Taliban!?Recommend

  • WB

    If only women between the ages of 16 and 45 are allowed to vote, Imran Khan will win with 100% votes.Recommend

  • akp

    @.-. “I don’t agree that Imran Khan is that support worthy for he has done nothing substantial till now”
    I don’t know how and where did you do your research from on what Imran Khan has done for this country but even without any research I can say this with surety that Imran before elections, not having been on any government seat of power, has done more for this country than the Shareef brothers being CM and PM multiple times. Shahbaz Shareef has done nothing but build roads. I don’t know but it seems that this is all he knows how to do.
    Secondly, if we take the ratio between what good deeds either of the two parties in question has done versus how each one of them has filled his own pockets from Pakistan’s money: Imran, if anything, has spent his own money on healthcare and education in Pakistan and his score of good deeds vs corruption is 100 to 0. The same score for Shareef Brothers is 10 – 100. (corruption being 10 times their good deeds in Lahore only btw. They don’t consider any other part of Pakistan to be their responsibility).
    If you seriously care about Pakistan, just look at our neighbors and see how they have progressed on the global map and please realize its time to support Imran Khan, if not for the reasons mentioned in the article or any other reason you may think of but just for trying out someone new to take charge of the country rather than rest of the no good tried Recommend

  • Queen

    Imran Khan is definitely way better that tried and tested corrupt leaders. He is the only one who has not yet compromised his ethics in politics.Recommend

  • UzairH

    I am not one to condone poking into the private lives of people, even public figures, but the fact that Mr Khan, for many years, completely rejected his own daughter and didn’t own up to being the father and paying child support tells me a lot about the hypocritical character of the man. That was a personal matter, but this hypocrisy is evident again when he refuses to negotiate with the government, and yet for MANY years (and secretly in his heart still, it seems) wants negotiations i.e. surrender to the marauding terrorists called the taliban.

    I am sorry but even if he is financially not corrupt, I don’t trust him at all with being a visionary leader. He goes more on emotional slogans and hypocritical standards than anything else.Recommend

  • Mustansir

    Very well said Farahnaz. you echoed my thoughts. If the Pakistani people don’t help IK in creating a better world for us, they will never get out of this evil mess. It is almost shameful that people talk ill about Imran Khan. Indeed they are short sighted and blinded and have accepted the current system.Recommend

  • Xman

    @Author : That’s the problem with fasadis. They think they are right by believing in their self proclaimed version of “truth” with no regards for “facts”Recommend

  • Arsalan

    U know what has changed in KPK? You can register an FIR against IK online sitting at home. Try doing that in Punjab.Recommend

  • S.Ahmed

    5 Reasons I Don’t Support Imran Khan NOW…

    1) He uses rough language against his opponents which doesn’t suite a leader like him and unable to create a diff b/w a well educated person and illiterate local politician.

    2) His attitude is no more serious and decent

    3) He is wasting time of the nation by prolonging his dharna

    4) Majority of Musharraf allies, and people like Shaikh Rasheed are in a row with him

    5) He couldn’t break status-quo within his party.Recommend

  • ovais

    Kudo’s to your blog , finally someone stood up for khan. Its cool to humiliate Khan, I am not cool :) and so are you farhanazRecommend

  • ovais

    You forgot an important point . 6. He doesn’t believe in family politics .Recommend

  • Anon

    Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan are the only good politicians i have seen so far. Imran khan is an extremely charismatic person and sincere leader. I hope I see him as a prime minister soon :’)
    And it’s also true that most of the educated population supports IK !
    I can’t see why some people even hate him at all !Recommend

  • Furqan

    Why would you say that nothing is done in KPK so far? Have you been to KPK? Have you asked the people of KPK if there is nothing done so far? Where do you live by the way? I am from KPK and i know what is happening around there and i am happy with what IK is doing over there. :)Recommend

  • Taha Siddiqui

    Imran Khan is a right wing politician. Never will i ever support such a person. Unfortunately, There is no other leader that is worth supporting either..Recommend

  • nust

    He’s the andhon mai kaana raja – in a nation generally corrupt, you have to go with the least corrupt. I do believe his agenda is less political and more personal, and I do believe that he’s saying all the right things for the wrong reasons – but at least he is saying the right things. Somebody has to say the right things.Recommend

  • haq
  • Omair Shahid

    faisal sb please go and see for your self what have been done in kpk please ask the people they will answer you how police and health care has improved please see all the program which were done by different news Chanel to check the performance of pti.Recommend

  • Kiren Arif Khan

    Well said. I especially agree with your last paragraph – hope has been beaten out of us as a nation. I feel people sometimes lash out at Khan simply because they fear the hope he offers.Recommend

  • An


  • An


  • Omair Shahid

    I hope this answers your questions faisal sb and thanks for sharing this link haq sbRecommend

  • Alter Ego

    1)He is not after money :

    neither was Hitler and what state he left Germany in.

