Imran Khan’s fall from grace

Published: August 18, 2014

The Imran Khan, I grew up admiring was the Imran Khan of principles; a voice of sanity in an insane world, a voice of reason, discussion and dialogue. PHOTO: AFP

Before I begin, let me confess to my deep love and respect for Imran Khan. His politics, his social work and his cricketing skills have shaped Pakistani society for good or for worse and as a member of a generation that grew up idealising Khan, it almost hurts to see him slip up like this.

The Imran Khan, I grew up admiring was the Imran Khan of principles; a voice of sanity in an insane world, a voice of reason, discussion and dialogue. His passion infused a sense of passion; his words and mannerism defied the new profession he had chosen for himself.

However, the past couple of years have marked a shift away from the man I felt I had grown up to be so familiar with.

Since bursting onto Pakistan’s political scene, Imran Khan’s PTI increasingly resembles the political mafias it wishes to fight. Having accepted veteran politicians from all major political parties, people who had previously enjoyed the fruits of the corrupt political system, the party’s approach to take on the whole political lot is nothing short of a paradox.

The party’s stance to shake up the status quo without burping a word against the powerful military and an ever-powerful mullahism in the country does make one raise more than just an eyebrow.

Despite all this, it’s worth mentioning that Khan managed to run an electrifying election campaign. He revitalised the country’s youth and managed to engage them in national politics unlike any other national politician.

Contesting elections under the caretaker setup agreed upon by most if not all-political parties revealed Imran Khan’s faith in not only the setup but also the electoral process. It’s worth mentioning that even though Khan and his party raised some objections, all allegations of pre-election rigging follow an after-the-fact argument. In the fifteen months since the last general election, the principled Imran Khan has not once highlighted the massive pre-election rigging against leftist parties who were under constant threat from the Taliban and in most cases were not allowed to even publicly campaign.

To set the record straight, it’s also important to understand that the 2013 general elections in part were rigged. PTI was robbed of key parliamentary seats and their claims of election fraud are not completely unfounded.

Imran Khan’s demands of investigation into the electoral fraud are also not unwarranted. Pakistan needs effective electoral reforms to move forward and, in that, PTI deserves credit for highlighting the flaws in the current system.

However, to paint the elections as some sort of a massive anti-PTI conspiracy is where Imran Khan starts to lose his track. Humiliation, insults and defamation have become a sad but sure result of criticism that one levels against Imran Khan and his worldview. PTI’s social media presence has meant harassment for anyone who regularly criticises Imran Khan and certain private news networks are already under a boycott from those who profess to enhance democratic thought.

The injustice against PTI in the shape of the electoral rigging needs to be addressed and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s failure to do so has raised questions over his government’s legitimacy.

However, no one has the right to act as the judge, jury and executioner and therefore Imran Khan cannot bring down an elected government simply based on mere allegations. Instead, Khan should use his political leverage to initiate a truly impartial inquiry into electoral fraud. If widespread rigging is then proven to be true, Khan would have a lot more legitimacy than he currently enjoys.

The lacklustre participation at the Azadi March should have been a wakeup call for PTI’s leadership and should have warranted correcting measures. Instead of using whatever leverage Imran Khan has got to initiate electoral reforms, the PTI seems adamant to remain on collision course with the government.

If Imran Khan truly believes that a crowd comprising of thousands (not millions as was promised by the PTI leadership) has the ability to take down an elected government then he is setting a dangerous example for Pakistan’s national politics. Allowing the mobs to decide the fate of a country’s future has never worked anywhere, Egypt being the latest victim.

His announcement of starting a civil disobedience movement, once again, shows the dangerous course that Imran Khan’s politics has taken. Encouraging people to break the law by not paying taxes and utility bills for political gains is despicable and needs condemnation. Furthermore, it is a sign of a man failing to win battles through political means.

All is certainly not lost for Imran Khan and I continue to remain a well-wisher but gone are the days were Khan stood out as a political messiah. Perhaps the true tragedy of Pakistan is that those who talk about democracy don’t know what it really means.

Do you think Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience is justified?

