Are we supposed to stop caring about Palestine?

Published: July 13, 2014

The mother of Palestinian Mohammed Attallah mourns his death at a hospital in the West Bank city of Ramallah. PHOTO: REUTERS

Blood seeps from a man’s face, his features rendered unrecognisable by the beating he took from that merciless iron rod a few days back. A baby is snatched from the arms of his mother and mercilessly killed under the pretence that he might have ended up becoming a ‘terrorist in the future. Fathers are slain, brothers are tortured and mothers, sisters and daughters are raped. This is how an average day looks like for a Palestinian.

And now, their land is being trampled upon by a bully of an establishment that is bombing it continually and endlessly. What was once a glorious country has been stripped of all its sanctity; it has been transformed into a bleak battlefield. A haze of fire and gun-smoke hangs over the region, stifling those within, muffling their desperate plea for help to the rest of the world.

After all these atrocities, they ask us why we hate Malala Yousafzai.

Sitting in a Starbucks café, sipping lattes, watching Malala address the UN General Assembly, celebrating ‘Malala Day’ and cheering at the news of Malala’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013, they wonder how utterly ridiculous Muslims can get. This is a brave soul who took a bullet to her head and came out undaunted, stronger and more powerful than ever. Why the backlash?

If only these Western people knew about their naivety.

When you witness strangers taking multiple bullets to their heads, their chests, their legs and their arms, you grow desensitised to the plight of one girl hit by a single bullet. You automatically direct all your sympathy to those people who are being massacred and butchered on a daily basis.

We don’t hate Malala, understand that. We just have more people to be concerned about.

What we do hate are the hypocritical standards of these ‘peace-loving’, award-giving and aid-sending people. They recognise the valour and courage of the girl who was shot by terrorists yet they ignore the multitude of innocent lives taken away in Palestine.

She was flown abroad for treatment, given the highest honours imaginable and declared an iconic girl. But what about the mothers, daughters and wives who have seen their worlds tarnish every day, because one group of people want to grab hold of their land? Why were they not saved? Why was aid not provided to them? Why aren’t their losses recognised, let alone honoured?

Her story is inspiring, yes, but theirs is utterly tragic. She is writing books of glory while they are jotting down their last wishes, not sure if they will be alive tomorrow. Her story was heard by the entire world; why are their voices being muffled then?

Israel decides to carry out massive airstrikes against the Palestinians, this time leaving them bereft of the little Gaza strip they possess. The bombings intensify and the gun-shots increase in frequency. Israelis argue that it is merely in retaliation to the attacks by Hamas. They are on the offensive side. Armed with weapons of mass destruction, nuclear power and a tremendous army force, the Israelis are the victim – that’s what they say. They aim ‘to restore peace and quiet to the citizens of Israel’ and they plan to do this by killing dozens of people every day.

As reported by the Voice of America, after the wreckage of close to 560 sites that Israel said its warplanes had hit since the operation began early Tuesday, Yuval Steinitz told Israel Radio that there is a lot more to come.

What sort of inhumane retaliation is this? Is Israel on a vendetta to finish off Palestinians for good?

I don’t know the entire history of Palestine, nor do I intend to get into the technical geographical boundary debate. All I know is these are two countries out to get vengeance, and in the process, they have both stooped to what has got to be the lowest point of deterioration mankind has ever experienced.

And what does the rest of the world do? Watch the FIFA World Cup 2014, for it comes every four years and cannot be missed.

I ask the religious authorities, is Islam really only about praying and fasting?

Is attaining piety more important than addressing the pleas and shouts of our Muslim brethren?

Is it limited to performing Hajj in the month of Zilhaj and Umrah in the month of Ramazan?

I ask our religious scholars, has Islam changed now? Does our religion no longer value human life? Is the Muslim world supposed to sit back silently and let Israel crush the innocent civilians of Palestine?

However, this is not about religion anymore. It has transcended to include the core concepts humanity hinges on – love and hate. And right now, hate is getting all the attention. Israel is killing hordes of people and the world is still putting the blame on Palestine. On what level of human intelligence is this considered acceptable? We have many instances of people who have been to Israel, who have seen the tyranny taking place there first-hand and they all pinpoint only one villain in this woefully tragic story – Israel.

On a fundamental level, what exactly is a person supposed to do? Note that I say person and not Muslim. I address our governments, our charismatic leaders, our religious authorities, the United Nations and every other organisation possessing a semblance of power… what’s a person to do? Stop caring? Blind oneself with trivialities like football? Enjoy lavish iftars in the name of religion while our fellow brethren get brutally murdered?

