Has Imran Khan brought about any ‘tabdeeli’ in K-P?

Published: August 4, 2014

According to the March 2014 survey by Gallup, public satisfaction in K-P was highest with 57%. As opposed to public satisfaction in Punjab (27%) and Sindh (26%), one can see definite growth by the PTI. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

The 2013 general elections were perhaps the most important elections in the history of this country. They brought forward a positive change in political outlook. They were able to mobilise the masses to leave their houses and become an active part of the political process by voting. And they were a lethal blow to the venal aristocratic oligarchy; they brought a party to power that did not stand on aristocracy or family politics – the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

However, cynics now mock the PTI for not living up to the hype it created to bring out a complete metamorphosis or ‘tsunami’ in the system that runs Pakistan. The party blames this lack of change on the widespread corruption prevalent in government institutions. PTI has won a significant amount of seats, with a whole province of their own as well as a few important seats in Karachi – which they won against the ironclad rule of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). These feats are definitely noteworthy.

This is the first time that the PTI has come to power. I think the party and its leader can learn a lot from the example of Narendra Modi, the current Indian premier. Before becoming prime minister, Modi progressed and developed Gujarat to such an extent that its people and the rest of India refused to be led by anyone else but him. He managed to make a name for himself and prove his merit. The PTI has a similar opportunity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

It should be kept in mind, however, that while Modi was given a thriving Gujarat to show his skills as a leader, Imran Khan and PTI is left to work with a volatile K-P that is distraught by civil war. In order to truly understand PTI’s performance in K-P, we need to observe what the party has done so far for its voters.

The people

The first year of governance by the newly elected party shows progress. According to the March 2014 survey by Gallup, public satisfaction in K-P was highest with 57%. As opposed to public satisfaction in Punjab (27%) and Sindh (26%), one can see definite growth in the PTI led province.


The K-P government has completely depoliticised its police force and there is no interference in the system by any minister, chief minister or even by Imran Khan himself. There is absolutely zero tolerance policy against corruption. Till date 129 police officials have been terminated and seven demoted on complaints regarding corruption and misuse of power. Earlier, the appointments were made through political interference but now a merit based NTS test is being introduced for recruitment purposes.

The government has also introduced an online FIR system, the first of its kind in Pakistan, through which a person can launch an FIR against anyone without any hazard and the police is bound to respond after verification. So far, 1030 FIRs have been registered through the online system. Nasir Durrani, IG police, is keen to establish model police stations all over K-P. Three police stations in Peshawar have already been converted into model police stations as reported on TV channels.

K-P was once considered to be the most corrupt province, according to Transparency International. Imran had promised before the elections that, if given the chance, he will wipe out corruption and so far, he seems to be on track. He has already removed two of K-P’s ministers on complaints by the public, which is admirable.

The provincial government has also changed the patwari’ system. Fareeha Idrees, a TV anchor, has admitted in live show that she installed two secret cameras to see if a patwari (village accountant) will take any bribe but surprisingly no one took it due to fear of strict action.


Twenty five new bills have been passed by the K-P assembly till date. The Right to Information Bill has been updated by the PTI which is a huge step towards forcing transparency in governance system.  It gives the people of K-P the right to access all the information online. Right to Services Act is another of its kind through which citizens have the right to ask questions about any public matter and government will be bound to answer that question in a prescribed time. The citizen can also file a complaint against officials who do not comply with the prescribed time-period.


Medicine and treatment is now free in all government hospitals of K-P and the government has also launched a campaign called “Sehat Ka Insaf” that aims to fight against polio. So far, 1.3 million children have been immunised as part of this campaign. The World Health Organisation (WHO) delegation, which met Imran, congratulated him on a successful anti-polio drive because a recent report showed that no case of polio have been seen in K-P after the campaign – that in itself is a big achievement for the party.


PTI has shown its plans to bring a fundamental change in education as well. The government has recruited 8000 teachers and recruitment of further 6000 teachers is still in process – all of whom will also be appointed by the NTS. Plans of a mammoth project of an education city are under way where the people can choose from a variety of professions and fields. Independent monitoring systems have been introduced to ensure attendance of both teachers and students. It will monitor around 28000 schools in the province. The project was launched on April 16, 2014. For me, this is much more important than bus networks and motorways that the federal government seem to be so passionate about.

Tameer-e-School project, another campaign, was started by the PTI government to raise funds for K-P schools that are in truly deplorable conditions and details of missing facilities in the schools are given online. Donors can choose to fund a particular school and have the right to check if their funds are being used at the right place.

After declaring an ‘education emergency’ in the province, an enrolment campaign was launched by Imran called ‘Parho aur Zindagi Badlo (study and change lives). Approximately 0.3 million children have been enrolled in schools, as part of this project, to help secure a brighter future for the people of K-P. To encourage female education, the provincial government has decided to pay a monthly stipend of Rs200 to every school-going girl, to encourage parents to educate their daughters. This will help increase the female literacy rate in the province. A uniform education system has been introduced in academic sessions, which started this year in April, while books are being published and distributed for all grade one students and soon for the rest of the grades as well.

