The ugly face of distorted religion

Published: October 20, 2010

Religion is used to justify all kinds of behaviour in our country.

Translated from the German ‘Die Religion… ist das Opium des Volkes,’ philosopher Karl Marx said that “religion was the opium of the masses.” While this statement is extremely applicable to Pakistani society, religion is more than just the ‘opium’ of the people.

It is now being used as a weapon; their excuse and justification for everything including things which are not very pleasant in nature. The most obvious example of this would be the “extremists” and their code of conduct, which they attempt to justify in the name of Islam, which has in the process literally distorted the religion’s main beliefs and principles in the eyes of many people worldwide.

The perception of Islam in the eyes of the rest of the world has greatly changed over the last decade. There is no doubt that 9/11 left many extremely ignorant people with the perception that “Muslims equal militants”. In the years since, militants have increased in strength and number across the globe and Pakistan has somehow become a homeland for many of these terrorists.

Not so long ago, I came across a website that made me feel very uneasy, as it contained the detailed laws and regulations of the Taliban, i.e: their code of conduct, as well as the punishments they carry out. What made me feel even more uneasy were some of the comments below the main text of the site, such as:

– All Taliban rules are according to the Holy Quran and Shariah.

– The Taliban are imposing the rules and regulations as per God’s holy book.

– The Taliban are true Muslims and follow what is taught in Islam.

Now while it does not take a rocket scientist to know that killing or harming any human being, regardless of race, religion, or culture is wrong, other things cause confusion. Are they strictly adhering to what is taught in our holy book minus the suicide bombings? I think not.

While many aspects of life are to be followed according to the Holy Quran, there is uncertainty as to whether they have to be followed and adhered to as strictly as has been stated.

In my opinion, the way Islam is taught today is not the real Islam. In fact, the religion of ‘peace’ has gone far from its meaning. The hate-preaching texts from so-called scholars which exist in many books and publications have led to shrines being blown up and people belonging to different sects and religions being mercilessly killed. This continues to happen as all those arrested in such cases of targeted killings and sectarian violence are later set free on the basis of insufficient evidence. Killings are rampant by members of terrorist organisations such as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, yet little is done by the government or the judiciary to curtail these targeted crimes.

Someone could pray five times a day, keep all their fasts, learn the Holy Quran by heart and say ‘Allah hu-Akbar,’ everywhere they go, but that alone is far from deciding how good a Muslim they are and what their fate will be in the Afterlife. If the same person does not possess humanity and has been involved in hideous crimes like extremists carry out every other day, they are not even people, let alone Muslims. All their prayers and self-proclaimed religious faith is useless and nothing less than a mockery of religion.

What extremists claim God desires is actually what they want. God never said that people have to be forced into any religion. God certainly never said that non-believers should converted or be killed. Yet the terrorist forces, whether Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or any other terrorist organisation believe that everyone should not only be Muslim, but follow their version of Islam. That is the reason why Muslims belonging to different sects are attacked and murdered.

Fighting militancy is a battle that cannot be won. Not by Pakistan, not any other country. The mindset of the extremists has to be changed, but can it? This is the mindset that has been preached and taught to them since the beginning. The ultimate battle for Pakistan is not against the Taliban or any other terrorist organisation. It is not against India, not any other country. The country’s main battle is the quest for peace. Can the word ‘peace’ become part of Islam again?


Mekayl Mashhadi

A sub-editor on the national desk of The Express Tribune

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • D. Asghar

    Mr. Mashhadi, I am in awe of your write up as it totally resonates with me and my message.

    I have been scribbling on this subject for a while, in my personal way on the blogosphere.I am new to this hood, but I have found a lot of people, specially Muslims who share our views.

    My Brother, the most important and the foremost element that we have forgotten about the religion is, it is supposed to teach us how to LIVE our lives PROPERLY and PIOUSLY. Regretfully, we are in pursuit of the entire opposite or we are taught so by the “Unholy Warriors.” Keep up the good work. Humble Regards.Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Well Said!!!Recommend

  • Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    Agreed! Great write up!Recommend

  • Gina Roberts

    Just because one thinks or hopes that extremism isn’t a part of “true Islam” doesn’t make it so. I would prefer to believe that God doesn’t want a thief’s hand cut off, for example, but all the wishful thinking in the world won’t remove it from the Quran (5:38). The same is true of martyrdom attacks (4:74) and forcing others into practicing the pillars of Islam (9:5, 9:11).

