Glorifying Hitler will not help Gaza!

Published: July 14, 2014

Are we so inhumane that we cannot feel the same for Hitler’s victims? That we must elevate a butcher to a martyr who died for a so-called Islamic cause? PHOTO: REUTERS

Are we so inhumane that we cannot feel the same for Hitler’s victims? That we must elevate a butcher to a martyr who died for a so-called Islamic cause? PHOTO: REUTERS Are we so inhumane that we cannot feel the same for Hitler’s victims? That we must elevate a butcher to a martyr who died for a so-called Islamic cause? PHOTO: A SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK.

The death toll of the latest Israeli military operation in Palestinian Gaza has soared to 121 Palestinians. These Palestinians aren’t the ‘terrorists’ Israel is aiming to target; one of Israel’s airstrikes hit an NGO working for handicapped Palestinians, killing three handicapped patients and a nurse.

While, of course, Israel will justify this latest crime by claiming it only ‘retaliates’ for the 680 rockets it says have been fired from Gaza. In fact, in a new level of incredibly twisted politics, the British prime minister, David Cameron, and US president, Barack Obama, have made statements of irrevocable support of the Israeli operation, with Venezuela and Scotland being the only two countries in the West to have publicly condemned Israel’s actions.

International organisations as prominent as the Arab League and the United Nations have been completely ignored in their pleas to stop the violence by Israel and the West, although if the same UN were to publish a report on human rights abuses in Iran the United States would suddenly start pushing the Islamic republic to comply with this realistically weak organisation’s demands.

Of course, all these countries forget that the crisis in Gaza has made emotional waves across Muslim communities globally, and the Muslim ‘retaliation’ would not only be wider and larger than the mere explosive rockets being fired into border Israeli towns, but also more dangerous for all of us.

In a heroic display of unity, multiple Muslim countries that have access to Gaza have pledged assistance in various ways. Malaysia is sending 40 doctors as much-needed medical aid for the 920 injured, the United Arab Emirates has pledged 100 million Dirhams for Gaza and Egypt is currently assisting desperate Palestinians to escape into Egyptian territory.

Meanwhile on Facebook, many Pakistanis are busy glorifying Hitler, the only European it appears Pakistan is satisfied with. Not because Hitler somehow created the ideal Islamic caliphate, strangely enough. It’s because Hitler killed Jews, “and would have killed them all” if he had won the Second World War.

Of course, we can all conveniently forget that Hitler’s Holocaust was the primary reason Jews were uprooted from Europe and were forced to find solace in a homeland they had never been in for hundreds of years. We can also conveniently forget that Hitler killed 11 million human beings, of which six million were Jews. His Nazi ideology didn’t rise to safeguard the interests of Islam or Palestinians in the 1940s, as some of us want to believe; his ideology wanted Aryans to be the only surviving race in the world and establish racial purity.

That meant killing everyone who wasn’t an Aryan – a perfect Aryan. Russians, Chinese and African workers, the disabled and the mentally challenged, Turks and Mongols, homosexuals and communists were all among those gassed in Nazi concentration camps. While yes, we South Asians and our Persian brethren were lucky enough to be classified as ‘Aryans’, our Arab and Malay community, the largest Muslim racial group, were part of Hitler’s ‘vermin’.

Even a large part of modern Pakistan would have been exterminated, as only ethnic Tajiks were given the Aryan blessing by the Nazis while the rest of the northern people, including the Pakhtuns, would’ve been dead today.

All of us cringe at the devastating list of the dead in Gaza with their names and ages revealed by Al Jazeera. Are we so inhumane that we cannot feel the same for Hitler’s victims? That we must elevate a butcher to a martyr? What about the two Bosnian women who helped Jews escape Europe from Hitler’s clutches because of their blood? What about the Turkish diplomat in Rhodes who tried to save 5000 non-Aryans from extinction, only to see his pregnant wife, Mihrinissa, die in Nazi retaliation?

