Is morality determined by the length of a woman’s blouse?

Published: July 31, 2014

I recently stumbled upon a picture of Humaima Malik looking gorgeous in an elegant Élan ensemble and all I could think of was the talent and beauty that exists in our country. But then I read the bitterest of verbal abuses on the picture. PHOTO: SM WAQAR

Over time I have noticed a common trend on Pakistani Facebook pages, especially those of designers and celebrities: crude, caustic and downright hateful slandering of celebrities.

I recently stumbled upon a picture of Humaima Malick looking gorgeous in an elegant Élan ensemble and all I could think of was the talent and beauty that exists in our country. But then I read the bitterest of verbal abuses on the picture, which included:

“She is lookin’ dumb and her makeup is damn worst”

Kitni ugly hai pata nai kyun uthaya hua hai isko

“This is behayaee and immoral behaviour”

Photo: Élan Facebook Page

Apparently, showing inches of your midriff is “immoral” and a bigger issue than dishonesty, breach of rights, self-righteousness and hatred. If a dress were to simply determine how decent or virtuous a person was then one wouldn’t need to develop any virtue at all.

A woman in a scarf is seen as pious and one in a western attire as corrupt; a baseless prejudice that has people believing that morality lies in the length of a woman’s blouse.

Funnily, all of these comments came from women using pseudonyms and pictures of objects or animals in their display pictures. It became apparent that these women were living highly controlled and over-protected lives. Sadly, women living under the strict patriarchal control of their husbands, fathers or brothers are not allowed to wear what they want, go where they want, work where they want and sometimes even marry who they want. Women who demand their basic rights are subjected to abuse and violence; curbing their chances to grow, thrive and survive.

This points to the root issue of the breach of basic human liberties, including self-expression and living in a manner one pleases. Living in the 21st century, where the world is witnessing the discoveries of the first draft of the human genome, Shinya Yamanaka’s induced pluripotent stem cells, Higgs boson at CERN and Photonic molecules at MIT, we are stuck judging women for their choices in dressing.

It is unfortunate because, instead of respecting basic rights, they conveniently bash those who choose to live uninhibited lives. How can women be empowered when the image of an empowered woman becomes a subject to hate? When will women realise that they can only grow if they allow other women to freely express themselves?

Our people need to realise that the country can only progress culturally if we reassess our standards of morality and respect, and appreciate everyone in the same manner. Making an issue out of something so trivial and labelling it immoral would not only disempower women but the entire generations to follow.

Humay Waseem

Humay Waseem

A writer and fashion designer who has a knack for social observation and comedic critique. She aspires to empower women and children to explore their inner talents and brilliance. She tweets @HumayWMD (

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  • Queen

    Rightly said. It is unfortunate that in our society, the morality of a woman is determined by her attire rather than by her wisdom and mindset. This is why girls in western clothes are considered ‘immoral’ by people having patriarchal mindset. It is sad that women, who demand their basic rights, are ridiculed and criticized by the society.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    What a lame argument, comparing various social ills with dress. There are no two opinions that one must dress modestly and there are no two opinions that skin show is not modesty. Length of blouse is not a yard stick for modesty but skin show and revealing dress surely is yard stick for immodesty.

    “Our people need to realise that the country can only progress culturally if we reassess our standards of morality and respect”

    Just like one has the right to appreciate skin show, others have right to condemn it. Recommend

  • sharabi

    well if not, then according to you someone can walk in lingerie in Lahore after all morality of woman doesn’t depends on dress?
    For me a girl in nice dress always earn respect.
    Western liberals are the real cause of problems.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    This points to the root issue of the breach of basic human liberties, including self-expression and living in a manner one pleases. Living in the 21st century, where the world is witnessing the discoveries of the first draft of the human genome, Shinya Yamanaka’s induced pluripotent stem cells, Higgs boson at CERN and Photonic molecules at MIT, we are stuck judging women for their choices in dressing.

