Do Shias have a future in Pakistan?

Published: July 25, 2014

So far in Pakistan more than 10,000 Shias have been killed (in direct attacks only). PHOTO: AFP

How this could be possible? I shook my head in disbelief.

“Ibn-e-Raza has been shot dead!” the voice reiterated itself.

How someone can be so cruel, so vicious?

In state of disbelief I stood up, changed my clothes and sat in my car. My mother, sitting next to me, was continuously crying.

“He was such a nice boy, he was…”

She was crying so hard that words seemed to have disappeared from her mouth.

I rolled my window down and took a deep breath as a slight wave of wind touched my hair. My mind was gripped with an ocean of thoughts and memories.

I remembered when he last called me.

“I scored the first position in my matriculation exams!”

Oh! How happy he was that day.

“I want to be pilot, Soha baji”, Raza had told me.

He had told me that he was very close to making his dream come true. His parents were very proud of him. He was their only child.

A picture of Ibn-e-Raza. Photo: Soha Jafri

The parents… My God!

As tears began rolling down my cheeks, the car suddenly stopped and I realised that we had reached our destination. When I got out of the car, I found myself standing right in front of an imambargah in Rizvia Society. His dead body was in there. People around me were sad, some of them were crying. But this wasn’t the first time I stood here. In fact, this was my second time – my second time in three months. Back then it was my brother’s dead body that resided behind those walls. It was my brother’s funeral that I had attended.

He, too, was gunned down.

My brother was shot dead while he was coming back home. The attacker had fired 10 bullets in his chest and two on his face. He died on the spot. I will never understand why he was killed and that too so brutally.

Now, I was back here, in the same spot, but for my cousin’s funeral. With trembling feet, I entered the imambargah. I could hear his mother crying. I went into the hall and then I saw it. The coffin was right there with his dead body in it. I saw his face; it was pale. But he looked like he was sound asleep.

Soon, the funeral prayers took place and then it was time to take his coffin away to the graveyard. He left us all, his mother and his family, in deep grief.

Once all the rituals were done, it was time for us to go back home. I stood up and came outside with my mother. Our car was waiting there; we sat in it. I looked back at the imambargah and wished once again what I had wished the last time I was here three months ago.

“Please, not again!”

But deep in my heart, I knew that I will come back again, to bid another loved one goodbye.

The Shia community in Pakistan, roughly around 40 million, is the second largest religious group present here. Yet, we are persecuted, targeted, slaughtered and killed, without mercy – just because our sect is not the same as that of our killer’s. These targeted killings continue without any decrease in the ferociousness of these attacks.

The 2012 Annual report published by Global Human Rights Defence on Pakistan stated that,

“So far in Pakistan more than 10,000 Shias have been killed (in direct attacks only). In Parachinar valley more than 4000 Shias were killed. People are pulled down from buses, their identity cards are checked, their names are different than the Sunni names [so they are easily identified] and they get killed and raped; women have been threatened and molested.”

Now what is the future of Shias in Pakistan? In fact, the right question is, do they have a future here at all?

Mein kis k hath mein apna lahu talaash karun

Tamam sher ny pehny howy hain daastany

(In whose hands should I find traces of my blood?

The entire city is wearing gloves)

Please stop killing us. Stand against it, condemn it. Do something, please. But make it stop!

Soha Jafri

Soha Jafri

She is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature at the University of Karachi. She tweets as @SohaJafry (

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  • Sami

    A small note to the above author that the last President of Pakistan and the leader of the famous party ( PPP ) is a Shia. So if some community member can even achieve the greatest office in the country then that community obviously have every opportunity to excel.
    Secondly every Pakistani have security problems so we should not categorize that only one community have some problems. Religious intolerance is a problem in Pakistan and it will take time and effort and individual effort to eradicate this menace.Recommend

  • Prof

    @ “Do Shias have a future in Pakistan?”
    Does anyone have a future in Pakistan? Does Pakistan itself have a future?
    The answers can be yes if we are willing to undo all our political mistakes that alienated our own people (including Shias, Ahmedis, Hindus, Christians, Bengalis and others) and make Pakistan the egalitarian state that it was intended to be for all its its citizens.

