For the apple of my eye

Published: July 3, 2014

He was a beautiful baby, my little miracle when I least expected it. PHOTO: AFP

On August 22, 2013, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy, Yahya Waqas. He was perfect in every sense of the word. The apple of my eye, the joy of my life, everything I could ever dream of. He was a beautiful baby, my little miracle when I least expected it. He made our family complete.

The three of us, he, my husband and I, were totally inseparable. We laughed with him, played with him, even danced with him. He was a feisty young boy and it was during my pregnancy that I fell unconditionally in love with him and I knew that from that day forward, I would be a completely different person.

Yahya Waqas. Photo: Amel Abid

But he passed away on March 19, 2014.

Yahya was diagnosed with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR), a rare complex heart disease that affects one in a thousand babies. I was shocked, hurt and disoriented to say the least. He was a normal child with unbelievable reflexes. He knew what he wanted and when he wanted it. He knew how to demand things. He knew that he was loved and cared for.

We took him to the best hospital in Rawalpindi and what we believed to be the best cardiac facility in Pakistan. Little did we know that we were putting our baby in hands of the most incompetent doctors and staff. The doctor refused to perform surgery until he was at least six months old. They believed he weighed less and needed to gain more weight to be fit for the surgery. But the doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in India advised otherwise and deemed the procedure necessary before three months of age.

The sad part is that we were too late. He was already in the ICU when we found out about Dr Rajesh Sharma, and moving Yahya in his prevailing predicament was impossible.

During those six months my family went through hell. From heart medicines to vomiting to choking, we saw what I would not even wish upon the worst of my enemies. We saw our Yahya in pain. He caught pneumonia twice during those six months. He was hospitalised twice. His pneumonia wasn’t the cause of his death though. He caught another virus during our stay at the hospital while he was in the ICU and on a ventilator. He underwent Laparotomy, a surgical procedure for the abdomen, and was diagnosed with intestinal ischemia, which caused gangrene in his intestines.

We were told that he probably won’t even survive the procedure because of his continuing pneumonia and his heart condition, but my son did survive. The procedure was successful but he just couldn’t take it anymore and died of multiple organ failure after 12 days of surgery.

We saw him struggling for his breath. We saw him when he was being poked with needles again and again. I was there when he couldn’t recognise me anymore, when he passed bloody stools. I was there all along. I couldn’t hold him in my arms and I couldn’t stop his pain. I could see my husband falling apart, I saw the pain my family was going through but I knew one thing at the end, my son was a fighter.

Born in an army family, he was tough as a rock. He would have made an excellent soldier one day but Allah had other plans. He is among angels now. I miss him every second of every day. I miss his face, his eyes, his laughter, his cries, I miss it all.

I don’t have regrets but I wish I had known better at the time. I wish I had taken him abroad for his surgery. I wish I had researched a bit more and instead of putting him in an unhygienic paediatrics ward here in Pakistan, I wish I had taken him to the best doctors abroad. Either we don’t have the technology to perform such procedures on infants or the doctors here just do not have the confidence or competence it requires.

The heartless barbarians we call doctors here in Pakistan do not care if your child is sick or even if he dies at their hands. Except for maybe one or two humble doctors I met during my stay at the hospital, every other individual, be it a doctor or a nurse, is cruel, heartless and ignorant. This for me at least is a lesson well learnt and one that I can never erase from my memory.

This should be a lesson for every mother and every father struggling with the health of their children. Every infant with a congenital heart disease here in Pakistan is at risk. I’ve seen how a small disease can spread and turn into something entirely different just because of lack of proper hygiene and negligence. Save your children while you still can and while there is still a chance.

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Amel Abid

Amel Abid

An engineer working for a multinational minerals company in Islamabad. Her husband is an Army Officer and she belongs to an army family.