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Nabeel Chohan

The author is a young urban professional based out of Washington DC who likes to read, write and talk about politics, religion and the intersection of the two. He tweets @nabeel_chohan (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • raw is war

    what is problem with Pakistan’s election commission? Imran wanted re-counting. In India- anybody can demand re-counting after following some procedures. Why is it so complicated there?Recommend

  • Sohaib Irshad

    He loves to read, write and talk. Thanks bhayya. Can I get a lecture from you what is democracy? Please?Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    Lets be clear here, The only reason the author professed his love for IK in the start of the article was because he wanted to save himself from the becoming a target by the PTI TROLLS.. PTI TROLLS always ignore thatRecommend

  • Rana

    I am here today not
    to mock IK but to mourn with devoted innocent PTIns and writer in advance, I am
    afraid that in order to accommodate embarrassment and failure of march he will
    put some lives of innocent PTI workers at risk by provoking them to cross the
    red line as final step, because his adviser list now includes Sheikh Rasheed,
    Parvez ILahi & co in particular. These guys have already made sufficient holes
    in his ship to sink smoothly without giving distress singles!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    It was a tough decision by Mr. Khan. Man makes mistakes, even Ghazwa-e-Uhad was lost by Muslims due to Mis-management. But the time for Imran to Review his policy to take over the govt. Everyone commits mistakes but the Real Man is who take a lesson from blunders. “Haar kar jeetnay walay ko hi “KAPTAAN KHAN” kehtay hain.”Recommend

  • zulfiqar

    the thing is that khan had already tried all the legal ways to uncover the fraud but the fact of the matter is that in pakistan a person can become bigger than the system like all of our pm’s and pres’s..thats where the problem to be fair to khan there is no way electoral fraud can be proven against a sitting pm in our the problem now is that almost all of pakistanis know that elections were massively rigged,like in karachi you can not call it even something close to a fair election because of you-know-whom,like most other parts of the country but you can not prove it legally or constitutionally although thousands of videos were made of people stuffing the ballots..we pakistanis have to decide once and for all whether we want to continue with this system or shake it up once to clean itRecommend

  • Dr Zaheer Asgahr Khan

    Imran Khan and Qadri are trying to set up a dangerous pattern. By gathering some thousands of fanatics and making loud noises, both are conspiring to bring down the present government, elected by a large majority of votes only 14 months ago. Not only that, Imran has already started calling himself ‘prime-minister Imran Khan’, and Qadri will not let go of this once-in-a-life opportunity to assume the office of prime minister-ship. So we will have 2 prime ministers, one for the day, the other for the night. What is the guarantee that in another 2-3 months another opportunist like Imran and Qadri will not rise, gather another few thousands fanatics and demand to oust the running govDrernment and want to be the next prim minster. How easy Imran and Qadri have made it to become the prime minister. No need of elections or votes Just a few thousands of crowd and threaten Fassad.
    Addendum. The same method can be used to become captain of Pakistan cricket team; gather a crowd and march in.Recommend

  • Shafaq

    I am a big supporter of Mr. Imran Khan. Please let me know, has he ordered the utility provider companies not to issue bills or they are ordered to continue the supply if i obey him by not paying utility bills????? Who will be responsible when KE, SSGC and PTCL will disconnect there supply to my home by not paying bills on time???Recommend

  • ehtesham

    being a human being One should react for any thing unfair is happening to him or in the society but unfortunately we pakistanies do not. i believe this is something minimum one can expect from a civilized person. IK is trying to teach this society that we are not animals at least we should react for what is being happened and has happened with us and with our Pakistan. i believe it does not matter if IK Succeed or fail what i see , he is trying.Recommend

  • TruePakistan

    IMRAN is a honest man. People who think he is down don’t know that how much they knock him down he will rise with more and more strength. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. God tests his good people. Good things our not easy to achieve. World will see this great KHAN making history. We will stand by him through thick and thin. History will alwayz remember his struggle. Recommend

  • ehtesham

    for God Sake still we can not compare honesty of Imran Khan with corruption and lies of Nawaz and ShaabazRecommend