It is a shame that while the rest of the Muslim world compares Israel’s actions against Palestinians to Hitler’s against the Jews, all we, as citizens of the first model Islamic state, seem to be doing is glorifying the very same actions in an even worse depth and shaming the very conscience of Islam in front of the world.

It is a shame that we are praising the man who today inspires neo-Nazi attacks against Muslims across Europe. If it is truly Hitler’s actions that are to be praised in the Pakistani perspective of things, then we should wear our media label of being international terrorists with pride.

And remember my fellow countrymen – liking Nazi statuses isn’t going to ease the suffering of Palestine. As much as we fume about the rich Gulf Arabs and too liberal Malaysia and Turkey, don’t forget that they’ve done more for Gaza than your profile picture ever will.

Rana Saadullah Khan

Rana Saadullah Khan

A film fanatic who can't stand nationalism over liberalism, or conspiracy theories or secular facism or religious fantacism. He is an A Levels student at Learning Alliance. He tweets as @RSaadullah (

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  • Taimoor

    exactly what i have been thinking! thanks for thisRecommend

  • Farheen

    I am so agree with you :)Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Thankyou :) Shamefully, #hitlerwasright was trending on twitter recently. This is not a religious conflict. Recommend

  • harsh

    hitler did right to Juice of germanyRecommend

  • ro waseem

    Well done! Superbly writtenRecommend

  • think about it

    A sensible article on express tribune after some timeRecommend

  • Needroos

    All the quotes people are sharing are fake anyways. Just making things up as we go along.Recommend

  • Akhil

    South Asians and Persians were never considered as aryans.In fact Hitler openly supported the British colonisation of India and elsewhere.While the term aryan is derived from Sanskrit,hitler twisted the word to include only Caucasians with blue eyes and blond hair.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    This right here is the BEST article I have ever read. And I thought not a single one of us could understand all of this. Down right spot on and a brilliant article. Good job!Recommend

  • Paddy Xtolpho

    There is no mythical “Muslim retaliation”, or Israel would have been done for 50 years ago.Recommend

  • Sami

    Pakistan is a den of Ignorance and Ignorance is a bliss in our country. Hitler killed not only Jews but many Others as well. He have killed one million Romas only because they dont look white and looked like Pakistanis and North Indians.
    But what we can say about Pakistan where everything is controlled by Mosques and the narrative in Friday Sermons is simple that Hitler suddenly became the hero of the ignorant Pakistan.
    A small correction to the above author that no We are not so called Aryan type. We are brown people and the Aryan theory is itself a vague theory in the first place.Recommend

  • Noor

    Finally! I don’t know why Hitler is being glorified! Why do people forget that he was “purifying” the world? Oh yes! It’s very simple, we don’t read the whole thing, just one part and start making assumptions of our own! Only if we had that knowledge!Recommend

  • Critical

    As an avid user of Social media,I’m fed up of muslims posting Gaza memes in celebrity fan pages like Sharapova,Ivanovic,Nadal official pages and also many football fan pages…

    First they post comments and then insult Israel,Jews,glorify Hitler and if someone comment why am I seeing these things in a sports page,you are a racist,Islamophobe,Zionist etc…

    These ones are not those who really have concern,they are just fishing for likes…Recommend

  • NS

    Finally someone is talking sense here! Murder is murder whether a sadist sociopath did it, or Israel, or Hamas, or anyone for that matter. Justifying callous murder and spreading hate chants is no way to condemn the Palestine situation. We need a huge dose of humanity!!!Recommend

  • Fahd

    Please read history and check your facts . Amature Recommend

  • Well said! It is truly ignorant to praise Nazis when opposing Israel. Those are not the only choices.Recommend

  • Mujahid

    Few facts are not true like Egypt in reality closed the boarders for the Palestinians.Recommend

  • shappy123

    exact analysis…!!.. my friend…!Recommend

  • Ayesha Saqib

    good :)Recommend

  • Critical Thinker…!!!