The PTI is working for its people; there should be little doubt about that. The biggest challenge the K-P government faces is that of security. Imran should use his think tanks to work towards making K-P a safer province. If he continues with the level of progress made in the province, he has the potential to become Pakistan’s Modi and win everyone’s heart.

But this can only happen if he plays his cards right and so far, he has all the right cards in his hand.

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Aimal Khan

Aimal Khan

A student of Law at BPP Manchester. An aspiring Barrister & Politician. Tweets at @Aimalkhankakar (twitter.com/Aimalkhankakar)

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  • Sami

    I dont want to comment on Sindh’s satisfaction in Gallup but the fact of the matter is that in Punjab people have higher standards of governance than in any place of Pakistan. In Punjab many people compare the performance of the local government with European and Western governments and that is why they remained unsatisfied all the time . We all know that governance is bad in Punjab but no as much as in other provinces
    ON the other hand KP was infested with corruption and miss governance for a longer time now and any small improvement was commendable for them. That is evident in their surveys as well. In KP many people compare governance levels with Afghanistan and then they become happy. In Punjab the story is different altogether.

    Also a small note to the author that Tameer e school is not a pure PTI or KP project. My family have nothing to do with KP or PTI but still we contributed in this cause. Similarly people from around Pakistan are contributing in Tameer School program and i think Social work should not be mixed with Political motives.Recommend

  • me

    Well written article.Recommend

  • tanvir

    loosely researched blog,although finally someone acknowledges the work PTI has put in. IF mainstream media gives unbiased coverage to KP, PMLN would have started doing some actual work too.Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    I cannot say anything about Punjab but in KP we compare the performance of the current local government with the previous ones, I don’t know who fed you the info of comparisons with Afghanistan, that’s funny.Recommend

  • raza

    If Punjabi people are so difficult to satisfy then why have they been
    voting for noon for the last 30 years? This implies that PMLn’s
    performance has been exemplary. It is actually the complete opposite.
    Governance and admintration in punjab has been riddles with incompetence
    and corruption for the past 30 years yet the Punajbis voted for noon
    based on just a few roads and a metro bus, all built in Lahore. Just
    because KP borders afghanistan doesnt make the afghan governement their
    measuring stick. Give me a break. If Punjabis judged the performance of
    thier local government in comparison to western decoracies, our current
    PM wouldn’t be able to make counciler.Recommend

  • Taimoor Khan

    I applaud you for contributing to Tameer e School despite your political differences. However, you are wrong on the nature of the project. This project is launched by KP government. It’s public private joint venture, you can say. It’s an innovation that belongs to PTI.

    Regarding Punjab’s governance, you are right in some sense but the relatively higher standards in central Punjab (NOT SOUTH PUNJAB which is like Baluchistan) are due to reasons which go back much deeper in history than PMMLN.

    Punjab had better administrative structure from the days of British compared to Baluchistan and KPK.

    Actually, PMLN has corrupted many systems and improved very little. Police is highly politicized and corrupt. Public departments are also full of corruption and nepotism.

    If PUnjab goes under PTI, it will improve in real sense.Recommend

  • Sami

    Kindly study history again. PMLN is a new party so your claim of 30 years is totally invalid. Also exclude Martial law times and Bhutto was elected during this time as well. During Musharraf regime as well PMLN was a minority party.
    The point is that people dont have much choices and they have to choose between lesser evil and that is the problem.Recommend

  • http://batman-news.com hunny

    removed two of K-P’s ministers on complaints by the public, which is admirable reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is there any case filed aginst them or it was show caseRecommend

  • concerned

    comparing government standard with european…. lolz… on which standardRecommend

  • http://batman-news.com hunny

    what he change in patwari’ system does he make computerise land system TV achor never did ever show evidence on other provinces patwari taking money . it just show offRecommend

  • http://batman-news.com hunny

    “Sehat Ka Insaf” is it was good scheme and good work dome then why they remove there health minister after thatRecommend

  • http://batman-news.com hunny

    Tameer-e-School’ ads on news paper and TV they show of imran khan pic on KPK gov fund does any body ask question . how much fund collected oor money collected used for azadi marchRecommend

  • Humza

    I agree with you that it’s not fair to judge KPK with Afghanistan which is in the same league as Somalia. However, you are wrong to say development in Punjab is only in Lahore. Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan regions have all improved considerably infrastructure projects. Yes Lahore has improved a lot too but overall the province gives you an air of growth. Why do you think our relatives in Peshawar have moved to Punjab for business? By nature the people of Punjab are difficult to satisfy but the reality remains that Punjab is the best run, most stable and fastest developing province in Pakistan. I don’t expect Punjab’s government to fix everything overnight but their performance has been exemplary in my view. Ask any international investor where he would want to set up a business and you’ll get your answer. Imran Khan is trying to change things in KPK but he won’t be able to do it in one year any more than Nawaz Sharif can fix the energy problem in one year. The good news is that both are trying. And yes people in Punjab – at least the educated ones, use Western infrastructure as their comparison which is why they are more demanding. It may not be as good as Western infrastructure but that’s a different matter.Recommend