    2)He is who he is:

    he has taken so many u turns that he doesnt know who he is(Sheikh Rasheed, ex CJ , now CJ , Hassan Nisar.)

    3) His is not the politics of violence

    really do i need to answer that , have you heard the language he uses for NS , policemen and Sharif family in general.

    ” Even if you have to kill someone it doesnt cost you to be polite”.
    Winston Churchill

    4) He leads from the front

    really he was at the middle when entering red zone instead of front as he said..

    5) He has truly served the nation

    so has nawaz sharif with ittefaq hospital and sharif educational system and so has Abdus Sattar Eidhi.

    A very prejudiced response to a very prejudiced blog

  • http://batman-news.com Irfan Yusuf

    Excellent points made by the writer. I support IK because I trust him. This trust is based on the clear love and affection he has shown, over the past many years, for the people of Pakistan – people who are in need of care especially health care and education. But also because he has stirred, if not fully shaken, the political system in the country where politics has now become soemthing of interest to the future generations of the country. I trust him because he has proven over and again that he loves this country.Recommend

  • Noor

    YES YES YES, I agree with all of these!Recommend

  • faisal

    Yes. Thanks for sharing. But seriously i will visit kp very soon may be then only trust
    Believe me brother here in lahore they say that blind supporter of IK dont listen to anyone to prove him rightRecommend

  • asna

    Just had a very heated debate on exactly these points with my family. Seems like the ones who are supporting pml-n are suffering with Stockholm Syndrome, why else would would they keep on defending a so called democratic government that acts more like monarchy. Totally and completely agree with the writer!Recommend

  • Sara

    What ever he said about current govt they are all right. They are kings and making this country as him kingdom they should know that the time has changed. They are old players now. When I think about metro project only one thing I questioned about why this money is not being used improve govt schools. And I quickly get an answer because any knowledgeable person can get quickly identify what is wrong and what is right. And this thing finish old players from politics.Recommend

  • Absar Khan

    Imran doesn’t have a magical wand that he will sweep once he gets into power and clean the Pakistan from corruption and all the injustices. The thing that makes me support him is his resilience and perseverance. He has been a tough fighter since the inception of his party. He is passionate. Most mainstream politicians we have now as leaders are in the pavilion either because they inherited politics from their family members or have family members together in running the affairs of the country. Imran belongs to neither of them. Let’s bring Pakistan out of Bhutto-Sharif dynastical ruling at least!

    PS: I still don’t like PTI trolls. Yes. I support PTI, but you can’t just sideline a political party because it has got abundant trolls; that’s no reason to “hate” or “degrade” a party!Recommend

  • Patriot

    It means you have never been to KPK after PTI govt… Please go there and then let us know from the bottom of your heart..Recommend

  • Humza

    If you support people who are not elected like Tahirul Qadri or people who are so losers and don’t respect the concept of democracy like Imran Khan, then there truly is no hope. Learn to work within a system to make things better and stop looking for an ” easy fix”.Recommend

  • sad

    i have always been in love with him in my teenage years and beyond too …thank god not any more. imran khan is in love with himself and his self righteousness and he had made his followers rigid and uncompromising. our social fabric already divided doesnt not need this. his followers will grow up one day and realize what a grave mistake he has made.Recommend

  • Kamran Usman

    great article, agree with it! thanksRecommend

  • Ainawi

    Well everyone said enough good about him, definitely he is one with no second like him in the country, but My one Reason :)

  • Imtiaz Piracha

    I am from Imran Khan’s generation and never had any interest
    in cricket.

    My basic reason for supporting him:

    In an intellectually subservient culture of the Subcontinent,
    he represents the small segment that has the self-confidence to see the world as
    it is, and think originally as a freeman.

    He has a long track record of monumental public successes, based
    on his personal merits and integrity more than anything else.

    Irrespective of the criticism about Sheikh Rasheed and some
    of Khan’s other allies, he has gathered around him many very impressive new and
    little known team members from the educated and middle classes.

    I have closely observed promising leaders, starting from
    ZAB, Shaikh Mujib-ur-Rahman and many others, who eventually turned into great disappointments and harmful for the common people and their nation after coming to power. Notwithstanding my belief that power does something detrimental to the incumbents. Power can and has transformed good leaders into run of the mill rulers if not worse.

    I can never forget the first tenure of Nawaz Sharif as the prime minister. It was the best democratic rule in the country (new banks, new airlines, green channel at airports, surge in local and foreign investments and much more). The whole country believed that the eternally elusive progress was just around the corner for Pakistan. The subsequent tenures of Nawaz Sharif were the worst in the country, matched only by Zardari’s rule.

