Pakistani dramas in India, yay!

Published: July 4, 2014

Indian soap operas and dramas have been airing on Pakistani television for a long time now. Pakistani women especially, have been largely influenced by these drama serials and this can be seen in the way Hindi words have seeped into our language and Indian clothing has become part of our fashion.

Women not only want to buy Tulsi’s sari now, but to also, at times, address an unfortunate happening or a mishap as abshugan (Hindi for bad luck). The effects on our culture can be easily spotted.

However, a few days back, I came across news that was thoroughly refreshing to hear; Pakistani dramas are being aired on an Indian channel called Zee Zindagi. Curious as to what people had to say about our dramas, I was pleasantly surprised to note that people were very appreciative of our shows, story-lines and actors. The overwhelming response indicated that the audience was looking forward to watching how Pakistani dramas portrayed real-life situations with characters that have depth and substance.

A few responses on Twitter made me realise how much our dramas are being liked in India:

Some even went on to compare Indian dramas with their Pakistani counterparts, discussing how the former should learn from the latter.

This is something to be truly proud of. The Indian drama industry is renowned globally and their television artists are revered wherever they go. And if, after having such a huge soap opera industry, they have shown such kind of appreciation towards Pakistani dramas, it is a huge compliment to us and our media. Not only does this show that our dramas are meritorious but also evidences the amount of talent Pakistani possesses.

The first Pakistani drama to be aired on the channel was Bashar Momin. The storyline following the life of a gangster in Karachi is a fresh concept for Indian audiences. Although there are a plethora of Bollywood movies around the same theme, curiosity to know how Pakistan gangster storylines are different from Indian storylines would be interesting. Besides this, it provides Indian audiences a much-needed break from the typical mother and daughter-in-law feuds that have ruled their screens for over a decade now.

Zindagi Gulzar HaiAasmano Pe LikhaAunn Zara and Kash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti are a few others that are being aired on the Indian channel currently. The main reason most of these dramas are so well-received in India is because the storyline they follow is usually focused upon social issues.

Pakistanis welcomed this as step in the right direction for both the nations and believe it will do well in portraying Pakistani culture globally:

Pakistan’s image, for many countries, is largely coloured with terrorism, violence, deaths and destruction. Steps such as these, in which our true culture is portrayed in an amicable light, is something Pakistan needed to mend its broken image. This also encourages cordial ties between Pakistan and its neighbours; not only will this give both the countries a neutral platform to connect on, it will disperse many misleading notions of resentment that exist between the two neighbours.

For years now, Pakistanis and Indians have been curious about life on either side of the border, this is a step in the right direction to bridge that gap felt by citizens of India and Pakistan. All in all, I applaud this step taken by the channel; it may be small, but it is a very significant one, towards cordial, bilateral relations.

Arisha Meraj

Arisha Meraj

A 17-year-old student who is a sports buff and a book worm. Taciturn by nature. Karachite.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Nandita.

    I loved Zindagi Gulzar hai, durr e shahwar and kankar. I watched these dramas on youtube last year I think. The problem is that these pakistani dramas are already available on youtube so someone like me would watch them on youtube rather than wait for the next episode to be aired on tv. I think Zee Zindagi should air dramas as soon as they are released which means that india and pakistan would see the episodes on the same days. Once the episodes are uploaded on youtube, the audience for zee zindagi will decrease.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Oh boy. I remember the old ‘kiyuke saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’, ”kumkum’, etc. Indians would love the fresh concepts in Pakistani dramas. Recommend

  • Shobhna

    Arisha Meraj – i am one of those who dont follow any Indian soap in particular. But out of curiosity I watched Zindagi… I try n catch it daily now :)Recommend

