They can force them to convert to Islam but they can’t win their hearts!

Published: April 17, 2014

I find it odd how some Muslims break multiple rules of their own faith and yet, maintain a ‘holier than thou’ attitude simply because they pray regularly. PHOTO: REUTERS

As an expatriate boy growing up in Saudi Arabia, I dreaded attending my school’s mandatory afternoon prayer session. At the end of every long day in Manarat Al-Sharkia, all the Muslim students and teachers gathered before the final two classes to offer Zuhr (noon) prayers in the school’s stinking gym that carried a rancid air powerful enough to rival Hitler’s infamous gas chamber.

By prayer time, the gym’s floor had already been saturated by the sweet-smelling sweaty socks of hundreds of young perspiring boys. Thankfully, the school management realised that the gym’s surface was probably host to a number of diseases that would confound scientists everywhere and hence, covered it with enormous prayer mats made of plastic straws.

Unfortunately, these prayer mats hadn’t been washed since the 1969 moon landing and after being walked over on a daily basis by stinking feet, they were hardly ideal for facial contact. In fact, they smelled so foul that whenever my face came into contact with them during sajdah (prostration), I was convinced my nose would decay away, leaving me looking like Skeletor.

Every student was aggressively encouraged to perform wudu (ablution) before performing prayers. Try to imagine this scenario – countless sweaty boys crowded in washrooms which were damp with sweat mixed with water. Since most of these students didn’t want their friends to die of biological agents (this was during the Gulf War and we were waiting for Saddam to do that), they avoided taking their socks off during wudu and instead, simply passed their wet hands over them.

What’s more, some of them chose to walk on the wet restroom floors without their shoes. Of course, this only made matters worse.

Once the mass wudu had been performed, we all gathered in the teeming gym so that the whole building smelled like Martha Stewart’s worst nightmare. Of course, there were some students who tried to hide under desks in classrooms or on the roof but they were invariably found and dragged by their ears quite unceremoniously to the gym by bald, overweight teachers with thick, bushy hair on their arms.

I remember this clearly because as I was being pulled away from my hiding spot one time, I made a mental note of how my math teacher probably wished his rich body hair was on his smooth, bald head instead.

I also remember that although I was barely in my teens, I wondered why our prayer room smelt so disgustingly putrid when in Islamic Studies classes we were taught that Muslims must be an example of good hygiene, wear clean clothes and be in a spotless environment during prayer.

Of course, our school management was too busy force feeding religion to us to consider the contradiction of their ways. Unfortunately, this experience at Manarat Al-Sharkia – which ran from my childhood into my late teens – was but one of the many contradictory behaviours in the Muslim world that I see even today.

I find it odd how Muslim men break multiple rules of their own faith, and yet, maintain a ‘holier than thou’ attitude simply because they pray regularly. I also find it perplexing when an obese Pakistani scholar with curry stains on his clothes preaches religion so heatedly on TV, while clearly ignoring the fact that Islam encourages good hygiene and discourages eating and drinking excessively.

Why does religion for these men begin and end with the tenets that are the easiest to follow?

It is then not very surprising that a recent report about at least a thousand minority girls forced into marriage with Muslim men in Pakistan has flown under the radar of the public eye. These Christian and Hindu girls were abducted and then left with no choice but to convert to Islam. Not only were these young girls– some as young as 12 – mentally abused, they faced sexual abuse as well.

Considering that these young women are now Muslim by name since they did not convert willingly, it seems that there were darker motivations in forcing them to give up their faith. Do these abusive men believe that by forcing their victims to become Muslim they are justified in their actions?

It is disturbing on so many levels, especially, since this behaviour contradicts the teachings of the very religion these men are converting their victims to.

I also find it strange that so many Muslims in Pakistan feel that other religions are inferior when they are probably Muslims only because they were born in a Muslim household. If these men were born in Christian families, wouldn’t they call themselves Christian as effortlessly as they call themselves Muslim today?

And then comes the all too familiar matter of the Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CII) recommendation that the minimum age for marriage be modified in Pakistan so that minors can lawfully have nikkahs. Why is the CII always making headlines for rulings that could be manipulated by those with evil intentions?