    What a baseless argument, even those societies who are actually deeply engaged in scientific discoveries you have mentioned they judge women for their choices on dressing (of course according to their societal standards). Or you mean in Europe and America, dressing has no meaning coz they are busy in science. Recommend

  • Waleed

    I strongly dis-agree with what she is trying to convey…Guarding of modesty/chastity starts from dressing up properly. I dont have issues regarding how people choose to dress up but giving an argument that showing skin is empowerment is utter nonsense.Recommend

  • Zahra

    What an idiotic analysis. What is a girl in a nice dress? Okay lets assume for you it is a girl in a salwar kamiz. But you stop there? What if she isn’t wearing any dupatta, is she not to earn your respect. Same mindset for a slightly extremist person, for them even salwar kamiz will not be decent and they will enforce a complete hijab, some will go even further and will propose an entire burqa. The problem, therefore, is drawing the line, which at times can be vague, thus the proposed solution is always, to let be, and let God judge the persons actions. Rather than you playing God, let God be God. The West has some of the kindest, most successful people, because most of the society focuses on science and technology and not the length of the blouse.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    I agree.

    1. What has technology got to do with morality.

    2. You can think that blouse shouldn’t determine morality. Someone else will say that the length of “trousers, skirts etc” should determine. This way we can never reach a conclusion as to what determines morality.

    3. The main issue is that there is a God. The creator , lawmaker and judge. He is the One who will decide . You should try to adhere to His lawsRecommend

  • M.

    Her point isn’t that showing skin is empowerment, it’s that empowerment is the freedom to choose for yourself without having to answer to someone, or taking harsh (and frankly undeserved) criticism for it.Recommend

  • May

    There are many western and eastern countries where women dress liberally and it does not hurt the economy, society, technology, culture (or men) of those countries.

    If it did those countries would be struggling but guess which country is? Why is it that in Pakistan women are stared at more even when they are dressed supposedly “modestly” whereas in progressive nations a woman would be seen with respect regardless of her choice dress?

    We need to shift our focus on actual social ills i.e minority violence, dishonesty, breach of rights, women abuse, terrorism and corruption in stead of demonising a woman for choosing to wear a dress that shows her femininity. She is wearing an elegant sari but the comments her dress have evoked are disproportionately vicious. To me those comments are immoral.

    Our men and women should learn to appreciate women for their beauty rather than get offended by it. This is a woman people are outrightly judging but would be the first ones to buy tickets for her next film. Condemning actual wrongs in stead of non-issues would make all the difference.Recommend

  • harry

    But you will, I am sure, give up one of your limbs to emigrate to the west.Recommend

  • Nauman Ahmed

    Rather than going into endless discussions on dress code, being a Muslim its important to know what is prescribed to us by Allah. Read Surah e Noor and Surah e Ahzab to know what a women should wear, read the Hadith related to women, what the Prophet called women who wear revealing cloths…. I rest my caseRecommend

  • Muhammad Nauman Khan

    Madam Western religion allow any dress to wear short long any type of dress. Our religion do not allow us to wear this If I am wrong then Tell me. Yes i am agree with your point that they are successful because they focus on science and technology But this success is not relate to there dress they work hard to get all these In our Islamic religion you can’t wear this dress outside your room .Recommend

  • Muhammad Jamal Riaz

    i think she is right, it is personal choice of the lady and nobody should even care about others affair and everybody should be given a space to think and question.Recommend

  • Saad

    West also has the highest number of teen pregnancies, rape, divorce, unfaithful relationships and suicide rate. In addition, not all western countries are successful because of their ‘freedom’ rights. Success has nothing to do with the culture or dress code of the society. People can wear what they want even in a conservative society, its all about not caring what other people think. Secondly, I fail to understand how nudity or freedom of dressing has anything to do with BASIC human rights. There are other rights withheld from people in this society that still need to be addressed and fought for.Recommend

  • tata

    What abut guys like u who start peeing whereever they want and roam shirtless on street. Any morality does not apply on them.Recommend

  • breera

    2014 the more u naked more u will b fashionable,,years ago,many of dishabille groups were labeled as primitive and uncivilized however, in an ironical and curioustwist of fate partial nudity being exhibited bynow a days is seen as civilization..every men n women must dress modestly mean covering the whole body modesty in dress sends a message of purity and honor.. it puts an emphasis on and values the inner person over outward attractiveness.Recommend

  • Norman

    As much as I agree with the writer that everyone needs to respect how others want to live their life, similarly the writer also needs to respect women who opt for scarf or any other dress independently rather than stero-typing them backwards as hinted in the article.