    The Taliban code of conduct may make a lot of Muslims uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t based on Islamic law – which, in turn, is based on the traditions of Muhammad and the Companions.

    Any Muslim is free to choose which parts of Islam he or she wishes to practice or ignore, but I don’t think they should disparage anyone else for having a natural aversion to the religion as a whole.Recommend

  • shy

    well written.Recommend

  • Ali Zeeshan Ijaz

    well done! totally agree with you.Recommend

  • Faria Syed

    @Gina: You are certainly free to have an aversion to the religion. You appear to have researched exactly what is wrong with it. But the argument that the Taliban code of conduct does not reflect Islam is based on the fact that it does not reflect any Muslim values. No Talib behaves in the way taught by the tradition of the Prophet and his Companions.

    Certainly, there is an element of Islamic teachings in all Taliban rulings – that is what has allowed them to gain strength. If they were just make stuff up – who would believe them?


  • Shahbaz

    I agree with you on this point Mr. Asghar Muslims have been apparently following the Codes of Islam but actfully miles away from it anticipate to the lost grandure of it after the great revolution,,,,Keep on Recommend

  • murassa sanaullah

    it was good article,i don’t know why we are so emotional about religion. the religious men or clerics have interprated islam wrongly. any one who wants to correct them is annouced kafir Ghamdi is the best example. we muslims listen to emotional khutbas but dont like to listen logic. though islam is the most logical religion. we only care for religious thinks which directly affect us that is those which will sent us to jannat .we dont care about lov and kindness to Gods creation. for us islamisation is only bunch of punishments not bringing peace and harmony ,and love. if we think namaz is an ibadat than honesty ,love kindness , and to respect others right to live are also ibbadat.Recommend

  • Rashid

    See, your post brings out some of the original concerns that you have. But, then again, due to scanty knowledge and expertise of the subject, anyone can assume disastrous and wrong things. Wrong, because what they assume is never the case, disastrous because people can actually get convinced from what they say.

    Do you know when is the thief subject to the cutting of hand? What are the exact criterion? I am pretty sure that the answer is no. See, to interpret the scriptures, one has to be an expert in this field, let alone a complete unawared person who has never even studied a single book of Islamic Law. Therefore, some scholars are of the view that a copy of the translation of Holy Qur’an may not be given to a non-Muslim, instead, he/she should be given a Copy that has the Tafseer (explanation) with it.

    Similarly, those verses which you apparently cannot understand and are related to the Islamic Law-Code (Shari’ah) have to clarified by reaching scholars that have encyclopedic knowledge of Islamic sciences. Exegesis of The Holy Qur’an is an extremely vast field.

    Now, what some of the scholars do is that they interpret such a meaning, which is not complying to The Shari’ah. How do we know that? This is because their explanation is in conflict with masses of other scholars who have been serving Muslims for centuries. Therefore, for a layman Muslim, it is easy to understand that these people are misguided in certain aspects of Islam.

    Actually, all the confusion and mess that we see around us stems from some reasons: 1. We are away from our Muslim scholars. 2. Lack of education. As people are away from true scholars, they are either ‘this’ extreme, or they are illiterate, so, they are ‘that’ extreme.Recommend

  • USL

    “Religion is not the opium of the masses, it’s the placebo of the masses!”Recommend

  • mister bear

    the truth is religion is just a bunch of beleifs and nobody really knows how we actually got here and what happens to us when we die. It is pointless fighting over something we dont know. What is it they really want huh? its not everyone to be muslim obviously. They want control of our country they want all the computers, smartphones, luxury vehicles, the list goes on and on. they want to live the lives us americans live. we live like “gods” with are enormous houses and shiny jewelry, they see the americans on TV and stereotype this country. we all dont live like that with suits and bodyguards we have no power like these politicians. Put a taliban in brooklyn or the slums in detroit and he will see what america truly is(a country segregated by income). Whatever they “beleive” is up to them but the last thing any country should be fighting over is religion. I dont see why we cant all work together and move forward as a human race. we will never evolve if we fight with eachother over things we are not even sure of (we’ll all end up dead). Men of true peace would agree with me.Recommend

