Is the BJP good news for India?

Published: May 21, 2014

The very liberalism that India needs to take in to breath in its incredible diversity might be the first thing Modi decides to choke out. PHOTO: REUTERS

Notorious for being involved in the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in the Indian state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi’s victory appears to be a foreshadowing of the dark days ahead for anyone in India that isn’t part of the country’s overwhelming Hindu majority.

Modi’s party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), unlike the Nehru-dynasty run Indian National Congress (INC), is a devoutly Hindu party that wants Hinduism enshrined in India’s secular constitution. This is something that not only frightens India’s significant Muslim minority but also the liberals of Delhi and Mumbai.

This hype surrounding BJP is completely justified; in the early 1990s, a campaign by the newly formed party pushed for the demolition of a 16th-century mosque built by Babur, the first Mughal Emperor of India. Though it is unclear whether the narrative blaming Babur for destroying a sacred Hindu temple on the site of the mosque was actually authentic or not, the movement attracted swathes of religious Hindus, many to whom Babri Mosque represented the beginning of a Hindu decline and a ‘foreign’ occupation, and many who gladly took revenge for 400-year-old grudges by sparking riots that killed over 2000 people.

Likewise, the killings of 58 Hindu pilgrims in the Godhra train burning incident, in Gujarat, allegedly by Muslim raiders, in 2002, were enough to severe religious riots in Gujarat, now known as the Gujarat Riots. As investigations into the incident have proven, the BJP-led government was largely complacent towards the massacre; in fact, it has also been said that the party allegedly called on the police officials to forbid any action against Hindu transgressions, saying the Hindus needed something to ‘release their anger’ on.

This ‘something’ was the lives of over 2000 Muslims.

The BJP ignored the three days of death and destruction by claiming that,

“Hindus are frustrated over the role of Muslims in the on-going violence in Indian-administered Kashmir and other parts of India.”

Thus, the party effectively pinned the blame of the killings on Muslims themselves, instead of accepting any responsibility for the carnage.

Even today, the BJP maintains its severely Islamophobic credentials. The target killing of Muslims in Assam, in May 2014, was said to be a justified attempt to eradicate ‘Bangladeshi infiltrators’, even though ‘refugees’ from Bangladesh’s Hindu-minority are welcome by the BJP.

However, to claim that Modi and his party are the only ones responsible for creating divisions in India, and are behind India’s fervent Islamophobia, is unfair.

The Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013, albeit not as long as the Gujarat riots, happened under the governance of an INC-allied party and displaced 50,000 people – most of them Muslims – who by and large, were ignored by the state and are still displaced. The Golden Temple massacre took place on the orders of Indira Gandhi; the consequent anti-Sikh riots killed over 5000 civilians, most of them Sikhs.

The disappearance of 8000 Kashmiri men and women over the past years of INC-rule is still unaccounted for. While the INC can hide behind the guise of secularism and promise liberalism and security for India’s minorities, even its history is as tainted as the BJP’s.

The question is, though, will the next five years of the BJP mean the demise of India’s Muslims and liberalism itself, as many commentators are playing it out to be?

Will the rest of India’s minorities also become ghettoised as Gujarat’s impoverished Muslims?

The future does seem bleak for India’s Muslims, considering only 22 Muslim parliamentarians represent the 150 million Muslims of India. And while Modi and his party were voted on the promise of bringing an economic revival that will make India rival to the United States and China, the poor are not part of Modi’s ‘economic miracle’. Gujarat was always wealthy and Modi’s policies only made an already economically-sustained state better, and also more marketable to the electorate.

The INC-run Kerala, the highest ranked state of India by living standards, didn’t buy into the BJP-narrative and completely skipped the Messiah of Ahmedabad; but sadly, the INC didn’t know how to sell its ‘Kerala model’ to the rest of the public, the way Gujarat was presented, given its record defeat in this election.

INC’s lacklustre electoral campaign will cost India greatly and the very liberalism that India needs to take in to breath in its incredible diversity might be the first thing Modi decides to choke out.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog stated that the Godhra incident had taken place in UP (Uttar Pradesh). The error is regretted and has now been rectified. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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Rana Saadullah Khan

Rana Saadullah Khan

A film fanatic who can't stand nationalism over liberalism, or conspiracy theories or secular facism or religious fantacism. He is an A Levels student at Learning Alliance. He tweets as @RSaadullah (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • bobby

    I don’t understand why pakis are so obsessed with modi.we billion strong elected our leader for our betterment .why they have problem.why only Gujarat riots there are 100 of riots took place in congress rule ,why only blame bjp.please don’t talk about secularism .the country which was formed on religious hatred is concern about minorities in India ,first take care of Hindus and Sikhs in your country who are forcibly converted to Islam.Recommend

