Every Jew is not a Muslim foe!

Published: May 7, 2014

Orthodox Jews in support of Palestine. PHOTO: AFP

At the very outset of this blog, I would appeal to the readers to be open-minded. To label, without any basis, all Jews outspoken in favour of tolerance to Muslims or vice versa, of having some hidden agenda or being sponsored by vested interests, is similar to a non-Muslim making such a generalisation for all tolerant Muslims. Being an Indian Hindu, writing on this topic, I ought to clarify that I am far from being an Islamophobe, nor am I an uncritical admirer of the Israeli stateI have written this article only out of a commitment to world peace.

Some say that Jews have eternally been enemies of Islam. But Islamic theology provides no room for hate-mongering or violence against any religious grouping as a collective, least of all Jews. In fact, the role model for every practising Muslim, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), demonstrated on several occasions how hatred can be fought by way of humanitarian affection, and if some Muslim suggests that I, as a non-Muslim, should not take interest in Islam, then how does he/she expect non-Muslims to not misunderstand his/her religion?

It is also very important to note that all Jews are not elite businessmen controlling the economies of their respective countries but many of them are not that well off and are part of other vocations. As for ludicrous conspiracy theories, I must point out that, believing what sounds like music to one’s ears without concrete evidence comes naturally to many people (irrespective of religion), but it doesn’t help solve problems.

Speaking of the creation of Israel and the Deir Yasin massacre, many Jews, including Albert Einstein, had strongly condemned the same. Israel has a thriving civil society that passionately fights for the rights of Palestinians. Indeed, many Israeli writers have condemned the wrongdoings of their own government.

There are Israeli-Jewish playwrights who have tried to sensitise people to the Palestinian narrative through their plays. There are Israeli -Jewish journalists ridiculing their own extremist leaders and peace-loving Israelis are vocal on social media too. There are also strongly anti-Zionist religious Jews in Israel itself, who want to undo the creation of Israel and live as Palestinian citizens though, I do not believe this is a practical proposition. Moreover, there is a group of Jewish women called ‘Women in Black’ who protest against human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories and as one of their members, following the noble tenets of Judaism, puts it,

“I couldn’t be a Jew and not get involved with Women in Black.”

A Swedish activist of Israeli origin declared, after being attacked aboard the Gaza Flotilla, that

“We promise that we will go again and again to Gaza, until Gaza and Palestine are free.”

There are also moderate Zionists criticising hard-line Zionist positions and praising Islam as a beautiful religion, and there have been several instances of Jews saving lives of Muslims and vice versa, in the spirit of humanity, which lies at the heart of all religions (refer to verse 5:32 of the Quran).

In fact, historically speaking, several Arab Muslim rulers like Saladin (ra), Umar (ra) and Sulaiman (ra) were very tolerant of the Jews, even giving them positions of power, and so were the Arab kings who ruled over Spain. Even today, interestingly, in Iran, for example, which is a vociferous critic of Israel, Jewish citizens of Iran are given complete religious freedom, and they run their own hospitals, libraries, religious schools and even a newspaper, and a seat is reserved for them in the Iranian parliament. They also have a history of contribution to the Iranian army. Many of them are proud Iranians refusing to migrate to Israel, even rejecting monetary incentives by the Israeli government. Many Iranian Jews have also come out on the streets protesting against human rights violations by the Israeli state machinery.

Muslims, following their religious edict of humanity, in its entirety, being a family that descended from one couple should be humanists devoted to the truth. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself said that Muslims must stop fellow Muslims from oppressing anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim (Shahi Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 43, Hadith 624) . Therefore, a true Muslim must condemn terrorist attacks by Palestinians that take the lives of innocent men, women and children as much as he/she condemns the wrongdoings of Israel.

Israel is a stable democracy with some political parties in Israel emphasising peaceful relations with the Palestinians, and one such political party, ‘Yeir Lapid’, has even made considerable electoral headway.