  • miss bear

    i beg to differ mister bear, but if u ever visit pakistan you will see that houses here are actually even larger and better built than any house in the united states and each and everything you mentioned is available in pakistan, and actually some of the things were released in the market here before in the us even. you don’t live like gods believe me. only ure politicians do, as do ours in this country. Recommend

  • saad raja

    AOA.(hi).Allah bless u all specially Gina and the Mashhadi.

    dear u thoughts are right in your inner and facts are look like same as u both says,but some critical realities are as following.

    Muslim are never knows the word FUNDAMENTALIST as 50 years the new word phenomenology comes from the non Muslim community and religious places and plate forms.this word never knows whats it meaning become and take the symbol of and the other word extremist and militant are new in the vocabulary of Muslim knowledge and books which attach and paste from non Muslim side and ethical institutes and places,the question is WHY.because the Islam has many UN limited and peaces full rules which is the main and hidden truth and shine of Islam.some time the peoples who love Islam never see that line and shinning with the open eyes,the eye which are open as seen but close behind the bar,cross it very gently and happily, here is the line and code of conduct changes in different paths,the main source of changing these lines and paths are you peoples and your ideology and philosophy or say the rules and code of conduct the non Muslim wants to put in the mind of and odd or educated Muslim.i say word FUNDAMENTALIST before and EXTREMIST and these word all of the answer for you have are hidden.the fundamentalist peoples as we are not but we are that as per our holy Quran saying.Extremism is prohibited in Islam.all kind of extremism are prohibited.even in good or bad both respectively.just we are worship on god are unlimited and do as our strength allow us to do.
    THE question raise in the paragraph are many thing to be describing.
    1.your god and our (Allah)are same and one only.(in all non Muslim religion).
    2.we agree and respect all prophets of your but you are not believe on only single and one of our prophet(p.b.u.h.).why?
    3.we believe all the book of non Muslim ,but you don’t believe on Quran as the status it may given.

    THEN where is the fault.
    fault is not in Islam,or QURAN.even the Muslim whos only say Allah o Akhbar(god is great) and recite a qalima are the Muslim .fault is in hearts.even they cut there hand on the punishments of theft any thing.(this punishment is given on several time thefting not on single time)but the bibles say to accept the mistake in front of church father even ur hearts or mind are ready to do more.WHY.i thing that is incredible rule for finish the thefting.
    FAULT is are in those labels which you or non Muslim wants to deliver to all the Muslim community of world.why we all Muslim never knows really.
    The non Muslim say about the word EXTREMIST given to Muslim as they invents many other words before for degrade Muslim or may be satisfy them self.(gods better knows).the 9/11 events change the situation for non Muslim to worship word extremist,.militant and so on…as 50 year ago the the word like fundamentalist is born and degrade and demoralize the Muslim communities and sect in all over the worlds ,and the vocabularies of different words are invent and paste by paste to the certain sects and peoples of Muslim countries .To the peoples by the peoples and for the peoples(Muslim only.).
    @ respected miss GINA and @ Mr Mashhadi..
    i put 1.2.3 thing in front of you.if you are thinking little deeply and backwardly in your own ethical and religous places and ideology ,then you have all the answer for this and that,extremism and code of conduct and those which u wants to know,
    just some peoples are change the way as you change yours.and they are just few in numbers but build the real community of Muslim in several years or as Allah wants.insallah.
    god bless you all and help you in all difficulties.Recommend

  • mister bear

    i’m gonna have to make a visit and find out for myself miss bear. i appologize for my ignorance but i just feel the taliban are jealous of the material things other countries have access too so they use religion as an excuse for being the way they are. its kind of like if all the low class “gangbangers” in the U.S. started a conspiracy and said religion is the reason they deal drugs and shoot eachother when all they truly want is some money and power.Recommend

  • saad raja

    @mister bear:
    mountain are seen beautiful from so far always……..Taliban are not those as u say.and which u say are Taliban ,we are not saying them a Taliban.difference starts from here,so thing and look whats we says and explain and what is the main reality ,not believe on just in and on air sentences and gagging thought dear bear.Allah(god)gives u eye and mind to think.if as we or i say that u are the peoples of unfaithful worship and ideology,then i think u mind it,i am happy because we never waste our time to search this how world most fastest grown Muslim community USA what think about us.the world is not blind ,its see it with open eye.lolz.Recommend

  • parvez

    Nice article. You are right, its selective interpretation that causes problems.
    When you have so many versions and interpretations you automatically will have issues.