  • concerned_citizen

    There are so many factual inaccuracies in the articles and add to that you are singing the same tune as the losers in Indian elections. I don’t think Pakistanis will understand our complex diversity and Political structure. It is not a simple BJP vs Congress thing. TO READERS if you are looking for facts skip the article, if you have popcorn in your hand, then read the article.Recommend

  • Liberal from Mumbai

    Arre bhai, tum log itni hamari worry karoge to beemar ho jayoge. Appreciate the sentiment but we will be more than fine.Recommend

  • nita

    Dear young man you should at least get your facts right about incidents and happenings before writing about them! But since you are still obviously educating yourself as your A level qualifications suggest you have a long way to go. One bit of advice educate yourself a bit more about the demographic issues plaguing Assam, the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus whose cultural roots are as deep if not deeper in that part of India and finally the abysmal treatment meted out to minorities in your own country. Also next time you pick up your pen to write something, start with the mess in your own backyard; I don’t think you will ever lack subjects within your declared passions to keep you occupied. And the next time your country allows a minority to be their president or defence minister or prime minister, it might be that Indians will deign to listen to your misplaced facts and analysis.Recommend

  • JackZFlipper

    Saadullah Khan is coming back from his fight against murders and rapes committed by fellow Pakistanis againt Hindu minorities in his country.

    He managed to barely type this down after saving all 1% of Hindus still left untouched by the grace of allah.


  • Raja Mohan

    The coming B J P. is of course very good news for the Nation India and for the world. Most of the obnoxious happening occurred in the Past. due to the presence of the Noxious effluvia. The Noxious poisons, Bio chemical poisons the chemical poisons, the pesticides. in the Human living organism. in body mind and the Spirit.which affect the human Brain and the Psyche, wrong and faulty, criminal Indulgence and the Riots occurred. The Mode is certainly responsible for the such acts. If the Mode and the B J P. along with the Hindus of India in their Traditional way of the life the Hindus and the Hinduism then This not against the Secularism and not in the controversy of the any other Religion of the world. The same is true about the Ram. Temple of the India. So what occurred in the Past must not be repeated again.Forget and Live with Peace and the Tranquility. Recommend

  • hp kumar

    “Likewise, the killings of 58 Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh (UP) by Muslim raiders, in 2002, were inflated to such a severe extent that religious riots began all the way down in Gujarat, a state separated from UP by a thousand miles.”

    Author doesn’t have an exact idea about history of riot .to begin with,.yet you chose to write an entire article on the issue..huh..By the way i m glad to know about acceptance of the fact that 58 pilgrims were indeed burnt(not killed as you say) by Muslim mob thus riot was mere retaliation by Hindu populace..Recommend

  • hp kumar

    By going through many blogs and article ,What i come to know that Pakistanis r least bothered by condition of minorities as a whole..They only cry for Muslims anywhere in the world ..needless to say that BJP is equally bad for Xtians in terms of religious freedom..With this hypocrisy,Pakistanis will not find any buyer of their views specially when their own record is very bad vis-a-vis handling their own Hindu and Xtian minority..Recommend

  • S Khan

    You think liberal Indians are only found in Delhi and Mumbai. No, you are mistaken. Liberals live in every big city, including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. Indians are less devout than Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Rajan

    I know you still young but it dosen’t stops you to get your facts right. Atleast you refer wikipedia which is free for all.Recommend

  • A

    Do more research before you blog in a national newspaper.Recommend

  • water bottle

    Pakistanis read this…

    “Likewise, the killings of 58 Hindu pilgrims in
    Uttar Pradesh (UP) by Muslim raiders, in 2002, were inflated to such a
    severe extent that religious riots began all the way down in Gujarat, a
    state separated from UP by a thousand miles.”

    Even though the writer hasn’t shown the maturity or honesty to describe the incidence properly in a couple of more words, he hasn’t hidden the fact.

    This enraged Hindus. Why shouldn’t it?

    Now, please imagine 58 Hajjis returning in a train in Lahore and being burned down to ashes by a 2000 strong mob oh Hindus (although I will be surprised if 2000 Hindus could even congregate in failing state Pakistan).

    What would have happened in Pakistan?

    Now, please go back to 1992, when Babri Masjid was destroyed in India, how many hindus were killed in Pakistan? How many temples were destroyed in Pakistan?

    In the last month 3 temples were destroyed in Pakistan. How many mosques were destroyed in India in retaliation?

    Now here is the billion dollar question to all honest Pakistanis and even Indian Muslims who I challenge to find an honest answer…would the 2002 riots have taken place if Muslims had not killed innocent pilgrims in a heinous way?

