If Turkey can do it, why can’t other Muslim states?

Published: August 5, 2014

Though this stance has not effectively helped stop the murderous sprees, it is a brave, strong and welcome condemnation nonetheless. PHOTO: REUTERS

Over the indiscriminate genocide of innocent people of Gaza, the Muslim leadership, the Arabs in particular and other Muslim states in general, have blatantly and deliberately remained silent.

More than 1200 people have been killed and over 6,000 have been seriously injured in Gaza since the launch of Israel’s army offensive. Physical infrastructure is severely damaged: several houses and buildings have been demolished including mosques, schools and hospitals.

There are about 57 self-governing Muslim states across the globe; some are absolute monarchies while others are sovereign democratic republics. Yet, none of them has dared to openly condemn or curb Israel’s vicious character. Leaders are seen uttering clichéd statements and our fellow Muslim ‘brothers’ are seen posting pictures on Facebook and engaging in meaningless debates with their peers, but no one is doing anything substantial.

Saudi Arabia is offering donations to the Palestinians. Will giving more money to fuel an already murderous conflict bring peace in the region? I highly doubt that. So what exactly is the kingdom planning?

UAE has not shown any stake and concern in this issue either. Both UAE and Saudi Arabia are providing massive funds to sustain Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian President, and are hence, indirectly, funding the doom of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, just in case some of us are unaware of this, the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the few allies that Hamas has. Do these countries plan to entirely eliminate the Gazans, by not providing any solution for peace and, in turn, leaving them isolated of any support?

The Egyptian government, and its media, has been seen shamelessly praising Israeli aggression on Gaza and have declared it a war against terrorism. Under the el-Sisi regime, Egypt has tried to prove, again and again, that Hamas is a terrorist organisation and that Israel is right in trying to wipe it out.

Additionally, Egypt has closed its borders for Palestinian refugees. Wounded Palestinians have been refused entry and convoys carrying, much-needed, medical aid have been turned away; strengthening the siege on this open-air prison and putting more pressure on Hamas on behalf of Israel. It seems that there is some kind of understanding between the two states. Egypt’s stance over this issue is disgustingly pro-Israeli and no country from the Muslim world has effectively condemned Egypt for its support.

Syria and Iraq are themselves fighting domestic wars; they cannot do much for Palestine. Qatar, in the meanwhile, is strengthening intelligence ties with Israel. Iran has also superficially condemned the issue, while urging Palestine to keep fighting. Perhaps the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is unaware of how many lives have been lost in this conflict; otherwise, he wouldn’t have suggested such a cruel idea. On Tuesday, he called on Muslims from around the world to help arm Gaza Palestinians in their fight against Israel.

But who will provide ammunition to Hamas? And also, shouldn’t these countries be thinking of a solution so that more innocent blood is not lost? Or do these countries feel no pain when an innocent child is killed out of sheer brutality?

To some extent, Turkey has expressed a stronger reaction. It had the audacity to openly declare Israel a terrorist state. Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said that Israel has surpassed what Hitler did to them, and declared the country a terrorist state. Unlike other puppet Arab states, it is the only country that is offering moral support to the Palestinians.

Erdoğan also slammed el-Sisi as an illegitimate tyrant, saying that Cairo could not be relied upon to negotiate a ceasefire with Israel. He further said that Turkey would push for Israel to be tried at an international criminal court if it keeps up its assaults on Gaza. Though this stance has not effectively helped stop the murderous sprees, it is a brave, strong and welcome condemnation nonetheless. At least there is one Muslim country out there willing to do what should have been done long ago.

In addition, Turkey has taken some practical steps; the country has sent a cargo plane carrying about 20 tons of medicine and healthcare supplies. There are also plans to send Freedom Flotilla II to go to the Gaza Strip, loaded with humanitarian aid, but no sail date has been set.

Pakistan, on Friday, observed a day of mourning across the country to express solidarity with the Palestinians. Notably, Pakistan is calling for the United Nations to intervene and settle the dispute. It is a common rhetoric and a mere formality; they already know what the UN would do.

Other Muslim countries have remained silent spectators so far and their silence is deafening.