Also, apart from Palestinians living in the occupied territories, it must be noted that Muslims residing within the borders of Israel, have been conferred equal rights as Israeli citizens, have gone onto become army generals, cabinet ministers, Supreme Court judges and other than being governed by Muslim personal law, and with any non-Muslim having complete freedom to embrace Islam as his/her faith, some occasional issues confronting any pluralistic society notwithstanding. In this context, there is a video of a practising Muslim of Pakistani origin who drastically changed from being anti-Jewish to being a lover of Israel, which is a must-watch.

The two-state solution is the only viable solution to the conflict, which is supported even by many moderate Palestinians, but that will only be possible only if a section of Palestinians resorting to terrorism gives up that un-Islamic path, which in turn gives Israel its much needed sense of security to the effect that Palestinians recognise its right to exist.

The creation of Israel was wrong even in my opinion (though there are many people, including those, who are not in the least prejudiced against Muslims and even many Muslims themselves who disagree), but undoing it now would neither be practically possible nor fair after so many decades. It would be akin to all those who were partition refugees in India and Pakistan now going back to their homelands on the other side of the border and trying to reclaim their houses from those currently living there or Red Indians in Canada and the United States wanting to drive out everyone else living in those countries (including many Muslims, many of Pakistani origin).

Such a compromise, in the larger interest of peace, is in line with the tenets of Islam. While Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s life illustrates this beautifully, verse 2:224 Quran [as explained by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)] also drive home this point very well, suggesting that compromises could be made for the larger cause of peace and goodwill. Once that is done, Israel will have no excuse to hold on to Gaza and West Bank, and non-violent resistance of the Gandhian variety (which has no room for stone-pelting) can help win more international sympathy for the creation of an independent Palestine.

Mahatma Gandhi, who had opposed the creation of Israel, who used to read the Quran in Arabic with understanding and was killed by a Hindu extremist for trying to protect and safeguard Indian Muslims in the wake of the partition, had said that Satyagraha is a form of jihad! And yes, Israel apart, alienating or turning violent against the tiny Jewish minority of Pakistan goes against Mr Jinnah’s vision of a Pakistan free from religious antagonism and is disrespectful to the white strip in the Pakistani flag.

Do you think it is fair to label all Jews of having a hidden agenda?

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Karmanye Thadani

Karmanye Thadani

A lawyer by qualification, he is a freelance writer based in New Delhi, India. He formerly worked as a research associate in a leading Delhi-based public policy think-tank, the Centre for Civil Society (CCS), where he did research on primary education in India. While in high school, with a friend, he invented an eco-friendly, medically safe cleansing agent that was selected to be presented at the national level in the Intel Science Fair. He tweets as @KarmanyeThadan1 (twitter.com/KarmanyeThadan1)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Critical

    Arent Pakistanis hypocrites when they are against Israel for creating a nation based on religion and thereby resulting death of thousands when their own country was created based on religion and resulted in death of millions????Recommend

  • moishe pippick

    Great article. Its also with mentioning that there are millions of Jews, especially in the USA, who have never been to Israel and really never even think about it and have nothing to do with the place. They are just peoplelivin g their lives like anyone in Pakistan.Recommend

  • HowdyNSA

    Every Muslim is not a Israeli enemy.

    But that doesn’t stop them from starving every Muslims they can starve, or torturing every Muslims they can torture, or spying on every Mosque they can get the Americans or Europeans to spy on for them, or invading every Muslim country they can get the Americans or Europeans to invade.

    Why is it that Israelis are always telling other people not to behave in the way they do?

    Why is it that Israelis always say it is bad when other people behave in exactly the same way that Israelis do?

    Why is it that there is one reality for Israelis, and a different reality for everyone else in the entire world?