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  • Rayan

    Really sorry to hear about your loss.May Allah gives you and your family strength to bear this grief.Recommend

  • ishrat salim

    heartfelt story…RIP…the whole society is in pathetic condition let alone the hospitals, the doctors etc; for congenital disease in infants India is far ahead….Recommend

  • Army Brat

    Heartbreaking story, i am so sorry about your loss Amel. The state of healthcare for civilian Pakistanis is shocking but my guess is that the hospital you are referring to is the AFIC in Rawalpindi.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Very sad Amel … May Allah give you strength to bear such a great loss and it is so sad just because of incompetency … May Allah help Pakistan too …Recommend

  • JayMankind

    So sad to read about it. I am sure Little Yahya is well wherever he is. There are so many great hospitals in India that could have helped your child. In this day and age to lose somebody due to lack of good medical care is really disheartening. Good luck for the future maam.Recommend

  • Mr M

    Indeed its a great loss. May ALLAH gives u strengthRecommend

  • Roja

    The doctors abroad arent supermen either. There are many cases of neglect and fault abroad as well.Recommend

  • Sohail Anjum

    Felt really sorry for your loss sister, Yahya was a gift of Allah unto you taken back by Him, patience is a difficult word to say to a mother like you who have had so much love and attachment with her child, we standby you in grief and sorrow.May Allah Almighty give you and your family the patience to bear such a lossRecommend

  • Syed Ismail

    To blame someone else for your misfortune is the easiest escape available. Health care workers (Doctors or Nurses) are human as well they do not have supposed divine/superhuman abilities, they can only do what is possible, they made a judgment call, as it is apparent your child did not survive the post surgical recovery, this was probably their fear when they refused surgery earlier in his life. Your our loss may be immense but it will come to pass. Your denunciation of the health care personnel poorly reflects on you. In your child’s memory forgive and forget. You will have many more.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I am sorry to know this Madam. I wish you all the best in future. May Yahya rest in peace.

    I am sure doctors in Pakistan are competent enough and this was an aberration.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    And even if doctors come to serve Pakistan from interstate, they are killed before they can save someone. The sad reality.Recommend

  • nazarbaaz

    extremely sad and unthinkable. I have seen many cases even 2 in my family where the incompetent doctors, actually crammers turned professionals, showed us the height of ignorance and lowest levels of understandings. I would put it on educational institutions, passing the butchers out with even below average marks.
    For admission, they need 90% marks and for going into fields, they are not triedRecommend

  • Kamran Usman

    I’m really sorry for your loss. But blaming Pakistan for it is not fair at all with all due respect. Doctors aren’t Gods, they make their best judgement. Pakistani doctors are one of the most respected all throughout the world. The worst you could have done was blaming that institute or that particular doctor, but terming it as ‘Pakistan’s incompetence’ is childish.Recommend

  • Abdulrauf Akhtar


  • Nandita.

    Heartbreaking to read this! This is every mother’s worst nighmare. Won’t pretend to understand what you are going through. May god give you the strength to cope and move on.You will be in my prayers. Hope the need never arises, if it does please take advantage of the medical facilities in India. Fortis is known for medical tourism, the hospital in Bangalore has lots of foreign patients from the middle east and africa.

  • A doctor abroad!

    I cannot even imagine what you must have gone through. May Allah grant you sabre Jameel to cope with this irreplaceable loss. Total anomalous pulmonary drainage, however, is not a small disease and I have seen many dying with this condition even in the best of hospitals abroad as well. Believe me, superimposed infections especially in babies with congenital heart conditions are not uncommon even in the most developed countries. Delaying surgery to allow for weight gain is also commonly observed because the thinner the baby is, the more likely he is to succumb to the post operative complications even if the surgery is successful. So please don’t blame yourself for choosing a Pakistani Hospital. The surgeons here are much more experienced than the ones abroad because of the number of cases they do everyday. However, the health system there lacks provision of any emotional support to the distressed families which is truly a shame. May Allah grant you peace Ameen.Recommend

  • Nadia adnan

    I can feel your pain really .I am going through the same I can’t help my baby the way I want to help him, but life is like that.