  • نائلہ

    IK is making a fool of himselfRecommend

  • Sophya Khan

    The problem with Pakistan Election Commission is that its only legal member i.e. chief election commissioner has resigned some one year ago… and the other 4 members are all selected unlawfully by the PPP/PML(N)… that is why they are reluctant to recount… there are a few instances where votes were recounted and in one constituency there were like 80 thousand bogus votes, in another there were a polling station where 1500 registered votes but votes polled were like 8000 for PML(N)… and there is another man who voted like 300 times! seeing this, just imagine the massive fraud that will be unearthed if the whole votes are recounted… that is why IK is calling for resignation of the PM as he is not the PM in the first place because of this bogus election…void ab initio…Recommend

  • An

    Well said!
    Imran Khan is all talk and no action. He does not care about the country at all, civil disobedience movement is a clear testament of this. He only wants power! plus throwing insults and inciting his supporters to kill Shareef family if anything happens to him!! Laws are made for a reason. On the other hand, Nawaz has consistently shown class in his speeches, never once Nawaz said anything indecent about another leader. NML – N has shown clear progress in Punjab. While IK is busy doing dharnay in Islamabad, federal govt stepped in to help KPK people affected during heavy rains.
    (Above are stated facts, I am not a supporter of any political party)

    At the end of the day, we as Pakistanis want what’s best for Pakistan.

    As someone said rightly, he could not even give new KPK and talks about building a new Pakistan!Recommend

  • Amar

    Ghazwa-e-Uhad was NOT lost due to mismanagement. The messenger of Allah managed it exceptionally well. Some followers committed a mistake.

    The issue here is that the leader is committing blunders (not mistakes) one after another. And people are trying to justify that the messenger of Allah also mismanaged! You have lost your march. Atleast try to save your eiman.Recommend

  • Fayyaz

    Please dont compare Ghazawa-e-Uhad with this long MarchRecommend

  • an

    and where exactly is your evidence to back these claims up please?Recommend

  • An

    100% agree with you Amar.
    Iman is our biggest asset. Everything else is ‘fa’ni’ (mortal)Recommend

  • an

    What are you standing for!
    civil disobedience against the state??
    waste of tax-payers money by doing dharnay?
    tarnishing Pak reputation internationally??
    diverting our forces attention from zarb-e-azab by creating havoc in capital?
    crossing red zone by putting security in jeopardy for foreign embassies?
    Two wrongs do not make a right. Fix KPK and he will be in a much better position to win. Now he has lost what little support he did have! IK did start off on the right foot hence he had youth support, but in the past few years his politics has changed to suit his personal goals for ‘kursi’ because all this support has gone to his headRecommend

  • AA

    This is a matter of public record my friend. Happened through the courts. Reports and news items are available. Please research up on it.Recommend

  • venuto

    lulz…no wonder someone was calling him the ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ of Pakistan….Recommend

  • Syed Shuja Hussain

    The one word sums up Khan’s move is that his emotions has over taken his wisdom. His style is arrogant that never takes any person to a leader’s stature. An honest person should not be an insult maker which is tantamount to provoke the violence. His all emphasis is on pointing of the problems rather solutions. His patience is less so he gets frustrated which a man of strong inside can only perform. He needs to review his policy to keep his struggle violence free and must keep on challenging the government with their weaknesses to qualify for next probably must winner of next elections but it looks bleak after his recent show of march.Recommend

  • Harry

    No tax paying to corrupt as they don’t accept our legitimate demands. Thats how pmlN understand.Recommend

  • Technocrz!