The UN has always been deliberately partial towards Israel, since its inception. Recently, however, the United States criticised the UN for its decision to investigate human rights violations in Gaza and reiterated that it will stand up for Israel in the international community ‘even if it means standing alone’.

Mere condemnation is unavailing for Palestinians, it will not help alleviate their pain but they are in dire need of our help. They need to know that they are not alone. That somebody cares that they are dying. The criminal hush of the Muslim leadership is worthy of condemnation, is unpardonable and will be the cause of unrest in the general public.

I don’t see what it is that they are waiting for but I believe it is high time Muslim leaders start appreciating the gravity of the situation and pinpoint their common enemy. We must revive regional organisations like the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and make them more effective and influential.

The Muslims of the world must come together to fight this injustice. Not just as Muslims, but as humans, otherwise, Palestine, as we know it, will seize to exist.

Muhammad Imran Azeem

Muhammad Imran Azeem

Currently employed at the King Saud University as a research associate, he is an agricultural scientist, and his core area of research and focus is agricultural policy. He likes to write about current affairs and social issues. He tweets as @emranazeem1826 (twitter.com/emranazeem1826)

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  • BlackJack

    Still not clear on what you expect these countries to do – bomb Israel, maybe? Turkey has been generous with bluff and bluster, little else. Hamas is a terrorist organization, and they are causing incredible harm to innocent Palestinians and to their cause. Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state’s right to exist unconditionally, just as the world accepted Pakistan’s right to exist as an Islamic state, although minorities have suffered and their sufferings have been ignored for decades by everyone.Recommend

  • I manage

    Erdogan is on a power trip, using inflammatory language against Israel to gain more popularity and a higher status in the Arab world by playing into the sentiments. In reality, trade between Israel and Turkey is on a all high record, and the countries still maintain some diplomatic relations, which will again normalize after this conflict. We need to see through the rhetoric.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Sorry. Condolences and sympathies with Palestinians all the way. However, Pakistan is fighting against it’s own oppressors and doesn’t have time to be involved in other people’s war.Recommend

  • raw is war

    Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said that Israel has surpassed what Hitler did to them

    He should know- as turkey was a willing partner in Hitler’s genocide. Recommend

  • Gratgy

    “The Muslims of the world must come together to fight this injustice. ”

    It is “injustice” only when non muslims kills muslims. When muslims kills muslims or anyone else there is only silence.

    The outrage is not at the deaths of victims but because the attacker is not a muslimRecommend

  • David Billa


  • mimi sur

    Yawn..I condemn it .Recommend

  • marik

    Turkey has done nothing really, compared to Iran which is the one that has armed and trained Hamas. But even more than Turkey the most intense criticism of Israel has come from the democratic socialist states of Latin America, especially Bolivia and Nicaragua. Daniel Ortega, the Cold Warrior of Nicaragua has said that Netanyahu is possessed by the devil and has asked the Pope to exorcise him.Recommend

  • Sane

    No other Muslim country has a man like Tayyip Erdoğan.Recommend

  • Sane

    Minorities are more safe in Pakistan than India. Stop propaganda of innocence.Recommend

  • WB


    These days you started displaying your dishonesty so openly.

    Over 200,000 have died in Syria.

    Over 20,000 have died in Iraq.

    Tens of thousands are dying in Libya.

    Tens of thousands are dying in Yemen, Egypt and Nigeria.

    Everyday people are dying in Pakistan.

    – all in the name of one religion.

    Not many are bothered about the genocide of Muslims at the hands of Muslims.

    Yet, Pakistanis are worried about the death of less than 2000 people from a war started by Palestinians and in a war where Hamas is using innocent people as human shields and hiding arms in UN schools and hospitals, digging tunnels under civilian buildings.

    Your hypocrisy will destroy you completely.Recommend

  • WB

    How did you figure that? Based on the fact that Muslims have not only grown from a mere 10% to 15-18% today? Or from the fact that Muslims in India have started plenty of riots and killed many Hindus?

