6 Pakistanis who think Israel is their problem

Published: July 19, 2014

Until our own country isn't in order, we need to stop shouting at the world and focus on Pakistan.

I feel bad and a little guilty saying it, but I’m not interested in the Palestinian crisis. There, I said it. * Exhale *

I don’t understand this outpouring of emotions for Palestine on Facebook. How come there weren’t any well designed posters shared on Facebook when 10 people were shot by police forces in Model Town, Lahore?

Why wasn’t Facebook overwhelmed with emotional anti-Taliban visuals when they attacked Karachi airport? Were we sleeping earlier or are we just tuned to only hate Israel? Do things going kaboom in our backyard not make us flinch? Or are we afraid of criticising the Taliban because they might be next door (while the Israelis are a safe 4,000 kilometres away)?

Why is Palestine our problem when we have so many of our own?

Both Jordan and Egypt fought Israel but have since signed peace treaties and maintain full diplomatic and trade relations with Israel. But my passport still says,

“This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel.”

Here’s a quick history lesson for all of you. This “holier than thou” attitude of ours is nothing new. Almost 100 years ago, the Muslims of British-India started the Khilafat Movement to pressurise the British government to retail the Caliph as leader of all Sunni Muslims and ensure the Ottoman Empire retains its territorial integrity.

I find it hilarious that while the Muslims of British India were shouting themselves hoarse, Mustafa Ataturk inspired the masses and defeated occupying Allied forces and the Caliph’s army. He eventually got elected and the Caliphate was abolished under Ataturk’s famous, but not verifiable, instruction,

“The Caliph should be treated with utmost courtesy but must be out of Turkey before dawn.”

The Arabs rejoiced because they were in no mood to be ruled by the Turks.

But we kept shouting for the supremacy of Islam 4,000 kilometres away while the East-India-Company/British-Army was plundering our land.

A century later, Pakistan has more than its fair share of problems and I believe we should spend all our energy, resources and emotions to fix them. Israel is acting with impunity because it is economically and militarily strong. We too can conquer the world, including Israel, once our own house is on order. Until then, we need to stop shouting at the world and focus on Pakistan.

But we still don’t learn. Over the past few days, my Facebook feed has been taken over by the following variety of people:

1. The “kill all Jews” brigade

They put up a poster of Hitler with a (fake) quote saying,

“I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilating them.”

Past that, for some reason they still get upset when ‘ignorant’ Americans feel that all Muslims are terrorists.

2. The “Pakistan should attack” battalion

They put up posters with made up TV news tickers announcing,

“Pakistan declares war on Israel – F-16s moved to forward bases and Gauri missiles launched.”

Someone needs to remind them that the Pakistan Army is busy conquering Pakistan. Sorry, but Israel will have to wait.

3. The “boycott all Jewish-owned businesses” association

It cracks me up how they use Google (Jewish owned) and Facebook (Jewish owned) to share posters full of logos of supposedly Jewish owned companies.

Photo: Facebook

4. The “I will put up gory pictures” presenters

I do not want to see gory pictures of children bleeding.


Death and war is wrong and devastating and I’m sorry, but posting the picture on my newsfeed will not help your Palestinian cause. I don’t work in the Knesset or the White House (and I doubt anyone on your friends list does).

5. The “Israel is an illegitimate state” unit

They are so blinded by our rage against Israel that we lecture,

“Israel was created by stealing lands from the Palestinians. How can a foreign power decide to carve out a new country in the name of religion and displace the hundreds of thousands of people who were living there?”

Hello? Pakistan? 1947? Islam? 15 million Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs forced to leave their homes and property and approximately half a million people killed in the ensuing violence?

I love Pakistan to death, but let’s call a spade a spade. When we did it, it was okay. Woh karen toh sala, character dheela hai?

6. The “Israel is a racist state” troopers

They highlight how Palestinians/Muslims are discriminated against in Israel. Funny they missed the recent announcement by the Chinese government that people in government offices and schools of Western China are, allegedly, not allowed to fast during Ramazan. I see no calls for jihad against China.

This might actually be a hopeful sign where we realise that China is a strategic ally and we need to be nice to it, even if that means overlooking the occasional violation of religious freedom.

I hope this attitude takes root and we realise that the only interest is self-interest. Sab se pehlay Pakistan. 