Well, if that’s what we are supposed to do, then I must commend our progress; for that is all that we have been doing ever since this breach against humanity has been in play.

Sara Pirazada

Sara Pirzada

A BBA student at IBA. She tweets as @PirzadaSara (

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  • Ripple

    Why are religious girls always in such a bad and bitter mood? It seems like they take their own personal frustrations out at the world. We get your point but you are literally scolding us! And yes, what are you doing for Gaza?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Wow! no mention at all of Hamas’ firing thousands of rockets into Israel, Imagine if TTP starts firing rockets every two minutes into Karachi
    Typical behaviour we see across the Muslim world, provoke someone more powerful than you and then claim victimhood when you get your backsides whipped.

    And the author talks about West’s Hypocrisy! HypocriteRecommend

  • WB

    “Blood seeps from a man’s face, his features rendered
    unrecognisable by the beating he took from that merciless iron rod a few
    days back. A baby is snatched from the arms of his mother and
    mercilessly killed under the pretence that he might have ended up
    becoming a ‘terrorist’ in
    the future. Fathers are slain, brothers are tortured and mothers,
    sisters and daughters are raped. This is how an average day looks like
    for a Palestinian.”


    This reads more like what MUSLIMS are doing to MUSLIMS in Syria, Iraq and even Pakistan.

    Either this blog writer has been mislead by someone to write the lies or she is purposely lying.

    Dear author, could you publish one authentic link to prove the above?Recommend

  • junaid

    the bigger question is Kashmir have we abandoned it? Why no hue & cry about human rights violation. First case must be strong against Kashmir then there can be empathy towards palestineRecommend

  • WB

    “After all these atrocities, they ask us why we hate Malala Yousafzai.

    Sitting in a Starbucks café, sipping lattes, watching Malala address
    the UN General Assembly, celebrating ‘Malala Day’ and cheering at the
    news of Malala’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013,
    they wonder how utterly ridiculous Muslims can get. This is a brave
    soul who took a bullet to her head and came out undaunted, stronger and
    more powerful than ever. Why the backlash?”

    Madam, what has Malala got anything to do with Isreal? Doesn’t matter what latte sipping westerners ask, but is that even relevant.

    I understand that you hate Malala for god knows what reason. But I don’t see the connection here.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Let’s not worry about Palestine. There is Saudia, The Gulf States, Qatar, Oman
    Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey there. Who are helping the Palestinians. Let’s worry about this country,..about to go over an abyss. And one million IDP’S. For starters,.. let us worry about the Land Of The Pure.Recommend

  • WB

    “Is attaining piety more important than addressing the pleas and shouts of our Muslim brethren?”

    Aren’t your Muslim brethren dying in much much much higher numbers in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt?

    I guess it’s ok for a Muslim to kill thousands of Muslims. But a non Muslim acting in self defense is not acceptable.

    Since you look like a religious person, let me ask you a humble question: “Is this what the Holy Quran teaches? To hate non Muslims and then kill fellow Muslims?”Recommend

  • WB

    “Is the Muslim world supposed to sit back silently and let Israel crush the innocent civilians of Palestine?”

    Madam, did you equally condemn the killing of Hindus in Srilanka? Did you equally condemn the killing of Hindus by Pak based terrorists? Did you equally condemn the killing of Buddhists by China?

    If you don’t have honesty, you can expect more bloodshed targeted against your brothers for many more centuries and Muslims will continue to be slaves and oppressed unless they shed dishonesty.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    WOW. The lack of intelligence you show is alarming.
    you called the people who send aid to Pakistan Peace loving hypocrites? WHY?
    WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO? Please be kind enough to tell me how we should “SUPPORT” Palestine when every-time a resolution is forwarded in th UN the U.S.A rejects and vetoes it.
    and then you have the utter audacity to compare Malala with Palestine, please try to get a sense of perspective before you write. Malala and Palestine are as different as can be, one is a girl , other is a nation. How do u compare the support these two are getting?
    Lastly I would like you personally to answer these simple questions.
    I enjoy lavish iftars, please tell me how I can cut back on iftars and support Palestine when all aid is blocked.?
    PLEASE tell me why the Saudi Arabian Government does nothing for Palestine?
    Please enlighten us as to how we can help a nation which the most powerful Islamic nations have deserted?
    You know it is very very easy to just write condemning articles like this where you hurl abuse at people. but when it comes to doing anything practical people like you have no answers.Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    Dear Author, by mentioning the Muslim world kindly clarify which Muslim world you are talking about, the Shia Muslim world or the Sunni Muslim world because nowadays there are all sorts of “Muslim world” and they are busy fighting each other.
    The Religious Authorities.Recommend

  • WB

    “Israel is killing hordes of people and the world is still putting the blame on Palestine. On what level of human intelligence is this considered acceptable?”

