What makes Pakistan a great country

Published: May 13, 2014

Pakistanis don’t quit. We fight on. Despite our many tragedies, we remain as one of the happiest people in the world.

Flip through our TV channels, skim through our newspapers and scan through a dozen latest international reports on indicators of some sort and they will all give you only a few reasons to be happy about our country. In fact, if you do this long enough, you’ll probably start noticing initial symptoms of prolonged depression.

Are there any problems of the world that this nation has been spared off?

Floods, drought, earthquakes, terrorism, corruption, infant mortality, diseases, illiteracy, sectarian conflicts, ethnic disputes, border disputes, domestic violence, water scarcity, electricity shortages, gang wars and what not.

It’s tragic and scary.

But there is a flip side to all this, a side that is rarely emphasised and ensures that this country’s best days have yet to come. It lies deep in the darkness of our tragedies, a sign of unlimited hope and a never-ending reason to continue believing in this country; our perseverance.

Pakistan is indeed the world’s bravest country.

From Aitzaz Hassan’s sacrifice to the mothers of our martyred soldiers pledging with pride that they’d give more of their sons to the nation if they had any left.

From polio workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), risking their lives to protect the next generation, to the children of Lyari who’ve seen more bloodshed in their lives than most kids around the world have seen in movies.

From the girls in the North who rise for school with the fear of death to the orphans who roam our cities cleaning cars to make a few hundred rupees and support their brothers and sisters.

From the business owner in Karachi who keeps rebuilding his shop time and again after it is burned down time and again to the few honest government workers who continue to drag themselves to work despite the indifference their bosses have to the concerns of the people.

Pakistanis don’t quit.

We fight on.

Despite our many tragedies, we remain one of the happiest people in the world. The Chacha at the Wagah border continues to make us smile with his contagious patriotism. The Pakistani flag continues to flutter atop roofs in all corners of our country.

If only we were not obsessed with what we’ve not been given and instead channelled the greatest gift that God could give a nation – the ability to persevere despite the odds – our best days would’ve already been here.

Which problem of the world is there that a nation like Pakistan cannot solve?

This country shall continue to fight on. We shall fight on till the people of Tharparkar, too, smile and the orphans and girls of our country occupy seats in classrooms. We shall fight on till the chimneys of our factories puff smoke continuously once again and the daily wagers of Karachi never again fear deprivation of their income. We shall fight on till the people of Balochistan and minorities equally pride themselves in being Pakistani. We shall fight on till this country rises. And it will. Pakistan Zindabad.

Faizan Zakir

Faizan Zakir

Currently a Young Development Fellow at the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, an internet entrepreneur and graduate with a joint degree in Economics and Political Science from LUMS. He tweets as @faizanz91 (twitter.com/faizanz91)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Supriya Arcot

    And life goes on and on and on …Recommend

  • Umar Farooq

    INSHALLAH we will fight and INSHALLAH one day we will be the great nation of world.Recommend

  • Adpran

    Since few years ago I often observe Pakistani people’s view on Pakistan through what they write in internet. Mostly of their writing are negative or pessimistic, only few that optimistic like this article.Recommend

  • Abdullah Zafar

    Excellent writing buddy. This made my day. Recommend

  • Guest

    Not bad for a propaganda piece.Recommend

  • deep

    all countries have tragedies – like the starving couple in Homs Syria – everyone finds a way to persevere. That is human nature – you have to find greatness elsewhere in the individual acts of people such as Rashid Rahman. That is what makes Pakistan great.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    Yeah, you are writing as if every one is subscribing to the identity of a “Pakistani”.Recommend

  • sk

    “Which problem of the world is there that a nation like Pakistan cannot solve?”

    Domestic issues such as:

    “…terrorism, corruption, infant mortality, diseases, illiteracy, sectarian conflicts, ethnic disputes, border disputes, domestic violence, water scarcity, electricity shortages, gang wars and what not.”