    Why do Israelis deserve special treatment, but no one else on the planet does?Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Those who are taken in by populist rhetoric by the extremist elements will believe that all Jews are indeed the enemies of Islam. However the Quran is clear in stating the following for Muslims to understand:

    The Holy Qur’an 2:62
    – Translation by Yusuf Ali

    “Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and
    the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Last Day, and
    work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be
    no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

    As such there should be no default guilt imposed or stereotyping of anyone by the Muslims. There are good adherents of all faiths who do the right thing and this is what needs to be understood. If politics are set aside, on any given day, a Jew is worried about the very same things that a Muslim is, that is, is there food on the table for the family? Are my children being educated properly? Am I raising my family in a moral way etc. People need to live with those from other religions to realize how many commonalities we share with each other. As to the differences in beliefs, well that is what the day of judgement is for. Let the Almighty decide on that day. Prior to that lets live as decent humans and practice our faith to the best of our abilities without imposing on others.Recommend

  • abhi098

    well a synagogue in saudi will be a great start to show respect by muslims.Recommend

  • privali

    yes its not like they are shiiteRecommend

  • sterry

    Perhaps you don’t know that the many Pakistanis abroad have great personal relationships with Jewish people – myself a case in point. I enjoy Jewish Deli food, and the vibrant Jewish cultural scene including Klezmer music. Mind you most educated Pakistanis understand the difference between the greater Jewish community and Israelis per say but we have no issues. Not only have we grown up with people of Jewish backgrounds but we work, interact and play with Jews as we do with people of all backgrounds. So I find your admonition to have an open mind unnecessary. Pakistan may have political differences with some policies of the Israeli state just as we have differences with some policies of the Indian state but that does not preclude personal relationships with Israelis or Jews in general any more than Indians. Jews in the West may be pro Israel or anti Israeli but the majority of Pakistanis have no problems with them at all. Jews have stood up for minority rights of all communities and have been the most vocal supporters of Muslim rights in many Western countries.Recommend

  • MHZ

    A very balanced articled..
    but wait till you are called an Indian Agent and a Freemason..

    You forgot one thing when you decided to publish this article here: Pakistanis are yet to follow the true teachings of Islam and therefore you are soon to be rebutted by a Pakistani on spreading LOGIC.Recommend

  • Humza

    Frankly I like Israeli films better than Indian films anyways! They are more artistic and provide better social commentary on life in general.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Most excellent. Please publish this in an Urdu language newspaper as well. I would like to digress a little but this is still relevant to the context of this blog.

    Pakistani mind is one for science – fiction fantasies. Everything is a conspiracy, Jews are out there to destroy (an already very weak) – Pakistan, Muslim Ummah!

    Who cares about Muslim Ummah when you can’t even unite in one street says Hasan Nisar and very rightly so.

    Every/any fact about Pakistani society that readers won’t like to agree with, is labeled as anti-Pakistan and agenda of the Jewish loby. Express Tribune will know this well. Even their facebook post on mother-child health issues in Pakistan received comments like “take you cover off, you are here spreading the Jewish agenda of destroying Pakistan”, and “this can’t be true, we are better than India”.

    These people have grown up with and around these conspiracy theories. The ability to question, accept logic/reason against fiction is just not there even among the educated masses.Recommend

  • Khan

    Very well written Karmanye – good on you….!Recommend

  • BigSticksWalkSoftly

    Beautiful article.
    Moderation is key to many things.
    However, extremism is a rushed act that often gets all the attention.
    Everyone deserves peace and freedom.
    Including PalestiniansRecommend

  • sharabi

    You asked readers to become open minded, sadly you are not yourself.
    Read your last paragraph.
    It seems to me that everyone who support Muslim Ideology or Muslim Movements is liberal & opponents are EXTREMISTS?Recommend

