Israel, Palestine and a lifetime of violence

Published: July 11, 2014

An explosion in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, after what police said was an Israeli airstrike. PHOTO: REUTERS

Palestinians gather around a destroyed house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. PHOTO: REUTERS Israeli Arabs take part in a protest in the northern city of Acre against the abduction and killing of Palestinian teenager. PHOTO: REUTERS Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu eulogises yesterday at the joint funeral for the three Israeli teens who were abducted and killed in the occupied West Bank. PHOTO: REUTERS An explosion in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, after what police said was an Israeli airstrike. PHOTO: REUTERS

The past few weeks have seen a sharp rise in tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, following the tragic death of three Israeli teenagers and the consequent revenge killing of a Palestinian teen. The ultra nationalist zeal instigated by these recent events has led to a potentially catastrophic situation with a looming threat of an Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza strip.

By Wednesday, Israel had carried out close to a hundred airstrikes that had resulted in the deaths of over 80 Palestinians. Similarly, Hamas had fired over 300 rockets into Israel during the same period and called all Israelis “legitimate targets”.

As the escalations increase and the world splits between Israel and Palestine, it’s important to not only condemn any and all forms of violence but also highlight the ineffectiveness of violence as a means to achieve any resolution on the dispute.

Israel and Hamas are locked in a self-serving vicious cycle of violence, where each party’s actions not only hurt the other party but also legitimise a response. Hamas fires rockets into Israel that propels Israel to launch airstrikes into Gaza, which results in civilian deaths and that, in turn, helps legitimise the actions of Hamas and compels it to continue launching rockets.

Despite being a little too familiar with this cycle, we see few international efforts to effectively engage all parties in the region to come to a settlement. However, what we do see is an over abundance of propaganda from both sides to label the other as oppressive, terrorising and somehow intrinsically evil. These propagandists thrive on these cyclical events through which they continue to push for a clash of cultures and ideas.

However, the vast majority of Palestinians and Israelis have seen enough violence and conflict for a lifetime and it’s time to reconcile differences through socio-political dialogue. Few years of sustained dialogue between the Palestinian authority and the Israeli state have yielded better results for both parties than decades of violence and war.

The fact of the matter is that Israel, with all its firepower and military strength, cannot overcome Hamas or any other Palestinian group through the use force alone and similarly Hamas or any other Palestinian organisation cannot liberate Palestine through the use of force alone. Simply put, violence only begets violence.

And as the situation in Gaza deteriorates, let’s call on our collective humanity by raising a cry for peace. Let’s call on both parties, and not just one, to act responsibly and to put aside tools of violence and oppression.

Let’s hope that sanity will prevail.


Nabeel Chohan

The author is a young urban professional based out of Washington DC who likes to read, write and talk about politics, religion and the intersection of the two. He tweets @nabeel_chohan (

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  • Minerva

    Really balanced article. Thumbs up.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Humanity -.-Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    There are certain despicable elements who will attempt to justify this and come up with the usual venomous diatribes like ‘Muslims getting a taste of their own medicine’ or ‘Pakistan has no right to protest you are a hotbed of extremism etc ( but they have a right to post their venomous remarks)’ or ‘Muslims can’t live peacefully any where’ or ‘Palestine and Kashmir are not muslim lands. The first because certain people who left 2000 years old and have no cultural or even ethnic similarity to the land want it back and the second because some obscure Rishi lived here thousands of years ago and gave the land it’s name( allegedly)!’. These arguments show the deep rooted hate and sadism in the behavior of some people. Whether it is Palestine, Iraq or Kashmir there glee at whatever happens ill towards Muslims is evident. hey are even gloating over the attacks on Muslims in Sri lanka obviously taking out their frustrations now their beloved Proxy LTTE has been crushed completely by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The muslims of Sri lanka are a peaceful and loyal community. Unlike some others they did not join hands with the regional bully and launched a rebellion. indulged in ethnic cleaning of fellow Tamil speakers on the basis of their religion and launched hundreds of suicide attacks. Ironically nobody ever said that Tamils doing suicide attacks are linked to their religion ye Islam is to be blamed for every bad thing a muslim does.Recommend

