10 wardrobe changes all men need to make for that extra oomph!

Published: June 20, 2014

It is about time you embrace your metropolitan desires, dress up coolly and look debonair.

Summer is upon us and the post-fashion week trend reports are here. Even though our standard wardrobes have refined over time, they seem a bit too boring with the same old monotony.

Here I present 10 wardrobe changes you need to make to spice up your looks:

Ditch the coat and go for the bomber jacket 

While summer coats may be making the rounds, you should know that the bomber is the ‘it’ outerwear item to have this season. If you are going to invest in some outerwear, let it be a bomber jacket.

It is more upbeat in comparison to the same old overdone coat. Yes, summer coats may be a relatively new concept, but the bomber jacket is the thing you need to stand out in the crowd.

Single-breasted is out; Double-breasted is in

Even though a single-breasted jacket may seem like a safer choice, the double-breasted will never let you sartorially down. Double-breasted jackets are the style staple this year so make sure you get some great double-breasted suits for the year. They are undoubtedly classy and the cut compliments a man’s physique much more than a single-breasted coat.

Printed jacket is the ‘it’ item. Ditch the plain old tux and have some fun with patterns

Making a statement seems to be getting harder day by day. So thank the fashion pundits that men can now have more fun with the traditional wardrobe by opting for colourful and patterned jackets.

One specific pattern that seems to be making statements this year is the plaid. You just can’t go wrong with it!

Knitted ties are in, wide ties out

First off, let me make it very clear, this year is not about the classic old wide tie. Lapels are getting narrower and you have to go accordingly. Therefore, to make a statement, wear a knitted tie.

They will add a dapper feel to your wardrobe. Yes, a narrow tie is the happening item with kids these days, but knitted ties are far more sartorially superior to its other counterparts.

Ditch the wayfarers for clubmasters

Yes, yes, everyone knows that the wayfarers are the cool boy glasses, but it is time to grow up. Wayfarers are so 2008, and if you even think of investing in one, you are too late. That trend train is long gone and you missed it.

A more fashionable approach to eyewear this year would be to select the clubmasters. They are the new ‘eye candy’ and are perfect to get you through the year. So, it’s about time you add the extra oomph to your look.

Brogues are back, so ditch the oxfords and loafers

With so many options out there, the loafers and the oxfords have had their era of domination. Hence, it is high time we bring some class back with the brogues, the reigning shoes of the year. Nothing says stylish and dapper more than the brogue. They will add the much needed old-fashioned class to your look.

For a more casual look, you can always get the suede ones.

Denim on denim 

This summer, the best way to go casual whilst looking your best would be to go for the denim on denim look. It’s time to ditch the sweatshirt and favourite pair of jeans look. Instead, go casually stylish with the blue sky and the blue denim.

Its boyish feel will leave you looking younger and add fun to your perfect look for a night out with friends. Make sure they fit well; baggy or skinnies are a serious no-no!

Go floral

Yes, you heard it right. Floral is making waves across the world as men embrace it into their own style and how can you be left out?

Ditch the plain and striped shirts you have a collection of for a fresher and trendier look. Yes, yes, you can complain that it is a girly trend and that guys should not even look at it let alone embrace it. But trust me, if topical prints can work, so can floral. Besides, menswear floral knows what men need, so no worries.

Woven belts are in; the plain old leather belt is out

A woven belt will give your look the extra edge that a normal leather belt would not. It is a bit experimental and does seem a hard one to pull off, but if done right, it will make you look effortlessly stylish. Such a small wardrobe change can add the much needed addition to your look.

Dig out your dad’s wardrobe. Old is in and new is out

Photo: Haseeb Sultan Abdul

Since spring cleaning is well overdue, this summer stealing amazing and well-preserved things from your dad’s or grandfather’s wardrobes is a great idea! Vintage items will do you wonders this summer. You will be amazed at the kind of things you can dress yourself in and make your wardrobe better. It is a discovery you need to make and one that will not disappoint!

So there you have it. It is about time you embrace your metropolitan desires, dress up coolly and look debonair. Just as Paris Hilton says,

“Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

Have fun with your clothes and make a statement when you walk into a room.

Haseeb Sultan

Haseeb Sultan

The author is is a dentist, writer, and an artist. He blogs at blog.haseebsultan.com and tweets at @haseebsultan_ (twitter.com/haseebsultan_)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • GoodFella

    Clubmasters and ‘Bomber Jacket’ are the only two options here that I may tryRecommend

  • Saad

    What you have listed is what every teenage boy wears for hang outs. Men should have class, and there’s none hereRecommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    The only thing I liked is the floral shirt .Recommend

  • Adpran

    I have few pieces of blue jean, and I also have brown shoes. But combine blue jean with brown shoes like in the picture?. No, thanks!. I don’t want to do it.Recommend

  • Waldo

    Yes, and David Beckham and David Gandy are teenagersRecommend

  • http://stylesupplement.wordpress.com Style Supplement

    It was all going good until you quoted Paris Hilton :DRecommend

  • Momin

    Denim Shirt
    Double Breasted Suit-jackets or other pea coats.