  • Genie

    The people of this land have endured what they are endurring today and everyone in the world is witnessing today. The people of this land endured 2000 years ago what they are enduring today. The y also endured similar calamity about 1000 years ago.The European aggressors have been coming to this land and being thrown out yet they learn no lesson.
    No one becomes a Budh, Jain , Hindoo, Jew, Christian, Muslim or anyhting like that just because they claim to be so. It is peoples’ deeds what prove, what they are. The real Jews as shown in picture above, are those who uphold the sanctity of the holy Torah thus cannot by the sanctity of their religion claim this land to be theirs and they do not. All the others as they prove themselves to be by their deeds are imposters. Indeed the world is full of imposters and the biggest religion as is evident is “Money worship”.
    My most humble suggestion to all is not to be taken by one’s claim. Never. People indeed are what their deeds prove. With so much trouble and crime everywhere in the world the proof is there that our world is very short of people who are true to their rleigion.Recommend

  • Qaiser Habib

    Gaza World’s Biggest Prison
    RAFAH, Gaza Strip (Reuters) – Ibrahim al-Masri lives about as close to the wire as you can get in what he and his fellow “inmates” call the world’s biggest prison.Around it run an Israeli-built security fence, ditches and searchlights, except down one side
    where the Mediterranean laps at the sand and Israeli gunboats patrol the waters

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I appreciate the sarcasm. :-)Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you for the appreciation. I totally agree with you.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you so much.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I totally agree with you. But I wish I could write in Urdu, though by the way, I am learning the language. :-) Why don’t you write an article on this topic in an Urdu newspaper, buddy?Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Cool! I haven’t seen Israeli films; I’ll check them out! :-)Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Bro, don’t underestimate liberal Pakistanis like yourself. :-)Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I am well aware of the fact that not every Muslim is prejudiced against Jews. Not only Muslims living in the West, even many Muslims living in Pakistan have Jewish friends of Pakistani and other nationalities. The article, however, is aimed at a readership which is prejudiced and aims at changing their mindset; hence, the appeal to be open-minded. Hope you understand. Thanks.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Now, now! Please don’t exhibit prejudice against Shi’ites. We are all human beings.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I totally agree with you. I have cited this verse in this article of mine-


  • Karmanye Thadani

    I never said that every Muslim hates Israel; in fact, I have conveyed quite the contrary in the article we are commenting on. Rest, as the article demonstrates, I disagree with your negative generalizations about Israelis.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you for the appreciation. Indeed, most Jews are normal human beings working for their bread and butter like everyone else.Recommend

  • Proud to be Muslim

    Beautiful article and might be accepted by open hearts but it is clearly mentioned in QURAN that you should not become (good) friends with Jews as they are busy in conspiracies against you.Recommend

  • Proud to be Muslim

    Dear Saad, your mentioned verses are meant that anyone who follows the righteousness (now only islam) will have their reward regardless of their origin. It doesn’t means that followers of other religions are also rewarded.Recommend

  • SamSal

    The last statement is true. Nahi?Recommend

  • Silk

    Exactly, abhi098, exactly.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    My friend, there is no denying that the Israeli state machinery has treated people in Gaza very harshly, and even the article points to that. But there are Jewish voices within and outside Israel opposing the same.Recommend

  • Munir

    I respect Jews more than Hindus or Sikhs. Jews are 80% correct in their beliefs but Hindus and Sikhs are 100% wrong. Remember Jews are people of the book.Recommend

  • mudassar

    good attempt running your face against Pakistan :) but plz write articles about gujrat massacre , kashmir massacre n now Assam Massacre n killing of minorities in India .Really India is a heaven for minorities . If you have to run your face first start from your home . So called secular India which is in fact extremest hindu stateRecommend

  • hassan

    Quran also says there are good people among Jews and christians.Recommend

  • hassan

    check out the israeli movie ” lemon tree “Recommend

  • abhi098

    hindus are people of whole subcontinent . There was no buddhism, sikhsim and jainism or any other religion before hinduism.Keep telling lies.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Excellent effort Karmanye. Please write more on such topics. After all: common sense is a sense which is not very common.Recommend

