X-Men: Days of future past – Hollywood’s version of DDLJ?

Published: June 8, 2014

The script was inconsistent, cinematography was ordinary and the action was lame. PHOTO: REUTERS

Are you a Bollywood movie buff? Did you fall in love with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge? (DDLJ) Did you pray for Simran to catch that train which Raj was lunging out of? The heaving, the pleading, those stretched arms, the intensity, that suspense and the never ending drama? And just when you thought you were about to have a nervous breakdown, Simran grabs on to Raj’s hand and tears of exuberance fall out of your eyes.

Well, we have another DDLJ in town; please go watch X-Men: Days of Future Past.

After watching the movie, I even checked online if they have changed the genre from Sci-fi to Drama. You know, just in case I was expecting something they never promised at all. But no, they still call it sci-fi. If X-Men: Days of Future Past falls in the sci-fi category, then 90% of Bollywood mainstream masala movies also fall in the same category, after taking out the dances and songs of course.

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I did counter myself with that casual saying,

Mutants ka bhi dil hota ha

(Mutants also have a heart)

Yes, I did try to make sense of it all but I was emotionally drained after watching the movie, and still am, but there is no sense in it to make sense of.

The movie’s running time is 131 minutes, but in Pakistan, it runs for about 120 minutes after all the censoring. I personally think the movie is a drag, which is its basic flaw. Screenplay writer, Simon Kinberg stretched it out of its elastic limit. It’s always hard to fill in two hours with nice, continuous content, but this only turned out to be two hours of sci-fi melodrama. Also, I did not find the lighting in the movie good enough, while others found it ‘soothing’.

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I do not want to spoil the story for you in case you still want to go watch the movie after reading my review.

But I will tell you that there is only one breath taking scene in the movie and that was in the kitchen of the Pentagon. Peter/Quicksilver’s appearance, played by Evan Peters, is the most interesting and gripping scene to watch. He brings in the freshness that this movie seems to lack immensely.

Photo: AFP

Logan/Wolverine and Storm do not contribute much to the movie in terms of action; their fans would be disappointed. In certain scenes, you almost beseech for him to act, to fight, to unravel those steel blades of his and take the enemy to the task. But sadly, that doesn’t happen.

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The movie, however, does focus on Raven/Mystique for a change, but the story isn’t what you would expect from a mutant like her.

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Overall, the script was inconsistent, cinematography was ordinary and the action was lame.

I would rate it at a meagre three on ten.

Waqas Habib Rana

Waqas Habib Rana

A freelance writer and Editor in Chief at Paknewsbeat.com , who has been associated with video production, theater, event management and business. He tweets @waqas464 (twitter.com/waqas464)

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  • Asad

    Surprisingly this movie has 92 % score on the movie critics website Rotten Tomatoes. Which means 92 out of 100 reviewers liked this movie. It’s such a shame RT don’t count your review otherwise this movie would have got 32% RT score.
    On a serious note, have you ever seen an xmen movie before?Recommend

  • mike23333

    that is wrong, hollywood sucks, bollywood is the best, pakistanis should do pooja to bollywood films!!!Recommend

  • Gingo

    You’re probably not a comic affectionado otherwise you would’ve known that X men Days of Future past predates DDLJ (which to be honest is a melodramatic trash) in the form of comic. By the way there was a post credit scene right at the end of the film which I guess you didn’t care to watch.
    ET should only entertain comic film reviews from Noman Ansari, that guy knows his stuff.Recommend

  • abhi100

    your review is crap. It is super hit all over the world.Recommend

  • Hassam Younis

    This movie was awesome and so was the action. Clearly you know nothing about X-men movies or the comics.Recommend

  • ray

    You’re seriously comparing this to a bollywood movie? This movie was amazing, it was in fact the best in the franchise so far. Reading your review tells me you’re not really the type for a well written script, or emotionally driven movie, you’re more the type for hype, and action(which this movie Did have). But whatever, its your opinion and you’re entitled to it.Recommend

  • Anonymouse

    I doubt this movie was intended for a person who cried while watching DDLJ, you should stayed home and downloaded some other SRK flick,or maybe you could have found something else to cry on instead (seen Twilight yet?)Recommend

  • Atiya Abbas

    I get that you didn’t like the movie. But you didn’t draw any valid comparisons as to how DoFP is like DDLJ.Recommend

  • shadi

    i dont think u really know the back drop of x men. i do agree its tough for a non comic fan to enjoy specially if u come in with avengers inmind but the movie deals in a great way with issues such as civil rights equality which is wht the comics werr all wbt. dont insult one of the best comic strip ever released by comparing it with ddlg plainly because your mind deals with all sensitive drama with a giant bwood lense around it. you should first maybe read the comics to understand the xmen concept better.Recommend

