Imran Khan, Tahirul Qadri and Sheikh Rasheed: Recipe for disaster?

Published: May 10, 2014

Imran Khan believes the legal system has failed him. He claims that the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary, whom he once praised for his bold decision-making skills, should be tried under Article 6 for being a “traitor”.

Imran Khan believes the legal system has failed him. He claims that the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary, whom he once praised for his bold decision-making skills, should be tried under Article 6 for being a “traitor”. PHOTO: FILE Imran Khan believes the legal system has failed him. He claims that the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary, whom he once praised for his bold decision-making skills, should be tried under Article 6 for being a “traitor”.

In January 2013, Dr Tahirul Qadri, author of a renowned fatwa against terrorism, held Pakistan’s capital hostage for several days while making a categorical litany of demands that had to be met within 15 minutes by the government “or else”. It was a four-day-long drama but the crowd of 25,000-60,000 remained remarkably peaceful.

A similar carnival is coming to town again.

This time not only does it feature Dr Qadri and his followers, but the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Shiekh Rasheed and the Jamaat-e-Islaami’s (JI) alliance as well. It’s a peculiar bunch but that is often what makes the carnival more appealing – one exuberant theatrical performance after another.

Dr Qadri will now compete with Imran Khan’s egocentric diatribes and JI’s eulogies for terrorists. Who will outdo the others? Will the various leaders be packed into one air conditioned bunker as their followers blister in the heat? Will each require their own bomb proof, bullet proof, make up bunker? In either case, we are in for lights, camera and lots of action.

Most importantly, we are awaiting the outcome. Will democracy stand at the brink of derailment? In a dramatic end, will part of the crowd save face at the last minute and will there be hugs all around? Last year, we held our breaths when Dr Qadri demanded his followers raise their hands and pledge an oath to not leave the confines of the dharna (procession) until he permits.

We saw women and children camping outdoors through cold temperatures, rain and hunger. But thankfully, within hours of the negotiations, Dr Qadri had developed a renewed fondness for all of Pakistan’s political parties – including those whom he had dismissed as “thieves”. He had thanked and signed the Islamabad Long March Declaration with the same person he called Pakistan’s “ex” prime minister, whose arrest he and his followers had demanded just hours ago.

This time, an unwavering Imran Khan has announced a battle against firoun (pharaoh) himself. We already see slogans of “we will fight” along with Dr Qadri’s calls on Twitter for martyrdom, and the likes of a dramatic revolution that may trigger the “permanent end to the powers of the rulers” are much talked about.

Imran Khan believes the legal system has failed him. He claims that the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, whom he once praised for his bold decision-making skills, should be tried under Article 6 for being a “traitor”. Riding on the wave of the current displeasure against Pakistan’s biggest news agency for its allegations against the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), he claims that they, along with the returning officers and Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) – which apparently swept the elections, gaining an overwhelming majority – maliciously planned a massive conspiracy to steal the elections from PTI.

However, he doesn’t stop there.

In a speech to his party workers, Imran Khan goes on to blame the West, celebrities, the mafia and all those in the nation who don’t agree with him, albeit secular or religious. It seems only inevitable that he may next indict fate itself, not just for the rigging but his inopportune fall as well. In a recent interview he called for the revival of jihad against all such above mentioned forces.

Isn’t that what the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is for?

Had he been successful in opening their offices in Islamabad perhaps he could better consult with them on how to collaborate to fight a jihad against the media, liberals, parliament and judiciary of Pakistan. Perhaps another conspiracy?

Though no one is quite sure what will ultimately satisfy Imran, his justification for the dharna against Pakistan’s “false” democracy is that he found the Parliament depressing and deemed it unfruitful to go to the courts after not getting his way. In both the parliament and the court, there is no hoopla, fanfare of screaming girls or banners soaring with the wind. The thrill of the cricket match in which there is an ecstatic crowd cheering him on is missing. Perhaps he also misses the last few days that he was confined to his hospital bed and could not campaign.

The ‘cricketisation’ of democracy would entail quick justice, a clear winner and plenty of public displays of indignation. Such is required for the sensibilities of a former cricket star living in the fast lane, not a refined politician who must bear the ugly and often boring route of democracy.

