A mosque named after Mumtaz Qadri? Well done, Pakistan!

Published: April 30, 2014

The very idea of a mosque, a sacred house of worship, being named after a man who attained his glory by murdering another man in cold blood, may reasonably offend certain people. PHOTO: REUTERS

The very idea of a mosque, a sacred house of worship, being named after a man who attained his glory by murdering another man in cold blood, may reasonably offend certain people. PHOTO: REUTERS The very idea of a mosque, a sacred house of worship, being named after a man who attained his glory by murdering another man in cold blood, may reasonably offend certain people. PHOTO: REUTERS

I was spending a lazy afternoon lounging in the Osama bin Laden library, bemoaning the dire lack of buildings honouring our local murderers, when my Smartphone informed me of this fascinating new development.

I learned of a mosque being erected in Faizabad that is to be named after the man who killed the former governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer. The very idea of a mosque, a sacred house of worship, being named after a man who attained his glory by murdering another man in cold blood, may reasonably offend certain people.

Certain people like, say, Sherbano Taseer, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Mehreen Zahra, who expressed their disappointment on social media.

I, on the other hand, gave up a long time ago trying to convince people to not revere criminals. I don’t make the trends; I merely follow them. So in that spirit, allow me to present my recommendations for new crime-themed venues expected to pop up around Pakistan’s capital city in the near future.

Ejaz Tikka House

Named after Muhammed Ejaz, the serial killer responsible for the deaths of three innocent men as part of his crusade against homosexuality, the restaurant serves Pakistani and continental dishes for the discerning foodie.

Though the arrested killer now expresses regret over his actions, the conservative owners of this up and coming restaurant in Blue Area, Islamabad, have chosen to lionise him by renaming their establishment after him.

The restaurant also possesses a permit for sale of alcoholic beverages, mirroring the irony of its self-righteous, criminal namesake having sexual relations with the men before attacking them.

Javed Iqbal Stationery Store

The proud owners of this popular stationery and book depot are now renaming their shop after Javed Iqbal, the man who confessed to murdering 100 people back in 1999. Though the criminal died in 2001, the store owner has made the decision to keep his name alive.

When approached for comment on the controversial move, the owner said,

“All my friends are doing it!”

He was referring to the recent rise in establishments named after known criminals.

Amir Qayyum Pharmacy

The store’s logo depicts a red brick to symbolise the life and crime of the brutal “brick killer” from 2005. The psychopathic serial killer responsible for 14 murders, carried out with a brick, is to be honoured with a new drug store opening up in G-8.

Furthermore, the store is promising to hand out all drugs over-the-counter to customers of all ages, without demanding prescriptions, as part of its opening day celebration. This, again, in honour of Amir Qayyum, who happened to be a notorious drug addict.

El Qaeda Café

This high-end Mexican-themed café in sector-F, Islamabad, is expected to open its doors to the fine people of the twin cities, in a few short weeks. On its launch ceremony, the café expects to welcome big-name celebrities from Waziristan and Paktika province of Afghanistan, including (names redacted).

Our reviewers award their death-by-chocolate pastry an impressive 4.5/5 stars, though they advise patrons to avoid the red velvet cake, which may contain dodgy ingredients.

Musa Bridal Salon

I expressed my confusion to the veteran cosmetologist from I-8, regarding her decision to name the beauty parlour after a nine-month-old Musa Khan charged with attempted murder. The embarrassed owner admitted that she wanted to name her store after a murderer in accordance with the ongoing trend in Islamabad, but had no idea of Musa’s real age.

She regrets her hasty decision and is currently studying a list of Pakistani mass murderers to find a new name for her salon.


Pakistani murder victims die twice; once at the crime scene and a second time when throngs of the criminal’s supporters, backed by the silence of an entire nation, arrive to garland him.