    I do like the optimism of the article, however, it’s unjust to ignore the many shortages of Pakistan.Recommend

  • IHateDisqus

    Thank God hardly any Indians write such articles on India.Recommend

  • antanu

    a rare sense of hope by a Pakistan blogger…you are right by. ..your voluntary has all sorts of problems but then which country can boast to not have them ? difference is that your intelligentsia use 90% space on 10% negatives whereas 90% positives are hardly getting 10% of coverage.Recommend

  • whitesky

    dil bahalane ko Ghalib ye khyaal achha haiRecommend

  • mfs

    a motivating blog indeed :)Recommend

  • Oats

    It seems that ET is in damage control and avoiding an issue after one writer said Pakistan is a mistake and she is ashamed of the country. It went from printing an article being celebrated by my Indian friends to this! I think Pakistanis will continue to work for the improvement of the nation regardless of negative or positive articles so ET shouldn’t worry at all. And yes, I agree with this article, Pakistan is a remarkable land of determined people. Haters can say their worst but committed people will keep trying their best.Recommend

  • Billoo

    Anything exceptional,eh? Having so many bomb blasts and worst security situation that no sports team would visit it, makes it a ‘great’ country? Why poilio vaccination people need security? Oh that makes it look ‘great’ isn’t mr. Blogger? Ostrich, Sand… Ring bells?Recommend

  • abubakar

    Keep on living in delusions. Media reports those issues because they are indeed happening in this country, you can’t deny that. This over patriotism will cause the (offical) demise of our people one day. Recommend

  • Dajjal

    Q) What makes Pakistan a great country?
    A) Nothing…. But you could probably write a book on what makes it a failed state.Recommend

  • Leila Rage

    Yes, we as a nation are resilient- but that doesnt mean that we should STOP trying to better ourselves or our country.
    We can continue to persevere in this country the way it is, but will perseverance alone save us from being overrun with criminals and psychopaths? NO. So while we should be proud of our strengths we should ALSO continue to try to change the negativesRecommend

  • Ajay

    dream on .. no harmRecommend

  • sherrry

    The views expressed by the writer clearly do not reflect the views and policies of the express tribuneRecommend

  • gp65

    Respect your patriotism. Since you ask which problem in the world can Pakistan not solve, i would like you to take a crack at intolerance. This problem has only ot worse over time in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Yet there are those who are swayed by all the news, which by its very nature is unrepresentative since it reports only the extraordinary, into questioning our entire national project and yearn to go back in time to some mythical pre-partition bliss. We have to remember that our job as Pakistanis is to find solutions and not to just wring our hands.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Inshallah Faizan.

    It a matter of time. We have a long slog but Pakistan will get through it eventually. All of the problems we face are transient in nature and over time as the population gets more educated, the desire to live in a more peaceful and accommodating way will find its way into the national psyche.

    Never despair…Recommend

  • jamshed_kharian_pak

    Beautiful Islamic Republic Of PakistanRecommend

  • Ajay gupta

    It’s not like you have an option apart from being brave, resilient whatever. Those who can, leave the country, but obviously it’s not an option available to everyone.Recommend

  • Usman

    With all due respect, one has to be out of his mind to consider this nation to be great!

    Being a Pakistani, as much as its disheartening but Its time for us to all realize that we are no where close to being good, great to door ki baat. Its about time that one should get out of his lala land!

    State of Denial Author sahib!Recommend

  • bajwa

    Offer a visa of any developed country to any of these Pakistanis then see how quickly your Pakistanis quit Pakistan. Their fight is on until they have no option to flee this country.Recommend

  • Alien1

    you forgot the suicide bombers!!!!Recommend

  • Irony


  • pakiyonkimakaa

    If these kind of things make a great country then i beleive sudan,chad and somalia as well as syria are better than yours……Recommend

  • Fooks

    And innocent people will keep dying cause of our leaders recklessness.And yes life moves on :)
    “happiest people in the world ” We are butchering our own families left right and center , drowning them , eating them cutting them yet we are the happiest people in the world . I guess, you need to come out of closet and see the real Pakistan . Bro!Recommend

  • Usman

    Spot on Fooks!! Either the writer is extremely indifferent of what goes around the world or maybe he is just too innocent to understand the third world problems :)Recommend