    If Hilter would not have killed jews..Israel would not have born !!!!….Genocide is Genocide committed by Hitler or by Israel….Glorifying Hilter is as sick as Israel killing innocents…Recommend

  • marik

    Hitler did consider the Iranians as Aryans. The Pahlavi shah and the Nazi Germany were allies which led to a British & Russian invasion of Iran early in WW2. As for the Brahmins of India, Hitler considered them of Aryan origin but to him they were now too intermixed with the lower races to be considered Aryan.Recommend

  • donga bonga

    A film fanatic who can’t stand nationalism over liberalism, or conspiracy theories or secular facism or religious fantacism.

    wot’s that crap…too much for an A level kid.Recommend

  • Howsh

    self hatred, talking about UAE and others donating, And then Paks seem to be mostly glorifying Hitler. What a monumentally nefarious and sinister statement. Egyptians were doing the exact same thing, on a much, much bigger scale. It was even on their tv channels.

    Even then, so what if certain Paks decide to admire Hitler, the RSS and hundreds and millions of its followers have been doing it for years across the border, and continue to do so. I wont see you condemning them. Try it, and see what happens.

    “As much as we fume about the rich Gulf Arabs and too liberal Malaysia and Turkey, don’t forget that they’ve done more for Gaza than your profile picture ever will.”

    Have they stopped the bombings? Have the trillions of dollars in armament purchases by the gulf arabs and turkeys nato membership done anything to stop Israels bombardment? NO.

    I see Amir Khan, a person who is recognized as one of the elite athletes in his sport, (something no Turk, Malay, or Gulf Arab has ever accomplished in the sport of boxing), using his status to create a lot of awareness about the issue, potentially sabotaging his own career in the US by talking about ending the gaza crisis, and freedom for palestine. Most athletes tend to stay neutral when these sorts of things happen, and wouldn’t risk it. So enough about alluding to the incompetence of Pakistanis, which is the main theme of this article.

    Its only countries like Iran who have done anything of serious note for the people of Gaza, in the face of overwhelming military aggression by Israel.

    Israel is behaving just like Hitler, those supporting Israel are just as “bad”, as those looking back and admiring Adolf.

    Malaysia is liberal? haha, Remember what MAHATHIR (the guy who basically took Malaysia to where it is today) said about Jews? Has any Pakistani leader ever said anything of the sort? And dont get me started on how people are admiring hitler over there too, on FB. Its happening, believe me. Same with Turkey.

    I know this sort of rhetoric is “hip”, and you’re going to get a lot of points from the ET liberal prawn sandwich brigade, where anything vaguely anti Pak gets the thumbs up. But do some more analysis, it isnt only certain Paks admiring hitler, those “enlightened” folk in the countries you have mentioned are doing, and have been doing it for a very long time.Recommend

  • Deutsche

    What about when Mahathir made those remarks about Jews? No Pakistani politician has ever made such remarks. RSS follow Hitler by the hundreds of millions in India. Israeli govt are behaving like Nazis, any supporter of Israel is equally as bad as someone supporting Hitlers actions. Fuming? Has the trillions of dollars of weaponry bought by the Gulf Arabs and Turkeys membership of Nato stopped the bombings??? NO. The fact of the matter is “glorfiying Hitler” isnt just occurring in Pakistan, its actually significantly more prevalent in the countries that you mentioned as if they were paragons of virtue lol. In Malaysia i know for a fact more of this Hitler admiration goes on than in Pak. Just the other day a senior politician in Malaysia, in response to Germanys win in the world cup, said ” hail hitler” on twitter. – These are the factsRecommend

  • Haider Ali

    It is because Pakis in their ignorance of history of Europe and World wars and religious hatred of jews go far to exaggerate mass killers as their heroes.Recommend

  • Waj

    Hitler was a butcher but he is a past now. We do have a place full of hitlers known as Israel at the moment!Recommend

  • Syed

    I have come across those too and I laughed at it.That’s what it is meant for. Of course no wants to support Hitler. In today’s world, we call it sarcasm. May be that is too much much for your mind to comprehend. Grow up guys!Recommend

  • Pakistani Patriot

    You are wrong!!! Pakistanis are not Brown, perhaps Muhajirs, but pakistani are brown. Most Pakistani from KPK & Azad Kahsmir look like caucasian. Punjabi are mostly descendent of Afghans and Turks and Most Sindhi and balochis are descendants of Arabs liberated by Mohd-Bin-Qasim.

