Give Pakistan a chance

Published: June 29, 2014

Maybe we can look on to our Khewra salt mines, the second largest salt mines in the world, to realise what potential we have.

There are quite a few times in the day that I find myself in the comfort of my living room hearing people excoriate the way things are running in this country. The source of the criticism is either a guest whining on a talk show on TV or a companion grumbling about the prevalent paucity of gas and electricity in the country.

I come across numerous people around me, analysing and commenting on the many problems of our country. Some would say,

“It is the exigency for a solid leadership.”

Others devise a fancy conspiracy theory about it all being an orchestrated play, scripted by the political leaders, simply to pour oil on their own personal accretions. Then there are some who find catharsis in feeling sorry for themselves and wondering,

“Are these perpetual setbacks on every level a price we have to pay just because we happen to use a green passport as a distinction? Are we ever going to be on a comeback trail or have we simply fallen into abyss and lack the nerve to confess that?”

And of course, how can I forget the statement most of us hear on a daily basis,

Halaat bahut kharab hain

(The situation is extremely bad)

While some of these statements may be true, the constant nagging that makes a mockery of our nation infuriates me. When people point out how ‘impoverished’ our country is, I like to point out that regardless of our flaws, we still manage to hold immense importance in the international arena. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Are we really that far behind or is it something we are being deluded into believing just so that certain forces can reap benefits whilst banking on these insecurities?

Please do not get me wrong. I am not one of an unsound mind who is implying that our country is free from any predicament and Pakistanis are living in this unblemished land. The prevalent energy crisis, inflation, soaring unemployment rates, terrorism, corruption and illiteracy are just a few of the many problems Pakistan is facing that cannot, in any way, be overlooked. What I am saying, however, is that perhaps by continuously looking into the negatives of our country, we have forgotten to take pride in the actual potential of Pakistan.

It is the same thing with a beautiful flower in your garden. If you go to it every day and tell it how ugly it is, what a burden on the rest of the flowers it is, it won’t be long before that flower wilts and dies. Do you think we are doing the same thing with our own country? Do you think we feel more underprivileged than we actually are?

Let’s dwell into this notion a little more and examine just how deprived our country actually is in terms of its resources.

I do not think that having the world’s seventh largest coal reserves and the fifth largest copper reserves qualifies as inadequate. Or maybe we can look on to our Khewra salt mines, the second largest in the world, to realise what kind of potential we have.


Can’t find anything to complain about just yet?

Maybe we should look towards marble – that must definitely be scarce. But wait, is it not Pakistan’s fine marble that makes many European countries such as Italy dependent on us? We also have the privilege of having the world’s 19th largest shale gas and oil reserves and is the fourth largest producer of cotton.

Did you know that a Pakistani student broke the current world record by securing a total of 47 As in his O Level and A Level examinations. Yes, our education system has its flaws, but this determination to excel and succeed in all forms of life is still prevalent, is it not?

Perhaps it is Pakistan’s lack of cultural diversity that makes us feel dispossessed. The amount of solidarity exhibited by the citizens of our country every time there is a match between Pakistan and India may dupe many into believing that Pakistan is largely monolingual, mono-ethnic and mono-cultural but that is far from the truth. Pakistan comprises of an eclectic pool of ethnic communities that includes the Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Seraiki, Mohair, Makrani, and let’s not forget my very own Kashmiri descent. We have it all, all under the beautiful skies of our own country, yet we stand divided? We applaud other nations that exhibit their diverse cultures, yet don’t see what we have in our backyards? This diversity is something we should be able to take pride in, not use as a tool to wedge disunity amongst us.

Many will find my claims debatable, biased or even overly ‘nationalistic’. But the point of my piece is not to mock but to help us look into what Pakistan does have instead of those things we don’t have or can’t afford. If we were to concentrate more on the things we do have, we would not be so consumed in feeling bad for ourselves and not doing anything to help.

If we can take out a big chunk of our day just to discuss how deplorable the situation in our country is, I think we owe Pakistan 20 minutes of our day thinking of all those things we can do to help our country become great. Start owning the negatives along with the positives and you will feel the difference, not only in the way you see yourself but in the way you see Pakistan. We really aren’t all that bad.