  • kulwant singh

    Please tell in detail how Sikhs are 100 percent wrong in their beliefs ,Sikhs believe that God is one you may call him by any name, giving vague statement is not correct we respect all religions we did not hate any religion, the Gurbani says that a Muslim must be a true Muslim and a Hindu a true Hindu.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    I am mindful that this verse perhaps has been abrogated by 3:85 but the point stands, we are not to stand in judgement over anyone and we are not to stereotype anyone.Recommend

  • UtkarshSinghNain

    Oh, please, let’s not start talking about whose religion is correct when in reality all are fictional.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Well, as a Muslim, you are judging other faiths by the yardstick of your own faith. Fair enough. But there are many things in Hinduism and Sikhism too that are shared in common with Islam. For one, the basic moral values are the same in all the religions. Sikhism is, by the way, also a monotheistic religion that prohibits idol-worship, and puritan sects of Hinduism like the Arya Samaj also follow the same trend. Commenting on this article is not the best place to discuss comparative religion; maybe, I should write a separate article on Hinduism.

    But, my friend, following verse 49:13 of the Quran, you should respect all human beings equally, irrespective of what you think of the correctness of their religious beliefs.Recommend

  • Critical

    Am I on my knees with my hands folded begging for respect from you????

    I dont need respect from a person who judges others based on their religion which 90% is what they got because of their parents..Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thanks a lot, Farhan.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    My friend Mudassar, why are you presuming that I am silent on the issues you have mentioned? Please see these links-




    Also, I have no intention to malign Pakistan and as a humanist, wish it luck in the spheres of peace and progress. Please see these articles by me-



    I would, however, disagree with your assertion of the Indian state being intrinsically Hindu-extremist in character, as I’ve discussed in this article-



  • Karmanye Thadani

    Indeed. I have cited those verses in this article-


  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out. :-)Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    My friend, please see these verses from the Quran-

    “They are not [all] the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing [in obedience], reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating [in prayer].

    They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and they enjoin what is right
    and forbid what is wrong and hasten to good deeds. And those are among the righteous.

    Indeed, those who disbelieve – never will their wealth or their children avail them against Allah at all, and those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally.” (3:113-116)

    Thus, it is clear that as per the Quran, not all Jews will all of
    them burn in the hell-fire! Furthermore, the Quran reiterates this in
    the following verse (other than verse 2:62 cited by Saad)-

    “The believers, Jews, Sabeans, and the Christians who believe in God and the Day of Judgment and who do what is right will have nothing to fear nor will they be grieved.” (5:69)

    The following verse also hints in this direction-

    “Indeed, those who have believed and those who were Jews and the Sabeans and the Christians and the Zoroastrians and those who associated with Allah – Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed Allah is, over all things, Witness.” (22:17)

    It may also be noted that there are several Hadiths that necessitate La
    Ilaha Ilallah (the belief in one formless God) as a prerequisite for
    going to heaven, but do not mention the prophethood of Muhammad as being a necessary prerequisite. You can see many such Hadiths here – http://www.sunnah.org/aqida/forty_hadith_merits_tahlil.htm#_ftn1, and going by that logic, devout Jews would most definitely qualify to go to heaven as per Islamic theology, for they cannot be charged with ‘shirk’ or ‘kufr’.Recommend

  • Muzzafarabad exprees

    Well the people of Israel aren’t indigeounos to those lands(they migrated from Europe and elsewhere) on the other hand 90% of Pakistanis are indigenous apart from of 8% of the muhajirsRecommend

  • Alann

    “Jews are 80% correct in their beliefs”, “Hindus and Sikhs are 100% wrong” – and Islamists (Muslims) are 100% correct in their beliefs? Is this why no Muslim majority country is happy today and there’s widespread terrorism all around the world in the name of Islam? Please do not say “Those extremists follow the wrong version of Islam!”.