There are so many social issues in Pakistan that the CII could actually help resolve in a positive manner such as bonded labour, poverty, extortion and unemployment. And yet, the moral police of the council is more concerned with allowing men to marry younger girls, and that too without the permission of their first wives.

Are these really the most pressing issues the CII can aid Pakistan in?

But as much as we blame the CII, perhaps, what is even worse is our apathy. The case of forced minority marriages reminds me of Heath Ledger’s Joker meme that has been floating around on the internet. In our own country, thousands of minorities are being forced to convert to another religion while no one bats an eye; yet, if a few hundred Muslims had been forcibly converted to Christianity in the West we would have been losing our minds.

Sadly, far too many Muslims have little appreciation for the finer points of their own religion and try to force their ways on others without giving it due thought. I am sure that had my high school simply created a peaceful and hygienic prayer environment, most students would have entered the prayer room quite happily and willingly.

Similarly, by forcing religious minorities to convert to Islam, these men aren’t creating good Muslims – they are giving rise to unhappy Pakistanis instead.

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Necromancer

    Probably you shouldn’t post your photo here as that obese, curry stained cleric could issue a fatwa against you…….on other hand a brilliant blogRecommend

  • sid

    you are a good blogger
    You see this is why South Asia is suffering…..I see divine justice in this…..Pakistan now is suffering from over religion…..Anything beyond a limit is bad…. religion must be strictly private affairRecommend

  • J T

    Conversion by force is nothing but cultural imperialism. And then there are some people who take great pride in pointing toward the growth rates of their particular brand of the God delusion.Recommend

  • fze

    Valid points to ponder..but then who has got the brains to do that! Your prayer break time reminded me of Zia-ul-Haq era.Recommend

  • SA

    One of our rare breed who writes from heart and is not corrupted to follow a form of god worship which must make God also shudderRecommend

  • Taimoor

    utter lies.. this is the first time i came across this news of ‘1000 girls’.. what world does the writer live in ?? when on earth did that happen ?? and why is the writer the only person who knows about this ?? stop defaming Pakistan just for the sole reason of gaining rapid popularity and making money from the enemies of Pakistan.. when on earth did this happen ?? where were the parents and relatives of the ONE THOUSAND girls when they were abducted ?? why did they not do any protest ?? how is that only you in the whole world know about it ?? grow up for the love of God .. for heaven sake, leave this country, if you hate it.. leave it for people like me who consider it our last and only resort.. leave it for poeple who love this country .. Fear Allah and stop spreading lies for your personal motives. please stop.Recommend

  • Ak

    “They can force them to convert to Islam but they can’t win their hearts”, doesn’t matter there offspring will be Muslim by heart and continue tradition of kidnapping and marrying until Pakistan become 100% muslim country.Recommend

  • AD

    “I also find it strange that so many Muslims in Pakistan feel that other religions are inferior when they are probably Muslims only because they were born in a Muslim household. If these men were born in Christian families, wouldn’t they call themselves Christian as effortlessly as they call themselves Muslim today?”
    I said something similar to a Pakistani in UK. I didn’t realize that this would result in that gentleman to stop talking to me!!Recommend

  • Abdul Rahman

    I am a Muslim Rajput and my ancestors must have converted several centuries ago. But I felt while growing up that HIndus were an alien species. Not really human but foreign creatures which were lesser then us. Psychologically I was in denial that my ancestors were once even Hindu. This is why we can kidnap Hindu women and not feel any guilt. The weird thing is that we feel superior even though we behind the rest of the world. This why we will never learn from the rest of the world because we feel we are better than them.Recommend

  • almulah

    Genghis Kahn had come for the Muslims,they never learnt his harsh whip.the next trident that comes wont be soo forgiving.Recommend

  • MK

    Indeed and then the different clans can continue to fight and kill in peace with nothing else to worry about.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    I agree. Only about six or seven Hindu/Christian girls have been kidnapped, then forced to convert. Of course, it is morally reprehensible and should be condemned, but to say that a thousand girls were thus victimized is a deliberate concoction and defames Pakistan. The writer should have provided the website which contains this information.Recommend

  • water bottle

    The filthiness is a general trait of the Muslim world.