    Respect for western and eastern clothing, whatever the case may be, whatever the choice maybe.Recommend

  • Junaid

    I totally disagree with the argument given. There are some principle that each society have that describes what is right and what is wrong. Sadly, we try to adopt the western principles to our society. We are trying to judge empowerment of women with the amount of immodest acts. Haven’t you seen the example of Dr. Ruth Pfao? Although belonging to west, she accustomed herself to the Pakistani culture. Considering your criterion, she would have been a powerless woman, but thanks to the efforts of that powerless woman Pakistan is now considered as a Leprosy controlled country.Recommend

  • concerned

    where does it stop? tomorrow you will say walking around in lingerie is good. There is a reason why a sense of modesty exists in Islam.
    It is no excuse on the part of men that certain images cause arousal but it is a fact.
    Going down this route will only lead to more immoral crimes.Recommend

  • K Alam

    A woman in a scarf is seen as pious and one in a western attire as corrupt in Pakistan, while in west the same is considered as conservative/extremist and liberals respectively.Recommend

  • Yasra

    Hahah and appreciating them when showing midriffs will encourage women empowerment in the society?
    What a lame blog!Recommend

  • A Malik

    Two wrongs do not make a right. Stop comparing these scantily clad women with beauty. Dishonesty in our society is its own moral corruption, as is revealing half your body and this does not only apply to women.Recommend

  • Syeda KAzmi

    “Funnily, all of these comments came from women using pseudonyms and pictures of objects or animals in their display pictures. It became apparent that these women were living highly controlled and over-protected lives. Sadly, women living under the strict patriarchal control of their husbands, fathers or brothers are not allowed to wear what they want, go where they want, work where they want and sometimes even marry who they want”..

    Oh please stop being ridiculously judgmental… how can u be so sure that not placing their display pictures mean they are living over-protected lives.. there are women who willingly choose to cover themselves without any family restrictions.. and u think covered girls don’t become a subject of criticism?? see its a social network and when you display urself to the world you are actually inviting them to judge you and comment on you…so either don’t do it or just not cry later for haters… haters will always hate, so let it be…
    Dressing style is a personal choice that you make, may be you don’t judge people by the way they are dressed up but not everyone is like you.. you don’t know a person’s heart by just looking randomly at him/her, its the appearance that counts….Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    there are lmits. if you cannot understand them then you have no idea what an adult conversation is. What you said is devoid of all reason. the entire society (BOTH WESTERN and EASTERN) has limits. although in western societies the limits are below those of eastern societies.
    if a girl is wearing shalwar kameez or any other decent dress then 99% of the society will deem it appropriate. a girl in a bikini will be considered out of place in BOTH lahore and New York (sorry to burst your bubble but western girls do not wear bikinis all the time)Recommend

  • NoHatin

    @author your point is duly noted. Now please take the lead in empowering all these women who are oppressed in our “patriarchal” society and buy a mini skirt and roam around in it. Live what you preach. If you can’t do so, then no need to argue otherwise. Recommend

  • indian

    hey man, she is focusing on the manly world mind set not what u got from it.Recommend

  • Mullah Abu Liberal al Leftist

    I agree with everything except it’s shalwar not “salwar”.Recommend

  • Vaqar

    I think most of the comments miss the point the writer is making. She is simply saying that women should have the right to make their choice, be it in dressing, career, or the man to marry. For crying out loud they cannot even ride a bicycle or motor cycle! Men have all these choices in our country. In Pakistan, men can roam around in shorts, stay out late, demand that the wife should stay at home and cook and clean. Why is not an eyebrow raised when they exercise their freedom. Unless, women become equal participants if they choose to do so, the country will remain socially, culturally and economically backward.Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    No one should be judged from their attire but at the end of the day you should follow your own culture and standards e.g If you are stopped from wearing a bikini on Karachi beach or a short skirt on the streets of Peshawar than you are the one doing the violation.Recommend

  • Mirza Shoaib Ahmad Jarral

    Do you know about Nobel prize winner Yemeni peace activist and journalist, Tawakkul Karman, the first Arab woman to win the prize, as well as its youngest winner to date
    a Journalist asked her,why you wear hijab?
    you know what she said..
    she said : in the beginning of this earth,human being was naked and unclothed.when he got wisdom,he started wearing at the peak where i am standing,its an alp of Human thought and civilization,not modernism.
    now if i start cutting my clothes and wearing; its not a modernism or liberal mentality but a lowest, illiterate and unsophisticated human mindset.
    now do you think you are smarter than her or tell me about your achievements….Recommend