Ammarah Aftab

Ammarah Aftab

The author has completed her bachelors from NUST and is looking to encourage respect and value for all living creatures. She tweets as @ammarah_aftab (

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  • vinsin

    You should have also added huge intolerance towards minorities which are now completely wiped out compare to 1951.Recommend

  • Maddy

    beautifully written, yes we do have lot to celebrate along with loads of problems, but we should stay positive and do our bit……………..hope for the best :-)Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Give Pakistan a chance?

    Lady, I just got extorted by police waalas at Shahrah-e-Faisal (karach) a few days ago because as I was told,

    “You do not have a receipt of the laptop (6 months old) that you are carrying with you. Therefore, it could be stolen. Either you show us the receipt now or we take you to the lockup until you can prove it as your property. Or you can give us some money and we shall forget about it.”

    I’d rather save myself and my sanity while sending some much needed foreign exchange. Btw, an acquaintance was also extorted by FIA officials at the airport when leaving the country for studies. So, I’ll probably be paying that price upon leaving too.Recommend

  • Cosmo

    You say “If we were to concentrate more on the things we do have,…”
    The problem with Pakistan is that it doesnot do the basics u pointed out. Pakistan wants to play big and prove big by defeating India in everything and making Afganistan as the fourth state and being the saviour of Muslim Brotherhood!! All pakistan and pakistanis need to do is have simple dreams for their own people and country instead trying to play games with the world! When the basis of your creation is made on shaky grounds by hating 1/7th population of the world then its hard to keep yourself sane!! Aint it?Recommend

  • S Khan

    Pakistanis do have a problem. They keep on bragging about Pakistan without looking for facts. Largest salt mine does not have any export potential as every country fulfills its salt requirements itself. Pakistan’s coal reserves are of very poor quality. Do not believe what Samar Mubarik says. Pakistan’s total share in world’s marble export market is less than 1%. Italy got more marble reserves than Pakistan. You cannot use shale gas because it requires billions of dollars investment, and many developed countries are not able to adopt fracking. As far as A level results are concerned, they do not really matter. Pakistan scores lowest in mathematical and science Olympiads. Our students perform very bad and Pakistan is found in the lowest quartile of rankings. Pakistan’s population is soaring and its infrastructure facilities are poorest in the world. Few mineral reserves are not going to bring massive change in Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan needs technological advancement. Textiles or rice are not going to drive your economy. Pakistan has to adopt multiple strategic to overcome crisis and put economy back on track. Pakistan needs a proper services sector to accommodate millions of young job seekers. 80% of its population has become fanatic. Who will mend these people?Recommend

  • Haider

    Excellent article.yes we aren’t all that bad.we need to do more hardwork with true deducation and every things gonna be alright.inshallahRecommend

  • نائلہ

    I agree. Pakistan is not a bad country, it’s a badly managed country. Alas, us Pakistanis love to put the blame on others and never ourselves. Recommend

  • Billoo

    While the Rome burns…..

  • Talha Rizvi

    Excellent blog.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    The article bears the insensitive optimism of walking into a man’s funeral, and telling the widow, “Cheer up! You still have the house!”

    All nations complain about their shortcomings, even the developed ones. We are not uniquely meek; in fact, we’ve overly pompous and jingoistic! It’s not just about bad governance, but the mindset of an average Pakistani that breaks you.

    As a terrorism hotbed, one of the last three countries in the world to have polio, to name just a few monumental failures, why shouldn’t we be dancing about for making the world’s biggest flag and having the tastiest dahi bhale on Earth?

    We need hope, not willful ignorance.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Ammarah, I am sorry for playing the spoilsport.

    You have some of the largest reserves of coal, copper etc which is fine but are you saying that these natural resources have not been used appropriately or are you are implying that Pakistan should feel proud for having these resources. It has been around 70 years since the Independence for both India and Pakistan. Surely, we should have better things to be proud of.

    “We applaud other nations that exhibit their diverse cultures, yet don’t see what we have in our backyards?”