    What seems more likely to happen, is that we continue along our path of self destruction (aka Arabification) and this land of the pure (AlBakistan) is inhabited only by a species that is perpetually grateful to the Arabs for having colonized us again.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    pack your bags and leave sister! They are brain washed killing machines.Recommend

  • Feroz

    As long as Saudi Arabia remains the Sugar Daddy for Pakistan, Shias will be targeted. Once Saudi Arabia jettisons Pakistan, everybody will be able to live in peace.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    sister, pack u r bags and leave.For them only sunnis are humans.All others are worthless.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    sister, pack u r bags and leave.For them only sunnis are humans.All others are worthless.Recommend

  • M

    Did you just tell this bereaving woman, who lost her brother and cousin to a targeted murder mission, that her fears are unjustified?

    I mean, kudos. Full points for your empathy skills.Recommend

  • Sohail

    Shia are brain washed road blockers.Recommend

  • JJ

    I agree with Sami.
    Its the whole population being targeted. Killers don’t have any religion.Recommend

  • Hueshang Khan Chagtai

    Were 10,000 thousand Sunnis shot dead in 2012? No.
    Were 4000 Sunnis killed in Parachinar? Or Lahore, or Peshawar? No
    Were 80 Hazara girls bombed to smithreens in two buses in Quetta? No
    [they were higher education students at the Women’s University.]
    Are Sunnis regularly blownup in their buses,…as they return from their
    pilgrimages? No
    Are Sunnis pulled off buses and shot dead, because of their names? No
    Look in the mirror. You see who is staring back? A Shia hater. Making
    innocuous comments. And doing a bad job of covering up for ‘Sunnis’
    who look the other way as this is going on. A Genocide. Rest assured
    the whole world knows about this. Only people like you refuse to admit.
    Doubt ET will print this. They become very sanctimonious. Only Indian
    trolls have full freedom of expression at ET.Recommend

  • Lahore wala

    Zardari is not a Shia. YOU hate Zardari. So, you made him a Shia.Recommend

  • Anoop

    There was a Muslim President in India during the last NDA regime. Using your own logic are you saying Muslims have a great future in India?Recommend

  • Anoop

    If you see he history of Pakistan, whoever has occupied the position of largest minority has been attacked and their numbers fallen. Hindus were the first, then Sikhs, then Christians.

    Since, the ideology of hate always needs a target, now the largest minorities Shias have become the target.

    Unfortunately this ideology was propagated by a Shia in the 40s. This ideology needs a target and currently and for the foreseeable future it’ll remain the same.Recommend

  • Racer

    That’s what happens when you leave uneducated people with holy books in their hands out on the streets preaching your children. I once worked in a psychiatry department of a renowned hospital in Karachi. Nearly every parent of mentally challenged children would say how the child was sent to a madarsa because he was not smart enough to be in school!Recommend

  • Sheraz

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I really don’t have any words. Your cousin didn’t make it to the news just like countless of Shias that are getting killed daily in Pakistan. As long as our friendly arab countries pump their $ into the extremists madrasses, the killings will go on. Why don’t we hear about shia genocide in India or even Afghanistan? Our leaders can’t turn down the $ or other favors from these wealthy countries so they let these extremists roam free for the most part. So what if half dozen Shias die a day, doesn’t hurt them in any way.
    I really hope the average Sunnis realizes the shia suffering and not try to justify or dilute the situation by saying No one is safe in Pakistan. Yeah not a very safe country but at least the killers are not out to kill you for your faith.Recommend

  • Ghulam Shabbir

    I totally agree with what Sami saidRecommend

  • Prashant

    Where would she go? That’s her country!!Recommend

  • Prashant

    I am sorry to use the word but it is absolute ” Nonsense”

    If you have been identified/ picked and choosed among a crowd for being a Shia and then killed, how can you claim this is not target killing of Shias.Recommend

  • Broken heart

    pakistanis are more muslims in India than in pakistan…Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    ISIS is comingRecommend

  • Broken heart

    pakistanis are more concerned about indian muslims in india than muslims in pakistan.
    Afterall they are the leader of muslims in the globe…Recommend