  • sharabi

    well Niger, Sudan & Somalia posses the same characteristicsRecommend

  • Humza

    Not just Pakistanis but people from any developing country are keen to run away for any developed country. For example in North America, the number one source of immigrants looking for a better life is India. The reality in a global world is that people want to go for better opportunities. Even a poll of wealthy Chinese showed that most wanted to leave for the West given the chance.Recommend

  • Hamza Ahmed

    All the negativity our country has..people commenting on this blog are either jealous Indians or they have failed English in their school and are unable to understand the article. This article means that what ever Pakistan is going through, people are very brave and courageous to still have a smile on their faces. Every other day so many people are being killed and so many cries but still there are some situation which brings happiness to the most saddest person in the country. Of course Pakistan is going through a tough time, innocents are dying, people killing each other but that doesn’t mean that people should stop smiling, they should hide their happiness. The author means that what makes Pakistan a great country is that what ever Pakistan is going through, all the hardships and all the sufferings, still you will find a smile which can be very heartwarming and soothing. Being Optimistic about something is the first step towards success. Just a few days ago an article was posted about Jinnah making a mistake and Pakistan shouldn’t been formed, that article is sad on how our ancestors struggled to form a new land and now we are not thankful for what we have, Allah gave us this beautiful land and we are not thankful… with this attitude we will not succeed. It is our fault that we haven’t lived up to the expectations and we couldn’t really take care of this beautiful nation, we should not blame them who sacrificed their lives for this country. I realize innocent people are killed each day, but it can be stopped, if we are optimistic and we don’t hesitate to make a move.Recommend

  • khurram

    the impetus of this happiness and rejuvenation is because of our faith and its truthfulness.Recommend

  • Nimra PK

    I love this article! The true patriotism of the writer is being reflected in this and undoubtedly, it spreads optimism, encouraging people not to lose hope. Pakistan Zindabad! Proud to be a Pakistani!Recommend

  • Fooks

    People are here from all over the world and are educated enough to have sound opinions and comments . Being optimist is good , forgetting the facts is not. Statements as ” happiest people in the world” seems rather delusional than real. You need to read around the stats of happiest countries and what happy people look like there. looking at the elite class that’s around us and the partially blessed one that are able to comment on such blogs actually presents 5 % of Pakistan that at this moment is happy enough to make abread and pay tehir bills on time . Rest are not sacrificing if that’s your dilemma to understand rather they don’t have option but to die like rats in blasts, in hospitals, in emergency vans stuck in traffic, killed bu some minsters sons friend and feudal s and burnt in factories due to non compliance of rules and the list goes on .

    Our roots are corrupted as a nation , may it be sports, politics, education, agriculture, culture, our identity, POLIO !!

    So nothing wrong in being optimistic , one should be as we all are, who have stakes in this nation & land . But your point of Indians being jealous actually clarifies what mindset do you have . where did INdia come from in this picture, i am glad u haven’t brought US in already since the main reason for this country s demise is either India or US …lol .Why would Indians be jealous of us ? Give me one good reason and ill call it a day .:)

    and every other day what happens that brings smile to the face of this nation .. good weather ????


  • Ghostrider

    ego and pride that was punctured by hundreds of years foreign rule always make a cheap attempt to get inflated by bashing Pakistan…well it means less a takka to usRecommend

  • Rama Ratnam

    Yes, thank God indeed. Fervently.Recommend

  • Ghostrider

    Today a dreamer tomorrow an achiever…bas Allah nazar e bad se bachayeRecommend

  • Sparrow

    I think its covered under the head of Terrorism!..Recommend

  • Lalit

    situation in Pakistan has been allowed to worsen to the extent,that any sane voice is bound to tick-off a nut-job or an organisation working for the revival of 7th century caliphate.when one can not openly air his views without the actual threat of being shot at point blank,how do you think will people work for betterment of situation ?Pakistani society as a whole has tried to sweep the most intriguing problems under the carpet,instead of taking them head on.saner voices are being taken out one by one,and instead of lambasting those terror-mongers,all this author comes out with is that how some of his countrymen are still smiling.seriously…do they have any other choice ?Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    excellent article we need more article like these our media has left nothing in putting a negative images of pakistan yes we have alot of problems but it doesnt mean we should hold back on all the positive things our great country has to offer.Pakistan zindabad.Recommend

