Mimicking rape styles from India: Hang the rapists!

Published: June 23, 2014

'Kill on sight' needs to be the internationally recognised action for them anywhere in the world. PHOTO: PINTEREST

The outrageous rape and hanging of Muzammil Bibi near Multan is shocking to say the least. However, it will only remain a source of horror and disgust for a couple of days because as a nation we have grown immune to such and even worse cases.

These news items catch our eye for a second and we mention it to our friends during the current day. Our discussion ends with,

Yaar, these things are common in Pakistan and no one can do anything about it.”

We rarely remember this the next day and by the third day, there is another wild story to enrapture us, like the barbaric removal of the barricades in Model Town, Lahore.

The only reason rapes continue at a steady pace and get more ‘colourful’ and adventurous with each case is because we let it happen. This particular case in Multan is appallingly similar in detail to the recent rape and hanging of the two girls in India. This only proves that rapists around the world are getting shamelessly overconfident in their sick ventures. Taking things further, they have started mimicking rape ‘styles’ from around the world as in the case of Muzammil Bibi. The point to note is that if there is enough lack of jurisdiction in areas to allow these barbaric people a free hand then that same lack of jurisdiction should be availed when taking care of these issues too. Instead of handing these people over to the police, they should be hanged from the same tree. They should not be turned over to police authorities that are mangled and distorted in their jurisprudence anyway.

During war, there is a command called ‘shoot on sight’ for the enemy. It puts the soldiers at ease because they are not required to overpower the enemy and bring him in alive but are given the green signal to get rid of the ‘trash’ right away. The same order should be a global order for rapists. Whenever and wherever rapists are found, and they eventually are by the people of the given area, they should be dragged from their hiding holes and hung from the same tree. Even if the poor woman in question is not murdered but only raped and if there is ample proof of the crime, these pernicious breed of humans should not be verbally reprimanded or questioned but killed right away.

Yes, my suggestion is very aggressive. However, this aggressive reaction to this far more aggressive act of violence is the only way such abhorrent atrocities against women will end. Giving terrorists a free hand will only make them stronger and despicably zealous in continuing their violence. Just like the camel and the tent story. We are watching an example of this happening with operation Zarb-e-Azb. The country has been burning for months and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been claiming responsibility continually. Yet our government chose to be complacent. Finally, as the government got enough sense to react, the entire nation is feeling that rejuvenating sense of ‘getting back’ and reacting.

For me, rape in any country is far worse than a war anywhere in the world. This is a never ending war against the weaker member of humanity that men treat like garbage and then throw in trash cans or hang from trees to display their masculine presence on earth. Rapists therefore should be burned on sight; ‘kill on sight’ needs to be the internationally recognised action for them anywhere in the world.

Let’s see how the rapists like it now; let’s see how they would then dare to fulfil their macabre desires to treat women like the lowest form of creation on earth that has no respect and no right to exist like a human unless it is to fulfil the sick sexual desires of sick men called rapists.


Aalia Suleman

A freelance writer and poet who is keenly interested in the status of women in 21st century Pakistan. Her writing also zones in on Pakistan's new social and political status on a redefined global chessboard. She has a masters degree in English Literature and blogs and invites debates at 'Socio-politically Pakistani'. She tweets @aaliasuleman (twitter.com/aaliasuleman)

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  • AF

    I completely agree in that case. They should be hanged.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Rapists should be punished. I am not going to go into that for that ought to be a given. However, in what way do you perceive rape to be a far more aggressive act of violence than murder ? Please justify that.

    Why not struggle for a more open, enlightened society which espouses ideals of secular humanism than spouting rhetoric that calls for extra-judicial murders ?Recommend

  • Sane

    Requires to be checked if Indian terrorists are doing this brutal acts in Pakistan too.Recommend

  • Bolly

    What can they do ? they are addicted to Bollywood.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Solution for increased cases of rape: Murder the suspects (and of course blame either or both on India). Depressing.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You are supporting vigilante justice and even for a crime as heinous as rape, to resort to that is rather strong.
    In India there seems to be a positive movement pressured by society for the judiciary to act. In Pakistan even the first steps towards addressing this in a meaningful way has not happened ( if I am wrong kindly correct me )………so if someone takes your advice and administers vigilante justice they most likely will get away with it. Possibly two wrongs do make a right……sometimes.Recommend

  • Saadiya

    Its shameful for any society to have such sick psychopaths roaming the streets, perhaps Pakistani society is too blasé about a woman being killed . The same should be done to him – tooth for a tooth eye for an eyeRecommend

  • waqas

    While any amount of condemnation of such crimes will not suffice, the ‘shoot at sight’ phenomenon is not the solution. No matter how serious the alleged offence, every citizen is entitled a constitutional right to a fair trial. This has to be protected in democratic societies as vigilante justice has served no purpose, as evidenced by history. Besides, if the ‘shoot at sight’ plan is adopted, who would decide if there are ample ‘proofs’ to kill the alleged rapist? This would turn out to be just the infamous blasphemy cases where street justice has cost the lives of many innocents.Recommend