Unsurprisingly, this will become an opportunity for Qadri-apologists to hack our liberals with their own double-edged sword of ‘free speech’. So be it. Your right to publicly praise terrorists and murderers is seemingly protected under the umbrella of free expression (when nothing else, from criticism of the Army to scrutiny of Pakistani culture, really is).

But the next time your Eastern neighbour points and laughs at you, or the ‘dreaded Western media’ portrays you in a negative light, know that it won’t be malicious propaganda. It’d be because your capital city, bearing the name of your state religion, has a library named after Osama bin Laden and a mosque named after Mumtaz Qadri.

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Faraz Talat

Faraz Talat

A medical doctor and bubble-wrap enthusiast from Rawalpindi, who writes mostly about science and social politics (and bubble-wrap). He tweets @FarazTalat (twitter.com/FarazTalat)

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  • raza

    What does u mean by well done Pakistan. Did whole Pakistanis name it? think before damaging your country name.Recommend

  • abc

    Did the whole Pakistan name the mosque, why r u demoralizing the country name in your headline. that is very poor thinking being a Pakistani. Irresponsible writers and irresponsible newspaper.Recommend

  • Hamid Shah

    talk about lauding the wrong peopleRecommend

  • Rafay R


  • Faraz Talat

    The editor chose the title, not me. But it’s not entirely inaccurate.

    Mumtaz Qadri Mosque is just one part of a larger culture of lionizing people who kill in the name of religion. The problem lies with radicalization of the Pakistani society itself; Mumtaz Qadri and the one who named the mosque after him, simply represent the extreme end of the spectrum.

    Murderers in this country are backed by hordes of vocal supporters, and these supporters are backed by an even greater number of silent Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Pin2

    Oh so thats surprising to you. May I ask why? And why it is not surprising when likes of Bin Qasim, Ghazni, Ghauri. abdali are revered as saviours and heros.

    People learn from their past and one has to carry baggage of one’s history. As you have been lauding murderers as heros in the past, future will not be much different. would it?Recommend

  • jee non

    wow u didn’t know history of ur Missiles Check GHORI & GHAJANAVI how they famous for…….Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Seriously you people should respect democracy and let the people decide……. what is wrong in naming a restaurant Mumtaz Qadri……..freedom of expressionRecommend

  • mimi sur

    Hmm..Quite interesting.. Do you know about “Rangila Rasool” ? Then read about it . History repeats itself , but in disguise .Recommend

  • water bottle

    How did you miss Gaddafi stadium?

    Muammar Gaddafi was a mass murderer, a dictator, a shameless womanizer, a hedonist who luxuriated when his country starved.

    Yet, Gaddafi is a Hero in Pakistan. Why? Because he was the only Arab ruler to have openly condemned India for the situation in Kashmir.

    The very fact that people like me come and spew venom at Pakistan proves and Pakistan accepts it without any spine for honest rebuttal proves my point.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    P.S: Where is Abdus salam stadium? Salman TAseer library? Edhi mosque?Recommend

  • Amir

    do not degrade the whole nation of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Now, try to understand why Indians do not like the name Babri Masjid.Recommend

  • Younis

    Its right! Even I have decided to name my village masjid after shaikh usama bin laden inshallah!Recommend

  • gp65

    Next stop name a missile after him – oh wait you have to be a mass murderer to qualify for that honor.Recommend

  • Nicholas Sharaf

    How sad is it that the “Good name of Pakistan” brigade has invaded this thread =/Recommend

  • gp65

    First of all Faraz has named a whole bunch of other things lionising questionable people or groups.
    Secondly, what support did people show for Taseer when he was attacked by Qadri as contrasted with the support DG ISI when he was attacked by Hamid Mir. Never mind that it is Hamid Mir and not DG ISI that was shot and Taseer actually was killed.
    How many people called Qadri a Gazi? Did lawyers not shower rose petal for him?
    The notion that support for people like Qadri as manifested by naming this mosque after him is localized to that one place is simply not borne out by facts.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Members of the Parliament and Assemblies convene a special Joint Session of the Parliament to offer funeral prayers for Osama Bin Ladin and also confer him the title “Shaheed”. They did the same for Mumtaz Qadri also. Pakistan is the only country in the world that has bestowed these honors to the world’s most wanted terrorist who was responsible for the killings of hundreds of thousands of muslims throughout the world and also destruction of many muslim countries. Even today, Munawar Hassan and Fazlur Rahman say that Osama is a shaheed and Pakistan’s army men who lost their lives fighting the terrorists are not shaheeds.Recommend

