If Amal Alamuddin can bag George Clooney, so can we!

Published: May 4, 2014

So, Mr Clooney, how does it feel to be on the other side of the coin? PHOTO: AFP

Dear Mr Clooney, 

To most of us, Amal Alamuddin was just another name – she could be a friend, a neighbour or another acquaintance. But what we really didn’t know was that this name would one day be linked to you.

We would have never guessed that you of all people, the fantastic silver fox of Hollywood, would tie the knot and that too overnight! She is engaged to you, the ‘world’s sexiest man’ and one of the most sought-after bachelors. I hope your ego has taken a huge boost while you read this. She has set the standard so high that if we had to let go of generations of infatuation, we would be glad that we’ve lost you to her. Because we approve!

You need to know that Ms Alamuddin has made the entire Muslim community, which is usually under fire for some reason or the other, proud. And not just the Muslim community but even the world’s working female populace.

Do you have any idea how hard it is for a woman to work and then come home just in time to set food on the table? And are we thanked for it?


But ultimately this is the price we have to pay. We, women, juggle priorities for most of our lives and for women who make their careers their first priority, you have made this sacrifice worth it.

I think women today can’t decide whether to be jealous of Ms Alamuddin or Ms Alamuddin’s curriculum vitae (CV).  You are betrothed to a woman who has not only advised Kofi Annan, former secretary-general of the United Nations (UN) and who acts now as a joint special envoy of the UN and Arab League on Syria (huge deal by the way) but also represented the controversial Wikileaks founder and king of the free media movement, Julian Assange.

I mean how many women can come home and when asked about their day say,

“Nothing much, I just represented Ukraine’s former prime minister.”


“Yeah, the day was okay. I am now heading the committee that is investigating an assassination, no big deal.”

Well, it may not be a big deal for you Ms Alamuddin but such an impressive CV makes me want to work even harder and beat this record. I don’t want to merely come home and rant to my parents about how my boss makes me do coffee runs every half hour, especially, since potential suitors are no longer on the horizon.

So, Mr Clooney, I hope you understand what you are getting yourself into. Ms Alamuddin is not one of your usual conquests. She isn’t blonde, a waitress and isn’t vaguely familiar. The pressure is on you though because she is one of Britain’s most eligible bachelorettes and was recently voted London’s hottest lawyer. She has so many credits to her name that it makes me wonder if you haven’t already developed an inferiority complex.

Even if you haven’t developed one yet, don’t worry, it’s quite inevitable.

Mr Clooney, how does it feel to be on the other side of the coin? After all, there is always a first time for everything.

As for us Pakistani women, we still dream those old-fashioned thoughts which make headway in our lives through the preposterous rishta aunties (matchmakers). Do you know the notorious demands we have to meet?

  • Lose weight – size zero is the new size two.
  • Learn how to cook (and cook well!)
  • Wear a dupatta at all times (and properly!)
  • Marriage comes first; study later (if you really, really have to).

I hope you understand now, how hard it is being a girl in Pakistan where marriage usually takes precedence over everything so much so that when my grandmother prays for me, she doesn’t pray for a successful career, a financially independent life or even a bright future; the only thing she prays for is a ‘good’ husband – as if all the wrongs will automatically become right as soon as I get married.

Unfortunately, such is the Pakistani mentality.

But not for Ms Alamuddin. With a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Oxford University, a Master of Law (LLM) from New York University and a Bar of England and Wales (Inner Temple), she makes success look effortless. Kudos to her! And I wish my grandmother could pray for these things instead!

So, tell me Mr Clooney, how was your first date? What did you guys talk about? What convinced you she was the one? I know for one, I could surely use the help.

I hope she didn’t use her top-notch barrister skills to seal the deal or serenade you bilingually. Note to self – knowing languages other than Urdu and English is always a plus.

Did you meet her parents? Did you charm them? Did you portray the charismatic Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven or the lovable Matt King in The DescendantsDid she serve you tea?

I’m asking because well, here in Pakistan, ‘tea serving’ plays a major role in marriage forays and hence, I assumed she might have done the same. But I guess she’s a Lebanese human rights lawyer engaged to the gorgeous ‘you’ so she’s already broken all stereotypes, right?