  • marium

    Oh my God!! This is insaneRecommend

  • نائلہ

    They can kill Muslims, but they can never kill Islam.Recommend

  • doesnt mattter

    Pakistan army is also bombing its own citizens for its security interests. Why are no pictures of that circulating on the net?Recommend

  • mimi sur

    This is Nationalism . A tiny country surrounded by big Islamic countries and terrorists of course .Recommend

  • Ayesha

    How anyone can take amusement and joy in the death and destruction of the innocent (even if they are part of the enemy) is beyond me. I am a Muslim, but I would never enjoy seeing dead Jews/Hindus/OtherFaiths.Recommend

  • Aakashvaani

    Can’t speak much about Palestine due to my limited knowledge on the subject. However, Kashmir is another issue and when a Paki talks about the history of Kashmir the obvious question is how old is Pakistan…hmmm. Long story short, Want Kashmir? Come take it!Recommend

  • MoMagic

    Balanced? What drugs are you smoking??Recommend

  • Queen

    It is sad that there will be some ‘people’ [especially from across the border] who will defend these air strikes. What is happening in Palestine and what the people of Palestine have faced over the years; is simply terrible. The international powers have failed to resolve the Palestine-Israel conflict in the same way as they have failed to resolve the Kashmir issue. There is a need to make efforts so that ceasefire can be declared on both sides as peace cannot be achieved through violence.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Because no Pakistanis are taking pleasure in the death of their own people. Also, terrorists are the target, not children as in Israel’s case.Recommend

  • Uzair.R

    The question is how much israelis have been killed by hammas rockets fired in retaliation while on the other side 80 civilians lost there lives by barbaric airstrikes.
    The question is who abducted three Israelis that let Israel to burn alive a young Palestinian after his abduction.
    The fact Israel is with the history of brutality that must be condemned by rest of the worldRecommend

  • WB

    There is a reason.

    Hamas wants Israel destroyed. Hamas wants every Zionist dead.

    Please tell me, why wouldn’t Israel rejoice?

    Didn’t America rejoice when its enemy Bin Laden was killed?

    Didn’t Pakistanis distribute sweets when Mumbai attacks and 9/11 happened?

    Don’t forget history so easily. You reap what you sow.Recommend

  • _mrsSyed

    It makes me sick how casually this article has been written, ignoring absolutely the larger issue at hand. How can you turn a blind eye to the injustice happening??? The complex issue of Palestine is far greater than a “self-serving vicious cycle” of violence and to label it as a “propoganda” just shows how misinformed the writer is. This is certainly NOT the “BIG PICTURE”.Recommend

  • Taufiq

    Mr. Chohan: big fail at trying to be unbiased. This is not a conflict. It is genocide/mass murder. There are other topics on which you may try to hone your journalistic skills.

  • WB

    Really?! women and children are not dying in Zarbeazb?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Show me proof of Pakistanis distributing sweets when Mumbai attacks happened. Disgusting. And at 9/11?! Ridiculous.

    America rejoiced because they got their “revenge”- regardless of how many innocents lost their lives because of their cause.
    Pakistanis DO NOT get ANY happiness from the death of Indians or any other human being.

    There is this thing called HUMANITY WB, dont know if you have ever heard of it; but Hamas does NOT equal every single Palestinian. And by killing the people of Palestine is Israel automatically safe? No.

    YOU are the one forgetting history. What Hitler did to the Jews, the Jews are doing to the Palestinians. The Holocaust is repeating itself. The only difference is the victim has now become the criminal.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Are they the target though? The terrorists are also being killed- haven’t they already murdered women and children of Pakistan?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Below in your comment, you:
    – justified the death of Palestinians
    – accused Pakistanis of “distributing sweets” at the event of 26/11 and 9/11- thereby exposing how much “deep seated hatred you have towards” Pakistan and Muslims and Islam.

    You both need to visit the same doctor.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Israel has killed more children than total number of goals in ALL of the FIFA Worldcups.Recommend

  • WB

    Let me ask you this…

    Your home is surrounded by a dozen families who are bloodthirsty, uncivilized brutes who want to take down your house and kill each one in your family, including your six month old daughter and twelve year old brother and your eighty five year old grandfather.

    They have no mercy. They react to no reason. They want you destroyed.

    Will you take your gun the moment they throw a stone at your window or not?