  • Adpran

    Well done Pakistan?. Sound like you are worry this mosque name will give bad publicity on Pakistan to the world.

    I am not Pakistani, and I know this mosque is not built by government but by people. If this mosque was built by government, yeah, probably I would wonder why this mosque named after that. But since this mosque built by people, I regard it as freedom of expression. If you want, you can build a mosque too and name it with any name you like.

    I know what you feel. But if you value freedom of speech and expression, you must be consistent with this.Recommend

  • nomi

    Some lone voices criticizing the author for labeling the entire country as extreme need to look at reality.

    An overwhelming majority consider this man a hero, especially the educated class.

    This is the kind of educated class that likes osama and hates the west and wants to work in US.Recommend

  • Samir tariq

    Raza..dude, seriously,,,, there is no restriction (and there should be no restriction) on reading something that you just dont understand but please…..there should definitely be a self-restriction on writing comments if you have no clue about the context, the prose, the structure, the language and above all grammar…but you DOESNT listen ))) lol …and faraz…awesome article once again….bravoRecommend

  • zahra

    When the cricket team wins, it reflects our country..when someone pakistani does something he represents Pakistan. The basic idea is that we are all ambassadors of our country..no one is more of an ambassador and no one is less of an ambassador..which means such an event is (rightly) a slur on Pakistan and not a few individuals. We have to stop this concept of otherness when it suits us..when a pakistani wins an international award, we all jump to the bandwagon to label him one of ours, we should accept responsibility for such actions too.Recommend

  • Samir tariq

    I was waiting for this “Saccha PAkistani” comment to come from someone as it always happens when someone shows us the mirror…i have no doubt whatsoever that no matter what happens some people will always come up with “not all pakistanis did it”….but seriously, what a silly thing to say…are you actually waiting to protest only on an action that is denounced by entire pakistan???? Well, keep some crossword puzzles, sudoku or angry birds handy…you might have to wait some centuriesRecommend

  • nomi

    Furthermore, is now being reported that it will be expanded, due to the overwhelming response of the people.

    Well done indeed!Recommend

  • MJ

    Although I don’t agree with the heading “well done Pakistan” and it is in poor taste…….. Sadly it is Pakistani people who are glorifying these butchers and criminals by naming these establishments after them. Foreigners are not migrating to Pakistani cities and naming these businesses and mosques.Recommend

  • Bull bull

    What a load of tosh, and the same with name of the library which is named after the Bin Laden group who helped fund the library and fund other projects, please Faraz Talat try telling the truth instead of MISINFORMATION Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Of all the people who have an opinion about this, the secular should not complain. As it is the right of every human being, according to these people, to choose their own heroes.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    Whole pakistan is silent. This is our crimeRecommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    pakistanis are silent. This is our crimeRecommend

  • Hammad Mian

    Desi confused liberals always seek in the opportunity to defame their country as this writer is doing.Recommend

  • Salman Shareef

    Mumtaz Qadri is my hero as Salman Taseer is for Liberals.Recommend

  • Parvez

    When the name is allowed to stand……then yes, it means that the whole of Pakistan has named it.
    Also suggest you re-read the article to correctly understand what the writer has said.Recommend

  • Guest

    I’d have to agree with abc.
    I love how you generalize and put forward your stereotypical headline to cast and subject the reader’s thinking into already developing a biased outlook to your article which is fueled by the speculative nature of the content in your article. If you write, then you must realise that there comes with it a responsibility.
    Trash article.Recommend