Nzaar Nzaar

Nzaar Ihsan

A banker by day and aspiring journalist by night, he has lived in Pakistan and across the Middle East. He currently lives and works in Doha, Qatar. He tweets at @nzaar (twitter.com/nzaar)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Zubair-uddin

    Fabulous. The depiction of my thoughts. Well said Nzaar Sahib.Recommend

  • doc tipu

    Strongly disagree with the worthy writer’s view that most people against this tragedy are only doing it due to religious differences between Muslims/Jewish people. He is forgetting there is something called “humanity”, that does make us bleed to see such horrific crimes whether in model town or gaza……so whilst you try to succeed in life and get you house in order, you mustn’t stop participating as a responsible human being who raises his voice against oppression.Recommend

  • doesnt mattter

    Truer words have never been spoken. Can I have your autograph please?Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    The problem with our country Pakistan is that we blame all our problems on India/Israel/the USA/Jews and/or “foreign forces.” We never take ownership of our problems.Recommend

  • abhi099

    I dont know why arab or OIC countries dont attack israel if they are so much worried about gaza?Recommend

  • your_baap

    One word ” BINGO ” . Watch out now the Ummah loving Pakistanis will descend upon you with full rage.Recommend

  • AnonPak

    Comparing the division of the subcontinent into Pakistan and India and the ensuing mass migration from both sides to the influx of jews into Palestine who were foreigners to the land and subsequently marginalized Palestinians into smaller and smaller pockets is just absurd. One is classified as genocide the other is not. It does not matter if we uphold the cause of Palestinians or not let us not make absurd self deprecating comparisons.

    Not that the Palestinian cause is a bad cause to raise just on humanitarian grounds but i agree with the writer that the response we have to it in Pakistan is out of proportion when compared to the response we give when we are struck with a tragedy and injustices by the ruling class.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    The countries are not worried, the people are. Also, you obviously want armies containing Muslims to start a war against Israel, I mean, it’s a win win for you. Recommend

  • Uzmaa

    I dont agree with the writer. The powerful authorities have sadly done nothing against the murder of innocent chilren and women in Gaza and we are so helpless that all we can do is protest, boycott isreali goods and provoke our leaders to finally take a stand. Recommend

  • Farheen

    This is exactly my voice but you missed Turkey role too. Well written (y)Recommend

  • SamSal

    Where does this ‘humanity’ go at the time of Ahmedi persecution, Shia killings and forced conversion of the Hindu girls?

    Just asking.Recommend

  • Ambreen Malik

    Thank you Nzaar for finally saying this out loud. I have enraged my friends for saying Gaza is not our problem…..Pakistan is! No one else cries for us and our 50,000 dead men and women but we Must cry for our Muslim brothers who dont give a damn about us! Recommend

  • Zubair

    Well written article reflecting my exact opinions. We burn tires and block roads in Karachi for the Palestinians, but should observe their behavior towards asians in Gulf countries.Recommend

  • nasir

    Being a human i should stand up for any injustice or suffering of any human, animal, environment or any thing that is bad or wrong.Recommend

  • Mehak

    This is beautiful, well done! You echo the sentiments of a few rare Pakistani very eloquently.

  • Faraz Talat

    I know it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. But in the pot’s defense, it really is telling the truth!

    Israel’s human rights violations are worth international condemnation. Pakistanis may join the protests for all the wrong reasons (antisemitism, blind Muslim fervor, whatever), but that doesn’t change the fact that Israel is breaking international law and launching attacks that have a 77% civilian casualty rate.Recommend

  • ahmed

    Yes but remember cia, raw mossad have a fare share in creating these problems. Not to mention but yes we do have meer jafar and sadiq in our lines

  • Areeba Mohsen

    Don’t agree with you. Zionists killed people to get Israel. We gained independence, they plundered.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Pakistan did not spread in Hindustani lands like Israel has over the years. Pakistan was only the joining of the Muslim majority areas and that’s it. People themselves choose to go to the other country. No official campaign of killing of any people was ordered by the Pakistani government.

    How can that be compared with what Israel is doing. The only similarity is that both nations came into existence on the name of religion.Recommend

  • Basit Masood

    why this Voice of Humanity “so Uniformly” has never been Raised in the case of Hazaras? Shias , ahmadis? Do you people have any idea what Torture your fellow countrymen are going through in Parachinar? Hangu ? Chilas?Recommend

  • M

    Excellent blog. All I gotta say.Recommend

  • Nzaar

    Sir thank you for reading the piece and sharing your views. I just can’t shake the fact that there was not even one tenth of this amount of humanity when 100 Ahmedis were shot dead in Lahore a few months ago. Ahmedis or hazaraz or our soldiers dying in Pakistan has to be more important to us, doesn’t it? 13 policemen died in Jamrud yesterday. But nothing.Recommend