    I have not seen Pakistanis ever applauding diversity and I see increasingly Pakistanis trying to identify themselves with the Arabs. I have seen Pakistanis who would scoff at a Muslim nations which exhibits diversity and tolerates different approaches to Islam if I may say that. If you are not a Muslim nation and diverse, you would be of least interest to Pakistan. I might be incorrect however I can give you number of examples to prove my point.Recommend

  • Quaoda

    I won’t dispute anything you say about potential. However, the fact of the matter is that I do not feel safe at all in Pakistan. Until we get some better news, I will not be returning to your country. Beautiful and fascinating as it is, I simply didn’t like the abundance of weaponry. Nor did I like the constant feelings of paranoia that came with going out as a very European-looking foreigner.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Always pleasing to hear nice things about Pakistan :)Recommend

  • Omer Khayam

    as a overseas Pakistani we are alwaus ready and looking 4 opportunities to invest, make it a better place there are simple things tht every one understands need to done but r not being done by government and as people we are the biggest culprits who just argue blame and abuse politics and go back to sleepRecommend

  • Baba Ji

    “Give Pakistan a chance” – Yes, but Pakistanis are not ready to take it !!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Saim

    Let’s correct some of the myths:

    1- “world’s seventh largest coal reserves”

    Fact: Pakistan ranks 19th in coal reserves with almost nil reserves of A grade Bituminous coal and 3300 MT of Lignite & Sub Bituminus coal.

    2- “fifth largest copper reserves”

    Fact: Wrong, Pakistan is now where in top 15 copper deposits list.

    Living in fantasies is as dangerous as living in denial. Number of A’s is not a bench mark of talent any where in world, how many scientist & researchers Pakistan produce that make it to world headlines? Just 1 in 66 years…Just one…

    Unless we admit our negatives we can not mend our ways …Recommend

  • Ammarah Aftab

    Normally critique never gets to me since everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    However, with all due respect to you sir,it is infuriating to see someone comparing Pakistan to a dead man….

    Erroneous of you then to label me insensitive don’t you think?

    Yes our country needs hope which my blog was trying to provide.Not willful ignorance which your comment is rife with since our country is very much alive.And another correction…..I am not insensitively optimistic about my country.I am unapologetically optimistic about my country.

    Good Day.Recommend

  • Mughees

    Great article Ammara. Keep up the good workRecommend

  • Farheen Shakil

    Happy to see that this is being addressed. Great piece of writing. I concur with you and am proud to see that this is being given a voice.Recommend

  • 2#

    I wish someone understands other than saying “Come on, are you joking?” Beautifully written, concise and composed, focused but with only a little research.

    Did you purposely ignore, Dr. Abdussalam? Why you didnt mention Gwadar port and our regional importance for being the only route to get the gas pipeline passed through, why you didnt mention kailash, polo, K2, Gold mines? And o ya, you really dont need to follow the “Tarary zameen per” Philosophy.Recommend

  • 2#

    “So whats your paln?” my close friends ask me and I always tell them, “I will start a Madressa”… and then I listen to a 2 seconds silence, with a screaming smile… and then follows the question, “Madressa?” “ya”, I satisfactorily reply. Heads move left to right and then back to move again… “Miserable”. I know they think miserability has eaten my brain but I am very happy and feel energetic to find myself standing differently and thank GOD who helped me understand why I am, now, proud to be a Pakistani.
    I need to leave the selfishness alone and work for my son and his generation…. I have to work for the Infrastructure, schools, hospitals, domestic airline, milk and more production of cheap consumer products, construct houses, roads, get the investors back to Pakistan and if all of us leave… then who will do that for our next generations? I am proud to realize that its not our political government who will change the fate of our next generations, but me, my brother, my cousins, neighbours, colleagues and all of us who do not have any involvement in the politics. And if nobody agrees to go back… I will go… i will work alone and I will die proudly as I would have lived to add my maximum efforts in making my country more prosperous… dont you think you do not have time to hate Inida and actually you really do not have time to think about anyone else, any other country but only your kids.Recommend

  • 2#

    what an insanely childish comment that was meant to say “Dont hate India”Recommend

  • 2#

    in the countries where you leave for studies, you keep the bills even after taking burgers and dont want to keep the receipts in your country… wah wah wah and then you compare yourself with other countries… again wah wah wah… heights of hypocrisy, what else it can beRecommend

  • 2#

    its the individual part we need to play as overseas Pakistanis. Get the investors back during your stay, at least one and you can be more proudRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    If I were comparing Pakistan to a “dead man”, do you suppose I would’ve ended the comment on the need for “hope”?

