If I live in Finland, do I have to fast for 23 hours a day?

Published: July 15, 2014

The Holy Quran, although quite specific on certain points, usually leaves its readers with principles behind the ritual and expects us to perform accordingly. PHOTO: REUTERS

In the region of the earth above the Arctic Circle called ‘the land of the midnight sun,’ the sun does not rise for several months in winter or set for several months in summer. In Finland, the sun stays above the horizon for seventy days at a stretch. What are Muslims in such regions to do if Ramazan occurs during one of these summer periods?

A response to this question on one of the forums online was that “the midnight sun is a myth and that there is no such thing”. The respondent added that the days are very long in these regions in summer, yes, but that people there do manage to fast regardless, and that they are compensated for these summer fasts by the extremely short fasts in winter.

This response reminded me irresistibly of an ostrich, head buried in the sand. No the ‘midnight sun’ phenomenon is not a myth, and yes, people in the extreme north, Norway and Finland, and in the UK and USA still fast, those sticking to the letter of what they perceive as the law, observing terribly long fasts. Some pray Taraweehs too.

The question is: what exactly is the law and is Islam inflexible?

Of course, one can manage anything armed with dedication, and that people fast 23 hours at a stretch is proof of dedication and faith. But a spiritual life in Islam does not preclude the practical, nor does Islam sanction hermits and self flagellation. Realistically, therefore, how does a person who fasts 23 hours a day and sleeps almost none remain healthy and function effectively as a soldier, a doctor, a labourer, a parent, or a student?

If Islam is meant for all times and places, and Allah (SWT) intends every facility for you, then surely its followers should change accordingly, by means of intelligent debate, without changing the principles prescribed in the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran, although quite specific on certain points, usually leaves its readers with principles behind the ritual and expects us to perform accordingly. In the case of prayers, it does not specify the physical actions but lays stress on the worship of one God and no one else. In the case of Zakat, there is debate as to who is should receive it, so people follow the ruling they find most reasonable while agreeing on the percentage to be paid based on the spirit of charity and the need to circulate wealth – the principles on which Zakat is based.

Similarly, fasting is prescribed as an act of worship, a discipline, a sacrifice at the altar of the one God, and to develop empathy towards the less fortunate.

It is also prescribed as a means of cleansing the body, like spring cleaning; the intention is not to make the one fasting ill. It is clearly indicated when the fast must commence, as well as when it should end, and in the Arabian Peninsula, where the Holy Quran was revealed, these timings were reasonable. For those of us who arrived later and spread around the world, we were expected to carry the principles with us, but leave the peninsula where it stood.

The Holy Quran encourages people to use their judgement to fulfil their obligations, and the Prophet (PBUH) did so. In a hadith by Abu Dawud, the Prophet’s (PBUH) companion Safwan (RA) worked late hours, so he was unable to wake up for Fajr. The Prophet (PBUH) instructed him to pray Fajr as soon as he awoke instead. This hadith indicates that Islam is adaptable to exceptional circumstances.

In North America, the Islamic Council provides a fixed calendar based on lunar calculations, seeing that it is now (and has been for years) possible to track the path of the moon. This makes life measurably easier for Muslims in North America who accept this ruling because, otherwise, they would not know exactly when Ramazan begins and ends. In Scandinavia, USA and UK (particularly Scotland and Ireland) some people fast using the fasting time of the closest city or day with ‘reasonable’ fasting hours. They can follow their religion better this way and organise their schedules. These adjustments are endorsed by official fatwas.

Such informed adjustments are possible wherever required – in matters of rituals, dress and behaviour, if we are to live as rational Muslims today. It would be a pity, would it not, to be unable to do the very thing we have been asked to do because we are unable to adapt intelligently to changing times, which we are also asked to do?


Rabia Ahmed

The author is a freelance writer and translator.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • reader

    Islam is for life. We get solutions of problems like this from Hadith. Yes, So ask local imam and he should be able to guide you provided he lives in similiar situation. I live in Norway therefore local imam here are much more practical about his.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    You raise a great question. Marvelous blog.Recommend

  • Agnikul

    Reason to outweigh precedent and analogy? Gosh! that would be logical! We cannot have logic messing up even more religious sects.Recommend

  • doesnt mattter

    if tomorrow man makes colonies on the moon, how will muslims fast there :)Recommend