For what it’s worth Mr Clooney, do thank Ms Alamuddin on our behalf for showing us how to master the art of success so skilfully. Practicing law, defending ex-prime ministers and coming home to cook a meal, she really knows how to bake a cake and eat it too!

And if she can do it, so can we. Take that, you doubtful rishta aunties!

She is a rich, influential, engaged woman and is still at the top of her game. It makes me wonder if we have been doing it all wrong this whole time; who knows, had we tried to forget the nagging rishta aunties, we might have been with our own ‘George Clooneys’ by now!


Big dreams, tall ambitions and hot on the market for rishta aunties.

Zehra Qureshi

Zehra Qureshi

A law student who has interests as diverse as International relations and celebrity grapevine. She tweets @zehraque (twitter.com/zehraque)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Dante

    What are you trying to say? Bottom-line? Conclusions?Recommend

  • Critical

    My IQ dropped 5 points reading this….
    Now how and why is this an achievement?? Everyone knows that George Clooney will date anything that moves and he has a huge conquest of women more than Charlie Sheen of Hollywood..I give this marriage 2 years maximum provided how Clooney is and maybe he might turn up straight..

    So how is Clooney marrying a muslim make the entire muslim world proud?????
    Or why is Pakistani girl so excited when a Lebanese women got married to Clooney???Recommend

  • TiredofBadJournalism

    Just. Please. Stop. Writing… Crap. Recommend

  • Asad

    I need to wash my eyes now….Recommend

  • Tehzeeb

    Really well written! Didn’t know that Clooney was engaged to such a dynamic woman- a well deserved applause for the writer, best of luck looking forward to reading more of her articlesRecommend

  • privali

    OMG this is the most ridiculous article ever, comparing what really, in the west there are many girls who die dreaming to get marrried from weight to skin, it is all about looks in the west (have you ever seen a white girl who is fat getting married and living happily with her husband, lets just say, chances are slim!), in addition, those who do get married get divorced (more than half of them), as far as Pakistani Girls are concern, for sure, there are many ills in our society that needs to be addressed and corrected, however, a family is definitely not one of them. There is a need to make families stronger and happier though. So to summarize, Ms Alamudin, though a muslim, should not be any muslim girls role model. Besides, what the hell was she thinking, he is atleast, her fathers age, they keeps on criticizing muslim men for marrying younger girls, and their own society is riddled with such stories, from larry king to now clooney all in the same boatRecommend

  • Jim

    Ms Zehra, I don’t think you realize that
    1. Clooney is a 52 year old divorced man
    2. Alamudin is his girlfriend no 25 officially (unofficially as per Hollywood magazines he’s slept with hundreds of women and he admits to it)
    With this kind of a background, it is actually Alamuddin’s loss. She should have married a guy with some sort of ‘character’.Recommend

  • Pota

    Great article! Aspirations & achievements draw successful men’s attention! Recommend

  • Fed Up Indian

    “You need to know that Ms Alamuddin has made the entire Muslim community, which is usually under fire for some reason or the other, proud.”

    Technically, she’s not Muslim, she’s a Druze.Recommend

  • Alan Faqeer

    I am sorry that the rishta Aunties got you down. Otherwise your attitude and looks, height, and personality are totally like her, in-fact better than her. It could have totally been you.Recommend

  • http://miraatu.wordpress.com/ Asaaki

    While Ms Alamaddin must be hardworking with brains worth envying, I find the amount of drooling over both Clooney and Alamuddin appalling.

    There are more valuable things in the world than the superficial and materialistic qualities of being famous, being sexy, working in Hollywood, and talking to people who receive obese paychecks from the U.N. or have been given the title “Prime minister” mostly out of power-hunger and not substance of character or selfless sacrifice for their nations, and who live in fancy luxury homes while entire communities of the people of their countries live in poverty and other terrible conditions.

    And for the record, getting married and raising children to be scholars, revolutionaries and leaders of the nation is definitely “success” too.

