Veena’s web presence: 10/10

Published: October 17, 2010

The celebrity has her own website, with a biography, photographs and news.

Like other Pakistani celebrities, Veena Malik too has a website. It is, and not, which claims to be a fansite, and certainly not, which has nothing to do with the film/TV star.

I thought I could write a piece about Veena Malik’s page similar to the one I wrote when I discovered Meera’s website.

But after going through it, I was actually quite impressed.

First of all, the website is not new. I just found it recently. Also, the vast amount of options and the information available on the page simply amazed me, not because it is done in a high tech fashion (it’s not) but because I didn’t think that our celebrities acknowledged the online media, and by that I specifically mean the internet, enough to make their presence felt there.

Not only does the website provide its viewers with a biography of the celebrity, a look at her “social work” and a vast array of pictures, which they can download as their wallpaper (features that were also available on Meera’s page), it also keeps you updated on all that is going on with her career at the moment.

There are sections on the website that give you the latest news on Veena Malik, as well as talk about her past scandals. It really does work on the ‘all publicity is good publicity’ concept. Except that I didn’t know about the site until just a few days back, while the site has been there for many months now. Perhaps a little more can be done on that.

‘Miss Meera jee at the rate hotmail dot com’ ([email protected]) could do it on TV. Why can’t Veena, who I personally think is more popular now?

The only bit I might be able to critique is the use of the English language. I am sure both Meera and Veena can afford to hire someone who can at least use correct grammar, if not a prime choice of words, while describing them.

If you are a fan of Veena Malik (I am), or if you think she brings a bad name to Pakistan, courtesy the multiple scandals, and of course her recent appearance on Bigg Boss 4, you have to visit her website. And if you are none of those things, just take a quick look. You may find something you like.

Ali Syed

Ali Syed

An MBA student at LUMS who likes to write about matters that may not really matter to most. He tweets @alisyedsays

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