  • meharoof

    Pakistan government controlling its population by bomb blast and internal terrorisamRecommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    Your very name shows the deep hate for Pakistan you harbor. Also you are the one who also comments by the name of PakiMujahid, Lalakimaa raj, lol etc. Your bad grammar and visceral hate for Pakistan always gives you away always! You and the other Indian trolls like mimi sur, Anoop, Raj-USA have only one goal to spread as much hatred and negativity as possible. Also Major Iqbal, Strategic asset, Babloo, sharabi, Guest, whitesky are all Indian trolls.Recommend

  • abubakar

    More like eliticalRecommend

  • abubakar

    Indians are just as much delusional if not lessRecommend

  • pakiyonkimakaa

    Brother..chill..we are not troll..many of us are software engineer in India and are fed up with our job…..Seriously I hate all this 100 billion $ software industry of India and am always coding and coding like other Indians………….So we just chill out on some pakistani websites to make fun of u people and we are just for fun here….haha..bydave u cant negate that just because of kashmir problem pakistan is sending terrorist all over the world…for eg. london bombings and syrian brothers of pakistan…brother join the fight against extremism through a facebook page of english organisation English defence league..u will get to know how much in water u are..and do publish my comment if u are brave enough to have a democratic say in your newspaper……Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Pakistan, my first true love. There is nothing more in this world (except my religion and Prophet Muhammad PBUH) that I love more than this beautiful land of ours. No place on Earth where I feel more connected and related to every man on the street, to even care for them and their wellbeing! No matter what happens, we Pakistanis are truly very stubborn and don’t give up. May Allah allow us to propagate this love of our nation to our children and grandchildren. Ameen. Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad. Recommend

  • Naila

    “Hate hurts the hater more’n the hated.”
    ― Madeleine L’EngleRecommend

  • Naila

    Ameen:) Recommend

  • Mehdi


    Why not fix the ministry of Planning and Development ? Do bribery and corruption ring the bell. I see why you would write a positive article about Pakistan, because life for you is good at PDR. Please introspect.Recommend

  • Sultan Mirza

    I am sorry Faizan but this emotional glamorization doesn’t really help. This is a nation of people where bribery and corruption start from the president and go down all the way to the local breadmaker. Pretty much everyone is out to cheat and steal from his fellow countrymen. We kill each other systematically without giving a second thought. We can’t just gloss over all that by praising the fact that we still fly our flag.Recommend

  • Faizan Zakir

    Well accusing someone of bribery and corruption is pretty easy because in Pakistan you dont really need to have any proof for that. My current assignment is on the restructuring of the Planning Commission which is a part of a larger project on reforming governance across the board.

    As far as corruption is concerned, I hardly get my salary on time and have been burning through my savings to support myself through this one year fellowship at the ministry :)

    I’d love to know what you’re doing for a living and how much of your time you spend on doing something for Pakistan? Given you’re sure that anyone who has anything positive to say about Pakistan is corrupt, I’d love to know how many people who are sure that this country is a hell hole are motivated enough to do something about it.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ayman Zaheer

    Buddy , the writer is just saying that in all the darkness , there is a glimmer of hope and this glimmer will become a huge flame. Nations always rise out of misery after a bad time if they believe in their capabilities & reform themselvesRecommend

  • Muhammad Ayman Zaheer

    well then niger ,sudan & somalia will also be a developed country. Its sad to hear that you view people of Niger ,Sudan & Somalia as not having the vigour to work for their countryRecommend

  • Muhammad Ayman Zaheer

    Dude , why don’t you go fix your own country which has huge poverty levels instead of commenting on other which has huge poverty levelsRecommend