    People justifing political Islam with use of violence as a weapon is just one example.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @ Gina: I wish to add to Rashid’s reply to your post above. I have taken the liberty of digging up some material that may be helpful, should you decide to read the following links. I am not an Islamic religious scholar. In fact, most of the people here are light years away from proper exegesis of the Quran. Therefore, I believe it is best to defer to the opinions of those who know better. I hope the following links may put things in perspective:

    Regarding Quran 5:38 and the penalty for theft:

    Regarding Quran 9:5:

    At this point, I would also like to state something that I got to know of in my Islamic Law class, that was conducted by a Professor from the University of Washington. The gist of this specific lecture was that there is a subtle and technical, but important, difference between Sharia, i.e. God’s Law, and Islamic Law. The Sharia is God’s Law, found in the Quran and the conduct and sayings of the Prophet. Islamic Law, as understood widely in the world, is an interpretation of the Sharia; what is referred to as Islamic Law today is, technically speaking, fiqh – basically, an interpretation. This interpretation was carried out by renowned scholars many moons ago, which resulted in the creation of maddhabs – basically, schools of thought. Although there used to be many of such schools, only a handful remain to this day, and all of them are considered to be equally orthodox. Yet, these schools have differing interpretations, because of the founder (of the school)’s approach to such interpretation, and this will be evident from the links I have provided above.

    My intention is writing this down is to put the term Islamic Law in perspective, and to reiterate what Mekayl posted in this blog, i.e. the ugly face of distorted religion.

    Kindest regards.Recommend

  • shiraz durrani

    this is how religion works and backed by the establisment of each time
    every religion makes way by force and is infact a business entity.plo and fazaullah only keeps ten percent for religion and the rest is spent in thailand.Recommend

  • Sachal

    Gina, what Rashid is basically trying to say is “Listen you are too stupid for this argument so please keep quite”

    I would support you Gine, but i’m afraid this is a biased platform.

    Points made in your favor and against these men of faith are simply omitted. It is even unconstitutional I believe. Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Well written
    I hope it’s an eye opener for many out thereRecommend

  • Humanity

    @saad raja “even the Muslim whos only say Allah o Akhbar(god is great) and recite a qalima are the Muslim

    Really! That is not what the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan says!Recommend

  • sharmeen

    well done. we need more people to write about these issues openly and courageously. Recommend

  • AA

    Although bit basic but nicely written.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Islam is a colourful 1400 years old strong pillar. It is known for its beautiful teachings. The light emitted by this beautiful pillar is showing the right path to masses world over. The problem is that there are number of donkeys those are tied to this pillar only. They are not willing to venture in wild for more fodder. These donkeys see only at each other and cry for their own plight or for fodder with others. Even the beautiful and powerful light of Islam is blinding their otherwise normal vision. On one hand they envy and on other hand they expect that people those are venturing in wild will provide them fodder which they will eat or leave and sleep in peace.

    Will anybody at least loose string of such donkeys and make them realize that the beauty, wealth of enlightment, knowledge and education are spread all over the Globe. If these donkeys are slightly away from the pillar, the powerful light which is presently blinding them will also show them the right path. Please correct me if I am wrong and pardon me?Recommend

  • Anonymous

    I believe that this is not a biased platform – it is a platform for debate, and for the most part, it is well-considered and intelligent =)

    Moreover, it is common knowledge that the Constitution has been mangled beyond recognition, and in my personal opinion, the country is Islamic merely in name, and hardly by action and deeds. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not the standard by which an entire religion should be judged. Nevertheless, I do agree with Humanity.

    That being said, the concerns raised by Gina are well-founded and noteworthy, and that is why, in a very limited capacity, I tried to provide some links that shed light on these concerns.