In clear defiance of the Taliban’s threats, the people of Pakistan came out in large numbers on May 11, 2013. For the first time in their history, Pakistanis saw a peaceful transfer of power from one government to another; a remarkable landmark achievement for which Pakistan earned universal praise.

Yes it was not perfect but the question is, does it mark an important milestone towards a better future or a “black day” in its history?

For Imran Khan, that black day marks a day of rigging and massive conspiracy against his party. For Tahirul Qadri, it is his second attempt to overthrow the system itself. For the JI, perhaps, it marks a confused day in which “martyr” and civilian were at odds. For Shiekh Rasheed, it’s a reason to overthrow the present government and call for midterm elections.

Clearly it is a democratic right to rally, foster support from their base and even play the game of politics to gain relevance, especially at a time where there is much infighting within parties such as the PTI. In the meantime, it seems the PMLN has caught onto the cricket match and has decided to celebrate their one year rule on May 11.

Nonetheless, it is of concern that civil debate is being stifled in Pakistan. In a disturbing trend, PTI followers and grassroots leadership continue to display disturbing photos on social media that praise Osama bin Laden as a martyr and Malala Yousafzai as a drama. But how much can social media memes, rallies that resemble rock concerts and Twitter trolls help you if you are simply lacking substance to your arguments?

Furthermore when leaders such as Imran accuse the former chief justice of Pakistan of being a traitor, it sends a message to simply excommunicate those who don’t agree with him, with little evidence (similar to the media trial he rightly decries) and aims to silence the rest.

It’s about time Imran Khan began listening to the saner elements within PTI. Democracy takes hard work and time to flourish. Yes, there is a lot to fix but it should be done through legislation and rule of law. Let’s hope we see Imran Khan prove his worth as a legislator to his constituency, instead of crying over one-year-old spilled milk.

Meriam Sabih

Meriam Sabih

Meriam has a BA in English and Psychology from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She writes for the Huffington Post and also blogs at She has also been featured on Pakteahouse and Altmuslimah. She tweets as @meriamsabih (

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  • Syed

    Imran khan has every right to protest! One year doesnt make any difference. We all know the extent of rigging happened in may 11 election. It was the first time it happened and if we dont do anything it will happen again in future. Recommend

  • “Dr Qadri will now compete with Imran Khan’s egocentric diatribes and JI’s eulogies for terrorists.”

    Spot on! It’s a pity that these charlatans will steel the spotlight and distract the nation for who knows how long.Recommend

  • ovais

    And you can live in your bubble world in defence .. and vote for Bilawal Bhutto.. ..ground reality is PTI u like or not, doesn’t matter. You are given space on this blog and we aren’t thats the only difference:pRecommend

  • Syed

    I don’t get this! You think people use to go vote before. No yeah?
    And u claim they came out this time. Who do u think they came out for, these old cheaters.
    The case is clear that it was Imran Khan who brought people out to vote. I know u might say, u went to vote for someone else, well we r not talking about you, we r talking about millions who decided to go out first time to vote for someone worthy. And then the media claims they helped raise awareness, that’s just ridiculous. Democracy is not democracy until a democratic leader emerges, people who win by rigging are not democratic, they are called cheaters, in other words, they forced their rule upon us, and guess what is that called: Dictatorship.Recommend

  • SalmanAhmed6

    So the author is fine with rigging, corruption, using state institutions for personal gain; and this is the democracy that she wants to protect and feels might be derailed. Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    we are the champions of the mass destructionsRecommend

  • Shariq Najeeb

    I think you ARE a traitor if you don’t want democracy, affordable electricity and security for your fellow citizens. You know who WOULDN’T want all that for one’s country? Your country’s ENEMY.Recommend

  • AntiAnorchy

    This is what is devised by our hidden enemy, Cast fake votes to every party. Later on losers are informed that election has been rigged. They will start dog fight and ultimately Pakistan will suffer. There should be free and fair election with biomatric tec h but nothing before 2018. because demanding interim means putting state into civil war.Recommend

