10 reasons moms have superpowers and dads don’t!

Published: May 11, 2014

Motherhood makes women an expert in eating with one hand, while feeding or rocking the baby with the other. Somewhat like a superpower.

Although parenthood has its pros – where we can make our strongest pains go away by a simple kiss on our children’s forehead – it can also be difficult to handle at times. Therefore, a little appreciation for the tasks our parents do for us is enough to make their day.

Hence, keeping the nature of the day in mind, I have attempted to list down 10 reasons why our moms deserve special recognition. (Dads, please don’t feel left out. Remember, Father’s Day is round the corner too, so you’ll get your list as well.)


Dads have the privilege to use the washroom privately, at their own discretion, with no interrogation and no one banging on the door asking annoying questions like:

“Mom, are you in there?”

“What is that noise? What are you doing in there?”

“Mommy I need to pee too!”

For mothers, taking long showers is a luxury. They need to be appreciated for the ample amount of patience they have while dealing with us, especially during these situations.

Queens of multitasking

Dads usually complain that that they can’t enjoy their own dinner if they have to eat and feed the children simultaneously. However, with moms, that is not even an issue. Motherhood makes women an expert in eating with one hand, while feeding or rocking the baby with the other, as if she was made with superpowers.

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Moms have gradually mastered these techniques of multitasking. Vacuuming the house with a baby in her arms; cooking while doing the dishes and rehearsing poems with the kids for their recital the next day; ironing and doing laundry whilst talking on the phone; mothers have done it all! If you are a mom, there must have been times when you wished for a third hand… didn’t you?

But how many times have you heard a dad make a similar wish?

Hanging out with friends

I envy Dads a lot for this one.

When they go out to a restaurant to hang out with friends, it’s relaxing time – just friends, him, soft music and food. However, when moms hang out with friends, the situation is the opposite. A moms’ hangout comprises of you and your kids, your friends and their kids, sibling wars, food spilling on clothes, a big mess everywhere and restaurant staff giving you the dirties looks.

Were you planning to relax?

A hang out is not the best option!

No sick leaves

When dads are down with the flu or a cold, they take a day off from work, stay in bed, get pampered by their wives, have chicken soup, take medicines and are in utter bliss; it’s like a mini-vacation! After all, if the kids make a noise, mommy dearest is there to make sure they don’t disturb their father.

“Hush children, please! Don’t make noises. Your dad is unwell.”

On the flip side though, when the mom happens to fall sick, she still doesn’t get a breather! There is no concept of a sick leave from domestic chores. The dad won’t take a day off to look after the sick mommy or the kids and there is no one going,

“Hush now, mom is resting”.

Instead it’s the other way round. All the kids get together in their mom’s bedroom and create havoc. Poor mommy would rather not fall sick than fall sick and be miserable with no one to take care of her!

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Nap times

What is this ‘Nap time’ that you speak of? Nap time is alien to many mothers out there. In fact, they often work as a trigger; it’s like when children spot their moms lying on the bed, eyes closed, almost on the verge of slumber, they have this innate need to ask her all the questions under the sun at that very moment. It’s like sleep is their enemy, even if they aren’t the ones sleeping, and so they march their way forward, armed with ammo and endless questions.

“Mom, I can’t find my socks!”

“Mom, can you please open your eyes?”

“Mom, can I have ice cream please?”

“Mom I need to pee.”

“Mom, nobody is playing with me; will you play hide and seek with me?”

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Sick and tired of all this bugging, the poor mom has no other option but to drag herself out of bed.

So much for a peaceful nap.

Washroom time between lunches

Alright, here is a question to the all the dads out there, can men eat, pause, go to the washroom to wash the toddler, who is waiting on the toilet seat, then return and resume eating without saying a single word? Especially if it happens to you all in the midst of lunch, every day?

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Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Getting ready

For fathers, getting ready means taking a shower, changing and spraying on a nice cologne. For mothers, it means getting all the children ready first, putting stuff in the take-along bag and then scurrying to get dressed herself while her dashing husband groans saying,

“What’s taking you so long?”

Source: Gurl.com

The nine months

It’s not easy doing household chores or office work while carrying a baby in ones womb, and enduring morning sickness and fatigue for nine months. Believe me, you can’t appreciate your mom enough for that.

Source: Thestir.cafemom.com

The excruciating delivery process

A human body can bear up to 45 Dels of pain. At the time of the delivery, while the woman is in labour, she undergoes up to 57 Dels of pain. This amount of pain is equivalent to 20 bones being broken at the same time.

How many men can endure that?

Yup, moms have superpowers.

Source: Crushable.com

On duty, 24/7

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working woman, you’ve got to be available for your children at all times. This will include waking up in the middle of the night to check on them, taking them to the washroom to pee, soothing them, comforting them after they have seen a bad dream at night or even feeding them (if you have a toddler).

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Moms are great because they can survive even with a few hours of sleep and attend to phone calls despite the noisy background.

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Encompassing all its challenges, motherhood is still the best job in the world! Some jobs are just too valuable to be compensated in monetary terms. So start appreciating your moms, give them a tight hug every day before you leave for school or work and make them feel special. They deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the supermoms out there!

Iram Moazzam

Iram Moazzam

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