    May the rishta aunty find you someone who will love you for who you are but also help you open to your eyes to things of true and lasting worth, so you can look past the glamor and glitz and raise children who will be an asset to the nation and to the entire Ummah because of being something more than famous or Oxford-graduated.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    seriously ..you guys r suffering from inferiority complex..Get a life and move on..Whats the big deal..A man is marrying a woman..How does it become such a big news or it is an achievement for Ummah..as it seems while i m going through various newspaper website except my own indian one..Recommend

  • Kick boxer

    She is not a Muslim, she is a Druze.Recommend

  • Nobody

    While I try to avoid being overly critical of another person’s work and I mean no offense, the title doesn’t fit here (I understand ET chooses that) and I’m not quite sure HOW, but this article almost sounds more sexist than pro women; I don’t think that’s what you were going for. Anyhow, keep writing. Cheers.Recommend

  • Saad

    So author herself a law student, dreaming of Clooney ? Well keep dreamingRecommend

  • Mahin

    Thank you for voicing the thoughts of every educated Pakistani female. :) Kudos!Recommend

  • aftab

    i don’t know what to say. dekho meray halaat, ma condeeshunzRecommend

  • Mo

    It’s funny how you are comparing yourself to an Oxford and NYU graduate, an established human rights lawyer, and an adviser to the former UN secretary general.Recommend

  • Maryam bokhari

    Y r we so confused today? Does religion not matter at all?apart from his looks (which in his case wd not take long to fade anyway) what is it that makes young Pakistani girls say such things as Zahra? That he is a Christian and you INFACT cannot be married to him islamically so you would be living in sin? That your illegitimate children henceforth wd not know which God to believe in or which version to follow?

    The fact for young educated Pakistani girls to declare George Clooney as the ideal man and amel as being the epitome of envy says nothing abt these celebraties reality but unfortunately our own? The man not only is promiscuous for 50 yrs but also promotes low morality, sex and alcoholism in films openly ! That would be what your children would grow up to admire and become…!

    What part if being Amal or the life she is choosing is enviable? Or is it that such values are being forgotten by not just non Muslims but we the heirs of our Prophet (saw) as well?…sorry my bad.Recommend

  • Mik

    She’s Druze, not muslim.Recommend

  • Iqra

    For hitting the nail right on the head;Brilliant efforts!!!!Recommend

  • S Khan

    Her marriage or engagement is a personal matter and I won’t comment on it. I would like to say that you have embellished her Vitae. Every lawyer states that he or she has represented and advised Prime Minister or President or the UN Envoy. No one knows the truth. She has impressive credentials but I think you are exaggerating. No offense intended. Many students join prestigious chambers every year in London and become renowned lawyers. There are many more young barristers in London (even Muslims) who have become famous is such a short time. She works for Doughty Street Chambers. Doughty Street Chambers is a nice law firm but it does not appear in the top ranked chambers. I am not a typical Pakistani who finds faults in everything. I know many young lawyers, some of them are my university fellows, who are very prominent in London’s law circles.
    NB: Yuliya Volodymyrivna was represented by S. Vlasenko. In order to confirm, you can read the judgment on website of European Court of Human Rights.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Yea…Yea…Yea…..at the end of the day she’ll be known as Mrs George Clooney ….and as my friend Nandita has said ‘ What’s wrong in that ?
    ( thats the first thing that popped into my head…….second thing is here we are talking about George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin….not normal you and me )Recommend

  • Gingo

    Has George Clooney’s relationship with Ms Alamuddin made the Agonist community proud? I think not. Why do we always have to bring in a religious angle for acceptance of such news.Recommend

  • Anjaan

    @ Zehra Qurashi,
    Clooney is the typical charmer of a man, without much substance … perhaps one of the most pretentious men in the world of American celebrity elites, a man of average intellect and just plain lucky …
    You are right, that she is not the usual conquest, that the likes of Clooney are used to … but then, is it not in the nature, the gens and hormones of women to offer themselves as the vanquished, at some point in life … ??Recommend

  • ShockandHorror


    How can you be so sure that Amal is Muslim? The present Lebanese Constitution officially acknowledges 18 religious groups (see below). These have the right to handle family lawaccording to their own courts and traditions, and they are the basic players in Lebanon’s complex sectarian politics.