  • Waseem Haider

    Honestly speaking, answer is No,unless things change upside down.A whole bunch of people have been elevated,brain washed and have been put into driving seat who seriously think and believe that Shia should be stopped feeling free and not given a fair chance to grow and if it happens they have all the right to kill them.This building the vicious net is now fully grown up and strong enough to not allow Shias to live healthy life.It was never a culture of Pakistan and a strong bonding among Sunnis and Shias existed but the seeds sown back in late 70s are now fully developed and difficult to change the mind set.The racket exists in every walk of life,be any and anywhereRecommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Who has a future in Pakistan? Systematic ethnic cleansing made sure that no minorities exist there.Saudi Arabia made sure that shias are targeted and ruthlessly killed by funding the terror organisations.The same pakistanis shout from rooftop about minority issues in India. Hypocrisy at its best.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    Nonsense. Zardari and Gilani were Sunni Barelvi.Recommend

  • S2bP

    So what the majority of the leaders have been sunni what does that have to do with anything. The problem is being killed because you’re Shia. That does not happen to anyone else except for Shias and Ahmedis.
    This country is doomed and will certainly pay for their sins. The killers may be third party but many sunnis deep down have resent towards shias and either don’t care or support this cold blooded murder. Recommend

  • Kanwal

    This is so brutal. Yet, you will never see such outpouring of grief from paiistani majority which is silent. They are all complicit. Those who say that everyone is being targetted, never realise the imdifference in their argument: shia professionals are being target killed for having brains and for being shia. Sunni professionals are not being actively targetted this way at all. Its random death that the sunnis fac. I have strained to see posts about shia professionals being targetted but i see numerous posts about palestinian muslims. We are doomed as a natina. And the silent majority is totally complicit. Recommend

  • haider

    In fact, everybody in Pakistan have a security issue but shias are targeted and Sunnis are mostly killed in collateralRecommend

  • Grace

    Look at all Muslim countries – not just Pakistan. They are all in turmoil from Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq etc. Where do Muslims have a future when they can’t find it in any Muslim country? Shias are not safe in Iraq, Saudia, Syria, or Lebanon. Then you see that Shias in Iran are all wanting to leave that country too because they find the Shia regime is too oppressive to liberal minded Iranians. That’s why there are so many Iranian refugees all over the world. What is the answer for all Muslim sects when all Muslims cannot live among themselves and need to run away to secular societies. Maybe Muslims need to only live in secular societies or West to be safe?Recommend

  • Ali Syed

    The first effort is to acknowledge it exists. Denying it or minimizing it is itself bigotry. How many people have their ID cards checked before being killed? And not just one incident but many. Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    It is so sad and shameful what Pakistan has become. We were a country made where all citizens would have the ability to freely practice their faith (or lack of faith or Atheism), as long as it did not physically hurt anybody. Now we are a place where prosecution is severely present on almost all levels of society. I’m a Pakistani Atheist but under the current situation in Pakistan, I cannot freely be one without potential death threats or other similar things. I have to pretend to be a Muslim because my parents are so.Recommend

  • waseem haider

    thats why i have decided to leave pakistanRecommend

  • Adnan Khan

    Only a strong government can’t stop shia genocide. In Lahore at least the PML-N has kept the shia population pretty safeRecommend

  • genesys

    Iran should undoubtedly accept shias from across the world like Israel does for Jews. Only then will shias have a future or else they will join the vanishing tribes.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Are you serious?! They are clearly targeting Shias! Recommend

  • Mir

    Really? Blame Saudi Arabia?
    Did Saudi Arabia create corruption? Did it create the feudalistic society in Sindh and Balochistan? Did it create the poverty in the country?
    I like to laugh when I see liberals whine about how ordinary Pakistanis blame the US and Israel for their problems. Well you guys like to blame Saudi Arabia and Zia Ul Haq all day long.
    Cry some more. Your tears are delicious.Recommend

  • Mir

    Where are all the commentators? Topics like this usually bring “liberal” whiners flocking to cry about Saudi Arabia.Recommend

  • Komal

    Even sunnis are not spared.. my own uncle was shot dead two days back .

