‘Baby doll mein sonay di’… really?

Published: May 4, 2014

As the music gets louder, the lyrics get cheaper.

Here is a question for all the women out there – what is more heart-warming, being called a Chikni Chameli (sexy woman) or an Atom Bomb (bombshell)?

Baffled? I am not surprised…

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy upbeat Bollywood music as much as the next person. Any wedding seems mute and dull without it. However, there should be a line drawn somewhere, don’t you think?

How long can we let this spicy (and derogatory) lyricism go on?

In every single Bollywood movie we watch, we see girls dancing vivaciously to something that they ridiculously believe to be an ode to their beauty while reality is much plainer and unfortunately, filthier. And regrettably, this practice has become more frequent in recent years. All these songs that we hear and play in our cars, houses and dance to at weddings, contain these words that objectify us under the veil of perky entertainment.

Who is to blame for this? As much as we point fingers at the singers or listeners, I hold the women themselves responsible.

After all, we live in a world of moderation, liberalism and equality where every now and then, feminism rears its head and women of this ‘modern’ society speak up for equal treatment from the opposite sex. So, where is this demand for equality when it comes to such blatant albeit, musical humiliation of women in open public?

I’m quite sure that almost all women in our society listen to and thoroughly enjoy such songs but I can bet none of them would ever like to be called by such names.

How many women do you know who would enjoy flaunting their characteristics to the open public by referring to themselves by these sleazy metaphors?

You are right… none!

Then, why don’t our feminist friends stand up against this particular form of gender discrimination?

Why don’t we all stand up for ourselves and demand that lyrics be written more respectfully when it comes to describing women?

I know that it will most certainly be less entertaining but I believe it is hypocritical to write songs that say,

Baby doll mein sonay di…

(I am a baby doll, made of gold…)

Whatever happened to being called a normal human being?

And as the music gets louder, the lyrics get cheaper. It is a shame that a magical gift like music is now subjected to such degrading shenanigans only in a race to generate higher profits. This is saddening since it not only defines the mindset of the people in the film industry but also reveals the target audience’s true colours.

If hundreds and millions receive such music with open admiration then sadly, there is little left to say.

I’m not the moral police for lyrics and neither am I against catchy songs. I am just a woman who happens to be proud of being one and is most certainly not happy to be equated with slick, shiny ‘objects’ or bombs. And I think it’s high time that we women raise our voices to end this strengthening culture of ‘item songs’.

If you still think I’m overreacting, imagine Bollywood releasing a song on the lines of Chikna Chamela (sexy man)!

Nauseating, right?

Fatima Raza

Fatima Raza

The author is a Biosciences graduate and a student of MPhil International Relations. She aspires to be an accomplished writer someday.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • harsh

    here’s the solution stop watching Hindi Movies. Nobody in India gives a toss whether they are screened in Pak or notRecommend

  • Nobody

    While I wholeheartedly agree that these “masala” item songs are nothing more than blatant sexism, I disagree that women alone are too blame. Men are just as much to blame; after all, most of the people behind the camera in Bollywood are male. Neither gender should be comfortable with reducing the other to an object and unfortunately instead of men becoming less inclined to do so, women are just becoming MORE inclined to objectify men in today’s society.
    As responsible adults, I agree the onus is on each individual to reject taking on a role as an atom bomb, chikni chameli or decoration piece, which I find far more common in Bollywood than Hollywood.

  • Gaurav C

    Correct but cant help. Atleast we should not promote.Recommend

  • Sami

    Who is forcing you to watch and listen to these songs?? If you dont like then dont listen and dont watch. There are millions of songs in the world and many will not come upto your expectations,
    It is just like You have a Remote Control in your hand but you dont want to change the channel and would love to complain about it. !!!
    India is Secular by constitution unlike Our Hypothetical Theocratic Country. So our assertion as a Pakistani on Bollywood does not matter in my view.Recommend

  • Kick Boxer

    There is not much feminist can do about it. Men by nature are just programmed to objectify women.
    The clip is very seductive, but I liked Sunny Leone more when she did the stuff before entering mainstream Bollywood movies. Must have seen all her videos back then, haha.Recommend