  • Ravi

    Yup, I support the authors claims.. I am 28 years and would rarely watch an indian tv soap all because i just cant relate to a story line where every sas and bahu is conspiring to get to each others neck, it rarely happens. I sometimes felt embarrassment about such programs being aired on foreign TV networks, giving the viewers there a wrong impression of indian culture. Pakistani dramas are good as they are far more realistic, but post production dept does need a upgrade. Indian serials may not be good on quality but they are good on other technical aspects. And not to forget TV industry is one of the biggest employers in india with the union govt planning to make it a 100 billion $ industry in the coming decade.
    All in all, Indians & pakistanis both need to learn a lot form each others in TV serial making domain.Recommend

  • Samir

    nice article Arisha and being an Indian I can tell u Pak dramas are becoming quite popular as well ..ofcoz we share same language and culture then y not both sides should enjoy and appreciate each other’s television sops and other forms of art and culture .. let governments on both sides play their usual siyasat but common ppl from both nations should not indulge in that..Recommend

  • Mohd. Yasir

    Although Pakistani channels are banned here in India, cultural interaction are due to media and Entertainment channels these days, but unfortunately Indians never given chance by govt. to interact with Pakistan or The great Pakistani entertainers.Finally a good move, we all enjoying the taste of Urdu, Pakistani family traditions and lovely scripts of dramas. Hopefully we will be having more entertainment from Pakistan in future ,InshaAllah. May Allah bless u All….happy ramzan.Recommend

  • Dajjal

    Oh.. those types of Dramas, i thought maybe Imran Khan, Tahir-ul-Qadri and co. had gone to India or something…. but then again, they aren’t dramas as much as they are Cartoons…Recommend

  • preet malik

    Awsme !!!!!!! I loveee pakistani serials a lot.. I was waiting lyk crazy fr “zindagi” to start…god..amazin storyline,acting,meaningful and yes nt at all loonnnng serials like in hea(India).short n crisp,but worth watching.zindagi gulazar hai, sun zara, kaash main teri beti naa hoti ..all r amazin
    ..prior to this channel strtd i used to follow all the other pakistani serials online …. Recommend

  • Deepwater

    This competition from across the border will force Indian programmers to evolve and come up with fresh stories and concepts. All in all, this will be a very good thing and the viewers on both sides will be better served. This is healthy competition and this is exactly how India and Pakistan should compete in all spheres.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Good to know. Indians have far less exposure to Pakistan and Pakistanis than the other way around (also a reason that there are so many curious Indians here on ET), so if they can see and appreciate entertainment that ‘normal’ Pakistanis watch and enjoy, it helps in softening the impression of Pakistan that many of us carry – based on our shared history and the ideology that Pakistan is seen to represent.Recommend

  • Frank

    Arisha Meraj – “Women not only want to buy Tulsi’s sari now, but to also, at times, address an unfortunate happening or a mishap as abshugan (Hindi for bad luck). The effects on our culture can be easily spotted.”

    Perhaps this is true for Karachi, but it certainly isn’t for Punjab.Recommend

  • Khuzaima

    Now this is called real “tarak-ki” of Pakistan drama industry….Recommend

  • harsh

    When we should be collaborating with Iran whose movies always get Oscar we are going towards India. What a shame we dont want Ummah and want India. We are totally a bunch of hypocritesRecommend

  • Moiz Omar

    I’ve consumed both Pakistani and Indian media, and I’ve always thought we generally make better music and dramas, but the Indians generally make better movies.Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Well apparently this is all Haram, wait for ISIS it is gonna be over soonRecommend

  • Alann

    The Pakistani shows need to be more localised to attract more audience here. Not many will watch those if the characters usually speak in Urdu/Punjabi. Although I’ll admit I haven’t watched that Zindagi channel yet, but I’ve come across few Pakistani news shows and couple comedy shows like KhabarNaak/Has-Be-Haal on Youtube, and although the language is understandable to large extent but its sometimes hard to decipher the random Urdu/Punjabi/Pashtun or whatever it is, thrown in between every once in a while, especially on Has-be-Haal. No one is India is going to understand terms like, for example, Wazir-e-Ala/Wazir-e-Azam.
    Also, the Hindi word for bad luck is ‘Apshakun’/’Apshagun’, not Abshugan.Recommend