    Madam, since you do not know the history of Palestine and Israel, you shouldn’t write such things.

    Hamas started the whole war. They always start. So, Hamas must suffer.

    Besides, Hamas is a terrorist organization. Like JuD which has been recently banned by US.Recommend

  • WB

    “We have many instances of people who have been to Israel,
    who have seen the tyranny taking place there first-hand and they all
    pinpoint only one villain in this woefully tragic story – Israel.”

    I have been to Israel several times and the only villain here is the Palestinian terrorist organizations.

    ET, you have allowed such hate-filled and illogical and flat blog to be published.

  • WB

    “what’s a person to do? Stop caring? Blind oneself with trivialities like
    football? Enjoy lavish iftars in the name of religion while our fellow
    brethren get brutally murdered?”

    You can go to Palestine and tend to the injured and feed the hungry.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    3 Israeli boys go missing and are found dead 2 weeks later. A Palestinian “terrorist”- (because remember, that word is reserved for Muslims only) group is accused of killing them without any trial taking place. And because of that, Israel decides to bomb the life out of Palestine. Yesterday, a disabled care centre was bombed- obviously containing paraplegic terrorists.- or probably Hamas, as Indians believe.

    Where is the UN? Where is Michelle Obama, Malala etc who held up a page saying “bring back our girls”, are Palestinians not human beings? Furthermore, Fox news, BBC, CNN are all showing pictures of the disastrous aftermath in Palestine and falsely claiming that these are the scenes from Israel.

    Netanyahu is the modern day firoun and my Allah is watching. History will repeat itself and he will pay.

    ET do publish this comment, for it is the truth and that’s what real journalism is.Recommend

  • Prof

    “On a fundamental level, what exactly is a person supposed to do? Note
    that I say person and not Muslim.”

    First, you must recognize that you have power. Not a lot, and not the kind of power that extends half way across the globe. But power in your own country, or city, or neighborhood or at least your own home. Look there. You might find some brutally oppressed and tyrannized person that you can actually help.

    But if you cant find it in your heart to care for the Ahmedis, Christians, Hindus and Shias in your vicinity than all your pleas are over dramatized hypocrisy and not worth the few minutes I’ve already given them.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Yep, the Palestine conflict is Malala’s fault – she should be sanctioned by the UN and declared a terrorist; and of course, Hamas is charitable organization, much like those in Pakistan. There seems to be this frantic search for causes that can generate self-righteous anger to feed that 24/7 sense of victimhood – in some ways, it is almost like a ‘fix’. The fact that you couldn’t find any injustice in your own backyard to rail against (say actual terrorists who are killing innocents) is also rather telling – instead Starbucks, Malala, Fifa, Iftar parties all find mention. Maybe you just need some distant doorstep to lay convenient blame for all the problems that YOU choose to recognize.Recommend

  • breera

    When Israelis injured by a Palestinian attack just stone throwers, the TV news networks are quick to cut to “breaking news” reports but steady killing of Palestinian civilians, many of them children, by the Israeli occupation army goes largely unnoticed and unreported.Recommend

  • Khurram

    Ya Allah Ya Allah help my brothers and sisters in Palestine……Recommend

  • harsh

    Argentina vs Germany final must watchRecommend

  • Aakashvaani

    Of course, as Pakistanis its our birthright to poke our noses in everybody affairs other than ourselves. We don’t care if nobody cares about us and our nuclear assets but we are the self-proclaimed leaders of the Ummah regardless of what the rest of Ummah thinks of us. We don’t care if muslims in Pakistan are dying of hunger, poverty, disease and terrorism but we will set ourselves on fire upon any conflict remotely concerning muslims in the world, big or small.Recommend

  • Flightless

    Let us know when you start caring about anyone other than Muslims. And how exactly is your non-Muslim population these days?Recommend

  • Sheraz

    next time please stay away from Football.Recommend

  • Farhan

    What’s Malala got to do with what’s happening in Gaza?

    We don’t forget Gaza. But those who should remember Gaza the most are it’s immediate neighbours, many of whom are close to Israel and US.