  • Hypocrite

    The problem is Pakistanis didn’t protest against such a name for a mosque or any institution for that matter and instead have the time to garland the murderer. Yet their blood boils on that being pointed out.Recommend

  • Parvez

    This subtle satire…..this innuendo…….double speak style will confuse many.
    This made me laugh….because crying is not an option, there’s no point in it.Recommend

  • Inam

    Its a shame for the whole nation who are just silent over such issues. We all think these are trivial and ignore them. This gives more confidence to these hardliners. Recommend

  • immi

    You also overlooked mohtarma. But I guess that doesn’t count.Recommend

  • Ali

    Your article is nothing but to show a bad name to Pakistan – Btw can you write an article how many people in Pakistan or outside Pakistan are in favour of Sheetan Taseer or Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri – Go ask any Mullah outside Pakistan and don’t act to damage Pakistan’s name for few Liberal Fascist – You may call them Liberal Terrorist – Have you ever wrote on how many of Bar Clubs are opening in Pakistan ? Any article how many restaurants serve wine , how many clubs are opened there where people love to hangout ?

    C’mon don’t damage the image of Pakistan. Recommend

  • fze

    This shows where we are headed to as a nation and there is no one, no leader to show us the right path.Recommend

  • sterry

    Very unfair to blame a country for the acts of a minority of misguided extremists, in this case Pakistan. The nation is the victim of these criminals. Even in Western nations, people will provoke the liberal majority and even flaunt laws to carry out outrageous acts. Do you curse all of Britain when the BNP carries out a demonstration calling for deportation of minorities or when the Aryan nation extremists in the US warn Whites about Blacks and Jews. Please do not drag Pakistan into the acts of extremists who know nothing of the tolerant ways of its founders.Recommend

  • Patriot

    I think you people don’t get it. well done pakistan is sarcasm..Recommend

  • Visibly

    But what do average Pakistani mean about this? Have they supported the mosque? Or rejected it? Or are they passive?
    that thousands of Pakistani were engaged in a stupid film that nobody
    watched, why are not thousands of Pakistani out in the street
    argumenting that the name of this mosque harm islam and muslims?Recommend

  • guest

    And did the whole country oppose naming of the mosque? If a majority of the citizens express outrage and pressurise the government to see reason instead of following an extremist agenda, there can be hope for people of ‘the land of the pure’. Until then, carry on criticising a lone voice of sanity who had the guts to say it like it is. Recommend

  • Ali Mustafa

    Being in U.S if you criticize any of their actions which pertain to any individual they say it’s the fault of the individual not the entire country. So much so that if you criticize their recent wars they say it was Bush who started those not the entire U.S hence apportioning blame where it’s due. This article is ridiculously defamatory and broadly generalized towards the an entire nation of Pakistan. I get the sense that the author in trying to make headlines is bandwagoning on the popular trend of Pakistan bashing. I guess that’s which happens when medical students write about politics science issues.Recommend

  • raw is war

    You forgot Ghazi Ilmuddin Shaheed Mosque.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    The irony.

    Mumtaz Qadri killed a man and is labelled a murderer, rightly so, by the liberals of Pakistan.

    But, those who called Direct Action against Hindus in Bengal 1946, where blood flowed in the streets of Muslim majority Calcutta, are called founders of Pakistan, great secular beings, their pictures are put up in the currency notes, fondly remembered with awesome sounding named.

    The CM of the then Muslim majority Bengal goes on to become the PM of Pakistan!