  • rahul

    I must say, they are so slow (pakistani dramas) I almost fell to sleep.And even production design is very ordinary.I would rather watch serials on Colors like “balika vadhu”Recommend

  • batman

    I was forced by my maid to watch the Indian drama which had baa in it, who happened to be an immortal old hag. It certainly did have a substantial influence on me as I started using words such as Vishvaas, Kitaadu, Baapu jee, etc. But thankfully our dramas have finally prevailed over their Indian competitors and I hope they continue to do so :DRecommend

  • Abdil

    As if Indian soaps weren’t enough to drive one insane. Do not think pakistani dramas will be popular this side of the border because it will be difficult for Indian audiences to relate to these stories which are written for a different culture.Recommend

  • Parvez

    A step in the right direction.Recommend

  • gp65

    Variety is the spice of life. Indians should have access to the best entertainment – wherever in the world it originates. If we can welcome Pakistani singers and actors, why not Pakistani plays? As long as there is no subsidy in this project and it is run on commercial terms, no one should have a problem.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    “The first Pakistani drama to be aired on the channel was Bashar Momin.”

    Bashar Momin was never aired on any Indian channel. Some say that it was a marketing tactic by Geo TV to spread this rumour before launch of Bashar Momin to create hype. Also, there are no future plans to air Bashar Momin on Zee Zindagi or any other Indian channel.

    Secondly, “Aasmano Pe Likha” is not currently aired on Zee Zindagi. Instead, “Kitni Girhain Baaki Hai” is aired. There is an interesting thing too. Famous actress Kirron Kher give prologue and gives a summary of the story in each episode. She is the only Indian face on Zee Zindagi right now since the other faces are of Pakistani actors/actresses in our dramas :)Recommend

  • Arsalan

    I hope it will be possible in future that the episodes are aired on the same day (or with a gap of one day). It’s a new experiment by Zee TV and a new chapter in collaboration between Indian and Pakistani broadcasters. It will definitely improve in coming days and this collaboration will deepen. By the way, in 2007-2008, Sony TV (India) and ARY Digital (Pakistan) both showed a serial Khwaish (An Ekta Kapoor’s production). There was a difference of only 2 hours between airing timings between ARY Digital and Sony.Recommend

  • Asad

    Firstly, the Indians aren’t making an issue out of foreign content being aired on their channels and getting all wary about some apocalyptic culture invasion or competition killing their industry. Secondly, the saas Bahu themes were kind of imposing in the sense that they expect the Bahu to be very loyal and humble, and sacrifice her wants and desires for the happiness of her household, while the rest of the family continues to follow their dreams, it send out a very wrong message. Best of luck Pakistan! I hope they also telecast qudussi sahab ki bewa lol Recommend


    Internet has already made world a globel village .. You can still see any country drama’s over internet easilyRecommend

  • 19640909rk .

    @ Arisha Mera – you are a 17 year old girl. Pl spend more time with your books….Recommend

  • Kulwnt Singh

    Ekta Kapoor please note no one is going to watch your serials when good one with some good story are available. It is very bad on the part of the Govt for banning the airing of Pakistani TV channels when we want to watch Pakistani channels the ban must be removed, now we go to Yutube to watch Hasbe Hall Khabarnak and news channels.Recommend

  • Mudassar Ali

    I love all serials of zee zindagi, Thanks Pakistan for giving such good dramas, however i am really unhappy the way some people criticzing our own dramas, I think we should respect other things but it doesn’t mean to disrespect our own things. In India most of the dramas are really good. however i can’t say the same thing about bollywood movies(only few of them are noticeable). I request people to watch Best of luck nikki, kumkum bhagya. utaran, tarak mehta ka usta chasma. all are very great dramasRecommend