    Why don’t you google and find out what happened in Saharanpur, Mubaraknagar and Lucknow in the lst few weeks.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Give me ONE example of a minority which is safer in Pakistan than in India. No, they are not innocent, but they dont claim to be. Recommend

  • Ventura

    You’re using bad moral reasoning, two wrongs do not make a right, most Muslims on ET blogs and social media are absolutely outraged when Muslims kill other Muslims or non-Muslims, but as of right now on this blog, the Israelis are wrong and they must be condemned.Recommend

  • Ventura

    The Republic of Turkey and Ottoman Turkey weren’t ruled by the same governments and weren’t exactly the same country, so your comment is incorrect.Recommend

  • Ventura

    The comparison of Pakistan to Israel is absolutely idiotic; the vast majority of Pakistanis(93%) are indigenous to these lands of which only 7% are migrants, we did not displace a large majority to make way for this country.

    As for Hamas, if you read up about them, they were actually propped up by Israel as an alternative to the leftist & secular PLO, in a typical “divide & rule” tactic, Israel’s human rights abuses in Palestine have existed long before Hamas even existed, so playing the “hamas” card doen’t absolve them from their crimes.

    Anyways it’s futile debating with commentators here.Recommend

  • ajeet

    Turkey is strong because of it being in NATO and its secular founding father. If Erdogan was in Power, Turkey would be more like Iran or Pakistan.Recommend

  • ajeet

    Still 2.3 billion loosing to a few millions.Recommend

  • Prakash

    Your English needs improvement. And General Knowledge, too.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    It is also surprising that Turkey has forgotten the Armenian Genocide which resulted in the death of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915.Recommend

  • Kushal

    How come? Turkey was neutral in WW2.. It then joined the allies in the final days of war.Recommend

  • Hamza

    Something called “National Interest” which Arab states clearly understand better than us
    As far as Erdogan is concerned…He did not do much during the 2012 Gaza assault. But now in 2014 he’s become the most outspoken critic of Israel just when the Turkish Elections are around the corner.
    And how about coming together to help Iraq and Syria too?Recommend

  • Kushal

    Yes we can see.. Pakistan is definitely a safe haven for minorities.. RIP to Ahmedi victims of GujranwalaRecommend

  • abhi099

    Good joke. They dont have the guts to attack israel.Recommend

  • Thought

    Just swap the religions of Israel and Gaza. Would there be such outrage from so called Muslims then. Blood is red for all humans. Why such selective outrage and humanity.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Turkey was AGAINST HITLER in the second world war. Turkey was neutral almost throughout the war then sided with the ALLIES, AGAINST the Germans.Recommend

  • abhi

    So in order to save Gaza we have to save Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood !Recommend

  • p r sharma

    Hamas is an alley of Muslim Brotherhood and believe in extremist ideology of islam and totally against the secularism. Cairo is naturally against them and do not want their spread across Egypt and blocked their borders with Gaza ( it is their prerogative and national interest). UAE which is quite liberal in religion and progressing and does not want to alter their path and are afraid of extremist behavior as is being seen in Syria, Iraq ,Yemen and Pakistan too. So they are against Hamas ( Not Gaza), Iran did support Hamas ( by weapons) but then the intention is to hurt Israel rather than favoring Hamas. Hamas which showed support to ISIS against Iraq may not get the ammunition and aid from Tehran in future.( Tehran will have a priority of Iraq over Hamas) Turkey is no more a secular state in reality and is inclined towards an Islamic state under Erdogan and the action of criticizing Israel vehemently will increase his political support base domestically. Recommend

  • Sacred

    Why is there only concern when non-Muslims kill Muslims? Why not when Muslims kill non-Muslims, or their fellow Muslims? Why not then?Recommend

  • harry

    And many Armenians migrated to India and they have prospered.Recommend

  • harry

    The rulers may be different, but the people living there were the same.Recommend

  • harry

    ”we did not displace a large majority to make way for this country.” Not in the beginning, but you did something soon so that a large numbers had migrated to India.Recommend

  • harry

    According to http://www.muslimpopulation.com/World/ , Muslim population stand at 2.04 billion in 2014 and in increasing at a rate of 1.84 percent. This way by the end of this century in the year 2100, Muslim population will be around 9.8 billion.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I do not expect a better response from a man who believes wearing a short skirt is asking for rape.Recommend

  • Prashant

    No other Muslim country is like Turkey either but if Erdogan leads Turkey for some more time, Turkey would soon join the league of Pakistan.Recommend

  • madhu

    please find out why the palestinians in the west bank- headed by the al fatah- abbas-group are not helping the gazans- if the west bank abbas group are not doing anything to confront the israelis how can the other nations help???Recommend

  • Visibly

    In WW2, about 6 million Jews were killed. Yes, 6 millions.
    This was out of about 9 million. I.e., 2 out 3 jews in Europe were killed.

