‘Dishonourable’ love – You should be stoned to death

Published: May 28, 2014

In Pakistan, it takes the form of Farzana Parveen’s body, prone and covered by a sheet, battered and broken in the ambulance with her bewildered husband sitting next to her.

This story about a pregnant 25-year-old woman, Farzana Parveen, being bashed to death with bricks by her brothers and uncles because she dared to marry of her own choice, is the kind of news that makes your heart drop and your stomach churn.  It’s being called an ‘honour killing’ in the press but it is murder – in fact, we should call it an execution.

Farzana was going to court in Lahore to testify that she had married her husband out of choice, in response to a fake kidnapping case brought about by her family who were enraged that she chose to marry him instead of the cousin they’d picked out for her. 30 people stood and watched as Farzana was shot at and attacked with bricks, but nobody did anything.

It reminds me of the famous case of Saima Sarwar of Peshawar who sought legal help from famed human rights lawyer Asma Jahangir, in fighting her own case against her family to divorce her chosen husband and marry a man of her own choice. Saima’s mother and uncle showed up in Asma’s office while Saima was there and her uncle shot her in the head. Saima died, and the uncle was never prosecuted because Saima’s family ‘forgave’ him for the crime.

People in Pakistan get away with these kinds of executions of women because of weak laws, contradictory legislation and the overarching power of jirgas or extra-judicial tribal court systems which reserve the harshest punishments for women exercising their free will.

We have a Protection of Women ordinance, enacted in 2006, which amended the Hudood Ordinances, making rape a crime under the Pakistan Penal Code and also made it illegal to force a woman to marry, kidnap or sell her into prostitution, and accuse her falsely of adultery or extramarital sex. We also have a bill, enacted in 2004, which makes ‘honour killing’ a crime. A Punjab law minister called for the crime to be tried in anti-terrorism courts in 2011, but I’m unsure whether this was ever enacted.

However, the 2004 law against ‘honour killing’ is contradicted directly by the Islamic law of Qisas and Diyat, which allows a family of a victim to ‘forgive’ the criminal and lessen the punishment or forgo it altogether. Most criminals use this loophole to get away with their crime.

Worse is that attitudes towards women who marry of their own free choice as having stained the honour of the family still persists. Even the policemen at police stations often won’t register a crime against a woman in this case because they agree with or sympathise with the angry family who wanted her dead.  Combine this with a still-strong jirga system where men get together and condemn a woman (and sometimes her husband or partner, but he is almost never met with the same fate) to death for having acted out of her own free will.

They ignore the tenet of Islam that states any marriage must be enacted out of free will and that a woman has the right to choose her own husband. This law in Islam is set in stone and cannot be argued with. But the tribal system, which is steeped in patriarchy, ignores this basic fact and still seeks to control the lives and bodies of women by forcing them into marriages they don’t always want.

I’ve often heard activists try to make the phrases ‘there is no honour in honour killing’ and ‘dishonour killing’ stick. It will take more than a few catchphrases to undo centuries of regressive, misogynistic thinking and attitudes, dearly adhered to because it suits the power structure that is already in existence. To get people to understand that an honour killing is murder, plain and simple, is the first step. For a man to understand that his honour doesn’t lie in a woman’s body may be the second step, but to get him to accept that she has her own autonomy and independence and control over her own body is a final phase in the evolution of Pakistani society that may take generations to achieve.

In the meantime, we’ll have people like Farzana and her unborn child beaten to death with bricks grabbed from a construction site outside a court in Lahore, while onlookers do nothing but watch and take photographs on their cell phones. We will have a nation where the laws do not protect women. We will have a country that people look at in disgust and horror, grimace at and thank God they do not have to raise their daughters there.

Farzana must not die in vain. We must use her death as a turning point in how we prosecute the executioners of women who exercise their free will. They are braver than all the men who sit in judgment over a woman like Farzana, condemning her to a death she does not deserve.

But do not rest complacent, even those of you who live in so-called civilised societies. All over the world, there is a war going on against women. In Pakistan, it takes the form of Farzana Parveen’s body, prone and covered by a sheet, battered and broken in the ambulance with her bewildered husband sitting next to her. In Nigeria, it takes the form of 200 schoolgirls kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery by Boko Haram. In the United States, we have three women and three men dead because of the revenge fantasies of a spoilt, rich boy who thought that he was owed sex by “blonde sl**s”.