  • Nabeel Rehman

    I am glad someone wrote about this! It is a well written thought provoking article and i do agree to author’s point of view because it is all about personal dignity. I suppose every educated and dignified woman will be offended to be called upon with such words. However we are living in a country where dancing on such songs is considered to be a matter of pride partly due to illiteracy and partly due to high class fun aspect of such parties.
    These days “item songs” are the main focus of attention that is why they are high budgeted. We all debate about protecting the integrity of women when it comes to abusive cases yet we don’t pay attention to things like these(item songs) which tend to provoke such crimes!Recommend

  • Norton

    Standing ovation to you dear author. I am often perplexed with this question and wonder where are we heading to. I have struggle these days to find out pure hindi/ urdu dialogues/ lyrics.Recommend

  • Munna

    Some men prefer doing prayers all the time, maybe they enjoy doing that, some prefer ogling at everything, maybe they enjoy doing that, some prefer hating everything, maybe they enjoy doing that, some prefer finding the idealistic world, maybe the enjoy the thoughts of so-called idealism. Some people prefer the gory details while some prefer the moments of emotions like love, compassion, humanity and what not….all in all, the thing is preferences.
    My point is that since you got preferences galore and it’s hard to make one better than the other so why don’t you avoid any others preferences if you got derision for it. It’s your choice if you wanna enjoy the song, no use curbing this or that instinct however, if that instinct do cause visible hurt and injury to anyone, then places strictures on it. Just for the sake of idealism, it’s not good to call for sacrifice…so just avoid listening to any of songs or movies or anything else if you can’t bear to see or hear it.Recommend

  • sidjeen

    If you think what is shown in Bollywood is music you need to attend some music classes. Bollywood only shows entertainment that sells and that’s all.Recommend

  • Basim Ali

    Chikna Chamela! haha!Recommend

  • sherrry

    Good pointRecommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/suwaid.ahmedkhan Suwaid Ahmed Khan

    No fasco-liberal comments on this. Guess it’s up to old fashioned mullahs like me to commend this piece.
    End objectification of women, rapes and sex crimes will decrease. Reducing women to sex objects and playthings on the media and foaming at the mouth when women get raped won’t work. Either reduce them completely to sub human sex toy “baby doll” status, or respect them as human beings the Islamic way. No double standardsRecommend

  • Nobody

    I agree with the assessment that these item numbers are blatant sexism against women; however, I wouldn’t dump the blame on women alone. Don’t forget most of the people behind the camera in Bollywood are men. While the onus is on each individual to decline to partake in objectification, blaming one gender alone isn’t fair.
    On a side note, instead of men objectifying women becoming less common, women are now objectifying men more commonly.
    Reducing either gender to an atom bomb or ‘chikni’ anything should bother both genders.

  • Sanya

    So glad to read this blog :) Totally agree with the point of veiw shared and myself disgusted with the cheap songs produced nowadays. Being muslims it our duty to atleast boycott these songs. Recommend

  • Mouzma

    Spot on!Recommend

  • Safwan

    I am not in favour of these kind of songs (whether directed to a male or female audience like Chikna Chamela) or the messages they forward but really, what is your problem? Live and let live. You say you are not the moral police, but do you not think that by writing an article about it, it is exactly what you have done? “I am just a woman who happens to be proud of being one and is most certainly not happy to be equated with slick, shiny ‘objects’ or bombs. And I think it’s high time that we women raise our voices to end this strengthening culture of ‘item songs’.” This truly sounds like moral policing to me. If you have any problem with these kind of songs, just do not watch and listen to them. Recommend

  • Pappu

    Agree with you absolutely. Bollywood music and lyrics are at the worst of lows and cheapness currently. They are just producing meaningless crap these days.Recommend

  • rahul

    Madam, For every chikni chameli or Baby doll there are wonderful songs .. You can listen to songs from “Queen”,”2 States” etc .. Which have wonderful lyrics and music. Even in US you ll find songs like “I wana F**k you ” etc… So it exists everywhere. At least Bollywood wont make such songsRecommend

  • Afshan

    I’m a feminist, and I hate Bollywood movies and songs for their blatant sexism and misogyny. Before making sweeping statements that seem almost accusatory of feminists, I suggest actually finding an actual Pakistani/South Asian feminist and asking their opinion on the matter. And no, I’m not the only one, most feminists dislike Bollywood item songs for the same reason. We’re both actually on the same side here, except that I think it is a cheap shot to mouth off about how feminists don’t stand up for women in tawdry, objectifying songs without even telling your audience whether any feminists have actually told you that they’re okay with such music. And yes, that’s feminist with an S, because asking one feminist’s opinion does NOT count as a representative opinion of all feminists.