    You right wingers also shouldn’t forget about Pakistan and how it’s suffered at the hands of the Taliban.Recommend

  • ISmail

    If some one kills your mother,father brother and left you alone in this world what’s next ? Its human nature that you will must take revange ..even Americans will do the same as in a a movie “White house down ” they show how an american attacked white house because his son was killed in an operation ordered by Mr President.In drone attacks innocents are killed and as a result their children and relatives join militants groups.Recommend

  • Akbar

    MA the author has shown courage and written on one those topics our pseudo-liberals cannot bear to listen to: The eternal hypocrisy of the Western world. Good job.Recommend

  • faraz

    ‘After all these atrocities, they ask us why we hate Malala Yousafzai.’ Because she isn’t Israel’s PM?Recommend

  • Hamza

    I don’t know where on earth do you see the whole world putting the blame on Palestine. There have been large protests in cities like London, Cologne and New York. CNN and BBC show Gaza daily in their headlines as the major story.
    And Please! Just because someone is watching the FIFA World Cup does NOT AT ALL mean that they don’t care about Gaza or are not doing anything!Recommend

  • MCK

    who cares about them , I need to feed my Family .Recommend

  • Minto

    Great article but a sad reminder at sorry and helpless state of Muslim ummah. We are sorry Palestine, we are sorry, you are being massacred and we just stand on the side.Recommend

  • Alann

    “I ask our religious scholars, has Islam changed now? Does our religion no longer value human life?”

    You don’t need to ask anyone. Just look at Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, Lebanon, Malaysia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and to some extent, India, Bangladesh & China.
    But to be more accurately, the problem is not that Islam has changed. The problem is that Islam hasn’t changed. All other religions, to a large extent, evolved over the last ~200 years. Only Islam is stuck in 7th century, and therein lies the problem. No single religion is 100% perfect, when the Islamists learn that, the world will be a much peaceful place.Recommend

  • raees

    Feeling Jealousy with Malala.Recommend

  • raees

    The act of firing bullet in skull of Malala drew a line between the education loving moderates and conservatives having their base in Sulfism.Recommend

  • Avtar


  • Faulitics

    Comparing negatively a brave Pakistani girl who stood up against the Taliban and got shot with some Arab people who got shot because of a land dispute? Recommend

  • Staunch Believer

    you need to see the world, tarvel abit. ….Wht Israel is doing is Genocide..So is TTP and so is ISSI…pushing Malala in this conflict makes no sense to me…Btw u have more religious tolerance in west countries than our country…RegardsRecommend

  • Guest

    Look who’s talking. Proud Sponsors of killing of thousands of kashmiri pandits who were living there since last 5000 years..Why acc. to you guys “Non Muslims are not equal humans. They must be converted or killed or wait for the right opportunity”… Amazing !!Recommend

  • Holocaust Survivor

    The above column is pure propaganda with a lot fabrication. When did Israeli soldiers (massively) rape a Palestinian daughter or a sister? The Israeli army is the most moral army in the world. Which army in the world drops leaflets, before they attack? Which army warns civilians by telephoning them? Which army uses the smallest bombs to minimize civilian casualties? The problem is Hamas, which fires its rockets from civilian areas and uses civilians as human shield. Hamas deliberately forces women and children in harm’s way, so to gain international sympathy. Hamas also stores its weapons in hospitals, kindergarten, and mosques. Despite these immoral tactics, the majority of those killed in Israeli precision strikes are terrorists.
    If Palestinians had the kind of firepower that Israel has, they would not have hesitated to use it to annihilate Israel. Israeli’s on the other hand shows remarkable restrain. In fact, Israel’s civilian casualty ratio of 1:30 is the lowest of all armies in the world. Israel is far considerate of guarding civilians than other comparable armies. Often strikes are abandoned at last minute as terrorists use human shields and civilian places as sanctuary.


  • Needroos

    What are you talking about? These are gross generalisations, straw men in your heads. Who is asking anyone to care less about Palestinians. 10,000s are protesting against Israel across the world.Recommend

  • ayaz

    being the takadar of Islam, Pakistan have to send army to free Palestine. While our co-founders Al-Arab should be kept quite and enjoy lavish lives.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    @author – what do you propose ? An all out war so that there are innocent people killed on both sides. Have you suggested a political solution ? Can we start a dialog with Jews by recognizing the rights of Jewish people in the state of Israel.