  • Hasan

    It’s very much there. Aspiration for utopia at home is all good and well. But we don’t have to stop being human till we get there.Recommend

  • Waqas Murtaza

    Sir Sir Sir, Even I feel bad but no guilty saying that some peoples have very cold blood. I can understand your point of view. nice approach but very narrow, mean and selfish (Why is Palestine our problem when we have so many of our own?)…. for your Information whole world even those countries who don’t have “so many problems of there own” but they are protesting against Israel. not only Pakistan even Israelis inside Israel are protesting, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims. you don’t need to be Pakistani or Muslim but a kind heart and a little bit of “Humanity” would work.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/shoaib_112 Mirza Shoaib Ahmad Jarral

    its not about religion but humanity. yes we condemn and feel sorry for each kind of brutality. I don’t know why you cant see protest against every incident.The protest and so-called incidents you are talking about, are lack of our political sagacity, unpardonable sin but more bearable than brutality and slaughtered behaviour in Gaza by Non-Muslims; yes we cant bear.
    and yes its our business.Recommend

  • anonymous

    preposterous article with idiotic logics…. 1974, Pakistanis were not shipped from brooklyn to create pakistan…. do u think israelies belong there to israeal before isreal was created? They came, stole palistiniens land and made them refugee in their own country… and why the hell your house should be in order before speaking against the criminals, it means only the angles should protest against atrocities of israelies… you know what your extreme pseudo secularism can not let you see the other side… Recommend

  • Adnan Khan

    haha! good one and so true!Recommend

  • Khurram

    For gods sake, there are even Jews out there raising their voice against the atrocities committed by Israel against Gaza… The point of Muslims protesting against palestine issue is not to HATE jews, but to raise voice against zionism… I dont know about others but I am not shouting “holier than thou”… and i am sure any reasonable muslim and pakistani feels the same..
    “Eradicate all jews” ?? thats just wrong
    “Boycotting companies owned by Jews??” not possible and not wise, they are everywhere
    “Pakistan should attack” also not wise, we can’t afford to attack.
    “Posting gory pictures” well, you may not want to look at those gory pictures Mr. Author, doesnt mean its not happening, I dont ENJOY looking at those pictures but i will post them simply to let other people know about the war crimes of Israeli army, there are a lot of foreigners on my facebook feed who thinks of Israel as the most innocent country in existence.
    “Israel is a illegitimate state” YES it is.. how can you make that comparison?? We are not against Israel simply because it was made for Jews… we are against it because they displaced millions of muslims and made generations into refugees… people were displaced when pakistan was made but the situation is NOT the same… you are either ignorant or you are trying to manipulate.

    you don’t understand people raising voice for palistine? how about “Humanity”.. that reason enough for you?
    Tell me this… did you really write this article because you care for Pakistan so much or did you write it simply because its so much fun to throw a little controversy around?Recommend

  • Farhat

    A completely pointless article. There are so many things wrong with it that i could write an essay and honestly I don’t think such narrow minded people are worth that much of my time however I will make one point.
    I don’t know what world you live in but comparing the grave events that took place in model town Lahore and at the Karachi airport with the genicode in gaza is like comparing apples with oranges. Atleast my news feed was filled with protests against the atrocities that took place in model and were extremely mournful over the innocent lives that were lost during the Karachi airport episode. But anyone who has an ounce of humanity in them would atleast stand up for Gaza. I for one am saddened over the miss fortunate events in Pakistan AS WELL as the situation in Gaza. Recommend

  • Samina

    What a racist writer “Here’s a quick history lesson for all of you. This “holier than thou” attitude of ours is nothing new. Almost 100 years ago, the Muslims of British-India started the Khilafat Movement to pressurise the British government to retail the Caliph as leader of all Sunni Muslims and ensure the Ottoman Empire retains its territorial integrity” Sunni Muslims like really!!!!! I don’t wish anything bad upon you but if tomorrow you are in trouble and your brother tells you I can’t help you, cause I have my own problems to deal with; then only you will realize what you just said is complete inappropriate. hypocrites like yourself, who are toring our nation into pieces, rather then those who actually have emotions for the loss of muslims in general around the wrold. You are no less then those characterless men roaming with guns shooting at anyone they see. Your words are like those weapons used at our airport attacks, which killed more than 27 people in Karachi. Just so you know We did feel what happened in there, and we did showed are emotions for the people who lost there loved ones. Maybe you were too busy judging people who were showing emotions on Palestinian conflict rather than the emotions shared on facebook about those airport attacks. Once again read what you just wrote and think who will laugh at you now?Recommend