    Death of hopeRecommend

  • Adnan

    FYI Itefaq foundation is defaulter of LESCO, sharif family never paid any tax etc etc so most of our politicians are already practicing civil disobedience. If people of Pakistan will follow the same for a better and corruption free system then there is no harm in it.
    Don’t be ignorant like other PMLN fans. It’s the obduracy of PMLN which has and also is tarnishing the international image of Pakistan. IK came with constitutional demand which were not accepted by fake democratic government & led the situation to this point.Recommend

  • Harry

    Federal govt is not providing funds to run KPK. Hidden snakes nawaz.Recommend

  • BhopaliGandhi

    What is point of having all this charade? Pakistan democracy( If any) is just a revolwing door which functions well until nutcase from Pak Army changes his course.
    There is no agenda of any party. All parties keep calling other parties corrupt just like India’s Kejriwal.
    When the sole idea of creation of a country is based on hatred, dont expect it to produce good politicians.. when you feed hatred top mind, only hatred will come out.Recommend

  • BhopaliGandhi

    wallah.. Imran khan copyingArvind kejri ka baal?Recommend

  • patriot

    Imran khan has gone mad..he is also a power hungry politician but thanks to him that he has exposed himself..we r not with him…Recommend

  • Sane

    None of your concern. You look as why Hindus are killing Muslims in India.Recommend

  • Sane

    To one point I agree. Pakistan was created because Hindus hate Muslims. And still Muslims are hated by Hindus in India,. Rest is not your concern..Recommend

  • ace

    This ‘IMMATURE KHAN’ has became the biggest threat to our youth.he not just damages the economy but also cities in large areas.he has given a psychological injuries to our youth in the name of revolution,moreover provoking people to break laws and divide them self in the name of specific political party or sect is not the revolution.our Society is suffering a major drawbacks and Preventing psychological injury under work health and safety laws has become important in order to see prosper pakistan again.Recommend

  • Nabeel

    Starts with the History of Islam (although faulty reference) & ends with Bollywood customized dialogue, Hadees & DJ side by Side, PTI k lagtay ho -_-Recommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Its more of a tactical move rather than undemocratic. Even Nelson Mandella asked for civil disobedience and Gandhi also followed the path.

    Those criticizing the move should read the International Headlines and shall comprehend the motive behind the call. Those calling that Punjab is progressing should get their figures correct. Only Lahore is progressing, rest of the Punjab is languishing, the new emergency block of the Lahore General Hospital is under construction for over 06 years now, most part of which falls under the N League Tenure. Is this u call progress?Recommend

  • Maham

    Oh please may I beg you to not compare the situation with Ghazwa-e-Uhad. IK has proved himself to be a power hungry, proud and aristocratic leader losing support from many of us. His only aim is to “win” rather than caring about the people, if he was such a great leader he should have set up an example in KPK. However moronic traits take precedence and he will be a loser by the end of it. I expected better from IK but he’s lost this game.Recommend

  • Waseem

    he is not merely wanting re-count. that can be done here too after following a procedure. hes asking for voter’s thumb verification on counter foils which was introduced this time. the problem is that the magnetic-ink used for thumb verification was sub-standard and hence technically the voter verification cannot be done completely. Khan wants to use this situation to his advantage by calling the whole election rigged. Hope this explains.Recommend

  • Waseem

    don’t misguide a foreign guest with wrong information. the selection of election commissioner and its members were done as per constitution. what you are calling ‘bogus votes’ were merely votes that could not be verified due to sub-standard magnetic ink used to take thumb prints on the foil. The few instances of irregularities in a such a mammoth operation/exercise is not akin to rigging! What mandate do you have to declare the election void? Just because you have collected few thousands people on street!!! Has there been any mass protests? Recommend

  • Abbasi. KSA

    Wots the relations with such Marchs and Ghaza-E- Uhad.. i really scared on the days when IK said .. Oh qudrat azma lay hum ko..
    Political affiliation is something else..

    One day we have to answerable for all our doingsRecommend

  • Ali Tahir

    Oh ho the vultures gonna come after you nowRecommend

  • Rana

    Evidence? Really..?? No wonder why these Noora’s, Sharifa’s and Bhutos are ruling us and our generations over and over and for decades – do you know why? cz of people like YOU who are living a miserable life and are citizens of the thrid world country and still ask for an evidence – huhhRecommend

  • Rana

    Hahaa – like these Nooras, Sharifas and Bhutos have delivered and are delivering – apart from delivering and contributing with growing their FAMILY BUSINESS (the filthy politics) – No wonder you guys deserve to live in a third world country…..alasRecommend

