Here is why I chose Habib University

Published: June 7, 2014

If you haven’t visited the campus yet, then you’re missing out on a great aesthetic site. It is one of the most well-planned campuses in the city. PHOTO: HABIB UNIVERSITY FACEBOOK PAGE

Every student stepping out of high school faces a dilemma: which university should they choose for further studies? Recently, a major investment has been made to establish Habib University. This university is a progressive educational institution that has incorporated state-of-the-art facilities along with learned faculty members.

This university became my choice and here is why:

The faculty

Many universities in Pakistan have faculty members from foreign countries but very few are committed to undergraduate research and service inside and outside the campus community. This holds true for Pakistani teachers as well.

A majority of the faculty members at Habib University are middle-aged or younger; this just reiterates the fact that these teachers will be able to bring out the best in their students, as they would be able to understand a student’s perspective in a better way and would be able to interact more effectively. Not only does the faculty have a notable presence in academia, unlike other universities, they specialise in what they teach. Nothing can be more attractive than this for a student; whether they aspire to become filmmakers, journalists, scientists, engineers, or religious anthropologists like myself, Habib University has faculty for everything. Their teachers are probably Habib University’s strongest asset at this point.

The liberal arts

Let me make one thing clear over here: liberal arts at Habib University is not a separate field of study but is a compulsory and integral part of the whole curriculum. I clarify this because I have been asked many times by my friends about the scope of liberal arts. Studying liberal arts, which comprise of sociology, history, philosophy – Western, Eastern and Islamic – and anthropology, is mandatory for every student, including those pursuing natural sciences.

Habib University Amphitheatre. Photo: Habib University Official Facebook Page

This will enable the students to relate what they study with what they observe, something most students are unable to do when they graduate. Some will criticise this system because it is followed in the US, but tell me, what good has following an exclusively Pakistani system done to us?

The campus

If you haven’t visited the campus yet, then you’re missing out on a great aesthetic site. It is one of the most well-planned campuses in the city. Now, you might ask why, or how, you could visit the campus if you are not yet a student there? Well, it’s simple; it opens its door to anybody who wants to use the library or the auditorium, regardless of whether they are regular students or not.

Being wheelchair-bound, my biggest concern about going to the University of Karachi (which was the only university that offered the field of my interest, until I found out about Habib University) was that it isn’t wheelchair-friendly. Now, however, I am not worried because the Habib campus is very accommodating of differently-abled people.

Ramp for wheelchair-bound individuals. Photo: Habib University Official Facebook Page

Equal opportunity for everyone

A lot of people think that Habib University is an expensive, elitist institution; I won’t deny that it is expensive, but it surely isn’t elitist. It has many unprecedented scholarship and financial aid programs, very similar to those at Ivy League colleges. I hail from a middle-class family and Habib would have been too expensive for me had it not been for the financial aid they offered me, and although the amount I have to pay is a little higher than I can afford, the flexible payment schedule has diminished that worry.

Each case is reviewed each year based on the performance of the previous year, which makes future scholarship opportunities applicable during the entire time a student is enrolled there and is a great way to make sure the level of education standard is maintained by the student.

Photo: Habib University Facebook Page

The Pakistani sensitivity

Each academic program at Habib University is Pakistan-sensitive, which in essence mean that it is designed keeping in view Pakistan’s needs. However, that does not take away the global outlook the students develop. The fact that each member of the faculty has, at some point in time, acquired training or education abroad enables students to view Pakistan from a global perspective as well.

Also, it is mandatory for every student studying at Habib University to take Urdu and one regional language of Pakistan as part of their course. This not only helps students understand the different cultures in Pakistan but also prepares them for employment in places where it is obligatory for them to know the native language.

Photo: Habib University Facebook Page

Research opportunities 

One of the biggest concerns of students pursuing humanities and social sciences is research. To be good, you should have some research papers to your name and what could be more exciting than to engage in research with renowned academics?

Now, I know undergraduates seldom publish papers, but the opportunity would indeed facilitate postgraduate applications for students who wish to apply abroad.

The pioneer batch

Many of my friends did not apply to Habib University, saying that it has no alumni. For me, that is definitely a plus point. I will have the perk of being the first batch of this amazing university; not only will I be a pioneer, but also a senior for all four years! Can it get any better?

So if you are about to open the undergraduate chapter of your life and you aspire to become an electrical engineer, a computer scientist or want to study media, filmmaking and social sciences, I strongly suggest that give Habib University a shot. It is definitely worth your consideration.