  • Jibran Nadeem

    I am sorry but were you sleeping during the movie? I am sure majority of the readers of this column would not understand the analogy of DDLJ and X-Men. DDLJ was a love story. X-Men is a comic based super hero story. It is based on a comic book with the same name with a few changes (such as in the comic book Kitty Pryde goes back to the past instead of Wolverine. In the cartoons, it is Bishop).
    I thought that this movie did an amazing job in not only developing the main characters involved, but also as a platform for the next X-Men movie (Age of Apocalypse) coming in a few years. And the fact that you would say that Wolverine had little or no action in the movie…just shows how attentive you were as once again this X-Men movie is based around Wolverine, Prof. X, Magneto and Mystique.Recommend

  • scoff scoff

    What an exceptionally wonderful review! Recommend

  • Samuel Niaz

    Where is the unilke button?Recommend

  • Ann

    *Lost* I m sorry, but your point didn’t make sense to me. I failed to understand the connection you made to Bollywood mainstream.Recommend

  • Zain

    Please stop writing reviews. This was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Even if you hate a movie try to actually have an intelligent thought in the review. Recommend

  • Fahad

    oh really? the movie was awesome! atleast it wasn’t full of (unnecessary) action like last year’s Man of steel had! And although the movie was bound to suffer due to such big of a cast but actually there was no such problem… every actor was given the right amount of screen time… plus u left out the Senitels.. which were really great.. and if u think action was lame.. why did u even bother to point out that quicksilver scene as good… Man it’d be better if u stick with those cheesy ‘Disney’ Marvel flicks.. cause X-men did brilliantly this time!Recommend

  • Hamza

    Hahaha You have no idea what you’re talking about kid.
    “But the story isn’t what you would expect from a mutant like Mystique.”

    Were you sleeping during the movie or something? The movie takes place in 1973 and it’s a long time before Mystique became what she is. Fans of X-Men comics can tell you that Mystique was not exactly the same from the beginning.
    There was no melodrama. Emotions have to be there in every film. Just because it’s sci-fi doesn’t mean there won’t be anything like that.
    And critics have liked the movie. Viewers have liked the movie. So what’s your problem? You’re not even a film critic for God’s sake!Recommend

  • Umair Khalil

    Wow, you really don’t know anything about films, do you? You didn’t give us one good reason to latch on to. How in the world did you come to the conclusion that it is comparable with DDLJ? I clicked on the article to find out but was disappointed. I guess you only wanted to watch The Expendables and the little bit of the emotional subtext of the film hurt your intelligence. I’m really sorry for that. You should’ve known better. Your only criticism of the screenplay is that it “Simon Kinberg stretched it out of its elastic limit.” How exactly? You don’t know. Why did you “not find the lighting in the movie good enough”? Did you consider the fault might be in 3D projection of the cinema? You should’ve also done a bit of reading on this. Storm was absent due to Halle Berry’s pregnancy. Wolverine doesn’t contribute to action? Are you kidding me? He was the central character in the movie! Raven’s “story isn’t what you would expect from a mutant like her.” Well don’t leave it there. At least tell me what you think we would expect from a mutant like her? But I guess it’s of no use. I just request Express Tribune not to waste all of our time with this substandard click-bait content. Good bye.Recommend

  • Critical

    What next???
    Compare Die Hard with Dabang??Hangover with Andaz apna apna???

    ET- It was already a sin for u allow non-comic book fans to write review for a superhero movie….I want to write a lot but I’m controlling myself….Recommend

  • Umair Saleem Qureshi

    This is probably the worst review i have ever read. 3 out 10 for this movie when rotten tomatoes gave it 90+ rating and all the legit critics gave it a positive review. comparing it to DDL and all the masala bollywood movies? Ok let me break it down for you “time travel”, “super heroes”, “mutant killing robots” do classify as sci-fi. I saw a few of your previous blogs and they were pretty good but sadly this review was plain awful.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “Also, I did not find the lighting in the movie good enough, while others found it ‘soothing’.”

    What the heck are you talking about? How is this even a review? Ugh.Recommend

  • Jack Allen John

    This guy compares a great Comic Book movie to some Indian Bollywood joke of a movie?
    Just laughable!Recommend

  • Arain

    Are you kidding me? It was Awesome.

    Maybe you should stick with Indian dramas if you couldn’t make sense of it. :-PRecommend

  • Hasan


    Are you ignorant or what? Have you not seen the previous X-Men movies? Have you ever read a single X-Men comic book.
    Well if you haven’t and you cannot make sense of the movie. I will understand. Your review is based on ONE X-MEN move, you failed to place it in the storyline of what is going to be the X-MEN series. With that in mind, your review of the movie just makes you look uninformed.