    In fact, you actually write like a feminist rather than a woman who thinks feminists are all man-hating hairy lesbians (and by believing this, perpetuating a negative stereotype against women who choose not to wax or shave, and lesbian women) Why don’t you pick up some books on feminist theory and see what feminism is actually about before slamming feminists because you think they aren’t doing anything?Recommend

  • Maria

    All I read on Tribune is Blah Blah…vulgar… Blah…draw a line..Some more Blah Blah…LIVE AND LET LIVE. A song is a song..it doesn’t define anything,Recommend

  • Jimmy


    Agreed with your objectification bits, but:

    >imagine Bollywood releasing a song on the lines of Chikna Chamela (sexy man)!

    What you need to know is men and public would have no problem with this: plain and simple. No one from the public wants to see a naked/half-naked man dancing as a Baby Ken-doll, and hence it won’t be done.

    The MMS2 features an ex-Canadian-porn-actress dancing half-naked with ~1 dozen back-up half-naked male dancers as well; but as it’s her sex-appeal which is marketable, it sells: plain and simple.

    There are countless shirtless numbers from male actors too: whether it be shirtless Salman Khan songs or Amir Khan shirtless in Fanaa, ghajini, etc. The movie industry is an equal-opportunity objectifier!

    Agreed 100% with the ‘lyrics get cheaper bit’… it’s preposterous…Recommend

  • Seriously

    Seriously,I’ll never be offended if someone calls me “Chikna Chamela”,I’ll thank “HER” for paying a little attention on me.

    “This is saddening since it not only defines the mindset of the people in
    the film industry but also reveals the target audience’s true colours.”

    So,people spend money to watch the 5 minute song in 150 minute movie? this is a lame excuse….However this isn’t new, the bollywood people are facing it from years now,bollywood produces hundreds of B grade movies every year and no one pays attention to them,no one bothers to watch them,so the excuse is lame that someone watches these movies because of the body exposure or those songs,If it is so these B grade movies would have performed much better as compare to these popular movies…….Your article is just a Moral policing in not so aggressive form.Recommend

  • Necromancer

    A lot of women feel confident when you call them by these names……..trust me I know quite a fewRecommend

  • tweety

    Thank you for giving words to describe what ive been thinking for so long. Great pieceRecommend

  • Talha Rizvi

    I agree these songs are an insult to women every where.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    Had you compare it with Miley Cirus, you’d be happy with Baby Doll

    watch this


  • Ali Dude

    I Agree with u its a bitter truth that every women if she is harassed she considers herself a victim but if she is paid she is ready to be called with these names even they ready to do porn films as well i m not saying that every women is like this but to ensure female rights in the world we must get rid of this double standardsRecommend

  • freewriter

    It was high time someone pointed at the objectification of women sky-rocketing and the content regressing in the Bollywood mixesRecommend

  • Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui

    So according to you, in ‘item’ songs like these two and many others, the only thing condemn-able, unethical and worth-discussing are the ‘lyrics’ of the songs, because they cause/promote/exhibit gender based discrimination and are against much debated ‘woman rights’ and “man-woman equality”?? and everything else is just ‘okay’ to you?

    I dont know what your intent have been while writing it up but thanks for providing me and others with an HD-quality of these videos!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Hassaan Rabbani

    Great Post Fatima, i need to add something here. people actually do not realize that this kind of music is in-fact degrading a specific gender, women being part of it. Very nice realization.Recommend

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    I think You as a Pakistani should focus to champion the rights of women who are shot for going to school, minorities & blasphemy victims in Pakistan instead of lewd / lascivious item songs in Mindless Bollywood Movies.

    There are enough women’r rights activists in India who have successfully influenced the Govt to pass several pro-women laws in the past two years

    Please Learn to utilize your time constructively instead of ranting about random useless stuff.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Baji! Nukss naa kad, enjoyy kar!Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    You don’t know many feminists, do you?