  • jojo

    The real problem is first u need to educate people to understand wot real development is…. Human development, its the corner stone of any developed nation. Raising living standards on money attained through debt is not the way to go forward. All I can say is, these business/ money minded people don’t understand the importance of other things such as education, liberty, freedom of speech, right to information etc Living in Lahore all I hear about is look at metro and azadi chowk, they actually dont want better health services and better education. To hell with this country that choose to be slaves.
    Its not long before an ISIS kind of a group will rise and start lynching people indiscriminately and inhumanly, many don’t understand, wots happening in Iraq is not for the love of religion its pure vengeance against Maliki and ASAD.
    I can only hope we can develop some self respect and at least say no to slavery of these two families ( shareef and bhutto) or else be ready for ISIS style rebellion.Recommend

  • Xman

    it’s an amalgamation of loosely coupled opinion, than a balanced analysis supported by facts. I don’t have the space to respond, point by point, but on basics, what about the law and order situation in KPK where passenger airplanes are shot at and the culprits never get caught? “Tabdeli nazar nahin arahi”Recommend

  • khurram

    Yes, Specially getting police clearance certificates required by embassies are now piece of cake. Moreover you get an automated response on your mobile asking if we were asked any sort of bribe in that process. I never thought this would happen in my life. Thank You PTI!Recommend

  • jojo

    Serioulsy!!!! which part of Punjab, u live in ?
    We currently have an all time high debt to GDP ratio, record foreign debt and record internal debt. FDI has a slight improvement but that too at the cost of unbelievably high rate of return. Not Taxing Real estate properly, no change in CGT regime, No reforms for Direct Taxation. Nandi pur power project scam, almost 70 percent children out of school. I can go on and on but since u have restricted urself to Punjab i would like u to pay a visit to Constitution of Pakistan and read about a thing called Local bodies. How can people compare europes local body system to that of Punjab when it does not exist ??? weird!!!Recommend

  • Hafsa Siddique

    Modi had to make a name coz he had not built Shaukat Khanum or NAMAL or IKF staying out of politics….if not won a World Cup & other innumerable feats for his country all life long…Pakistan does not need any Modi…Pakistan is Alhamdolillah blessed with this era’s greatest leader; Imran Khan…a good article…! :)Recommend

  • Farree

    Seriously you really are misinformed. I have been to Punjab and lived there; there is no concept of comparisons… I met people from all walks of life, mostly people are illiterate (politically); they vote on geographical grounds nothing else. Those who know that building roads is not a sign of development were trying to vote for PTI, unfortunately, most of them were labelled “burgers”.Recommend

  • imran

    In all the current political mess the only thing I can see clearly is that Imran Khan is trying very hard for only one thing…….Government remain busy in political mess and must not be able to deliver or achieve good in term of governance.
    If this government delivers in its current tenure there would be no reason for people to vote for Imran khan in next tenure.
    That is what all this so called “Azaadi March” is about.Recommend

  • Ahmar

    In Pakistan, initiatives are considered as achievements. The writer reflects similar thoughts. There are flaws and anomalies in policies, but effectiveness of governance can only be gauged through implementation, which is actual dilemma.Recommend

  • U.H.

    and that is where rigging/dhandli comes into the pcture!Recommend

  • patriot

    You must be kidding, right? About people in punjab comparing themselves to the west! Recommend

  • Anon

    “In KP many people compare governance levels with Afghanistan and then they become happy”

    Is that why they keep voting out the incumbent?

    And Tameer e School is an initiative of the KP govt that you and your family have contributed to… No initiative no contribution. And contrary to your statement i think it is high time we started evaluating political parties on their work on social development. It is a major part of politics. Health and education are primary responsibilities of the govt that have been long ignored and left to private individuals – this cannot continue indefinitely. Even PTI should be doing more in this regard, but this is a good step to facilitate people who actually want to help.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Funny you should mention the gallop survey, IK did not believe it when it was in favour of Nawaz Sharif.

    The area of Punjab is much larger so it is much more difficult to govern , inspite of it many positive changes are being made , you rarely see the piles of garbage anywhere anymore, the crime rate in Punjab compared to its large area is quite less.

    IK is credited with ending polio, however he is the one who is responsible for its spread started it, so cleaning his own mess.Similarly Shahbaz Sharif can be credited for finishing dengue.