    Please think. This is very important to understand the secularism of India.Recommend

  • Cosmo

    Pakistanis… Give it break! This may be the 100th article am reading from pakistani news paper painting a domsday scenario for India. What makes you think the collective thinking of 800 million people could be better than few paki naysayers ? I assure you though that all paki state and non-state actors involved in spreading terrorism in India will be facing their demise. By the way it will probably be better for pakis to worry how to tackle thier own problem.Recommend

  • abhi098

    If it is bad news for pakistan it is good news for india.Recommend

  • Indian

    I am a CA from Kerala…1st of all INC has not contributed anything to the Kerala Model. Here Communists & INC rule alike on alternative terms. 2ndly Kerala has a Floating Economy from Outside Remittance & increase in Rubber Prices with DE GROWTH in both Agriculture & Industrial Sector..
    All in all Modiji is the BEST that can happen to India..and Indians know that…they have brought him….Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    The biggest democracy in the world just voted to make this man their next leader. I fail to see the reason why anyone should be second guessing them. It is THEIR country, THEIR leader and THEIR votes . they should have the RIGHT to do whatever they want. Also if you had taken even a slight look at the poll results geographically you might have seen that Modi won EVEN IN MUSLIM MAJORITY AREAS. so summing up
    So who in the name of GOD are you SIR to make such negative comments?
    And one more thing. You have stated that many Muslims have been killed in India due to rioting and such but then we should use the same analogy all over the world and go changing their governments, like in Pakistan where more than 10,000 Muslims have been killed by their Muslim brothers, or in Syria and Egypt where the number is even higher.Recommend

  • jhoothapapi

    According to Author’s conclusion……..

    1.India should have all 543 MP as Muslims..but i can bet still muslims will not study science and commerce..
    2.According to Author 50+ killing of hindu is ok..but killing of muslim is not ok..

    I have never understand this…that in 1947..pakistan say that they dont want to live in hindu India…they become islamic republic….then why they have any problem whatever India becomes..wheather it is christian republic or hindu republic…for islam of subcontinent we have pakistan…for all other less peaceful religion we can always have hindustan..what is the problem…will somebody explain..why pakistanis talk about Indian secularism when they are Islamic….whatever India do with its people is India’s own problem…..if someone is killed he is Indian not a muslim/ahemadi or shia unlike in pakistan..Indian have killed..Indian court will do justice..what if we say daily riots happens in pakistan by killing shia/hindu/christians………….ET..Please a Baloch I would like answers from our Punjabi brethren……Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    Dude, get your facts right. The train pilgrims were returning from Ayodhya in UP to Gujarat. The incident of train buring took place in Godhra which is in Gujarat! Express Tribune has no fact checker or what?

    The BJP ignored the three days of death and destruction by claiming that,

    “Hindus are frustrated over the role of Muslims in the on-going
    violence in Indian-administered Kashmir and other parts of India.”

    Seriously?? What is this nonsense? If you were in India you could be jailed for spreading wrong information!Recommend

  • Anoop

    A Temple was destroyed a few weeks ago in Pakistan. But, everyone is obsessed about Babri Masjid demolished in 1991, when most who comment here were little kids.

    The 2 reasons Babri Masjid is in the news : a) India remembers. Its media questions and protects the minorities.
    b) Pakistani media would love to see this as a validation of their divisive TNT.

    The reason why the Kali Maa Temple is not in news:
    a) Indian media doesn’t care about Hindus outside of India.
    b) Pakistani media has decided these things cannot be stopped and hence a waste of time to even discuss, debate and ponder. Plus, slamming Modi for a riot 13 years ago is more satisfying than asking for the arsonists to e put behind bars.

    Its much easier and ideologically convenient for a Pakistani to question Modi for an act which happened 13 years ago, than an act which happened 13 months ago, where Shias were dragged out and killed.

    The logic is : anti-Muslim events, even though they may happen once in a decade in India, is a validation of Two Nation Theory. But, anti-Shia, anti-Hindu, anti-non-Muslim, anti-Ahmadi events in Pakistan almost every other month, is NOT a validation of Two Nation Theory.

    TNT definition now is : Muslims can be killed by Muslims or whoever and die wherever in Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., but NOT in India.Recommend

  • ajay

    why don’t u simply say that reason why u don’t want modi as pm is bcoz he will unleash indias true economic power and make pakistan look smallRecommend

  • LoseLose

    “The question is, though, will the next five years of the BJP mean the demise of India’s Muslims. The future does seem bleak for India’s Muslims.”

