From India: It wasn’t us, Pakistan!

Published: June 12, 2014

What interest would India have in creating or supporting an organisation of hard-line Islamists? Can India expect such people to support its interests in the long run?PHOTO: REUTERS

I was sitting on Facebook when a friend of mine, a very patriotic Indian, messaged me informing me of the airport attack in Karachi. I replied expressing shock and grief, a feeling he reciprocated.

We, the educated youth of India who love the music of Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and have no qualms with Ali Zafar starring in Bollywood movies, only empathise with victims of terrorism anywhere in the world. Terrorism has been affecting our own country since the late 1980s; starting with the killings and forced displacements of Kashmiri Hindus, followed by a series of terrorist attacks in India’s major urban areas, perhaps the most horrendous example being the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

I saw a post on Facebook by one Salman Khan shared by a fellow Indian, asking for O+ blood for one of the Pakistani victims of the Karachi attack in hospital, and I shared that post in as many groups and on as many pages as possible. Having also written an article criticising the attack on Pakistani student Ali Hasan Raza in India, I believe I echoed the sentiments of a very large number of my countrymen, and it might interest some of the readers that he and I have become ‘friends’ on Facebook and had friendly conversations too! And if some people wish to deduce from Narendra Modi becoming prime minister that Indian Hindus are mostly anti-Muslim, they would do well to read an article I posted in The Indian Economist.

There is indeed no dearth of people in Pakistan who acknowledge that attacks, like the recent ones in Karachi, are a result of the military establishment of their own country creating a Frankenstein monster to be used against India and for ‘strategic depth’ in Afghanistan, which has now turned against its own erstwhile master. However, many Pakistanis also fall for ludicrous conspiracy theories floated by the likes of Zaid Hamid (and if he were to be believed, Christians in RAW called him up to tell him that Ajmal Kasab is Amar Singh, because he has raised his voice for the ‘oppressed’ Christian minority in India; ironically, the very same Hamid doesn’t shy away from saying that Hindus, Christians and Jews are all united, conspiring against Muslims, and sadly, some people believe him rather than the Pakistani government that accepted Kasab being a Pakistani citizen, though Hamid never furnishes any concrete evidence!) that suggest the complicity of the Indian government in such attacks.

What interest would India have in creating or supporting an organisation of hard-line Islamists? Can India expect such people to support its interests in the long run?

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has already spewed venom against India on more than one occasion, and in fact, strategic circles in India are very concerned that the TTP taking over Pakistan could mean them exercising the nuclear option, leading to massive destruction in our subcontinent.

Quite often, even in our day-to-day lives, many people shy away from accepting their own failures and find it convenient to believe in versions of events that suit them, and indeed, oratory appeals to many sentimental people more than logic. But the Pakistani nation, for its own good, will have to face the truth and act fast. The real threat to their security doesn’t come from across the border but emanates from the rot within, created by their own people, which threatens the democratic fibre of Pakistan. An illusory existential threat from India keeps the reins of power in the hands of those in power, but of course, some of their creations have unfortunately clearly gone out of hand.

Indeed, the Kashmir issue would have to be resolved by way of a compromise to the satisfaction of India, Pakistan and the people of the erstwhile princely state on both sides of the Line of Control (what such a solution could possibly entail can be the subject of another article), and I am not for a moment condoning the gross human rights violations committed by rogue elements in the Indian military and paramilitary forces in the valley and those must be condemned, just as the atrocities by their Pakistani counterparts in Balochistan.

But at this juncture, Pakistan’s top priority ought to be to set its own house in order, and blaming India for anything and everything in a baseless fashion and jingoistic rhetoric would certainly not help achieve the same. So, no, Pakistan, it wasn’t us. We didn’t attack your airport.