We’re already in the middle of the third world war. It is the war for women’s rights, safety and dignity. We are not winning this war yet. I wonder if we ever will.

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Bina Shah

Author of A Season For Martyrs. She tweets @BinaShah (twitter.com/BinaShah)

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  • nitish

    Stoning to death is a punishment for adultery as per quranRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    What do you expect from such cannibalistic people? They think that women are their animals,,,no cross that,,,,animals are treated with care ,,,while women in Pakistan are not. Recently a woman was raped in India and the whole nation came out to protest, it led to legislature being formed to protect women. While we in Pakistan think that we are far superior to other nations but women are raped/killed/murdered on a daily basis and no A SINGLE PERSON has ever come out to protest.
    People in Pakistan are more likely to protest against sewerage than the violence against women. Despicable.Recommend

  • BuzzKill

    too longRecommend

  • Afreen

    Did you even read it? She was MARRIED to that man..Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Oh Bina Shah… didn’t you realize after the Sialkot incident that this barbaric nation is past turning points? This car is in reverse gear and backing quickly. Forget first, we have to put it in neutral first.Recommend

  • BuzzKill

    he wanted to show that know Islamic teachingsRecommend


    I hope should become the ‘Nirbhaya’ of India when Entire country stood against the rape and her brutal killing last year.Recommend

  • acasinofriend

    NOT A Part Of Islam… BUT “Under an Islamic element of Pakistani law, known as the law of Diyat”…. Poor Christians Can’t Even Pray In School…Recommend

  • Hammad Mian

    Both sides were wrong. Per Islamic teachings, Woman can not marry without her Wali (Father, Uncle etc) and what her brothers and uncles did can not be justified either.Recommend

  • nitish

    Just wanted to clarify one thing..woman marrying without consent of her Wali(Father,Uncle etc) amounts to adultery as per Islamic sharia law???Recommend

  • naeem khan

    its baffling that every time an incident like this happens our elitists shed crocodile tears in blogs while the reality is they can change all this bcz their mums and dads are the high officials of everything and any thing but the truth is they damn care about this wretched land and its people and are hell bent on living a 23rd century lifestyle in a stone age society which is the cause of all these miseriesRecommend

  • abhi099

    “Woman can not marry without her Wali (Father, Uncle etc)” who are the parents to decide a woman’s future when she is above 18 years of age?Recommend

  • Parvez

    This incident is such a disgrace and it is shocking that the media especially the TV has all but ignored it.
    Its is worth repeating ad nauseam that when laws are made to be broken or ignored ……. WITH IMPUNITY, because the legal system is impotent and inept, then society can not function.Recommend

  • P_Anonymous

    How come the English speaking elites of Pakistan have Hindu names ?
    Is it allowed as per Qura’n and Islamic teachings to have ‘Kufr’ names ??
    #just askingRecommend

  • Concerned_for_us_all

    The problem isnt in implementation of the law, the problem is the law itself. Islamic law very clearly allows family members to choose to forgive the murderer of a family member. There isnt even a debate on this. That is the law, if the father murderers the daughter, the mother is perfectly within her rights to pardon the father. This is never going away because this IS the law set down in Islam and you can not like it all you want but there it is….Recommend

  • AL

    I’m shocked you can equate choosing your own spouse with stoning a pregnant woman to death. One is a basic human right; the other is murder. They don’t even compare.Recommend

  • Visibly

    From a Westerner: Is it Islamophobic when you find it disgusting that women should not have the right to determine their life and career? Whether they should marry, whom they should marry, whether to have children? To be able to have your own life?Recommend

  • CleanupPhilly

    The family claimed the marriage was not legitimate, so nitish is correct. Adultery. The Jirga or sharia court accepted it. Recommend

  • Nosheen Khalid

    These people are uneducated sick minded people who need to be punished! The sector of society these people belong to are not one we belong to! I would love to know how many of Bina Shah’s relatives have been stoned to death! How dare she make this look like a common problem. Its disgusting! State all facts clearly! We can’t have irresponsible people writing on something so serious as if this is an every day occurrence. A bunch of sick minded people does not make us all sick!Recommend

  • ZKhan

    What Happen even after Nirbhaya thousand of rapes have still reported even the number have increased.Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Stoning to death is a Tribal practice not mentioned in our Holy book Quran..It depends on the mentality and Cruelty of human beings and Society..