    Feminists have been fighting against such objectification for a very long time. The discussion on Bollywood’s misogynism has been raging on Times of India, Reddit, Salon, Buzzfeed, social media for years, all spearheaded by the feminist movement. You’re welcome to dig in.

    Also, a minor disagreement: sexual display doesn’t technically ‘humiliate’ women. The humiliation is only the result of our social construct that shames a ‘slut’ and celebrates a ‘stud’.

    But it is misogynistic, because while men are depicted as normal people with a whole range of careers, anatomical shapes, hobbies and life goals, women get reduced to sexual objects whose primary objective is “to be somebody’s chamak-challo”.Recommend

  • Ozz


    All I can say is CHILL!!

    Chikna Chamela? haha.. Bring it onn!! Whom would u prefer – John Abraham or Ranveer singh?Recommend

  • mimi

    Tie your black turban firmly and dance to the tunes of belly dance ,that will be the perfect for women . After all , this songs are not for beards and burkas. These are for fun loving people.Recommend

  • tungi

    women are supposed to be adorned and beautiful because of the adornments they wear since centuries!Recommend

  • san

    Apart from your obvious concerns Baby Doll rocks.Recommend

  • Seemab Waleed

    Beautifully written. I second you.Recommend

  • KK

    Don’t take that song personally:)Recommend

  • Vikas

    Go and watch Pakistani contents. Shamless people. Watching Indian contents and being moral police.Recommend

  • Mohammad Faizan Farooq

    If you think that the lyrics are the only thing wrong in these songs then you need to see a doctorRecommend

  • Syme

    Please leave the objectification out of fun. Porn is a problem, mujra is a problem and now catching Indian songs have also feminist undertones. Instead you should look at the irony or brighter side that a previous fat cow pornstar without moves is “liberated” and now she is doing milder stuff akin to her vitals. On still lighter notes, she lost good bit of weight in bollywood but not when she was a pornstar. On even further lighter note, enjoy Hip Hip Hurrah from meray dad ke maruti. How did you miss this one? Ain’t you suppose to enjoy just Kosher music of lollywood or Pakistan idol :)
    BTW you can talk on your behalf only but not of all the women as it is a logical fallacy.If you don’t like turnip (please read Gongaloo) then none of the females like turnips, how interesting. I can testify that I enjoy item numbers and classical music.Recommend

  • szaz

    Women cant live happily, without constant complaining, ever.
    This is the same ‘free & modern’ world being demanded with equal opportunities and rights, so bear with it. Its their right to sing and dance however they wish and its your right NOT TO SEE AND LISTEN TO THEM!Recommend

  • Muhammad Akbar

    This is happening with women all over the world on the name of freedom! people need to swallow it. Morality is going down. now humen mean business and they will goto cross any boundaries they find.Recommend

  • Rangacharya Kulkarni

    Faitma! this three and four minutes experience does not mean anything. Just to see and forget. Donot take it seriously. Honestly, film does not influence the behavior of human beings unless it is cult film like bobby or Hum Apke hai kaun. We are more filthier in life than in films. Definitely, It is dehumanising trend and not acceptable but tolerable for few minutes.So. Chill! !Unfortunately, our romance with realism is very rare and every bit of guy enjoys few moments of sensation and then they become social entities ( brother, father, husband and son etc.) with perfect normalcy. It is exaggeration. Sometimes, I found that our people are more media literate than I expected them to be. But media literacy is must in South Asia to appreciate and distinguish from fictional presentation from the reality. Hopeful for a better future.Recommend

  • AD

    Get life.Recommend

  • fahim

    there are women who like to be called chickny, chambeli and bomb. What to do about them ?Recommend

  • Junaid Zaheer Ud Din

    I appreciate your words against the item song crazeRecommend

  • Baba_Bhola

    very well said! In today’s times, where media (including film/fashion industry) claim equality/liberty for men/women and eventually end it objectifying women by weird names. Apparently, people have become so used to it, that it just seems to be another ‘item’ song with newly coined terms.