    Why this selective outrage?

    isn’t Murder and call for Murder the same thing?Recommend

  • Anti-Hindu Singh

    Judging the entire nation on basis of action by the few. Shows the current immature mentality of journalist of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Kashif Shahzad

    It is indeed whole Pakistan, look at the number of people favouring it. Take it like elected Govt, the winning party forms the Govt. regardless that there were people whom voted against the same people. The winning teams gets the honour of representing all of us. So with Mosque building rampage going on all over Pakistan, including areas where we thought the more enlightened folks are living, soon most of us will be forced to leave our own country for the sake of our freedom from these hoards of fanatics.Recommend

  • sarwatR.

    who ever named it belonged to Pakistan…when you do something like this it reflects back on your country no matter how you argueRecommend

  • SAR.

    thats the thing…instead of standing up against these people we criticize the writer for bringing this to our attentionRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Religious radicals and their supporters don’t damage your country’s name, neither does the majority that ignores this cancer like it’s not a ‘big deal’…

    …but journalists and writers damage the country’s name by talking about it?Recommend

  • feenz

    Oh God.What’s happening to this nation
    and we still remain silentRecommend

  • feenz

    Why don’t they hang this ugly Murderer?Recommend

  • Saad

    The main problem with Pakistanis is that we are becoming too indifferent to what happens around us. When this story was first reported, the locals of this area were reported to have said things like, “I don’t really care what it’s called, I just go there to pray and come back” to “the maulvis are the ones naming it, we don’t want any trouble with them”.

    Which basically shows the rising powers the radical mullahs of our country enjoy.

    And just out of interest, if someone does want to oppose this naming of the mosque, who would they go to? The police or the housing society management?Recommend

  • asif

    I support all this :)Recommend

  • Sonia K

    The most lousy article ever… murderers can have Swiss bank accounts, institutions named after their families and even even houses in their own names and others in their families. .. the boy talks and worries about a marketing technique and people using famous names not their thinking in their business…. looks like u need to focus more on your medical ‘taleem’ !!Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Kamranhayder1 Kamran Hayder

    Library named after Osama, Mosque named after Mamtaz Qadri…Nothing named after Dr. Abdus Salam. Yes, we deserve what we are facing today !!Recommend

  • Roshan

    World does not judge a nation on the basis of actions by a few but how the majority reacts to such actions.Recommend

  • Mahwash

    As usual, the only thing that the first commentor wants to do is to hurl an attack on the author without even thinking for a minute what the blog is trying to bring to our attention.

    I’m surprised this nation doesn’t have a National Fundo Day as yet.Recommend

  • Adpran

    Discourse to build “Mumtaz Qadri mosque” actually has appeared among Qadri supporters in 2011. I know it because this discourse appeared in internet too. But I notice, Pakistani people did not aware because they thought this was just an emotionally statement, or even joke.Recommend

  • gp65

    Is it the writer that brings a bad name to Pakistan or
    – the presence of a law on the statute that is constantly abused to oppress the minorities?
    – Qadri’s murder of the man whom he was hired to protect – who tried to bring some justice and fairness in the implementation of the law
    – Lioning of Qadri by most Pakistanis including educated ones who threw rose petals on him
    – Building of a mosque to honor Qadri by mullahs
    Please note – if the entire sequence of events had not occurred, there would have not been any need for the author to pen this article.Recommend

  • gp65

    Freedom of expression allows mullahs to build a mosque named after Qadri. The same freedom of expression allows the author to question that choice.
    HAs the author asked for the mosque to be demolished? No. But he is pointing to a trend where murderers are lionised in the country. HE thinks this is not a good trend. Evidently all those who are voting with their wallets actually think it is a good trend.Recommend

  • gp65

    Do thousands of Britons fund a church to honor ENP leadership? DO lawyers throw rose petals on the ENP leaders?
    BAd characters exist in all countries as you rightly pointed out. But how people react and respond to these bad characters certainly reflects on the country.
    It is the trend of lionizing people like Qadri that reflects on Pakistan – NOT the actions of Qadri. Qadri is a hero, Taseer is a villain and Abdus Salaam is ignored and his grave defaced. This reflectes the values that are widespread.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I’m sorry, what? Are you insinuating that Jinnah explicitly ordered the killing of Hindus in Calcutta, when he announced the Direct Action Day on behalf of the Muslim League?

