Man-xiety: Why men are afraid of marriage

Published: May 18, 2014

Men are put off from marriage as they feel it will only be a life of providing and materialism.

Do you really think single women are the only ones stressing about their shrinking marriage options? According to my keen observation, single men in their 30s also face a similar dilemma of wanting to get married.

Men in their 20s continue to live in a bubble where they think they will be young forever. But in their early 30s, they see an old man who has a sound career but is in a relationship which is going nowhere and looks at other men of his age who are already fathers. There comes a point in their life when they worry that if they find a partner now, by the time they get married and start a family, they will probably be 45 when their first child goes to kindergarten. And this sends shrills down their spines. I know men who are in their early 30s and wish they weren’t single. I think it is becoming as stressful for men as it is for single women.

I have a good looking male friend, 29-years-old, who has lost love quite a few times. He has the looks, is well-educated, creative, earns well and is modern but grounded. In short, he has all the traits that are required to be considered a ‘potential marriage candidate’. But he is still single. I know he is scared of being alone and wants someone to love but has been pushed to a verge where he is afraid of commitment now.

After talking to a lot of people, I have concluded a few reasons why men do not get married till after their mid-30s, even if they want to get married much earlier. To be honest and upfront, the main reason for the rise in this predicament is that women have become materialistic. They do not want love and companionship as much as they want someone to pay for their retail therapy, take them out to new restaurants and provide them with a hassle-free lavish life. All you women who are gasping at this statement know that there is some truth to this statement.

Is it really the end of their ‘bachelor life’?

Men do not want to get married because they believe they will have to choose spending time with their wives over their friends. Some are even afraid of marriage, parenthood and the responsibility that comes with it. They delay marriage because they want to settle in their career first as they are afraid they will not be able to pay for the grand wedding, the best wedding photographer, the bride’s Louboutins and Jimmy Choos for the wedding and of course the shaadi ka jora (wedding outfit) which is only worn for a few hours but costs a fortune. They are afraid that after spending, rather wasting, their hard earned money on wedding festivities, they are still expected to buy designer lawns, take pampering holiday trips to Turkey and Malaysia, all because that’s where one of friends went after the wedding and all her friends are wearing Sana Safinaz and Asim Jofa lawn outfits.

Ladies, it’s time to come up with a new check list

I don’t know how to put this but the checklist women have for their eligible partner is disturbing and trivial. They want to know how much money he makes so that they can calculate the number of shoes and bags that will be piling up in their closet. It’s like it has become a ‘shortcut’ to a lavish lifestyle they’ve been accustomed to or dream of. I know having a good education and sufficient earning is essential but that is not what I am referring to.

Women’s priorities have changed. From the times when it used to be about finding a decent man who could provide you with stability, love and care, it has now become about how much he can provide. And for this very reason, men have now become unsure of the whole constitution of marriage and question its very foundation. Even though the women they end up marrying sincerely love them and are good wives, men sometimes wonder if it’s because of what they can provide is why the marriage is working. And looking at the check list, men are put off from marriage as they feel it will only be a life of providing and materialism.

A wedding to be remembered

Men these days think twice before getting married especially when it comes to affording a marriage, monetarily not responsibility wise. Some men even end up postponing their marriage plans so that they are able to afford the wedding ceremony the wife-to-be and her family so desires.

Everything is new to them also

Men are afraid of losing their personal space too. Yes, given the fact that it is the woman who leaves everything behind and moves into the guy’s house but we also need to understand that he has to share his room and his space with someone else, something which he hasn’t done in a while since he shared a room with his college roommate. Also, men aren’t used to answering to their mothers about their activities or what time they’re coming home. All of that suddenly changes, and every action has to be justified.

So give him time to become accustomed to this new relationship and change. Stop asking questions and keeping a track of what time he left work, how long the drive from work was and what time he came home.

As a wife, one also needs to respect his family and his family values. He already has to constantly prove to his family, and mother in specific, that his love for them has not changed just because he has an additional important person in his life. He has been living in the same house with the same people for approximately three decades. So, try to understand his situation and cut him some slack instead of taunting the person that his priorities need to be altered.