    As a Shia Muslim, I believe Israel Palestine conflict is a political issue, it is not a fight between Islam and Judaism. You should have also highlighted the innocent Israelis who were killed by Hamas militant. We Muslim tend to portray us as victims but we never highlight the plight of non Muslims when they are at the receiving end.

    You know Egypt govt. decided not to mediate a ceasefire on behalf of Palestine. Why ? This whole cycle of violence started with the kidnapping and killing of 3 Jewish teenager who were also innocent victim of violence. We should not condone more acts of violence but look for political settlement by implementing two state solution leaving in peace and harmony.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Reading this blog I can figure that in a subtle manner the author wants us Muslim to perform jihad to solve a political problem at hand. Solution is easy Muslim majority countries can start by recognizing the state of Israel and create a two state with more focus on land distribution and a political solution.Recommend

  • niceGuy

    bravo! what ab incredible piece of writingRecommend

  • Humza

    The author of this article should probably do her research, learn something about the history of zionism and the region in the last century and a half. She needs to do more than just pathos. This article is laden with assumptions and statements that make no sense. The link to Malala Yusufzai is both unnecessary and offensive. The world must come together for Palestine, if anything the author and her views represent the reasons it has not; ignorance, incoherence and an inability to think rationally about an issue and address it in a way that actually makes a difference. This is fluff of the very worst kind.Recommend

  • abhi099

    Recently indian muslims packed their bags and went to iraq to fight in isis. I hope they do the same for gaza. I really wonder why pakistan doesnt help people of gaza by giving their nukes if they are so much worried about them?Recommend

  • COmmando

    I condemn Israel just as much as you and we should care about Palestinians but the same goes for Hamas too.
    Because when you poke an enemy which is 1000 times stronger than you the result for some reason is very obvious.

    So in my books the blood of those children is only on Israel it is also on the hands of Hamas, for creating a situation such as thatRecommend

  • Necromancer

    I think we should care about Pakistan first 50000 people compared to 150, apple and oranges, secondly Palestinians themselves are to be blamed for this whole messRecommend

  • Pakistan_First

    How about caring for Pakistan first? Last I checked we were also fighting for our existence.Recommend

  • Pakistan_First

    I wonder how many Muslim countries are rallying to help Pakistan against the terrorists.Recommend

  • Waqar

    Excellent! And for those who say why not Pakistan first, it’s not like we have send an army there but a voice needs to be raised against the oppressors and if you don’t do even that then it is sad state.Recommend

  • sharabi

    An Article full of JEW Hatred propaganda, Madam HAMAS is real cause of what we are seeing these days & ISRAEL have every right to defend its citizensRecommend

  • WB

    You missed a very important fact on purpose to mislead your Muslim brothers (that is only if you have a right to call yourself a Muslim in Pakistan).

    That is, one of the dead soldiers sent phone message to his people that they are being taken by Palestinian terrorists.

    Besides, what trial? Use your brain. These are enemies living outside the judicial limit of Israel.

    What Hamas did was a clear act of war by killing three soldiers.

    Hamas started the war, now Hamas must suffer.

    Pakistan should support Israel to continue the bombardment to eliminate Hamas and Fatah.

    These terrorist organizations have no place on earth.

    The innocent people have my sympathies. But they are unfortunate collateral damages and their blood is on the hands of fellow Palestinians.Recommend

  • WB

    I have agree that the root of problems is that Islam hasn’t changed.

    Islam should change or Muslims will continue to be slaves and oppressed and murdered and worse than vermin.

    I’m sorry if this hurts someone, but this is the truth.

    A 1400 year old book should be used as a guidance and not as a cure-all.Recommend

  • WB

    Well said. But would have said that if you were a Sunni Muslim? Just asking.Recommend

  • WB

    Completely agree.

    This blog is written by someone who has no knowledge of history, grammar, coherence and doesn’t even have the courage to show her (or is it his?!) face of reply to our comments.

    This blog writer reminds me of what Hamas does.

    Kill someone, run away and then hide among the ordinary people.

    Pure cowardice.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    How about you read the countless blogs on Pakistan on ET? Recommend

  • baig

    There is no mention of Israel throwing phosphorous bomb on Gaza in the article.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    What a joke. If Kashmiris were having such a tough time, they would be running away to Pakistan – instead there are more people coming from PoJ&K to the Indian side than the other way around. This is not to say that human rights violations do not happen, but that Pakistan has no locus standi or moral right to comment. You are bombing your own citizens every day.Recommend

  • ullo bata

    did you even read the article blog before “vomiting” ?