  • Tahir Malik

    Unfortunate Madam, you must have gone through a very bad patch in your life……… loosing a child that young is really very devastating…………….. Having said that i sort of cannot make out the negligence by the doctors in this particular case………. 06 months age is the recommended age even in United States……… but unfortunately he could not make it …………….Recommend

  • Maria Azhar

    Your aunt, Dr Maria told me what you’ve gone through and it is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary mind. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. May Allah alleviate your pain and suffering Ameen..Recommend

  • Ali Rizvi

    No words to sympathize
    and condole you, but I pray may Allah give you both, strength and
    patience, the little angel has gone LRecommend

  • Zeeshan

    Really sorry for your loss. May Allah gives you and your family strength to bear this grief.Recommend

  • diya

    So sorry for your loss….I have a baby girl and what u had to go through brought tears to my eyes..and I agree with you….if only there was proper hygienic environment he would combated his heart issue other than fighting for all other illnesses that were brought upon him due to his stay there….any words cannot fill the gap in your life….dr and nurses in pak only look at it as a job or a way to earn money ..My baby girl got sick and was hospitalized for a week ,from where I am she got the best care…the nurses were so helpful didn’t have to think twice to ask them for snything even in the middle of night….and the dr’s were so professional ,they explained to us each and everything and all the risks..and kept giving us strength. …Alhamdulillah she is fine now….but if it would have been pak we would have been running around from dr to dr for even a diagnosis.

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    So Sorry for your loss…May he Rest in Eternal Peace

    Coming to India would have saved you a lot of money apart from the world class facilities we have in our major hospitals. So many People from Pakistan as well as from other parts of the globe come here daily. Anyway whats done is done…RIP :(Recommend

  • A doctor

    It’s heart breaking to hear how you lost your son. May Allah grant you patience.

    Simultaneously, I would agree with others here that it’s exceedingly inappropriate to call it *pakistans incompetance*
    Pakistan has amazing doctors in the whole world.
    FEW DOCTORS can be held responsible but generalising it irrational.Recommend

  • Humza

    I am sorry you lost your child but it is unfair to blame it all on medical professionals you deem were negligent. I know it is easy to just blame others and assume everything is perfect in a western hospital where people get perfect care and people live forever but the mindset of Muslim people needs to change first. Perhaps you have no idea of congenital disorders but you say you were blessed with a healthy baby boy but you also say he had a rare heart defect requiring surgery. Even in the best of hands, children here in North America with such conditions often die of complications. I hope you find peace but also understanding to accept this reality. It will help you move forward.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    I’m so sorry for your loss. :(. Recommend

  • Minahil Khalid

    Reading some of the comments is even sadder than the article itself. Speaking as a third person in this tragedy and giving totally unbiased thoughts I would like to tell how infact it was entirely the hospital’s fault. Yahya (may be rest in peace) did not die of his natural heart condotion, he died because of viruses and deseases that led to the operation caught at his time in the hospital. He spent a good solid weeks at home where he was healthy, the time he was admitted to the hospital is when he caught several things be it from the deseaseful rooms where sheets had blood stains or the highly untidy nurses themselves. Adding to this, the doctor who had Yahya’s case was rarely around and took the case casually while at times not even knowing the current drastic situations of Yahya. Sadly, we as Pakistani’s cannot take critisisms rather shun down the person who is making awareness. Pakistan has brilliant doctors but the best facility in pakistan has the worst conditions.Recommend

  • Warda

    i am sorry for your loss mam.
    but that doctor is responsible for your loss. Pakistan is not responsible. Please stop blaming whole country which has nothing to do with you.Recommend

  • HAK

    Restrict students graduating from govt. Medical colleges for moving abroad for at least 10 yers affter graduation. This way only commited and concerned youngsters will opt this profession who can perform their duties with responsibility unlike our current young doctors who are only good for protests Recommend

  • Osama Ishtiaq Minhas

    My father is a heart patient too i took him three times in emergency at AFIC but they didn,t respond well saying its just a minor problem but than i took him to another hospital and when angiography was done 3 valves were closed. The Army hospitals treat us civilians like we are not the citizens of the country while they ask us to deposit hefty amounts even before the start of the treatment.
    My condolences but do visit Kulsum next time these Army doctors are simply incompetent.Recommend

