The charming Manuel Pellegrini knows how to deliver gold!

Published: May 12, 2014

It's been a long time coming, Manuel Pellegrini can finally celebrate some meaningful European silverware - PHOTO: REUTERS

The Barclays Premier League has finally concluded with Manchester City FC being crowned as the Champions of England. They faced West Ham in their final match of the season and required a draw or win to bag the trophy. And they bagged it!

They did it with a mature and professional performance beating West Ham two goals to nil, thus finishing the season on top of the Premier League table. Over the next few weeks praise will be showered upon all the players and the management but, the one person who really was at the focal point of this successful campaign, was their manager Manuel Pellegrini.

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany (L) and manager Manuel Pellegrini. Photo:Reuters

Manuel Pellegrini took over as the manager of Manchester City FC after Roberto Mancinis’s sacking last year, following a disappointing season. The dressing room was in disarray at that time with numerous disputes between players. But Pellegrini instilled a sense of composure within the team, which was visible throughout the course of this year. He brought about an attacking style of football and stood by his philosophy, even when the results were unfavourable. His attacking style of football paid off, with Manchester City scoring 102 goals during the course of this season which is the second highest number of goals in any Premier League Campaign (the highest being 103 goals, achieved by Chelsea in 2009-2010).

Manuel Pellegrini is being thrown in the air by his jubilant players after Manchester City clinched the title. Photo: Reuters

The ‘Charming One’, as he is fondly referred to by City fans, played a huge role in the rising form of players like Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko and Aleksander Kolarov. These players were rumoured to have been leaving the club but under the new management they were able to flourish and played an instrumental role in delivering the title.

Manchester City’s Samir Nasri (R) is congratulated by teammate Pablo Zabaleta after scoring against West Ham United. Photo: Reuters

His press conferences may not be explosive like that of Jose Mourinho’s or emotional like Brendan Rodgers’ but his unruffled demeanour proves that even a gentleman, playing defensive football, is capable of bringing home silverware in these modern times.

Manchester City secured a first English title in 44 years in extraordinary circumstances on Sunday. Photo: Reuters

Nobody knows what the future holds but one thing is for certain, Manchester City has a gem of a manager who is determined to take the club to greater glory and laurels.

I wish him all the very best in all his endeavours!


Abdul Kamil Ghumman

A 3rd year med-student at King Edward Medical College and University who loves sports.

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  • Abuzar Jamil

    You can put 2 teams from the squad of Man City on the field.Winning BPL this season was a walk in the park for them,they only made it hard for themselves. Mancini delivered the same gold and was sacked.They want to show their dominance in Europe and that’s the gold delivery which is and will be expected off Manuel Pellegrini.Recommend

  • Abdul Kamil Ghumman

    Man city is relatively inexperienced as a club at European level. I totally agree that Man city has a brilliant squad but to say that winning the BPL should have been a walk in the park is a little harsh. No manager except for Mourinho has won a premier league in his first season in BPL. Not even the great Alex Fergueson. So credit must be given to Pellegrini. As far as dominance in Europe is considered i totally agree that it should be the next target for Pellegrini but Man city is a relatively new club at Eurpean level and it would take a little time for them to show their potential at the European stage.Recommend

  • AQ

    Comparing Mourinho’s russian oil backed first season with Sir Alex’s hard work is disgrace.Recommend

  • Abdul Kamil Ghumman

    we can argue all day about the involvement of arab money n russian money in clubs but the fact remains that the involvement of these cash rich clubs have made club competitions all over the world more competitive n exciting to watch from a neutral’s perspective. Otherwise there would be just one or two clubs from each league fighting for the title making it quite boring.Recommend

  • Dante

    Let’s not forget what Mourinho did to FC Porto in 2003 and 2004 (UEFA Cup, then UEFA Champions League). He was not backed by a billionaire then.Recommend

  • AQ

    You missed the point. We are talking about first season in the “Premier League” and not the European competitions.. No one is taking away anything from Mourinho.Recommend

  • Critical

    Before the Russian money came in, Man United were like Bayern Munich of England.. They were openly poaching the best players from other teams weakening them and were regularly breaking the record high transfer fees.Though I would always credit Fergie for creating Class of 93,but he got lot of money to spend in the transfer market

    Eric Cantona,Roy keane,Robbie Fowler,Japp Stam,Andy Cole,Rio Ferdinand,Juan Veron,Wayne Rooney,Cristiano Ronaldo were all record high British transfers when they landed though the last 2 were for teenagers…

    Manchester United was made of British money,while Chelsea was trying to stay relevant in top 6 by using washed out stars like Ruud Gulit,Vialli,Desailly etc

    Money + (good manager) = SuccessRecommend

  • fazal

    “Money + (good manager) = success”
    What about Athletico Madrid?.. I think this time its more about managerial stuff rather than talking moneyRecommend