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Karmanye Thadani

Karmanye Thadani

A lawyer by qualification, he is a freelance writer based in New Delhi, India. He formerly worked as a research associate in a leading Delhi-based public policy think-tank, the Centre for Civil Society (CCS), where he did research on primary education in India. While in high school, with a friend, he invented an eco-friendly, medically safe cleansing agent that was selected to be presented at the national level in the Intel Science Fair. He tweets as @KarmanyeThadan1 (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • googlie

    Well as discovered by the ASF, the guns used were marked “Made in India” !Recommend

  • Parvez

    I liked the sentiment behind the read but if I said you were wrong….. I ‘d be wrong in saying that, because neither do you nor do I know what the truth is.Recommend

  • Malti Chaturvedi

    we need not justify dat the attack wasn’t planned by us….. let them think what they want…..Recommend

  • Ali Jawed

    ok, so you want us to agree with your narrative and ignore our own understanding?? see you are writing only, that is the biggest problem with writing, it’s always a monologue and not a dialogue… We Love you and we pray for your safety, but we OR at least I for one, NOT at all agree with your narrative… We have reasons to not trust India.. Next time write a blog on Kashmir Plebiscite, Modi the Murderer PM of India, Baal Thakray, gujraat, Golden Temple, 26/11 ridiculous fake attack when Pakistan was not given access to Ajmal Kasaab even once.. Later Your own government employee submitting an affidavit in court saying the attack was a flase flag attack.. Your support to BLA in Balochistan.. Maoist insurgency.. and most importantly Rape epidemic in India.. :)Recommend

  • Ali Jawed

    And Pakistan ARMY does not commit atrocities in Balochistan… Why do you try to paint the picture your way??? Please never become a journalist… Your entire article is filled with your own understanding of things backed by nothing.. Why do you waste time?Recommend

  • TooTrue

    Yeah but you gave them the guns and the funds used to organize this attack.Recommend

  • Alann

    The case of the delusional young Pakistanis is depicted in this picture that I’ve attached. After countless ‘Denialistan’ type articles, they still choose to live in their own conspiracy-filled world.
    As for the Indian injections found on the terrorists that attacked Karachi Airport, I can link the photo of that bottle too which the Pakistani security forces found at the site. The bottle clearly shows it was indeed an Indian injection bottle, but it was legally available (& bought) from a Pakistani store itself. (The pic I have even shows the Importer’s name and address). This clearly rules out Indian involvement.
    Anyway, enjoy the pic!Recommend

  • Ammar

    @karmanye… very inspiring article indeed, there are many people who admire such things across the border..

    But just for curiosity, what is the purpose of 17 Indian consulates along Pakistan Border in Afghanistan(One of the poorest countries), when there are only a few people travelling to India??Recommend

  • Rahul

    An interesting fact is that though Al Qaeda has been operational in most countries with sizeable Muslim population, an Indian Muslim has never been implicated in any terrorism.Recommend

  • AnonPak

    “TTP taking over Pakistan” ha ha ha. This guy Karmanye Thadani is something. He represents the so called “modern urban India”very well. Full of disillusion, visions of their grandiose and fed on rubbish from “free” Indian media. Free of journalistic ethics and best exponents of yellow journalism!Recommend

  • Amna

    Pakistan has a lot of internal issues, no doubt in this. However, if the ISI has created a monster and hasn’t always been doing the right thing, lets not pretend like India’s intelligence agencies are doing good either. I can’t speak for others, but I am not one to blame India for all of Pakistan’s problems. However, I can understand that the the problems here are not black and white. It isn’t all Pakistan to blame and India would never try to harm Pakistan. Clearly Pakistanis themselves deserve the most blame for Pakistan’s situation. But the Indian government and intelligence agencies most certainly meddle in Pakistan’s affairs-as much as they possibly can. If you deny this, you are either very naive or very biased.Recommend

  • water bottle

    Sorry to say.

    This blog by an Indian should never have been published on a Pakistani website.

    By experience I have come to the conclusion that telling truth (sometimes even facts) about Pakistan will qualify you as a Muslim hater or an Islam hater (even though you may never use the word Islam in your lifetime).

    Also, by denying that India is responsible for this attack, you have legitimized the conspiracy theories of Pakistan.

    These theories should die a natural death. By denying, we only enhance their doubts.Recommend

  • ytakeeasy

    Karmanye Thadan good article but very selective. No mention of mass graves in occupied Kashmir, no mention of Hindustani army’s part in Samjhota Express atrocity and no mention of Gujrat massacre of Muslims in the article. Karmanye how you can forget whatever goes wrong in Hindustan “is of Pakistan’s doing”? Weapons drop by a Western agent in Hindustan was “by a Pakistani and Pakistan”, a collision between two railway engines was a bomb blast by Pakistan and so on. How can you forget the Hindu extremist leaders telling Hindustani Muslims that they should leave Hindustan and go to Arbastan? But Zahid Hamid, a nutter gets mention in your article. The fact of the matter is that there are nutters on both sides and good people on both sides. We can do better by ignoring them and giving prominence to the good people and propagating the voices of the good people on both sides. Mentioning Baluchistan and Kashmir in one breath does not make sense. Parts of Northern Hindustan does not get any mention in Pakistani media. Finally Hindustanis/Hindus don’t have a monopoly over compassion we Muslims/Pakistanis too feel sorry for Hindustanis when they are grieved.Recommend