    Just Like in Hindus Sati system where Womens have to give their life after the death of their husband which was not mentioned in any Hindu Holy book.Recommend

  • harry freedman

    who cares that it may or may be in the quran; there is no justification for this murder; the followers who believe in this interpretation are uneducated primitive sub humansRecommend

  • harry freedman

    who cares what Islamic teaching is; it is not civilised; stonings, beatings, murder, amputations and the like?
    a primitive book and primitive peopleRecommend

  • Illuminati2014

    Pakistanis should have understood by now where the problem liesRecommend

  • Gulmina

    Please read Surat Nurs first 3 ruqoos. In order to prove if a woman has committed adultery 4 witnesses must be present. Also this woman was married. She was an AdultererRecommend

  • Imad Uddin

    You spoke your heart out. And you wrote it so well. So natural. So true.Recommend

  • Sid

    Let me mention this again. Bitter, but please prove if this is wrong. The foundation of Pakistan was on lines of creating homeland for holiest of holy muslims. In their adventure the forefathers of Pakistan (barring Jinnah) started debating what laws of Islam can be implemented to maintain the nawabi patriarch trend, which includes suppressing freedom of expression, suppressing freedom of non muslims, and suppressing freedom of women. Zia-ul-haq took this religious bigotry to a new height and thus created a Pakistan of today where minorities are almost extinct, even non Sunni Muslim sects are thinning, women have no voice barring handful of them, numerous faction of militants under command of local mullahs who claim their vision of Islam is more pious, and constantly twisting the words of Quran to suit their needs to justify their most heinous crime in name of Holy Islam. What can be more blasphemous then this ?
    Its greatly disturbing, to imagine a woman who is three month pregnant is stoned to death. Are we such an animal that we don’t even care for the unborn kid. For using Islam as an excuse for such inhuman crime these people should be punished under blasphemy law.
    @Editor – I request you carefully review my comments before deciding to not publish it. I am not insulting any religion, but definitely questioning the sanity of it’s followers.Recommend

  • nitish

    I read it ..My curiosity has grown after this incidence…She was served as per quran..My reply is above to Afreen..Pl go through that for detailed analysisRecommend

  • Yahya Khan

    That claim still has to proved in court Recommend

  • Yahya Khan

    The concept of Wali is not there to rob the woman of her choice – It is there to act as a protection for the woman going into the contract of marriage. As “Per Islamic Teachings” if her wali prevents her from marrying the person she wants with no shar’i reason for doing so, the guardianship passes to someone who is fit to be a wali, so it may pass from her father to her grandfather and if all her guardians prevent her for no shar’i reason, then the (Muslim) ruler will be her wali. Islam isn’t shallow or suffocating as people would have you believe .Recommend

  • nedian

    OK, So much for the ‘barbaric’ killing. Sad. Really sad. But look at the other side. Why Oh WHY would a father stone his daughter?? Is he insane? If he is insane, what about those who electrocute or lethal inject the guilty in the land of the ‘pure’?? The whole point is either respecting & obeying or totally disregarding the Islamic rules & regulations, by which a woman’s marriage is Null & Void if her wali’s consent is not there. Plain & simple. Like it or not, but that’s the law from the Creator & the Prophet. No one can ever change it.Recommend

  • Naila
  • Naila

    Thankyou for that last sentence.Recommend

  • Naila

    No. Islam provides women with each of these rights. Its the adherents of this faith which have it all wrong.Recommend

  • Adpran

    Honour killing like this never happened in Indonesia, which has largest number of Muslims, also never happened in Malaysia. Honour killing clearly just tribal’s custom, not from Islam. But unfortunately tribesmen usually use Islam as justification for honour killing, and it makes honour killing look like from Islam.Recommend