  • Farheen

    My brother also lives in Sweden and he unable to fast because of same timing reasons. He tried his best to fasting but it is very difficult there along the working hours.Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Muhammad and Islam had no reach up to Finland . They had created it keeping Middle east desert in mind . It’ always better to use your brain and work accordingly.Recommend

  • Sonya

    If you can’t practice your religion in any part of the globe – migration is one option that you can consider.Recommend

  • Bullo

    Why live in a place where following such an important commandment of our religion becomes difficult. Might as well migrate and live in parts of the world where following the religion is not only easier but enjoyable too.Recommend

  • Me

    for starters, its not a 23 hours fast but 22 hrs and 30mins..Recommend

  • Sami

    You stated that ask a local imam. I just want to ask that Islam is for the imams only. ?. In my view Every human being can interpret the message in the religion. The hegemony of the clergy should end. Learn Islam on your own. Imam is just a person like you. He just refer to books like you. So why not do it on your own?. Most of the imams lack basic knowledge and when you ask them scientific questions then dont expect that they will answer you appropriately.
    The real problem with the Muslims is that we left the interpretation of the religion in the hands of the few and now many are being exploited on a daily basis since ordinary Muslims are not in any mood to read and interpret religious text on its own and Religious leaders are determining everything and Ordinary follower is now just a blind follower of faith.Recommend

  • Agnikul

    These adjustments are endorsed by official fatwas. You can find these here: http://alrukn.com/long-fasts-fiqh/Recommend

  • tman

    your question is answered below :

  • Saad Ali Shaikh

    I can fast for 24 hours but then when I will eat hahahaha I will eat it all then again I will fast. This power to fast comes from Allah keep your belief strong and heart clean. Everything is possible. What are you afraid of death? Anyway it will come one day sooner or later.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Hey please if you don’t have enough knowledge then please be quite. Islam is a complete code of life it provides information on each and every subject. It doesn’t belong to one particular region or land, its for everybody in every corner of this world who is sincere to himself.

  • Malveros

    I am fasting 19 hours in the cold white north. I have a friend who lives in Alaska who also suffers from a similar dilemma like yours. I agree the timing should be reasonable.Recommend

  • Confused

    @Me: Oh thankyou so much for this information! Now everbody there can fast easily! Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Sir its a good question to raise.I am very glad to see we still care about ISLAM when we do our things. But on the same time I am very confused after reading this blog on this platform.
    You are raising this on a platform where you never get the right answer and if you want people to concern this issue then you should come up with the complete answer so everyone can get help that how should we deal with this or what should we do.
    I recommend you to take help from educated persons like Dr. Zakir Naik or Moulana Tariq Jamil,
    Who can really help you instead of being diverted by the people who really don’t know anything about the GREAT ISLAM.
    Sorry if you feel any offense.Recommend

  • Umair

    You have highlighted a point without giving a solution. Everyone knows this point and there are Hadith available for this and about the flexibility. You should have done some research with the hadith first. There are different references where it is mentioned that you follow a certain country’s time frames and some people even follow Saudi Arabia’s time frame. But again, there are details in the Hadith, there is nothing incomplete in Islam.Recommend

  • starlight

    There is a fatwa by al azhar university in Cairo saying that it is unhealthy to fast more than 18 hours a day and that should be the limit for fasting. Hence some people in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries follow that. Recently there was a similar piece in the BBC which is an interesting readRecommend

  • mimi sur

    And we see it in most of the Islamic world , the so-called “complete code” .Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Then they will look at Mars.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    very well saidRecommend

  • Moz

    This is an illogical reccomendation- it is people like you who hold back Islam with strict orthodoxy when Islam is an extremely considerate religion which is reasonably flexible. You propose that all Muslims pursuing higher education abroad or working in the way of their lord should migrate. Perhaps you should tell that to the Muslims who went all the way up to Spain and Balkans that as well because it was “less enjoyable” in these countries to practice religion. I’m often astounded by the ridiculous things people say. Read the al azhar ruling- Look at the beautiful justification provided backed up by loco and then comment. Recommend

  • fyz

    Perhaps because Islam is a religion which sprung up in the Arabian deserts, was revealed in Arabic and concerns Prophets all who were from the Middle East. Fasting is suited to Arabia too, as fasting is in tune with sunset and sunrise there. Recommend

  • Muhammad Salman

    I live in Finland and fast for 21 hrs. I work too and as a software developer and guess what my Finnish manager thinks that I am as productive these days as during normal times. Recommend