  • Sfia

    That’s how we’ll feel when no one stands up for us! The scary thing the writer is suggesting is that we need to be selfish but shrouded in a ‘let’s fix ourselves I have the best intentions for my country’ sort of way. Injustice should be fought against…..no one spoke up or protected the Jews during the pogroms preceding the holocaust….it took DECADeS for that to culminate into an event that humanity will never recover from because we are still dealing with the physical and psychological trauma of the survivors and a bitter and angry people. They are rightfully paranoid, as history has taught them that….but what they are in turn doing to gaza is setting up the stage for another generation and people who will be bitter and angry and full of hate. No one spoke up for humanity then….but we can now. But being indifferent and saying ‘we’ve got our own shit to deal with’ is cowardly, ignorant and downright unjust. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    If we dont care about them just because they dont care about us, does that make us any better than them? No.Recommend

  • Ar Rai

    Very nice! But a question… Why should we worry about a football event happening thousands of miles away “when our house is not in order” (oh n when we don’t even have a football team)? or why should we have a cricket team when “our house is not in order”?
    Is it logical to compartmentalize things like that?Recommend

  • Ali

    Dumbest blog I’ve read in a while, followed by even more dumb comments. You also lost your argument right there when you compared Western European Jews taking over Arab-settled land to Pakistan’s independence. Pakistan has been settled by its native ethnic groups for thousands of years, before 1947. While the modern Israeli Jew did not exist before 1947. The Israeli Jewish identity is a fake one created through the usurping of the native Palestinian identity. Recommend

  • Yaarrrr.

    FIRST OF AL WHAT: “Israel is acting with impunity because
    it is economically and militarily strong. We too can conquer the world,
    including Israel, once our own house is on order. Until then, we need
    to stop shouting at the world and focus on Pakistan.”
    So… poor people/countries have no right to call out stronger oppressors.

    Grief and solidarity are not limited commodities, you can express opposition against several injustices without the exclusion of others.
    Capped off with a hilarious comparison between the Khilafat movement and opposition against what is essentially an apartheid and occupation!Recommend

  • Khanan

    You are right.we are basically hypocrite to the core. We don’t admit.

  • manna

    Yes of course, we’ve got problems ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that we stop feeling for those who are being oppressed. Sometimes, it’s not about what happened in history, or whether Arabs care about us, or if even posting gory images makes a difference or not.
    If you’re least interested in the fact that children are being killed by rockets in Palestine, I doubt you’d be interested much in solving the problems of Pakistani children either for example.
    It’s all about humanity.Recommend

  • mohsin

    Hi Mr Nzaar, you certainly make valid points and i am torn between which stance to take. All of the 6 requireare arguable at least. However, point no. 5 does not seem to be arguable to me at all. Maybe because i misunderstood what you were trying to express so correct me if i am wrong, are you trying to state that Pakistan is also an illegitimate state? Last time i checked the prepartition India was divided amongst the two major nations in that land…….it wasnt as if a significant numbet of foreigners were planted in that land to create Pakistan. Would appreciate if you can please clarify the point you were trying to make. Thank You!


  • Grace

    It’s weird that the same Pakistanis who boycott Israel happily sit to watch Indian movies. They boycott Israel but not India which is a reflection of their hypocrisy. The Indians have hurt far more Muslims in nearby occupied Kashmir and refuse to let them rejoin Pakistan. India is abusing Kashmiris next door who should be part of this nation but some Pakistanis want to focus on Palestinians far away? Makes no sense.Recommend

  • Agha

    Hello get ur facts right ..!! Pakistani’s didn’t came here from another corner of the world and occupied a land,Here residents of India, living since centuries decided to get apart from India.Recommend

  • nhashemi

    very good article…. but there is no excuse for killing innocent children. We share gory pictures to spread awareness… some of us really don’t watch the news and don’t know how bad things are there…. Pakistanis are not standing up and going to war with israel… but we should atleast have the decency to speak against their actions and support the Muslims in Gaza. Wrong is wrong… no matter what race, religion or sect U belong to.Recommend

  • Mir

    That was a mindblowing argument, wasn’t it?
    Completely change the topic and boom!
    How petty can you get?
    If you didn’t notice, it isn’t only the Pakistanis supporting Gaza.
    MILLIONS in Asia, Europe, and Americas.
    Will you blather on about Ahmedi Persecution and Shia killings to them too?
    Just asking by the way…Recommend