    The situation is that very few people are able to open business in KP from outside(non locals) because of worse law and order situation.Which large company has started its franchise in KP, you tell me.Shahbaz Sharif can be seen inviting foreign compaies to do business.That is why the dollar has decreased.

    As for corruption, what scandal have you heard about Punjab Government on
    corruption.If you have some proof then bring it.

    As for education Shahbaz Sharif can be credited for opening Danish Schools.

    All in all a very loose based article with very few facts or figures.

    IK could not build a naya KP in a year so how could he build a naya Pakistan.Recommend

  • Aulto

    I am sorry to say Mr Sami but your comments are of a pure punjabi PMLN supporter who gives a damn about what is going on in the rest of country. PMLN is a Punjab centric party with almost all of its vote bank in Punjab Yet the only improvement we see is in Lahore. Yes KPK may have been a badly managed province but no one can doubt the political maturity of its people who have never given anyone a second chance to loot and plunder. I see KPK as the only province where state run institutions like schools and colleges are still working unlike other provinces. Moreover, the basic infrastructure like roads canals are no less than any in Punjab or SindhRecommend

  • Prashant

    A man who is busy supporting people who preach hatred every moment of their life cannot be expected to bring about any change. The best he can do is to play to the gallery. Imran will always have a fan following not because he is a charismatic in politics like he was on the field but he is simply lucky to be a politician in Pakistan where in hate spewing figures like Zahid Hamid, Hafeez Saeed and Hamid Gul enjoy a cult status.Recommend

  • Syed Ali

    Good to see there are some sane writers still out there. Thanks for writing this. I hope all critics read.Recommend

  • Gp65

    A very Informative blog. As an Indian there is no way I would have had such granular detail. I wold however like o point out some information on my side of ghe house.

    You referred to Modi having inherited a thriing Gujarat which made his job easy. For him. Well, per capita income of Gujarat has indeed been on the higher side compared to national income but there were real prolems that Gujarat had which he addressed:

    – high load shedding even in cities. Now after 12 years of his rule as CM, even illages in Gujarat get 24x 7 electricity

    – drought 7 years out of 10. With the Sardar Sarovar dam plus a lt of interventions in agricultur side, Gujarat for the last 10 years has had agriculture growth of 10% p.a.

    – it was a communally sensitive state and evry couple of years there would be riots. After the initial Feb 2002 riot which occurred when he was in his seat barely 3 months, he improved law and order to such a degree that in the last 10 years there has never even been a curfew in any district for a sinle day.

    When he took ver, Gujarat was recovering from a terrile earthquake, the co-operative banking sector of the state was collapsing and investors were moving away from Gujarat to other states. He turned things around on hat front wih Vibrant Gujarat summit.Recommend

  • Sarah

    Great effort and really admire that he is doing something …

    Just one question …. where EXACTLY is the money coming from? Recommend

  • Babar Choudhary

    At last someone has appreciated PTI,s Efforts .. and it shows PTI and Imran Khan is Fulfilling there promises unlike so called Khadam-e-ala whom promises have been termed as joshe Khitabat ..Recommend

  • Jamal

    I think Pti has done outstanding performance as compare to Previous govt. Administration is good so far and Independent Monitoring Unit, Tameer School’s Program, 8000 new recruitment of teachers fully on merit etc are the example of change. And the biggest performance is change in Patwari culture and corruption in police. All these are major changes. And i m sure that if he is left to complete his 5 years term he will bring more changes in KP inshallah.Recommend

  • Muhammad Usama Khan

    Oh please… pti is the worst provincial government. No new prohects have been started and Peshawar still gives the look of a city under seige. No amounT of self grandeur is goibg to hide Pti’s lack of a spine and their haphazard way of government. Us pushtoons have made another mistake after selectings mullahs in 2002.Recommend

  • No more Lies

    Thanks to the bad & poor governance of the previous KPK governments. It might seem exemplary performance of PTI government but the reality is that it has disappointed its voters too. The ongoing snail pace the developmental work, locking horns with bureaucracy, playing favorites in allocating budget, spending less on health & education, poor law & order, talking more & doing less….new KPK is far from realization due to critical lack of administration & governance experience.Recommend

  • Suleman

    Great article now I know what to say when a noora ask KPK ma PTI ne kia kiaRecommend

  • Arshad

    I believe we shall keep in mind that KPK or formal NWFP has never seen a good gervernes for so many years in the past. and bringing change will be far more difficult in compare to other provinces of the country. the people in Punjab should compare themselves with Europe as most of gov from their region and only concentrated on the development of Punjab. but if they compare KPK with Punjab its already a better news as KPK is growing that fast. doing so much in year is too much we thought it will take minimum 3 years to bring such change. visiting PEshawar this time what i notice it is much more cleaner than before and the green zones are growing. so we must appreciate the efforts PTI made than using the old tactics of criticism for nothing. moreover i would also like to add something. i am Biometrics experts and have seen KPK gov request for those solutions to deploy in their offices all over the province it will assist in staff performance and their office time. it is already a big step.Recommend