    That it wasn’t an indirect, unintended consequence of the general strike after Congress refused to accept Muslim League’s demand for a separate Muslim state? Rather it was all part of the plan of one man, who laughed maniacally from the castle balcony?

    Do you have any earthly idea how irresponsible and misguided it is for one to compare Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered a governor with his own hands, with Jinnah?Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I don’t understand that, because Babri Masjid was a historical building named after the emperor who ordered its construction.

    ‘Was’, as in past tense, before it was demolished and had its rubble danced upon by Hindus (because they didn’t like the name, I suppose).Recommend

  • runcotvs

    No need to be defensive, Faraz, particularly to insecure, under-exposed, closed-minded people that don’t see the larger picture. Their silence is what got us here. I don’t find anything wrong in the editor’s choice of the title either. That said, kudos to you, Keep it up!Recommend

  • Parvez

    So you support a cold blooded murderer, who murdered in the name of religion, tarnishing the good name of Islam……..and you are proud of this fact ?Recommend

  • runcotvs

    Great piece, Faraz! In the same vein, let me add that we started off rather well, picking a fine name for a nation too. We’re pure and we’re outcasting whole sects/religions or driving everyone one out or killing them towards that goal.Recommend

  • bridgeseller2

    Oh the irony! It burns.Recommend

  • http://www.mmabbasi.com/ Mohammed Abbasi

    Just a matter of time to name the country Iblisistan – after all Iblis was a misunderstood Mullah!Recommend

  • human rights

    Silence is a crime Recommend

  • Hunza wala

    Don’t flim flam your way out of the title of the blog. Anyway,
    Kudos to the editor who chose the title. Great job there. The
    whole country did not choose the name of the mosque. However
    the country has sunk so low and reached such a low life point
    that the belly of a snake looks like a high rise. A culture, a society
    that allows the Burqa mullah to name a library after OBL. That
    demonizes Malala,.. where killers of 55,000 are considered stakeholders…this could go on and on and on…Recommend

  • Humza

    The fact that so many Indians are allowed to post the most virulent anti Pakistani comments should indicate how tolerant or confident Pakistani society is in accepting criticism. The silent majority in Pakistan is against extremists whether the Indians here understand that or not is another matter. Trying to link the right of Kashmiris to freedom with a criminal like Gaddafi is not fooling anyone. Gaddafi also supported the right of Palestinians to freedom too. He may also have said that the sky is blue but obvious statements don’t need validation by him or anyone else!Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    If Pakistan refuses to accept TTPs demand and goes on a rampage, is that justified from the TTPs point of view? Also, remember, Direct Action was against Hindus of Muslim majority Bengal, NOT Congress.

    “Are you insinuating that Jinnah explicitly ordered the killing of Hindus in Calcutta”

    Modi also did not order the riots or the Godra train incident. But, I am sure, you certainly hold him guilty don’t you. I can quote Jinnah threatening Civil war and his threat to “Divide India or Destroy it”, but I will refrain from it for now.

    Please read the Direct Action manifesto by the Muslim League, when Jinnah was President, and find out for yourself.


    I am tempted to quote from the manifesto, but I’ve observed the comment will be censored if I do so.

    Its completely appropriate to compare Qadri, a certified murderer, and a man who called for Direct Action day where more than 5000 people died.

    What is the difference between Murdering and inciting people to murder(Read the Direct Action manifesto for more clarity)?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Why go so far. Just check with Jinnah and Suhrawardy. Both were the pioneers of Direct Action day call, after which there was a bloodbath in Muslim Majority Bengal, where Suhrawardy was PM.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Do you or do you not support Jinnah, the man who called for Direct Action day?