Uzair Ibrahim

Uzair Ibrahim

A student who enjoys music, movies and reading. He blogs about things that, in his view, shouldn't be accepted just as they are. Uzair tweets as @UzairIbrahim_ (

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  • Kazim Adil is that the fee structure we talking about? Stop doing cheap publicity. IU’s much better than it atleast giving a second chance to students which other unis aren’t offering plus polishing and turning them into Gems.Recommend

  • Syeda KAzmi

    Habib University is by far the most well anticipated project for youth…their faculty, academic vision and curriculum can prevail any other institution… The only problem i foresee for Habib University’s students is the locality.. Pehlwan Goth has been one of the most chaotic areas in the city…and the route towards the airport is the center of all street crimes… Wonder! why they chose this place…Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Wow, the interiors speak for the quality of the university .Recommend

  • RD Sultan

    Good for you. Hopefully in the future, all Pakistanis would prefer to attend university and not LeT training camps. Recommend

  • s

    Informative. I hope other universities follow the Pakistan angle too! We should adopt our culture!Recommend

  • Sannan Buriro

    These people are filthy rich. they are the reason the situation in pehelwan goth has gotten alot better :)Recommend

  • Guest

    That is a problem that the city administration had foreseen previously. Efforts are in full swing to maintain law and order in the area, and certain steps such as a new police station and a rangers outpost have been established as well. It fully incorporates the university’s vision of making a positive impact on the community as well as its students.Recommend

  • Ali S

    Define ‘Pakistan-sensitive’? As in self-criticism or criticizing the army is not allowed because it might dent our ‘ghairat’ and patriotism? It definitely doesn’t help that the author describes himself as an ‘aspiring Islamicist’ (what is that?) on his Twitter. It doesn’t sound right.Recommend


    Here is Why I cant choose Habib University:

    Rs.450000 Tuition fee/semister.
    Rs.75000 Enrollment fee
    Rs.150000 lab fee/semisterRecommend

  • Ali

    I think the location is great too. They’ve managed to open a huge campus right within a residential area ie Jauhar.

    Will definitely tell my siblings to apply there. Recommend

  • Mani

    Looks like a blatant ad for this school even if it isn’t meant to be. Recommend

  • Neha Irfan

    Are you proposing that Habib University is better or at par with LUMS?Recommend

  • Hassan

    Its absolutely alright that u selected Habib University for ur higher studies. But for me this blog is kind of a marketing brochure or handout. U did relate urself with it but honestly the only thing I cud notice here is the advertising of a certain institution instead of explaining a significant matter related to education..Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    The interiors are just – WOW .Recommend

  • For betterment

    Habib University’s effort to make themselves distinguished from others is what has gotten them down and out from my books. Their entry test which lasted more than 5 hours (in some cases 6) was the first sign that they have not reach the level of an educationist. Interviews were scheduled during the intermediate exams which showed their disconnect to the education system. Promises to get students to NASA for debutant university was to much to digest. With fees of Rs. 900,000 per year for a bachelor’s program with the campus in such disturbed location people would rather prefer going to best universities abroad. Having foreign lecturers name in the prospectus doesn’t make a university a better one rather from my point of view students have to go through 1 more problem (language and cultural gap) to seek knowledge. According to me they are not educationist, they are here to do business. It is my advice to Habib University management that they should hire an educationist not a subject specialist to guide them through the establishment of the university.

    I appreciate the effort by Habib group but it is sad to see that an investment in a education deprived country comes out as business rather than a sincere effort. There is always a chance for a change and I sincerely hope that it happens with Habib University.

    P.S. I have not written this against the university. Its for the management.Recommend

  • mazhar

    i have been hearing about it for quite some time now but i hope it doesn’t turns out to be just another private pakistani university.Recommend

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    Sir, I understand where you are coming from, but if you read the blog again, you will find that whatever is written under the headings of the faculty, the liberal arts, the Pakistani sensitivity, and research opportunity comes from an educational POV of a student. The classes haven’t started yet so it is very difficult to comment on the pedagogy et cetera.

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    No, ma’am, I’m not. If wanted to I would’ve taken LUMS’ name openly. It would be illogical to compare a new institution with an institution that has been there for so many years.

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    I understand your concern. But there is a strong scholarship and financial aid program for deserving students. I myself have been offered financial aid. The money is secondary, the student is what they want.

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    An Islamicist is one who studies Islam up to the scholarly level. It is just a fancy word for a scholar of Islam, but it should not be confused with mufti, ayatollah et cetera.

    By Pakistan-sensitive I meant that the University acknowledges that Pakistan has some academic and social needs and the University is sensitive to those needs. There is nothing wrong with self-criticism and its importance cannot be overstated and no, it does not dent our patriotism.

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    I strongly suggest that you take a look at the scholarships and financial aid sections on the site as well.

  • Faisal

    I think this kind of scholarships and financial aids are just cheap tactics to trap innocent students, as you also mentioned that continuity of scholarship or financial aid will be evaluated every year on the basis of student performance. what if student financial aid get discontinue after two year then just imagine the state of student. its will not a wise decision to quit or neither they can pay full fees.Recommend


    But still the PRICE is very high…not more 10-15% students would get the scholarship or financial aid….what about the others…Habib has been getting much expensive, from their school to college…and now they have crossed the limits in their university fee structure ..