  • Shiv

    In the whole bonhomie, one should also notice that the new government of Modi (BJP) has not thrown any spanner in the works! These are gestures that need to be appreciated. Pakistanis could perhaps take of their veil of apprehension towards Modi and take quick peek at these changes as well.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    Second attempt.
    @ rahul: No body is forcing you to watch our dramas.
    @ batman: LOL.
    @ Alann: Why are you obsessed with Pakistan? Second who cares about Pronunciation issues! You guys pronounce zindagi as jindagi.
    @ gp65: No it is a commercial channel what is your obsession with Pakistan?
    @ harsh and Necromancer: Indian troll alert.Recommend

  • Shamsher Singh Dhillion

    I have been a fan of Pakistani serials since in the 1990s! love the channel.Recommend

  • Aseem

    I can’t tolerate any of the Indian serials and I dont have the guts to try Pakistani ones. I am more than happy with ever refreshing Ghulam Ali and soul warming Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    BTW we also love your self-introspective intellectuals like Hassan Nisar, Pervez Hoodbhoy, the beautiful scenery of Gilgit Bilkistan, Gul Ahmed suits, Hasb-e-haal comedy and most importance the beauty, confidence, smartness and decency that has been specially endowed to Pakistan women. There is a hidden beauty in Pakistan that few people understand.Recommend

  • gp65

    I would agree as far as dramas go. The few Pakistani dramas I have seen are certainly better than the typical Hindi serials that one sees.

    As far as music goes, i imagine when you say Indian music, you are just referring to Bollywood music. For even within Hindi music, there is amazing diversity. Besides Bollywood there are bhajans, classical music (iboth local and instrumental), ghazals, folk music, thumri, qawwalis and so on. Plus many different languages have a very rich musical tradition e.g. Marathi, Bengali, Tamil etc.Recommend

  • chris from mumbai

    Doordarshan dramas and pakistani are the same..both are realistic… why are every one talking of star plus dramas and comparing with pakistani dramas…..(ekta kapoor) …watch marathi dramas..they beat the pakistani dramas…even the bengali dramas… watch bengali films and marathi films..who won thousands of awards internationally over a period of 100 years of indian cinema..Recommend

  • SamSal

    Would be nice if you call them ‘counter parts’ instead of competitors. There is not competition – like really. In terms of production, the acting talent, etc.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Well it is possible that I have not listened to all the different types of music from India (and also even from my own Pakistan), but from what I have listened too, I think our music is generally better.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Not necessarily. While we have many differences, we have many similarities also.Recommend

  • ISmail

    We people of Pakistan always allow and appreciate all type of good work.We have been allowing Indian Drama although it contains some vulgar stuff as well.Similarly India movies are dominating in Pakistani cinemas.But why they don’t allow our best drama and film works.May be our films are not top class but our drama is one of the best ?? As Shahid Afridi has said in semi final 2011 ” Hindustanioo ke Dil hamare jitne bare nhi ” Here is the proof.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Fair enough. In any case you are just expressing your opinion, which you have every right to express.

    I just wanted to bring awareness that there is much more to Indian music than Bollywood – as many Pakistanis tend to believe.Recommend

  • Gp65

    I do not think so. I remember long time back watching Dhoop Kinaare, Ankahee, Tanhaiyaan. Even though I did not understood some of the Urdu words, I still loved those dramas.

    Of course I saw Humsafar on the net and was quite disappointed given how People had raved about it.