  • DF

    The writer is rational and logical. Some Pakistanis will therefore never believe him.Recommend

  • Aslam

    Wonderful and much-needed article–we Pakistanis should come out of delusions and see the reality. Blaming India was clearly nothing but a distraction to hide failures of riyasat, intelligence and security. Period.Recommend

  • Maya

    Yes you didn’t attack the airport like I didn’t attack the Mumbai hotel. Enough said!Recommend

  • ajay gupta

    what is your point? what are you justifying? sane pakistanis know it is their own nemesis without u telling them so. pakistan is a rogue state. stop being apologetic about india.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Well written. But sadly many of the ‘educated youth’ of India also made despicable comments regarding the attack. ‘You deserve it’, ‘you had it coming’, ‘karma’ etc. now tell me, even if all proofs point away from India, the youth of your country are not doing anything to support that view. People died in Karachi, Pakistan. The city of lights! The whole country was in turmoil. Your youth did not type a single comment of condolences. Pakistanis pointing fingers on India for the attack may well not be justified, but the hatred spread by Indians on this forum is enough for the youth of Pakistan to think it is. Recommend

  • Volar Margulis

    “We, the educated youth of India who love the music of Atif Aslam and
    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and have no qualms with Ali Zafar starring in
    Bollywood movies, only empathise with victims of terrorism anywhere in
    the world. Terrorism has been affecting our own country since the late
    1980s; starting with the killings and forced displacements of Kashmiri Hindus,
    followed by a series of terrorist attacks in India’s major urban areas,
    perhaps the most horrendous example being the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.”

    Wish you had mention Gujrat Riots as terrorism as well. And Samjhota Express and Dargah Hazrat Bal raid as well…but oh well. Thanks for your opinion.Recommend

  • Himavan

    Emotional Baniya conspiring with the mlecchas,these migrants from Pakistan should be sent back to where they came from, pre 1947 India would have been a much cleaner place .Rogue Elements in the Indian Army?If you wear a skull cap, roaming around with guns to destabilise the free will of the Kashmiri People, army will react.Recommend

  • common man

    hopefully all this ‘non state actor” business ends soon. we the common people are the ones dying in this gameRecommend

  • Umar

    Hey buddy, thanks for the note… but Indian / RAW support for the BLA/BRA is quite well-documented, even by the Americans. Perhaps you should pay a visit to some of your consulates near the Pak/Afghan border — I can assure you they are doing more than giving visas. So, it is not a stretch of the imagination or a wild “conspiracy theory” to deduce that India could also be supporting the TTP.Recommend

  • Zain

    We created them at the time of Soviet Union on the call of USA, but as you know the money is what matters at the end so after split of Soviet union they were left starving behind, now anyone who will fund them they work for them, the recent attacks in Karachi Airport and killings in Hazara with Indian made weapons clears evrything. so ask your country to stop spending your tax payers money on these people if again something like mumbai attacks happens now then dont blame usRecommend

  • Sham Sun

    Unfortunately, the writer forgot to mention that India was behind 26/11 attacks. A former Indian home ministry officer submitted his declaration in the
    Supreme Court of India which said that he was told by a former member of
    the CBI-SIT team that both the terror attacks (Parliament and Mumbai)
    were staged “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror
    legislation(sic). 2ndly, the blame game is not one sided Indian media is far ahead in baseless propaganda against Pakistan. To be very honest India ranks top in yellow journalism.
    3rdly, US developed this monster for its foreign policy goals. To contain Russia US created Taliban and soon after Russian decline, US went back leaving Pakistan alone to deal with. So it is totally unjustifiable to call Pakistan responsible for the creation of Taliban.Recommend

  • Lubi

    Ex Indian Army chief General Vijay Kumar Singh has admitted that India
    sponsored bomb blasts in Pakistan and doled out money to the separatist
    elements in Balochistan, a disclosure downplayed by the Indian media so