  • Muhammad Ayman Zaheer

    hey brother , appreciate your views , the thing is pakistanis have become to much materialistic but I believe in your point of viewRecommend

  • Muhammad Ayman Zaheer

    And there are too many indians who donot know whats going on in there own country are commenting on the express tribune blogRecommend

  • Muhammad Ayman Zaheer


  • Anwar Kamal

    Pakistan is now a failed country.Recommend

  • Indian Muslim

    What makes Pakistan great is simple – Pakistanis are Arab,Turk, Persian in pakistan, when they go to US, UK or Europe they are Indian. Pakistani’s are anybody and everybody except Pakistani.Recommend

  • Illuminati2014

    Pakistan will be cited as a case study for Islam after a few centuries…People will say ”remember pakistan?”Recommend

  • IHateDisqus

    Definitely less. I don’t remember reading a similar fluff piece in recent times.

    Indians are usually highly critical of everything and that is good because we still have some way to go, but we know we will get there eventually.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    A begger on the street could write you an article on his love for Pakistan, only if he knew how to write. Love knows no barriers. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Dil badal nay Kay liye bhi Aik khyaal hee Karna hota hai. Recommend

  • Hamza Ahmed

    Being Optimistic doesn’t always mean we should ignore reality, that is true Pakistan lives in a fairly bad situation, but it doesn’t mean people should forget to smile. Everybody needs a reason to smile, and I am pretty sure Pakistani’s do have a reason to smile. As far as ‘Happiest people’ is concerned, don’t look at the stats, if anybody believes on the stats, it is completely based on biased views and hatred. Well according to the author, Happiest people means that no matter how much sorrow they have seen, they still have a reason to smile and be cheerful, that is happiness. I don’t care about other countries who’s definition of happiness is having a big house, a lot of money and live nicely. In Pakistan, the definition is completely different, of course nobody has a big house or a lot of money, but they are happy on what they have. They are still living right? They are still smiling and that is the most that they can have, and what we can do for them, just to bring a smile on the face of the most saddest person in the country. It is hard, but not Impossible.Recommend

  • Solomon2

    I think it’s the pixies that make Pakistan great. They may be invisible but they’re everywhere, on every corner, flying through the air, and in the water. Pixies are great because pixies make people smile!

    Why, without the pixies all that would be left of Pakistan is a collection of communities ravaged by murderous hatreds, excessive greed, traditional inertia, and rampant corruption.Recommend

  • sterry

    Most of us do subscribe to the identity of a Pakistani even if we have a Western passport. We still proudly show our Pakistani Shenakhti Card too! Even those of us who live outside the country are in the habit of reading up on events back home on a daily basis. The saying goes, ” You can take a Pakistani out of Pakistan but you can’t take Pakistan out of the Pakistani!” God bless Pakistan!Recommend

  • Alann

    Someone making a blog related to something, and then someone else making another blog countering the former one in next 2 days has been a trend on ET. However, no matter how good your ‘intention’ may be in this specific blog, it is not really going to help fix the ground realities.
    I’ll say what I’ve said multiple times in the past – its time for the Pakistani youth to wakeup. Blogs in support of Pakistan or against it, are not really going to help fix the country. The youth, especially like this author who’s an internet extrepreneur and anyone/everyone else can turn around things in Pakistan. Make use of social platforms like Facebook. Start a group, gather a following, stage protests in major cities of Pakistan, make the Government take notice of you, FORCE the Government to change things.
    You can also help by spreading/circulating pictures with English/Urdu text on Facebook & other popular sites with ‘public service’ messages making the young as well as the old (in age) users of these social sites aware about the importance of a proper education (not the madrassa one), also education for girls, and other things affecting the today’s youth/ holding back the development of Pakistan.