    Malala is not being compared with Palestine, attitude of west towards one innocent girl vs. attitude of west towards many innocent children women and men has been compared. And the difference between the two cases is that former is a victim of fellow “Muslims” so its a “CASE” for west, while the later are victims of Israel and so that’s not a “CASE” for west.

    The whole world seemed to stand behind Malala when she was hit by bullet, where are those people now, sleeping?

    lastly answers to your questions:

    1- You can carry on with your lavish Iftars, there will be many others who will cut back and somehow reach out to Palestinians, no need to take burden on your stomach, carry on please.

    2- Why Saudi Government not doing any thing? Ask Saudi Government, writer is not a spokesperson for Sauds, but apparently they are impotent (or even may be supporting Israel indirectly).

    3- Pakistan was much weaker back in 1950s when it became voice of Palestinians, North Africa and even Japan and did influence UN in taking some actions, it played vital role in independence of West African Muslim Nations.

    You were supporting blog on Malala but you don’t like blog on Palestine, the same question you have asked here, I asked to you when you supported Malala blindly “what practically good you have done” other than commenting on blogs….and you went silent….Recommend

  • abhi099

    I really cant understand why pakistan is not using its nukes for kashmir . India is thirsty to respond.Recommend

  • abhi099

    seems like god is not favourable to hamas. Jews are blessed indeed. For 3 jews 150 muslims are dead.Recommend

  • Aphtab

    On a serious note the Palestinians should be advised to follow the basic human instinct of self preservation by avoiding confrontation with a stronger and a more powerful adversary. Expecting Islamic countries to intervene is unrealistic. Each country has its own self interest in mind while formulating foreign policy. On a lighter note; since when have our leaders become charismatic.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Muslims have changed, that’s the whole problem.

    One more thing, followers of Islam are called Muslims, not “Islamists”,
    might help when you are trying to get your point across to them.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Ok so if Islam changed, what would happen? Please tell me. What in Islam’s teachings needs to be changed?

    Of course to answer this, you need adequate knowledge of the religion itself; which I suppose you dont have, having read your comments.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    How can you mislead the misled? And what would YOU know about my intentions, since you accused me of apparently leaving this extremely “important” point. You people have a habit of making assumptions- negative ones of that.

    “Hamas started the war”- bombing a country which has no army, no navy, nor an air force is not called war, its called genocide.

    “Hamas must suffer”- that’s the thing, Hamas is not suffering, innocent civilians are!

    LOL Pakistan does not even recognise Israel as a state and they will support them in this genocide which Israel calls “retaliation”. yeh right :L

    Let Pakistan do its job of getting rid of the taliban in north waziristan.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Think !Recommend

  • Pakistan_First

    Do you know how many Pakistanis lost their lives due to terrorism, kid?Recommend

  • torch wala phone

    Sir, with you knowing the history very well….can you enlighten us, WHO STARTED IT…… when, why and how Israel was created ? Please…can you?

    P.S. by your standards of courage, covering face is cowardice, then, public nudity is???Recommend

  • WB

    There is nothing offensive in this comment. I am only replying to someone who says that I have no adequate knowledge, to someone who has read quran.

    I’m glad you asked me that. I will give you only a smidgen of changes required.
    DID you say I’m taking things out of context. Then you have to explain to be that why god forgot contexts while giving the best book of the best religion to the best man in the world?

    Because even ordinary novelists are asked to give contexts.Recommend

  • torch wala phone

    lets assume she equally care for Hindus victimized in Sri Lanka, Budhists in China, Ahmadies in Pakistan….then, wots your point here?

    lets make another assumption, she doesn’t care of any one other than Palestinian, OK, she is hypocrite, does that still justify Hammas Killing Jews and Israel Killing Muslims?

    Come on stop trolling & personal attacks and make objective opinion.Recommend

  • Pakistan_First

    See, this guy doesn’t even know how many people are dying in Pakistan. Dear author, how many blogs you have written to highlight the plight of your own country?Recommend

  • torch wala phone

    your opinion is reasonable.

    I have but same question from you, does Torah or Bible allow to hate non jews and non christians and then kill them?

    All parties are wrong here, its a political war in guise of religion.Recommend

  • WB

    By Islamists he was talking about those who want to establish Islamic rule in the world.

    However you are right that Muslims have changed in the wrong direction. They are not following the words of god as they should be. They have gone astray.

    Here are some proof.


    2:114: denounces those who prevent Allah’s name in the place of worship. This means Musims have no right to prevent Ahmadis from praying to Allah in their houses of worship.