    Jinnah did not lead a rally of happy, perky people feeling proud of having the world’s second largest salt range (which, by the way, is an achievement credited to nature, not to man). These were angry, spiteful, negative people who refused to make peace with how despicable the conditions were for them.

    I wrote on this very subject a while back:

  • Guest

    “it is infuriating to see someone comparing Pakistan to a dead man….”

    Now that you mention it, the comparison should’ve been with the undead, since…
    1. The country came into being without its ‘shehrag’ (artery)
    2. It got chopped in half.
    No man can survive such assault. Looking through your ‘the glass is FULL of a few drops’ approach you might see that as tenacious. All I see is a zombie.Recommend

  • raja qamar iqbal

    has just no problem with rest of the world, neither we want any confrontation
    with our neighbors like India Afghistan or Iran, China is our tested friend and
    neighbor too , Gawader port is troubling UAE and India We also have as much sea
    rights over Arabian sea and Indian ocean as others have the names do not depict
    the full go through those waters some are international waters and other
    territorial so where ever one has their excess there are rules made then why
    not follow and why try to create false hegemony unnecessarily! Pakistan by and
    large is peaceful towards all others countries but on our boarders there are
    some evil designed paranoids those threatening our security and those are mostly
    backed by India, not knowing the wisdom behind, if India sensible considers
    Pakistan is as a matter of fact Wall of China for them and without spending
    single penny they can live secure with Pakistan intact. But they have God for saken
    enmity with us! As for as interior situation is concern Pakistan was created on
    Two nation theory i.e Muslim of Hindustan to have separate home land and Hindus
    to have their separate country! so if any internal actors try to divert the
    actual path there will be internal troubles and if we follow the right path
    there will be no trouble, this country is victim of three military rules
    takeover through marshal law but yet every time reverted to democracy very
    peacefully is not it wonder of political science!!! it is indeed. the bickering
    has started after its creation and not as a result of its creation, so we will
    all have to restrain from being victim to allied dictated approach we are Muslims
    of subcontinent and we have our own values and faith that of Muslim all we need
    is to show resilience to each other and shoe up economical, agricultural
    educational and scientific growth in next ten fifteen years. We need to
    formulate polices remove dishonesty and corruption. God belles PakistanRecommend

  • Mehdi

    How you are going to serve Pakistan by improving infrastructure if you are working in the gulf state. Logical patriotism is good but if it borderlines delusional grandeur, then you are not being true to yourself.

    1. Bring about secular change to Pakistan. This will improve secuirty.
    2. Stop persecuting minorities. This will improve secuirty.
    3. Start spreading message of tolerance. This will improve security.
    4. Learn to accept mistake. This will improve your security.
    5. Stop scapegoating India or western world for Pakistan’s problem. This will improve your security.

    Once you work on 1-5, if it is trending in a positive scale, then you can start talking about foreign investment.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    I carry my work and personal laptop everyday to work here in USA. police officer in USA don’t stop me to check whether it is my laptop or stolen one. No I don’t carry my receipts once I have purchased the goods. You actually don’t understand the meaning of hypocrisy. You are nothing but a deluded patriot :)Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Dr Abdu Salam, who won the Nobel prize for physics in 1979, left Pakistan in disappointment once his Muslim sect was declared to be a non-Muslim one. What honor did he receive from Pakistan govt. ? Was he given a state funeral once he passed away. You have a country where fundamentalist are showered with petals for killing people and mullahs are your new intellect community :(Recommend

  • Ammarah Aftab

    I did not quote these facts to give everyone a reason to be proud of pakistan because frankly you shouldnt need one to b proud of your own country…i did it merely to indicate potential.Recommend

  • 2#

    so what shall we do with your comment?Recommend

  • 2#

    and? really I want to know what benefit is hidden in your comment?Recommend

  • 2#

    ok and how your unquestioned laptop is playing an important role in the life of a bewitched patriot, staying in USA, and poking fun on everything starting from religion to culture, people politics, news, blogs and just name it… han?Recommend

  • nazarbaaz

    for example?Recommend

  • gp65

    Sorry it is not common to retain receipts except for those things where you have warranties. Plus my work laptop has been probided by my employer and I do not have a receipt. I take it back with me everyday in evening and next morning bring it back. Have never ever been stopped by police and asked to produce a receipt.Recommend

  • 2#

    If you dont like my country this deadly, then discard your passport and stop commenting. In a country where the security situation is humiliating, what else can you expect and by the way, its the duty of Police to ask you anything as the situation demands. In UAS, anyone can enter into the school with gun and shoot out instantly, if our police is asking for such questions then its good otherwise you can not catch the culpritsRecommend

  • Prashant

    “Did you purposely ignore, Dr. Abdussalam?”