  • Rahil
  • Zara

    Yeah ‘area of punjab is much larger’ and that’s what shahbaz shareef and people like you should understand. Punjab is not just lahore.Recommend

  • Fappy

    Leave Manchester and Move to KPK.Recommend

  • Rana

    PTI is building the Institutions, roads will come eventuallyRecommend

  • Parvez

    The was a good read……. everyone knows that Rome was not built in a day and specially when you have to build from scratch and contend with outside interference.Recommend

  • Me

    I liked the example of Modi as a great suggestion for IK. they can prove the can govern and serve better than any other party by using KPK as testbedRecommend

  • Sami

    So if some Pushtoon say he is proud of himself then it is alright and he is commended. If Some Balochi say he is proud then it is alright?. When Some Sindhi say he is proud of his values then it is alright?. But When Some Punjabi says he is proud of his ethnicity then he is biased and should be ashamed?.
    Kindly change your double standards. Punjabi is not even recognized in our province for the last 1000 years. We gave the most sacrifices in the struggle for independence and our province was the one that was divided. Recommend

  • Sami

    You have been to Punjab only while I am born and bred here. Meeting and understanding some group of people is a different thing. Kindly dotn pass judgments only because you have lived for sometime there. Weather you like it or not but Right now People of Punjab are the most progressive after Urdu Speaking Community of Pakistan. With the progress comes the higher standards as well.
    Also you have no right to call anyone Illiterate. Simply if they dont vote for PTI does not qualify them as illiterate. If Punjabis would have voted on Geographical grounds like KP, SIndh and Balochistan did then Imran Khan would not have got a single vote from this province.
    A Punjabi cannot even think to contest vote from Balochistan, KP and Sindh and in Punjab person of every ethnicity contest and wins Recommend

  • Aamna Hassan Fasihi

    PMLN is a ‘new’ party? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Brother, this is Nawaz Sharif’s third time as a Prime Minister, his whole campaign was based on “We are the most experienced party, don’t vote for inexperienced people in the name of change”. Before 90s’ musical chair between him and Benazir, he was also CM Punjab in Zia’s times. But, I guess you’re excluding the Martial Law times so yeah, PMLN is just a baby.Recommend

  • Aamna Hassan Fasihi

    I guess the survey the author mentioned, was Herald survey because whenever I check out Pildat-Gallup surveys, it seems like PMLN is the best party ever. I’d like to voice out my opinion that the people of KPK are the most mature lot of Pakistani population, who are never reluctant to vote a new party. They trusted PTI when I guess no one else did and it surely is paying off. I hope PTI continues to work in the same robust manner and rest of Pakistanis like us can also enjoy the same kind of governance like KPK is.Recommend

  • dha250

    I find this logic of yours funny. I think people end up satisfied if their problems are reduced or solved instead of looking at other countries. I can’t say anything about Punjab or KP, but we voted for PTI here in Karachi and they won the NA-250 seat. To date nothing has been done, in fact things have gotten worse. Barely any water and electricity problems have become a routine. The roads are depleting, poor sanitation etc. Not once has Imran Khan come to Karachi to address the peoples problems. It appears PTI is only interested in Punjab. Recommend

  • concerned

    gullu butt now writing in dawn comments for pmlnRecommend

  • Sane

    Yes change is there in KPK. CM and cabinet members are changed and coalition partners are also others not same as the previous govt. Isn’t this a great change?!Recommend

  • Sane

    Modi massacred Muslims in Gujarat. Is this not a feat that earned him PM ship?Recommend

  • Prashant

    In short, people from Manchester do not have a right to write about Pakistan?Recommend

  • Azhar Iqbal

    Spot on , and to see mr Sami’s Punjab you need to be driving an AC car on all those bridges made by Punjab Govt.Recommend

  • ALI

    The reason that the businessmen would prefer Punjab for establishing the business is because of the strategic location. Had Punjab been on border with Afghanistan,then it won’t have been so.. Strategic location of KPK stops it from development..On Pak Afghan border,there is a war for the last 30 years and KPK is affected badly due to this war that’s why businessmen would prefer for punjab and that’s why cities of Punjab are in a favorable go for the business.. Had there been no war on Pak Afghan border, ofcourse KPK would have been greatly developed..Recommend

  • ALI

    When did KP vote on geographical grounds ? People of KP have voted for PMLN,PPP,MMA,ANP, and almost every party in past… while you people are voting for only one Party.. Now you think that who are voting on geographical grounds…Recommend

  • Oats

    Are you comparing the progress in KPK under PTI to the development in Punjab under Shahbaz Sharif? Shahbaz Sharif wins hands down if you look at the way that guy has transformed the province and never stops working. You think Imran was doing a good job in KPK he would call for new elections? He just seems afraid that Shahbaz Sharif is outdoing him.Recommend