    So I do not think all Pakistani plays are great or superior – it is case by case. But the notion that they would be rejected merely because the culture would be difficult to understand, is not one I buy.Recommend

  • Gp65

    No obsession. I said the dramas were welcome. You have comprehension prolems.Recommend

  • Sid

    Not sure if anybody has watched the early 80s serial called fifty-fifty…..Though older than my time, I still enjoy the humour in it.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    Perhaps we should ban them from India.Recommend

  • Lalit

    i like Zindagi Gulzar hai,while my wife likes Aunn Zara…although the first episode of kitni Girhain was straight out of Khwateen digest,with pathetic acting.Zindagi is a fresh breath of air for victims of Ekta Kapoor… Pakistani dramas have a clear edge over their Indian counterparts.waiting for some more…Recommend

  • pragya

    My perception was very different for pakistan. I imagined only blood, war or long beard persons with pathani colorless kurta delivering long speeches about religion and harassing females freedom. I got surprised after I saw serials on Zindagi. They are same like us! There middle class family views are exactly same. It was like enjoying at relatives house! It was much needed to air pakistani serials to know there culture. indian drama are very far from culture , yet few are very good. loved Sanam Saeed. She is very close to real characters. In fact I liked all characters with minimum makeup.Recommend

  • afshana

    zindagi gulzar hai is vry refreshing……luv it bt heard dt each serial on zindagi will last fr 25 episodes only!!!!!! No plz Want to see Zindagi gulzar ahi everyday n for longRecommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    We should definitely ban shitty Indian telecoms that kill time and mar our culture.
    BTW Pakistani dramas are popular simply because people on this side have been largely cut off from them and that has generated curiosity. That being said, they also don’t have never ending TV sagas. Also, the curious mix of Urdu and Punjabi used sounds cool, especially to Punjabi ears (We still have sign boards in Punjab written in Urdu and Punjabi both and you need to be able to read one of them at least to see where you are going). There is always going to be an Indian-Pak connect because culturally we are the closest to them in the world. And exchange of art is something that might clear some misunderstandings and create some understandings.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    India too has an amazing number of Muslims, you know. They can also contribute to the Ummah. Just saying.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    Are you welcoming them to South Asia?Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    Sorry Mudassar. Most of our sitcoms will make any logical person tear their eyes. We had something good with Hum Log, Choti Si Asha and Banegi apni baat but have lost our way into commercialization. You can even see the interview of Ekta Kapoor – the perpetrator of this non sense and see the hypocritical difference b/w her movies and serials – the values they project. Shows how these TV serials are artificial and needs to buck up or get lost.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    I am probably biased against all serials an movies. Having had a dekko at India serials just because the wife and the MIL were watching, all I can say is that they give a very distorted picture of life in India. Thankfully my kids take after me and avoid the telly and are mainlining on books.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    I shudder to think that we as Indians have ‘many similarities also’ with people across the border. Being Sunni Muslim I can still be friends with Shias and Ahmadis who are present in good numbers in India. Most importantly, ‘small hearted’ Hindu Banias are good friends and relatives since I happen to be married to one. 20 years of marriage, she is still a Hindu. Christians and Jews too are good friends and not considered as the people across the border would view them. I do not strive to become a better Muslim but rather am trying to be a better father, husband, brother, son but most of all a better person and a responsible citizen of India. Yes I pay my taxes and try my best not to cheat the government. I do feel upset when Palestinians, Israelis, Kashmiris, Buddhists, Christians and Gay people are killed in various parts of the world but I restrain myself from going out and damaging property or life. Also I feel that everything in the public domain should be open to questioning including religion and feel ashamed that my co religionists have a copyright on being offended at the slightest real or imagined ‘insult’ and that becomes the excuse for pillage and murder.
    So, I am very thankful that I have nothing in common with you and your countrymen.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    I meant you obsessively commenting on each and every article.Recommend

  • Akash Agrawal

    Could you name one Indian serial which you think has been showing “vulgar content”.If you refer Occasional Hugs and Tap on shoulder as Obscene,Then it’s a different thing altogether.Also,accept the fact,be it Indian Films,Indian dramas as well as Indian music,there is no match to it.The budget,the scale and everything is huge here.But we respect talent,no matter where it comes from.As for the pak dramas,they are too slow to be liked by majority of Indians,apart from being entirely different in backdrop of language and religious cultures.We have Doordarshan showing the same kind of series for years,which no one is interested in.Main TV watchers in the country are women and most of the content shown is made keeping them in mind.There is hardly a Film industry in pak,so better always is talked about music and dramas.The reality is,good and bad content,is made everywhere,be it ind or pak.No offence!
    And having said that,I do watch ZGH and loving itRecommend