    Buying silence of Kashmiri leaders in Indian held Kashmir and phone
    tapping inside India were also part of the sensitive reportRecommend

  • Eshel Dapez

    is a universal truth that all humans want to live in peace but at the same time
    we are also afraid of the inherent aggressive nature of human beings also. If we
    accept the above account than it means India military modernization, weapon
    expansion and Cold Start Doctrine along with many other threats are just the part
    of enjoyable establishments for peace. Apart, there are lots of people
    especially young lot which wants to have peace on both sides. But there is a
    dominant trust deficit on both sides. Can we recall time of Mumbai Attacks that
    media started continuing blaming Pakistan even when the respective event was continued?
    Border Infiltration is a big issue but offensive and aggressive nature of India
    towards Pakistan is an open secret.Recommend

  • Navya

    If we take the above account true
    for a while than how can media would justify the continuous blame on Pakistan
    during the Mumbai attacks without any sound proof. Terrorism is a dreaded phenomenon
    and no one been able to devise really countering measure. But India Pakistan
    time line is clear and direct. Being nuclear, Pakistan can’t be attacked
    conventionally as it happened in the past series of war so many indirect
    methods have been drawn out to destabilize Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shah

    Dear Author,

    according to official website of India. There are 4 consulates of India in Afghanistan. Can you please elaborate the reason behind. Are so many Indians going to Afghanistan that the country require such a number of consulates????
    The Problem is that Indians think that their government is the most pious government in the world. You are forgetting that officially India accepts its notorious behavior during Srilankan crises. Even a bollywood film Madras Cafe tellls tht story….!!!
    India no doubt has pumped money and arms to BLA and TTP organization in Pakistan. Either both of us can remain in denial or we start accepting mistakes for a better future…!!!Recommend

  • Shah

    Secondly regarding your comment TTP take over Pakistan. The same fear we have Bal Thakeray taking over Mumbai or even Dehli….please be realistic. NPD the Nazi party of German is now again an official party. Should every one in world be not worried tht another hitler can be in making….!!!Recommend

  • Sham Sun

    Huh, am worried about Shive Sina and RSS Hindu zealots who are now part of Indian government. In Pakistan TTP are in caves but Indian Hindu extremists have lions share in Political power. The Irony.Recommend

  • Babar

    Absolutely right Karmanye Thadani. Pakistanis are themselves to be blamed for the current turmoil.Recommend

  • AK47

    Who is stopping Pakistan from opening consulates in Afghanistan?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Consulates are for Indians and Afghans to travel to and fro to each other’s countries, organise relief work, protect India’s interests in Afghanistan.

    India is at the 5th largest donor in Afghanistan and many Indians are working in Afghanistan in Construction projects.

    I hope you know India built the Parliament of Afghanistan. Many schools and hospitals are built by India.

    India is also supplying Afghanistan with all the essential items it would need to survive on its own. It is also training many Afghan Soldiers and Officers.

    4 Consulates are not actually sufficient for such a large country with so much trouble.

    FYI, the President hopeful Abdullah in Afghanistan studied in India. So, did Karzai stay in India for a very long time.

    If India is pumping money to TTP, why are so many Pakistanis willing to talk to TTP? After the attack on Indian consulate, why shouldn’t India respond in kind?Recommend

  • farooq malik

    while I don’t deny what you have said, please also know about the number of consulates Pakistan has had in Afghanistan. They were more than 4. And again, if the enemy is pumping money to BLA are our intelligence and security agencies sleeping or are they also conniving with the the enemy to get their own SUVs and Mercedes ? So please try to see both sides of the dirty picture in which our own agencies have a dirty hand.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Bal Thakeray is dead, you know that right?

    This is very funny.

    Yesterday, I asked some LTTE expert who was accusing India of supporting it, who was its present Chief. I didn’t get any reply.Recommend

  • water bottle

    Bal Thackaray is dead.

    He can only take over a human being as a ghost.