  • nhashemi

    and when its a topic that got the whole world’s attention…. it’s not something to be ignored….where we hide in our houses trying to deal with our own local problems that will really never go away…. really, at this time… Israel is a bully that’s being allowed to bully to it max … we need our voices raised so this can be stopped!Recommend

  • Fariha Muazzam

    I can see your point.
    The thing I disagree with most is when you compare Israel’s cause to what was Pakistan’s cause to be same. Because it is not, in many ways.
    Did Muslims of then India came from Europe seeking refuge and decided to take over whole India? Or did we just wanted the Muslim majority areas to form into one country, so that we could practice our religion more freely? Did we ever want to take over whole India? Did partition happen through proper channels or did we forcefully took over the Pakistan side of India?
    And migration and causalities happened on both sides of the border,yes it could have been done in a way better way, cannot disagree with that.Recommend

  • nhashemi

    our main problem in Pakistan is EXACTLY this… getting personal…. and at this time instead of getting personal… maybe we should focus on trying to help these little children who are being killed so brutally daily by uniting and raising our voices …. wrong is wrong!! would U rather sit with your eyes closed?Recommend

  • Bravo

    I literally love you for this article, truer words couldn’t have been spoken (i know, cliched but meh)
    Our nation needs a lot of sense, and i’m glad there is at least one person out there who has some sane picture of what is going onRecommend

  • sidjeen

    thank you very much for saying it loud. i have to say i unfriend many people on Facebook recently for sharing nothing but dead people pictures. good riddance i say.Recommend

  • nhashemi

    sounds like you are saying. “poor me… I have so many issues of my own … why should I care for anyone else?”Recommend

  • Usama

    They care less caz ” we have our own problem” Pity for us. The killing of Shia/ Ahmadi’s is as condemnable as it is for Palestinians. But today we are facing a technical genocide of palestinians and we can at least raise our voice.
    P.S: It doesn’t matter if raising the voice put some pressure on Israel or not, its your conscience, follow it either ways.Recommend

  • Peace for All

    The reason why you should be concerned about it is because if you work in America your tax dollars are paying for those civilian deaths in Palestine. Good for you for being a voice for Pakistan, but the only thing America is concerned there are how Pakis infiltrated Taliban. I agree that we have a lot of problems in America, so rather than giving billions of our hard earned dollars to a racist occupying group of people, why don’t we so something about immigration, doing something about poverty in this country. Unless we let our government know that we so not approve of their blank checks to Israel, then the war will never end. Recommend

  • mohsin

    I struggle to understand WHY do we think talking about Gaza and talking about Pakistan are mutually exclusive things? Why can we condemn Israel and condem PTT. Lastly, its not about body counts in pakistan vs body counts else, its about the overall impact. I can go on and on. Recommend

  • A Salman

    what a stupid piece of writing shared by ET..Is Pakistan your only problem then what are you doing in Qatar??Recommend

  • Hassan Wasay

    Yes ofcourse in a time when even your handsets are capable of multi tasking the writer is still aptly pointing out that us humans are just capable of single command line operation!! If I post about Gaza it’s my holier than though attitude and not the children women and defenceless civilians being bombarded like fish trapped in a barrel and my Facebook won’t allow me to post about anyyy other cause especially not a PakistanI one and I would get the error “I m allowed to care about only one cause at a time” and he was absolutely spot on in quoting historicall quotes that I never heard of are now influencing my decisions!! Bravo Mr banker but wait don’t u just care about banking not journalism would explain this article!! Recommend

  • Zoyan Batuta

    I stopped reading this article after 5th point raised by the author. I don’t understand why do people become so desperate in justifying their points that they bend the entire course of history. Was he in right state of mind to compare Pakistan’s independence with Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands? Hello! It is not about gaining territory, it is about how you gained that land. We gained Pakistan through independence movement acceptable to both Indian and Pakistani representatives. Israel on the other hand has acquired land through force and not through mutual understanding between them and Palestinians. Right use of logic is a very rare element to find in our society.Recommend

  • Aun

    All the humanity is there while we are supporting Muslims. While Shia aren’t Muslim :p so for them we don’t have any humanity or soft corner. We are hypocrites. Recommend

  • Ariba

    these pseudo intellectuals. May Allah forgive them.
    What about all the protests by white Americans Christians & Jews against Israels atrocities? Are they doing for religious reasons?Recommend

  • Faraz

    Sorry Nzaar, but you are promoting cheap thoughts. *Exhale*Recommend

  • Ashish (India)

    Brother why Muslim’s humanity and human rights become hibernated for ISIS militants in Iraq, Realty is you talk about humanity and human rights only when you are a minority.Recommend