    Kindest regards.Recommend

  • a.tayyab

    Just another muslim,in a long line of muslims, who are ignorant of islam and it’s history, writing about islam and it’s teachings these days, perhaps to sooth their minds with lies.
    They need to study islam and it’s history first; that islam would never have conquered arabia and would never have come out of arabia if it were not for violence and war against those who did not believe in islam and that is the essence of the teachings of islam in quran as well in ahadiths.
    Praying daily and fasting in ramadan are just there to cloak an arab supremacist evil ideology in the form of a religion and it is simply a shame for non-arabs to be muslims because according to their own belief they will never get in islam’s so called paradise unless they speak arabic because arabic is the supposed language there.
    And no one and I mean non one, from moses to jesus has anything to do with islam’s allah, islam and mohammad/muslims and it is an absolute insult to moses and jesus to call them muslims because allah is not the God of the Christ and christians because Bible 1John2:22 clearly states that the one that denies the Father and the Son in the Antichrist the Liar and islam’s allah,islam,mohammad,muslims,quran all deny and condemn the belief in the Father and the Son.Recommend

  • Humanity

    Spot on!Recommend

  • Humanity

    One’s actions are a reflection of the faith and the teachings that one believes in and practices. Currently, not a trace of Islam is not be seen in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The hatred and intolerance has ended up stripping the soul of the religion of love, harmony, and benevolence.

    The sublime religion of Islam lives and thrives in the hearts and souls of only thsee people who understand that mixing religion with worldly affairs only creates an unpalatable, toxic poison.

    chogha-e-deen maiN hae thuje chaahet-e-duniya
    dhoke kae leebaadae maiN hae insaaN kee tabahee (aadaab arrz hae ):)

    The people who understand the soul of the beautiful message, promote peace and love in this world. The salvation of mankind in this world and the Hereafter is through the path of love, tolerance, and non-violence. Only Allah knows who will or will not b e judged a Muslim. It is our Creator’s boundless mercy and benevolence for his creation that he has given man free will. Only then can perfect justice be dispensed. Comprehension of this fact opens the doors for humility and tolerance to take root in the heart. Allah is tolerant and forgiving. He lives only in those hearts that are humble, tolerant, and forgiving.

    Islam was and is being politicized by the mullah and the ambitious only for worldly gains. They peddle goodies for the aakherut to the gullible. How disingenuous, how disgusting! A hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAW) foretells that there will be many Muslims but Islam will nowhere to be found. Another one foretells the role that the ‘ulema‘ will play in perpetuating decay and causing destruction of the society. Is there any doubt that the Muslim ‘ulema‘ are worst creatures under the heavens? The pathetic state of Muslims all over is an irrefutable proof to the truth of the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) prophecy.

    The true Islam the every one yearns for can only be attained through humility, love, tolerance and benevolence. Salaam.Recommend

  • Angelos

    nice reply, keep up the good work

    @Sachal and Gina
    plz study the true values of Islam then judge it. Doing a quick Google search and reaching a conclusion, thats not how things work.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    @ Humanity, Sir you encourage me to right more ……

    Friends, the religion or its thought start making a serious Chemical Locha in my mind and it become too complicated for me to understand. However, as long as it relates to democratic and social values, equal rights in society, peaceful social living etc. they match to my thoughts.

    The stones that don’t roll at all, gather moss. When in a religion we talk of purity and start following the years old beautiful text, in verbatim and that too by our own interpretations without realizing there deep thoughts, the dynamics of religion changes to pure politics.

    The beautiful teachings of holy books are used by political parties, Mullas, preachers, Pandits, Molvies etc. even to decide the course of nations for their own gain. The religion than is being used to draw boundaries in “Jahan Main, is Zamin Par aur in Dillon Main”. Friends, this division is not by Iswar or Khuda…!!! It is by us only. The physical competition in world is only a fraction of all competitions. These boundaries start generating mental competition in human race … and mind it, in this competition no rules apply ..!