    So what about recent Gaza war: Let us say 2000 were killed (too high, but let us make it simple for calculations). Population of Gaza: 1.5 million (too low).
    Meaning 1 out of 750 were killed.

    Can people understand the difference between 2 out 3 (WW2) and 1 out 750 (recent Gaza war)?
    Genocide? Not at all!Recommend

  • Rafeeq

    Attacks are not accidental, claims UN:

    Debunking Israel’s 11 Main Myths About Gaza, Hamas and War Crimes:

    Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamas’s human shields

  • Rafeeq

    Oh is it? Why doesn’t the media report the truth as it is? Do you know the muzaffarnagar incident in 2013 had a much stronger precedent to it?

    Read this for a much deeper analysis into the Muzaffarnagar incidents:
    “While it is alleged that the incident of September 27 in which Sachin and Gaurav clashed with Shahnawaz apparently because he was harassing their young sister, which resulted in the tragic deaths of all three, was the trigger for the later violence, this is not correct. Such incidents have been occurring and are common in the area and, in fact, in the State.

    It is extremely important to remember that on Eid, September 9, Idris was shot dead at the Idgah entrance just before the prayer started. His killers were identified as Pradeep, Ram Niwas (lawyer) and Kishore. Pradeep used to harass Idris’ daughter and after one such incident, was slapped by Idris which led to the killing. The administration promptly arrested the 3 accused and there was no retaliation from the Muslims who did not celebrate Eid. The people in the camp repeatedly said that had the administration been as active on the 27th and afterwards, the ghastly events that followed could have been averted.”


    What if the Muslims would have reacted on September 9? What would you call them then?Recommend

  • Rafeeq

    One of the most celebrated BBC journalists says he saw no evidence of Hamas using Palestinians as human shields:

    ET please publish, stating facts hereRecommend

  • vasan

    Sunni wahabis are not minorities in pakistan.Recommend

  • ak

    You seem to believe in all conspiracy theories.
    Hamas is of the Palestinians, by the Palestinians and for the Palestinians.
    Stop propagating theories and indulge in logical discussions.
    What would “Muslim” nations do and why? If being Muslim is the unifying factor, why are there so “many” muslim nations?.
    Being Human comes before being Muslim.
    Regarding Palestine, Hamar is the aggressor no doubt. Israel has crossed the limits I agreed to that.
    And no one can sermonize Israel , kindly accept that too. Muslims nations tries in 60’s and lost badly. The only way is each side respect the treaties, stop terrorism and open blockades.
    As for Muslim world, they are insignificant and have done nothing for humanity apart from instituting ridiculous rules on their citizens.
    Thins about your nation first and not religionRecommend

  • WB


    You left out all the other important facts in my comment and focused only on that?

    Super nice.

    However, I will give you a more recent, direct, in your face kind of evidence from NDTV. ET, publish this also please. This is only yesterday’s, eye witness account with photos.


  • Mahad Shahbaz

    Turkey or Erdogan….. trolling since the Ottoman EmpireRecommend

  • WB


    It’s interesting that you had no guts or honesty to talk about Saharanpur ot Mubaraknagar or Lucknow.

    I will give you the benifit of doubt.

    Now would you be equally honest enough to publish a genuine link to the court verdict on Godhra burning which started the riots in Gujarat?

    So, that’s 4:1. That’s my challenge. I would also encourage you to look into Delhi gangrape and Bangalore childrape and just imagine if Hindus had reacted?!!!Recommend

  • Mahad Shahbaz

    total crapRecommend

  • WB

    I have already published a more recent link. If ET doesn’t publish that, it will only prove that ET is biased.

    Also, man, you can google and find out 100 more news articles that debunk your own claim.