  • Fauzia

    These so called “Islamic teachings” come from the interpretation by our respected imams (Imam abu Hanifa makes wali’s permission a necessary condition for a woman marrying first time) but they are still human interpretation not divine revelations. Dare I say “men’s interpretations”.Recommend

  • Fauzia

    Even if we take this view that the act of marriage without wali’s permission for a woman is unIslamic, it does not justify the killing the women.Recommend

  • Fauzia

    Let’s say it does and let’s say that she is punishable by stoning, but all this will have to be decided by a court and a judge, not women’s family and general public acting as judge, jury and executioners by themselves. Please do not try to justify crimes like this. These crimes will not go away from our society until we continue to provide justification for them.Recommend

  • fauzia

    Do you even know what adultery is? Adultery is engaging in sexual relationship with someone who you are not married to when you already have a husband/wife. If you want to apply Islamic sharia in this case, it will be fornication (engaging in sexual relationship with someone who you are not married to and you yourself are not married) and fornication is punishable by 100 lashes in Islamic sharia, not by stoning.
    And also, please know that Qur’an does not say a word about stoning as a punishment for adultery. It comes from Sunnah. Stoning was the punishment for adultery from Jewish traditions in Madinah which was continued by prophet PBUH but with very strict conditions and with a lot of restraints (only in cases where people insisted on getting the punishment by themselves).Recommend

  • fauzia

    Now please spend some time in reading Qur’an and Islamic Sharia yourself before throwing these wild claims.Recommend

  • fauzia

    This law does not even apply here. Islamic jurisprudence is based on several factors, logic and context (time and culture included in that). And the state as well as current scholars have the right (and responsibility) to make sure that something that came to relief, should not become a loop hole.Recommend

  • nedian

    My friend, I suggest you to do some good homework before commenting on Islamic rules & regulations. For the time being, I recommend you this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZinaRecommend

  • hp kumar

    Sure sure..I would have liked a debate on it..But comments r not allowed to pass through ..My earlier reply to afreen was having all answers to your questions..But unfortunately,it was lost somewhereRecommend

  • hp kumar

    I m not justifying crime as you know where from i come from..I m just questioning the system..Is it bad to do so in current circumstances??Recommend

  • Nosheen Khalid

    And lets not forget how many girls are raped and killed in the west! Where are the protests? And thats in the hundreds!Recommend

  • KS

    No a woman does not need a wali’s consent! ughhhRecommend

  • fauzia

    Okay her marriage was null and void according to your reasoning, still she was not guilty of adultery (adultery hud is applied to those who are married and still enter into sexual relationship with others). At most, her crime would be fornication which is punishable by 100 lashes not stoning.
    And the law that you are talking about (a woman’s marriage null and void if no consent from the wali) is NOT from the CREATOR and NOT from our beloved prophet. The only reason that you could say that this law is from Quran or Sunnah is because you actually do not know anything about Qur’an and sunnah. I challenge you to read Qur’an and Sunnah yourself before you ever open your mouth about them again.Recommend

  • fauzia

    better than having no name P-Anonymous, another English speaking elite I guess? Pot calling the kettle black?Recommend

  • Raj NJ

    As the criminal gets the punished however powerful they are (tehelka head) the more victims feel they are getting justice. Hence the higher the reported number. Hopefully in near future it will sink in socially and reforms the attitude of masses.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Obviously jews have grown out of a wrong tradition.When would Islam(better interpreters of Islam)mend its ways?Recommend