  • PakForce

    Country isn’t childsplay. That every year there should be reelection. Come up with some anti rigging effective solution for 2018 elections. Demanding any interim means nothing just devastation or kind of civil war.Recommend

  • Pakforce

    This is what is devised by our hidden enemy, Cast fake votes to every party. Later on losers are informed that election has been rigged. They will start dog fight and ultimately Pakistan will suffer. There should be free and fair election with biomatric tec h but nothing before 2018. because demanding interim means putting state into civil war.Recommend

  • Mohammed Ali

    “It’s so much easier to
    suggest solutions when you don’t know too much about the problem.”

    ― Malcolm
    S. Forbes

    Rule of law or legislation already exists dear author. There is no one to implement it. Khan sahib and Dr Qadri are actually fighting your battle. To reform a corrupt electoral system. To ensure that the people you vote for actually manage to come to power. Once you will have competent people, only then would laws actually be enforced. And if you have a competent judiciary, only then would you get justice. Kindly go over our constitution, you will see that it has all details of rights of the people, limitations of the govt etc. Yet it is violated everyday. Similarly the process of getting justice over electoral riggings (tribunals) is in place, but you can see its been a year and nothing has been done.

    Dont tel khan sahib to stop crying over spilled milk. Tomorrow if some injustice happens to you, would you not want justice? This is a nation we are talking about who was robbed of mandate.

    We are politically charged but not politically aware (as mentioned in an earlier ET publication). SO true.Recommend

  • Landhiwala

    This is the man we are talking about: a formerly whiskey swilling beer drinking
    wine quaffing self centered demagogue. Who has suddenly found religion and is now a bona fide born again apologist for TTP. You will not hear a peep from
    him if 50 Hazaras are shot dead. Or the Kalash tribes are threatened to convert. Or a Hindu temple is burnt near Sukkur. No, he will be quite as a mouse in a church.Recommend

  • Khan

    Excellent article. PTI remind me of the saying ‘your with us or against us’, or ‘its our way or the highway.’Recommend

  • Muhammad Hanif

    How Does A Revolution Affect People’s Lives?

    The great revolutions of European history, especially the English, French, and Russian revolutions, changed not only the system of government but also the economic system, the social structure, and the cultural values of those societies. Today Pakistan, too, needs a revolution to carry out long overdue reforms. Soon Dr Qadri will give a call for revolution.Recommend

  • zaid

    This articles is complete nonsense. The reality on ground is completely different, Chief justice is corrupt and completely funded by foreign countries, as is geo. There is overwhelming evidence to prove that geo on several occasions has belittled and spread false lies about ISI and army. Chief justice has let terrorist run lose by not sending them to the gallows and in turn the ttp has been left loose on Pakistan to kill thousands of innocent people. The whole system of Pakistan is corrupt to the core. The so called democracy is sham. No institution has performed in Pakistan other than the ISI and army. This government has further increase the debt at an unprecedented rate, enslaving the next generations. Unfair, rigged, corrupt elections should not be the basis for ruling a country when there is no mandate to support this from the general people. This makes it a dictatorship and not a democracy claimed by the corrupt. Nothing has improved in the slightest by this government. The government should be overthrown and a system should be implemented which reflects the people of Pakistan. The rules should be made according to the constitution of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Noor

    Such an davice was expected out of a US studied writerRecommend

  • Hamza

    So the author should talk only about herself but you can talk about everyone else?
    Yes, me and my siblings voted for the first time only because of PTI. But in this one year, Imran Khan has proven that he is no different than any other politician. He too is a fraud. What has he done in KPK in one year that has had any major impact on the lives of the people? A major impact that has turned their lives around for the good? “Tabdeeli in 90 days” anyone?Recommend

  • Shahbaz Asif Tahir

    Who can be a bigger enemy of Islam, and Pakistan, than the bigoted
    secular, liberal brigade? Their own limited credentials on Islam, and the seerah of the
    last and final Prophet, Mohammed SAWS, is reflected in yet another article like
    this one. Imran never said he was always right. This is malicious propaganda,
    and blatant lies. He questions the corrupt political system in Pakistan, which has
    bought insane people like Zardari, and Nawaz Sharif, into power, through fraudulent
    means. Kindly straighten your perspectives, before maligning others.
    All the best.Recommend

  • ABC

    “PTI followers and grassroots leadership continue to display disturbing
    photos on social media that praise Osama bin Laden as a martyr and Malala Yousafzai as a drama.”