    That is if you have any honesty left in you.Recommend

  • saswath

    hypocrites won’t accept anything rather false victim-hood of their own.Recommend

  • WB

    If you don’t know why I referred to the Delhi gangrape and Bangalore childrape, I want you to google the names (and hence the religion) of these rapists. In Delhi’s case, I’m talking about the most violent minor.Recommend

  • SamSal

    Only if by minority you mean elite political burgers!Recommend

  • Sane

    People of Egypt elected Muslim Brotherhood and through a conspiracy their govt. was toppled down. Instead of democracy, dictatorship is welcomed by all. What a hiipocracy?!!Recommend

  • Jamrud Khan

    Why is this hindu allowed to post 15/20 comments on one blog? While you censure Pakistanis?Recommend

  • Prashant

    No country has got the guts to attack Israel. You got to be an Israeli to understand the way Israel conducts itself in the international community. They are the most persecuted community and they do not believe in holding it back when it comes to giving a response to those whom they consider their enemies.Recommend

  • RT

    Some disagreements:

    1) Please be more critical of the concept of Muslim Ummah. They have different interests as you yourself pointed out then how can it be expected that they speak with the same voice? So, the model of Muslim Ummah does not hold, which shows their interests ( Gaza, unfortunately, is not a converging point )

    So, it is better to talk in terms of all states, if some ethical argument regarding condemnation is to be made rather than picking out the Muslim states, because frankly because neither the interests are same nor they are more ethical to take a stand. So the ideal should rather be that all humans stand against injustice ( as has been case in recent conflict; greater condemnation from some of non Muslim states)

    This would definitely strengthen the cause and not alienate ‘non Muslim’ supporters because Muslims are exclusivists or they think only the Muslims are concerned (which is of course flawed)

    2) Also, while we are appreciating Turkey for its stance of Palestine, lets not forget to condemn Turkey also for its human rights violations ( which it denies, just like Israel). Do not be selective!

    3) Furthermore, Turkey recognises the state of Israel, unlike PK. Despite the fact that Pk has had back door diplomacy going on with Israel and also has imported arms from Israel. But, for public, the picture is different. The example of Turkey shows that recognising Israel will help the Palestinian cause better than not recognising it and blaming most of ills of Pk on ‘Zionist conspiracy’Recommend

  • Prashant

    He might not have but everyone knows the violent past of Hamas and hence it is difficult to believe that Hamas has not used violence when threatened with violence. I do not support the response of the Israelis either.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Why is this hindu allowed to post 15/20 comments on one blog? ”

    What a statement and people like you wonder why some in your country are referred to as extremists. Look yourself in the mirror.Recommend

  • Mir

    Fatah was socialist and secular, but acted in the same way as Hamas. Would you support them?Recommend

  • Muhammad Umair

    Erdegon has over 80 treaty agreements with Israel and a full working Israeli Embassy.. He hasn’t done practically anything expect for mere rhetoric.Recommend

  • OnBehalfOfPkMinorities

    Then why was Salman Taseer and Christian Minister for Minorities in Pakistan Shahbaz Bhatti(A Minor) killed for speaking out against the blasphemy law in Pakistan? Why was an Ahmadi doctor killed in Pakistan when he returned from USA ?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Why do I never see any protests or anger when the oppressors are Muslims? How many protests have there been against Boko Haram or ISIS in the streets of Pakistan or any other Muslim country??

    Its all about “Supremacy” hence it is the religion of the oppressor that matters not the victims. “Life” is cheap for the sake of “Power”Recommend

  • Mehdi

    I really don’t understand ET editorial policy. At times they allow really bigoted comments to pass through their ill defined censorship policies and when you provide a befitting rebuttal to lot of bigots, your comments are censored. I believe ET teams are biased against minorities defending against bigoted comments. Please publish this message and provide an explanation what is your guideline. If the censorship team are not following their set guidelines, they some head should be allowed to roll meaning somebody should get fired for muzzling the free flow of information.Recommend

  • Rohail

    Please keep a count of the entire Palestinian population that has been murdered since 1948 by Israel. Then we’ll see if the numbers are all you added it up to be. Plus WW2 occurred during a span of 7-8 years. If you’re specifically looking at the Genocide (That’s right…. I said it) at Gaza, it has only been a month I guess?Recommend

  • Shoaib Maqbool

    I can show you a lot of Muslims protesting against ISIS and Boko Haram for their actions.
    If you cannot see then it’s your problem.