  • BlackJack

    Wow! Salute!Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Wow! Salute!Recommend

  • Dr Robert Kharsing

    Thanks for writing so eloquently about being an Indian. Suddenly I feel very proud of all 1.25 billions of us.Recommend

  • gp65

    At the present time there are no Indian serials that I like to follow but that is not a princple – just a reaction to the poor quality of serials on Indian TV at this time.
    I find that many Hindi movies these days are quite enjoyable and are not about the typical boy meets girl or boy takes revenge of his parents’ death formula. But to each his own.
    I do not think serials are meant to give a glimse into the life of people in a country. Friends was not a good representation of the type of life typical 20 year old bachelors in US nor did Sex and the City represent life of a typical single woman in US. Yet I enjoyed both serials. So if a movie’s characters were not very representative of a ‘typical’ Indian lifestyle – that per se does not bother me at all because that is not an expectation in the first place.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    it’s a sad world when a person trying to live a normal life needs to be saluted.Recommend

  • srishti

    i have fallen in love with zindagi gulzar ha and itz actors… watched something different after so long time..and i would really like to appreciate the writers the actors and everyone for such a commendable job… i hope to watch more dramas of pakistan…. :)Recommend

  • JV

    i mean who buy tulsi sari in Pakistan now? for god sake no one use hindi words yet in our families except the OP i means do ET hav any criteria for article writting? and for indians liking our dramas its not a new trends the Pakistani dramas on youtube is full of indians viewers Recommend

  • JV

    I guess its high time for GoI to allow Pakistani channels to air in india so that indians can watch fresh Pakistani entertainment not the outdated ones….Recommend

  • JV

    even in Karachi no one do that:S i dont know which Pakistan this arisha is talking abt:SRecommend

  • Dilliwala

    Pakistani music better than Indian? lol…
    Both are based on Hindustani Classical Music, so can’t comment on the basis, but the actual music is certainly better made in India than is Pakistan. The day Pakistan starts making the same quantity of music that India makes shall the comparison be actually justified. As of now, India releases some hundred times more songs than Pakistan.Recommend

  • Dilliwala

    Pakistani dramas are very slow and after some initial excitement tend to become as boring as the Indian soaps. Almost all of these dramas focus on women’s plight in that country’s society.
    Aunn Zara was a good concept but too short to really stay for long in the viewers’ memory.

    When Zindagi was launched here in Delhi, my family would remain latched on to the channel all night before bed-time, and watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Aunn Zara, Kaash Main Teri Beti Naa Hoti, etc. But for the past week now, they’ve gradually stopped watching the channel, calling it repetitive and boring.
    Nobody in my family watches Indian soaps, so Pakistani dramas were thought of as a new concept, perhaps different from the our own soaps. But they turned out to be not so much different, with their own version of sobbing females, over-dramatic situations and slowness.

    It won’t be surprising if Pakistani serials soon fizzle out here.Recommend

  • Aseem

    Thats like a true indian.Recommend

  • Nick

    Agreed. Pakistani acting/production/talent is so much better. There just isn’t any competition…Duh.Recommend

  • Nick

    Agreed that Pakistani dramas are slower. Then again, we prefer much less “boom” (multiple camera zooms, with “boom” sound effects again and again), and prefer toned down colours (over pink and red pastel walls everywhere). I wouldn’t say the production design is ordinary. Its a matter of taste.Recommend

  • Nick

    I can agree with the caliber of Bengali dramas. The “Apu” series of Satyajit Ray are master pieces. Haven’t watched Marathi dramas so cannot comment, but some tamil movies that I have watched are better than their Hindi counterparts.Recommend