  • Amjid Zareen

    Punjab has higher level in which field of administration , name a few please. How u compare it with westren standrs even u never know wt these standards are . Dont live in fools paradise. Which sparrow of urs informed u tht v in k.p.k compair us with Afghanistan. Is thr any administration ovr there at all For a small not k.p.k is not adjacent with Afg its FATA nd punjab is not adjacent with west its TURKY. Transperancy intl must request for ur technical experties for analyzing their qualitative hard-earned data.Recommend

  • Sad

    Honestly punjab is heaven compared to anywhere else in Pakistan, I say this as a mixed ethnicity Pakistani – major kudos to you guys.Recommend

  • Immy

    Sami seems to be missing the most important point – end of corruption, educating all etc will not only help build KPK but Pakistan.
    In summary – IK is building Pakistan’s future for the 21st century (and it takes time – but the seeds are there) Recommend

  • Babar Iqbal

    comprehensive analysis, good articleRecommend

  • Alter Ego

    You have got to be joking, the people of KP most mature, when have people of KP given vote to any but a pashtoon.
    Punjab gave vote to NS(kashmiri),Bhutto(Sindhi),Imran Khan(Pathan).Recommend

  • Kamal Asfar

    Nice and long details :) Every government uses such long lists when progress e is not obviously visibleRecommend

  • Jawad

    Bro! i don’t see anyone having biased opinions on the ethnicity or even recognizing or not recognizing Punjabi for the ‘last 1000 years’. Stay on the topic and answer them as they answered you on your argument/s.
    You cannot be a successful politician as ‘I’, a very least interested person for politics has caught you drifting from your topic.Recommend

  • Jawad

    ‘The area of Punjab is much larger so it is much more difficult to govern’ are you suggesting that the governments should swap provinces?Recommend

  • M.A.S

    Mr. Sami, people of KPK arent from bottom of the well. They are more educated than any other province of Pakistan especially the Hazara division which is more than 90% actual literacy level (not just write their names).Recommend

  • waixi_VET.

    Who start this idea and come to people for this tameer school. Your participation is quite adorable but credit should pour in PTI beltRecommend

  • JB

    Woah! How can someone be responsible for polio???? And even if its Punjab is ‘larger’; how many years has the PMLN governed the province?? These are achievements in a YEAR!!! Man! You people just can not stop criticising IK inspite of your own heroes not fulfilling their promises. Recommend

  • rabia

    sure he has. Women are now banned from going out without a man in some parts of KP. Check the newsRecommend

  • Nabeell

    Thats the case in Saudi too, that doesnt reflect any sign of failure!!Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Polio was spread because of killing of Polio Workers.Imran Khan was responsible for their security , was’nt he?

    If Imran Khan can turn a KP into a model province then let him work for four remaining years and leave Punjab alone , if KP is better then people of Punjab will vote for him .

    As for criticizing IK , i voted for him and he made so many U turns that i was quite astounded.(ex CJ and not taking money from America).

    How many business men you see in KP from other provinces, none i assume because of the law and order situation.

    How many businesses you see in Punjab from other provinces, a lot i know.

    Inspite of it being larger , the law and order situation is better in Punjab.Recommend

  • Queen

    Mr Prashant, the same can be said about the Indian prime minister as well who is known for the turbulence in Gujarat. However, because of his ‘Brand India’ election campaign, he managed to gain votes as Indian public believed that he would lead their country on the path of economic development. His election as the Indian prime minister has been termed by some analysts as death of secularism in India.Recommend

  • Waseem

    Sami, This is Waseem Ahmed from Punjab, You said PMLN is a new party. yes as far as registration of this PMLN name is concern you can say that its a new party, but whats about the main leaders and beneficiaries Nawaz sharif, 3 time prime ministr, 1 time cm. 1 time i think finance ministr, shahbaz shariz , ishaq dar, Sartaj Aziz chodhry nisar ………………………………………………..
    now let us compare 30 year performance of PML N and 1 year PTI performance. you know we punjabi are afraid of meeting any police man but look at the people of K-p. we are contructing new Danish School but we are not focussing how to improve our old gov school. we wasted too much money for 2 rupy roti. we have metro but dont have roti. giving laptop to the student which cost 50,000 plus to gov. but one can easily purchase same specs laptop at a lower price . thn why gov purchased it in bulk. simple corruption.
    Alot of projects but utility we get is nothing. sorry bro but its a factRecommend

  • Rashid

    Anything PTI has done for creation of Hazara province?Recommend

  • hasan

    He is talking about progress in terms of institutions.
    You look at KPK police and they win hands down against Punjab police. When was the last time when you heard that KPK CM had to take notice for police to take some action.
    Talking about education in punjab and kpk, in punjab the only seen educational steps taken by the governmaent are danish schools whose numbers are in single figures while you can read about the steps taken by KPK government in the above article.