    A majority of muslims are dirty – sorry to tell the truth as it is – in any country including INdia.

    As far forced conversion, Mulsim go to Jannath by doing so. That’s the belief at least.

    This behavior will also explain to you why Muslims across the world are known for terrorism, crimes, cheating, violence and backwardness.

    Unless Muslims see these problems, like this author has done rightly, Muslims will remain regressive and slaves to others – be it USA or China.

    If Muslims have to progress, they have to see the truth, instead of burying theri heads in sands and hating those who hold mirrors to theri faces.Recommend

  • water bottle

    “Fear Allah and stop spreading lies for your personal motives. please stop.”

    Good advice for yourself.

    A thousand is the number of girls converted every year.

    Why do you think HIndus came down to less than 2% from the 12% they were at the time of independence?Recommend

  • water bottle

    Well, it happens in India also in the name of Love Jihad.’

    This is why many Hindus are afraid and vote for Modi.Recommend

  • Sensible.

    If only you knew how to click on the link in the blog!

    1000s of girls every year!Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Read these reports. I have listed just a few of the several hundreds of such reports on the forced (it is in fact raped) conversions in Pakistan where families take part as a whole and even woman assist and participate.
    There reports are from Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, UNHCR and many from Pakistan’s leading newspapers. 1000 young and minor girls including 700 christian girls and 300 hindu girls are kidnaped from their homes every year every year. They are brought to muslim family homes where they are raped repeatedly and converted. In about 4- 6 months time, these girls are sold off to brothels. This has been going on for the last 65 years continually and the numbers are only increasing by the year. Marriage of minor girls is a convenient cover for these activities and this is one reason that Pakistan can never make any laws prohibiting marriage of minor girls.

  • Raj – USA

    Read my reply to @Taimoor. Pakistan is the only country in the world where rape is used for converting. It is only girls who are converted and all girls also end up as wives of some muslim and never they become a sister, or daughter of a muslim. You won’t see these in any other country, not even in Afghanistan or Bangladesh or Iran or Saudi Arabia or any of the Gulf kingdoms. These are practiced only in Pakistan and that too on a so widely. None of these girls remain married to the muslim for whom they converted for more than 6 months. They have all been pushed to prostitution. If you really mean when you say “Of course, it is morally reprehensible and should be condemned, but to say that a thousand girls were thus victimized is a deliberate concoction and defames Pakistan.” just ask for a probe of NADRA records. All details of these girls are available in the records, including the religion from which they converted, the age at which they converted, their present marital status and whereabouts etc. If Pakistanis and their government are telling the truth, why not probe the NADRA records and make it public. Are you truthful to demand such a probe? If there is nothing to hide why hesitate?Recommend

  • gp65

    If they protest, what will they achieve? We know what sort of justice was delivered to Rinkle Kumari do we not? So instead of protesting they are doing what you can expect – selling their belongings at throw away prices and becoming refuges in India.
    Also just because you have not heard this fact – it does not mean it is not true. Here is a link from a Pakistani source

  • np

    Only six or seven? Only?Recommend

  • Anoop

    I feel the mind of an agnostic is much preferable to a mind of a believer. A view from outside the circle is refreshing and disgusting at the same time. Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    We shall soon see Talibans kidnaping sunni muslim girls of Pakistan, raping them in their caves and converting them to their brand of Islam. As I said in my comments elsewhere in ET, conversions and killings are the two sides of the same coin. If you cannot be converted, you shall be killed. The objective is the same…. to increase your numbers in absolute terms by converting or in relative terms by eliminating others. The shias of Pakistan who were watching silently when the hindu and christian girls were converted are now being slaughtered by sunnis of Pakistan. When the talibans shall ruling the whole of Pakistan, the sunnis will have face their turn. Aren’t they already facing if? Talibans are already ruling FATA, Waziristan and K-P and they have already killed 70,000 (some say 100,000) Pakistani sunnis including 10,000 army men.Recommend

  • Parvez

    That was so good…….making a comment on it would be superfluous.Recommend

  • Parvez

    He has given the link to the report…….just click on the blue letters following the words 1000 minority girls.Recommend

  • abubakar

    What a useless blogRecommend

  • Alann

    @Taimoor @Shakir Lakhani

    I found one:

    Although its slightly old now, but it says “Each year there are 300 forced marriages and conversions”
    Please also check out the “See also” links below the article about multiple instances of forced conversion of Hindu/Christian girls using rape/violence against the families.