  • siesmann

    there is a difference between terrorism,and sectarianism.Shias have to suffer both.Recommend

  • Lahore wala

    Zardari is not a Shia. There is a Shia Genocide in progress.
    Recognized by the UN, Human Rights Watch, HRCP [which
    is a joke NGO.] Plus other stellar World Orgs. This Genocide
    is aided and abetted by the Sunnis of this country. Including the
    Govt. That looks the other way. and condones the killingsRecommend

  • Aysha M

    How about not blaming Saudi Arabia or any other outside force for a change and have an inward eye. Why didn’t the Shia community block the legislation of 1974. It all started in 1974, when religion was brought under public domain. The state has no business in indentifying fath of its citizens. Shias should have known back then that after Ahmedis, it would be their turn. Unfortunately, Shia leadership could envisage what was coming their way, hence brutal killings of the community today. Soon it will be Sunni factions killing one another. This madness of selling religion for political gains is completely devoid if method whatsoever. Pakistan has been turned into a sectarian sty. Unspeakably sad!Recommend

  • Asfandyar

    Ofcourse we all including Shias have a future. I am a Sunni and I know I am not not a minority in my opinion that Shias are as much Muslims or maybe better than Sunnis. There is a no religious difference in the fundamental belief system, the differences were only political and still are. It’s the American, Jewish and Hindu lobbies who are behind all this! Yes the killings are being carried out by groups such as Sipah Sahaba, who are Sunni fundo groups, but these and similar groups are number one targets of law enforcement agencies! And more importantly this school of thought is not supported by the majority Sunnis.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Mr.Sami, all ur security concerns are of ur own making.when you rear snakes, you thought it will bite only the neighbour.Now it is biting you.The minorities are wiped out from Pakistan. What you think the Sri Lankans are concerned about? The influx of pakistani ah media’s, shias.That is why they stopped visa on arrival.Recommend

  • Ann

    Wow I love you for this comment of yours . You know what , the things which muslim countries are practicing is not at all true essence of Islam and thats the reason no one is happy and satisfied in all these muslim countries. While if you want to see the true essence of islam it must be seen in west where all the rules made and practiced are so justified and humanly friendly that our soul automatically gets adjusted to it!! There is a hadees of Moula Ali a.s where it was said that there soon will a time come when our religion will be practiced like clothes worn inside out and this is the time!! ALAS!!Recommend

  • abhi

    yes dudeRecommend

  • Gulwant Singh Bedi.

    Don’t think that day is coming anytime soon.Recommend

  • Qaiser Habib

    And what about Iran. All due to shia sunni proxy war.Recommend

  • Qaiser Habib

    Please read history. Who was Mohtarima Nusrat Bhutto.Recommend

  • Qaiser Habib

    PPP do support IranRecommend

  • Qaiser Habib

    Sunni’s are not killed in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    ‘water bottle’ ….you changed your name to wiseneighbor?Recommend

  • mohd abbas

    Thanks to my Grandparent for staying in India thou my grandparents other siblings left india for pak. they are crying today for the mistake there grandparent did beforeRecommend

  • Ramchand Haripurwala.

    What does Mohtarma’s religious persuasion have to
    do with Zardari being a Sunni ?Recommend

  • mohd abbas

    Pakistan master of conspiracy theoriesRecommend


    When was the last time a sunni was identified on a bus by his ID card made to come down and shot in the head. What shi’as face in Pakistan is different from what everyone else faces its time we accept that for only when we accept a problem can we look for a solution.Recommend

  • Ansh

    ” the American, Jewish and Hindu lobbies who are behind all this”

    sir how you managed to get this secret information? did american, jews , Hindus declared ahmadi non muslim? or did they force you to do live telecast on national tv persons converting from Hindu to Muslim? go figure out how communal-ism/ sectarianism startedRecommend