  • Dania

    So sorry for your loss
    You are in pain so whatever you say is justible but its not like this that docs here are incompetent n abroad they are so good that they are life saviors. Exceptions are every where either its Pakistan or abroad
    i lost my new born baby brother in Australia due to the doctors incompetence. At the end they are just humans Life n Death is in the hands of Allah(SWT). Yahyaa will be waiting for u in paradise. May Allah grant you n your family Sabar AmeenRecommend

  • aleena saad

    Amal dear my heart goes out to you. May Allah be with you n ur familyRecommend

  • 2#

    thats really not reasonable to add politics in a sad blog…Recommend

  • 2#

    aameen sum aameen. but I guess you chose the wrong person for condolenceRecommend

  • Parvez

    I can understand your pain because to see a child suffer is something words can not describe………but you have written this stressing on the inadequate facility in Pakistan and that too someone who has access to about the best and at almost zero cost. I must say it agin, your loss it immense but the way you have explained it comes across as a little hurt ( understandable ) but ungrateful ( not understandable ) for the facilities very few in this country enjoy. Recommend

  • sterry

    What do mean; A child born with heart defect unfortunately died and a distraught mother is looking for someone to curse instead of understanding that life is tough. Trying to rationalize with an emotional person makes no sense but also to buy into the blame game of a distraught mother is unwise.Recommend

  • M Ali

    This is difficult. A mother losing her child in the first few months of his life is one of the most heartbreaking things there is and your pain is understandable, but to put the blame squarely on the doctors and medical staff (in what you call one of the best cardiac facilities in Pakistan) is not going to help you cope. Plus, your bio mentions that your husband is an Army officer, which might have gotten you a fair bit of privilege that most others can’t afford. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that what happened was Allah’s will and no doctor could have changed that.Recommend

  • Amel Abid

    Let me clarify this a bit .. this “title” for the blog was not written by me or even intended as a matter of fact .. the title i wrote was “for my son” .. its a glitch on express tribune’s part because they somehow very conveniently switched it to ” pakistans incompetence” .. secondly the message is as clear as it gets .. the pediatric heart facilities here in our country are poor and unhygenic and kids die becoz of that .. doctors are rude and heartless .. im as patriotic as any one else .. one shud not take chances when it comes to their kids .. thats allRecommend

  • Inayah

    I am not even a mother but I had tears in my eyes after reading this painful story of loss. I am sure that little Yahya is in heaven with the angels. You are a strong woman for gathering up the courage to write this piece when someone else in your position could have broken down while recounting the incident of that fateful day. May Allah grant you with the strength to bear this loss, I can’t even imagine the pain of losing such a gorgeous, beautiful bundle of joy.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    @Author: A heart rending article.

    @Prashant: Pediatric cardiac surgery is a relatively new field and is a specialty (pediatric) within a specialty (surgery) within a specialty (cardiology). There are very few hospitals and surgeons around the world who have the ability to do it. The reluctance by the doctors the author has described really means that those doctors did not have the ability to perform a surgery on a child who was less than 3 months old.

    Dr Krishna Subramony from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi is a world renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon who has operated on more than 10,000 babies. Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore does 16 pediatric cardiac surgeries a day and some of the patients are from Pakistan.