    You can either rise, or suffer for generations to come under/with the Deep State regulating the lives of Pakistanis forever.Recommend

  • Saad Kiani

    dear brother. stupid rhetoric in the name of pointless jingoism should never be construed as an evidence for an objective bias. Pakistan is not the problem pakistanis are. Pakistan as a country is blessed with natural resources and geo-strategic location.

    anyways Pakistan is not a great country and for me that doesn’t matter. to give you an analogy, you see my mother is an ordinary house wife, objectively speaking she has not achieved much in her life. but still i love her. because i don’t need a reason to love my MOTHER and i don’t need a reason to love my MOTHERLAND.
    i cannot change my mother and i cannot change my motherland. this is my identity and i am not ashamed of it.Recommend

  • Gilgit Wala

    Exactly Fooks,..just a joke with a bad smell. Author is in La LA Land.
    This is a ‘feel good’ article. Nothing more. Ask the people who are directly
    effected by all this. India lost 87,000 soldiers in World War II…..Killed.
    So far this country has lost 55,000 civilians. With no end in sight. Sacrifices?
    Politicians? Mullahs? There should be one of each brought out in public every
    Friday,..so the public can spit on them.Recommend

  • Sherkot Ajerwal Kidwai

    Every conqueror who could put together 15 people, would come and conquer
    India…rape and pillage. One of them did it 17 times. Mahmood Ghaznavi.
    Indian basically are just caste, swamis, sadhus, ashrams and Ganga and Jumna.Recommend

  • GreenBlood

    err……nothing actually.Recommend

  • Sid

    In USA, Indians and Chinese form a large amount of “legal immigrants”. Pakistanis are one of the highest “illegal immigrants” just next to mexicans.
    I can present all articles supporting my claims and also the ones which shows that Pakistanis are highest illegal immigrant even in EU. But I am sure you are educated enough to google up these facts.Recommend

  • Usman Ajmal

    Or maybe you need to stop watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show on repeat and go see the real Pakistan, not the Doordarshan version of it.Recommend

  • Khalid Uncle


  • OffThePigs

    You’re not funny.Recommend

  • OffThePigs

    Indian trolls don’t realize that their own country has serious internal issues, hence the high number of immigrants from India. For one thing, 53% of Indians lack access to toilets, which is just appalling. Pakistan also has a similar problem (on a lesser scale), though.Recommend

  • Dante

    Dear Author, I am really happy to read your article. It’s a shame that the people you highlighted are not portrayed in good light by the media (including express tribune). These people are going through the toughest times of their lives yet they possess the true will to live and support their families (yet the express tribune bloggers are bashing Pakistan in the comfort of their air-conditioned dens, and have probably never stepped off their comfy couches). We should look at these poor people and make them an example to follow for ourselves, and realize how lucky we have been to have all the facilities and education, yet we leave no stone unturned in criticizing the country that gave us birth, raised us, and educated us.

    You have done the right thing! I want to see more articles that portray Pakistan in good light. I’m always filled with pessimism and saddened after reading through the frequently published blogs.

    And as for haters, you know where you should report, right?Recommend

  • Dante

    So for those of you who understand the real Pakistan, what have you done so far to change anything?

    Sitting in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room and enjoy a wireless broadband internet to access ET is different than trying to understand the problems of Pakistan. Or maybe you guys are amongst those who have relinquished their identity permanently? In that case, you do not have any right to criticize Pakistan. Just enjoy your life and live on!Recommend

  • whatever

    such love.. where are you living currently sweetie?
    i guess either in the states or in an air conditioned room where the ac is working on the generator!Recommend

  • raj

    but Mr Talha.. get on to the topic.. accusing is not gonna help. Just because someone has indian name does not mean he is indian.. your name is muslim.. should i say your are arabi ?? The point here is to discuss not creating hatred situations. the guy pakion— is an idiot who has the power of internet and he is not using it just because of lack of brain. this is called Brain Drain ;) but if you have brain then instead of accusing, you should make your point here and leave.Recommend

  • sherrry

    Infact he’s patheticRecommend

  • raj

    Mistake my friend.. big mistake… still max number of illegal immigrants in London are Asians and in that Indians on top. In the US, 13% asian are illegal and 2% of the whole illegal are from india making it 5th largest number of illegal migrants in the US behind Honduras. You got to check your facts before writing. Of course, i m not denying the fact that Indians population is massive and therefore u got to believe that the number of illegal migrants would be higher automatically. Not with the case in China as they hesitate to speak in english speaking country.Recommend

  • Usman

    Easier said than done dante.
    No one likes to criticize their own mother country you know.