Yes, we live in a male dominated society and men have more prospective options than women do, but it does not change the fact that men do not want to stay single and ‘be in a relationship’ forever. Woman need to realise that they are educated and can earn and live on their own. If they are looking for marriage and someone who they happily want to spend the rest of their lives with, it should solely be for partnership and love, not for his money.

Amna Mishal

Amna Mishal

Post-grad, creative, passionate for writing. have a strong zest for adventure and wants to travel. Dream whenever I can and believe that I can… so I will. Warning: Large appetite. She tweets as @amnamishal09 (

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  • Magnanimity

    Thank you for being rational and unbiased about men.Recommend

  • Adnan Ahmed Mandhai

    amna its a good researchRecommend

  • Sohail Khan

    Nice article. It reflects a common viewpoint on the issue. I think if a man accepts his emotional and financial obligations in a marriage relationship and is ready for marriage he should do it soon. I am in my 28 and i agree with the author of being single is not easy. Personally i think there should be balance in society and not being male or female dominated. We have a complete religion, we dont need to experiment rather follow in true sense.Recommend

  • khan

    that was direct to the point and very truthful………Recommend

  • MHZ

    I’ll tell you one more thing..
    When I was only studying, I so dearly wanted to be married.
    After I started earning, that’s when the fear started.
    How will afford her expenses? What about my personal timing of sleeping anytime regardless of when I have to wake up in the monring? What about my personal activities? What about my Gaming room plan? And blah blah.
    So after we start working, we realize it’s not just a cup of cake.
    It’s much more than that.Recommend

  • Anonymouse

    Let the feminist backlash begin. Only one winner is allowed, may the odds forever be in your favor.Recommend

  • Fais

    Thank you v much for speaking in behalf of men! Appreciate it.Recommend

  • Rehan Ranrial

    Marriage is and will always be a functional relationship…..By a functional relationship I mean that both partners are destined or assigned some tasks which they need to do to keep the relation functional or working……, emotions and feelings take a back seat….
    We should also see the phenomena of unmarried men and women in theirs thirties or forties not because they have been unable to find non-materialistic partners but it could be a conscious or unconscious decision as well…May be they see marriage as futile and they could have a more fulfilling life as singles….Recommend

  • Asd

    Thank you Amna! You just made my day. Recommend

  • donga bonga

    Absolute bogus…. writer is suffering from a common cold type disease called Generalization of personal opinion…Recommend

  • Aftab

    Nice article Amna but you need to agree now it is women dominated society.Recommend

  • Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui

    Wow!! I was never expecting that author of this blog would be a female!!
    big thanks from all suffering men Lady Amna! :)Recommend

  • Jazzman18

    Finally Someone who understands…Authentic and honest opined.Recommend

  • Ali

    At last an article not depicting us men as vile, corrupt and dominant beasts. Thank you so much Amna you have observed, analysed and written very well on a trend that is eating away the foundation of marriage. Also dont forget the demand for red or blue passports ;)Recommend

  • tariq

    really good
    i m also same . i don’t want to get married buz i can’t afford itRecommend

  • farhan

    Superbly monitored and very well written. Appreciate your observation. Right to the root cause. Recommend

  • Jamal Abdul Nasir

    fact hai jii! i loved itRecommend

  • Afshan

    So this friend attractive friend of yours, is he a) a feminist, b) an atheist or agnostic and c) politically leftist, and d) politically correct? Because despite your stereotyping about what you think women want in a man, based on your limited social circle which is not any kind of representative of the vast population of women, this particular female has only four points on her checklist. My very existence proves that your blog is fallacious, but if you hook me up with that nice, cute friend of yours, I’ll forgive you. Oh also, I dislike militant atheists, because if I wanted that, I’d find a militant mullah, you know? I like my atheist boys to be tolerant of other religions and cultures. Oh also, being a feminist doesn’t mean liking women who work but making rape jokes and slutshaming women who wear skirts, so be careful about that as well.Recommend

  • jazee

    its getting true day by day…………both sides….girls demands as well as boys demands are growing,leading to unsatisfied lives………..Recommend

  • Foster

    In a society where the male is the breadwinner of the family, women will expect males to win MORE bread. End that role and this mindset will end. If men want pretty wives to keep around, wives want men who can afford them. In a sick way, it’s a fair system. End this system, and it can change. BOTH ways. Not just on one side.Recommend