    When you take out your gun, they will say that your reaction is disproportionate. But the problem is, if you let them throw stone at your window today, tomorrow they will throw fire.

    Now think about this…

    They believe that this house is not really yours. They believe that you have taken their house.

    But the truth is, you have only reclaimed your original house which was snatched away from you several years ago, because your neighbors wanted to convert or kill your ancestors who did not agree to their religion.

    In other words their hatred for your family members is historic and deep seated. Won’t you take out your gun on them or you will let them kill your baby?

    No. Don’t answer me yet. Think.

    Not yet. Think more.

    No. Think more.Recommend

  • WB

    The truth is Muslims/Arabs took their land while expanding their religion east west north and south.

    Now they are taking their home back.

    Are you going to deny that Isreal is not the land of Jews? Moses, Jesus, Abrahm, Noah, Isaac were not from Isreal?

    When a new religion came some sixteen hundred years ago, they were made to flee with the kind of violence it brought with.Recommend

  • Ali Dude

    such a guilty on ET how can Palestinians launch rockets they even dont have something to eat and how they can have weapons stop misguiding people and stop being a blind follower of Zionist mediaRecommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    No Pakistanis didn’t celebrate and distribute sweets over Mumbai and 9/11 attacks. Wake up form your coma.Recommend

  • think about it

    Obviously, the research for this article was done from newspaper headlines. You call it a vicious cycle of violence. You are ignorant. What it is, quite simply, is Israel using one of the largest, most well equipped armies on earth using sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to attack and bomb refugee camps, slums, schools, mosque and a population with no army, no navy, no air defense system, no command in control, no mechanized armor or heavy weapons, a population that has only two options, either to surrender it to resist, and they are taking the only honorable ams correct recourse, they are resisting a nation of terrorists, a nation filled with prejudice and lies and hypocrisy, and calling what is happening a cycle, or even a war, anything that implies a balance between the two sides is wrong, it misrepresents reality, and quite frankly, its shameful. You want to move forward by forgetting the gross atrocities committed by Israel over the decades, the people of Gaza should be ashamed by you, they are the ones with the most to lose, the ones who have nearly lost everything, and yet they are fighting, and rightfully so, for they are fighting an illegal state that practices policies of apartheid and terrorism. Recommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    Do you have evidence?Recommend

  • Reddy

    Well, Hamas shouldn’t have killed 3 teenagers in cold blood. Don’t start fire at your neighbors house expect them to keep quite. The only reason why Israel doesn’t have many causalities is because they have an iron dome defense system which works. Its funny Pakistan people think Jews occupied Arab land but what about the land that you live in? Was it not occupied by Persians, Turks and Arabs? When are you going to return it to Hindus and Indians?Recommend

  • Alann

    Because Pakistan Army doesn’t allow media to access certain areas freely. That way they ensure only those news come out what & how they want it.Recommend

  • Alann

    “Israel and Hamas are locked in a self-serving vicious cycle of violence, where each party’s actions not only hurt the other party but also legitimise a response. Hamas fires rockets into Israel that propels Israel to launch airstrikes into Gaza, which results in civilian deaths and that, in turn, helps legitimise the actions of Hamas and compels it to continue launching rockets.”

    Pretty similar situation to that of South Asia. A certain country in South Asia sends “non-state actors” to its neighbours and gives “moral and financial support” to these elements, and when the neighbours retaliate, this country declares itself as the “biggest victim of terrorism”! And still keeps feeding more and more extremists to do their bidding to achieve their “legitimate” cause…Recommend

  • Farheen

    Its unbiased article i have ever read about this conflict. Thumbs upRecommend

  • Imran

    Why choose the Holy month of Ramadaan to bomb a muslim country. Where has morality gone to, what has happened to peace? Should the death of 4 youngsters make it ok to kill hundreds of innocent people?? I am disgusted in Israel and all of its allies for supporting this animal like behaviour. We call ourselves human yet we are worse than animals that react on instinct. How can one sleep at night knowing that the blood of hundreds are on your hands. If you support these killings then you are just as guilty. ALLAH HELP THE HUMAN SPECIES TO SHOW LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER AND RESPECT. ALLAH HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT AND SHORT LIFE IS. YA ALLAH WHY CANT WE JUST ALL LIVE IN PEACE?Recommend

  • Solomon2

    “The fact of the matter is that Israel, with all its firepower and military strength, cannot overcome Hamas or any other Palestinian group through the use force alone and similarly Hamas or any other Palestinian organisation cannot liberate Palestine through the use of force alone. Simply put, violence only begets violence.”