    Its unfair to say Pakistani are brown.Recommend


    Some of the claims in this article are ridiculous. Hitler did not want the Aryans to be the only surviving race. He allied with the Japanese and some Muslims fought with him in the SS. Germans respected other cultures but wanted Germany to be white (God forbid). He also spoke against the British suppressing the Muslims in Palestine for the benefit of Jews (Part of this speech can be found on YouTube).Recommend

  • hitler

    but it does help… oye ranayyyyyyyRecommend

  • Truth

    Well there is nothing wrong to be called brown or be brown. Why do you feel so offended? It’s strange. The only thing matters is how you are from inside.Recommend

  • Truth

    It’s good to see a sensible article from a young guy. Otherwise our so called religious leaders have made our country full of ignorant people. Who don’t think with their minds but with just emotions. We being as a Muslim are not allowed to harm any innocent human being. The whole community is not to be blamed for the act of few. It’s not easy to speak the truth and it’s more difficult to accept it.Recommend

  • siesmann

    just as there is no “Greater Israel” plan.Recommend

  • siesmann

    why use 2 psuedo-names for the same article?So for you talking about anti-jew stance of Pakistanis is against Pakistan.Any person with some sense will have no praise for Hitler and what he did.And neither for what Israel is doing now.Recommend

  • OLG

    an article written in excellent manner…… unbiased !!!!!!
    we must have courage to condemn every act of brutality …. you’re right updating profile pics would never help ghaza…Recommend

  • iHButt

    What do you suggest?Recommend

  • Abbasi

    Jews misery or Hitler’s holocaust and people glorifying his days was the primary reason you wrote this blog not for the people of Ghaza, hitler ki log tareef na karty (which is obviously not justifiable ) tou tm ny b Ghaza walon ka dukh mehsoon nai karna tha. No body gives a damn what is going on in Ghaza but suddenly the feel pain for the Jews. where were people like u at the first place ? bloody hypocritesRecommend

  • Mahnoor

    The largest ethnic group in Pakistan is Punjabi. They’re the model brown people.
    The second largest ethnic group are the Pashthuns. If you think they look Caucasian, either you’ve only looked at brown people in your life or never been to Peshawar, because Pashtun people are still fairly brown.
    The Sindhis, the Mohajirs. Yep, brown too.
    Baloch? Brown.
    Hazaras and Uzbeks? Yellow. But we don’t like em.
    Kashmiris? Kind of Pashtunish.
    The only “white” people in Pakistan are the Tajiks and the Boroshos, and they’re so way up in the north nobody cares.

    So yeah, Pakistan is brown. Hitler would have screwed us too.
    Too bad for you.Recommend

  • Mahnoor

    Umm…did you skip the part where Hitler kills the Turkish diplomat’s wife and the Africans and the Chinese and the Mongols?
    And the mentally challenged and the disabled?
    And oho, all he wanted was to make Germany white. Poor misunderstood guy.
    That must be why he invaded all of Europe and killed non-whites in all of Europe.
    And he spoke for the Palestinian cause. Must be because he was a noble man at heart even though he killed 12 million people. Accidentally I guess.
    Even though he was a politician and uff, those guys are the most honest and innocentEST individuals the world can ever bless us with.
    Even though he secretly wanted to rid the world of all Arabs too, after he was done with the Jews.

  • faraan

    Hitler is our hero, try to read alterante version of history and not allied propaganda they do to justify nuking Japs.

    And what were british and french were doing when Hitler attacked them. They were paragons of peace or protectors of BROWN PEOPLE???

    British and French had colonized and humilated whole of middle east and India. Hitler was the catalyst that helped free the world, but due to him losing to Russians , british were able to plant illegal JEW population in the heart of middle east and then gave them nukes.

    KID stop watching HOMELAND and read something about history.