    With such a thinking, what is the difference between you and a talibani militant then? You are just a “milder” version of them.
    If you learn to be tolerant of other’s beliefs, others will be tolerant of you.Recommend

  • Alann

    Watching Indian films while criticising India is an acceptable trend in Pakistan. But watching Israeli movies?!
    Wouldn’t that make you a Zionist anti-Pakistan, RAW/CIA/MOSSAD/KFC agent among your fellow Pakistanis?Recommend

  • Alann

    “Why do Israelis deserve special treatment, but no one else on the planet does?”
    Thats kinda funny (amusing?) coming from a Muslim, I’m assuming, of Pakistani descent.Recommend

  • Amused

    Write a few more pieces like these and respond to the comments the way you are doing, I promise, you are the next Mahatma.Recommend

  • Amused

    What about yours? What a combination of Osama, Al Zawahiri, Hudood ordinance, Lal Masjid, Mumtaz Qadri, Mukhtaran Mai, blasphemy laws and so on. I am sure this makes you the most peaceful country in the world. How can there be so many things wrong with one country in such a short span of time?Recommend

  • Amused

    Atleast the Israelis do not say that it is in their holy book to not to be friends with muslims, can muslims say that. Some of the people whom the Pakistanis admire and follow are on record saying that your holy book teaches you to not just hate jews but anyone who is not a muslim.Recommend

  • Dante

    The whole world now hates Islam and Muslims, even though we have been arguing with them that it’s only a handful of Muslims that are notorious, and Islam does not advocate what the notorious group propagates.

    And still you’re asking the world to be fair? The world isn’t fair.Recommend

  • farrukh

    Do check out ‘The Promise’ by Peter Kosminsky Recommend

  • Reddy

    i am gonna let that hindu extremist comment slide for this time as the discussion is mainly on israeli statehood….either you look at it historically or otherwise those lands belongs to jews. no ifs and buts there..i am all for Palestinian statehood but not at the cost of Israeli state,if the Palestinian couldn’t learn to share then they are gonna be stateless for the rest of their existence….and for the remaining part of your muslim appeasement article is concerned, well,might’ve earned some brownie points from across the border…but you are just too scared to call a spade a spade …”Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)] also drive home this point very well, suggesting that compromises could be made for the larger cause of peace and goodwill” exactly what he fallowed until the native arabs allowed him into their lands …look at them now, what it had gotten them into. as always this comment will not pass as it is too embarrassing for them to accept the facts(quaranic)Recommend

  • EyeOnPak

    Pakistan wasn’t built on stolen land. Israel is occupying land which belongs to Palestinians. Jews wanted a homeland well why didn’t they split Germany into two and named one part Israel? i’ll tell you because Jews say that Palestine is their “Promised Land” that God has given that land to them (How radical is that) They have killed millions of Palestinians and are doing it to this day. Gaza is the world’s largest open prison more than a million people are packed like sardines with ZERO freedoms. I am proud of the fact that our passport says “Valid for every country except Israel.”Recommend

  • Vincent Williams

    as salaam alaiykum wa rahmatullah akhi,
    Be careful calling Hindus and Sikhs out because you are calling out the people. The better response might be something along the lines of, ‘I find that Islam has vastly more in common with Judaism than Hindus or Sikhs.’ What will you say when you meet the Muslim brother who was once a Hindu, that you respect him less than Jews? Remember that the prophet (saw) tried to befriend the Pagan Meccans numerous times. Are you more righteous than the rasool (saw)?Recommend

  • NotSoCommon

    So you agree that almost all of Pakistanis are of Indian origin and almost all are converted from hindus or buddhist!!Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Israel, as a society, isn’t doing jack for Palestinian rights. The elected officials pressing for Jewish settlements on occupied territory, and atrocious apartheid-like conditions, are not ‘rebelling’ against the Israeli public.

    Of course, there are liberal voices (like those four dudes in the picture), but they are not representative of the entire Israeli society.