    No, sir. The fact of the matter is that Hamas calls for Israel’s destruction whereas Israel seeks peaceful neighbors. So Israel doesn’t conquer Hamas because – until now, at least – it doesn’t want to, whereas Hamas doesn’t conquer Israel because it lacks the means to do so.

    Were the Arabs to lay down their arms tomorrow there would be peace between two peoples. Were the Israelis to lay down their arms tomorrow most would be slain and the remainder enslaved. Violence doesn’t beget violence; anti-Israel hatred does.Recommend

  • NotSoCommon

    Are you sure on your history lessons? If there are no Jews in Israle then there are no Muslim in Muslim lands as well, all they are political or islamist pawns. The land you refer to as Palestine long back belonged to Jews, going by your logic, every muslim needs to vacate the ancient land.Recommend

  • NotSoCommon

    There have been a total 365 rockets fired from Gaza side on Israel, any thoughts on that?Recommend

  • MA

    Cant say for the othes but NO PAKISTANIS DID NOT “distribute sweets” as you very sheepishly put it nor did we rejoice in the occurrence of any of those sad events. they were tragedies. the world isn’t all conspiracy theories and evil dictators. come out of your bubble from time to time. peace broRecommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Wow, what an anti-Semitic rant! So please tell all of us that there are not scores of long range surface to surface rockets being fired into Israeli cities by “the Palestinians” on the hope of slaughtering Israeli women and children!!

  • numbersnumbers

    You probably meant to ask “Who abducted three Israeli children and then executed them in cold blood”? But just couldn’t bring yourself to!!!
    As for the exchange of fire between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Israelis have built bomb shelters to protect the population, as opposed to Hamas, who acquired a massive arsenal of surface to surface rockets to be used against Israel, but built not a single bomb shelter to protect “the Palestinians” when those rockets were launched, knowing full well that the Israelis would retaliate!
    I would guess that Hamas would politically prefer to have unsheltered civilians killed in the Israeli response rather than have live ones survive in bomb shelters!Recommend

  • Noura

    Well said!Recommend

  • shameonu

    Who needs fox news, when we have our very own ET. Just like our jehad enthusiasts , the TTP are nowhere to be seen when they have a license to do jehad to save muslims from israel, you are also showing your true colours. Thank you!Recommend

  • Abdil
  • THE

    Did you just compare the killing of Bin Laden to that of killing innocent children ? and NO PAKISTANIS did NOT distrubute sweets when Mumbai attacks and 9/11 happened ! Don’t try to make up history yourself and get your facts right!Recommend

  • THE

    Where are the reports of women and children are dying in Zarbeazb? Stop making stupid comments that have to reality.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I totally agree. Excellent article!Recommend

  • Dante

    Sure, Israel is rejoicing killing a bunch of Palestinians, most of whom aren’t even the ones that fired rockets at the zionists. What else do you expect Palestinians to do? Embrace, hug the Israelis? Love the Israels? Try and engage in a mutual conversation for peace?

    Don’t forget that Israel also wants Palestine destroyed, and occupied.Recommend

  • abhi

    Surprisingly a very balanced article on the conflictRecommend

  • abhi

    dude it is not because some obscure Rishi lived 1000 years aboe, it is the people who are still living in Kashmir and being targetted because they did not convert.
    Same thing is happening in Pakistan where hindus who have been living from known history are being raped, murdered and expelled.
    If Israel has any similarity with any other country in the world, it is Pakistan.Recommend

  • abhi099

    you dont kill three people or throw bombs in your neighbouring countries and expect them to not react.Recommend