  • Rana

    Otherwise, we are living in a heaven where all us pakistani’s lives are safe & secure and there is NO Killing, NO life threats/risks etc – but ALL peace and prosperity….. henaa….??Recommend

  • Jam Tamachiwala

    You are only writing a comment in an ePaper. Not addressing the
    United Nations.Recommend

  • fappy

    “a voice of sanity in an insane world, a voice of reason, discussion and dialogue”

    Really! when was that?Recommend

  • Malveros

    Bye Bye IK. The Azaadi March turned out to be a big flop and nothing more than a Nautankee.Recommend

  • Maria

    Imran Khan has proved worse than any of the political leaders by his behavior. We all know that politicians all over the world are cheats who manipulate the system. North American politicians and European politicians are no exceptions. The only reason society runs in the West is people understand that the system is all they have and even when broken it is better than nothing or the anarchy that Imran Khan is creating. Western observers and analysts were positive about Nawaz Sharif’s policies for the economy this last year. My guess is that the people around Imran were threatened by Nawaz’s growing economic success and wanted to stop it.Recommend

  • Malik

    FYI “Civil disobedience” is a non-violent way of protesting against certain laws, demands or commands of the government or an occupying international power.
    In this case they are protesting against the fake mandate of our current PM and his lack of governance along with many other reasons. (also called revolutionary Civ DO)
    the government should be in violation of the constitution for it to be a constitutional act.
    I think it is a peaceful way of protesting + the government is questionable, thus it should be justified.
    i don’t think this was the best way to handle the current situation though.Recommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    Yes it does. Thank you for the details.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    People don’t want to see Shariefs and Bhuttos and Zardaris in Pakistan, that’s it…… now what ever is the method, people want them out of Pak Politics.
    KHAN’s move may not be appreciated but you can never doubt on his sincerity, he is doing it for you, for your kids, for Pakistan, not for himself.
    If you want you and your kids to be ruled by Shariefs and Bhuttos forever, leave KHAN and go.. KHAN won’t be ashamed as he tried at least to change the face of politics.Recommend

  • Syed M

    please stop delivering baseless lectures. Imran Khan is a true patriotic leader and whatever he’s doing is to make Pakistan a better place to live. And INSHALLAH he will succeed!Recommend

  • Guest

    Glad to see someone thinking behind reasons of actions rather than being scared of what is to follow. I deny a system of cheat! I stand by anyone who has the guts to take a stand for it.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Being an American I am sure you are aware of the famous slogan from 1750’s in your history of……no taxation without representation……so the concept that IK is mouthing is the same. Remember its ALL political strategy in the end.Recommend

  • Rustomji Jamshedwala

    $1.8 billion and counting Must be over $2 billion [US] by
    now. Already nipping heels of Zardari, who is 3rd. richest man
    in Land of Pure. With his family dipping in every ‘theka’ in
    Punjabistan. He has got it made. Dar is cooking numbers.
    And IMF caught him. Not one single foreign institution or
    Western bank is positive about the economy of this country.
    Investment is non existent. Investors/institutions like to visit
    their investments and ‘see’ their money at work. Here, they cannot do that.They will be blown up in their hotels or kidnapped. Plus the massive massive corruption involved.
    in doing business. Please do not feed pablum to the people.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    I think imran khan used the civil dis obedience as a tactic to divert international media attention towards political scenario of Pakistan….
    IK stands for electoral reforms and accountability of elections…
    Government did not responded him for 14 months… It means there is something wrong…. Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Agree with rana,,,well said..Recommend

  • Engr.Sabeel
  • Engr.Sabeel

    Why should Imran Khan against economical success! What will gain if Pakistani economy is ruin.All these arguments are baseless.A man who devoted all his life for this nation and left the luxurious life.Even a wealthy Pakistani can’t even imagine of that life which IK has abandoned just for this country.He is a true philanthropist,entrepreneur and a loyal politicianRecommend

  • amoghavarshaii

    latest update
    after all drama with thousands of actors, now they agree to talk with 6 points,
    ha ha ha….
    so azadi will now come after talks.
    some body told will not talk even after azadi march??Recommend

  • Farzana Faisal

    Youre right rana sahab.