    Please be rational/sensible/factual/logical and then you can ask the writer to be realistic.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I appreciate your stance about not living in denial. Please note that I have not said anything about the BLA in the above article, but only the TTP, and yes, I maintain that it would be wholly illogical for the Indian government to fund the TTP. And yes, I accept that the Indian government sponsored Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka and I, for one, have nowhere tried to suggest that the Indian government is the most pious government in the world, so to speak! On the contrary, I have opposed chauvinistic nationalism under any banner, be it Indian, Pakistani or any other, in the following words in this article (

    “Loving one’s country should be about identifying with one’s nation, but
    not blindly defending the acts of one’s government in the context of
    international relations or in the context of its engagement with
    secessionist forces, regarding the morality of one’s state in such
    contexts as axiomatic, and only complaining about its naivete or

  • water bottle

    If India is PUMPING MONEY to TTP, why are Imran Khan and Jamat-e-Islami opposing to the action against TTP?

    Is India pumping money into Maulana diesel’s gas stations?Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Dear , India is not such a fool to leave a ‘trace’ behind. Its obviously a third party.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Firstly, I’d like you to know that Bal Thackeray is no more. As for his party, the Shiv Sena, it hardly has any presence outside the province of Maharashtra. His party has not managed to form a government in Maharashtra for many years now, and you can certainly not equate their sporadic acts of vandalism with the organized bombings by the TTP. Any extreme religious or nationalist right-wing movement in any part of the world is obviously a matter of concern, surely, but I don’t know how and why Germany is relevant in the context of what we are discussing.Recommend

  • King of the north

    Dear Author,
    Unfortunately there is somewhat truth in the above article but I cannot seize to believe that India doesn’t have the same rebellious attitude towards Pakistani’s.Mind you sir, Indian TV starting blaming Pakistan the very moment the 26/11 attacks happened. Yes we need to put our own house in order and for that we need the support of all our neighbors.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    For one, India is also a nuclear state, and as a matter of fact, India has won all the conventional wars against Pakistan comprehensively, barring the war in 1965, which was close to a stale-mate. As for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, your own government accepted Kasab being Pakistani and banned the Jamat-ud-Dawa. Believing the likes of Zaid Hamid because of their oratory and because what they say sounds like music to your ears is counterproductive for you. Read Pakistani columnist Irfan Husain’s article ‘Facing the Truth’.Recommend

  • Eza

    Firstly, the fact that you buy into the largely Indian and US-fed paranoia that the TTP can possibly take over Pakistan, or any of its urban centers, makes me wonder how biased you really are. That’s like saying that Kashmiri Militants could take over Delhi after attacks such as the one on the Parliament. Secondly, your government’s support to BLA/BRA militants via consulates in Afghanistan is well-documented, so support to TTP is not a conspiracy theory, rather a conclusion based on sound reasoning and ground realities!Recommend

  • Chacko Cherian Calicut

    Man try to understand how Afghans view India.India has multi billion dollar investment in Afghanistan and ordinary Afghans are reaping benefits of our efforts(eg;Indira Gandhi Childrens Hospital..)On Sri Lanka there were mistakes made by India,only realised when we lost our PM Rajiv Gandhi.Even the present Sri Lankan govt make the accusation against India which you imagine.India is not Pakistan to deny that there were no mistakes from our side.But that doesnt mean that India is behind your Taliban and Karachi attacks.If you got proofs to the contrary do it without making conspiracy theories which is your nations favourite time pass.

    Do publish ET..Recommend

  • SayeeJee

    We know it well, If there is no Mir Sadiq and Mir jaffir within you, No outsider enemy can defeat…!!Recommend

  • Jennifer

    What a story author has plotted from the start so that he can make India out of this issue. Author is a one voice who cannot make Pakistanis convinced about the Indian factor not involved in airport attack. There have reports which clearly mention that terrorists who attacked airport were having Indian arms and weapons.. how would author justify that. Terrorism is the phenomenon which is not only surrounding the Pakistan but its a global threat. Pakistan whenever wants to have talks with talibans some attack haapened which clearly depicts that foreign factor is clearly involved which is not favoring the stable Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ravistichagan

    Funny, TTP is less active than RSS and Shive Sina. TTP has no political set-up where RSS and Shive Sina has lines share in Indian politics. We have more concerns about them.Recommend

  • aka

    What about samjota express bus kill 80 Pakistani
    No body want to talk about it.Recommend

  • Sane

    No one blamed India for the attack so far officially. But, point is this terrorists had Indian weapons and Drugs and Injections made in India.Recommend

  • exposingindia

    Only a fool would Trust India, a country which kills sikhs when they ask for freedom, Invade Goa,Takeover Hyderabad, Kashmir, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland. Plz, India wants hegemony in South Asia.Recommend

  • exposingindia

    The population of Afghanistan is 25 mil,Almost the same as the metropolitan area of Delhi. Why do they want to go to a place, which has never reaped any financial profit for anyone in History including the British, Russians and Americans.? Its imports arre 17 times it’s export. It is a ruin. Dont give that crap that you are funding charity projects over there.