    Today, Imran Khan is the only leader I can trust to lead the nation.Recommend

  • Yousafzai

    Most of his team players and behind the screen coaches carries so many question marks.
    Yes the captain is OKRecommend

  • waliullah

    You yourself are a very good lady woman therefore u can see good in a good person. Imran khan is representing all good people.Recommend

  • Muhammad Khan

    In Punjab an FIR can’t be registered even if ordered by court, against the powerful, even if they have killed 14 innocent unarmed people, pity, , ,Recommend

  • Palwasha Khan

    Excellent analysis Brother….We are the Nation With Slave Mentality .Recommend

  • Mehreen

    Kaptaan khan zindabad!Recommend

  • Nessar

    If IK is no good then keep trying Sharifs and Bhuttos. The only improvement is in their bank balances! Incidentally those criticising IK need to recognise that he is human and therefore not perfect. He is however better than the rest. If you keep waiting for the perfect leader there may not be much left in Pakistan worth waiting for!Recommend

  • Imran Riaz

    I have different reasons to support Imran Khan. Do you agree?

    1. For years, I had been hearing that Nawaz League and People’s Party
    are both evils and we should select the lesser evil from those two. For
    me, evil is evil – no difference in being big or small.

    2. Just looking at their performance in 90s and last decade, there is a clear conclusion that both these parties cannot deliver because of the corrpt, autocratic and dictatorial mind of their leadership.

    3. There is no nationalism or ideology present whatsoever, and all
    their politics revolve around the whims of their big personalities. I
    know people of Indo-Pak subcontinent are romantic and they worship
    personalities and heroes, and this is where these heads of parties enjoy
    their fame and authority. However, despite knowing this IK has built up
    a party ,which is not personality based and is having a Core Committee. IK
    could have gone with the existing model of leading party without any
    Core Committee, but this is where he proved himself different.

    4. Based on many of his interviews to local and international media, I
    see him as the only voice from Pakistan who can make our heads high in
    the world. He does not have shameful diplomacy to have different
    versions of statements, locally and internationally. When I see him
    speaking, I feel myself proud of being Pakistani. I never felt like this
    when listening to NS or late BB.

    5. He is a fighter and a man
    of conviction. If he approves of something, he will go to the end to
    achieve it. There is no exigency in his plans after he is resolute. This
    is why he is not a politician but a leader.

    Finally, the list can go further but I must stop here being too much admirer of IK.

    I see him as a hope for a better Pakistani future. I know we are
    putting a lot of our feelings on stake by trusting IK. For me it would
    be the most horrible thing in the world, if he fails to deliver.

    Noon League and People’s Party has stolen our money, but lets pray that IK does not steal our dreams and hopes.Recommend

  • maliha hasan

    I didn’t vote for him and I do not support Imran khan. As a woman my conscience won’t allow it. And as someone who believes all people are created equal, my beliefs won’t allow me eitherRecommend

  • Farrukh Seer

    Pakistanis are in two camps now- those who love IK and those who love Pakistan, democracy, rule of law and decency.Recommend

  • Syed Saad Saif

    Farhanaz, I can see your point. Imran khan provides the Idealistic, uncompromising Pakistani with a option that none other politician provides. But my question to you is this, do you honestly believe that whatever is happening is the solution? I agree that Nawaz Sharif is not the perfect Prime Minister. Some of his decisions are quite frankly Laughable, but whatever he is there is no denying that Pakistan for once in a long long time is actually going up. What I cannot comprehend is what is the tyranny that Imran Khan Speaks about? Yes, a lot of Injustice is happening in Pakistan every single day but expecting it to vanish within a period of a couple of years is simply immature. The important thing is that day by day that injustice is ending. A couple of days ago I went to the barber to get a haircut, now he is the sort of person that you can say is most affected by Nawaz Sharif’s “Tyranny” but even he was capable of realizing that although the new roads and flyover does not directly profit him it will help the Pakistani economy and eventually him in the long run (Quoted in Context). If people like him are ready to sacrifice his today for his and children’s tomorrow we the “educated” should allow them to fulfill their dream. I was never and nor am a supported of Nawaz Sharif and supported Imran Khan for the 2013 election. But since then I have realised the world is not a Ideal one, it offers you with the option of the better decision not the best one. one should make the choice using both heart and mind and not Instincts. Nawaz Sharif can never be my Ideal, but he is the better option for the country right now and that is reason enough for me to Support him.Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    please do visit kpk to see the clear picture other than listing to people or media.Recommend

  • farheen

    Farahnaz – very air tight reasons. Sadly people can only resort to immature insults and slander but no one can contest these reason you have given above.Recommend

  • Syed Asim Hassan Rizvi

    Illusions, fascinations, propagation, proclamations, please correct yourself, be yourself and do not let a person of any rank impose his will upon you, you were born free, reclaim it, not by changing the system abruptly but by changing it systematically and to do that you have to begin with yourself before you raise a finger towards anyone.Recommend