    If you are talking about roads then punjab surely wins but as far as institutions are concerned we all know who is the winner.Recommend

  • Grace

    Be reasonable; Punjab is by far best place to be in Pakistan due to work of CM. If you think things are bad in Punjab, I can guarantee you that things are worse in every other province. Show me any place in Pakistan which is better in the things you describe than Punjab.Recommend

  • objective

    Any such blog should address both sides of the situation. The author has listed down all the initiatives taken by the PTI, without mentioning any valid criticisms of the KPK government, which are ever-present. Initiatives have been taken by Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab too. Listing them down in a blog like this one would bring as positive (or even more positive) a response from the public as this one has brought. So, although these initiatives are admirable as they are, in order to objectively analyse and compare the performances of the PTI in KPK, the PPP in Sindh, and the PMLN in Punjab and Balochistan, both sides of the situation, admirable initiatives and criticisms, should be covered.Recommend

  • Shehryar

    I wonder why this wasn’t done all these years if it was so small and insignificant. KP is a war riddled unorganized mess with little to no budget. Running Punjab is like a walk in the park compared to KPK. Lots of analysts predicted and rightly so that the prov govt for KPK was handed to PTI as a trap. You say that punjabi’s compare themselves to european standards. You must be out of you mind. The punjab you are talking about is about 2% of the entire punjabs population. It really upsets me that instead of praising good work you are trying really hard to someone find crap to talk about PTI and how easy it was to secure people’s satisfaction.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    What you mentioned is right to some extent but ministers which were under corruption charges are now holding other ministries do they cleared their name? No!
    For Patwari system that’s is right they are not taking any bribe because they boycotted the decision of government causing problem for people because they cannot transfer their property(buy/sell).
    I’m not supporting any party but on wider perspective they all are same buy votes, so called democratic rule (never seen after winning elections), usurp commoners money, make property and repeat.

    To be a student of government university in Peshawar there is no law you can verify it from your sources hostels situation, parties rule, e.t.c.Recommend

  • khurram

    you not mention the general raise by PTI for sitting MPAs Salaries & perks!Recommend

  • SamSal

    If you think IK is building the future, then you, my friend, are delusional.Recommend

  • Pankaj

    Writing a favourable article with some unproven data is one thing but realising the things on ground is another. Modi is elected by people four times consecutively as CM. How many times PTI has been elected ? On almost all parameters of development Gujrat is way ahead of other Indian states. On how many parameters, KPK is ahead of any of Indian or Pakistani states ? Author forgot to mention it in the article.Recommend

  • Norez

    punjab is more than Lahore, go visit southRecommend

  • PML-N is not a new party, but it really made a national appearance as a party in the 1988 elections when Nawaz Sharif was elected chief minister of Punjab with Benazir as PM in Islamabad. The 1985 elections under Zia were held on a non-party basis, so technically PML-N didn’t really exist at the time, and NS or his family were not in politics before Zia’s coup.Recommend

  • Norez

    electricity is a federal subject and water at best is city govt’s responsibilityRecommend

  • Hameedullah

    Recognition of Punjabi is not your sacrifice. All the provinces have been pushing for the recognition of mother languages but guess what who were the hurdles? Punjabi establishment. After all the years they are still bent on the archaic thinking that recognizing nations within the country is against “national integrity”. Pakistan is a federation where recognition of the federating units (provinces) is a must. We actually want you to be proud of your ethnicity on a state and constitutional level and collaborate with other provinces for their national recognitionRecommend

  • jojo

    Mrs. Grace there is thing called debt, have u heard about it?? Its like U took a million bucks and squandered it on embellishment of ur house, but ur kids are out of school as bcoz u have no money to pay their fees. As for ur kind information in the last tenure punjab had the lowest growth rate as compared to the rest of the country.I know u are not an illiterate thats why I am asking u. Tell me is every child going to school in Punjab? do we have hospitals working as they should be in Punjab? Wot is the current account deficit of Punjab? Do we have a Police, which is not corrupt? which govt. Institution is exemplary in Punjab… If ur priority is Metro Bus then good luck with these rulers who have been ruling us for past 30 years and keep on comparing their 30 years performance with 1 year performance of PTI. For someone like me, who is a chartered accountant nothing really matters bcoz i will keep my job anyways, be it PTI or PML. The real worry is for poor people who are dying everyday.Recommend

  • Insafian

    Resolution passed From Provincial Assembly Already Now Its In National Assembly`s Court !Recommend

  • Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar

    “Polio was spread because of killing of Polio Workers.Imran Khan was responsible for their security , was’nt he?”
    so the people who were governing KP in last 10 years were not responsible? so pitty

    on Large Area ———– Thanks GOD some N League supporter realized it, now pls inform rulers and suggest them to make new provinces. ThanksRecommend