    A word of advice. Next time you ‘review’ a movie from a comic book franchise, be sure to go through the comics and do proper researchRecommend

  • GlennRyall

    Dude Logan having steel claws??? He went back in a time where the adamantium was still not laid into him!! So in this case he just has bones jutting out!!!!

    Overall I found the movie a little dramatic as well but at the end of day enjoyed it.Recommend

  • naveed

    Lol..who is this guy again…how many movies has he made. xmen DOFP recieved unanimously positive reviews from all critics..the movie was awesome..painfully ill-informed review..reminds me of my childhood when id rate movies on the basis of number of action sequences.Recommend

  • Rizwan Liaqat

    How does the Tribune keep publishing crap like this? Days of Future Past was one of the best movies this year.Recommend

  • Pawail Qaisar

    My friend, clearly you know nothing about X-Men. And movies, for that matter.Recommend

  • zack

    So you are comparing DDJL and DOFP ? You should never watch a Hollywood film.Recommend

  • http://isolatednation.com/ howie

    this is the strangest review I’ve ever read. You’re upset at the movie because it has….drama? Because it is emotionally-driven? Because we are invested in the characters? because it has high emotional stakes? You don’t like this film because it meets the basic criteria for what a good movie needs to have, regardless of genre? “Sci-fi” and “drama” are not mutually exclusive aspects of a film. Look, maybe this movie didn’t meet YOUR expectations (which I’m assuming is just all-action, all- “sci-fi” all the time, whatever that means. Is Transformers your favourite movie? Or did the fact that Shia Lebouf’s character cares about Bumblebee not “sci fi” enough for you?), but to say that a movie’s “basic flaw” is that it contains dramatic elements is just silly.Recommend

  • TheUmarAhmed

    “in certain scenes, you almost beseech for him to act, to fight, to unravel those steel blades”

    The claws are adamantium. And even those are in the future scenes. The scenes in which you urge him to act, the claws are made of bone.

    If you can’t do your bloody reaearch before writing a review, then maybe you should stick to DDLJ.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    I am still struggling with the fact that this is a review. Read hundreds of them but none “analysed” a movie like that.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Dude.. its an amazing movie..Recommend

  • Reaper

    Clearly the editorial and comment screening staff at ET has been replaced by a team of highly skilled monkeys. To let this junk and some of the comments get published.Recommend

  • Grammarian

    This is the stupidest comparison I have ever read in my life.
    Wow. No words.Recommend

  • Vaqas

    I’m pretty sure the writer walked into the wrong movie and thought it was DOFP

    My review:-

  • TheUmarAhmed

    But, but, he called Wolverine’s claws steel blades. Clearly this man knows his X-Men.Recommend

  • Kylie

    Movie was amazing, probably the best x-men movie I’ve seen. However your review is truly horrible. Recommend

  • Hasan

    Do us all a favor and never again write a review about any movie associated with a comic book. Yes we might be Geeks and if it’s one thing Geeks hate passionately is when you talk ignorantly about the things you don’t get in super hero movies.

    “Wolverine’s Steel blades” are you kidding me?

    You are just one of those ‘bollywood’ fans who watches chick flicks and cries in the end and ‘prays that Kajol get the hold of SRK’s hand before the end of the platform’.Recommend

  • Razia

    Waqas i think this was the 1st X-Men movie that you just saw and you are not one of the fans so stop impersonating as one.
    Crappy review i swear.Recommend

  • Razia

    Lol. For a second there I thought you were serious.Recommend

  • Razia


  • Naeem

    This must be a satirical piece, if it’s not then I pray that the writer doesn’t contaminate the human gene pool with his progeny.Recommend

  • Hammad

    After reading your comments, I decided not to write one myself. I could not have said it
    it any better.Recommend

  • donshon

    Allow me to explain to you what Sci-fi actually means. It’s an acronym for ‘Science Fiction’. Any fictitious story based on scientific theory or hypothesis is called SCIENCE FICTION! If you failed to notice, the movie is about a new specie of humans whose genetic mutations have allowed them to possess some super human powers. I was going to suggest you to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is considered the best sci-fi movie ever made, but since according to your understanding, sci-fi only means a series of mindless action without any story, then I suggest you stick to watching junks made by Michael Bay. Thanks!Recommend

  • Aim_12

    I dont agree with this article. This is utter crap, it was one the most amazing movies ive ever watched. Epic and so much emotional this time. How can you even compare it with some crappy bollywood movie.Recommend

  • Memo

    Lol. This is one of the dumbest, most ignorant reviews I’ve ever watched in my life.

    This, coming from a person who watched a movie where 11 minutes were deleted to show it to Pakistani audiences. Maybe you should watch the FULL movie before writing a review. Recommend

  • Abcd12

    Worst article ever by any person in historyRecommend