    Armenian Catholic

    Armenian Orthodox

    Assyrian Church of the East

    Chaldean Catholic



    Greek Catholic

    Greek Orthodox



    Latin Catholic





    Syriac Catholic

    Syriac Orthodox

    Being a Pakistani law student, you just had to assume that she is Muslim?Recommend

  • Miss Syed

    What’s so good about getting married at the age of 37 to a man who is 53+ and has had a history of being ” the flirting king ” I don’t know why the so called liberals and open minded being abhor the thought of getting married Young! Why is marriage or commitment considered a hurdle in the way of a successful career? Frankly speaking, Every single human craves companionship and commitment…I admire young people who get married young, start a family in their youth and still manage to have an amazing career. Victoria Beckham one such example ( Though, i am not a fan) why can’t MARRIAGE or commitment, starting a family be celebrated as well? Even if, just for a change.Recommend

  • Annie

    The statistics for divorce are high for the first-time marriage in US and even higher for second or third marriage. Judging from the string of relationships Mr. Clooney has engaged in the past, I wonder if Miss Alamuddin has realistic expectations from their relationship or may be she is not looking for a life-time commitment either.Recommend

  • Adnan

    You need to first get your facts right my dear. Amal Alamuddin is not muslim. She belongs to a separate community called the “Druze.”Recommend

  • Danish

    Ms Qureshi! This is indeed a perfectly written article. Ms. Alamuddin surely has the upper hand. She’s an absolute “checkmate” to the world’s so called most sought-after bachelor Mr. G. Clooney.Recommend

  • san

    tu rishta qabool samjay..Recommend

  • Ali

    So many We’s(uffff), well she ain’t pakistani, get over it.Recommend

  • Woman

    Thank you.Recommend

  • Adnan

    Sorry, but Alamuddin is not muslim, she belongs to a sect called the “Druze.”Recommend

  • toni

    okay the girl with big dreams and tall ambitions lets see who can bag! all the best nonetheless! I hope you get your George Clooney!Recommend

  • Omar

    “You need to know that Ms Alamuddin has made the entire Muslim community, which is usually under fire for some reason or the other, proud.”

    Does it mean the sole purpose of the muslim women is to get married to a non muslim film star ? What has proud got to do it with? Does Islam encourage this?
    Where are the so called educated muslim women heading? Or education is just a cover to integrate in the western society?

    I donot encourage the marriage related practices and mindset we have in Pakistan, but I find this absurd. Would the educated muslim women had felt proud if Ms Alamuddin had got engage to a muslim guy ?Recommend

  • not-so-alamuddin

    what exactly are you trying to say?Recommend

  • baig

    This is really not the lost cause for ms Alamuddin. The marriage with Mr Clooney will make her more famous all over the world. so will the divorce. That will be a big boast to her career.Recommend

  • Sadia Khan

    You must have spent a lot of time writing this junk.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    How about educating us. Is she a Muslim or not. Are the Druze Muslims. The name signifies she is a Muslim. If she is one she cannot be married to a Christian. Allah’s Decree is very clear. If she denounces Islam & accepts Christianity then she becomes a Murdad. A Murdad in Islam deserves the Death Penalty.Recommend

  • KS

    How has she made the Muslim world proud by marrying George Clooney? It’s not like she invented a time machine or flying cars! Recommend

  • sashayub

    kid, you need to get a life………..stop writing rubbish and ET should stop publishing rubbish churned out by its Sub-EditorsRecommend

  • Noman Ansari


  • Noman Ansari


  • Parvez

    Lighten up……here we are not talking about a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or an Klingon……..the subject is George Clooney….yeah ! ( ….and yes I’m a fan )Recommend

  • Eli Ehsan


  • SamSal

    “You need to know that Ms Alamuddin has made the entire Muslim community, which is usually under fire for some reason or the other, proud. And not just the Muslim community but even the world’s working female populace”

    How exactly?Recommend

  • joding1

    Druze is from a branch of Islam, tho their religion is dif from other Islam groups, but still Islam. So yes, it does make them Muslim. As far as what they practice in their Religion, haven’t heard enough on it to say. They say they aren’t Arab tho. Yet the name does imply it.Recommend

  • OB

    “You need to know that Ms Alamuddin has made the entire Muslim community, which is usually under fire for some reason or the other, proud. And not just the Muslim community but even the world’s working female populace.”