    What’s wrong if Ammarah has ignored Dr Salam when your entire country has ignored him by calling him and his community non Muslim. If she had mentioned his name, we would not be discussing the topic but the discussion would have been whether Ahmediyas are Muslims or not. It is ironic though to see the people who vehemently justify the theory of Ahmediyas being non Muslims on another blog would take pride in Mr Salam, an Ahmediyas achievements to prove their point. I guess it is all about convenience and being selective.Recommend

  • Parvez

    That’s a comment not expected from you…….it came across as tailored for a particular audience. If you call Ammarah willfully ignorant……then one could call you irresponsible. Please note that I am an admirer of your writings and a supporter, so please try and understand what I am getting at.Recommend

  • nazarbaaz

    wah an apparent non muslim and most probably a hindu, with no understanding of Islam is commenting on ahmadis are muslims or not… wah… its like a malyali writing urdu or persian songsRecommend

  • Mehdi

    I am a Shia Muslim. So you might have some apprehension about me too. Yes in India Ahmedis are actually accepted as one of the 73 sects in Islam. They are considered Muslim. Hence Prashant’s opinion about them. Who are you to judge who can be Muslim or not ? Do you have any scholarly credential ? Your harp about peace and patriotism, but actually you sound like a polemicist and hate monger. Please condemn evil when you see them. We have to clean our house and spread the message of peace and brotherhood and introspect each and every action we take. We are living in 21st century not 7th century AD.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    There is no benefit. Just showing the mirror to folks who harbor intolerance. My message is quite straight forward and there is no subtle implication.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Read it again and if that is not enough, read it over and over again. If you still cannot understand, you can safely say you are truly lost.Recommend

  • Prashant

    ” Pakistan by and large is peaceful towards all others countries but on our boarders there are some evil designed paranoids those threatening our security and those are mostly backed by India”

    Attack the neighboring countries parliament, hotels, assemblies, embassies, consulates…. and when confronted with evidence, simply say the evidence is not strong enough so what if the entire international community thinks otherwise. Afterall Pakistan is the center of gravity for world stability and it has to be a conspiracy theory.

    “Pakistan was created onTwo nation theory i.e Muslim of Hindustan to have separate home land and Hindus to have their separate country! so if any internal actors try to divert the actual path there will be internal troubles and if we follow the right path there will be no trouble”

    If that is the interpretation of two nation theory, I am not sure if two nation theory has ever come into being as India has more Muslims than not only Pakistan but most of the Muslim countries.

    Actual Path? What is that Sir? Has your country ever come to an understanding that this is the right path and we are going to follow it. What is right path for you may not be for some of your countrymen. Why don’t you simply stick to your right path and let the others stick to their own.


  • Prashant

    As I said Ammarah, it is time to move beyond the talk of potential for not just Pakistan but all in the subcontinent.Recommend

  • Prashant

    What kind of a response is that to someone from your nation. It is like me asking Sapan Kapoor to leave India for making 5 minutes of my day miserable by writing the nonsense he does.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Bro, cops in India are corrupt too, just that Pakistani cops seem to have developed a style of their own.Recommend

  • Prashant

    You never miss out on a single opportunity to inform others to track BBC and RT. What happened now, have they blocked you?

    Why do you think the Pakistani Hindus come to India for refuge?Recommend

  • Prashant

    No country is bad Naila. It is the very few people who make it bad but these few people should not be tolerated else the numbers are only going to increase.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Many of the people who have commented on this blog are Muslims too and I am not sure if they would like to have the same understanding of Islam as you do.Recommend

  • 2#

    Hi, thanks for the comment.
    1. What do you suggest, our government shall ask every individual to give her a road map? People sitting in establishment are more aware and have broader visions than yours. Thanks.
    2. I suggest you stand up in next election and you can see how many people, even from your area will support you with the current Obligatory and imposter mindset.
    3. You can see, Army and Government took the obvious decision very late so how can they be not tolerant? They do!
    4. Really I feel a waste of time in replying to your arrogant and intolerant comments, learn some good communication and you can do better.
    5. Thanks for the suttestion but what was the point? How did you spy the information about scapegoating india or US for our troubles? We dont think so? any reference in ISPR, or government resolutions? For the commoners, who does care what they rant out?