  • Nick

    Agreed. The “Matrix” didn’t represent USA anymore than “Gladiator” represented Rome. Yet, we still watched, and understood those movies. Our dramas can be understood across the border as well. Quality sells.Recommend

  • Nick

    Im glad you managed to come to a Paktani site, about Pakistani news, and managed to offend all 18 crores of us by painting everyone with one large brush.
    Not all Pakistanis are the same, just like not all Indians are the same. Get off your high horse and start accepting the variety that the real world offers.Recommend

  • Nick

    You’ve got a point. Its just a pity that the Muslims out there in India (shahrukh Khan, for example), are more hindu than the hindus of India. And I mean that in the most respectable manner possible ofcourse (i.e, no offense to the hindus!)Recommend

  • Nick

    Your “Hum Paanch” was nice. Good old days.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    Belongs to the same cult of aol serials I mentioned. The shitty Saas-bahu trend started with Ek mahal ho sapno ka and claimed the life of Indian telly.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    That’s a weird thing to say. They are more Indian. There is no hidden Hindu agenda to make them Hindu. But from an unbiased point of view, being an ordinary citizen, having lived a student life and still having loads of Muslim friends, some of whom are forever an inspiration as humans not relegious people, I have come to one conclusion – that might relate to your point, you will find them sometimes more attached to the country than us somehow.

    Other than that, there is actually no standard of measuring how Hindu a hindu is. Hindus aren’t a monolith as aren’t Muslims. There is just relegious propaganda that makes them seem so. If you do ever happen to visit India, I am sure you wouldn;t be saying that.

    As for SRK, he is a star of 3 Billion people. He is a star before anything else.

    I guess a good Muslim doesn’t need to advertize him being so. If he is following the tenets of Quran, in my view he is not answerable to anyone but Allah.Recommend

  • SamSal

    I feel for you, bro!Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Why do you always comment on others, with no relevance to the article .. troll!Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    That is because your country has done more to discredit my religion than rest of the world put together. Yes I go through Pakistani news sites to see what monstrosity you are going to foist on the world next. All through the 4 – 5 days of the Mumbai attack my wife did not put on the news because she thought I would be hurt seeing my co religionists kill my countrymen. My kids, now that they are growing up have learnt the fine art of Political Correctness when ‘Dad’ is around because they think I might feel hurt. this is the only reason I have not raised up my children in my religion.Recommend

  • Hina

    It’s good Bashar Momin and Aasmano Pe Likha are not airing, they weren’t that good anyway there are better serials to chose fromRecommend

  • Nick

    Your confused state is quite apparent. If you are so sensitive that people around you have to tip-toe so as not to offend, you should stop visiting such sites. And oh, certainly see a psychiatrist. Its not healthy…Recommend

  • Nick

    I’m glad you agree with me.Recommend

  • Nick

    Intersting. Didn’t know that.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    Quantity does not explicitly equal to quality.Recommend

  • sunita

    Pakistani serial are so slow. I cannot sit and bear the while show.Recommend

  • sunita

    They copy the Indian movie storyline.Recommend

  • Maryam

    I’m happy to see compliment about our #PAKSERIALS .. Indian friends hope you all will enjoy more #PAKSERIALS which are based on the realtiy, we always show reality in our #SERIALS, no doubt indian serials are also good but sorry to say indian serials show so much makeup and heavy jewelry and women work in kitchen with heavy dress and heavy jewelry which are not based on reality.

    Anyway, this is good that #PAKSERIALS are popular in india ..Recommend

  • Zubair Faridi

    to complete a story just in 20 episode this is what world can learn from Pak Tv Drama’sRecommend

  • Fair

    Bollywood music is an insult to music… Recommend

  • Bengali

    The ‘Apu’ series by Ray are films based on a novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, not telesoap. And that was back in the fifties! Recommend

  • Naziya Kantawala

    I like the serial Ishq Gumshuda.Recommend

  • hamza

    Lollywood music is very boring and very very bekar .

    zindagi gulzar is the best darama in 2years.