    -Tab, MumbaiRecommend

  • Irfan

    I admire your thoughts about women respect. But you’re comparing the **** with the women. Sunny Leon is the well known p**n actresses so in that context they equate themselves with these object.Recommend

  • AliNur

    Well you have rightly highlighted a big issue and its really brave of you to highlight it. In my humble opinion ( I might sound fundamentalist but..) this recent wave of item songs and openly showing of love and romance of teenage kids in colleges (2 states is one of the example) is harming our culture and society and our way of living. It appears to me that prostitution has entered our homes via television in the name of enlightenment, modernity and liberalism.Just wondering why as a nation we are allowing it…Recommend

  • Asjad

    Chikna Chamela …Will not sell, its simple enough. It is just about money and the age old practice of selling sex.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Summary of this Blog:

    “We wont stop watching Indian movies, you can change the lyrics (if you like).”Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Summary of this Blog:

    “We wont stop watching Indian movies, you can change the lyrics (if you like).”Recommend

  • jssidhoo


  • Bhatti

    I’m so glad someone advocating this topic, I have never been able to enjoy chikni chameli and now this baby doll song is one of the most derogatory songs that has been written! Being played on repeat in a culture like ours is just plain hypocrisy not only in terms of religion but also our saqafat!Recommend

  • omz

    you do realize that the “lead singer” of babydoll is a hardcore porn star right? I think you are expecting the wrong people to stand up for women’s rights. Though I agree wholeheartedly with your premise. It’s convenient to become a feminist when it comes to equal pay, but not so much when trying to get this filth of the air, or when wanting the last seat on the bus (shockingly, feminism goes away in favor of taking the last seat on the basis of gender alone). Net, feminists have double standards, and bollywood has no standards.Recommend

  • omz

    seriously vikas, get over yourself. i dont know why you guys enjoy crossing over to our news websites so much? if want us to “go watch pakistani content” and leave you alone, then ask your government to stop selling bollywood films to our cinemas, and stop your government fro letting indian channels air in pakistan. it’s simple. go for it. best of luck to you.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Yes I hate it when the censors let these lyrics and dances pass through.Recommend

  • MohammadAli

    Items songs are garbage. Every era has its share. We have ours. This is just a passing phase, as the industry will realise, an item number can not get an Oscar. Moreover, who will remember yesterday’s item number. Item dancers will not be remembers. They will be replaced. The problem with Indian Cinema is the content and the script is mostly not up to the mark. Since I know Indian read Pakistani newspapers, they can take up this matter with their press.

    Style is temporary class is permanent.

    Items numbers maybe “IN” at the moment, however they have no depth and no class.Recommend

  • Ron Jeremy

    I blame Sunny Leone for the fact that Pakistan topped the porn searches for years in the past…:)Recommend

  • Ron Jeremy

    What Canadian? Indian born actress. No need for shame. She was quite popular among the male half of Pakistan.;)Recommend

  • Billoo

    Time to introduce ‘halal’ brand in music too… After successfull introduction in biscuits, vegetables, fruits,milk and wheat. After all we Pakistanis like to see ‘Halal’ written in arabic on everything masahallah. Then the contents doesn’t matter anymore you know…

  • Not sure who I am

    You are right in saying that music & lyrics are getting disgusting!
    I read the comments here and I really don’t know what to say to people who don’t mind filthy dual meaning crappy lyrics, but I seriously don’t like if I am watching news channel and suddenly news caster announce the most popular song nowadays is “All night Besharmi ki height”! Seriously it hurts..Recommend

  • mAsim

    Nice Article. Those who think that this does not harm our society then I suggest them to think twice. A mature grown up person may take it as a source of entertainment but our very young generation may take it differently. Honestly, I can not watch these entertainment channels (Indian/Pakistani) any more in-front of my kids or other family members. I am worried for my kids as I cant monitor them 24 hours. A lot of people out there take this filth as a motivation to do heinous crimes (Rape could be one of them). In conclusion, however you justify it, it is still a filth that is harming our society.Recommend

  • Mohammad saeed Swabi

    Hilarious Recommend

  • Mohammad saeed Swabi

    Hilarious Recommend

  • Mayo

    This blog clearly denounces the vulgarity showcased in movies while people view the videos of these songs while reading itt. OMGRecommend

  • kiki

    you can either not watch/listen to these or you just agree with it…..that’s how this entertainment world works…simple!!! If you don’t agree with it then don’t endorse them in your life…..Recommend