  • vinsin

    genocide of whom? you mean jewsRecommend

  • vinsin

    Tamilians were not killing in the name of religion. Hinduism is a civilization not a religion. Muslims of Sri Lanka just like India or anywhere demanding Sharia, so how come they are peaceful. What happened to Buddhist in Pakistan and Afghanistan everyone knows. Your knowledge about history is very bad. India has already given Pakistan and Bangladesh for subcontinent muslims and never forced Muslims who created paksitan to leave for pakistan. Muslims in India killed, force convert, destroyed temples, divided the land and still do so, but still Indians keep tolerating. Tell me which muslims countries have done this till now. Instead of being grateful you are showing hatred. Why Pakistani Muslims wants to keep Sindh which has nothing to do with Islam? Why Zoroastrian cannot return to Iran? What happened to original Mesopotamian and Eqyptians? What happened to minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, pagans of arabs etc? What happened to kashmiri pandits in Kashmir? J&K is not part of India why can’t they just vote and leave according to you.
    Are paksitani Muslims loyal to their original country? Why Muslims don’t adopt human rights?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Lord is with Israel. Then why Palestinians agreed that they will move to Jordan and haven’t done so till now. Same case is with Indian Muslims who are still in india after partition.Recommend

  • WB

    Wonderful! We are on the same page.

    That’s what Isreal says. Are they the target though? Isreal only wants to kill Hamas. Hasn’t Hamas killed women and children?

    Unfortunate that in the chaos there will always be some collateral damage.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Palestine-Israel conflict – it is already resolved, Palestinian have to move to Jordan, it is the arab world who refused to help Palestinians saying that they are non-arabs.
    Kashmir – UN asked so many times Pakistan to remove it’s army, Pakistan has no right to be in Kashmir.
    What about Pakistan fighting in waziristan? Is that not violence in your dictionary?Recommend

  • vinsin

    What about history of Muslims should that too be condemned? How lost of those civilians affected world? What were they capable of achieving? Why women and children if innocent shelters hamas? Why paksitani in general shelter world terrorist? Do you even know the percentage of jews vs muslims? What about paksitan support to Israel and killing of 5000 Palestinians by zia-ul-haq? Where were you when 3 kids were killed by Palestinians?Recommend

  • WB

    “Pakistanis DO NOT get ANY happiness from the death of Indians or any other human being.”

    Please google and find out how Pakistanis rejoiced at the bravery of 10 soldiers of the pure who killed 170 innocent people in Mumbai.

    Please google.Recommend

  • WB

    Stop being stupid and understand the difference between a question and a statement.

    Perhaps Pak army (which has lost all wars it has waged) is so effective that it is only killing terrorists in zarbeazb. Do you believe that?

    This is again a question. Not a statement.Recommend

  • WB

    Read my comment again a 100 times. Wear glasses if you need. I compared the killing of Osama with the killing of Hamas.

    I have given the proof below. Also, use your keyboard and google.Recommend

  • WB

    Perhaps, you are right.

    This means both are at fault. Not just the Israelis. Would you not agree?Recommend

  • WB

    Perhaps, you are right.

    This means both are at fault. Not just the Israelis. Would you not agree?Recommend

  • WB


    But if you truly want to see people with sick mentality. Just visit any Madrassah in Pakistan where they teach hatred. Do you remember red mosque?

    Just go to a speech by Dr. Hafiz Saeed.Recommend

  • WB


    But if you truly want to see people with sick mentality. Just visit any Madrassah in Pakistan where they teach hatred. Do you remember red mosque?

    Just go to a speech by Dr. Hafiz Saeed.Recommend

  • WB

    Dude, I have been to Israel and my friends working near Gaza have heard explosions from their ears when their office alarm goes off and they run into the bunker.

    They have seen exploded rockets fired from Gaza.Recommend

  • umar

    So true when this is what we call fight for an existence, insanity rulesRecommend

  • doesnt mattter

    Dont be thick. when bombs fall on houses they kill all occupants, the women and children included. Atleast US drones were more advanced in targetting…Pakistani army airstrikes kill indiscriminately. Just because ur govt doesnt want the pics of the dead women and children to come out that odesnt mean its not happening.Recommend

  • vinsin

    You can read shahi bhukhari and enjoy. Wasn’t pakistan created with noakhali and direct action day riots? You don’t violence because you cannot win otherwise you would be the first one to kill all non-muslims.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Then what about 1971 genocide and wipe of minorities in Pakistan.Recommend

  • asad

    so you are happy at the killing of 1 year old terrorists..good.. can you tell me how many israelis are killed in this, with some proof ofcourse…??Recommend