    So, your are right to support a man who called for violence(assuming you a Pakistani liberal and a Jinnah admirer), but you condemn @Salman Shareef. What kind of twisted logic is that?Recommend

  • abubakar

    To all the elites and hypocrites, people of pakistan are silent because they condone this mosque. What a shame that many of you don’t even the mentality of an average pakistani. Recommend

  • raj

    you can’t name each and every individual in one country. if someone in pakistan makes record, we are proud of them and use the term Pakistan made the record. Now if something is happening that should not have happened, you are saying it should be named Pakistan ? I think you should think before you even start thinking about whats coming out of your mouth. Relax man.. focus on the main point not the tailRecommend

  • raj

    No i think the title is fine because we show our proudness as pakistanis when one individual makes a record or wins a big prize. then why not here ?Recommend

  • Parvez

    So you are saying, that when a cold blooded murderer kills in the name of religion and is then hero-worshipped by misguided people, the correct thing to do is to stay quiet BECAUSE it defames the country……..you must be joking.Recommend

  • Vics

    Where can I donate for this mosque please?Recommend

  • Omz

    Clearly journalists are expected to know better based on the original poster’s view! Khier, Dota this weekend lets? You’re only get bashed by
    mindless folks hereRecommend

  • amirza1985 .

    the irony is strong in this oneRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    ..and, of course, we’re back to Modi now.

    It’s a confusing argument you’re making. Are you saying Modi should not be blamed for the Gujrat riots, just like Jinnah isn’t blamed for Calcutta killing? Or are you saying Jinnah should be labelled a mass-murderer, just like Modi (as they’re both blamed for inciting hate, that eventually led to mass-killings)?

    Neither of those arguments are in your favour.

    I’m not trying to defend Jinnah’s honor as the founder of Pakistan (I wrote a piece titled ‘Jinnah is not a hero’ some time ago). But right now, we’re talking about proven murderers, not politicians with contentious actions that historians are debating over.


  • Biswajeet Kapoor

    Just like the Muslim bloodbath in Gujrat.
    Courtesy of the Indian Hitler Modi.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It is called “Osama Bin Laden Shaheed Library”. It sounds like it’s named after OBL and not just the Bin Laden group, no?


  • vasan

    Is that why Indians what to get rid of Babri Masjid?? I would think so.Recommend

  • bajwa

    Qadri is our hero. Salute to those who built that mosque. Recommend

  • bajwa

    Dear all Pakistan support qadri. Your title is absolutely right. And we proud of it. Great nation s always do like that to honour their heroes.Recommend

  • Umar Farooq

    Author’s sentence that
    Your right to publicly praise terrorists and murderers is seemingly protected under the umbrella of free expression

    This sentence is mostly spoken by people calling themselves liberal. If you do such things like salman taseer then govt. or court should take action against them. If you are govt. you are court then such actions happen. If you can give airports,universities,colleges the name of Benazir, Zulfiqar Bhutto. They have killed hundreds innocent people then what is wrong in this.
    Sulman taseer called blasphemy law as black law.According to author People thinking that sulman taseer was wrong are terrorist.Recommend

  • Someone

    Ayodhya to Hindus is like Jerusalem to Jews – it is the birth place of Lord Ram and so some people are obviously more serious about it than others. The ASI (Archeological Survey of India) already carried massive excavations in and around the premises of the Masjid to come to the conclusion that there had been a hindu temple (full artifacts buried etc.) there that had been destroyed in Babar’s time to construct this Masjid.

    While I’m not condoning the demolishing of the Masjid, you will appear wiser if you developed some sort of perspective over this issue than appearing so aggressive in your stance.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Hitler usurped power and didn’t let go, Modi has to stand in Elections, has to answer for 2002 riots every single day.

    Considering there have been no riots since. Hitler’s Genocide went on for more than 6 years non-stop.

    Modi did not exhort people to indulge in violence, which the examples I’ve given have.

    its become a fashion off late to compare anyone whom you disagree with to Hitler, as if its some silly point, which will browbeat the opposition. Most people don’t bother, because its such a silly and non-sensical thing to say.