  • Aysha M

    How about not blaming Saudi Arabia or any other outside force for a change and have an inward eye. Why didn’t the Shia community block the legislation of 1974. It all started in 1974, when religion was brought under public domain. The state has no business in indentifying fath of its citizens. Shias should have known back then that after Ahmedis, it would be their turn. Unfortunately, Shia leadership could not envisage what was coming their way, hence brutal killingsof the community today. Soon it will be Sunni factions killing one another. This madness of selling religion for political gains is completely devoid if method whatsoever. Pakistan has been turned into a sectarian sty. Unspeakably sad!Recommend

  • Ratnam

    @Anoop: They may not have a great future, but indications are that they will have a decent future. Just like all poor and lower-income Indians. Pakistan’s tragedy is great, and it is hard to read such articles about sectarian killings without having a lump in ones throat. The plight of the Shias, Ahmadis, Hazaras, and so many other communities who are being ruthlessly targeted and killed, is tragic and heart-breaking.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Please stop blaming American, Jews and Hindus. They are not responsible for Shia killing. Saudi muftis opening call for our extermination.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Does it matter ? Learn to appreciate some truth.Recommend

  • hellboy

    many times we listen that these people what they are folling is not true islam.then tell us baba what is true that all following around 1billion out of 1.6 billion all blind.then there is somthing univerasl wrong in islam so that it even donot able to make peace with in its follower.

    and mind the fundamental of hinduism(sanatana dharma)is there is only one truth but the path may be different.

    if u follow this universal truth then there will be no shia sunni
    hindu muslim christian division.Recommend

  • hellboy

    your observation is correctRecommend

  • Mehwish Zehra

    I really appreciate ur efforts to raise this important issue in ur article no doubt Shiites are experiencing the toughest situations in all over the world specially in Karachi.
    Even from my family I have lost my 3 beloved ones in these kinds of secterian killings. Just need mercy of God & the awakening of Shiites & Sunnis bcz now they should know their enemy those are incognito.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    The name is irrelevant. another 15 shiites massacred by taliban Recommend

  • Fleecing Rabbi

    As long as the corrupt house of Saud and its Zionist masters wage war on Muslims there will be no peace in Pakistan or the region. It is shame that the Saudis have not uttered a word against their Zionist master’s genocide in Gaza and Palestine.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Another 15 shiites massacred by taliban today.Looks like an ethnic cleansing from af pak region.Big brother I ran is silent.They are killing ur ilk like rats.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    There is no proxy war that involves Iran. Get that out of your head. Just don’t defend atrocities.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    You must be a classic wahabi :) what has having diplomatic relationship with Iran has to do with Shia killingsRecommend

  • Illuminati2014

    40 million shias in pakistan.!! then probably its time to hit back at your killersRecommend

  • Grace

    You just proved my point. If all Muslim countries are not practicing Islam but only non Muslims practice the essence of Islam does that not tell you something? My Iranian friends also tell me that anyone who is given the choice in that country, would rather flee as a refugee than live in that country. So it seems that all Muslims, Shias and Sunnis alike cannot live in Muslim countries.How many Pakistani Shias want to go to Iraq, Syria, Yemen or Iran where conditions are even worse?Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    You say:

    “Why didn’t the Shia community block the legislation of 1974. It all started in 1974, when religion was brought under public domain. The state has no business in indentifying fath of its citizens. Shias should have known back then that after Ahmedis, it would be their turn.”

    Absolutely correct. It is not just Ahmedis. The shias never stood up when hindu and christian girls were abducted from their homes, raped and converted. Even today, would you see any shia condemning on this. I have said times again that conversions and killings are the two sides of the same coin. If you can’t convert the other person, kill him. If you cannot increase your numbers in absolute terms, you do it by decreasing the numbers of others, thereby increasing your numbers relatively. This is a never-ending process and as soon as one group becomes dominant in numbers, another group shall come to eliminate them and become dominant in numbers. Salafis and ISIS are coming after sunnis now. Conversions are good only if others convert to your faith by seeing you as an example of virtues and not just hearing what you say. You will find various forms of conversions in all vicious acts and these are the root causes. THINK ABOUT IT DEEPLY, LOGICALLY AND CONSCIOUSLY. I don’t think Allah has asked any muslim to convert others by preaching alone and/or preaching something that you do not practice yourself. I would love to read an article by any practicing muslim on this. But doubt if there are any left.Recommend

  • IamASuperTr0LL

    First of all, I want to express that I value everyone’s freedom of expression and freedom to voice opinions in a civil manner online. To that end, I sincerely hope that ET doesn’t unnecessarily censor this (or other) comments. It’s time for a frank discussion of these important issues.