    I apologise today to the world community in general, and Pakistan in particular, for being not only an Indian, but a Hindu as well, although I personally did not vote. Now that the Two-Nation theory has been well and truly vindicated, I appeal to Pakistan to open its borders to its oppressed subjects that will soon start flooding the border regions, and to start planning for a surge in refugees by setting up tent cities on a large scale all along the eastern border. UNO and Red Cresent should be asked to aid the massive humanitarian effort that is sure to be required in a few weeks.Recommend

  • Lalit

    get ur facts straight kid….Godhra(where the train carrying Hindu pilgrimage was torched) is in Gujarat..and not in UP.Recommend

  • indrajeet

    Ha Ha Ha. “Likewise, the killings of 58 Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh (UP) by Muslim raiders, in 2002, were inflated to such a severe extent that religious riots began all the way down in Gujarat, a state separated from UP by a thousand miles” Dear Khan sahib, for your information 58 hindu pilgrims were killed by Muslims at Godhra Railway Station and Godhra is in Gujarat itself not in Uttar Pradesh as suggested by you. Please google “2002 riots of Gujarat” and you will get authentic information. Recommend

  • raw is war

    @ Rana

    your narrative is full of holes. you say that ” the killings of 58 Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh (UP) by Muslim raiders, in 2002, were inflated to such a severe extent that religious riots began all the way down in Gujarat, a state separated from UP by a thousand miles.”

    This incident happened in Gujarat in the town of Godhra- very near to Ahmedabad.Recommend

  • gp65

    You have a right to your own opinion. You do not have a right to your own facts. Some factual inaccuracies:
    1) it wasn’t 2000 Muslims but 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus who were killed in Gujarat riot which never would have started if a 2000 strong mob of Muslims hadn’t burnt 58 Hindu pilgrims alive. No one claimed that these riots were on account of what was happening to Hindus in Kashmir.

    2) it is not correct that BJP did nothing for 3 days. Thousands of preventive arrests of both Hindus and Muslims were made. Police from neighbouring states was requested but not received. Finally army help was sought on second day but since it was amassed at the border in the aftermath of the Parliament attack on India by the jjihadis, it took a day for it to come. These facts are now in the public domain.

    3)Indeed Kerala has the best social indices. But the claim that this is attributable to Congress is dubious. Even in 1947 while Gujarat had 22% literacy, Kerala has 48% literacy. Governments should be judged by the progress in their own tenures not take credit for what they inherited. Moreover the industrial situation in Kerala is such that most Malayalis have to leave Kerala to find work. So if bijli, sadak, pani, rozgar are taken into account – Gujarat is he best and Kerala lags behind greatly.Recommend

  • Queen

    India, which claims of being a secular country, has a tainted past when it comes to defending the rights of minorities. The representation of 150 millions Muslims in the Indian Parliament makes one grateful to Qaid for creating Pakistan. Pakistan has its share of problems and in our country too, minorities do not have security but what surprises us is the way fellows from across the border point fingers at us before looking at their internal situation. Talking about the 2014 Indian elections, India has elected Modi whose party is completely opposite to Gandhi’s vision of a secular India, but India wanted Modi and they have made their choice.Recommend

  • IHateDisqus

    When I read this article, I found too many mistruths to think “Only a kid could have written this.”

    Then I found out it was a kid after all.Recommend

  • anil

    @Rana Saadullah Khan

    ” the killings of 58 Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh (UP) by Muslim raiders” –It was in Gujurat , Godhra . Not UP . These things will happen if you allow students to write essays .Recommend

  • water bottle

    what is secular fascism?

    And why don’t you like it?

    Pakistanis are experts in obscurantism. You are a kid like many have pointed out. But otherwise what are the following: liberal extremism, Hindu zionism, 4th generation warfare?

    How is it that a country of 150 million laps up nonsense so easily.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    The following words and phrases are mandatory if you desire to have your piece published on Express Tribune’s website:
    ‘majority’, ‘minority’, ‘two nation theory’, ‘Islam in Danger’, ‘Modi is a mass-murderer’, ‘RIP Indian secularism’ etc etcRecommend

  • malluking

    “The INC-run Kerala,
    the highest ranked state of India by living standards, didn’t buy into
    the BJP-narrative and completely skipped the Messiah of Ahmedabad; but
    sadly, the INC didn’t know how to sell its ‘Kerala model’ to the rest of
    the public, the way Gujarat was presented, given its record defeat in this election.”

    kerala politics is just congress – commmunist rivalry, nothing else! people are extreme sensitive to politics than overall output to society. at the same time BJP has made an impressive increase in their votes in Kerala.