    Assuming she is Muslim (which I’m not sure she is) how does marriage to George Clooney make the Muslim community proud? Has she fought back against Islamophobia in the West? Is she leading by example in how she practices her faith, namely keeping it to yourself and not shoving it down other people’s throats? How does she make the world’s female populace proud? All she has proven is that privilege begets privilege. She’s not an underdog who has married a topdog. She’s been in high-lying circles her whole life.

    “We, women, juggle priorities for most of our lives and for women who make their careers their first priority, you have made this sacrifice worth it.”

    The sacrifice is only worth it because there’s a man at the end of the tunnel?

    “But not for Ms Alamuddin. With a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Oxford University, a Master of Law (LLM) from New York University and a Bar of England and Wales (Inner Temple), she makes success look effortless.”

    Of course she makes it look effortless. Everything comes easy for those who come from privilege. Like I said, this is not the Slumdog Millionaire love story the media (and you) are so keen to portray it as.Recommend

  • Sharoon

    She’s not even a Muslim for God’s sake. She’s a Lebanese DRUZ… Stop glorifying.Recommend

  • Bano

    You should be ashamed as a woman writing like this of “bagging men”. He should be honoured to be marrying such an incredible lady who is defending Al-Senussi at the ICC in Libya, who is such an incredibly successful woman at the age of 36. He should be proud to have bagged such a woman.Recommend

  • Honorary citizen

    The sad news is that the coverage of this marriage reflects the collective failure of the Muslim world.

    I have known Gerge Clooney to be a great actor, his roles are always witty and he played in some smart political thrillers (anti-American in tone, so you would think he would be more popular than her in the Arab world). Never bothered to read upon his personal, hedonistic life. I just know he was the most wanted bachelor in Hollywood. You would think that his marriage would be a great headline in the celebrity and gossip section. But to my surprise, this is huge in the Arab world. Isn’t pitiful that many Arabs and Muslims are celebrating this is as ground-breaking (she is not even a Muslim) or some kind of victory? A thousand years ago Arab scientists were on the front-font in medicine and astronomy. Now that Muslims in general have nothing to offer to world in terms of advancement, they get excited because some Arab woman married a high profile Westerner.

    Isn’t this just sad?Recommend

  • Honorary citizen

    Druze do not consider themselves to be a Muslims, and you claim others do, which the majority does not, like the majority does not regard Alawites or Ahmdiyyas as Muslims.Recommend

  • this kid needs to get a life and stopping fretting about who George Clooney bagged or not….its amazing to see the type of trash Sub-Editors for ExpressTribune churn outRecommend

  • Curious

    Where does it say in Quran that the Murdad must face death penalty. Furthermore, Quran says explicitly that there is no compulsion in religion. And finally, how does our existence become a trial unless we have freedom to make choices. Please think over these and do not spread things in the name of Islam which are not. Thanks.Recommend

  • everybody

    You avoid being critical? Are you joking? Please go through your comments which negate the first sentence of your commentRecommend

  • everybody

    You avoid being critical? Are you joking? Please go through your comments which negate the first sentence of your commentRecommend

  • unbelievable

    Nice entertaining blog – based on some of the comments I think some people take life too seriously.Recommend

  • MJ

    Miandaddy @Miandaddy · 5h

    If you want to lose hope in Pakistani print media, read ET. If you want to lose hope in the nation itself, read the comments on ET FB page.Recommend

  • farrah khalid

    The tweets were the only part of this article that made sense. The attack on rishta aunties was superfluous. Amal grew up in beirut and in quite a different environment. Not sure.y ur portraying her as some sort of an oppressed pakistani girl who crusaded against rishta aunties and was bold enough to chase her dreams. This is not to discourage u. Keep writing. Just write with greater clarity and stronger links.Recommend

  • bmniac

    An arabic name is not necessarily a muslim name!Recommend

  • Moby

    Oh these ET and their wanna be a gora ramblings. Get a life cow filth of a paper. Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Actually it is very difficult to answer questions from people who do not know the basics of their Religion. You must know that all knowledge flows from the Quran & Hadeeth. So Google away & find out who is a Murdad. Add to everyone’s knowledge.Recommend