    Now then, it is prudent to examine the history of Shias in other countries. In Lebanon, the Shias were a marginalized community for a very long time. Not only in the South, but throughout Lebanon Shias were victimized for centuries. When it finally reached the boiling point and they had their backs pushed into a corner by a combination of Israelis, Palestinian militants, Syrians, Druze, Maronite Christian Phalangists, and extremist Sunni groups in Lebanon acting as Saudi proxies, guess what happened? They fought back! … and by all accounts, they won, and they won BIG. Today they are the most powerful group in Lebanon, and have managed to create the world’s most powerful private militia.

    Pakistan has MORE SHIAS than those Arab countries (which may be part of the reason they’ve been targeted for genocide by Pakistan’s Wahhabist sponsors).
    What do you logically think will be the outcome of such oppression? Do you really believe that people will simply accept this oppression?

    Ha ha ha ha ha… I don’t think so. To those of you who want to continue cheering your Saudi masters’ flawed and terroristic beliefs, I say this: You ain’t seen nothing yet.Recommend

  • IamASuperTr0LL

    I posted a very logical and civil reply, yet ET censored my comment! I really want to know why ET has adopted a policy of selectively blocking certain comments from being posted, when others defending Saudi Arabia and mocking Shias are allowed!

    Perhaps the “media” needs to be investigated.Recommend

  • Grace

    It’s shameful what all Muslim countries have become. They are either dictators or run by corrupt autocratic Kings. The few Muslim democracies are always unstable. Maybe it’s time Muslim countries re evaluate the role of religion in society since the only peace for Muslims comes from fleeing to a non Muslim country. I would never want to live in an oppressive country like Saudi Arabia or Iran which are worse off in terms of freedom than Pakistan.Recommend

  • abhi099

    It is amazing to see pakistan’s hypocrisy. They are killing shias but they are worried about modi . Just today there was a riot between sikhs and muslims in uttar pradesh. Recommend

  • Aimadigithat

    Its all resistance against the tyranny from Iran.Recommend

  • kdp

    Shias are very safe living among kafirs of India !!Recommend

  • Qamar Rizvi

    agreed! this is the only solution.Recommend

  • Jat
  • abc

    Stop fighting u all!! We all are MUSLIMS!! And no Muslim should kill another Muslim!! For God’s sake!! Stop this sectarianism!! Why do u call yourselves Sunnis or shias!! Why not just Muslims!! And all Muslims are brothers!! And brothers protect each other!!Recommend

  • Zaqriz

    We are not talking about corruption or feudalism. We are talking about Saudi involvement in Shia killings. The latter cannot be denied.Recommend

  • usman ahmed

    you are just another ignorant individual, with zero tolerance for humanity! Shame on you. This is pathetic, to say the least.Recommend

  • jee non

    One Roti incident in India got Max media coverage than Shia Genocide in Pak………. .Yet u ask Shia have a futureRecommend

  • Cheeko

    Thank you for your apathy. I am sure they are delicious to you Mir. We shall hear from you again when a loved one of yours is shot in the face! And if you read and listen to educated ppl instead of hairbrained mullahs, the view that saudi and zia created problem for minorities is also a view shared by them.Recommend

  • Mir

    For a “wiser neighbour” you’re a rather silly person. How about instead of trying to use this article to your advantage and insult Pakistanis, you actually become wise and try do something productive?Recommend

  • Mir

    No one cares about the majority. You’re an oppressor, you see. Working to turn Pakistan into an Islamic Shariah State.
    Go away.Recommend

  • Hyperbaig

    We love all Muslims. Shia Sunni or whatever. I know the evidence is against me but the majority have these feelings. Like every walk of life in Pakistan we are helpless and short of ideas how to show our feelings. All are followers of Muhammad PBUH. I wonder how any one can do this. We love you and I am sorry.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “A Genocide. Rest assuredthe whole world knows about this. Only people like you refuse to admit.”