    Also, following links by ET itself:

  • hozzurr

    This forced conversion is not publicized and many are afraid to come forward as tis humiliating and demeaning to them It is well known that Islam spread with the Koran in one hand and the sword in the other, this is true of all Semitic religions,Recommend

  • utter lies

    Hah its really funny how some people will do anything to get the popularity. Smelly socks really you must have forget that you are with a muslim who does wudu 5 times a day. I am from ethiopia and i’m a muslim in My Madressa ( school) we have to pray Zuhur and Asar but i haven’t experince any thing like that(smelly socks).Recommend

  • rk singh

    @ Shakir Lakhani

    you must read the article properly. The proof is already provided by the author.


  • vasan

    Go and read your own newspapers to find out about the 1000s of forced conversions. Go and attend the protest rallies of Hindu sabha in Sind.

  • Lalit

    notwithstanding the fact that some of the Indian Hindus saw light in Islam,its also a fact that most of the Hindus who converted to Islam during Sultanate and Mughal period did so either to escape the sword or for financial expediency.and those who accepted this new religion out of greed or fear could never become true followers of this religion.the progeny of such people is today’s Pakistan.what kind of impressions a forcefully converted lady leave on her kids ?what will she teach her kids about her new religion ? converting someone by greed or force is subverting your own religion..
    and btw what is a Muslim Rajput ? you can be Muslim or a Rajput…Recommend

  • Sensible1

    “Upon the girl’s pronouncement that she willfully converted and consented to the marriage, the case is settled without relief for the family.”
    Given a choice by the Law, why would a girl, who the family claims was “abducted”, would willfully want to stay back with the “abductor” and doesn’t want to go back to her family… Looks like these are cases of inter faith Love marraiges.
    The family of such couples always disapproves, especially the family of the girl. And all such cases have been projected twisted and concocted. With the rise of social networking sites, and the “Liberal” values among the society the young generation is certainly expected to end up in inter religion love affairs and then marraiges.Recommend

  • water bottle

    wise words.

    You have learned. others will learn also. but you better hope it happens fast before the entire Muslims world becomes a symbol of failure.Recommend

  • i wonder

    Not only in Islam, almost all other religions at times in history have used this method of forced conversions. Be it Spain killing Muslims, Iranian powered Shia to Sunni conversion, forced Christianity and Judaism, even forced Atheism :)
    care to read

  • Imran

    It seems like bashing Islam and Pakistan is the amongst the favourite topics of Tribune bloggersRecommend

  • Razzy

    Wow…man you must sincerely be a RSS bhakt to even consider this as a reality. The love jihad is nothing but a concoction of the poisonous minds of the VHP and RSS.

    Here. Help yourself:

  • Razzy

    Sure. Thats why the UAE, Jordan, Malaysia Indonesia heck even Tanzania has such clean streets, orderly houses. and guess what no pan stains and people spitting and peeing on walls (

    Ever wondered why people in Jakarta do not indulge in Road rage even after being stuck in a traffic for close to an hour? (
    And how it is much easier being a Hindu in Indonesia than being a Muslim in India(

    Secondly even a muslim (a person who has a Muslim name) does not know if he will be able to end up in Jannat or will have to be cleansed in the fire for his sins before being admitted. Just because you do not know something, it does not become a fact. Recommend

  • Razzy

    Well…do get hold of a good dictionary. You need to be educated on the not so subtle differences of the words ethnicity, clan, tribe and religion.