  • What a frustrating, heartless, self-serving, blind thing to read, this article. Sigh. Recommend

  • sam

    When you don’t have power no body lets you to think freely. West is powerful so writer thinks they are right and else are wrong even if they are being killed or who condemn killings. It is not fault of Pakistanis it is fault of you who can’t understand the miseries of poor humanity as you over impressed by western nations.Recommend

  • sam

    Absolutely wrong, Muslim all around the world are condemning Israeli aggression, not only muslims but all other nations who are under attack by west and their allies. Where do you live?Recommend

  • Sarah

    Are you blind? Haven’t you seen timelines flooded with posts that disregarding Ahmedi and Shia killings? Is the Palestinian issue the first issues that we are raising our voices for?

  • you are really retarded

    It is not pakistani’s, but it should be a problem for whole muslim ummah. This is a strategy called divide and conquer you are falling into. There are millions of muslims killed for no reason. Today its their turn and next you know it’s going to be Egypt, Syria, Saudia or Pakistan, and still there would be a same foolish argument every time by people of other muslim countries, “We don’t care, we already have enough of our problems than to worry about some other country”.

    Israel is a illegitimate state, Pakistan has a history of being awarded the freedom not like Isreal with shear brutal force.

    In China the muslims weren’t allowed to fast, but they still did, but in Palestine they have taken their right to live with no other option on their own land, it is the biggest war crime on the face of the earth.
    I seriously pity your knowledge, I even don’t find it funny!! just do some research before posting something.Recommend

  • Concerned Muslim

    Just to add that these Zionists were not even from the region. They had come from Europe.Recommend

  • NYS

    Damn straight!!
    Couldn’t agree more with you Sir!
    I have been feeling exactly the same for the past few weeks.
    People might call this a ‘selfishly tailored’ article but may I just say that it’s a bull’s eye.Recommend

  • rizzy

    if you stop calling yourself muslims and stop calling pakistan Islamic republic of pakistan then you are rght.
    Mr. writer just forget that we claim to be the best muslims and yet dont follow single islamic teachings.
    no doubt that it is a paid article. Mr. Writer you are living in qatar where there is monarchy. and yet you dont have courage to say a word against the kings…
    the threory you are trying to prove here. you should stop worrying about pakistan and speak up about issues in qarat first.

  • Asim Ghaffar

    seems like author got lazy after counting 6.. or worse decided not to mention Pakistani who do not fall in any of the above..

    wrt to #5 above, case of Israel is different from Pakistan.. Muslims in India are living for roughly 1000 years and are ethnically Indians.. while first Aaliyah happened in 1881 and involved 1500 Jews .. Second Aliyah brought in 40k Jews and it happened between 1904 to 1914.. but majority of Jews like quarter of the million came around WWII.. so yes Jews moved into an area and laid claim to it.. noted i am not saying ethnic Jews.. because there is significant evidence that many who moved in are ethnically Khazar (Turkic) not Palestinian (Semitic)..Recommend

  • sobia

    A very selfish article …. just because our house is not in order it does not mean that we stay quiet on the vicious way palastine is being handled
    This is the reason why world issues or any issue is not resolve coz every one cares only about their interest even if it means some one else has to sufferRecommend


    Direct action day of Noakhali was plunder, murder, rape, pillage and what not. Please stop being selective. Recommend

  • M K

    You don’t have to cry for your Muslim brothers but if you do there’s no harm in it. As for our own problems, who do you want to inform? Your friends who are Pakistani and are aware of all the problems we have, on the 50 news channels that run everyday telling us what’s going on. Not to mention as Pakistani’s talking about these issues on a daily basis. All that people are doing is posting articles on Facebook to increase awareness for most of their non Muslim friends who are under siege by politically biased media. Why does one have to choose Pakistani issues over other political ones in your eyes? Why does it have to be one or the other, why not both? Why can we not have compassion for “human beings” who are suffering regardless of their nationality? My compassion for the plight of the Palestinians does not supersede my compassion for the Pakistani’s or vice versa. I feel for both and try to spread information on both issues. We are a sovereign nation who has one of the most powerful armies in the world, who keep voting in the same stupid people in government, and now you ask for others to cry for us? And it’s exactly that attitude “They don’t give a damn about us!” that shows how inhumane we as Pakistani’s can be. It is precisely because of all the injustice our Pakistani people face that we should feel more for the plight of the suffering Palestinians. Our issues should cause us to be more compassionate and understanding instead of dividing “us” from “them”.Recommend

  • Manjit Sahota

    Superbly expresses rationality.Recommend

  • http://www.imedia-emagine.com/ SM

    It’s not true that Pakistanis do not speak up, rage and protest their own problems – as a nation, we like to be heard, and we are vocal, if disorganized. There’s nothing wrong, however, with being part of a worldwide movement to end 66 years of apartheid and occupation.