  • Midhat

    It is not about Halal vs Haraam. Clearly you missed the point of the article. It is degrading, misogynistic and humiliating to be reduced to mere objects of pleasure and eye candies for men. Feminists all over the world have been very vocal about this cheap treatment of women to satisfy the lust of men. We are better then that and need to be respected as such. Times are changing and so should men!Recommend

  • Midhat

    Probably you need to educate your self on the topic of feminism. Educated fun loving people know the difference between objectification of women and entertainment. James bond franchise had to change the depiction of bond girls as dumb blond objects because of criticism from the feminist groups. Sadly our in-ability to recognize the misogyny in objectification is why women feel degraded and humiliated in our part of the worldRecommend

  • Midhat

    It is not about Pakistan vs India. Stop making everything as such. One wrong doesn’t make the other wrong right. Cleary the author is writing from a feminist’s position. Criticizing the misogynistic depiction of women as sex objects doesn’t mean she supports mistreatment of women in Pakistan. Learn the differenceRecommend

  • JackZFlipper

    avoid watching Indian movies. Watch the “clean” paki movies instead.Recommend

  • someone

    WOW…do you think its government of India selling movies to Government of Pakistan?? I always thought it was the Pakistani cinema owners paying to Indian film producers for the rights to show the movies in Pakistan. By the way, if Pakistanis hate the bollywood so much, how come there is such a market for bollywood in Pakistan? Defies the logic, does not it?Recommend

  • Harristarr McLennon

    you want change? change the channel!Recommend

  • Hakeem

    Music is Haram so dOnt complain
    Hadhrat Abu Maalik Ash’ari (radhiyallahu anhu) says that he heard Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say: “Most certainly, there will be in my Ummah people who will make lawful fornication, silk, liquor and musical instruments.” (Bukhaari)Recommend

  • Gratgy

    You are reading to much between the lines. Ashamed?? Hell No, we subcontinental men love her for her contribution to Mankind :)
    lets hope she continues spreading the love in this world of hateRecommend

  • Parvez

    From moral and academic point of view you have a point……from a real life, practical point of view this really does not hold up. If you don’t like it you have the option, not to watch………….live and let live seems about right.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    As advised by you, We asked our government to stop selling bollywood movies to Pakistan, but they laughed at us and called us stupid and said the government is not a vcd/dvd shop to sell movies to others. They said the movies are sold by private distributors to independent importers in pakistan.

    Imagine that, who would have thought bollywood movies are not some nefarious Indian governmental plot to corrupt pure hearted pakistanis and make them stray from their righteous waysRecommend

  • Billoo

    Why would our ‘govt.’do it? You are the buying customers… Stop buying it baby!! The matter will be setteled there. Alas! You can’t do that i know. Because you guys are addicted to everything Indian. iknow these things for a fact coz i am married to a Pakistani girl. Her family always demandiing something or other ‘Made in India’stuff u know. Recommend

  • SamSal

    Why criticize Bollywood? We have enough of such nonsense in our country too.
    Have you seen Pushto and/or Punjabi Pakistani movies? Watch Filmazia sometime, maybe?
    Bashing India should be our national sport!Recommend

  • SamSal

    What made you think Vikas is NOT a Pakistani?
    Just because his name is Vikas doesn’t mean he is an Indian!Recommend

  • Ahmad

    I wonder what’s wrong with this lady? This article gives me a feeling that while listening to a song or watching its video she actually puts herself into the role…..heck!! She seems to have gotten herself explained or explored through, by the songs. Pretty pathetic. Let it be, the way it is. Let the characters be the objects of songs and lyrics, why u dream of yourself being DEFINED as chickni chameli……..??Recommend

  • absar

    You forgot Halal soap, haha.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Well, I am surprised. I really am. I wonder if she considers herself a character while listening to a music or watching its video? I mean the object of song?? Do she really feels herself being described as chikni chameli or munni or whatever? she needs a break. let the character be the objects, don’t imagine yourself to be one. Separately, your DP doesn’t go with the substance of this article. I haven’t seen any of the women wearing hijab and yet dancing to the tunes of bollywood songs….be they the sanitized ones and not chikni chameli.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    It reminds me an old story, when a famous poem was written with a verse “chalay bhi aao k gulshan ka karobar challay”………somebody filed a complaint against the poet saying that Gulshan is my daughter and by writing such a verse the poet has defamed him and his family and that his innocent daughter has been unreasonably maligned. The poet was Faiz Ahmad Faiz, mind you. The case of this article is a perfect analogy and I can only laugh it away. Let me add, if you curse today’s music and the stupid lyrics am absolutely with you but if you want to make a case that it derogates the whole female fraternity, your are mistaken.Recommend