  • hadi

    Someone start the slow clap….Recommend

  • truthbetold

    I agree whole heartedly
    I find it sad that everything revolves around money and stupid shoes and bags
    its a materialistic society but trust me living in such a society and struggling each day to make ends meet is difficult, when you work hard for every penny you will have a lot more respect for your husband or wife bringing home the good stuff. Every woman/man needs to work without using their father’s / husband’s money as a crutch. God gives and God takes and He questions.Recommend

  • harry

    I wish all the ladies think like you (author) think. (Y)Recommend

  • tungi

    well how many rich men can they find!in pakistan an avg financial stable man is earning btw 100000 to 150k, u can just spend ur life in it not go all lavish. so good luck with finding such rich men ladiesRecommend

  • Shafa

    LOL amazing. Amazing. This is truly AMAZING. What sort of poll did you conduct to determine these statistics, Amna Mishal? Did you ask women what they want these days? And “Men do not want to get married because they believe they will have to choose spending time with their wives over their friends. Some are even afraid of marriage, parenthood and the responsibility that comes with it. ” Wow. Men like these need a reality check. With family comes responsibility. If they want a good family, they will HAVE to do all this. These sort of men need to GROW UP if they want to get married. Just because they are afraid of all the work they are hiding being stupid excuses such as O WOMEN ARE AFTER MY MONEY? Are you one of these women? Is that why you are soo convinced most women are turning materialistic? Do you really think you are thinking out of the box by publishing this article? Did you stop to think women like this might exist but MAYBE, JUST MAYBE THEY ARENT IN MAJORITY? Didnt think so. Women still want love and compassion and understanding. I am with girls all the time. All sorts of them. And hardly any of them want a shortcut to money. Life is is miserable if you have a husband who doesnt understand even if you do have money. Women arent blind. They see that. And they have emotions too.

    I hope you realize you cant say MAJORITY unless you have legitimate research and statistics instead of assumptions and asking around a few men who cant grow up and are stuck in the past.Recommend

  • Nosherwan

    Spot onRecommend

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  • Syeda KAzmi

    I completely agree.. points well made.. I don’t know if its a coincidence or I am being surrounded by some really nice men, but what I have experienced is that men are more compromising and giving in relationships. But ironically speaking their issues never get highlighted, even if they are facing something and discuss it with someone they are advised in a way “You are a man, deal with it”. In my career life I have always heard a sentence from working women that “its a man’s world”, but honestly as far as families and relationships are concerned “its a woman’s world”.Recommend

  • Just Married.

    finally someone from the ladies spoke! I always believed there are women who believe in unconditional and not materialistic love and lucky to found one just before I turned 30. interesting to see how many ladies agree with it.Recommend

  • Ameena

    An interesting topic to write about but I find it a little exaggerated. A very small percentage of women is materialistic. Very small indeed. 90% of them need companionship and a secure relationship which is becoming scant innour society. Trying to be unbiased about men, you have become biased about women. It’s not that bad. Recommend

  • Female Power

    one sided article honestly, i agree it is a big big big responsibility to add someone to ones life, but this thing goes both ways, sacrifices need to be made by both the wife and the husband, things change for both of them, and plus in today’s day and age…women do not need men to fulfill their needs, at least women like us who have a say and know what they want from life, i believe women who work to fulfill their wants shouldn’t marry a man lesser than her, a man who can not afford her Louboutins and Jimmy Choos doesn’t deserve her if she can buy those herself.

    PS – men are not scared of marriage, they are just scared that they would have to end their flings and be loyal to only one woman.Recommend

  • Saqib

    At last someone is able to understand instead of blaming everything on men.Recommend

  • usman

    its a fact bro..thanksRecommend

  • Baba Ji

    In a nutshell …. No money, No “Honey” !!!Recommend

  • Khan

    spot on. I am a man in late 20’s and despite household pressure I fear marriage for the same reason. Recommend

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  • Serene Male

    wow…. quite prudent and realistic findings. you are not only adorable but quite intelligent as well.. are you married ? But my friend it is very easy to write something like this however applying it to yourself is quite difficult… how about your wishlist for a partner?Recommend

  • Mehak I.