    With 400 million poor people in your country u had to go to Afghanistan to find poor people to feed and take care of?Recommend

  • exposingindia

    Please stupid Indians note. Balochis are not even the majority in Balochistan. Pashtuns, Hazaras, Makranis, number more than balochis and are the elite. You can try all your false propaganda for balochis it wouldnt work. this is not Bangladesh, where 90% of the people were bengali.Recommend

  • Queen

    After Mumbai attacks:

    From Pakistan: It wasn’t us India!

    Did you guys listen at that time????Recommend

  • H. Haris Flyn

    Points raised as opinion are somewhat right! But this is not how government thinks or the Hardliner Hindu parties like Shev Sena’s, Modi’s BJP thinks in India. ex former Army Chief of India VK Singh revealed that India is supporting terrorist groups in the Afghanistan and insurgent groups in Baluchistan. Besides this former CBI agent Sitesh Verma revealed that Mumbai attacks and Parliament attacks were planned by RAW itself. Notably, Hindu concept of “Akhand Bharat” projects that they will coerce other states to be included in India. No matter whether they are happy or not? Or do they want to be a part of India or not? Same thing India is doing with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Only Pakistan and China are standing in their way, both countries will not accept the Indian hegemonic design. Pakistan has always been sensible and still it has not blamed India for Karachi attack, till now evidence were found that Indian made weapons were used and Factor-8 injections were. Ultimately it raises the question in mind that India is behind this. Author wants to give its opinion fair enough but speaking on behalf of whole India without touching every aspect of the clash since the birth is unjustified writing “From India: It wasn’t us, Pakistan!”Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    And how do U know that ?Wise one ?Recommend

  • Naila

    Hahahahaah, over the top, but very funny indeed!Recommend

  • Ammar

    There are 17 consulates and concerned sub offices…Recommend

  • Umar Farooq

    autor states
    “What interest would India have in creating or supporting an organisation of hard-line islamists”

    Why india attacked pakistan in 1965 and 1971?
    India’s interest is to derail pakistan economy. They cannot tolerate foreign investers coming in pakistan. Inians cannot tolerate that foreign cricket teams play in Pakistan?Recommend

  • Talha

    When sth happens in india all is blamed on pak why havent u written articles on tht???? Secondly thnku for condemning the name n spreading the request for blood but how can u say tht india was not involved in the attack?? Wht r u?? Minister??? PM?? U sitting in ur ac room on a chair facing ur computer chattin on fb!!! Wht would u knw who was n who was not evolvedRecommend

  • Umar Farooq

    India is running military camps in afghanistan near pak-afghan border. They train militants to attack in baluchistan.Recommend

  • Prof

    “I accept that the Indian government sponsored Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka”

    Dont forget the mukti bahini rebels in (what was then)Pakistan…. long before the armed separatist movement in Kashmir.

    Because of our history (and our present) we have the unfortunate responsibility to suspect each other every time terrorists strike.Recommend

  • musab

    and just so you know we didnt attack your hotel at mumbai you can blame us without any proof but we cannot even blame with solid proofsRecommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you for the appreciation.Recommend

  • Queen

    I wonder why India is so interested in making investments in war-torn country with whom it does not even share a common border. Even when it cannot be ensured that its investments will remain secure in the long run? Rings a bell somewhere……

    **After the attack on Indian consulate, why shouldn’t India respond in kind?**

    So you admit that the Karachi airport attack was India’s response to on the attack on Indian Consulate. We knew it from the beginning but Indians love to deny the facts.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Yes, there have been sporadic hate crimes in India, and I condemn them. I even mentioned the attack on Pakistani student Ali Hasan Raza as an example in the article we are commenting on. Well, so what?Recommend