  • ajeet

    Pakistan doesn’t need Bollywood for this. After all, they were first in Porn search a few months back, right? And when Ghazni and Babar started this, there were no bollywood.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    I really hope that is a sarcastic comment, or else get ready for hate mail from our lovely friends from across the border.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    The whole idea of a punishment is to discourage the potential criminal from doing an illegal act, where I guess this law would do fairly well. But in a country where relatives can “forgive” a murderer for the act, idk how rules like this can be implemented.Recommend

  • Jhonnie Walker

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  • Om

    The caption of this blog is flawed and misleading. “Mimicking rape styles from India” suggests that the influence is coming from India which is definitely not true. Rape has been endemic in Pakistan since ages; the uncontrollable and uncontrolled feudal culture has encouraged rape — just look at the attitude of the local police which requires that a rape victim be first “certified” by the perpetrator(s) that she was not “inviting” them to the heinous crime. What sort of logic is that? The interesting part of the rape incidents in India, in comparison, is the outrage felt nationwide which brought the previous government to its knees and compelled it to make legislative changes that would make it easier to prosecute the perpetrators, making the latter “guilty until proven otherwise”. While it is a fact that rape is evil and exists in every corner of the world, including the self-touting civilized nations, Pakistan’s rape culture is unique because it loads the victim with a heavy burden of having to first prove herself as the innocent and victimized person. Also, unlike in India where a large male population takes to the streets in support of the women’s cause, Pakistani males consider rape as a juvenile delinquency and treat it lightly. The blog, unfortunately, fails to highlight the societal problems in Pakistan where religious puritanism is prescribed for one section of society while the other has the freedom to do what it likes, even violating laws and cannons of civilized behaviour.Recommend

  • Sane-Insane

    Yeah, blame everything on India for all your evils and misdeeds. Why don’t you say that India’s RAW is training its “specialists” to cross the borders into Pak and rape women ???!!! I bet your “intelligent” and “sane” Pakistani male and female brethren will then be aroused to take action against the proliferating incidents of rape in the “land of the pure and divine”.Recommend

  • abhi099

    Why did u even think of india when rapes happened in pakistan? How can pakistanis even mimick indians when you call yourselves arabs?Recommend

  • Chitralwala

    They don’t like Indian trolls. All the evils in this country are because of
    India. if the sewers don’t flow, India must have done something.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    @ Sane: Indian troll alert.
    @ Abhi: Why do you call your self Indians aren’t you glorious Aryans who came form Central Asia and destroyed the Indus valley civilization.
    @ ajeet: Agree when Aryans destroyed the Indus valley civilization there was no Bollywood either.
    @ Blackjack : You Indian trolls are reaching a new low every day.
    @ Sane-Insane: He is an Indian troll passing provocative statements so don’t curse Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Kalash wala.

    Right on time. All the same known trolls rearing their hate, for this country.
    and will hijack the blog.Recommend

  • Malti Chaturvedi

    was the honour killing of farzana outside lahore court in front of heavy police presence also mimicked from indiaRecommend

  • Malti Chaturvedi

    perhaps the karachi airport attacks and everything wrong with pakistan is also mimicking from india….??Recommend

  • Mk

    One rape is too many, In india , pakistan or around the world. However after the delhi rape one thing that has changed in india is that rapes are reported by media rigourasly something which Pakistan media caught on as well after rape stories became big in india ( and its a good thing). Cops act on it, Courts proceed on it and legislatures amend law more swiftly now in india. Now, it will take a lot of time to fix the problem of rape but has Pakistan mimicked these positive changes too ?Recommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    Looks like in Pakistan, such heinous crimes and consequential sufferings of Pakistani women only take secondary importance!Recommend

  • abhi

    Indians are indians, we don’t have anything to do with central asia.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Rape is not acceptable in any society but there are monsters living in every country and society and no amount of counselling would convince them that they should not rape women. I am with you on that.

    “Even if the poor woman in question is not murdered but only raped and if there is ample proof of the crime, these pernicious breed of humans should not be verbally reprimanded or questioned but killed right away.”