    Watch us get married to someone else then. And then they say, “larki bewafa nikli.”Recommend

  • Noman

    Baat to sach hai. I am agree with your opinion, especially the one that women become materialistic. In fact when I was 23, i also loved a girl firstly she cares about the relation, respect and family later she turned herself upon her materialistic nature. I still love her but am waiting to get back my position as it was then. Thank you Amna for supporting my thoughtsRecommend

  • Punjabi

    Great Amna… But
    Thingy number-1: Do girls EVEN read online blogs???… & that when its on NEWS Channel.. & even that when there’re Sunday Fashion Snaps too ?

    Thingy number-2: Did’t you forget to address their insane greedy parents who are always “Prince Charming Preferred & Business Persons ONLY.. APPLY” when themselves living on a rented house.
    Thingy number-3: Go back to Thingy#1Recommend

  • faisal

    quite true actually – men are often misunderstoodRecommend

  • Ahsan


  • Zara

    Amna this article I think will only apply to women in Pakistan.
    Here in the West almost all my married friends work and help their husbands with the mortgage and bills. Some become part time after kids but the majority still continue to work. Its hard juggling but its a necessity if you want to lead a good lifestyle for your family. Recommend

  • Khiz Khan

    great article….I feel and have fears exactly which u described :)Recommend

  • sidneysaad

    Hit the nail on the head… not me but most of my single friends in their late 20s and early 30s behave just like that :).. i for one, am very excited about marriage :DRecommend

  • Saad Kiani

    you are spot on here //Even though the women they end up marrying sincerely love them and are good wives, men sometimes wonder if it’s because of what they can provide is why the marriage is working.//Recommend

  • Anas Shahid

    Well, thats true…now a days, men also dont want to get married because of same financial discussion..but on the other hand, need to be in a marital relationship for love n moral support from the spouse..

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    the article is all over the place… pre marriage, post marriage, women being materialistic, men wanting space…. please focus next time and write a few.Recommend

  • NotWillingtoMarry

    A mid 20’s working male, the third para of this article….as real as it can get. What gives me the creeps is the realisation of the reality of marriage. When you come out of the binge of all the celebrations and the initial new found love between you and your wife that is one of the worst fears of mine.Recommend

  • Saad

    wow salute to your article. Totally my story. That is exactly what I believe and I always thought that I am the only one who thinks like that. OK now my soul is in peace. Thank you …Recommend

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    Amna, are you married?Recommend

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    The most unbiased blog ever read about men, if only all women understood!Recommend

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    What kind of women do you hang out with?Recommend

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    Totally agree. I guess only those women can understand this situation who are working and into a profession themselves. I know how hard it is to retain a good job and earn. Amna a very well written blog. keep up the good work.Recommend

  • Adpran

    I am Indonesian, but I often discuss with Pakistani people which “married life” is a frequent discussed topic. Yes, what Amna has written is apply only to Pakistani people. But, isn’t this article located in “Welcome to Pakistan” section which only for Pakistani related issues?.Recommend

  • Muhammad Javed Iqbal

    Madam nobody will say, go ahead. There are many other girls out there. Cheers!Recommend

  • SamSal

    What’s wrong in having a checklist?Recommend

  • Parvez

    Its been a long time now…..but thanks for telling me what I might have been thinking in those days. That is if I was even thinking with my head.Recommend

  • Umair

    So Objective & RationalRecommend

  • Adpran

    I am Indonesian, but I often discuss with Pakistani people including discuss about getting married. Yes, I have met many Pakistani men who still unmarried although their age are older than mine when I got married, and even their financial abilities are better than mine when I got married.

    I found a similarity, men in Indonesia and Pakistan start their career in 20’s age with low income, and reach financial stability in 30’s age. However, Indonesian men get married when they just started their career, and when they reach financial stability they already being a husband or even father. While Pakistani men prefer to delay their marriage until they reach their financial stability.

    I’ve ever asked those Pakistani men why should they wait until being wealthy only to get married?. And without intention to offend Pakistani women, their answer was “Unlike Indonesian women, Pakistani women are not willing to marry a man with low income”.