  • Kashan Ahmed

    The EC in India is one of the most powerful institution and even the sitting PM can’t influence it. Last three General Elections were held through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). So the chances of rigging are significantly reduced. Now one can safely say that the mandate of modi is genuine,If recounting is done in Pakistan, one can imagine what results come out, would be utter embarrassment for the government.Recommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Mr. Waseem, as far as I know, the EC got hefty amount for the purchase of magnetic ink and printing of ballot papers and as you said earlier that substandard ink was used,so was IK responsible for the purchasing of equipment? One of the demands of IK was to prosecute those involved in purchase of sub standard items like magnetic ink, has it been carried out by the N league? Don’t they carry any responsibility in this regard so that future elections reflect true mandate? Tell me what actions have been taken against the criminal elements other than giving them high profile postings like Chairman PCB? What cricketing knowledge Sethi possesses?
    Don’t make a out of yourself by posting senseless remarks please. ThankuRecommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Miserable and pathetic life a common man is living is the evidence dear.Recommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Is it a flop show? hahahahahaRecommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Dear All !! Please do remember one thing, IK shall loose nothing even if March fails, he may quit politics all together, reunite with his family in UK. He is 60 + at this point of time. The only loser shall be the Pakistani people,he may not be a genius politician like Zardari, but he is not a corrupt person as is Nawaz Sharif or Zardari.

    No one will ever stand for you again, he is our only hope. If any body calls this Family cracy as Democracy, then he is living in fools paradise. After Wali Khan, Asfand yar wali, Bhuttos, Sharifs legacy continues for that small period left over by Martial Law. What qualification Hamza Shahbaz possess? Bilalwal? Can any body stand against in their own party unlike Saeeda Warsi?Recommend

  • Hunza wala

    ..’ economic success..’ That is a figment of your imagination.Recommend

  • sterry

    You never give democracy a chance so how can you judge? Every time a government gets in power, people are so desperate to take over, they will do anything. Why do you think the West is so successful? Are their people or politicians any less corrupt? I don’t think so – the only reason they are ahead is because they have the good sense not to spoil a system – even if it’s not perfect. Recommend

  • MmB

    Wasn’t he already ?Recommend

  • Hamza

    To be honest, i think that IK deserves a chance. He has done so much for the nation in past that now we must realize that he is the type of leader we need. Not being harsh to all those opposing him, I need to ask them which leader other than IK looks worthy for the position. No offense, but no PPP for sure. They had great leaders in past but now their leadership is pretty selfish. Talking about Nawaz & co., they have been given 3 chances uptill now and still he has not done enough, and also he is not a strong and sufficient leader. These 2 parties have been ryuling Pakistan since last 2 decades and all they have done is pushing the country more and more towards downfall.Recommend

  • Warner

    He is all talk and no action? No disrespect to your views on the subject but I believe what he’s doing right now is called taking action.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    It really upsets me to read such articles and such comments. I have been a staunch supporter of Khan sahab since before the 2013 elections. I am not sure if anyone else agrees but judging from merely his speeches, I sense a whole lot of genuine compassion for the country and it’s people. Though I myself do not agree with many of his decisions, I will not turn my back on him. Why is that? That is because he is not about the money, he leads from the front, he has served the country and he is not the politics of violence. The man has put everything he has at stake for he betterment of the people of this country! How can people be blind to such a fact?! I think that the characteristics I have just mentioned, definitely, trump his flaws. Would we want a leader who is sincere, who is brave, who is determined but has some minor faults or a leader who is politically of a very superior decisiveness, is all about the money and is not loyal to his country? Think people. I pray Allah grants Imran Khan success, InshAllah!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    And I am also of the opinion that judging him by the language he uses in his speeches is very immature. Language is not a defining characteristic of a brilliant leader. Oh and since we are all so concerned about class when it comes to speeches and language usage, please do view a few clips of Mr.Shahbaz Sharif’s pre-election speeches against PPP. He has used similar language. So has his brother. Where were the vocabulary police then?Recommend