    I have no doubt the outcome would have been different had she come to India. From what I understand, India’s consulates in Pakistan provide emergency medical visas for critical patients and I have heard of a few cases where ambulances were driven right across Wagah.Recommend

  • Yasmin Zehra

    I lost my child too,due to the doctor ‘s negligence.Recommend

  • Concerned Pindiite

    Name it to shame it. Some pindiites know about the best “cardiac hospitals” in Rawalpindi. However, Not everyone does! Time to disclose it openly so other lives can be saved! Please!Recommend

  • Muhammad Usama Khan

    May Allah give you courage and patience. But as you said, He is among angles…Recommend

  • Manim

    Really sorry to hear this, as a mother I can’t even fathom the grief and sense of loss. May Allah give you the strength to bear this loss!Recommend

  • Mehvish

    I am so sorry for your loss even though it is nothing . your loss is to much. I live in Uk but I did have my open heart surgery in Al-shifa Hospital Islamabad ,Pakistan as I was born with a hole in my heart but nobody ever knew about my condition. You are so right that the medical treatment is very very casual and poor most of the time and most of the time it is not affordable.If rules an be applied then even gynecologist must have a pediatrician at the time of the birth to check the baby as most of the health issues can be found at the time of the birth and all of the Hospitals should follow health and safety rules.To be honest human life is the cheapest thing in Pakistan and nobody cares any more as most have seen so much that they have become cold and heartless.Recommend

  • This tragedy is incomprehensibly huge. Obviously nothing can be said to assuage the pain, helplessness, and anger the baby’s parents must have been feeling. However, as someone with more than half a dozen doctors in the immediate family, I can say at least that the professionalism and experience of Pakistani doctors rivals that of doctors anywhere. They deal with huge numbers of complicated health problems in our poor, terribly unhealthy country, and try to provide the best care in conditions that militate against them. We don’t necessarily need better doctors; we need a better health system which is more efficient, more responsive, more equitable, and more accessible.Recommend

  • Azra

    In my experience not all but so many of the competent doctors were heartless and the nicer ones were totally incompetent. Four years ago my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 of cancer and second examinations said the same, we took her immediately to Sydney and found out she was Alhamdolillah totally fine, no cancer any where!!! I will name and shame the hospital,AlMaroof in F-10, Islamabad. An aquaintance was diagnosed with lung cancer in the left lung, the doctors took out the right lung by mistake then discovered neither left nor right had cancer!!!
    But what I want to say is that I know you will hear such stories in every city of every country, it is just that how often do you hear such tales which makes a person scared.Recommend

  • fze

    I feel really, really sorry for your loss. It’s hearbreaking for parents to see their children die in front of them. May Allah grant you the courage to bear this loss and reward your “sabr”, Ameen.Recommend

  • Pushkar

    Very saddened to hear of your loss. May his soul rest in peace and may you and your family be granted the fortitude to overcome this loss.Recommend

  • x

    “you will have many more” is the most heartless comment anyone can make. I am not a mother yet but I can feel her pain and anguish. Another child won’t make up for this particular child that she lost nor erase the memories and the torture she went and saw her child undergo. There are numerous cases of doctor negligence around the world but yes, it is God’s will, however the persons responsible for not doing their job properly are responsible. They are humans, prone to error, but our doctors (some of them, many are undeniably not only skilled but compassionate as well) are careless and grossly negligent.Recommend

  • x

    Very well said. Providing emotional support and therapy as well as compassion and sensitivity on the part of the doctors and medical staff would go a long way in helping bereaved parents/relatives even when a patient passes away without any doctor negligence.Recommend

  • Dante

    Your loss is regrettable but your words are not doing justice to the doctors. You cannot force any surgeons to perform a surgery. This is a tricky predicament. When the doctors said your son is too young and does not have enough weight to perform the surgery, they really meant it. Thinking surgery is a miracle to cure someone is a delusion.


  • Prashant

    The Pakistanis need to stop criticizing the lady for saying something which you may not agree as I really do not believe a grieving mother would have the time to say something out of grudge/hatred/animosity.

    We the Indians need to stop advertising our hospitals on this blog.

    It sounds so illogical and mean to be saying what some of us(Indian/ Pakistanis) have said to this lady.

    Sometimes, it is better to just “take it easy” Recommend

  • Prashant

    Thanks for making the point but being a women yourselves, would it not have been appropriate if you had ended your comment with a bit of compassion for the mother?