    No man can change the Laws and Constitution of India and usurp unlimited power. Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    So, you agree that Jinnah’s call for action against the minorities is true; and, the Direct Action manifesto is indeed a document, distributed by Muslim League whose President was Jinnah at the time, does indeed call for violence.

    So, once we got that out of the way.. Lets get on to Qadri.

    So, the only discussion we are having about is : Is there a difference between calling for mass violence and committing violence. Qadri killed one man(shameful but still one). How many were killed by the Direct Action call in Bengal, where there was a Muslim League CM?

    You cannot compare a murderer with a serial killer. You cannot compare a serial killer with people like Hitler.

    In terms of barbarity, calling for mass violence and succeeding is much more disquieting and repelling, than the singular act of a lunatic.

    Qadri’s face will never be on the Pakistani currency, or will he be called a Secular person, or will he be called a great leader. Nor, does he have more than one person’s blood on his hands.

    Call Modi a Murderer all you like. I only use him to prove my points. Him being guilty or not does not affect me. Even if he goes to jail, I will not mind much.

    Ideologically he means nothing to me. i am more concerned with the direction of my country, which cannot be changed due to the rock solid Constitution.Recommend

  • gp65

    You are perhaps unaware of the facts. Babri Masjid was built by an emperor, who ordered the destruction of a temple that people believed had great religious significance for them and then built a mosque on that very site of the destroyed temple to humiliate the Hindus.
    There had been a court case for over a hundred years by Hindus seeking restoration of that site. As per court orders the site was locked and no namaaz had been read there for over 50 years – so it could be called a Babri structure not Babri masjid. IT is the unending court delays (over 100 years in getting justice that led to aggravated people taking matters in their hand – not because they did not like the name). That was very very unfortunate and should not have happened besides being unconstitutional.
    The Bari structure should not have been destroyed and neither should the temple. But a historic wrong (destruction of a temple and building a mosque on that very site) needs to be corrected.
    I hope it can be done through a negotiated settlement between the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Babri Masjid Action Committee who are the two parties of a court case. One obvious settlement could be that Hindus perform kar seva and build the mosque brick by brick at a different site in lieu of an agreement to build a temple at that very site. The mosque is important to the Muslims. The site is important to the Hindus who believe it is te birthpalce of Lord Ram.Recommend

  • Rangoonwala

    This is an Indian troll. With ugly anti Muslim and anti Pakistani
    vitriols. He is banned from Indian newspapers. This is all he does.
    Spread his hate around.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Yes Anoop…..I read your comment. Good try.Recommend

  • Visibly

    By the way, how many of you are concerned about all the Christian Nigerian girls that have been kidnapped by islamists in Nigeria? And now are going through forced marriage.
    Why is a film or a caricature more important than a group of muslims that shame Islam with their behaviour?Recommend

  • ovais

    so roads hospitals are named after benazir bhutto and Zardari both proven to be curropt next time write a blog on that as well.Recommend

  • Zara

    Just a thought…If Pakistanis can proudly celebrate at Pakistan winning the World cup in 2009, (when infact not every pakistani played in that world cup) then why can’t Pakistanis not accept this, Yes the whole of Pakistan did not pick these names, but then again the whole of Pakistan has not done anything to discourage this either. Well done to the writer.Recommend

  • Prashant

    When I read not just Pakistani readers but the Pakistani experts comments about India, I sometimes feel that they are exaggerating in their criticism of India and things might not be rosy but not as difficult as they are made out to be. I think not living in a country even in today’s world would not give you the correct idea about the issues the country faces. I am sure Pakistan has real issues but in a day to day life how much does it affect the majority and the minority, I am not sure. One thing is for sure, both the countries need to go a long way.Recommend

  • Ranbeer Kidwa.

    Looks like Hindus are still boiling in their hate. Can’t get over the fact
    they were ruled by Mughals,..and every other conqueror who could
    get 10 people together, come through, plunder and pillage and conquer.
    One of them did it 17 times. Use to come and collect his revenues. Yearly.
    After all bunyas are bunyas.Recommend