  • atif

    I will recommend Indians to watch these popular dramas of Pakistan.
    Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan
    Main Abdul Qadir Hoon
    Bashar Momin
    Aasmano Pe Likha
    Akbari Asghari
    Alpha Bravo CharlieRecommend

  • abrish

    I would like to tell that music first was started by muslims
    Its part of our culture actually you people are inspired by our music….

  • Dilliwala

    Yes of course, quantity does not equal quality in any way, but what I meant was that in making the loads of songs that Bollywood does, it does very good in producing even the bunch of good songs that it regularly does. In comparison, Pakistan produces very less number of songs and of those, a bunch are good. So that stands no comparison to Bollywood in absolute terms. In fractional terms, it may become competitive, but certainly not surge ahead.

    And I hope you aren’t comparing the nobody(s) like Atif Aslam, Jal Band, Strings, etc. Those untrained guys who took up singing as if they got some dare, though hit among the youth of their respective times made real sh!tty songs (there were exceptions of course, like Door Se Koi Aaye, Aadat, Sar Kiye Ye Pahar, etc.) with little or no quality at all. In talking Pakistani music, I mean quality singers and composers like Nusrat, Rahat Fateh Ali, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Adnan Sami, Abida Parveen, etc.

    Besides, Indian music is far, far greater than mere Bollywood music. Music has been an integral aspect of Indian lives since the Indian civilization and culture began millenia back, at-least since the Vaidic times. It has been integral to the Indian way of spiritual life. The Hindustani and Carnatic musical styles of Indian Classical Music are clear testimony to that glorious, ever-lasting heritage.

    Plus, there are countless regional compositions of other major and minor languages. So, when you say Indian music you’re either ignoring the diversity and the forms of Indian music or strictly meaning Bollywood music.Recommend

  • Dilliwala

    O really! I thought mausiqi (music) is haraam (forbidden) in Islam!

    Where did you get that from, good folk?
    Lemme guess- it’s from that ‘reliable’ history text called Pakistan Studies, right?Recommend

  • Dilliwala

    By the way, it’s apshagun. Never heard of that weird word that the author framed.Recommend

  • Dilliwala

    You meant the same way the Pakistani Muslims are more terrorist than the terrorists of Pakistan?
    And even I mean that in the most respectable manner possible (no offense to the terrorists!).Recommend

  • Syed Muhammud

    There is no such verse in the Qur’aan that in which music is actually prohibited.Most scholars tell people that it is haram because usually music isn’t just done by instruments but singing is involved.Generally,vulgar or cheap language and concepts are involved in songs.Hence to keep them from using such language,or thinking such thoughts is the reason why western and modern Indian songs are not thought of as good things to listen to.

    Otherwise,why would Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai(a famous wali of Allah) “create” a musical instrument and use it while singing?Every newcomer and sometimes even experts in the field uses Kalaams of such holy men to become popular.An example would be the ever famous copies of the song “Shahbaz Qalander” which was copied by India’s own Honey Singh(even if you don’t like him,he’s still an Indian).Recommend

  • Anirban

    I’m Indian and don’t watch television except for wildlife channels like National Geographic but I’ve heard a lot of praise from my friends and colleagues about Pakistani TV dramas like Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. I’ve met lots of Pakistanis abroad and what I like about them is that they are universally down-to-earth, humorous and classy and speak in chaste Urdu. Being fluent in Urdu myself, I enjoy hearing the way those words (alfaaz) sound. Unfortunately, Indians equate Urdu to be a language of Muslims which is a grossly incorrect fact. Some of the most talented Urdu writers of pre-partition India e.g. Munshi Premchand did happen to be Hindus.

    It’s really sad that India and Pakistan have so many mutual problems politically. It’s among very few countries that Indians have so much in common with (apart from Bangladesh, Nepal etc.). Time has come to bury those differences, have a bilateral ceasefire at the borders, eliminate visa requirements for citizens of either country and get along nicely.Recommend