    That’s love for Shias and not necessarily hatred for Sunnis. In short, a proud Pakistani.

    “Only Indiantrolls have full freedom of expression at ET.”

    That’s obsession with India.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I do not think Pakistan is unsafe to the extent that you will be killed if you declare of your atheism. You might be killed if you attain the status of Salman Taseer.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Pakistan is a nation at war with itself and others.Recommend

  • stevenson

    Wake up. Most Iranians want to run away. Have you not noticed that Iranians are being turned off all religion.Recommend

  • Abdiu


  • ram

    does Pakistan have any futureRecommend

  • pakistani

    well, this is the problem, why cant we just stand as a nation??? Yes target killing is common in Pakistan,but its better to unite and stand against the forces which are involved in killing of innocent people rather than blaming each other!!!Recommend

  • Ali

    thank you sheraz you are the first person who have shown sympathy to Soha Jafry ….. thank you for your sane comment in a forum where i m taken by surprise by the hatred shown by educated (internet using english literate people) … i now just wonder that are we as a nation blind or just inhuman … y can’t they see brutal shia killing all around … y they don’t realize that shias have as much the right of living in Pakistan as they have … turning a blind eye towards shia killing and commenting full of hatred and finding excuses justifying killings is as much a crime as being a murderer themselves.

    All people showing hatred here,,, please be aware first they came for Hindus i didn’t speak becoz i was not hindu … then they came for Christians i didn’t speak coz i was not Christian … then they came for Ahemdis I didn’t speak coz i was not Ahmedi …. now they are here for shias and u people don’t speak coz you are not shias….. time will come and that too real soon when they will come for YOU and there would be no one left-out-there to speak out for you….

    @Soha Jafry … i m sorry for your loss… there is not much I / we can do about this…. but i fell obligated in raising my voice.Recommend

  • angel

    Shame on you for supporting brutality and genocide of innocent muslims.Recommend

  • Landhi wala

    ET is a very pro India, rather pro Hindu newspaper. And yes, you are right,
    they very rarely post pro Shia or pro Hazara comments. They will censure.
    Then they go about beating the drum on Journalistic freedoms.Recommend

  • Mir

    Unfortunately, no one would give a damn if my loved ones died. Why? Because they’re in the majority. They’re the Sunni oppressors of this nation, funded by those Arab Salafist Reptilians in Saudi Arabia working to turn this nation into the Islamic caliphate.
    Zia didn’t create any problem. He just nurtured religious groups. It was inefficient administration, poverty, and lack of education which brought religious extremism to the door step of Pakistan.
    But you don’t want to hear about that, do you? Zia-Ul-Haq! Salafists! Arabs! Saudi Arabia!Recommend

  • Mir

    Did I say I supported it?
    As usual, you lib’ruls are jumping into arguments without actually reading, throwing accusations and whining.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Now you can add Paktuns to the list.. Nearly a Million displaced which will have direct effect on the number of hungry and those who have died due to disease and collateral.

    There is a Pakhtun Genocide going on, nearly a Million displaced, but looks like Pakistan’s attention is fixed upon Israel killing 700 Palestinians.Recommend

  • Shahzad Gillani

    Islam once a religion of peace is now a religion in a peace. ….if Shias are Kafirs as their Muslim Killers believe let me as them What did holy prophet said on the Fateha of a Mecca” You are free to go to your place of worship and we ll defend you and your women children and belongings will be protected by us” The constitution of Pakistan itself guarantee non Muslim with the freedom and protection. Founder of the Nation Mr. Muhamad Ali Jinnah in his 13 August speech qouted the same sermons in his speech.

    #ShiaGenocide , Chiristian Hindu Sikh and Ahmedis are being victimised on some International funding and the lords of the rings driving Pak into a state of outlaw and wants to destabilising it. The ruler of this morbid state are not paying ears to these handful of criminals disguised under Islam. They Govt is so lethargic to take any serious steps because they knew well who is pulling their strings from.
    Federal capital is under civil martial law fata and pata is under security martial law and rest of Pak is praying for the General Martial law. Recommend