    -congress has nothing to do with kerala progress. i will give that resit to communist than congressRecommend

  • Faulitics

    Please don’t blame this kid. We are all products of the system through which we are moulded. He has unfortunately been moulded by a system which has foundational issues and that shows in his intellect. Recommend

  • King

    oh! another dream of Gandhi was dismissal of congress party after Independence. and as Indians, its our responsibility to fulfill it. and did it.
    in pakiland, Hindus are banned from contesting in election, minoruty number has reduced to less than 1%. and here pakis talking about minority securityRecommend

  • نائلہ

    You Indians pride yourself on that right?! Nice. Hating on Pakistan seems to be a part of the definition of an “Indian”.Recommend

  • Naila

    Good news or bad news, its THEIR news; their problem, not ours.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    For some reason, a large plethora of the comments are focused on defending the BJP and equating Pakistan’s minuscule Hindu minority to India’s 150 million plus Muslim community or on giving opinions on “Muslim psychology”; “This is way the Muslims think always caring about themselves”
    The article’s sole purpose was to highlight the BJP is overrated, both in the sense of it bringing an economic revival and it being a harbringer of a Muslim or minority apocalypse, because the INC is equally responsible for having subjugated minorities.
    The only wrong thing with the article is the apparent Gojra UP error.

    What’s pathetic is the comments are dedicated, just like the BJP spokesperson quoted above, to wipe the BJP clean of ANY crimes at all, and create into the saints party it seems India wants it to be. There are no saints in politics folks.Recommend

  • Parvez

    When I read stuff like this I can not but think that the writer is predicting something for the future from rather scant and murky facts from the past. What Modi did or did not do in the past and what he will do in the future are two totally different things………at best you can venture an educated guess but prudence says its better to wait an see.Recommend

  • Anon

    These fanatics will never understand, because it is OUR country’s congress which brainwashes them against us. Congress, though it is in India, is on THEIR side.
    Really feels good to get a congress free IndiaRecommend

  • Anon

    My friend, please wait for a few more days to see the fun.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Very condescending of you……..the boy deserves praise for using his mind and if he is wrong on facts, it should be pointed out.Recommend

  • abhi098

    hatred against pakistan is all over the world. India is just a drop in the ocean of hatred against your country.Recommend

  • VivekAn4

    I find it disingenuos to believe that ‘Hindus’ can’t represent Muslims, or Muslims can’t represent ‘Hindus’
    The mind has to be sick to believe such lies. We have our ancestors to thank for it. Your country has your creator, we have the sycophants in the Congress to thank for such a situation. Actually, it dates back to the separate electorates concept that the British introduced. Well, when in doubt, let’s just blame those British I say.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    You’re taking whatever version of the historical event suits your stance the best.

    Some reports estimate the death toll to be as high as 2000, and there is no conclusive evidence that a mob of 2000 Muslims burned down the train. Seriously, just the idea of 2000 Muslims suddenly descending on a single, random train sounds like it’s been plagiarized from a flop zombie movie.

    That version of Godhra Train Burning came from the commission set by the Gujrat government (led by, guess who?), which the central government’s own commission dismissed as unconstitutional.

    Also, what you’re saying sounds like victim blaming, which is unfortunately, all too common among BJP’s admirers. I think they’ll fare better just talking about Modi’s super-awesome economic prosperity development…whatever…stuff.Recommend

  • Queen

    If you read my comments correctly, then you will understand that I have not talked about ‘minority security’. I have in fact pointed out that minorities do not have security in my country. I have indicated that people from across the border “”Should”” refrain from criticizing Pakistan on the issue of minorities because in India too, you are facing the same issue. This is evident from the recent elections.Recommend

  • Naila

    Hatred against Pakistan = love for India?? LOL! Where did you get that from?! Why is it that Indians like yourself love coming on Pakistani websites like ET and post disgusting comments? Why give Pakistan so much of your time when you hate it so much?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    “Seriously, just the idea of 2000 Muslims suddenly descending on a single, random train sounds like it’s been plagiarized from a flop zombie movie.”
    What happened at Godra is well investigated, documented and the perpetrators have been punished irrespective of whether it reminds some Pakistani of a zombie movie or not.
    Denial is a river that all Pakistanis try to sail through but unfortunately they don’t realize it does not get them anywhereRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Did anyone say Hatred against Pakistan = love for India??Where did you get THAT from????Recommend

  • Gratgy

    If he had used his mind he would have done some basic research before starting on this blogRecommend

  • Naila

    “hatred against Pakistan is all over the world.”- though everyone loves India aye?Recommend

  • Gp65

    ET – Someone has written to me , please publish response.

    I am quoting figures that were reported in the parliament as a response to a question.
    Now if this was just a number quoted in political campsign by Modi i woild agree with you that the number might be questionable. But at least in India, answers to questions asked in parliament can definitely be trusted to be authentic.

    No victim blsming here at all. I regret the loss off all those who died in the riot. But ut wasn’t Muslims alone who died in the riots – Hindus did too. Further i was simply trying to point out that Modi
    A) did nothing to start the riots
    B) did everything in his power to stop them
    C) ensured Gujarat wad riot free in the last 12 years.