  • sterry

    Women in India wear their national dress the sari which naturally exposes their mid riff. Does that mean that all Indian women are immoral – obviously not. People should have better things to talk about.Recommend

  • Fareed


    Yes,the length of the blouse ‘does’ determine morality. This isn’t my opinion. This is what the prophet has told us. This is what Quran says…..and yes, bigger issues like dishonesty, breach of rights, self-righteousness and hatred also have to be dealt with. In no way am i suggesting that we should only focus on the blouse length. It’s not about playing God. It is the essence of amr-bil-maroof-wa-nahi-anil-munkar. And Qur’an declares it as the
    defining mission for this ummah. Like it or not, I am only stating what the Quran says.

    As for the West having the ‘most successful’ people, i doubt if you have any idea what success is all about. Even I didnt realize what FALAH meant until recently. so lets just learn to pay heed to what Allah says and stop being self righteous all the time.

    Allah has forbidden women to display their bare midriffs to the public. Period. We are not at liberty to ‘reassess’ standards of morality. Morality isn’t relative my friend.Recommend

  • Kulwnt Singh

    There are long lines before the Embassies of UK Canada,USA and other western countries both in India and Pakistan every one want to emigrate , when they are so bad their culture is bad why we want to go there can any one tell.Recommend

  • Kulwnt Singh

    when we know that the God will decide what is right and what is right then why we are becoming God.Recommend

  • farrukhshah

    Ms Hummay Waseem, problem is not with the mid riff and length of blouse, the problem is with the confusion and chaos in ones mind. Well, if one declares that they are muslim then this declaration has some rules and moral values attached to it as any other contract.Recommend

  • Owais

    @writer: Is it the same west that allows women to roam without clothes as their right and freedom of choice and at the same time bans other women from wearing hijab/naqab and violates their freedom of choice? Sadly the same double standards has got to the heads of our pseudo liberals.Recommend

  • Shahbaz Asif Tahir

    If you are a Muslim, then the Hijab is a must. It is obligatory, as stated both in the
    Quran, and the authentic Hadith, of our beloved Habeeb, SAWS, the last and final
    Prophet, sent to mankind.
    May Allah Subhana teach us the best.Recommend

  • NoHatin

    Read it again. Its you that has not understood the point she is making.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    A person should be allowed to do anything they wish, as long it does not physically hurt anybody or incite somebody to do so. Live and let live.Recommend

  • Ayman Mobin

    Is “expressing oneself ” or “getting empowered” means wearing less clothes or exposing the body???
    Think rational dear,try to explore the world out of the sealed western liberal box!!!Recommend

  • Critical

    FYI,I’ve been in West for past 3 years but I’ve never seen a woman walking in lingerie in the streets…

    They wear bikinis when they are in beach or water theme parks…Maybe you are under the assumption that every american women clean their cars in the streets wearing lingerieRecommend

  • Anand

    Very well written. Stop the hate, put a rose in every gun barrel and give women control over their own lives. South Asia needs to re-evaluate its attitude to women.Recommend

  • baig

    i would really like to use the word cheap here!!. now we call them models,actress, actor. etc. clothes do judge what you are.Recommend

  • harry

    Quality of life is better and people earn more, save more, and keep their families back home happier.Recommend

  • harry

    Why do you bring your Allah and Quran in every discussion?Recommend

  • harry

    Pakistanis come first when it comes to watching adult contents on the net,according to google.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    The shorter the better. If they don’t mind why should the average man mind. In the dark ages Man tried to cover himself with whatever he got. It seems today’s ladies want to go back to the dark ages. Shed it all.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Well said. You can’t blame them the weather is the root cause. Too hot.Recommend

  • Mustafa Baluch

    A woman covering herself is a sanctity. Quoting this as ” living under the strict patriarchal control ” , “not allowed to wear what they want” “go where they want ” work where they want ” ” marry who they want ” is mere exaggeration. How many woman do you know who cover themselves and are facing the above quoted experiences? Do all of them face all such things? Well i do know many who cover themselves and have emerged out as true and competent professionals.