  • Anshuman Tripathy

    For every chikni chameli there are 100X worse Hip-Hop Music Videos in the west that show Women being degraded in the worst possible manner.
    Also there are vulgar songs in Pakistani pop culture as well..case in point the ‘blue hai paani paani’ parody that although doesn’t feature any woman in a bikini gyrating to the music but is way more Obscene than the original Bollywood music video.

    Why is Bollywood the sole target then? Learn some tolerance & look the other way if these things bother you so much.Recommend

  • raj

    nice :)Recommend

  • raj

    Objectification is a big reason why rapes are now common in Pakistan and india bcz these kind of songs make men go crazy, drink alot and do whatever they want to so grow upRecommend

  • raj

    like Indians are addicted to everything Western :)Recommend

  • raj

    well u r dragging the topic here and omz too.. the point is women objectification which happens in both cinema. the difference is Pak film market is not as huge as bollywood and therefore people don’t know what happens in lollywood. having said that, its moral obligation on bollywood to follow some ethics esp objectifying as it is a cause of concern in both countries as rapes and foul activities are increasing.Recommend

  • A2ZRT

    Summary of this piece : Threatened by Islamist we are unable to unleash our full artistic potential. For example, I am unable to introduce myself without covering my head in Pakistan though being a Biosciences graduate.

    Instead of giving moral lectures to the artists it is better to free the artistic work from our caged morality. Departure from from violence and vulgarity towards good sensational realistic movies with human touch will become reality with gradual change of public attitude.

    For example Bollywood movies with good stories and human touch earns more money and awards in west and now also in Indian subcontinent as compared against average earning entertainment movies like RMMS2. Education level of society is reflected in movies.

    The rising middle class now regularly interacts with outside world where pub, club parties are normal entertainment places. So there is no problem if lyrics catches those audiences. Poor people are not target of movies directors but average rich middle class who can purchase cinema tickets not watch through pirated DVDs.Recommend

  • A2ZRT

    Instead of giving moral lectures to the artists it is better to free
    the artistic work from our caged morality. Departure from from violence
    and vulgarity towards good sensational realistic movies with human
    touch will become reality with gradual change of public attitude.

    For example Bollywood movies with good stories and human touch earns more
    money and awards in west and now also in Indian subcontinent as compared
    against average earning entertainment movies like RMMS2. Education
    level of society is reflected in movies.

    The rising middle class now regularly interacts with outside world where pub, club parties are normal entertainment places. So there is no problem if lyrics catches
    those audiences. Poor people are not target of movies directors but
    average rich middle class who can purchase cinema tickets not watch
    through pirated DVDs.Recommend

  • String Theory

    raise ur standard and watch real Hollywood movie u MIss! rather to hindi movie let these for less educated people of pakRecommend

  • A

    ‘It appears to me that prostitution has entered our homes via television in the name of enlightenment, modernity and liberalism.’

    Heartwrenching reality. We are all personally responsible for this!Recommend

  • Midhat

    This is why we south Asians don’t progress.. We just can’t take constructive criticism. The moment our flaws are pointed out we justify it by pointing at others as if that makes it right. Be it blue pani or atom bomb, objectification is simply wrong. Zero tolerance.Recommend

  • http://wwwdramapakistani.net Sadaf

    This is nothing but soft Porn and I am so glad someone had the guts to point it out …what amazes me is well educated girls from good backgrounds dancing in public at weddings to thisRecommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    South Asians don’t progress?

    India is doing fine, thank you. And, India is 80% of South Asia. Which countries are you talking about?Recommend

  • knightridrr

    Say all you want but everyone will agree with me that Sunny Leone is a “baby doll sone di” ;-)Recommend

  • gp65

    well spoken.Recommend