    If nothing else, the current wave of ‘people power’ is worth following because we can learn a lot about how to organize and how to bring change. It’s taken the BDS Movement and various pro-Palestinian organizations 10 years, but they’ve managed to swing world opinion, circumvent the powerful mainstream media blackout of the Palestinian voice, and are breaking down decades of biases around the conflict. What can we learn from them?

    To summarize @doctipu:disqus , humanity knows no borders.Recommend

  • Sager JAthwani

    totally agreed masterpice !!!!Recommend

  • Shehryar

    Agreed but what you said about pakistan army wasn’t appropriate as they’re busy in fighting against something which is one of “our” issuesRecommend

  • Zealous Zephyr

    Well, that is just one stance on the issue! And, i must say that that sounds a little selfish! Maybe the world thinks the same way when we fight terrorism in our country in the form of Taliban? We, as humans, must condemn all acts of injustice and violence! That is our obligation towards others as co-inhabitants of this planet!Recommend

  • http://futurecmo.org/ Babar Khan

    Strongly agree. Have been getting hate mail and death threats since voicing similar opinions. Both content seems to come from followers of a peaceful religion.Recommend

  • SMG007

    Comparing Pakistan’s independence with Israel’s illegal land occupation and expansion? Highly vague. Both muslims and hindus were living in the subcontinent, they both had a fair share in calling it their motherland. While Jews kept immigrating in Palestine illegally; as preserved in history, occupying the land against the will of the Arabs. Imagine an illegitimate insurgence of muslims in America, would the UN allow them to mark it as their own independent country? No; same principle.
    As far as Muslims speaking up only in this particular incidence is concerned, well, there has to be some event when we need to unite and speak up. In the case of Taliban, even our own people have divided opinions (thanks to our manipulative religious and political leaders); some want negotiations (a very small fraction, however) while some want a military operation. But we do know we’re united against the eradication of a school of thought as extreme as the Taliban’s; we know we can control it shall our leaders chose to put past their personal fortunes. But when it comes to Palestine, sure shot it’s a situation which can not be controlled by us. The only way to ensure SOME sort of help to them is by expressing our solidarity and unity in favour of freedom of Palestinians. We can only put pressure on the intentional community by putting our thoughts on the social media table. Why strip us of that rudimentary measure? Why discourage the people? Sure changing your profile pictures doesn’t directly help, but when a Palestinian stumbles upon any random profile (and oh they do stumble often) they would at least feel a sense of security, some sense of comfort; that they’re not being ignored, specially when #FreePalestine hashtags start trending worldwide. Look past your misery. If there’s even a foggy opportunity of doing something in favour of Muslims, I say, do it. In all honesty, it does NOT do you bad.
    But I agree, people should minimise their rapid picture/post sharing of dying kids, it only adds to our insensitivity.Recommend

  • Asim Ghaffar

    somehow my previous comment never made it here.. may be a glitch.. here is a shorter version of it wrt #5..

    1500 Jews moved there before 1900. another 40k by 1915.. and quarter a million around WWII.. compare this to Indian Muslims living for 1000 years..Recommend

  • Sadia Arshad

    Lol. I agree with some parts of the article such as the bit about how sharing gruesome pictures of the victims really doesn’t help the cause and how the Pakistani military perhaps cannot afford to get involved at this time. But overall, this whole “Gaza is not our problem, we have many of our own” is is actually a pretty self-centered perspective and the writer pretty much proved it by the way he chose to end his article. Should the amount of sympathy and concern we have for others be relative to the magnitude of our own problems? Yes, Pakistan does have an enormous number of problems. And I am pretty sure that most Pakistanis want nothing more than an end to these problems. But I fail to understand how that should stop Pakistanis from taking an interest in the Gaza issue. Violence is to be condemned whether it happens here, in Gaza or elsewhere in the world. And if people want to condemn it, they should be encouraged to. This cynical attitude of the writer isn’t helping solve Pakistan’s problems either.Recommend

  • Joy

    well said sister…but in qalam k pujario ko kon smjhae…its easy to write….but too hard to fix d tears from d eyes ov father carrying d body of his own kid lacking its skull….Recommend