    The people of subcontinent have truly lost their way…Recommend

  • Sane

    I stand by with you in grieved moments. ALLAH shall reward you and your family.Recommend

  • Sunni Burger

    my deepest condolences. He is at a better place now.Recommend

  • green chillipepper

    Really heart touching story …may Allah give you strength …yes you are right rwp z lacking children wards n nurseries … only M.H z having few facilities and there the hygienic condition z so pathetic that cockroaches are walking on kids …that’s my personal experience few kids from my family died there and they did not have any FATAL inborn disease …nurses and doctors straight away say it bluntly “your child is on went” they do not care for feelings …even many gynecologist during pregnancy don’t care for mother and child but care for money and attempt wrong operations done in hurry to deal with 1000 customers not patients in less time …may Allah save all women … only He is the sole hope for survival. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Author : Someone else has mentioned this before in the comments but let me repeat it. Narayana Hrudayalaya founded by Dr Devi Shetty in Bangalore is another world class facility. Keep these names in mind and suggest them to people in pakistan in case the need arises.I’ve read many articles about Pakistani patients who have been treated at Narayana Hrudayalaya.
    Wish you the very best.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Funny how you know who I spoke about without me naming him. Interestingly, he was a heart specialist, someone who could’ve helped this young child had he come sooner from America. Recommend

  • sundas

    May you find your peace. It reminds me one of my experiences of taking my sis to a private hospital when she was suffering badly from hepatic jaundice. I kept on asking a doctor to attend my sis but he did not pay attention until an attendant of a patient freaked out over of him…all of other doctors were no different than him. They never listen to the patient or the attendant whenever they want to tell something important on the sickness behavior of the patient. After having her admitted in the hospital we wanted to replace the filthy bedsheets with ones we brought along but were never allowed to.The patients and attendants both are condemned to caught serious infections. One could clearly see their supreme unconcern and utter ignorance on their faces.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    It’s not advertising Prashant. You are aware of the animosity between indians and pakistanis on this website but we are all human at the end of the day.I think its heartening that every indian who has commented here has asked the author to come to india for treatments in the future- all the animosity disappears in such times of desperate need and people are so willing to give advice and welcome pakistanis to india for treatment. I think that is what humanity is about. Indians are showing concern and are more than happy to welcome foreigners in India for treatment. I think that’s great.

  • Nandita.

    I have replied to this post but by mistake posted it as a reply to amel abid. Pls do read it.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    May the gods grant you strength at this time.I am sure you will have a bony baby(ies) very shortly . The windscreen is bigger than the rearview mirror . Many good things are waiting for you at the next corner. Wishing you the very best…Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Sorry. My post was for prashant. Posted it as a reply to u by mistake.Recommend

  • gp65

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences Ma’m. I am sure soon you will be blessed with another child who will return the joy and purpose to your life that the untimely passing on of your son has taken away from you.Recommend

  • Fahad Hafeez

    Agreed with you , a similar thing happened with my little brother who at time of birth didnt get oxygen due to the hospital but was shifted to another Hospital ” Holy Family in Karachi , they provided the oxygen and he recovered but during his recovery he got contaminated with another virus fever which he was not able to live through and died just after 11 days going into that hospital.
    i was just able to hold him once in my hand when he recovered from the oxygen issue but after that we could just see him from far away.
    To me this was due to hospital’s negligence !Recommend

  • Prashant

    I do not agree that Pakistan is unsafe to this extent.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I was not aware of it. Not having the expertise to deal with an issue is not something to be ashamed of but a reason to yearn to achieve it. Thanks.Recommend

  • Yousaf

    This heartbreaking story reflects the real state of medicine in this country. Do you see a flood of foreigners coming to Pakistan for treatment ? Would you risk surgery you Pakistan if you knew rate of infections ? Name some world respected Pakistani doctor ? I do not wanted to treated in a Pakistani hospital or by a Pakistani doctor. Like most things Pakistan is incompetent. We can make can only make world class footballs but not world class doctors.Recommend

  • gp65

    Sir, you are correct about what you say with regards to most US hospitals and she is also right about what she says with regards to Fortis. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery is a super specialty and few ospitals in the world offer it. Please read the informative post of @Nomad1412Recommend