  • abubakar

    You took words from my mouth… :-)Recommend

  • TwinkleTwinkleLittleIshtar

    don’t quit your day job for a writing gig.
    oh wait.Recommend

  • Joseph

    Alamuddin is a common surname for Lebanese Muslims in particular. Religion probably isn’t her highest priority. Maybe she regards other things like her rank in society to be more important..Recommend

  • DD

    Inferiority complex at its peak!Recommend

  • sterry

    Thank goodness she isn’t Pakistani. A middle aged actor winds up marrying some desperate lawyer in London and somehow, impressionable young women are impressed? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the stupidity of anyone who thinks this is some great accomplishment! Pakistani women can find better role models. Let Arab young women keep marrying divorced old men!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Balanced comment……. I say, lets assume that she’s a ‘ good human being ‘……that would make her a better Muslim ( assume that she is one ) than many of the chest thumping variety we have seen spring up over the last three decades.Recommend

  • Nobody

    You should do the same and attempt to differentiate between commentary [whether in the form of constructive criticism or a generic comment] and just being nasty for the sake of being nasty. Have you read some of the nasty things people write under these blogs?? Me offering an opinion [whether in agreement or disagreement] about someone’s writing or writing something along the lines of “PLEASE STOP WRITING” or “THIS IS GARBAGE” is not the same thing.
    Please hone your cognitive skills.

    P.S. You follow my comments that closely? I don’t whether to be flattered or insulted.

  • HAb

    WTH? i wasted my precious five mins in trying to figure out what this Clooney nd Amal obsessed girl wants to say!Recommend

  • Evelyn Andrew-Thompson

    LETS ROCK THIS Recommend

  • Saad Kiani

    exactly, i am still trying to figure out how croonie marrying a muslim made entire muslim community proud LOL.

    Ali Moeen nawazish, Arfa karim, malala yusufzai, shujaat mirza Dr.abdus salam etc. are the people make me feel proud as a pakistani.Recommend

  • Vel

    So, what exactly was your point again?Recommend

  • Ahmed baloch

    To all the Pakistanis, stop worrying about her marriage to a non Muslim or her religion bcoz she will answer her questions! What Islamic Republic of Pakistan is doing with balochs in Baluchistan doesn’t make it any Islamic either. There are better things to be discussed rather than worrying about these two individuals.. It’s very easy to talk about who is a Muslim and who is not, if you really care then ask your government to stop killing innocent children, women and men in Baluchistan whom you label raw agents of so called India and kill them with no evidence. Mothers are waiting for years to see their missing young sons, fathers are waiting for their daughters to return home but you and your media are busy discussing irrelevant matters. Shame! And yet we mock at others!Recommend

  • loyalindian

    Look at the pathetic headline. Seriously!!Recommend

  • shah

    She is a Druze…they are not Muslims….article is very stupidRecommend

  • LS

    Her father is a Lebanese Druze, Mother is a Sunni Muslim. So what is the punishment in this case when a Muslim marries into a Druze? Kindly also educate us what are the punishment for Muslim girls marrying a Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, Jain, Sikh etc…

    Col Sahib. Religion is by people for the people, all of them were written by humans (I know you won’t agree but that is the truth) If God was really interested in thrusting its own religion on humans then all humans on earth would be following the same religion (its easier that way isn’t it?)

    If the god is one (as all religions believe then why are there so many religions?) Why was the religion historically restricted to certain geographic areas (Christianity/Islam and Jews) in the middle east and then gradually spread), Hindusim/Sikhism/Jainism/Buddhism in Indian Subcontinent and south East/Far East Asia to begin with? How come spread of the religion was so restricted to human movement, because our gods are inherently universal but could not enforce same religion on single earth? I wonder what is the religion on other planets where there are living beings?

    In the era where barbarism and tribalism was rife, resources were scarce it was just a mechanism to unite people by coercion and threat (Do this else the god will be mad at you and you will go to hell) and you sir fell for it… A god that is expected to love all of its children cannot be selective can it?

    So stop saying this person should be killed or that person should be killed just because you don’t agree to it. There is life beyond religion and its beautiful, religion today is best described as your spiritual relationship with Almighty, do not force it on others.Recommend

  • LS

    God help Pakistani Judiciary, if people like her would become lawyers and judges down the line

    A decent Analyst can do a better job let alone a lawyer…Recommend