    ALL HAIL HITLER.Recommend

  • Naz

    I’m so glad that you decided to write on this topic. If you can think like this at such a young age, I believe you’re capable of great things in the future! My faith in Pakistani youth restored! Recommend

  • FOB

    Sirf ghaza walon ka dukh kiun nazar araha hai? apne ghar mein jhank k dekho pakistan mein kitna kuch kia hai taliban mein.Aur aj hi kal ISIS kia karrahi hai Syria mein, wo nazar nahi araha?Recommend

  • Zunera

    Also, adding to this, get your facts straight. Egypt has closed its borders to Palestinians, something, Pakistan would never have done. Even today we are the largest refugee hosting country!!Recommend

  • Proud Pashtun

    I our part of the world the Hitlers were Timur and Genghis Khan. They ethnically cleansed Central Asia of Iranian peoples and replace with Turks and MongolsRecommend

  • Dominic

    There are several historical inaccuracies in this article. The biggest perhaps being that Hitler is blamed for the creation of Israel in 1948. The roots of the so-called State of Israel are in Jewish theology NOT in the events of the 20th Century. The Holocaust was mobilised by the global Jewish community as a sob- story of sorts in order to turn world opinion in their favour, so as to bring about the creation of Israel as an independent, ethno- nationalist, sovereign state. Since WWII, the Zionist movement has repeatedly used Hitler as a distraction from their own crimes. Here it is especially important to highlight the absurdity of using one campaign of offensive warfare, genocide and racism to justify another. Two wrongs do not make a right.Recommend

  • Mpp Pak

    Mr.Saadullah Khan, i can feel your pain for jew’s, i can also make a speech even more then you…. After reading all you said i feel you have just a luck that you got a chance to publish your ideology other wise you are a sense less person who is totally fail to understand that why today people especially in pakistan liking and posting to Hitler on face book…….Mr. Saadullah make your correction……. they are not liking and supporting to the idea of Hitler about this world but they are supporting his understanding about a specific group of people….. the Jew ‘s ….due to their black and double face. If Hitler had a different school of thought, then can you please justify the thinking of Jew’s about themselves and about other??…. as they says that we are the only beloved and special for the “LORD”GOD”ALLAH”CREATOR OF THIS WORLD”.what ever the term any one like or use. And we are the only sacred and the better humans…… why they keep their hand’s close when they walk in a rush ….. and try that other’s may not touch them? because they are jew and they are sacred “pak”…. i can say much much…..but given you a few words may this can be help full for you and others like you to reduce your pain for Jews.Recommend

  • Secular

    Hitler is our hero,
    You know what, this is freedom of expression :PRecommend

  • UMAR

    Will you please post this article in urdu version of your news paper and see the reaction of people.Recommend

  • gyanvapi

    An A-level student more profound and humane than half the adults on this earth. May God. bless you and the parents who gave birth and nurtured someone like you. May you continue to grow spiritually and teach many more that haqiqat is greater than shariat.Recommend

  • Mian Rehan Farooq


  • voidist

    hitler would have considered you a very un-aryan asian vermin
    and exterminated you on the spot ……you still want to hail him ?
    he called Brown skinned People ” Unmensch ” meaning subhuman…Recommend

  • Syed Bushra

    What really bothers me is that you see the presence of Hasidic Jews in rallies supporting Palestine and yet these ignorant and hateful bunch uses Hitler to antagonize *all* Jews.

    Please treat Palestine as a humanitarian issue rather than an ethno-centric Jews vs Arabs issue which is the narrative of Europe/US.Recommend

  • Junis

    Besides his silly pro-white racism, Hitler was a good guy. He claimed to be against people of color and was warring only against those who were white. Hitler fought against Serbs, Russians, Jews and neoconservative Allies. Does that sound like a bad guy to us Muslims? If you don’t like conspiracy theories you will, definitely not understand that Israel did 9/11.Recommend

  • Carmen S

    Hitler considered some brown people from the Middle East and India Aryan as well.

    However- the killing of innocents is always wrong and Hitler should not be glorifiedRecommend