  • Xman

    Prashant, this particular post is biased in choosing selective comments that mindlessly malign Pakistan and Pakistani doctors without providing any context, while my comments asking a simple question if the author and her husband were first cousins has been deleted TWICE. Why? I am not sure if ET blog platform has now become a foundation of personal rants without making an attempt to provide an un biased forum for discourse. Highlighting “Pakistani Incompetence” is one thing, but using ET as a channel to vent out personnel disgust against people who can’t even defend themselves is really sinister. I don’t know if this comment will make it through but I will definitely try to raise this issue with ET editorial.Recommend

  • Trizwi

    This is a heart breaking story….very sorry for the parents loss.
    Human beings are the same all over the world, they come in all forms responsible irresponsible etc etc . If we did not have such strict enforced laws in United States we would have similar situations here too. Even with these laws negligence can happen anywhere. The difference is if the patient’s relative peruse it they can take the hospital and doctors to the court.
    Unless and until such enforcement comes around nothing can be expected in Pakistan as well…Recommend

  • Anwar Hasan

    TAPVR is a very serious condition and many of these children die unfortunately. Pakistan does not have the capability of treating this condition. India is the closest and the best place to go. They have excellent result. Saying Pakistani doctors are incompetent is stupid. You should know better.Recommend

  • Maria Azhar

    I’m sorry I posted it as a reply to your post. I was meant for Amel Abid.Recommend

  • Ashvinn

    Extremely sad hopefully god can give you a second chance to the feel the happiness again this time may it last foreverRecommend

  • Shakil Akhtar

    i certainly feel for your loss and the pain especially being a mother, its a loss which no one can forget or forgive, a young person’s death whether expected or not in a medial profession is not taken lightly, i agree compassion and empathy lacks in Pakistan to a degree it should have been. Being a surgeon myself I am aware if its routine procedures, the expertise is there but for highly specialized fields and health care they require, it is lacking in Pakistan, Prob in hindsight Yahya would have a better chance at survival in a better paediatric cardiac surgery unit but such dont exist in our country, whether he would have survived or not no one knows in these risky procedures, but i feel maligning the doctors and institute or even the country when it hasnt got the facilities is not right! just a few yrs back, such procedures were considered as impossible with people left to their own resources..
    My dad died in front of my own eyes in the same place u refer to, his management of heart failure was less than ideal and maybe could have been better had any doctors been on the spot and i had to intervene to stop the CPR going on, but before that he had his bypass and excellent treatment in the same place when it was the old building, so no complaints towards the staff, doctors or anyone from my sideRecommend

  • nazarbaaz

    I need to look dictionary for the expression of my feelings on your comment for the phrase “what a shameful comment”Recommend

  • nazarbaaz

    My father has also been treated in AFIC, Luckily ALHAMDULILLAH TAALA he is fine, there was a good doctor though I dont remember his name, but overall, the courtesy level is the lowest one over there.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    Saw your comment to me, don’t know if it will be published. I know your post was well intended, and intentions do matter.

    But really this is as similar as getting a plumber to do an electricians job.

    I also want to say to those who think that I am politicizing the matter that it was not my intention at all. I am not very familiar with Fortis, but I have interacted with Devi Shetty and I know his hospital does the most pediatric cardiac surgeries in the entire world and though I never was his patient, I really would trust him and his team.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I have. Thanks.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I have utmost respect for doctors across the world. All I said was if the lady had said something which offended any of us (Indians/ Pakistanis), it needs to be looked in the context. As it is, she has clarified herself that she did not mean any harm to anyone and she was only criticizing a few keeping in mind her own very awful experience. Cheers.Recommend

  • Ameer Hamza

    When there is no accountability such incidents become a norm and these incidents are inevitable. Nevertheless, putting all the doctors in the same basket in wrong .Recommend