    These are all choices grown men with class would make.Recommend

  • Kamran

    @ Saad, Perhaps it’s because you like wearing Shalwar Kameez so you have quick access :-)Recommend

  • A.s

    Do we live in the same country? Jackets? in this sweltering heat? No thanks.
    The perfect summer outfit for men and boys alike would be: a casual-ish oxford shirt over shorts with loafers, vans or brogues.Recommend

  • saad farooq

    I agree with Saad on this one. The suggestions by you are for college boys who dont have any idea of whats going on. These are completely opposite to a classy wardrobe. I think that clothes should be worn for a purpose. In the future when you make suggestions kindly mention the type of people who should wear them instead of generalizing everything.
    I work in the construction sector & they have a very comic opinion about the people who wear this kind of clothing.Recommend

  • Saad

    I dont know about you but have you ever visited shopping places in Lahore/Karachi? Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is wearing whatever is new these days. Half of those fashion shop keeper’s sons are wearing clubmasters (Obviously fake but still..). You can never wear or buy class, it comes from within. It all depends on what suits you

    P.S. Denim shirt over denim jeans is a horrible tasteRecommend

  • Saad

    Beckham does have class, and he’s my idol. But it doesn’t mean that whatever he wears should be determined as class and top notch fashion. The fashion attire loses its value when it becomes way too common and all the kids start copying itRecommend

  • Saad

    Too bad you are deprived of that ‘access’. Really feel sorry for youRecommend

  • Malik Abdul Rehman

    let me tell you the difference between real men and hipstersRecommend

  • Nobody

    Class doesn’t have to be boring or outdated. One can keep up with trends and also be classy. Many older men follow the above trends and look good doing so.

  • Nobody

    What, pray tell, is your definition of a classy wardrobe?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    you are confusing “Grown men” with ” Men Who Work in an Office All Day”. The blogger has given both casual and formal choices, you just looked at the casual ones and made ur comment.
    side note: If you think that Beckam is a “teenage boy” then I presume you will be celebrating your 90th birthday soon and you can be forgiven for making this sort of comments.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Please do recommend what people doing “USUAL” jobs should wear?
    HE has said that double breasted is in fashion, what would you have me wear at my office? a hard hat with coveralls?
    think before you post :PRecommend

  • saad farooq

    The type of clothes one wears should depend upon some specific style.
    A double breasted suit only looks good on people who have a relatively large body, good size chest & height. Otherwise it looks very comical.
    The type of clothing you should wear depends on the type of your work & what kind of image you want to project.Recommend

  • saad farooq

    When it comes to men a classy wardrobe should be simple & elegant.
    The clothing should be high grade & well fitted.
    The styles should be coherent. It should depict that the man is confident.
    As I mentioned earlier the objective is not to confuse a man’s wardrobe with a boy’s.Recommend

  • saad farooq

    Look man I thing you have misunderstood the meaning of the word class.
    Brogues are good.
    Denim shirt only rock stars, teenage boys & farmers should wear.
    Clubmasters can never compete with wayfarers.
    Double breasted suits are worn by men who have some fantasy about the mafia.Recommend

  • saad farooq

    David Beckham is a good soccer player not the greatest. At the end of the day he is just a commercial product selling & promoting whatever that can make him money.
    I feel sorry for anyone who has Beckham as a role model.Recommend

  • saad farooq

    I disagree with you just a little bit.
    Having class is a very specific thing. Please do not confuse it.
    Some people have it and some do not. It depends on many things.
    The wardrobe of a person is a part of having class or not. Wearing ridiculous kind of clothing & saying that I have class does not necessarily make it true.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    OMG, here we have a person who does not know anything about tailored suits. Dude, if you are of a small physique just get ur suit tailored. you can even send your measurements to really good foreign tailors and they will stitch you one, if you can afford it that is.

    I would personally like to recommend Gieves and Hawkes, they are very good and they do great double breasted suits. I got mine made in 3 months from the time I sent them the measurements.Recommend

  • Saad

    Saad is right, double breasted jackets would never suit a small person no matter how much you tailor it as per your requirements. It is also a universal fashion sense that those jackets go for slim and tall people. Tailoring it would be like tailoring skinny jeans for really obese people. They will fit but they just wont go with it.

    Ironically, you are the person who does not know anything about fashion, omgRecommend

  • saad farooq

    No thanks I am not interested in buying a double breasted suit. It is too casual & pedestrian. I think it looks good on self proclaimed 40’s mobsters & 80’s investment bankers who really want their clothing to have an impact which they themselves lack.
    But may be this is what you are going for….
    I have many suits and everyone of them is tailored.
    May be your missing the point & getting confused.
    Have fun wearing that double breasted suit. I hope you don’t look ridiculous in it.
    Moreover, just out of curiosity, where do you work?Recommend

  • fjsoidjsoad

    canadian tuxedos and woven leather belts?!? surely this is a jokeRecommend