    Using animal pictures and objects in display pictures has now become the KPI of a woman’s empowerment?? Clearly an illogical comparison.

    Standards of morality is in itself a crucial subject with different chapters, the very first of which is how you are dressed up – The first impression. You wont hire me if i dont have a clean attire on my interview day, or my shoes are not clean, or i smell narcotic .

    ” We are stuck judging woman for their choices in dressing” . Obviously we have to. We would not like to see women or even men working half/full/semi/quarter naked.

    Not every woman in scarf is pious, neither every woman in skirt is empowered. We need to revisit what exactly the benchmarks are for answering the questions of empowerment and illumination. Perhaps we will end up getting our confusions cleared.Recommend

  • Pro Pakistan

    Say/write what you want but “Shariat toe zahir ko hee manti hai”Recommend

  • ANon

    If women don’t take of there own dressing then they are vulnerable to social evils and ultimately they cry for being helpless … there is reason why two genders exist .. and you can never put every one in same basket .Recommend

  • preet malik

    Well i pity those who judge ppl on their dressing style n all. I mean a fully covered woman cud be a murderer,liar,a con and what not.,but she is spared only cuz she has covered her body and on the contrary a girl wearing a skirt ,shorts,denims with a heart of gold is misjudged fr her character only on the basis of her clothing…shit thinking ,very narrow minded and nt et all fit for 21 st century,.aadi manav ke jamane Mein chale jao…Recommend

  • SHS

    Why are the majority of comments to a blog on the length of a woman’s blouse from MEN????Recommend

  • maheen

    Everyone should have a right to wear what they want as long as it is within the ‘ethics of Islam’ (for muslims). Pakistani women have forgotten their culture in the race to catch up with the world. Celebrities attending pakistani award shows forget that they are muslims and tend to go overboard with the spaghetti straps and the back less stuff. its sad to see that even veterans like bushra ansari have forgotten the basics. there are plenty of clothes out there that will make you look stylish without compromising your ethics!Recommend

  • u

    Judge all you want .. that’s human nature … but she’s an attractive lady and nobody has the right to threaten her or any lady based on what they wear or say. Women have the same rights as men and until you recognize that you will remain a 3’rd World country.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “West also has the highest number of teen pregnancies, rape, divorce, unfaithful relationships and suicide rate.”

    I thought some Pakistanis had coronated India with the title of being the capital of rape and poor.Recommend

  • Critical

    Oh yeah,by your logic, Muslim women must be the most smartest women in the world….How many Nobel Prize has been won by Muslim women????

    FYI,Western women dont go to office in bikini…They were it only when they go to beaches and they wear partywear only when they go for partying…..

    Whereas,Muslim women wear burkhas even in beaches….

    Stop repeating the same forward messages your friends shared in facebookRecommend

  • Prashant

    Hey…stop being selective. Many of the men like Sunny Leone, does that mean they should expect every women in the world to be a Sunny Leone?

    “now do you think you are smarter than her or tell me about your achievements….”

    Leave the achievements of others, your achievement seems to be being supremely confident of your own incompetence.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “and you can never put every one in same basket .”

    Are you talking about women or rotten tomatoes?Recommend

  • Prashant

    Let God decide what is correct and what is not but when I see a women wearing bikini, my response would be ” How dare you wear a bikini.”

    – I am a Pakistani liberal.Recommend

  • Prashant

    A women looks most beautiful in a Saree to me. I don’t really ogle at the mid riff though.Recommend

  • Prashant

    This was surely not taught to you at the academy, was it?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “when they are so bad their culture is bad why we want to go there can any one tell.”