  • someone

    Sane voices have not extinct in Pakistan yet. Nice write up.Recommend

  • someone

    Win Win…like how? Do you think Israel is going to destroy all Islamic countries?Recommend

  • Ammad Manzur

    Really?! Pick up a history book. ANY history book. How can you possibly equate the independence movement to illegal annexation of land?Recommend

  • ali

    lol . . prosecution of ahmadis . .lmao . . .people who openly shun the Prophet PBUH , people who have made up there own Prophet , who have defied the cardinal principles of islam, people who due to their believes are not even allowed in the city of Makkah or Madina . .people who spread malice in our religion and spread wrong information among outsiders . . . Recommend

  • Ammad Manzur

    If you don’t understand why a Muslim populace is reacting the way it is to the most unspeakable crimes being committed by the Netanyahu government against the Gazan people for a third time in a row, then drop the idea altogether of becoming a journalist.

    PS: Your history lesson is crap too. You cannot possibly equate the sub-continent’s Muslims’ self-determination movement (which by the way is universally accepted as such) to Israel’s illegal annexation of Arab lands.Recommend

  • Umair

    It’s beyond my comprehension that where does your humanitarian vision go when the narrative of Kashmiris or Palestinians is touched. Whereas, these guys stand in the first line with the West when a Muslim country ‘allegedly’ poses threat to them. Why this hypocrisy?Recommend

  • nust

    Plot Twist: All Jews aren’t Israelis.

    Another Plot Twist: All of humanity is our problem.Recommend

  • Shakil Akhtar

    some really valid points about going on to attack israel and support for khilafah and boycotting stuff etc..its not about Muslim Ummah, no matter what teh arabs do whether they cry on our dead or not humanity demands we deplore the heinous acts by israel on the poor civilians but we cant do anything apart from verbal protests and raising the voices in international commuinty..cant just keep mum!Recommend

  • Visibly

    Excellent about the hypocracy of many muslims living in the victimhood dream that the alone suffer and that all others are at fault.Recommend

  • چھوٹا ڈریگن ®

    If Gaza is not our problem, than we are no one Else’s problem either. Its not about making a noise on social media, its about standing up with whats morally right in the defense of the defenseless, to give the strength to the weak, to share hope with the hopeless. Its not about ‘Realpolitik’, its about standing up for ‘basic’ human morality which the blogger seems not to share with us.

    If you don’t stand up for Gaza, no one will stand up for you.Recommend

  • Pounce

    Fantastic article, never a truer word said.Recommend

  • Pounce

    “Israel’s human rights violations are worth international condemnation.”

    So when girls get gang raped, Christians get murdered, Shia get blown up, India gets attacked, Afghanistan gets attacked and little girls drink acid for justice you feel the need to berate Israel is a must. Recommend

  • ali

    Finally some words of wisdomRecommend

  • Shuaib Kadri

    “Sab se pehle Pakistan” – Correct! but then,

    1. Facebook and Google owners are Jewish (Partly Jewish) but that does not necessarily imply that they support the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

    2. Pakistan was not a settler colony, it was a state formed by those already living there. yes there was mass migration of people and many lost lives, loved ones and property but the state of Pakistan can not be compared to Israel.

    3. There was no ban on fasting, unless you’re working for the state in which case China recommends that you do not fast. they do not force feed you. Also, there was a lot of protest (online mostly) about this alleged ban.

    4. There has, and continues to be emotional out pour against the Taliban. it may be less proportionally speaking but that’s because its an illegitimate entity which probably doesn’t give a damn about what people think. public support (even on social media) does have an effect on the legitimacy of the occupation.

    Having said that, you have an important point that Pakistan should spend its resources on making life better for its people first.

    But I don’t see how anything can be wrong if one decides to post he’s/her support for Palestine can be appalling to anyone.Recommend

  • Shuaib Kadri

    If he says he/she likes mangoes, does that say anything about his/her taste for apples?

    More should be done for minorities, no doubt!Recommend

  • Shuaib Kadri

    such an absolute statement is an overkill.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    Good example of Denial – one of the reasons that Pakistan can’t move forward.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    In case you weren’t aware – launching 1,600 + missiles at a civilian population is against international law —- one of those Elephant in the Room things.Recommend

  • theirrelevantstuff

    Sir, with all due respect, the argument that you present will be valid the day two wrongs start making a right. :)Recommend

  • Shahid

    Now these kind of people are allowed to write whatever rubbish they can think?
    I am amazed, How dare you compare Pakistan separation with Israeli oppression? Do you even know there is something called history, please ask someone about it!
    How this post is approved to be posted here?Recommend