  • Salman Javed

    That Farahnaz felt the need to defend her hero is proof enough that Imran Khan has been damaged by the Azaadi March. The question is: What is the extent of the damage? And whether his ambition to become PM of Pakistan has been fatally compromised? Only time will tell.Recommend

  • Azeem Aslam

    Very reasonable. Love this article and love for IKRecommend

  • hassan

    interestingly all the points made above hold true for quite a few people in Pakistan (though unfortunately a minute minority in percentage terms). All like imran khan are worthy of respect. none of the points listed above make imran a good politician or a leader for that matter (they definitely do make him a good person). let me put it like this, Edhi sahib is one of the most self-less people i have ever met, he does not care about money, leads from the front, has served the nation probably the most and definitely does not believe in violence. all of these things make EDHI sahib a great man, but not a political leader. if edhi sahib was to go into politics, he would find himself completely ignorant of international politics, the rules of diplomatic engagement, legal theory (necessary for meaningful legal reform), economics (economic reform) and so on (just like imran). i not saying that a leader must be a master of all, but must posses some working knowledge on these matters. Khan like Edhi is a great man, and must therefore be respected. he is however not a good political leader, and that is why many cannot, in good conscience, support his political endeavours.Recommend

  • Ali Khan

    with all this borrowing, people forget when bill collector comes, there will be no underpass they can use to hide. Recommend

  • Ali Khan

    there are no free lunches. When bills are due, you will regret the day the roadways were built. the commission on these mega projects are enormous with borrowed money. Recommend

  • S

    Your point No. 4 is not valid. He does not lead from the front. When was he when they were marching on the PM house in Islamabad. He was no where to be seen through out the night.Recommend

  • Narmi Khan

    Yes right – where he was during 5 years of Zardari – why did he first take a stand againt MQM and then took u turn – why did he do for Red Mosque massacre – Every day in Karachi more than 20 people die – what is he doing for them? He has been lying to people and taking u-turns how much taxes he has paid in last three years? Why his income is increasing and taxes are decreasing?Recommend

  • Waleed

    This voting is web based. People Love Nawaz & they are not users of web.
    So this is not accurate voting. King of Rigging IKRecommend

  • yousaf

    i guess you are confusing shrewdness with intelligence. i think Zardari would be your favoriteRecommend

  • aneesa

    excuse me but it was written on 21’st august 2014.Recommend

  • unknown

    thanks for supporting him the only leader who is sincere with this nationRecommend

  • unknown

    prove that he is a supporter of taliba…..Recommend

  • unknown
  • unknown

    how he is the king of rigging …….can u prove this…..nawaz who has black money in swiss banks shouldnot b supported by PakistanisRecommend

  • unknown


  • unknown

    and i agree with u sisterRecommend

  • Mo Abbasy

    Dear sister.Do you think nk Imran is the same as he was when batting cricket? He also comes from a privileged class and I reckon it takes more than an oxford educated cricket r…ok good looking cricketer to run the affairs of Pakistan competently.What is needed is a hone bred leader from the core classes.. Pimples and all.Just my oponion..please dont shoot me.Recommend

  • SaHer Mehtab

    I was a supporter of I I imran khan. But now I have reached the point
    that no one can be trusted in politics as every one is working for
    himself and not PAKISTAN. …….
    I didn’t expected this from imran
    khan…from his speeches it seems that he is working for himself to be
    prime minister… And nothing else………
    ……very disheart from imran khan i watched some tv talk show on talks.pk about imran khan that was amazingRecommend

  • Amirose khan

    Who said that?
    Khan rejected his daughter
    Shame on your fake news


  • Myra

    Hey KPK still has one of the lowest literacy rate and is also one of the province with highest poverty percentage. And imran says that shahbaz wastes money on things such as giving away laptops while he is trying to copy the same idea in KPK.Recommend

  • Sunil L

    As an Indian, I love Imran Khan. He’s filled with so much positive spirit. If it were up to me, I would make him run for Prime Minister of India.

    I’m visualizing an era of peace and prosperity for both India and Pakistan with Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan as the PMs of our respective countries.Recommend

  • Savio

    All are entitled to their opinion. But I feel that if a person comes from a privileged class does not mean all are bad. Imran is honest and wants to make sure that people have a system that is just for all, like in Canada or any part of the world. So our kids in Pakistan can be a first citizen with respect instead of running after riches in other countries to make other countries rich and still be their third citizen. Why are e losing our intelligent talented youngsters. Its due to no opportunities, let Imran work and create those, but its not an overnight package that he can dish out. It will take time, cause corruption is deep rooted in the people and in the politicians. Hopefully as a Pakistani I wish and pray we make our nation proud.Recommend