    Because some are proud to be the champions of the race of Hypocrisy and they simply cannot concede defeat.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Clothing is not armor that will protect the person wearing clothes from social evils. There is more to it than that.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Men still have the capability to control it and not show it.Recommend

  • Maliha Aamir

    I am a happy woman with a lifestyle which I am satisfied with. No, I don’t wear a scarf but I certainly don’t cross my boundaries. Iknow I am worth it and I don’t need to show my skin to gain attention. Of course Allah has given equal rights to women as men. But I personally don’t think it’s actually freedom. The women who think that wearing minimum length clothes is freedom, then I’m afraid that they donot understand that what really freedom is. It’s again a conspiracy, a benefit, for morally low men who want women to expose themselves just for their sake of ”Entertainment”. Well, that’s what I call it.Recommend

  • Ozil

    As far as I know, Islam discourages both men and women from wearing clothes that reveal the shape of the body or more than the allowed skin. A persons morals lie with them but last I checked Pakistan was an Islamic state So don’t go around justifying stuff that goes against Islamic values by claiming “basic human liberties”. Apart from that its her decision to do whatever she wants and it was her parents job to raise her what they consider to be the right way. Lastly on judgement day, everyones gonna be answerable for their own actions so no point in judging or hating. Peace. Recommend

  • wardah

    Actually Nudists are truly liberated in that case. every body should be allowed to go to offices nude if they want. students should be allowed to sit in class room nude if they want. And let God judge the persons actions. If somebody walks into your home Nude, zahra i hope you will show him respect?
    but sadly this world is full of bigotry.Recommend

  • Junaid

    Clothing is certainly an armour because it protects the body from the evil eyes. Its first the eyes that grasps the attention.Recommend

  • Rakib

    Points of view. It’s not the dress that matters so much as the oomph. And the ability to carry it off. What may look vulgar on one may appear classy on another.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    We know God HAS decided what are the modest limits of dressing and we must adhere to them. Every divine book has described dress code, and none endorse skin show. We are not becoming GOD we are just saying that’s not what GOD has advised us to follow.

    If the writer has got the right to call the model as “gorgeous”, others have an equal right to call her “ugly”, every one must have patience to listen other’s opinion.Recommend

  • Saad

    Do you really think rape and poverty is a subject of humour? Nevertheless, your comment was lame regardless of the sensitivityRecommend

  • Mirza Shoaib Ahmad Jarral

    why don’t you understand,i am talking about our limits.
    Limits for Muslims.
    we both belong to different society,your western society has own norms and stop comparing both of them or taking this comment as a jesting way on western society.there is nothing about calm yourself.Recommend

  • Mirza Shoaib Ahmad Jarral

    because writer is Muslim and we are its non of your business right now.Recommend

  • Umar

    Because as Muslims, we try to live by and take inspiration from the Quran :)Recommend

  • Iqbal.

    Women ask why are the majority comments by men. Well first ask Tribune to reveal statistics what’s the demographic distribution of their readers. I am sure the majority are men.Recommend

  • harry

    Quoting the holy book at the drop of a hat does not make you people high on morality. Sorry.Recommend

  • Unknown

    France is a society of so called liberals where women are not allowed to wear hijab on their wills. Recommend

  • Sohaib Pakistanii

    Being Muslim, we must understand our boundaries … Boundaries set by Islam … Molvis are 100% correct in their judgments… A girl without Hijab can be a good person, but she can never be a good Muslim …
    You Choose either Islam, or Liberalism … Islam can’t be liberal.. Islam is complete code of conduct for living… Islam is Islam …Recommend

  • Faraz

    It would be great if you could kindly share the exact verses of the Quran that determine blouse lengths and skirt lengths.
    Please do not inject your biases into the interpretation. A transliteration of the Arabic text would also be highly appreciated.
    If you are uanble to comply, it would be fair to assume that you were spewing the nonsense that you have heard from others.
    I hate to burst your bubble but EVERYTHING is relative .. EVERYTHING. Space, time .. everything .
    Going back in time is not just plain silly. It is counterintuitive and counter productive.Recommend

  • Faraz

    Nonsense. The west has the highest incidences of such incidents because NEARLY all such incidents that happen there are reported, recorded, analyzed and published.
    Official statistics in Pakistan, India or any such dirt poor, ignorant and poorly run country are not reflective of the actual occurrence of such incidents in these countries.
    Getting the police to lodge an FIR is a challenge for the average middle class “aam aadmi”. For the poor and the unlettered, this is one challenge that they would prefer to sidestep. In addition, you have the social stress of “Shame” attached to most such incidents. Ergo… the official statistics are the tip of the proverbial iceberg.Recommend

  • Faraz

    Pls share the QURANIC injunction imposing the hijabRecommend

  • Prashant

    It is good to see you do not find humorous however I wonder why would a few Pakistanis resort to citing rapes and poverty in India every time they do not have a logical answer to the questions asked from across the border.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Anon, if a women is wearing short skirt, she is asking to be raped. Am I right?Recommend

  • Prashant

    They are men. They do not get raped but search for women whom they believe are asking to be raped due to their dressing sense and exercise their right of being a man.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Just like one has the right to appreciate skin show, others have right to condemn it.”