    Noting the trigger for the riots was simply in support of point A.Recommend

  • Gp65

    People have to contest elections to win. In India any non- Hindu can contest from a general seat. In Pakistan non-Muslims can only stand from reserved seats. Secondly in India Muslims can and do vote for general candidates and that is why their concerns are front and center. In Pakistan non- Muslims cannot vote for general candidates and hence their concerns are ignored. Recommend

  • Gp65

    Thank God for that sane comment.Recommend

  • abhi

    in INC run Kerala, hand of a professor was chopped off for alleged blasphemy. Sorry dude we don’t want Kerala model.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Denial is the thing you seem to be committing by justifying the killings of 2000 because vengeance is justified over the deaths of 58.

  • Gratgy

    Did anyone mention anything about loving India? Or do you assume hating Pakistan means loving India?Recommend

  • Kafir

    There is more to it … Islam give Muslim exclusive right of violence against Kafirs..Recommend

  • Rakib

    Author says:-(Modi’s party…(BJP), unlike….(INC),is a devoutly Hindu party that wants Hinduism enshrined in India’s secular constitution.) This is wrong. At no point BJP has ever said or even hinted let alone declared in their manifesto that the party wants to make Hinduism the State religion or “enshrine” it in Constitution. Plus,it can’t be done any more by Parliament even by Party with a steam-roller majority. Supreme Court of India has made it clear that the Basic Structure of Constitution (of which Secularism is a part) can’t be altered. India will have to throw away the Constitution & form a new Constituent Assembly & re-write a new one to make it Hindu State which is an almost impossible task. Besides, Modi has gone on record more than once that the only Book he considers Sacred is Constitution of India. That’s the final word. (2) I suggest the Author wait a while, analyse news, before jumping in with views. Only 30% of Voters have voted for Modi’s party (plus 8.5% for his Allies). And Modi knows that. The equation in multi-party polity in a Federal set-up where regional loyalties matter is such that often even overwhelming majority doesn’t mean uniform popularity. Finally, whether Modi brings about changes or not, the Job will change Modi; for the better.Recommend

  • Billoo

    Hahaha….. Will u pls ask ET, Dawn, Nation to stop publishing blogs about India in first place? Because if you think its their universal right to publish blogs about India then Iam afraid in the same league its our right to comment on it. And if u can’t handle the truth, look otherway or try burying your head in sand… LoL ;)Recommend

  • NotSoCommon

    We would refrain from pointing out problems in Pakistan when

    1) Pakistan stops doing the same –
    As you see the article was written by a Pakistani and not an Indian. When Nawaz came to power no one in India was talking about how it will effect the minorities in Pakistan, they were more interested in how it will effect Indian in general, majority and minorities alike.

    2) The problem faced by Pakistan’s minorities are not same: Indian state does not have a religion of its own, unlike Pakistan. In Pakistan minorities don’t only have security issue but identity issue as well, case in point Ahmadi’s are barred from calling themselves Muslims. Not so in India. In Pakistan a Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Ahmadi cannot even become PM, President, Chiefs of the defense forces. Not so in India, where they have the right and have also managed to exercised that right. There are violence that flare up time to time, but in majority of the cases both community is to be blamed equally. The moment the country develops economically and its citizens educated, they will be less likely to fall for the politicians enticing the mob to communal violence. Exactly the reason India has voted for BJP, development and growth for all. If BJP does anything different they will be shown the door in the next election, if not earlier.

    So i urge you to practice what you preach firstRecommend

  • ashish

    Dear pakistanis…you have got an islamic if india transforms to a hindu india or remains secular india in either of the cases you don’t stand on any moral high ground..Recommend

  • stars

    the reasons for demolition of the babri mosque and the reason for demolition of idols from kabba were the same. ie originally the site was something else but got corrupted by the other community.Recommend

  • G. Din

    In answer to your question, YES!Recommend

  • Parvez

    …and you have never blundered or made a mistake ?
    He’s an A level student…….jeeeez !Recommend

  • Hamza Siddiq

    very well written with strong historical references, many of which we as the younger generation easily forget.Recommend

  • King

    don’t try to put India and pakistan in same basket. because difference is as same as difference between simple fever and plague, you are equating them in the category of ‘deceased’ but in terms of severity difference is massive. that is why hindus and other nonmuslms have reduced to less than 1% in pakistan at the same time muslims are growing in India.
    evidence from recent election is nothing but some people can’t see Modi as PM because of their extreme hatred against Hindus or nonmuslimsRecommend

  • water bottle

    You are a reasonable person here, for two reasons. 1) You write here and hence has to maintain a decorum of some decency. 2) You show your face and use your real name.

    I will point out some errors in your argument.

    1)If the mob was 2000 or 200, is that the point? Point is they were Muslims.

    2)descending on a random train sounds like a flop zombie movie. But what if I insist you to google or go to wikipedia and read the judgment in which 31 Muslims are convicted and the same judgment says that it was a well planned conspiracy. Which means the train was chosen well in advance knowing well that Karsevaks are returning from Ayodhya.