  • Sara Naqi

    I fully empathize since a child:s loss leaves s void never to be filled; however my own father had bypass surgery in the same facility and me and my. Family are still indebted to the great doctors and nursing staff who rendered the best possible care. You see other are no absolutes in the patient doctor relationship but again if medical ethics is breeched that’s negligence…yet again one should give feedback there is always need for improvement..may Allah SWT grant the bereaved parents Peace and tranquility.Recommend

  • Kulwnt Singh

    Respected Sister I have no words to convey my grief but wish you should have consulted Indian Hospitals such as Escorts, Naraina Hirdilya a reputed children Heart Institute Banglore and little Yahya would have been with you but as u said it was Allahs will and we should bow our heads before his will. May Wahegur give you strength to bear this immense loss.Recommend

  • Sara Naqi

    There is absolutely no compensation for the loss of a dear child and I fully empathize here; yet in this same Cardiac facility my dad was granted a second life thanks to Allah Almighty and the tireless efforts of the doctors and nursing staff. You see there are no absolutes in the sacred doctor patient relationship meaning so when medical ethics is not violated. May Allah SWT grant the bereaved parents peace and tranquility…AmeenRecommend

  • Lalit

    one needs to step into the shoes of an Ahmadi to know the extent of threat they face in Pakistan…hundreds of them,mostly Doctors and other professionals have been systematically removed during a period of time by sunni fundamentalists. the constitution declares them non-Muslims. along with it,its mandatory for every Pakistani to get a passport to sign a document,stating Ahmadis non-Muslims and their prophet an impostor.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “May Allah alleviate your pain and suffering Ameen..”

    I am with you..Recommend

  • Prashant

    “To be honest human life is the cheapest thing in Pakistan and nobody cares any more as most have seen so much that they have become cold and heartless.”

    It has not become like this Mehvish rathere it was always like this in the subcontinent.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Please accept my condolences Madam. I am truly sorry to know that.Recommend

  • gp65

    Naila is an Pakistani and Ahmadi herself and she is referring to a specific instance of an Ahmadi heart surgeon who was killed within a couple of days of returning to Pakistan to serve the underserved.Recommend

  • John

    Should have taken him to Combined Military Hospital or CMH.Being an Army Brat,its still my best choice even though i dont get free treatments anymore as i am over 18.Recommend

  • 2#

    spare some chance sometimeRecommend

  • waseem

    On 20th August 2013 Allah blessed me twin sons but both have congenital heart defect. eldor sons passed away at 40 days after that Dr. Shazia Samad Mohsin from LNH guide me the route and Alhumdulilah at right time I reached india at Dr. Rajesh sharma, Fortis escorts heart institute and my son undergone to open heart surgery at 3 months of age by Dr. Rajesh Sharma.

    At the age of 1 and half year due to some issue again gone to open heart surgery by Dr. Rajesh Sharma from Jaypee Hospital Noida, because 2wice severe surgeries his heart becomes week, after 4 days of surgeries Dr. Sharma implanted pacemaker to maintain heart rate.

    Now my son Alhumdulilah 2.5 years old and he is just like normal child.

    My family had spend very tough time, but after all good days come back and spending normal life.Recommend

  • waseem

    My son Abdul Hannan was also with same issue and he is with Yahya and they are enjoying in heaven.

    On 20th August 2013 Allah blessed me twin sons Abdul Hannan & Abdul Mannan but both have congenital heart defect. elder son Abdul Hannan passed away at 40 days after that Dr. Shazia Samad Mohsin from LNH guide me the route and Alhumdulilah at right time I reached india at Dr. Rajesh sharma, Fortis escorts heart institute and my son undergone to open heart surgery at 3 months of age by Dr. Rajesh Sharma.

    At the age of 1 and half year due to some issue again gone to open heart surgery by Dr. Rajesh Sharma at Jaypee Hospital Noida, because 2wice severe surgeries his heart becomes week, after 4 days of surgeries Dr. Sharma implanted pacemaker to maintain heart rate.

    Now my son Alhumdulilah 2.5 years old and he is just like normal child.

    My family had spend very tough time, but after all good days come back and spending normal life.Recommend