    Have you encountered muslims with surnames like janjua/jatt/rana/choudhary/bhatti/khokhar and the likes? Well those are the ones you are looking for…Recommend

  • Alann

    I doubt she “willfully” accepted Islam/staying with her “husband”.
    Read this one link which explains the case of Rinkle Kumari in short, who is said to be one such girl to “willfully” accept Islam:

    Her kidnappers were under protection of Mian Mithu. When a case was registered in court, Mithu even warned of setting the whole area of Mirpur Mathelo on fire (where the Hindus live). As well as during the court hearings, the whole area in and out of court was “guarded” by hundreds of armed men of Mian Mithu. Even when she said she wants to go back to her mother, the court decided she should be sent to a “shelter home” so she can “think freely” of her fate in a “free atmosphere”.
    At the end, Rinkle said she has embraced Islam on her own will while talking to the media outside court. When asked what inspired her to switch to Islam, she thought of something & tried saying “Sura Ikhlaas” unsuccessfully twice. When she was asked its meaning, she couldn’t tell and was then led away forcefully by Mian Mithu’s son.
    And most startingly, Rinkle did not even know Naveed Shah, the person she supposedly “fell in love” with and married to!Recommend

  • Kulbir

    once pakistan becomes 100% Muslim, whom will they kidnap? Shias, poor low caste Sunnis?Recommend

  • Kulbir

    Sensible1, why it is one way traffic? Why there is no single instance of Muslim girls falling for non muslims? Soon Shias and thereafter low caste poor Sunnis will face the same fate. What a country to live in.Recommend

  • Kulbir

    Hinduism has no concept of conversion being an enlightened religion.Recommend

  • gp65

    Please follow what happened in Rinkle Kumari case. HEr cries to go back to her parents were ignored by the CJ and each time armed criminals showed up threatening violence to her parents. She finally relented and agreed that the conversion was voluntaryRecommend

  • gp65

    Please provide one example when Hindus, Buddhists or Parsis have used this method of conversion.
    Also if some evil was done in the past, does it justify this today?Recommend

  • gp65

    IS he bashing Islam? Please show a single sentence in the blog which could lead you to that conclusion. No he is bashing misguided practitioners of Islam who impose their will on vulnerable people – be it minor Hindu and Christian women or kids in school while themselves not cong with teachings of Islam. Please read the article once more.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Read this report that ET itself has published just 9 days ago.

    This report is very clear as to why the kidnaped, raped and converted girls do not go back to their families. Read paragraphs 6 and 7 of this report with sub-heading “The Pattern”. I have copied it below for your convenience.
    The pattern

    The report describes a predictable pattern of what happens to these women. “Christian girls — usually between the ages of 12 and 25 — are abducted, converted to Islam, and married to the abductor or a third party. The victim’s family usually files a First Information Report (FIR) for abduction or rape with the local police station. The abductor, on behalf of the victim girl, files a counter FIR, accusing the Christian family of harassing the willfully converted and married girl, and for conspiring to convert the girl back to Christianity. Upon production in the courts or before the magistrate, the victim girl is asked to testify whether she converted and married of her own free will or if she was abducted,” states the report.

    By the time they come to the court, if at all, intimidation has taken its toll. “We have followed up a lot of cases. By the time the girls are produced in court, they say under pressure that they have converted of their own free will, because in a lot of cases they are living with the abductor during court proceedings. Survival becomes tough under pressure,” says Zohra Yusuf, chairperson of the HRCP.

    The muslim families that kidnap and rape her, guard her so that she does not have an opportunity to escape of meet with anyone. Have you heard of even one such hindu or christian girl who has been converted by rape after she has been converted? Did we hear anything of Rinkle after her conversion? Where is she now and is she still married to the same muslim who converted her. What happened in Rikle’s case. over 10,000 gun wielding mob firing in the air surrounded her and did not allow her parents or relatives to meet her. Chief Justice Iftekar sent her to an islamic institution where she could be raped and coerced further. He also prevented her parents from meeting her. To top it, he met the abductor of Rinkle and congratulated him for converting a hindu girl. Read this Asian Human Rights Commission report of July 2013 that details what happened to Rinkle.