  • Az

    I live in Finland and we have managed to keep the fast without becoming ill. It’s hard but neither unhealthy nor impossible. Islam clearly says that fast is from dawn till dusk…and if there is a place where sun does not set..then the muslims have to follow the closest location for Suhoor and Iftar

    If you do not have proper knowledge about Islam, please do not misguide people..and here in Helsinki..its 21 hours and not 23 hoursRecommend

  • lalagee

    I just hope muslims are not on moon or any other planet now….Recommend

  • pakimaka

    then please keep it upto yourself….dont convert people….as u are only original islamic people of India….Recommend

  • not_a_muslim

    Really on each and every subject? Hmm How about General theory of relativity? And no it doesn’t belong to everybody, it was specifically for Arabs at that time.Recommend

  • Ghazi

    wow, such wisdom; so mind blowing; very Islamic. Have a like.Recommend

  • Lalit

    would you extend the same advice to all Muslim Ambassadors and their Muslim office staff who happen to be posted to such Countries ?Recommend

  • It does

    Don’t worry. There is a provision for that. Everything is covered.

    Had you just consulted a scholar, you would’ve known the answer.Recommend

  • Athée

    I completely agree with you. Islam provides information on each and every subject. It ranges from Pedophiles to Terrorism.Recommend

  • Critical

    Strangely the complete code of life for every land completely forgot about the fact that Day and night arent exactly 12 hrs everywhere in the world???

    So if an Eskimo becomes a muslim,should he never break his fast as their day can sometimes extend to 4 months???

  • Chaudhry

    The problem described indicates it was from the human mind who only was aware of the days and nights in the Arabian lands and could not have imagined the earth to be an approximate sphere that revolved on its axis that is tilted at an angle with respect to the Sun and also it revolved around the Sun. This human mind could not have imagined the phenomenon of ‘daylight’ at or near its poles.Recommend

  • Muhammad Haris Zohaib

    I think instead of confusing the masses the blogger should have taken this matter up with a religious scholar and shared the knowledge. The mind is often bombarded with questions that make one doubt one’s own sanity; it does not mean others should be pulled in the whirlpool too.Recommend

  • Tariq Jameel

    really? as evident by the blog itself?Recommend

  • dfvfds

    Dude it is only 20 hours long: from 2.30 a.m to 10.30 p.m. Get your facts right.Recommend

  • rsjd

    I agree… Islam is very flexible. And hence has left open the option of hijra wide open for all of us. If we can migrate to raise our standards of living.. getting a green card etc.. i think it’s not much to ask of us to migrate if we find ourselves unable to fast for 23 hours… unlike some people who manage to do so with unbelievable dedication. So no Islam is not inflexible… Instead I’d say we are. We want laws to be moulded instead of moulding out lives according to law. :)Recommend

  • https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8559594100366660134#allposts Supriya Arcot

    Hmmm logical and practical indeed . Many of our rituals and customs are outdated . I mean – we should follow them but upgrade it to delve with today’s scenario .Recommend

  • UtkarshSinghNain

    That’s entirely your subjective opinion. Please don’t spout it as a universal truth when you don’t have any concrete evidence to substantiate the claim. Recommend

  • ZakaAkhtar

    There are 3 relaxations given to Muslims who will have unusually long Fasting times (ofcourse there would be conditions – so it is better to ask a CERTIFIED scholar or islamic jurist). Before I spell them, I ask my brethren what will happen to a Muslim astronaut during the month of Ramadan if he had to visit the International Space Station for the whole month; how will he pray or fast? Unfortunately Muslims lag behind in research/science and technology but imagine if there were all Muslims doing these jobs, like being in space, on an expedition on North Pole etc. This is one of the countless examples where Islam allows able, certified scholars to sit and do Ijtehad and find a solution. Such scholars have came up with 3 relaxations for people living in countries near the polar regions, especially those regions where the time of last prayer of the night, i.e., Isha does not properly set in; (i) Break Fast after 17 hours.(Average daytime) (ii) Follow the nearest country schedule where all of the five prayers have valid timings(normal sunset sunrise timings), and (iii) and if can’t Do not FAST in Ramadan but re-do the fasting in an easier month later on. Allah SWT does not like humans to undergo suffering which they cannot bear, but we have made the religion difficult to follow ourselves.Allah SWT knows the best….Recommend

  • Nazir Basha, Oslo

    The people in Norway, Finland, Canada, Alaska need not fast as there are no fixed times to carryout daily activities. I have never found anybody fasting in those areas. They are more worried about survival in the the chilling temperatures.Recommend