  • Shahzad Masood Roomi

    We were not there, we didn’t do it, how can we leave a trace behind leading back to us? … All these statements are pretty much standard whenever any one get caught with some evidence at the spot. Be it Pakistani or Indians! But leave this aside, I am amazed how and why my indian friends are so defensive on the issue to Indian weapons found on the spot. No one from Pakistani authorities have blamed Indian government or its institutions. All they have said is that matter shall be investigated as it must be and here on social media and internet Indians are going too cynical and over protective with this issue. So, Karmanye Thadani, If you are right, why to make a big issue of what was found on the terror spot? If Indian weapons and military medication was found there, no one planted it, It was there. Let’s investigators complete their work!Recommend

  • Anoop

    If few comments are enough to drive Pakistanis from thinking Taliban is behind the attack to India is behind the attack, then it is a question of the ability of the youth to think analytically, rather than emotionally.

    If you look back to ET comments section ever since it started, we had warned that these proxies will turn soon.

    I remember commenting on a news report where TTP’s Baitullah Mehsud said his people will fight India alongside Pakistani Army if India attacks as a retaliation to Mumbai attacks of 2008.

    I remember telling Pakistanis that this monster will eventually turn against you. We were told our RAW was responsible for Mumbai and not to blame Pakistan for India’s mess. NSA of Pakistan was fired for saying Kasab is a Pakistani.

    What else can you say? “You are a victim and we sympathise with you?”. Is that even true?Recommend

  • Anoop

    I think you better take a look at ET’s columns today.

    One Columnist has said he thinks time for giving up on Pakistan. Another is saying this is the boiling point. Another is accusing India of arming TTP. Another is questioning analytical abilities of Pakistanis.

    4 out 4 Columns agree Pakistan is a mess currently.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Sure lets talk about it. I don’t mind.

    Where are the perpetrators of Samjhota Blasts? In Jail.

    The difference between India and Pakistan.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Remember after Mumbai attacks, Sri Lankan Team got attacked. Tourists still visit Mumbai, but International sports teams have stopped visiting Pakistan.

    2 weeks ago there was an attack on the Indian consulate in Afghanistan, by LeT.

    So its only fair that India responds in kind and with interest.Recommend

  • Anoop


    If you have read ‘1984’ this is called Double Think.

    Believe in something, also believe in the opposite.

    While talking to the TTP, stop believing India is arming them. When attacks happen, start believing the same thing you disbelieved.Recommend

  • Anoop

    India is peaceful. I don’t understand when Pakistanis say both India and Pakistan need peace.

    We recently had a massive Election exercise, IPL, Tourist travels are on the high, Business is doing well.

    Aren’t these signs of peace?

    If Pakistan wants peace, it’ll stop supporting anti-India Terror and forget Kashmir. India already is peaceful.Recommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    Dear Indian ,

    It is not obvious you and none other indians.. but according to the latest video of a US official .. india is involved in funding of terrorism against Pakistan.. Ok and let me clear you one thing dear. when you already knew that there are several states in india fighting for freedom from India . Instead of blaming them why indian government always blamed pakistan.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Yes, Pakistan should ask India not to harm it, in return forgetting Kashmir and arresting anti-India Terrorists.Recommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    Why ?Recommend

  • Anoop

    India is the 5th largest donor in Afghanistan. Trains Afghan Soldiers to fight the Taliban in thousands. Indians are currently working in Afghanistan to build mines, schools and hospitals.

    I don’t think there are 17 consulates, but like around 300 to 400. Why settle with such a low number?Recommend

  • Ek Pakistani

    why did you forget your Police office Kurkary proved that the TRAIN was NOT set on fire by muslims rather by an indian army officer & his men…… search it u pigeon, open ur eyes , cat it about to scratchRecommend

  • Anoop

    Why? Lets own up to the attack, even if we know it has nothing to do with us!

    Will they stop thinking India is behind the attacks if there is overwhelming reason to so? Look at the comments here, most think India is behind the attack. Trust me they are not going to change their opinion.

    Even after TTP has owned up to the attacks, they have decided India is behind it. Just like they think 9/11 is a Jewish conspiracy, 26/11 is again done by India on itself..

    If they have abilities to think critically, they will come to the conclusion which is apparent to outsiders like us – Pakistan’s Frankenstein has come back to hunt its master.