  • siesmann

    Hindus and almost all other religions (except Islam)have abrogated the false and wrongful traditions.Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    What are you trying to justify Fauzia Ji? The girl married a person of her choice and was 3 months pregnant. Where is the question of adultery or fornication? The accusation was that the Nikah was not valid and the girl came to the court to testify that but was butchered by her uncles and brothers. As per Anglo-Saxon law, it is a simple case of murder but as per Shariah law there are connotations like adultery, fornication and then then the Qisas & Diyat will be applied under which girl’s father (so called victim) would pardon his brothers and sons. Case closed. Quick justice through Shariah, the law of 7th century. Great!Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    You must also bear in mind 24:4 that says that if a chaste women is falsely accused and do not bring 4 witnesses, they are FASIQUN and must be punished with 80 lashes. In this case adultery or fornication was never proven and the killers never questioned.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Turning point?
    Did killing of Taseer provide turning point? Killing of Saleem Shehzaad? Shooting of Malala? Blasphemy accusation of Rimshah Masih? Ongoing Killing of polio workers? The killing of those girls because they were clapping at a wedding? The heartrending killing of Hazaras where they even delayed burying of their dead? Rinkle Kumari and the lack of justice for her? Thousands of Sindhi Hindus seeking asylum in India? The killing of the girl because she danced in her own courtyard when it rained? Burning down of a school due to an error by a teacher? Joseph Colony? Shahzeb murder? The destruction and burning of various temples? Shooting of Raza Rumi?Hamid Mir? The order to shut down a channel due to a stupid The killing of Dr. mehdi?

    And you know that even this murder will be forgiven under ghe Qisas laws right? Also that this marriage even if it had happened would be built on the grave of Farzana’s husband’s first wife whose death was also forgiven under Qisas laws.

    Why do you expect that this time it will be different?

    Thpusands of people will not come out and protest. They only protest when there is a wedding video played on a channel.Recommend

  • Gp65

    No. Number of rapes has not increased but those stories now get much more media coverage because people’s tolerance has snapped. Thousands of people came out and protested after Nirbhaya- not just women but men too. Not just for a day but until there was an agreement to change the old antiquated laws. Which dated back to the 19th century. The laws have been changed. Nirbhaya’s killers have been sentenced. Due to the debate on Nirbhaya, women have had the courage to speak up because they know that their neighbours and society will supoort them instead of stigmatising them. A top of editor is in jail. A to religious leader is in jail. No longer can the rich, powerful and well connected escape. The civil society and media do not let the stories die until there is justice instead of letting the story fade away after 24 hour news cycle.

    Women’s safety had become an election issue. A 3 time CM of Delhi was thrown out. Yes. A lot has changed since Nirbhaya.

    No country has 0 rapes . But the important thing is that the rapists should be sentenced and the victims shold be able to live their lives with dignity instead of being stigmatised. And there is no doubt that India has made strides in that direction.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Well 10 people even liked what he said!Recommend

  • Gp65

    There was no jirga nor was this case in the shariah court. The case for which she was coming to the court was not one of adultery but one where her husband was accused of kidnapping her against her will.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Well the sati system has stopped. The last time it occurred which was 33 years back ( the girl herself wanted to do it) in Roop Kunwar case there was an uproar throughout the nation. The evil practice has been ground to a halt.

    Islam may not sanction stoning but people are doing all kinds of horrible crimes in the name of Islam and while thousands come out to protest a wedding video, thousands do not come out to protest such crimes in the name of Islam which makes one qonder whether they condone it,
    Anyway the issue is not about Islam. Issue is about the culture where a girl is stoned to death in front of a court , hundreds of people including police watch and no one does anything. Issue is also that Islamic laws like Qisas will be used to forgive her murderers almost giving state sanction to such murders.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Are you crazy? You find an equivalence between a girl marrying without her father’s consent and a pregnant woman being stoned o death by her own brothers and the police and bystanding refusing o act? This happened in Laore nt in some tribal village either.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Yes but if a lot of adherents of a faith across many different geographies believe the same flawed thing, there is a desperate need for reform.

    Not being judgmental here. Evil practices not sanctioned by our religion had crept into our religion too – sati, untouchability. But there were strong reorm movements and those practices have stopped. Unfortunately any call for review of Islamic laws which maybe poorly implemented results in killing of tose who ask for such reform.

    I am not gloating. My heart hurts as i write this because this issue is not one of any religion but plain and simple human rights. The fact that people actually debate whether Islamically she was wrong yo marry without her Wali’s permission or not is a prolem. The fact that her killer will use supposedly Islamic laws yo o scot free is a prolem. Such things should not be permissible and the killers should not be acquitted no matter what religion says.Recommend

  • Gp65

    It will be a loophole not just in this case but was also a loophole in the case of Farzana’s husband’s former wife’s murder.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Ah but the law actually condones it. The brothers who killed her will be forgiven by her father under Qisas laws just as Farzana’s husband Iqbal’s murder of his former wife was forgiven by her son.Recommend

  • Gp65

    When honor killers are legally acquitted using Qisas laws, such killings are ot rare and further such deaths maybe considered state sanctioned. There is an estimate that about 5000 honour killings happen in Pakistan each year but they are nderreported.