    Now, this is interesting because a Karsevak is only a HIndu. Not a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Sikh or Jain.

    So, I guess it wasn’t random afterall?

    3)You say victim blaming, I say victim blaming too. Because afterall, Hindus were the victims of Gujarat. Hindus were dragged into this by Muslims.

    Please use your logic and not emotion to write “whatever…stuff”. Afterall Allah insists on Muslims to use Ijtehad.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Parvez, I have not heard of or come into contact with a single human being who doesn’t use his mind. The question is about what is in his mind and how it got there. That’s decided by the system for most people but a open minded few. Recommend

  • Pawan

    I feel the author writes on public sentiments without investigating the facts.

    1. When you write about any riots you write the facts for both side. You should know that the riots resulted in the deaths of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus. And even if you assume the figure of 2000 Muslims to be correct you have to accept the death of 254 Hidus also.

    2. Govt didn’t do to stop the riots. Please read this-

    3. The Kerala model is gulf model which means almost a person from each house is in gulf and the state is prospering on their remittance. Recently lot of social problem is realized with this Kerala model.

    So my suggestion that if you write a blog write it with authenticity otherwise you will also lose in the crowd of general writers who wants to en cash the sentiments and crate the blog rather than report.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Just because your Mullah says 2000 deaths why should anyone agree with it? Did you also forget the hundreds of Hindus who were killed in police firing during the riots..Recommend

  • Surya

    You discuss several incidences of attacks on minorities, but fail to address the biggest mass ethnic cleansing since partition – the eviction of half a million of us Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley. Recommend

  • Parvez

    Its not what you said….its the way you said it that mattered.Recommend

  • Naila

    Here we go again……Recommend

  • Queen

    1) It should be noted that during the 2013 elections, no political party in Pakistan used anti-India rhetoric to gain votes but in the recent Indian election,s we have seen how BJP has consolidated its votes on the basis of Hinduism and anti-Pakistan statements. Due to this reason and due to Mr Modi’s past history, we here is Pakistan are curious to know how Mr Modi will define India’s foreign policy during his tenure.

    2) Again, if you read correctly then I have indicated in my earlier comment that minorities in Pakistan are facing issues. Remember, Pakistan is not a secular country and has never claimed of being one, so your point regarding people belonging from religious minorities to become the president, Pm, and chief ministers in Pakistan stands void. You have mentioned the violence which flares up in India due to the enticement from different communities; this is exactly from people across the border need to understand that this issue is faced by their neighboring county as well. You have voted for the BJP it is your choice, your country and your politics.

    So very kindly I urge you to practice what you preach.Recommend

  • Queen

    There is a need to understand that Pakistan is not a secular country like India and therefore our Constitution and election process is different from that of India.Recommend

  • bigrat devil

    “is a devoutly Hindu party that wants Hinduism enshrined in India’s secular constitution. ”
    Didn’t feel like reading after this line .. I can say you are growing up as another pseudo-liberal. Grow up boy ..Recommend

  • bigrat devil

    Do u really understand what abhi said !! Time for an assertion and logic class dude ..Recommend

  • Lalit

    contrary to your statement it was the Central govt commission formed by Laalu Yadav in 2005(Bannerji commission) which was declared unconstitutional byGujarat high court.court held that ”the investigation was “unconstitutional, illegal and null and void”. declared its formation to be a “colourable exercise of power with mala fide intentions”, and its argument of accidental fire “opposed to the prima facie accepted facts on record.” High Court also directed that the report shall not be tabled in the Parliament.Recommend

  • gp65

    I do understand that Pakistan is not a secular country. But you are choosing to deny equal opportunities to minorities and criticizing India who actually does give equal opportunities. Please note equal opportunity does not need to translate into equal outcomes.
    The underlying logic seems to be is that Pakistan can be openly discriminatory because such discrimnation is baked in the constitution, However Pakistanis reserve the right to critique India and Indians if we do not comply with standards of equality that you define for us.
    Strange logic to say the least.Recommend

  • gp65

    You have a right to think that the article is well written. But if you are relying on this blog for providing you facts – then you will end up being just as poorly informed as him.

    There are many things wrong with the article factually not just the error about location of Godhara which is Gujarat and not UP. The author claims that BJP seeks to change the Indian constitution and make India a Hindu state. Simply not true. BJP swears by the Indian constitution which is secular. He also provides incorrect facts about how many Muslims were killed in post Godhara Gujarat riots. His claim that the government did nothing is wrong. His notion that the riots had anything to do with Kashmir is wrong. Furthermore, he is selective in reporting by not mentioning that Hindus were also killed in the riots and that the riots were started by a Muslim mob attacking Hindu pilgrims and that there have been no riots in Gujarat for the last 12 years.Recommend

  • gp65

    Indeed, it is only human to err.. Any errors made in good faith can be overlooked but what appears here is a mindset and intention that are problematic.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Let me preempt you.