  • Nazir Basha, Oslo

    Hadith also mentioned about fasting times on Moon, Mars and Saturn. People there follow those times sincerely.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    Indians considered any one going out of India as an outcast. This makes you worse then Muslims. it was muslims who broke this self-glorifying nonsense otherwise as late as the 1800’s Hindu soldiers in East India’s company refused to fight abroad.
    @ doesn’t matter: How will Indians wives break their karva chauthi ka wrath.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Come to Pakistan for Ramadaan !!! BTW this issue has always aroused my interest …Recommend

  • abhi

    Your article is good but I think you didn’t dare to challenge the basics here “If Islam is meant for all times and places”. The simple answer is no.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    Wow ! you do have a serious problem compared to the tiny little problems rest of the world is having. I hope you find a way out.Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    Raising a question and asking Netizens to comment :) wow… You seem grown up and intelligent as well. How far was the last mulla, scholar, molvi, imam masjid or howsoever you would like to call them, who could answer this question in the matter of minutes.Recommend

  • http://nazarbaaz.blogspot.com/ 2#

    I dont think this is the right place to ask such questions But you see.. people will say silly things for the religion of most of us if you put it up like a novice for novice. Or are you trying to say, you are fed up with the old saying “ever green and global religion”Recommend

  • Genesys

    And where will you look to break the fast but then depend on the mullahs and the ayotollahs to find a circutous answerRecommend

  • Jamshed Rustomjee

    Good thing would be that there will be no Hindustani trolls on the
    moon.They will be down here still using the outdoors for bathrooms.
    While the Muslim Ulemas will find a solution. For fasting on the moon.Recommend

  • Desi Finn

    Having lived in Finland for last 13 years and fasting every Ramzan (currently around 21 hours fast), I must confess that it is much easier to fast a longer time in Finland comparing to a 16 hours fast in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Akbar

    It’s such a shame that we stuck in a petty issue and have forgotten the crux the core reason of fasting. I mean what a shame that during Iftar people are rushing, and furious and just can wait to open their fast. We have kept the ritual, but are we really following the reason or do we actually really understand the whole concept of Fast?Recommend

  • it does

    when there is will, there’s a way.Recommend

  • Fahad

    I think people there are following the closest land i.e. Norway? If I am not wrong? The FATWA has already been issued few weeks ago prior to starting of Ramadan.

    Rabia, you are too late for this sister :)Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    the same way Christians will celebrate 25th of December and the Hindus celebrate holi etc. Tbh it will be easier for Muslims for their circle already runs on the lunar calendar. It will much much more difficult for Christians and Hindus, they will have to fight it out whether they are going to go by earth days or lunar days.Recommend

  • MrRollsRoyce

    Well, (not) surprisingly, these places in the north, Sweden, Noway, Canada, Finland, they have the best quality of life in the world, and also the least amount of religious belief and laws based on religion. Whereas the places with the most religion, such as the Arab states, are not as welcoming to Pakistanis and unlike Canada or Finland or Norway or Sweden will NEVER give Pakistanis equal rights or citizenship.

    And of course people are welcome to stay in Pakistan and not emigrate anywhere, but then religion itself has and continues to destroy this country. Even diehard religious believers and proponents of the Two-Nation theory want to move to Scandinavian states or USA or Canada to get their citizenship, and THEN move to the middle east.

    The lack of recognition of hypocrisy in all this is astounding.Recommend

  • bob

    My Islam is flexible as Allah intended no hardship on his creation. Use Quran as a guideline and do what your logic tells you to do. I have to answer to none other than Allah. All the fatwas, the learned scholars, etc . will never force me to do something that my mind says ,it doesn’t make sense.Recommend

  • ullo bata

    if tomorrow man makes colonies (illogical assumption) then they will sort out their fasting routine along with many thousand other life threatening issues. You may now focus on earth where you are living and stop worrying about future of others.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    some other interesting questions I heard being asked to the Muftis on Special Ramzan Transmissions.

    1- Does getting an Injection breaks fast?

    Ans> It depends, if the injection is IV then fast is broken if injection is for energy, if it is for medical prescription then fast stays, if injection is IM then fast stays. (misguided answer by muftis)

    Quran forbids fasting to patients & sick, why would any one get injection unless he is sick, no question of IV or IM, follow quran and compensate for the missed fast some other day when you get healthy.

    2- Can we offer prayer while travelling on bus or train.