    The fact that hundreds of people including police watched and did not intervene as a pregnant woman was being soned to death shows that there is widespread social acceptance of such an act.

    The fact that thousands upon thousands of people did not pour out in the street o protest not just this killing but the Qisas laws under which her murderers will go scot free in a society where thousands do come o a street to protest a wedding ideo tells you the priorities of the society.

    Your attempt o deny a problem may seem patrioic to you bu is just the opposite because it reinforces such evil trends.

    In every country bad people do bad things. But reaction of civil society, media, law enforcement o the bad things differeniates the socieies from each other.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Names of 3 of Indonesia’s Presidents are Sukarno, Suharto, Meghawati- all 3 Sanskrit based names. Sanskrit is a language, Hindu is a religion. Spot the difference?Recommend

  • Concerned_for_us_all

    The law applies in every murder case. Islam allows kin to forgive murder and that won’t change. The only conceivable way that the father in this case could be punished in case the mother decides to forgive the father is if the mother is also charged with conspiring to murder the daughter. If the mother’s involvement or complicity can be shown then obviously she can’t forgive the murderer. If that CAN’T be shown, in EVERY other case a victim’s family can forgive the murderers as is their right according to IslamRecommend

  • Rangoonwala

    Cannot fault this Indian troll. Her reasoning is perfect.
    On this particular comment. She nailed it.
    Seems all she does is read this paper. Perpetually.
    After all, this is her assigned job. Dallas must be a boring
    town. Still, she panders to Indian trolls here. And never
    tolerates anything against Modi Sarkar..er..scratch that..
    Lord Modi. …It’s called demagoguery.Recommend

  • observer

    We Pakistani’s are a disgrace to the human race. We should never call ourselves human, we are a disgrace even to animal species. Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world murderers are hero’s. Why oh why did Jinnah make this this blunder.Recommend

  • Khaleeque Fayaz

    We need to obey the laws of the Almighty otherwise society will become immoral. If children marry without the authority of the father people will marry for sex and good looks. Allah made us obey laws for a reason. The couple knew what to expect yet they still disobeyedRecommend

  • Syed Bukhari

    Dear NEDIAN
    Please read the post before you comment on it..

    1. The post refers to honour killing- And you reply by posting a link on Zina. They are different things. Besides, this women was married to married to Mr. Iqbal and had not committed Zina. Secondly, it does not lie upon anyone to start stoning people, she was coming to court and her family knew their bluff would be called off. Finally, even CII’s latest judgement refers to 4 witnesses before accusing someone of Zina. How long would we continue to bend the rules to serve us??

    2. Wikipedia as reference?? Seriously?? Is that how you got a degree at NED?? One would expect better sources of references from a university graduate (and you claim to be one), in future consider referring to several texts written by scholars (if you’ve ever read one) or perhaps review articles on Islamic ethics.


  • Syed Bukhari

    So right..Couldn’t have said it better… The list goes on and on..



  • ZKhan

    Two Dalit Hindu Girls were Gang rapped by Higher Caste Hindus and Hanged by the Tree to the Death..

    Hope Your 21st Century Law will work.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Not being a legal expert I can not with authority discuss this….but I do know that Pakistan’s legal system is burdened by a mix of both Anglo Saxon law and Islamic law but I doubt very much that either systems would support an injustice……what sometimes happens, like it happens elsewhere as well, is that the law fails to deliver and that would need to be addressed. This is what my simple mind tells me.Recommend

  • gp65

    They knew what to expect? You yhinkbstoning her was justigied ? Oh and she was not a child. Plus you are assuming that parents do not use similar and superficial criteria – i.r. Good looks or big dowry.Recommend

  • gp65

    They will get justice. There tormentors will not escape using Qisas laws.