    Boko Haram and TTP have misinterpreted Islam albeit in a very similar manner. Recommend

  • Anoop

    Forget minorities, even the majority are not secure in Pakistan – Muslims.

    So, you being secular or not is moot, because the premise was Pakistan was going to be safe for Muslims.

    Just take one incident in Pakistan – 1971, where 3 Million.. Thats 3 followed by 6 Zeroes Bengalis were killed. Weren’t Bengalis Muslims?

    Even in India, the minority Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddists are happy. Tibetan Buddhists have officially taken refuge in India.

    So, all minorities are fine with India except one. World over too Muslims are having a tough time living with the majority non-Muslims.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Secularism doesn’t mean there is no violence, genius.

    The definition of secularism is : divorcing state and Religion. States should not favour one Religion, it says. Can you point out where a State has passed legislation which unfairly favours one Religious group?

    Racism exists in US, despite it being banned in the books. Doesn’t mean US is a Racist country.

    India is practicing Secularism by not discriminating against minorities when it comes to policies, law and rights.Recommend

  • Queen

    If you talk about the 1971 incident, then i would advise you to read the book titled “Behind the Myth of Three Million” by Bengali nationalist Dr M Abdul Mu’min Chowdhury in which he has explained how the allegations were ‘artificially cooked up’ and how the ‘absolutely impossible’ 3 million figure was hatched. You will get your answers.

    I am sure you must have not forgotten the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Chittisinghpura massacre, and the religious violence in Odisha against the Christians. If one looks at the incidents of religious violence that have taken place in India, then it becomes clear that majority of the incidents have occurred against Indian Muslims. There are several separatist movements being led by untouchable castes in India. Still, if you want to remain happy by thinking that all minorities are fine in India then it is your decision.

    ET please publish.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Does he have to conform with your thinking ?……I think not.Recommend

  • Rangoonwala

    If this was sent by a Pakistani you would censure it.
    But you allow an Indian troll to write this. This discrimination
    against your own people??Recommend

  • Anoop

    There is a collective defence mechanism active in the Muslim world… 9/11 was a Jewish Conspiracy, India attacked itself in Mumbai, TTP are RAW agents.

    There have been several books written by prominent people across the world about the Bengali genocide(by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians and others alike), but you choose to pick a book which basically offers a way out emotionally for Pakistanis and say figures are overinflated.

    This is the same mentality at play.

    You choose Dr M Abdul Mu’min Chowdhury over Justice Hamoodar Rehman, whose reported detailed how Rape was a common thing in the cantonments in Bangladesh. This is a guy tasked by the Govt of Pakistan to probe the atrocities in Bengal. His report remained classified until one Indian media house released it.

    But, your claim is 3 Million figure is too large. What do think is the correct claim? 1 Million people dead? 500,000 dead? 300,000 dead? 100,000 dead?

    I am sure Godhra riots where 1000 people died, you consider it as a Genocide, but, the number of dead in 1971 at the hands of Pakistan is much, much more!

    Yet, you are here, claiming Godhra riots is a Genocide, but 1971 is not. Isn’t this a defence mechanism?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Doing basic research is common sense even for a A Level student and not confirming to anybody’s thinking or are you saying A level students in Pakistan are not expected to have common senseRecommend

  • alishae khar

    Would like to congratulate you on your write up. For some this young, such knowledge and research is quite commendable.Recommend

  • bmniac

    Southern kerala’s social sector development owed much to the rule of the Maharajas but by about the 70s the north caught with the South, almost.
    Governments changed but at that time there were a different generation of highly dedicated officials as well as Chief MinistersRecommend

  • humera aleem

    itotaly dis agree with ur comment killing in indian muslim is not the matter of indian state ,it is a matter of muslim right .india is seclarim is wide openRecommend

  • Abdul

    The writer has done well to point out the demise of secularism and democracy in India seeing that the people of India have elected Mr. Modi. and the fact that Mr. Modi’s party did well even in Muslim dominated areas. It is very wrong of the Indians, particularly the Indian Muslims to vote without consultations across the border but then Indians are well known to stab in the back like Mumbai and Kargil. As for the minorities, I firmly believe that the minorities in Pakistan are doing well, much better than India though due to inexplicable reasons, their numbers have dwindled to around 2% now from 26% in 1948. I feel that Indian minorities would have enjoyed had they migrated to Pakistan en masse like the Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Shias and Jews are enjoying in Pakistan now. All in all a very well written article displaying the deep knowledge the writer has of Pakistan, India and rest of the world.Recommend

  • Abdulrauf Akhtar

    Indian’s , Keep defending your action’s through lie’s !Recommend