    4: 97: Quran clearly asks Muslims to move out of the land of the oppressors. If Palestinians feel that they are oppressed, they should move elsewhere.

    6: 68 clearly asks Muslims to turn away from those who offend Quran. They why Blasphemy laws?

    15: 05 No nation outlives its term. Time has come for Palestine and Pakistan to understand this.

    17: 27 Quran strictly forbids wastefulness. Yet, here you are wasting your meaningless words.

    I can go on and on. But ET won’t publish long messages.Recommend

  • An

    FYI – Hamas is the legally elected governement of Palestine. This is a well-thought agenda of calling them terrorists because they defend themselves. It is purely created so Israel gets the license to bomb almost every single place in the country by calling it terrorist owned which includes govt schools, govt hospitals etc.Recommend

  • WB

    Yes, Pakistan must immediately recognize Israel and support it against terrorist Hamas.

    Hamas doesn’t have army. But they have terrorists. They have rockets, They have bombs.

    Innocent lives are lost in any war like Zarbeazb. Before you ask Israel to stop the offensive you should ask your own country to stop killing the innocent in the name of Zarbeazb.

    Please tell me that the sword of the great prophet doens’t like the blood of innocent women and children of NWFP.

    And finally, you agree that you are misled. Then it’s not your fault.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Your comments suggests you have no understanding of religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, … all are divine religions. Humans can not change them.

    Humans can adopt, reject, twist, delete, temper with religion but that doesn’t mean religion has evolved or changed. The fact that Jews & Christians tempered with Torah & Bible to the extant that present versions of those holy books are almost man made and does not represent Judaism and Christianity and hence render the two schools of thought as virtually non existent. Quran on the other hand is preserved in its true and 100% same form as was revealed to Muhammad P.B.U.H. and hence is the only divine religion existing on earth. Muslims, and majority of them, have adopted life style in conflict of teachings of Quran and hence suffering. It is absolutely foolish to suggest that Islam as a divine religion shall be changed according to the needs of day i.e. wishes of humans (Muslims).

    On the other hand the so called “evolution” of Christianity or Judaism has rendered these school of thoughts as lip service only with majority of Christians and Jews “non practicing” owing to various conflicts they face as they follow the “evolved” version of their faith..Recommend

  • torch wala phone

    Please read the lines at least thrice…there is no connection suggested between Malala and Palestine, but the response/reaction of “crowd” has been compared…Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Madam, since you do not know the history of Palestine and Israel, you shouldn’t write such things.

    Sir….Please read and understand the HISTORY OF CREATION OF ISRAEL, it would be of your benefit to read the UN debate of the times Israel was being created…

    little you know….

    Hamas may be a terrorist organisation (i have no doubt in this fact) but that still doesn’t justify what Israel is doing and has done since its creation….Recommend

  • WB

    Well sir, you are very respectful.

    I will do one better and take you back a 1000 years when Islam spread across the middle east and east and west.

    That was the time when the following people were persecuted severly: Christians, Zorostrians, Egyptian religions (you know the story of Mant, Uzza) and Jews.

    Israel is the land of Moses, Aaron, Adem, Noah, Hud, Abraham, Jesus, Isaac, Ismail, Johan, John the Baptiste, Miriam, Zachariah and many more before Prophet Mohammed. A majority of them called themselves Jews.

    Of course, Ismail (son of Abraham and Hagar) is a Muslim.

    Israel was the land of the Jews. And because of persecution, they were forced to leave their land.

    FYI, a couple of tribes came to India also, unable to survive the marauding Muslmis. Some of them settled in the West coast in Kerala and Maharashtra. The others settled in Eastern India near Assam.

    This is how Jews were removed from their land and Muslims and Christians settled.

    This is just a trivia. You can google more and find out.

  • Torch wala phone

    Muslims killing Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Paksitan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and else where is condemn-able and calls for immediate actions to stop all the blood shed.

    Does Hammas Killing Jews and Israel Killing Muslims get a justification based on whats happening in Syria, Iraq, Libya….etc?Recommend

  • torch wala phone

    ET is publishing your venom as well !Recommend

  • WB

    My point is, if Muslims en-masse, started caring for others, others will care for Muslims equally.

    “lets make another assumption, she doesn’t care of any one other than
    Palestinian, OK, she is hypocrite, does that still justify Hammas
    Killing Jews and Israel Killing Muslims?”

    No. You are right.

    But it justifies why we are silent.