    Ans> Avoid saying prayers while the bus or train is moving, take a break or say it as Qaza later because in train or bus you can not stand and face Qibla. (misguided answer)

    Muhammad, PBUH said prayers sitting on the vehicle (camel) in the direction of journey (and not towards Qibla), follow Sunnah, forget mufti.

    3- If a person begins fast in Lahore and travels to Karachi by air, and is in mid air shall he break fast according to Lahore time or according to Karachi time?

    Ans> if he is closer to Karachi he breaks fast according to Karachi Time and vice-versa.

    Again, Quran forbids to fast when you travel, no further logic needs to be applied.Recommend

  • ullo bata

    Baba Ji,

    I suggest changes in clocks in north, instead of 24 hrs clock shall be of 36 hrs a day so that Muslims will get 13 hrs to sleep.

    Genius….hey na !Recommend

  • ireneJ

    Christians only go by bible not by earth or lunar… so don’t worry for themRecommend

  • ieejay

    Christians only go by bible not by earth or lunarRecommend

  • ahmad

    Islam being a very rational religion allows you to divide the day into 24 hours even in places like these and then FAST and offer PRAYERS …i.e fast shouldnt be of 23 hours but minimum of 12 and you can take it upto 16 hours BUT not beyond that and also by dividing the whole 24 hours and also offering prayers accordingly……………Recommend

  • Sudhindra

    @Talha Rizvi: “How will Indians wives break their karva chauthi ka wrath” … Jinhe rakhna hai woh rakhegi, jo nahin rakhna chahti nahin rakhegi … karva chauth is a specific north-indian thing, in the south other than north-indians nobody observes it … neither mandatory nor pan-indian …Recommend

  • Critical thinker….!!!

    A very very good explanation…..I always have the same discussion….Recommend

  • MHJ
  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    Why do you go for an expert opinion to doctors, engineers when needed? why cant you use your own brain when there are thousands of books and materiel available?Recommend

  • Asad

    I agree with you 100%!Recommend

  • Rational

    Bob, you have a point but if everyone started doing that, there would be chaos. Mind you, the so called learned scholars are causing some chaos of their own, but I think if one does as you say in some matters (you can apply your rule in many others) there would be mayhem.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    I hope Indians won’t be there but then again you guys have the tendency to come troll like uninvited guests.
    @ mimi sur Do some thing constructive.
    @ doesn’t matter: Why can’t you mind your own business?Recommend

  • Fahim Alavi

    I have friends living in Finland who fast in Ramadan. I have friends living in Australia(winters) who don’t fast at allRecommend

  • Jahil hamid

    True to the saying ‘Bigger the person,the bigger the problem’ the writer here is confronted with a giant of a problem. A problem which if not solved will change the course of human civilization and cause thousands no, millions to go hungry and homeless. But if the solution to this problem is found, it will solve all of world’s existing problems and preserve the earth from death and destruction. I have no doubt that the writer, with very valuable inputs from the pious readers will be able to find a solution to this gigantic problem which would even have defeated Einstein, Newton, Tesla and Darwin all combined. The very fact that they passed away before this lady came up with this problem is the proof of the intricacies and complexities of this confounding problem which they were scared of facing. The writer lady is a brave woman to undauntingly face this problem on behalf of humankind. I wish her luck in finding a solution and thus saving the rest of human race. Thanks in advance.Recommend

  • Sara

    What if what logic tells you is contrary to what Quran says? Is that fine? I am perfectly fine with using logic. People have built excellent societies using logic, why do we need Quran then?Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    There is one more interesting and common question and misleading answer:

    Q> Can I do Wudhoo (ablution) while I am wearing nail polish?

    Ans> No, unless each and every part of the body including nails get wet you are not in Wudhoo so remove nail polish.

    Logic> Why you do wudhoo? so as to remove any dirt and debris off your body, if you are wearing nail polish dirt can’t get under it and so your nails are clean, only you need to wash the surface (over the nail polish).Recommend

  • Farhan

    Incredible… The teachers and schools: all are valueless. Read books and understand and interpret them yourself form now on.Recommend

  • donga bonga

    Lady, I am sure even after 300 or so comments you still haven’t got any answer to your question. Now please contact Zubaida Aapa.Recommend

  • donga bonga

    Lady, I am sure even after 300 or so comments you still haven’t got any answer to your question. Now please contact Zubaida Aapa.Recommend