    Might as well have a bit of fun..Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Even educated pakistani in USA are a emotional bunch. They buy into these conspiracy theories. They are not willing to accept that whatever happens in Pakistan is their own making. Blaming India, Jew, American and shias won’t absolve them from terrorism. By the way I am a Shia.Recommend

  • Kushal

    First you said lakhs, then thousands, then hundreds, now only four?? Wink wink.Recommend

  • vasan

    We didnt, and we were proved right.Recommend

  • Kushal

    I am copy pasting what an fellow Indian has wriiten about Indian consulates in Afghanistan

    “”Consulates are for Indians and Afghans to travel to and fro to each other’s countries, organise relief work, protect India’s interests in Afghanistan.

    India is at the 5th largest donor in Afghanistan and many Indians are working in Afghanistan in Construction projects.

    I hope you know India built the Parliament of Afghanistan. Many schools and hospitals are built by India.

    India is also supplying Afghanistan with all the essential items it would need to survive on its own. It is also training many Afghan Soldiers and Officers.

    4 Consulates are not actually sufficient for such a large country with so much trouble.””
    Just for curiosity, how many consulates did Pakistan have during Taliban regime. How many Pak regulars were there on the eve of US invasion. I heard that once Quetta and Kandahar had same International dialing code . Is it not true?Recommend

  • vasan

    So what. India exports lots of drugs . The terrorists who attacked Karachi had lots of chinese things also. You can infer what u want,Recommend

  • vasan

    Those who were accused are in jail. This has nothing to do with this articleRecommend

  • vasan

    He probably is not aware that LTTE has been wiped out lock stock and barrelRecommend

  • Kushal

    Yes. And probably given you solid proofs which you never submitted in courts.Recommend

  • vasan

    Your own newspaper DAWN exposed the origins of Kasab and after that his family has been shifted from their native place in Pakistan and no one knows where they are. Any clues ? Who dunnit. I also would like u to know that some bigwig (I forgot his name) who announced Kasab is a pakistani was unceremoniously sacked immediately. Any idea, why?Recommend

  • Guest

    Our ‘consulates’ in IoK can do the required job just fine :)Recommend

  • Mazhar

    This is about India and Pakistan, not Hindus and Muslims. How much funnier can you get?Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    if we are mlechas then you are barbarians who destroyed the Indus valley civilization. Also call back the Indians working in muslim countries. Beg jobs from modi.
    ET this is my second attempt please allow.Recommend

  • Robert
  • Daddy Yunkie

    This is what Pakistan has been pressing that terrorism is eating the roots of our own country the why would we do this to our own country by ourselves? When you listen to music of Ali zafar and Atif Aslam the the same condition applies here because every other person is listening to Indian music industry here. While some in Pakistan have for long been crying hoarse over growing Indian subversive activities in Pakistan through Afghanistan, the latest confirmation of this came from US defence secretary nominee Senator Chuck Hagel who in a previously unreleased video suggested that India has over the years “financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border.”Recommend

  • Akhrot

    And how you knew that Ajmal Kasab was carrying a tooth past (made in Pakistan)…..????????????Recommend

  • Daddy Yunkie

    The Indians have a separate, extensive intelligence and espionage setup
    focused on Pakistan’s tribal Pashtun belt. This is where the Indians and
    Karzai’s people are running a joint venture of pumping saboteurs into
    Pakistan disguised as the so-called ‘Pakistani Taliban’, who are also
    known as the Fake Taliban to differentiate them from the Afghan Taliban
    who are fighting the foreign armies in Afghanistan and are not fighting
    Pakistan.n top of the nine Indian consulates, six more ‘diplomatic’ outposts have
    been established by both RAW and a Karzai spy outfit called NDS.
    six new ‘consulates’ are part of a network headed by a retired
    major-general from the Indian army.Recommend

  • Real Aslam

    Aslam…. from New Delhi .. Job well doneRecommend

  • saswath

    that was lie through your propaganda machines…open your glued eyes pleaseRecommend

  • saswath

    all done by your people.Recommend

  • saswath

    they are nationalist…and they never gone out blowing anyone.Recommend

  • IHateDisqus

    @karmanyethadani:disqus: Clearly an emotional and spur of the moment article by an otherwise balanced author.

    But did you see the responses? Now do you understand why some Indians end up writing what they do?Recommend

  • Shah

    Wht has talking to TTP to do with funding…India is a brutal killer in Kashmir still Pakistan talks with them…!!!!Recommend