    Just like if I put up a picture of four Pakistanis supporting Ahmadi rights, doesn’t mean Pakistan, as a society, stands for Ahmadi rights.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Yeah, don’t dole out respect to human beings based on the percentage overlapping of their religious beliefs with yours.

    Sometimes, people don’t believe in the same God you do, and that’s okay!Recommend

  • Alam

    I agree with you and anyone with normal IQ would know this as a fact…. same is true the other way round too. Not all Muslims are anti Jew. Mostly they are anti occupation and even if you listen to Rulers of UAE, they have offered Israel unprecedented concessions and trade initiatives (apart from full diplomatic relations), if Israel withdraw to pre 1967 borders. In other words, the fight is for land/politics and religion is just being used!Recommend

  • For Saudi Arabia’s thriving Jewish community?Recommend

  • abhi098

    “they migrated from Europe and elsewhere” There is no evidence to prove your claims.

    “90% of Pakistanis are indigenous apart from of 8% of the muhajirs” Wrong. Islam was spread through sword throughout india. Islam originated in saudi and not in india.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Well said, Faraz!Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Well said.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    The whole world certainly doesn’t hate Islam and Muslims. If that were the case, then Fareed Zakaria wouldn’t be a celebrity in the United States, and Michael Jackson’s fans would have disowned him after his embracing Islam, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wouldn’t have been the president of India or Slman Khurshid our foreign minister or Ibrahim Khan heading the Intelligence Bureau (IB), our intelligence agency. Too many Muslims presume a far greater victimhood of Muslims than is factually warranted.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you for the appreciation.Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have made a fair point…..but its common knowledge that what religion teaches and what is practised are usually two very different things……and the world is so much the poorer for that.Recommend

  • wajid

    you can use the google translation to translate from urdu to hindi. I use it a lot and its reasonably accurate.Recommend

  • Saad

    What Munir is saying is true. Non believers will go to hell when they leave this world. If you are on the wrong path you need to be told so. As a good muslim he is telling you that you are on the path to hell. Learn fro Islam and convert otherwise you will burn in hell.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Man you are really in for a surprise! Lol!Recommend

  • Frank

    100% of West Punjabis are of Punjabi origin. The land of Punjab belongs to them. They have the right to do what they want with their own land and they don’t need to explain themselves to a UPite or a south Indian.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    This is a counterproductive way of doing ‘dawat’, and will not lead anyone to embrace Islam. Convince people of the beauty of Islam if you have to; this fear-mongering will not work.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Saudi Arabia needs to do many things to reform itself, which include allowing apostasy from Islam, and allowing the construction of places of worship for non-Muslims and even sections of Muslims they have so far regarded as deviant.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    I guess you meant from English to Urdu?Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    “i am all for Palestinian statehood but not at the cost of Israeli
    state,if the Palestinian couldn’t learn to share then they are gonna be
    stateless for the rest of their existence…”

    I agree with this statement, and that’s what I’ve tried to say in the article. See the last three paragraphs.

    //and for the remaining part of your muslim appeasement article is
    concerned, well,might’ve earned some brownie points from across the

    How does talking about appeasement of Muslims by the Indian state, as I do, help me earn brownie points from across the border?

    //but you are just too scared to call a spade a spade…//

    Certainly not! I have been unambiguous in criticizing whoever I believe deserves to be criticized. In another blog on this very Pakistani website (http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/21499/women-in-sports-what-lala-might-not-know/), I’ve slammed Afridi for saying that Indian Hindus are not large-hearted.

    You may have an opinion different from mine on any issue, which you are entitled to, but how does that make me someone shying away from calling a spade a spade?