  • vinsin

    They have 10000 missiles which they have pledged to use against Israel. Palestinians manufacture some of those missiles but gets bulk of them from Iran. Gaza is overpopulated and hardly have any land left for cultivating. They have high percentage of population growth rate and against family planning as they are not interested in better life. Gaza lives mostly on US aid just like most of muslims and Islamic State.Recommend

  • asad

    You are angry at the killing of 9/11 attacks. you are also angry on mumby attacks. you are ignorant of the people killed in kashmir?? women rapped in kashmir..?? what americans did to Dr. Afia..?? “HOW” and how many people are killed in iraq, incarcerated in containers.?? “HOW” and how many children and women are killed in afghanistan..?? and dont forget the little ones in palastine..??and are you forgetting that THE PROMISED LAND is actually occupied land from innocent palastinians,.. if someone throw you out of your house and kill your children, i hope you will welcome them with open arms ..??Recommend

  • seawood

    who started this mess? hamas by kidnapping and killing 3 Israeli teenagers ahead of ramadan, they knew that Israel will strike back, which will result in deaths, which can be used to get support. also hamas are using children as human sheild, they send rockets from civilian areas.Recommend

  • seawood

    funnny to see when drone strikes there are hald terrorists and half innocents including children. but when paki airfoece strikes, only 100% terrorists!!!
    also why you people are silent on Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, somalia and other countries where deaths are millions?Recommend

  • seawood

    no one, your army ordered to do so. check what happened to Geo.Recommend

  • seawood

    israelis have good defence system, their technology os protecting them from thousands of hamas rockets, at the same time, when Israel send 10 rockets, it can reach target and kill hamas and its surrounding human shields (mostly little children). both are attacking each other.
    according to you, real crime is Israel’s technologies to protect its citizen!! fantastic logic.Recommend

  • seawood

    but much lesser than the number in recent arab countries, not even 1/10000000Recommend

  • seawood

    dude, this is internet era. alot of proofs are available online. don’t try to fool others.Recommend

  • Qazi

    Pakistan Never did a serious effort in taking back Kashmir, still India is bothered day n night just by a handful of mujahideens. Just imagine what will India do when Pakistan crosses LOC :)Recommend

  • Qazi

    Pakistanis distributed sweets on Mumbai attacks, while it was an inside job. Seriously?Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    vinsin: Where are the Sri Lankan muslims demanding Sharia? They are only demanding halal meat which some Buddhists are opposing. Second the myth of force conversion was perpetuated by people who couldn’t actually believe taht people can leave their cast based religion. May I ask what happened to the Dravidians? As for the Kashmiri Pundits they number about 300,000 in number. An equal amount was killed/displaced from Jammu province alone by the peace loving Maharaja hari Singh and his goons. I don’t see people apologizing for that. By the way Muslims formed the majority of casualties in Direct action so stop lying. As for Noakhali riots they were instigated when Boats men from Noakhali who worked in Calcutta were killed. Now tell me vinsin when will you talk about Bihar riots which were a genocide of muslims. These were the same riots in which Khan Abdulghafar khan had a public feud with Congress leaders on the horrible treatment meted out to muslims
    @ abhi: No it Is India as only in India you can people be called sons of invaders and the demand brought forward that they be thrown out of the country.
    @ Alann: But you know everything sitting in your home in India. we should trust an Indian who has zero knowledge about N. Waziristan.
    @ WB: we know who trolls th websites of another country just waiting for any negative news to occur. Forget terrorism you guys even celebrated the earthquake in Awaran and flood in Pakistan. As for Pakistanis distributing sweets this is a shameful lie.
    @ Doesn’t matter: indian army is also killing people in Maoists territory, In Nagaland and in Kashmir.
    @ Sea wood: Then why do Indians go work in arab countries they should ask jobs from their great friend Israel.
    @ notsocommon; Stop lying.Recommend

  • WB

    No serious effort? Two major and one mini war.

    You don’t consider that a serious effort? What do you call that as? Diplomacy?Recommend

  • Guest

    So why don’t you apply this logic in Palestine???Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi

    Anoop,.. it does not matter. India lost the wars. Hope you can reconcile that, Anoop.Recommend

  • WB

    I will give the benefits of two doubts.