    We may write hundreds of blogs, the boundaries in thoughts go on cropping up in minds and they can be sorted out or at least understood, by our expression of free and frank opinions. I am not sure but Allam Iqbal also harped upon it when he referred ‘Ijma’ or ‘Ittehad’. In hinduism we call it ‘Satsang’ (the discussion with wise people). We should not narrow down the teaching of better social living either to Bible, Vedas or to Quran. In all religions or societies we have difference of opinion as to the meaning of what is written in these text. No two persons have same thoughts and it is a well known saying that two is a company and three is a crowd. Before pointing fingers to others we all should introspect on such matters in our own religion. In my opinion, violence or terrorism has no place in any religion. The religions are misrepresented and exploited by Political Superiors (i.e. Politicians, Thinkers, Mullas, Molvies, Pandits etc.) by giving it colour of Saffron, Neel, Safed or Orange. Recommend

  • Jerry

    We need to look at it from the ONE true God’s view. He created all of us and dearly loves all of us. He requires that we all love each other. So do we really believe He approves of us killing our brothers or anyone else? Since he creates us in the wombs of our mothers and breathes life into us and decides the numbers of our days, isn’t it God who decides when we are born and when we die. Does He not listen to our prayers? Does He not say He has a special place in His heart for the needy and oppressed? Is He not almighty? Is He not mighty to save? Is He not sovereign? Where is our faith, where is our trust? In governments????In guns???? PEACE, JOY, and BLESSINGS!!Recommend

  • http://na prasad

    Thank you Gina – you highlighted an important issue – the broadminded folks here (not Rashid and the incoherent other person) want to pick and choose like I do with my religion. But a vocal section of Muslims the world over including the Taliban are literalists – they do not treat the holy book as a philosophical friend and guide but as the book of rules and regulations.

    But are the broad-minded people going against one particular Surat – Surat Al-‘Ahzab [verse 33 -36] – where the exercise of discretion and choice is seriously curtailed.

    The problem is religion cannot be discussed – it is a question of faith – personal faith. There is no logic to it unlike what one reader tried to claim here. And as long as you believe it is pure personal faith – there will be no imposition. Recommend


    I wounder they attack on muslims they took our women they kill our poeple they make fun of our PROPHET and our HOLLY BOOK but still they call us fundamentalist,extremist and terrorist.I m sorry to say most of our educated section of the society do believe that it is presicly true.I am not here to support taliban and their islam no doubt they had many mistakes but its also a proven fact that there are many westernise powers behind the suicide attacks on our shirins,masajid and innocent poeple.They kill us by using the name of taiban and pursue us that we are No doubt it is important to know who are these taliban what are they practicing and wether they are being used by the west powers or not? It is o where written to kill poeple on the name of religion not in QUARAN PAK not in BIBLE.So rationaly its not only muslims who are wrong in some perceptions some how western socity also wrong to blame muslims for evrything.No religion believe is spreading terror same is the case with ISLAM.Recommend

  • Jerry

    FARIA I agree It is o where written to kill poeple on the name of religion not in QUARAN PAK not in BIBLE. So when we all dedicate ourselves to what we are directed by the one True God, our sons and daughters will no longer be killed. This is where our true citizenship lays…Recommend

  • faria

    I know what citizenship demand from us and what should b our role in progressive PAKISTAN.I was just talking about why most of western minds are so much against us.If they think that TALIBAN are killing people on the name of religion then this is what Americans are doing in AFGHANISTAN,IRAQ and PAKISTAN.WHAT is the difference between them and taliban? Recommend

  • Jerry

    faria…there is no difference. It is time for us to stop being servants of our governments, politicians, etc..It’s time to be the hands and feet, the servants of the one True God….right now the world is going thru a rebalancing, we need to pray to Him and ask that He bless all people since all people are loved by the one True God..we His servants are commanded by Him to feed the hungry, clothe those who do not have clothes, and shelter those who do not have shelter….we need to serve Him by providing for others..and to stop killing each other….(I’m from American and this is what I believe) Recommend

  • Shemrez Nauman Afzal

    Is it just me, or does nobody find it surprising that a couple of bears are also responding to this article on distortion of Islam? :/
    Actually, its not that surprising after all – people have stopped hugging people for fear of being blown to smithereens, thanks to “Islam” according to InfoPlease.
    Oh ye who believe! Let us all revert back to our childhood fantasies of hugging bears (I believe that was never un-Islamic – UNLESS you have a bear named Muhammad… or Mohammed… or Mahomet)Recommend

  • LT

    So true :( Recommend