  • Ann

    I disagree. Whatever Imran khan did, He is still wayyyy better than the rest of Pakistani politicians. Pakistani youth will continue to support him. We don’t want the coming generations to be under the rule of Sharif’s.Recommend

  • maira

    well sir i honestly think your approach to his actions is clearly based on your mere knowledge of politics .Imran as a leader is one of the most amazing thing that happened to Pakistan.A crowd of thousands?i may ask you that everyone of us is not ready to spend his/her days and nights in streets of Islamabad,not all of us are ready to give up our jobs for the better future of our poor population…few have the courage.Secondly your allegation about civil disobedience,and i know that this is a topic not many Pakistanis are aware about.If you accept that the elections were rigged and this government is not real than why follow their order,make them more strong and not to mention give them money to do no favor to our poor population?its not disobeying law sir…..its called its called forcing the government to do what is right. I am not saying that the entire government may be abolished but i agree that the PM and CM of Punjab should .Imran has been fighting for opening 4 seats for more than an year and what did he get in return,every possible door of the law was knocked but unfortunately no one answered,and now you want him to sit there and wait till the next elections?No government in their right mind would allow the people under them to find any clue against them.I believe that Imran did more work not bring in the government then NAWAZ did being in the government.He is a man of vision,a man with a plan,a dream worth fulfilling..He is a very brave political leader.I may if you ask me shoe you the evidence that he spoke against the military for their wrong actions,but he unlike others cant blame ARMY for everything wrong in Pakistan.So in conclusion all your accusations and comments on his actions were just a way to not see the bright side.Recommend

  • NFR

    “Allowing the mobs to decide the fate of a country’s future has never worked anywhere, Egypt being the latest victim.”

    THANK YOU! Finally some sane wordsRecommend

  • Khizir

    Let’s ask ourselves: is intentional massacre of innocent civilian people in model town constitutional and lawful? Is election rigging constitutional and democratic? Recommend

  • farheen

    “The lacklustre participation at the Azadi March” ? seriously? I stopped reading after that – clearly shows biasness and actual objectiveRecommend

  • Prakash

    Viewing from India I find it very interesting that Pakistan too has multitude of political problems which are more or less similar to what we have had in India during the recent massive Parliamentary election ! In India the political rot gathered momentum after Gandhi-Nehru family run Congress Party became too powerful over the years. There was no effective Opposition Party strong enough to set in checks and balances due to which , under the name of Democracy , Congressmen became feudal lords who could exploit the Indian population by its brute majority ( to the extent of having 400 to 410 MPs out of 427 in the lower house !) in both the houses of parliament !
    In Pakistan , it was not Jinnah’s family members , which dominated the politics but it was Army junta that has had an upper hand throughout post independence era !
    Fortunately , India’s armed forces have remained apolitical all throughout and we are sure they will remain so ! In India we do have myriad problems in keeping democracy alive and functioning. However , an average Indian has immense respect for freedom and democracy which is culturally deep rooted ! That is what has kept us going with free elections for the last 66 years ! In those same 66 years Pakistan ,unfortunately, has been struggling to have free democracy !Recommend

  • Dr. Syed

    Mind Boggling…. what?… the way Imran Khan has shown his real face.. My God.. I was a STAUNCH supporter of Mr. Khan, I got teary even (lol) at times listening to his interviews,.. a voice of sanity, integrity, honesty, intelligence and more. NOW, I would say Never Again.. He has shown himself to be guided by self-interest in a reckless manner.. no matter the consequences… I would categorize Imran Khan, as a man with great ideas and intellect with insincere interest (self-interest first for him) and Mr. Sharif as a Slow-Monger, however more sincere in his core. Down-Fall of Mr. Khan started… Next election, you will get even less… No More Love for you Imran Khan, ..Recommend

  • MA

    it was not Imran Khan’s fall from grace but was the nation’s instead….Recommend

  • MA

    it was not Imran Khan’s fall from grace but was the nation’s instead….Recommend