    BTW, Where is Rinkle now and is she still married to the same muslim who converted her. Find this out. Are you or is there even one muslim in Pakistan who is truthful to demand that their government come out with a report on Rinkle’s present status? I don’t think so.Recommend

  • Sam

    Wanted to thank the author for sharing his thoughts and ET for providing the platform.Recommend

  • Rosy

    I really appreciate your work…and there is no doubt that this is true…but when we generations come up with new ideas and facts that the things happening in the world are wrong…we have to face the eldery people…saying that “we have just grown up” and they have been seeing this for many generations and there is nothing wrong in it when your intentions are good…Recommend

  • Ajeet

    Most of the conversions were by sword. Somnath temple was destroyed multiple times and great ancient libraries in India were burning for six months as enormous amount of books were burnt. Hindus should be taught about this great injustice and lever loose majority in India or the fate of Jews awaits themRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Parvez it always makes me happy when you read my articles. Please get in touch via Twitter/Facebook with me. :) Thanks! I had something to ask.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I don’t understand how I am bashing Islam. Is bashing bad Muslims bashing Islam? If you ate a terribly cooked biryani and said so, would you be bashing the chef or bashing all biryanis that existed everywhere?Recommend

  • Reds

    What is it about Islam and Christianity that they believe in quantity and numbers ?
    Is it a sign of insecurity or just a competition between each other ?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Is it surprising all the ideologies you mentioned in your comment are Abrahamic ideologies?

    Since, one of their main pillars was to gather as many members, there was lot of bloodshed. Buddhism, Jainism, even Hinduism, have never had intentions of converting people and hence, no violence over conversion and/or no concept of conversion.

    Islam and Christianity and Judaism are very similar in nature, structure and ideology. No wonder they are so widespread and have had millions die in its name.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Salman Rushdie once said when talking about Religious debates : Both were arguing that ‘My fiction is better than your fiction’.Recommend

  • Ali

    Very good article. Exactly my thought.
    I am so glad there is someone thinking just like I do.
    Being born in a muslim family. My parents support female education and making girls strong enough to stand on our own feet.
    They support men and women are equal. My parents dint teach me to hate. Have more Christan and Hindu friends than muslims.

    Thats mainly because our ideas dont match.
    These muslim guys: drink, pot, smoke, have girl friends, put their arms around other girls, but their sisters are not allowed to talk to boys.
    They marry young, and then have their wives confined to their houses, have affiars outside “com’on we can have 4 wives remember”

    Their can dress up like american hip pop dancers but girls should be covered head to toe, and netted veils even prevent their eye.

    My parents are often criticized for educating me. They should got me married at 18.
    once married. Girls have no life. forced sex, put up with betrayal, dowry.
    Even if she is a doctor, or a NASA scientist, All her education all her dreams dont matter anymore. She gets locked up in the house, waits for him to open the door from outside, Then her role/life begins. she entertains him cooks for him washes his cloths

    yet its much better in india than paskistan. Minor girls are kidnapped n forced into sex and marriage.
    Muslims have gravely misunderstood islam and respect it commands, Its sad that only meaning left in of a girl or women is slave,Recommend

  • Naila

    Cannot agree more!Recommend

  • water bottle

    Streets does not equate to people. Just stand in the airports of Dubai and Jeddah next to an Arab or a South Asian Muslims and you will get an idea of their hygiene.

    Heck, you are a Pakistani, just open your nose to your own kith and kin.

    It’s so funny that you say Hindu in Indonesia is easy than a Muslim in India.

    I want you to use your brain and use simple math. How did Indonesia even become a 80% Muslim country when it was 100% HIndu before the marauding invaders force converted with their swords.

    Don’t write stuff that will put you in a lot of trouble.Recommend

  • rasgullah

    Thats a Chinese friendly paper. Recommend

  • humanrights watchdog
  • Razzy

    Did you even bother to read those links I provided to you? You know the stuff in blue letters???

    Secondly have you been to Delhi outside the confines of the parliament. Areas like lajpat nagar, new jalpaiguri and palika bazaar?