  • Mamu

    When we will Karachi people be free from the Gullu Butts of Karachi and let PTI make the changes.Recommend

  • P A Khan

    A known corrupt man has been posted as the MS of the biggest hospital in KPK. I am horrified. So what are you talking about , youngman. It still takes two weeks for a letter to reach an other department within Peshawar. Professors still arrive at 1100 hrs and leave at 1400 hrs in the teaching hospitals. Some don’t just go.
    budget officers routinely ask for a commission to release funds.
    IK Has not spent even one meaningful day on a detailed presentation on resource generation in KPK.I can go on. I have no doubt about his sincerity but that is not enough.Recommend

  • RJ

    My friend..have you ever been to western countries??…how can you even compare…that’s illogical…I live in Islamabad…and even I don’t compare that city with any of the western cities…there are no transport systems…leave alone the undergrounds and trams???…Recommend

  • RJ

    hahahaha..best place…agar kal paisa miley middle class ko..sab baahir jaayeinge…if you get out of your AC cars..and realize the true Punjab…plus anyways…if its so good..why don’t MNCs move to Lahore from Karachi??Recommend

  • Talha Ali

    Dude which Punjab are you talking about? I think you are confused with India’s Punjab. Because I am from Punjab, Pakistan and I have come to a conclusion that the only work being done is in Lahore my friend visit Gujranwala or Sialkot if you get a chance its still in as dire a state as ever. And dude more than 70% of Punjab’s population lives in villages and 95% of them won’t even know how western infrastructure looks like so come on your theory that we Punjabi’s compare our infrastructure to western countries is the weakest thing I have ever heard.Recommend

  • Waqas

    KPKITB incubated 4 teams from the Peshawar Civic hackathon, provided them office space, mentors and huge stipend, so that they can launch their own startups to facilitate the citizens. We also saw the largest tech event in Pakistan in Peshawar. Which is not mentioned here.Recommend

  • Asjad Chaudhry

    are you serious? See man I am from Gujrat, Punjab and I have a very good idea what kind of governance is in punjab, trust me to register an FIR you need to have a good sifarish (at least Nazim UC) and 5-10K then your FIR will be registered, on the other hand in KP registering an FIR online seems to me like the best possible way to register an FIR. My friend although I belong to a chaudhry family and I have got all the luxuries of life but trust me I want this Chaudhry system to end from Punjab and Pakistan. Everyone is born free and We are a free nation we should not be treated as slaves. My family have been working with and for Chaudhry brothers of Gujrat but Now we are determined for change, PTI is doing a great job in KP I appreciate them.Recommend

  • http://blendertom.tumblr.com/ Yousuf Ali

    Just to put it out there, the poll on people satisfaction, out of 180million people only 2542 people were polled.
    Also, is you really must believe Gallup they also polled during the election day, 4316 people were surveyed and according their polls, PML-N would still have won.

    But I do appreciate what the PTI government has done with the police, though, personally I feel “depoliticised” is just a buzzword and nothing more. There will always be people who’ll be able to call in favours.Recommend

  • OSK

    What work has the PTI put in? So far there isnt any real change and these are all paper ‘achievements’. I utterly reject these claims. Im no cynic nor am I anti PTI, but the truth is, there is no improvement in health, education, land revenue/patwar khaana and /or police services, as claimed here. I live and belong to the NWFP/KPK and have regular dealings with official machinery. I think these are just cosmetic fal-de-lals to impress those who are only there for a cursory glance. If you want to see the real, worsening condition of the majority of ‘real’ people (not Gallup poll statistics) here, then move to this province for a couple of years and see for yourself.Recommend

  • A Rationalist Pakistani

    Well, I, being a pashtun, do not agree with this article. For an instant, I was like, REALLY? has this really happened in my home town? Despite of, so much fawning by an overseas pakistani, I will ask him to come and visit us someday and see what he could get of mentioned above.
    Firstly, the corruption cases in Hazara University, building contracts and mobile courts have been a great dilemma to KP people. Similarly, as we observed PTI’s resistance towards US interference inspite of taking a handsome package of educational funds from USAID. And yes, the most “Patwaris” are yet a part of my provincial administration. If you guys really talk about K-P people, coming elections will prove what KP people think of IK now.
    Secondly, Security of K-P people is still at stake. Come on guys, They couldn’t save us from drones and ‘unwanted’ killings, feudal lords are yet as powerful as they used to be. You people still think KP has changed?

    Thank youRecommend

  • Mohammad Rafi

    zindabad Ik We love you >3Recommend

  • tahir aslam

    M frm peshawer kpk and me pruadly say that m mutch happy to vote for pti …Luv sir imranRecommend

  • irtzaShahanPK

    Bro why don’t u understand MNA’s are there for legislation and representation in National Assembly. They are nt thr to solve ur sanitation problems its City govt responsibility while, electricity is a National Govt’s responsibility !Recommend