    Who is going to decide whether the evidence is enough or not? Are we not going to create one more issue while trying to resolve one. You know how the blasphemy law in your country is used against the minorities.Recommend

  • joker

    how is then first pakistani considered as hero of nation for attacking Sindh and supplying dead kings daughters to his masters in Arabia…I am puzzled of course he must be watching lots of bollywood..Recommend

  • Faruq

    “Shoot on site” – what happens if the wrong person is convicted of rape and is then killed? Our legal system is messed up, however, mob violence might just end up with another innocent murdered.Recommend

  • Anwar Kamal

    Hang,hang and hang.Thats finalRecommend

  • Desont matter

    naah. he has given reasons for his view against the blogger, u on the other hand are just trolling OM for the sake he is Indian.Recommend

  • sallu

    I’m exasperated when I read these pieces. When will people stop and realize that carrying out one atrocity to avenge another is barbaric. Take the law in your own hand? What other brilliant idea do you have writer to build a civilized society????Recommend

  • Nobody

    He/she’s not hating or trolling. Simply speaking the unfortunate reality. If you hate it so much, be a part of changing it. I only wish I could.

  • نائلہ

    Did you read anything of the blog other than its title? ET chooses the title. The author barely implyed how a similar occurance happened in India recently. Nowhere did she accuse your country. Very misinformed comment. Recommend

  • Gp65

    Rape is a heinous crime. Vigilantism is not a solution. Have you seen tha path that vigilantism around blasphemy has taken?

    How would you ensure that a person who does not want to repay his debt will now not accuse his creditor of being a rapist instead of blasphemist and get him killed?Recommend

  • Gp65

    Was nodding along to your comment until I saw the last line and was surprised at your support -albeit reluctant and mild for vigilantism.

    You are correct about the movement in India. The first phase was to demand updated laws – which has been accomplished. Second has been to demand fast track courts to try rape accused. There has been some progress in this area but not enough. Simultaneously there is demand from the politicians that they need to invest more in police in order to
    – reduce occurrences of rape
    – ensure better trained police who handle rape complaints with professionalism and sensitivity. This would embolden more victims to complain and more rapists to get convicted.

    The second is a demand which has not yet had national response, although individual cities have taken some progressive steps. But the movement will continue until
    – streets are safer than they are currently – particularly in some parts of the country

  • Np

    This assumes a responsive police.Recommend

  • Viking.

    The only thing that we can really do to help women in third world countries is to severe every tie (diplomatic,trade,cultural) with countries that have a culture that allows women to be raped mutilated and murdered. I mean countries in which it is widely accepted that women deserve such treatment. It is virtually impossible to change the mentality of Muslim countries, but from a country like India we are entitled to expect the government to make it their first priority to stamp out such attitudes and practices.Recommend

  • anon

    Clearly a disturbing but common view of women as mostly a sex object, which loses its value after sex, shared by many women as well. Rape is a serious crime but comparing it to war and murder is going too far. I find it extremely disturbing that well-meaning people also give more importance to rape aspect of these incidences than hanging/murder thereby probably unintentionally reducing the value of a woman’s life to lower than her virginity.

    Cruel punishments can reduce crimes but a better justice system is always more effective than cruel punishments as is evident by both history (crime has fallen drastically at the same time when punishments have decreased in their cruelty) and developed nations (which have very mild punishments compared to developing countries and still have lower crime rates). Focus ought to be on prevention and rehabilitation of society instead of cruelty of punishments.Recommend

  • Parvez

    :-)…….I deliberately ended with an attention grabbing statement…..and your eagle eye misses very little. Let me explain, in this race especially in Pakistan the criminals are functioning almost with impunity as the judicial system is broken. So being a pragmatic type of person I said what I said.Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    @Aalia Suleman: BRAVO!!!! This is EXACTLY what needs to be done.

    Extreme cruelty and abuse can only be defeated by equally extreme justice. Its time for people to realise that the police and judicial system in Pakistan is messed up, and in rape cases, the rapist should be killed or tortured and killed or lynched by an angry mob and killed –not set free or not investigated at all. Death to all rapists! If they have no respect for another’s life and dignity and selfhood, then they deserve nothing less than to treated like the pestilence they are.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/kazmi13 Syeda KAzmi

    I don’t know if it will work for all but awareness of self defense techniques and its training can be a way out too… I read sometime ago that there is a state in India where girls were being trained for self defense against rape.. its a good move… only a girl can protect herself from such a heinous act.. think about those who fell prey to their own uncles, cousins in their own homes… and for this very reason, not every case becomes a judicial case and an outcry for justice…Recommend

  • Bortai Khan Daudkhel

    Nothing is attention grabbing about your meek timid scared responses.Recommend

  • siesmann

    You thinks mullahs will heed your advice,author.They would insist on four witnesses to the act;and even if proved one can pay qisaas to the family.Case closed!!Recommend

  • Sarah Uzair

    The article is well written … and I agree we blame the females far more than men ..
    Ignorant society delved in corruption and stone age practices.Recommend

  • El Cid

    Why do you blame the females: How can ever a rational logical person blame a female for rape? Can you explain your reasoning?

    Rape is essentially a hate anger and control crime perpetuated by people with an inferiority complex and borderline psycho personality. Strong men strong enough to be gentle, sure and confident in themselves don’t rape. Period.Recommend