    Aah, education has just become a financial investment, to earn financial blessings…it has lost its bond with ethical values…Recommend

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    Well, sir, the policy is that a student on financial aid and/or scholarship must maintain a minimum agreed upon GPA. It is just a way to ensure that a student focuses on his academics. Any institution would do this.

  • Muhammad Salman

    do they have hostels? :/Recommend

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    I do not know about that. I think you should contact them yourself.

  • Sibtain Naqvi

    Habib University is an institution with fresh ideas, and contextualized programs and global outlook. The entry test was meant to be a comprehensive exam for serious scholars and did what it was set out to do, pick the best students from around Pakistan. The University has formal partnerships and linkages with leading universities and has a clear needs-blind policy. Habib University has an unmatched financial aid and scholarships and every applicant is eligible to apply for financial aid. In fact, Habib University has given out PKR 46 million in financial aid and scholarships to the students admitted in the early rounds. The Habib University is one of the largest private investments in higher education and the learning experience will be truly world-class. Any University is ranked according to the quality of the faculty, the programs, and the campus facilities. It is commendable that Habib University has been able to achieve all three and done so in challenging circumstances. I recommend that you visit their website for more details and understand that this initiative is in fact an opportunity for the entire nation. As a business graduate from IBA I can tell you that setting up a not-for-profit University is in fact not a money making proposition and if the patrons wanted to do so they could have invested in a commercial business. As one of Pakistan’s oldest and largest business groups I am sure they have the acumen to figure that out.Recommend

  • Sibtain Naqvi

    You should appreciate Uzair’s achievement in first getting into a prestigious institution and secondly expounding upon it so well. Ads can be bought, inspiration is never for sale.Recommend

  • Sibtain Naqvi

    Please do tell them and visit the campusRecommend

  • Sibtain Naqvi

    Habib University has given out PKR 46 million in financial aid and scholarships to the students who applied in early round. The University estimates that nearly 80% of total students will be on sort form of financial aid. Please visit

  • Sibtain Naqvi

    Universities do not operate in isolation. Habib University will be an active member of the community and play a critical role in uplifting of the entire society.Recommend

  • Neha Irfan

    What I meant to ask was, why have you not listed any reasons for choosing Habib University over institutions like LUMS or IBA?Recommend

  • Uzair Ibrahim

    Because LUMS and IBA don’t offer what I want to study i.e. philosophy and religion. LUMS had that program but they discontinued it in favor of English. I know LUMS offers anthropology but Habib was more attractive because of the liberal arts. I guess this is the reason I chose Habib over LUMS. :)Recommend

  • Zaigham

    The above article appears to me more of an advertisement than news blog.

    Note: Read the last Para.Recommend

  • Khan

    Well said. This is the University of International standards and hope to see it in world rankings very soon. This Uni has set a new standard for other Pakistani Universities. I am sure, new business schools and engineering Universities will enter in the market with same quality of education. It is expensive but quality is never cheap. Still it offers financial support and loans. This is how education should be.Recommend

  • Khan

    See the positive side of blog. Many new students came to know about this Uni and they will like to apply for admission. Marketing is never an issue for a high quality University that can afford billions of investment to build it. Such projects never use cheap way of marketing…Be positive and throw away jealousy, that is major part of Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Khan

    Keep doing great work. I am a student of one of best business schools of world so I felt happy to read about this Uni few weeks back…I am glad you are part of this Uni. It will surely pay off in your life.. keep moving. People will always make fun and argue because jealousy is hard to control. These loser will just point fingers but have no courage to accept that they can’t even pass entry exam. Angoor khatay hain.Recommend

  • Khan

    I don’t blame Universities for high price because quality comes with higher cost. Problem is with Govt that has never paid attention towards personal loan system in the country. Personal or student loans don’t even exist in country, and if it exists, it exists at very higher price with no grace period. In US, education is not subsidized but Govt provides loans and their honest culture pushes students to pay back in time. In Pakistan, people want everything MUFT, but they understand that nothing is free in the world. Long discussion but if our system tightens on financial support system then many deserving students can take loan from govt and study in top tier schools and pay back loan in 10 years after getting job.Recommend

  • Pameer Nawan

    It was very strange to know about the malfunctioned admission system of Habib University.At first they linked to all schools in Pakistan and got a list of all A* and A grade students and hosted dinners and gave prize gifting deals to sit for admission tests to get admission.Also students who failed Round 1 re-applied and re-tested in Round 2 and got admission,but fresh students who appeared in Round 2 and failed were not allowed to appear in Round 3.A new and separate date was announced suddenly so that Round 2 students could appear in the test.None of this was informed by the university unless the student himself called up and asked.If a student complains that the new date isn’t enough for him to prepare for the test they only ask to send an e-mail and then no response.Its very obvious that who is accommodated and who is not and there is no such thing as free and fair admission procedure.Recommend

  • Muhammad Shahrom Ali

    92% of the student body is on some kind of Scholarship or financial aid.Recommend