    Alright, India lost all the wars. Alright, I am Anoop, whoever that is.

    Now please answer the question: Do you consider two and a half wars waged by Pakistan against India, as a serious effort or not?

    I hope you understand the question. Because you answered for a question I didn’t ask.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Inside job? Which crackpot is the source of your information?

    This is how you talk of when others get killed and you would want the same people to believe you are nothing less than saints.

    Come out of the cocoon you are living in.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Palestine is a just cause and there are no two ways about it.

    “you are ignorant of the people killed in kashmir?? women rapped in kashmir..?? what americans did to Dr. Afia..??”

    India is not just defending lives of the people of Kashmir but the very idea of India. When an insurgency happens, people would die and in some cases innocent too. India does not have an impeccable record in Kashmir when it comes to human rights but it is not as worse as you have with regard to East Pakistan.

    Your country does not but do you have the heart to offer an apology to the Bengali women who lost their dignity to the Pakistani machoism which according to some was the greatest rape theater in the modern history courtesy Pakistan army.Recommend

  • Queen

    Just imagine for a second that you have a house which you have built with much love and care. You have lived there with your family all your life when suddenly one day a representative of a company comes and tells you that you don’t have any right on the ground and your house is going to be demolished. What will you do?

    You show the company your property documents but they blatantly refuse to accept calling the documents forged. They throw out your belongings and your elderly mom and your children have to spent the night out on the streets without shelter. You approach authorities, you knock all doors but no one listens.

    Not only that but the representatives of the company jeer at you, pass abusive remarks at your sister while they demolish your house in front of your eyes, what will be your reaction?

    Your daughter is hungry and your mom needs medicine but you have no money, no shelter, and no job because you are not allowed to seek work in the place which has been bought by that company, What will you do? I guess stand there and keep looking at the smiling faces of those representatives right?


  • Queen

    Kindly set your facts straight. It is not Pakistan but India which has deployed more than 65,000 CPRF in the Indian-occupied Kashmir. The total number of Indian troops in Kashmir are more than Kashmir’s entire population. India has failed to implement the UN resolution because it fears to give the right to self determination to Kashmiri people. Kashmir is a disputed territory recognized by the UN. On the other side, Waziristan is a part of Pakistan and being a sovereign country, Pakistan has the right to use all means to establish the writ of the state in its territories.Recommend

  • Queen

    Is there any report other than that of Israel to confirm it? Is it justified to kill women and children to take revenge from people of Gaza?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    You link me alright, with your ridiculous allegations, im not wasting my time on you.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Collateral Damage? You need help mister! You cannot have any humanity within you if you support this genocide.

    Since 2000, Israel has murdered 14, 000 children, compared to 20 killed by Palestine. Get up from under your rock!Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Yeh so the killing is justified just because compared to another region, they are less? You cannot be human.Recommend

  • sundas

    For a moment try not to think as an Indian…but as a human.Recommend

  • abhi099

    we cut your country in two halves . Read internet history properly. Dont read madrassa textbooksRecommend

  • نائلہ

    I cannot believe the amount of people, especially Indians supporting this genocide. For goodness sake, do some research, get out from under your rock and find the truth. They are not your family members, that’s why it does not bother you. If you have any guts in you, then search #freepalestine on twitter and look at the pictures. I dare you.

    And dont act like you care for the people of Iraq, Nigeria etc. You dont. This blog is on Palestine, hence its irrelevant for me to start going on about those countries.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Yeh of course, bring the most irrelevant of topics on the table. Let me remind you, 1971 happened 4 DECADES ago. Nothing can be done for that now. This is happening today, people are dying and clearly you couldn’t care less.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Thankyou for caring so much for our women and children!Recommend

  • sundas

    take it easy Pakistanis….ET allows trolls from across the border just to keep this page interesting…they are hell funny!!!Recommend

  • Sundas Rashid

    ah being so sympathetic with Geo…how concerned u are.
    such a useless attempt to make your argument reasonable.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    And of course you can tell us where we can ALL read about how the Israelis have murdered 14,000 children since 2000, or we may all have to believe that you are just making up these numbers !Recommend

  • Numbersnumbers

    For a moment, try not to think as a muslim…but as a human!Recommend

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