    I don’t know if it’s true or not. But this is the answer that I got from Pakistani men.Recommend

  • CopyPaste Zindabad

    Shafa.. if you are a girl (apologies if not).. you add 1 to statistics everyone here is asking for ;)Recommend

  • Adee

    well written, very good and surprising to see a female having this opinion. I as a guy have the same opinion and agree 100% with what author has written.Recommend

  • Asad

    Please marry me :D
    You thinking is too good to be true.Recommend

  • Prof

    True, and this implies that working women are better wives and hence increase their probability of marriage, but the reality is that a greater proportion of career women are spinsters as compared to non-career women.
    So is there something wrong in the men as well? Yes, that many of us under estimate the worth of a quasi-independent career-woman.Recommend

  • Saroosh Zahid

    I honestly cannot believe a woman wrote this article -.- I know times have changed, and maybe the circle the writer is from includes women who think this way. But trust me, hardly ever will you find a woman and her family looking for a guy and priortizing how much wealth he has over his character, his values ,education and his family. As for your continous rant about how much the wedding costs the guy, every wedding Ive been to since a kid has cost more to the brides family than the grooms. And finally, women DO NOT look at their husbands as their personal atm cards and how many jimmy choos he can buy her. I actually am insulted you would generalize this statementRecommend

  • Iqra

    I don’t agree. The male friends I have who aren’t married just don’t want the emotional baggage of a steady relationship Recommend

  • Malik Abdul Rehman

    jeez.!!!! how do they manage to suppress one of the basic needs of human body? that too till 30s and pre marriage relationship here are scantRecommend

  • Sa

    Best answer ever. As a married twenty six year old with a baby, I agree. I have done masters, worked and can afford to sustain myself financially but I choose to be a housewife and look after my kid, yes with lots of help and vacations abroad for breaks but hey, my husband wanted a pretty wife. he got it, I wnated a great lifestyle and pampering, it’s a win win. Yes I do agree it is fair because it’s not as if I married any guy who could give me a lavish lifestyle. Hubby and I do have emotional and mental compatibility, understanding, physical attraction. We discuss his work, household matters, feelings, politics, world affairs, sports, even petty stuff. So yeah if men want pretty, well groomed wives who manage their house, get along with their family, are eudcated and smart and able to understand their work, socially fit in with their peers and raise their kids well, we want companionship as well as financial and emotional stability. Fair exchange. Doesnt mean love doesn’t exist in the relationship.Recommend

  • kashif

    I wish every girl start thinking like you, unbiased blog :) like itRecommend

  • Fahad Ahmed

    Nice ! Not saying that all ladies are the same, some are very supportive and the husbands who are blessed with such partners should thank ALLAH daily. Shaadi can still be arranged if the husband is not able to buy a 3 lakh rupees shaadi ka joura, even if its once in a lifetime :) . Everything is new to them as well !!!Recommend

  • Visibly

    Have you thought about some/many of these men being homosexual?Recommend

  • Arsha

    – what proportion of women in Pakistan would even know what jimmy choos is? I have hardly known any women who marry for money – it’s always good education, open minded family, stable career and decent character that are the considerations.
    – when most marriages are arranged then the decisions would be and should be based on practical considerations. When personal compatibility is not known then anyone would try to find ingredients that would minimise potential of discomfort and conflict. Goes both ways.
    – in a society where women are not encouraged to be independent, be financially secure, and make their own decisions in life, where instead of being taught to build their own identity they are expected to be subservient and always dependent on men, where marriage is given priority over the effort to build stable careers – why else would you expect anything different ?
    – once married, how many women do you know who choose to abandon their family in financially difficult times?Recommend

  • R. Tanvir

    They do read online blogs; I know many who loathe the idea of Sunday Fashion Snaps :)Recommend

  • AP

    Totally agree with you sa (being a guy)! Makes perfect sense Recommend

  • BaldheadedFoo

    Marriage for men in America is incredibly risky these days. Too many men I know, including myself, have gotten screwed over in divorce court – my wife left me for another man ( it didn’t work out) and now I am paying her a tax-free child support check every month used for trivial things like kitchen upgrades and replacing her blinds. I don’t even date anymore – most western women have attitude problems and aren’t even feminine these days. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore. Recommend