    So on the behavior of some supporters you judge the party.Recommend

  • dsa


  • umer

    I can’t believe you self proclaimed columnists. Frickin rapacious harpies!Recommend

  • Humza

    The problem is that blackmail, dictatorships, and social discord are hardly going to bring good governance. Imran Khan has hardly done a good job in KPK and he is looking for a distraction. Tahirul Qadri is just trying to create unrest like he did the last time because he wants attention. Everything isn’t perfect in Pakistan but finally the country is back on track with a democratic system. Pakistan gets relatively good media coverage in the world. It may take several cycles to work out the kinks but the problem with Muslims is that they want everything to be perfect overnight. It takes courage and hard work to stay the course and slowly build a nation. That’s why all the Arab states are in such a bad state with dictators and Kings and the helm. They are not respected in the world because there are no institutions to speak of those countries. Pakistan has a chance of developing these institutions and a stable democracy as long as trouble causers don’t keep interfering with the democratic system. And yes I too want to protect the current democracy because without it, Pakistan will descend into the status of one of the nearby Arab countries – Syria, Egypt, Yemen or Libya – you choose your pick!Recommend

  • Sage

    How do you propose to fix the problem of corruption thru legislation and courts if the CORRUPT are the ones controlling the LEGISLATION AND THE COURTS, Ms Genious ?Recommend

  • Actually it’s the Defence wallas who vote PTI and live in a bubble. Like in NA-125 Lahore where the Defense wallas sat in a dharna last year after Saad Rafique got all the katchi abaadi votes and defeated Hamid Khan who won in DHA.Recommend

  • Qasim

    DEar keep in mind now Paki youth will not let anyone walk through there s mind with their dirty feet. Imran give as political wisdom and made us to come for and participate .we have seen Power here wrongly used by Sharif family for defeats the oppressor as well as the oppressed..Recommend

  • privali

    imran should know that mr qadri and sheikh rasheed have been whopping failures in politics and the only thing he can get from these failures is failureRecommend

  • Muhammad Asghar

    Fully agree. Yes imran khan is against all those who don’t agree with him. And what a shame kn imran khan that he is the part of dramas like tahir ul qadri and used sheikh rasheed. All imran wants is becoming PM. He has nothing to do with people of Pakistan. Author be ready for social media trial from PTI followers.Recommend

  • MK

    Sometimes nothing less than a disaster is needed to wake up a sleeping nation.Recommend

  • D Nawaz

    If we see through the haze of disinformation that shrouds Tahir ul Qadri you may find his message more palatable. About the bunch of our so called Parliamentarians what Oliver Cromwell said it best even after 361years, it may sound harsh but rings true for the National Assembly- Tahir ul Qadri may be our Oliver Cromwell…Lord knows we need one, as so aptly put by Humayun Gauhar in his recent article, “It is the system stupid.”

    Oliver Cromwell speech to the British House of Common ​
    When Oliver Cromwell was made Lord Protector of England he promptly dissolved the Rump of the Long Parliament. This is his speech to the House of Commons on April 20, 1653.

    “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?
    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defiled this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!”Recommend

  • taha

    Zardari and Sharif : Recipe of attainment!
    Definitely not boss. Its status quo.Recommend

  • saleem hatoum

    Malala Yousafzai as a drama Recommend


    Same old arguments that have been refuted by the factual state of our nation!! in everything you say and everything you write be aware of the fact this nation is aware of that Tahir ul Qadri was 100% right! he is yet to be proven wrong in every prediction he had as an outcome of this corrupt system…. even a simple pan shop guy knows this! yet you don’t!Recommend