    Because you have a limited vision so your point is that of a child only. Foreign investment doesnt have anything to do with security, its about the foreign interest in your roads. take an example of China and Korea, who, with all security threats, are working to develop Pakistan and also Iran(Heard about that?)Recommend

  • friendz

    you really are the most arrogant comment writer I have seen here, so full of yourself that you don’t even realize the ridiculous arguments you are giving!Recommend

  • truthful

    Worst piece of delusional writing ever! Where corruption and terrorism is the norm, what good would coal and salt reserves promise? Give me a break!Recommend

  • nazarbaaz

    o im sorry that boiled you off, can you please give some references to my arrogance so that it may not appear next time and I will try to bow my head in accordance with your kind philosophy, thanks. Have some cold water.Recommend

  • nazarbaaz

    how many people are given state funeral? more people more commoners like that in your country where after gujarat killings, … shall I continue?Recommend

  • Aman

    Stop blabbering you oversea Pakistanis. Obviously you don’t like Pakistan so that is why you left. Get out of this news forum and spreading negativity.Recommend

  • gp65

    First of all I am a woman – so not a bro. Secondly, of course Indian cops are corrupt and I was not getting into India vs. Pakistan pointscoring. I was simply responding to @nazarbaaz who wrote to @Ali Hassan that it was common for people to keep receipts for everything including even a burger they may have eaten – so there was nothing unusual in being asked o produce a rceipt for a laptop he was carrying. I certainly do not think that is the case in India (where I was born and raised), nor is it true in US (where I currently live).Recommend

  • gp65

    How many people get Nobel Prize in countries like India and Pakistan? Should such people not be honored in some way? Forget state funeral – is it too much to expect that his grave not be desecrated?Recommend

  • Prashant

    Yes Please…Recommend

  • Prashant

    You know what Mehdi? I am proud of you and it is people like you who make me believe that no matter how angry you are, you must not stereotype a community.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I have a Sunni Muslim friend who is very religious but does not mind to introduce me to his parents as one of his best friends. We were passing by a Mosque in Kolkata which had Ahmediya written outside, I inquired with my friend if he would like to go that Mosque, he looked at me perplexed and then responded by saying “I have been there many times”.

    I then asked him if he was aware of the fact that the Ahmediyas have been declared non Muslims in Pakistan, he was absolutely baffled and wanted to know why?

    I was happy in a way that such blinkered thinking has not taken if not all, most of the Muslims of India in its grip.Recommend

  • 2#

    a wise man only needs indicationRecommend

  • Prashant

    “First of all I am a woman – so not a bro.”

    I am sorry Miss, will ensure this is not repeated.Recommend

  • Prashant


  • Mehdi

    Please learn to write coherent sentences. You are all over the places. First compose yourself for a rebuttal.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Living in UAE has made your faculty being repressed like your Arab brethren. Please think before you write. learn to provide logical answer not an emotional rant. Recommend

  • vinsin

    Well Hindus are down from 22% to 1% in Pakistan. Do you need more examples. Look at percentage of Punjabi Hindus in 1941 stats and now you will hardly find them.Recommend

  • John Unger

    I get your point about nagging all the time – it’s not right. And you there are a lot of countries with quite similar position. I wish all the luck for your nation. Recommend

  • Arnold Barclay

    In the rest of world people’s have wrong thinking about Pakistan due to some terrorism activities. But thinking is purely good for Pakistan cause I have a relations in this country. Now Iam sharing this stuff to my friends on all social media networks. Recommend

  • mothersday2015

    Wonderful approach and its amazing Mothers day gifts 2015Recommend

  • Donna Hicks

    My husband is from Pakistan and I was born and raised in USA. There are problem, yes, but which country out there doesn’t have any issues. The people of Pakistan are really being held hostage by corrupt government. There is something to be said for that. Recommend