    Further? Are you saying that if women have problems in west, that justifies doing nothing about problems in your own country?Recommend

  • gp65

    So if you think what i wrote isctrue, how does that mske me a troll?

    Also you are correct that i support Modi but do not do so blindly. I just provide factual information when i see so much misinformation. I sm not one that pretends India has no problems – because you have yo acknowledge problems before you can fix them.

    I never visited Pakistani websites before 26/11 happened. But when i saw a shootout happening 10 minutes from where my parents lived and innocent people getting killed, i felt i had to understand what would motivate someone to do this.Recommend

  • MK

    I am sure it makes you very happy now that such a thing has happened in india, now u can go back to sleep and worry less about the lahore incident as long they happen in india..isnt it ?
    well guess what we have arrested the culprits, police have been suspended and given the crime they will be hanged as per our laws of 21st century
    while the culprits in lahore will go scot free once they pay the blood money, just as how the husband of the lady went unpunished after murdering his first wife 6 years ago..
    so basically, thats the difference for you.Recommend

  • Rangoonwala

    What exactly transpired on 26/11 ? You referring to some
    shooting here in States? The Sikh temple in Wisconsin?
    There have been so many shootings. The last major one
    was in a New Jersey mall. Since then, some more. Noticed
    your Indian way of writing a date. First the day then the month.
    Exact reverse of the way it’s done here. Must be a troll way
    of writing it.Recommend

  • Ather

    out of curiosity , does anyone know or hear the hadith ” no nikah without the wali ” ?? and no nikah without the consent of both girl and boy . so we need to read and know about islam more . both parents and so wanting ” love marriage” girls !!!Recommend

  • Gp65

    on 26/11/2008 10 Pakistanis on a boat came to Mumbai and kiled 170 Indians. This incident happened in a city I grew up in and where my parents still live.

    The leader of the group which indulged in these killings gets government of Pakistan protection and his organisation is even officially funded by the Punjab government.Recommend

  • Gp65

    If you look at the case of Farzana’s husband where he murdered his first wife and then was forgiven by the son under Qisas law, it seems this is not an isolated case but institutionalised condoning of honor crimes.

    Now I do not know what circumstances or conditions are prescribed in Quran to permit Qisas. But the law implemented in Pakistan WILL allow this to happen every single time.. The injustice is baked into the law – just like the 2nd amendment of your constitution.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Ok i am not a lawyer but Saroop Ijaaz clearly is. Please read his OpEd. Does he think this is a bad law or simply a misapplication of a good law? http://tribune.com.pk/story/715830/living-privately-dying-publicly/Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    @ Khaleeque Fayaz
    Allah the Almighty , also says that any Muslim who kills another Muslim knowingly will go to hell.
    Tbh it is people like you who have made Pakistan such a terrible place for women, you know ET may not publish this comment but in my opinion each and every person who thinks that stoning a woman to death is justified should be imprisoned indefinitely. you are the poison of our society , shame on you.Recommend

  • LiberalHijabi

    That shows your knowledge of Islam. Islam gives the authority to both men and women to marry people of their own choice. Don’t make up Allah’s laws on your own.Recommend

  • Rangoonwala

    Got your explanation. Know all about that. Le Jhangvi.
    did that. No buts there. No doubts. Only one serious question.
    Since the consensus is they came in a boat…..
    These 10 got through the Indian Navy, the Indian Coast Guards
    the Harbor Patrol and possibly some other security patrols ?
    Don’t think they checked in as guests at the hotel. Evidently
    lax security. Bad security. Considering Bombay is THE HUB
    of that part of India.Recommend

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Today i felt very ashamed when one of my Cameroonian colleague asked me about this incident in front of whole team ,how can a man killed his daughter? how can they killed her in Court? Where was Police? ….. I tried to answer them but can’t. such a shameRecommend

  • Parvez

    What you are saying in a roundabout way …. is something that I not being properly schooled in, would be cautious to endorse.
    On Saroop …… in my comment I agreed with him.Recommend

  • waqas

    but as per daily Ummat Karachi . Farzana did nikah pur nikah. she was already married and without taking divorce she eloped with his 2nd husband .

    female debauchery should also be condemned is not it ?Recommend