    Have an opinion bro, not every opinion should lead to a condemnation and if you still believe what you believe in, you have no business condemning the French burqa ban.Recommend

  • Prashant

    That is called “jumping to conclusion.”

    Let the people speak who are in minority whether in terms of religion, sect or thought.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “If you can’t do so, then no need to argue otherwise.”

    The definition of argument is not anything you do not agree with.

    “Now please take the lead in empowering all these women who are oppressed in our “patriarchal” society and buy a mini skirt and roam around in it. ”

    What do you suggest? Ask every women to wear a burqa and a every man to wear their trousers till their knuckles!!Recommend

  • Prashant

    So you are pious and the rest are lesser souls?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Is it the same west that allows women to roam without clothes ”

    woww.. for you, every women in the west is roaming on the roads naked. Seems you do not see anything above the knees and below the neck of a women. What makes you that?

    The west banning the burqa..

    Check your knowledge of Geography. France is not entire West or Europe.

    Would you also answer the following:

    Why does Saudi Arabia not have a single temple or a Church?

    Why would a non Muslim lady have to cover her head when in Iran?

    Why would Pakistan declare Ahmediyas as Non Muslims?Recommend

  • sridhar

    There is a lot more immorality going on in the developing world than showing a midriff.
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a writer, commentator on Islamic practices had to undergo FGM (female genital mutilation) at the age of 5 yrs. This was perpetrated by her parents and she had no choice in the matter.
    Many years ago I saw the picture of an Iranian woman being stoned to death by a decree as she had been unfaithful to her husband.
    More recently, we heard the news of a pregnant woman Farzana Parveen killed by a stone throwing mob in front of a court house in Lahore! Her crime: she was defending her husband against charges of abduction. I am sure she did not show any midriff in public and was brutally murdered.
    I also remember the brutal stoning to death of 2 teenagers in Quetta. It was done in public with people watching the whole thing and was later discussed in talk shows where the whole of Pakistan watched this barbarity.
    The perplexing thing in all this is that there was very little public outcry. When a woman shows her legs or a midriff, Pakistanis throw a fit and invoke Qoran or morality. But they remain silent when barbarity is perpetrated on women on a regular basis.Recommend

  • Anon


  • Aizah

    Sunny Leone!! lolRecommend

  • Sane

    Free expression of women?!!!! you mean ‘free’ really. Even complete nude could be a free expression. You mean free to that extent or there is some yardstick in inches for nudity. If there are inches/centimeters to measure, would you please enlighten us.Recommend

  • Sane

    The writer is mentioning those only who wear SALWAR. That is the dress they wear and nobody else.Recommend

  • Sane

    Yes, more or less.Recommend

  • normsky

    Every nation has its moral. In the amazon jungle women and men walking about completely naked is moral for them. Nobody blinks an eyelid. In france, topless sunbathing is moral for them, in parts of India not covering one’s head for an elder is immoral, in certain countries pointing feet towards others is immoral, in others spitting is perfectly acceptable, kissing in public, holding hands, whistling, the list is endless….you as an individual must decide what guides your morality. If it is Islam that acts as your compass for morality, then the above (pic of Humaima) is immoral. No point arguing the point about it. On the other hand, those who have a go at her are also immoral in that in a country where millions are below the poverty line, millions have no access to clean water and millions suffer at the hands of tryants, corrupt mullahs, officials etc….this is but a minor thing. Talk about issues, not your own inferiority complexes trying to feel “empowered”.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Then almost every women in the West must be cheap by your logic.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Two wrongs do not make a right.”

    We have spoken about the second wrong, what about the first one? Would you take some time out for that as well?Recommend

  • Prashant

    You seem to believe there are perfect human beings in this world. This is a world where in some take pride in mocking Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther and the same people hail Osama and Hitler.

    Let us keep it simple and say let people wear what they like rather than imposing things on them on the name of religion and customs.Recommend