  • Farah Samuel

    Couldn’t agree more. Having said that, I still believe there’s a dearth of decent and rational men out there because to what I have observed is that many men or their mothers too have turned to be way too materialistic either in monetary terms or in terms of a girl’s physical appearance.Recommend


    very very generalized.. maybe you need to hang out with people who value companionship and love over money, or just learn to accept other people’s views better. Most of my married friends are just ok financially or maybe even struggling a little. Not all of the wives work, not all of them married for love, and some of them have multiple children. But I have never heard any of them be materialistic, complain about their husbands or desperately want some bag or lawn ka jora. Maybe you need to surround yourself with better people.
    Also, there is nothing wrong with materialistic girls, everyone has their own preferences, and you really don’t have a right to judge someone’s reason for marriage.
    If guys are suddenly looking for “true love” in their mid 30s maybe they need to stop generalizing and asking ppl to set them up and put themselves out there. No one finds love by not taking risks and evaluating someone based on their “checklist” of reasons to get married.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    Thanks for writing for usRecommend

  • NabiaS

    The biggiest snooze fest I read all week. Women are materialistic? Oh really? Having turned down 3 different “valayati”, well-settled, good-looking and decent enough suitors (two of them being “nand-les”, a sacred prize in our society no less) in search of some one I am more compatible and comfortable with I find this HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. Half my family is mad at me for having this “fairytale fantasy of love” and wasting away my “shaadi ki umar” and turning down perfectly good rishtas only to be judged by other women for being materialistic? I hate to imagine what those men thought then?! Talk about proverbial gender solidarity! Pure, utter garbage! Keep your generalizations to yourself and save us the over-dramatization! I doubt 90% of the female population of this country even knows what Jimmy Choos are! Meet real women of this country my dear, not your little elitist clique.Recommend

  • NabiaS

    Men are more compromising? Come out of your sheltered and elitist bubble missy! Leave your fantasy bubble sometimes and meet real women of Pakistan then we will talk. The minuscle percentage of “nice” men doesn’t even count given the overwhelmingly patriarchal mindset of this society.Recommend

  • Syeda KAzmi

    If you please re-read my first line in which i clearly stated “I don’t know if its a coincidence or I am being surrounded by some really nice men” which means this is my observation based on my limited interaction with men. So missy! m sharing my view point which could be diff from urs… plus u said elitist bubble? pls come out of your skeptical bubble, elite females are usually pro-feminist, and m just trying to show another side of the picture.Recommend

  • NabiaS

    We can agree to disagree. Cheers!Recommend

  • aiza

    ”Men are afraid of losing their personal space too. Yes, given the fact that it is the woman who leaves everything behind and moves into the guy’s house but we also need to understand that he has to share his room and his space with someone else, something which he hasn’t done in a while since he shared a room with his college roommate.”

    In case you are forgetting its the girl who has to get accustomed to the wholly new surrounding as opposed to the guy. you think sharing unoccupied space on the bed and closet is a big deal? what about leaving your family, life style and most importantly your comfort zone behind? making peace with the abnormalities of the household/lifestyle of the ‘victimized’ husband is not an easy task either. leaving behind your passion, your career, your hobbies is what represents majority of the scenarios as opposed to the one you have sketched in your article which is according to me representative of meagre 0.1% of the scenarios. Moreover, about not giving enough personal space works vice versa more often. its the guy who limits and keeps checks on the girl’s activity most of the time. hence, i find this article absolutely irrational. please do a thorough research before publishing something on a public forum.Recommend

  • M Choudhry

    What can u expect from a creature who spends hours polishing their nails :PRecommend

  • Muhammad Waqas

    I guess this blog is written keeping in mind upper crust of our society. You will not find this attitude of females in middle or lower middle class. About men, I can endorse most of the points i.e. end of their bachelor life, preparations for big day etc etc. :)Recommend

  • Qudrat Ullah Mengal

    EXPRESS TRIBUNE the Epitome of Mediocrity and crap!Recommend

  • quicksilver

    good article…seem’s u’ve experienced something yourself otherwise you don’t find females with that practical thinking and attitude. but let me point out there are male who are actually willing and want to be in a relation and dedicate themselves to their partner, but sometimes this dedication is not noticed or valued from the opposite site..hence leads to crash and offence guys.. i have personal situation on my own.Recommend