  • Asfandyar Khan

    So a man who has cleaned up kpk with literally no funds is a disaster while family dynasty for last 40 years who get elected at the back of military or rigged votes are the champions of democracy? RIP Pakistan. Bcz we don’t deserve Imran Khan….. We need him Recommend

  • Xman

    PTI has failed to deliver in KPK where they have a government. And now they want to distract everyone blaming rigging in election.This shows they still need another 20 years to mature into a political entity. Democracy must prevail, and the system needs to keep functioning regardless of what Imran Khan and his whiners think.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Wow. I am amazed at the narrow/tunnel vision that people like the author of this article have. She says Hell Yeah to all the vote rigging(there is no use saying that there wasn’t any cuz we all know that there was MASSIVE vote rigging) and then goes on to say that the election brought on democracy. The level of intelligence in this article is really lowRecommend

  • Qaiser Habib

    We Pakistanis have a lot of respect for Mr. Imran Khan, just perform in KPK and you will be a hero. Other wise Zero.Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    This exam will last for 4 years more and you have announced the result right away.I am from KPK and I am satisfied.Those who do not perform and those who are corrupt are already being sent to their homes after one year.Those who have misused the government funds in the previous government are already under scrutiny after one year.The jobs are no longer for sale in the secretariats, as they were in the reign of ANP. And all this was achieved in one year.I will say that they are a bit inexperienced but they are by far better than the previous governments of KPK.Recommend

  • sajidrees

    beautifully summarised :) ‘The level of intelligence in this article is really low’Recommend

  • sajidrees

    indeed! people who do not even live in KPK are out to bash away the valiant efforts of this sincere man. Imran Khan is the leader whose democratic rule should be allowed to prevail and like any other system be flourished over time and tweak the problems that will occur. It baffles one’s mind when people say this corrupt system should stay afloat and function, ‘NO’, they have been corrupt they will be corrupt. It’s not a ‘JOB’ for the political parties who have served tyranny for decades, they are operating as businesses and with inexperienced PTI and the amount of flogging they get, I salute Imran Khan for still goign strong against these mighty stalwarts and experienced traitors. InshAllah they will sort it all out.Recommend

  • Xman

    Same can be said about your commentRecommend

  • Xman

    I haven’t announced the result, it’s actually on KPK government website with stats. Please see for your self.Recommend

  • Syed


    I did not even vote, I was out of Pakistan, with my final exams on my head. I talked to to about numerous people living in Karachi and living in Islamabad about who they voted for.

    You know one thing, who use to have the strongest vote bank in the entire country, guess? It was Altaf Hussain, either Karachi loved and rest feared him. There was never a time that the Karachi people would ever dream of voting for someone else, but when I talked to my cousins, friends, anuties, and uncles. They told me something, that when they were walking towards the polling station, huge group of people came silently and said “Anutie please vote for Tabdeli” It was clear even before the election that who is gonna win. Here we had on one hand PMLN who were doing about 4 jalsas a day, Nawaz doing one, Shahbaz doing one, the others by someone from the party. On the other hand we had Imran who alone was doing more jalsas than them combined. The entire setup was to restrict him to one state, so all cheaters remain happy. Tabdeeli in 90 days is not possible without full control, Tabdeeli is him not getting richer after coming in to power, tabdeeli is trying his best, Unlike cheater PMLN: ex, rupee vs dollar may 11 2013: 98 rupees = $1 and then PMLN comes in and what we got on May 11 2014: 98 rupees = $1. Wow magic!!! All those congratulating the government, including IMF and Western influenced media who are also part of this dirty game. The rupees remarkably rises and then comes back to previous rate, and Nawaz says in press conference: “we will not bring it more down as it may damage the import export industry” Wow, and when Imran Khan speaks against these dramas which help PMLN become richer, they all say go do something in your state, let Pakistan be fooled again.Recommend

  • Syed

    you got that right, by the way I am also from US, I know how these people operate: they simply look at other writers and cheaters who are influenced by money, And they start believing in it and then write just like them. They believe winning by rigging is part of democracy and going against it is derailing it, trust me they have no opinion of their own, They are the type of people who would probably believe in letting Hitler finish his term (if he was elected), Zardari and Nawaz are like Hitler for us, the only difference is that they took more money from Pakistan than Hitler killed innocents.Recommend

  • Syed

    Well I agree with you u that we need immediate revolution in Pakistan, but trusting that liar, Qadri, is a big mistake. He made so many holy promises on that day, and played with the feelings of Muslims and then made a deal with the so called ex prime minister and head home.Recommend

  • Above blogger is an idiot.