    //”Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)] also drive home this point very well,
    suggesting that compromises could be made for the larger cause of peace
    and goodwill” exactly what he fallowed until the native arabs allowed
    him into their lands …look at them now, what it had gotten them into.
    as always this comment will not pass as it is too embarrassing for them
    to accept the facts(quaranic)//

    For one, the comment passed, which shows that the Express Tribune staff members are much more liberal than you think they are. As for the war Prophet Muhammad waged against the native Arabs, that was after they violated the pact. Now, the historicity of the event can be questioned, but we can and should judge Islam only by what the Muslim scriptures say, not what actually happened or didn’t happen. The historicity of events in the scriptures of all religions can, that way, be questioned.Recommend

  • abhi098

    keep dreaming of all your wishes.Recommend

  • wajid

    you can translate from Urdu to Hindi as well.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    When did I say it is practically possible in the current scenario? I know I am spelling out an idealistic vision.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Faraz, in my view, most people anywhere are not usually hardcore extremists, and the problem lies in apathy more than hatred. I share your concern for the people living in very difficult conditions in Gaza as also the Ahmedias in Pakistan, as also Muslims and Christians in my own country India who also occasionally have to bear the brunt of Hindu extremist violence (and Hindus in India too have died at the hands of Muslim and Christian extremists in riots and terrorist attacks). The point, however, is that it is unfair to dehumanize as a collectivity Pakistani Sunnis, Israeli Jews or Indian Hindus as all being oppressive, and we must recognize that the hardcore hate-mongers among them apart, there are also very rational and unbiased voices among them, and equally, even those who may carry some degree of prejudice can be engaged with to successfully change their mindset. Let’s hope for harmony on this beautiful planet.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Alright. But this piece is in English, and the point brother Ahmed made was that I should reach out to the Urdu readership to dispel their misperceptions about Jews.Recommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Get your facts first dear. One cannot compel another to change his religion without his will. Islam was spread through Preaching by the People of Almighty ALLAH. The Haji Ali darbar in Mumbai and Ajmer Sharef Shrine is an example.Recommend

  • Sayed

    Indeed the faithful, the Jews, the Christians, and the Sabaeans —those of them who have faith in Allah and the Last Day and act righteously— they shall have their reward near their Lord, and they will have no fear, nor will they grieve. (Al-Qur’an, Chapter 2, Verse 62)…..I rest my case…….PeaceRecommend

  • Muhammad Mohsin Shahzad

    OMG Seriously !!! Like some little boy or girl sitting somewhere let’s say in a small village outside Chicago who happen to born into a Jewish Family has a hidden agenda. There is hatred among people especially towards Jews but to label all of them as having agendas against us is just like the kind of negative thinking of some foreigners that all Muslims are terrorists !!! So we continue to chant and try to convince and make foreigners understand that being a Muslim does not mean being a terrorist and that this kind of thinking is preposterous and outright idiotic yet when it comes to us we follow in the same footsteps of negativity !!! We need to spread love not hatred !!! God Help us !!! God help Humanity !!!Recommend

  • Mir

    The religion obviously isn’t indigenous. We all know it came from Arabia.
    Are you telling me that all these Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Balochis, and Punjabis are not indigenous to the subcontinent? You’re not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, are you?Recommend

  • Leauki

    You are probably not aware of history in that regard. The ZIonists bought land in what was then the Ottoman Empire to build their settlements. Why would the land be owned by “Palestinians”? When did they buy it? Land ownership in Israel/Palestine was divided between a few rich people, mostly Jews and Christians. The Jewish National Fund spent vast amounts of money to buy the land.

    The land Pakistan was created on was historically, for thousands of years, Indian land. The land Israel was created on has been traditionally Jewish land according to Bible and Quran and history.
    You might say that the conflict is about Israeli occupation of Arab land. But I say that the conflict is about the forced idea that there exists “Arab land” outside Arabia.

    If the Arabs didn’t claim that all the land they ever occupied becomes theirs forever, there wouldn’t have been a conflict in Sudan, in Iraq, in Syria, in Israel, in Algeria or in Libya.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thanks. :-)Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Thank you so much.Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani

    Well said!Recommend

  • Karmanye Thadani