    God forbid but if one loses his/her loved ones (not one, not two but alot more..) then you might understand where the other person is coming from.

    Easier said than done.

    You might be able to come up with far too many rebuttals but you wouldn’t understand so in that case you may as well carry on :)Recommend

  • NoNy

    How do you see future of Afghanistan ? since the time I have come into my senses I have seen afghani people resisting and surviving against all odds. I think you are missing the point here. It’s not about surviving about the odds that matters in the end, rather it’s is direction that a country in heading in. Pakistan has been put on a very wrong direction by General Zia and our military establishment, if we continue to walk on this road soon we will be another afghanistan or syria or something much more miserable as we are nuclear armed.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    Most of us don’t. Most of Pakistanis don’t have a western passport still they do not subscribe to a Pakistani identity. Those who live outside of the country are a minor group. And ” Pakistan has been taken out of Pakistani a long time ago”. God Bless the “people” of pakistanRecommend

  • hameedullah

    We are not even a “nation” let alone a live nation.Recommend

  • Khuram Khan

    I went over the comments. I was angry first but then I saw the picture of a man in uniform being caressed by an old lady most lovingly.Hats off to whosoever caught this on camera. May I share a similar incident? It was during operations we had to move to another location during day as PAF had assured no enemy aircraft dare attack us. I was a Lieutenant and sitting in a open vehicle. We crossed over from dusty cross country terrain on to mettled road.There I was surprised to see itpeople lined up on both sides of the road holding all sorts of food items. No fear of enemy air ! Then suddenly an old lady just like the one in picture above stepped in front and the driver stopped.Our faces were covered with dust.That old lady came over to me and wiped away dust from my face and put on her own face. Right now I have tears in my eyes but at that time she reminded me of my mother and I held her hands and put them on my eyes. The year was 1965 and day was 6 Step.Recommend

  • Kickass

    You stupid people don’t fall for such gimmicks by the CIA
    RAW and Mossad financed paper like this one. Just ignore such anti state commentsRecommend

  • Usman

    Who doesn’t want his nation to excel and experience some peace & harmony. Problem is that there is no hope – there can never be hope unless there is proper law and system to run the country.
    Sectarian violence is at its peak. Extremism is at next level. Everyone tries to impose his or her beliefs on others as if they know everything. I can go on and on and probably might miss out on something where you’d fill it in.


  • Syeda Uzmaa Farhan

    I have to agree , i see many people complaining about electricity shortage and other major problems yet they have a glimpse of hope and i think pakistanis are used to now so its not a nig deal for them anymore , major govt failure as well,
    Hatts off to pakistanis man !! Recommend

  • sterry

    It just means that there are a lot of Indian trolls on this site who obsess about Pakistan. Let them post all they want – they are easily identifiable and strengthens the resolve of Pakistanis. The fact that Pakistani sites allow them to post their hate demonstrates how confident the nation is and how free the media is. I am sure Indian papers would block Pakistanis using his kind of language against India. And we all know there are more pressing problems in India.Recommend

  • Ahmad Abdullah

    Good to see some positive perspective. We are brave indeed, and Pakistan can never be a failed state, but people who tell you to get out of lalaland…yup,failed as they comeRecommend

  • ZKhan

    Every Country is a failed but it need to understand in what terms!!!!Recommend

  • gp65

    First of all, it is clear that person is trolling as must be evident from his name, so you should just ignore. Secondly, India is free today and 95% of people in India were born in free India. So no one has any complexes visa-a-vis Muslims who ruled us. Forget what Zaid HAmid told you.Recommend

  • gp65

    Very dignified response – from an IndianRecommend

  • gp65

    So are you proud of the rape and pillage? Clearly you must be because you name your missiles after such blokes.Recommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    keep this fun to your self. Also please see a shrink as you clearly have sadistic tendencies.Recommend