  • ullo bata

    really…I must read it again…Recommend

  • amused

    are you being sarcastic?!Recommend

  • Farhan

    What is your concern for Finnish people when they, as many of them have stated in the comments below, are fasting unimpeded by the thought of a 21 hour stretched Roza. You should first learn about Islam and its flexibility, which you seek so fervently, before commenting or otherwise misleading.Recommend

  • amused

    and of course you’re being sarcastic, but our only ‘salvation’ lies in debate y, so you may sneer at it, but the alternative is to have little tin pot people coming up with odd pronouncements that people actually take seriously.Recommend

  • WhoWasThatMaskedMan

    Unlike medicine, engineering and others, Islam is not a profession. Since, you are already making this comparison. How many Imams have you seen formally study Islam from accredited institutions? When there will be learned scholars readily available as doctors are, people will consult them.Recommend

  • asad

    are you planning to to move to finland..?? how many times have you been there already..?? why did not you consider about moscow??Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/zubairj M. Zubair Javed

    Ms. Rabia i suggest you should consult on this matter with a Mufti. Personal opinions are not worth with the Word of God is already there.Recommend

  • anonymous

    u r completely wrong about nail polish….nail is part of ur body n its still cover by foreign material like paint….how about u paint ur face or body wud u stil offer ur salat?? 2ndly wudu doesnt mean to clean ur dirt/debris…its also mean to prepare urself before ur salat for e.g if u have job interview wud u wear clean iron clothes or will u wear non iron dirty clothes
    please dont misguide others!Recommend

  • anil

    Don’t worry . Your concerns are baseless . Muslims won’t go to moon . No Islamic country has space program . See..How did I make your concerns so simple and easy .Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    do u know Quran allows you to do wudu with clean dust or just touching your hands on a clean wall and rub on your face and arms?

    Islam is very simple and straight forward, no complexities in it. To answer your question, If I paint my body (i will be mad though) after taking a bath then later I would just do wudu normal way (without peeling off the paint) as I know below the paint layer skin is clean and I only need to wash the paint layer.

    Nail polish is worn to get tip-top not to look dirty your analogy with dirty clothes is incorrect.Recommend

  • ali

    you seem to be missing the point which is to generate discussion and get people to think critically for themselves.Recommend

  • ali

    you seem to be missing the point which is to generate discussion and get people to think critically for themselves.Recommend

  • anonymous

    yes u can do wudu by touching trees or dust unless u dont get water nearby or not available at all….again u r not getting my point nail polish is covering your body part where water must touch ur body part, its like u saying wear gloves or mask n wipe water on ur mask or gloves so its still acceptable?? please read hadeeth before giving false idea!!Recommend

  • ullo bata

    wow….could you please attend the “tiny” problem while others are busy solving major issues.

    And keep us posted of what you doing to solve the “tiny” problemRecommend

  • Logic

    “Tbh it will be easier for Muslims for their circle already runs on the lunar calendar.”

    Oh really, How do you expect to differentiate between a crescent and a full moon when you’re sitting on top of it.Recommend

  • Guest

    Because I cant carry out my own surgery while under anesthetics. Duh!!Recommend

  • Yousuf A.

    You’re argument is baseless. Ever heard of an Aalim? They spend years and years on end till they understand everything there is to understand about Islam.

    The Quran is one of the most complex scriptures present in the world today. The Arabic used in it is quiet different from the Arabic of the modern world, hence, even the most proficient Arabic speaker can assume a totally different meaning of the scripture without the correct guidance. So please, for your own sake, refer to a learnt scholar of Islam rather then interpreting it on your own. I can almost guarantee that once you go in the details, you would’ve understood several things incorrectly.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    “where water must touch ur body part”

    go back to basics, wudu is to CLEANSE your body and not to WET your body…..

    If you think nail polish makes your nails dirty, don’t wear it. But people wear it because it makes them look pretty not dirty.

    wearing mask or gloves…why you coming up with senseless analogies, stick to the point.

    Can you please quote, Hadiath which says water MUST touch your skin and nails?Recommend

  • Fahad Iqbal

    I think then we can go to earth for vacations in Ramadan and comeback after Eid :)Recommend

  • Critical Thinker…!!!

    So true…….We make Islam difficult for no reason. Most of the muslims are in search of Uncle Afzal and forget the real reason why we perform all these rituals….May Allah bless you ….Recommend

  • Critical thinker..!!!

    So is paint. This means painter cannot pray as they are never clean enough for namaz…Just a thought..!!!!Recommend