    I don’t need a democracy if it has no plans to feed 210 million souls. I would be happy with the Chinese model. Please stop preaching democracy is a necessary evil for our growth as a nation. The problem is army always works for this country. It’s the politicians who mess up everything. 7 years of Musharraf and seven years of these idiotic self centred politicians. The results are clear. Recommend

  • hehe

    Mr. Landhiwala, you have a right to disagree with IK and his politics. But you are forgetting that he was and is the first national leader who visited Quetta when more than 50 Hazaras died April’13. And not only that he is on record the only national leader to have openly condemned LEJ by name on account of being involved in terrorism attacks in Pakistan

    Disagreeing someone or having a personal disliking is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you convienently hide the facts and paint one side of the picture about an event or about someone.Recommend

  • Asfandyar Khan

    You can visit kpk and see for yourselfRecommend


    well he is back, like it or not! the deal was for your sake so the likes of you could have the time you need to get out with him! rather than sit in your cozy home expecting a revolution to be served to you on a crystal plate! get off your ass and trust yourself if you might but do come out and join the numbers that make or break a revolution!Recommend

  • Syed

    okay my man don’t assume things, I was in US but I gave up on my online quiz for finance class, stopped studying those entire three or four days when he was giving speech, and when he gave a call that everyone should come as the revolution will start in 1 hour, I forced my cousin in Islamabad, she forced her neighbors to go with her too, and then, magic, finally understood why Imran Khan didn’t join him and will never join him, since Qadri plays the game of politics by saying the true things people want to hear, logically I don’t disagree with him at all, but he doesn’t take any action. this is a type of psychology tactic he used, I have never been ashamed of been fooled before as much I was that day. If he is not like that then lets see him give you that next call which he said will be the last call for action, I am telling you he will again come up with some kind of excuse, but we still won’t be able to speak against him, why? Because everything he said was correct, nothing wrong with it.Recommend

  • Mir

    Sometimes you lefties say the darnedest things.
    It doesn’t matter about his policies on building the nation, on confronting corruption, on his reforms or anything else.
    All that matters to you is that he decided to take a more religious stance. Keep crying, buddy. Your lib’rul tears are delicious.Recommend

  • Mir

    Yeah, how dare touch muh democracy?!?! Muh democracy means muh freedums, don’t they? In a country whose elections are dominated by fundamentalists, landlords, and businessmen, muh democracy is the only way to get muh freedoms.Recommend

  • Asif

    Dr Tahir ul QADRI iMRAN KHAN AND SHEIKH RASHEED combination is recipe of real change in pakistan. soon they will unite to kick this corrupt system. Imran Khan already accepted that dr tahir ul qadri was right.Recommend

  • mudassar

    your article is totally biased, fabricated and far from truth . Imran Khan has always taken stand against rigging, corruption, using state institutions for personal gain . He is a true leader and statesman not like Mr 10% zardariRecommend

  • Harsh

    If people do not realize that you require a third political party to wrestle away power from the two families running democracy, then know this, all hope is lost.

    Pakistan is in a mess, because we chose to help the US fight Afghanistan. What we did was morally wrong, unjustified, and our every bit guilty as the war profiteers within the US who started it all.Recommend

  • themanwhocan

    100bn in swiss accounts collecting interest. Recommend

  • adnan warris

    stop dharna’s already … and start building pakistan …who cares who is the pm … IK should prove himself in KPK govt
    Imran khan sorry sir but this seems like a personal fight and not for pak … daily things are getting worse and you and qadri and refusing to release the political tensionRecommend

  • Tahir Din Ch

    Those people who are they going to be with any other party for support without anything else .Dangerously close to after many years today.Recommend