    Point taken. NO more personal comments. However, “objective opinion” is an oxymoron. A opinion is always subjective.Recommend

  • WB


    All are wrong here. So, stop only blaming Israel.Recommend

  • WB

    I’m not an author. I am just a commenter.

    I comment everywhere. Even here highlighting the plight of my country.

    I was the first one to condemn many things about India right here.Recommend

  • WB

    God! ET, why did you publish if you removed the verses I mentioned?

    Making my comment a nonsensical rant.

  • WB

    It did publish your acid also.Recommend

  • WB


    This is what is called incoherence. There is no objective to this writing except expressing hatred for ‘the others’.

    Otherwise, if the author was coherent, she would have compared the reaction of the “crowd” – whatever that means – to ISIS killing to Israel violence.

    Because comparing to Malala’s case makes no sense.

    This lack of coherence is because either this writer hasn’t written much or doesn’t know how to properly think and construct an argument or she left caution to wind while expressing hatred.

    One of the three reasons.Recommend

  • WB

    NO. You are right. I was condemning her lies and comparing them to what happens in Iraq and Syria.

    But she has written lies.

    Especially this is her imagination: “A baby is snatched from the arms of his mother and
    mercilessly killed under the pretence that he might have ended up
    becoming a ‘terrorist’ in
    the future.”

    Things like this is what Pakistan did in Bangladesh. Israel is not doing this.Recommend

  • akbar

    Seriously why drag Malala here… and how about supporting your own IDPs
    first? or the trauma filled children from bomb explosion… Lets first
    help ourselves to help others.. just blogs and facebook aint war enough.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi

    Same drivel you spout on other blogs,..AnoopRecommend

  • WB

    Ok Mr. Naila

    ET is afraid of publishing my full comment. I have quoted plenty of verses which demean women and justify their beatings and also verses that talk about kiling Kafirs and Jews and Christians etc.

    Et has removed them all because that amounts to blasphemy in Pakistan.

    So, I can’t give you a proper answer here.Recommend

  • WB

    Sir, I have replied to this comment above. You can refer to that.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Yes I do Mother, very well too. But all I meant with my comment was that there are other things going on in this world and there is no harm caring for fellow human beingsRecommend

  • MIS

    errr..and you call yourself a Holocaust survivor?!Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Lol you call me Naila and then use Mr…. Naila is a girl’s name :/

    And to your comment: seriously, so 1.6 billion people who have read the Quran’s translation are illiterate and dont understand what they read?! The fastest growing religion in the world talks about demeaning women and killing kafirs? Well then I must not follow Islam properly, as I live in Christian majority country and have not yet killed anyone. Thankyou man, for showing me the light. Not.

    One verse for you: “Indeed, those who disbelieve – it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them – they will not believe.” Holy Quran (2:6)

    Good day.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    “However you are right that Muslims have changed in the wrong direction. They are not following the words of God as they should be. They have gone astray.”

    So you do have some sense.

    2:114- Bro, you are speaking to an Ahmadi

    4:97- Don’t get me started on who’s land it was initially. Tell me where they should escape to. Which countries around Palestine are capable enough to house Palestinians?

    6:68- Did Islam make blasphemy laws? No. We are talking religion, not nations. Focus.

    15:05- In your dreams :)

    17:27- Also my time on a person who doesn’t deserve it.

  • Jahil hamid

    Oh my ! distance makes the heart grow fonder is it ? or non muslims are sub humans ? Never heard you bleat so piteously when minorities are being slaughtered in al bakistan ? Or even when boko Haram kidnapped the girls in Nigeria ? What about the muslim on muslim slaughter in Syria and Iraq ? Hypocrite.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    too long didn’t read, try to make short comments instead of vomiting everything you hear at the local mosque.Recommend

  • Crazy Lady

    Lady, where is your outrage when Shia pilgrims get murdered in Pakistan? About 700 Shias were killed in Pakistan last year. And many more Hindus and Christians. it’s about time we start caring about our own people. Some people need to get some perspective.Recommend

  • arsha

    and yet societies with supposedly “non-practicing” religions are the ones where there is much more tolerance, respect for human values, scientific contribution towards progress of humanity along with much less corruption. So perhaps evolution has demonstrated much better results so far.Recommend

  • NS

    As always, the discussion is digressing from the main topic. Dragging religion into every single thing on the planet seems to be a fashionable trend. Obviously because controversy turns more heads that’s all. Especially when most have no idea what they are talking about. Way to go people!Recommend