    Indonesia and marauding forces?? Hahahaha … man ignorance has its limits…Recommend

  • Razzy


    Have those links again:
    Delhi high court bows down before a ‘the great Indian habit’ of peeing on walls:

    About Indonesian sense of composure:

    Being a Hindu in Indonesia:

    The spread of Islam in Indonesia:

    I hope you get enlightened by these know the stuff in blue letters…Recommend

  • Adpran

    I am Indonesian Muslim, and my ancestors were Hindus. They were not converted by swords because Islam in Indonesia spread by traders from Hadramawt, Yemen.

    How could ancient Indonesian Hindus accept Islam?. Seek information about “Kudus mosque Indonesia” in google. You can see its architecture is acculturation between mosque and Hindu temple. Just an example.

    I myself a Muslim, but I am very familiar with Mahabarat and Ramayana. Muslims who spread Islam in Indonesia had great respect to Hinduism. They did not destroy any temple or eliminate Hindu mythology among the people. That’s why my ancestors accepted Islam sincerely, because they did not regard Muslims as enemies.

    Visit Indonesia, and you can visit Prambanan, Cangkuang, and other ancient Hindu’s temples that maintained well. Also visit North Sumatera where enough much Hindu people (mainly Tamil) are living. Ask them, how is their relationship with local Muslims.

    Did you ever heard Muslims in Indonesia attack Hindu’s temple?.Recommend

  • Parvez

    …..and I enjoy reading what you put out.
    Noman I am neither on Twitter or Facebook, but ask away and I’ll try and answer.Recommend

  • logicwins

    “It is then not very surprising that a recent report about at least a thousand minority girls forced into marriage with Muslim men
    in Pakistan has flown under the radar of the public eye. These
    Christian and Hindu girls were abducted and then left with no choice but
    to convert to Islam. Not only were these young girls– some as young as
    12 – mentally abused, they faced sexual abuse as well.”

    This is nothing new, but has been going on for 1400 years in the name of the religion of peace. Go figure.Recommend

  • logicwins

    “Why do you think HIndus came down to less than 2% from the 12% they were at the time of independence?”

    Actually, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians comprised over 22% in W. Pakistan soon after 1947. Karachi alone had 51% Hindus! Punjab had over 45% non-Muslims before partition.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    It takes boldness, clear thoughts and moral courage for someone to writ a blog like this and I appreciate you for writing this blog.Recommend

  • usman786

    Et pl delete sich comments which are against islamRecommend

  • Parvez

    Noman I did reply but no comments seem to be getting through since yesterday. Let me try again.
    ………and I too enjoy reading you.
    I am neither on Facebook or Twitter but ask away…. and I shall try to answer.Recommend

  • Sadaf Mujeeb

    He’s certainly not the only one in the world who knows about it Taimoor. People who read the news, and don’t live under a rock, ALL know the fate that our minorities are suffering at the hands of the majority. Hindu, Christian, Shia, Ahmadi… hum kisi ko nai chortay. And then we have the gall to feign IGNORANCE regarding the heinousness of our crimes, and whinge about how people are constantly trying to DEFAME Pakistan! Pakistan is already DEFAMED because of it’s people and their actions. No one has to TRY to bring it’s image further down than it already is in front of the rest of the world.

    Last August on the 14th, I asked people what they were most proud of about their country (call it morbid curiosity), and the ONLY answer that people gave was… FOOD. SERIOUSLY. There honestly is NOTHING in the sense of morality or ethical consideration that this country has left to offer it’s citizens. We embarrass this country. We embarrass ourselves.Recommend

  • Wajih

    True. You can’t force anyone. Kindly note my number for any help For youth / students for text books, fees or funds for needy people. 0097339243159 & 0097333582795. It would be my pleasure to help / support our people. Thanks, Wajihuddin Qureshi, BahrainRecommend

  • The Technical Analyst

    Before ‘bashing’ bad ‘Muslims’, nitpicking on them – ask yourself ‘how good a Muslim you yourself are to begin with?

    It would be like me criticizing you for not sporting an Islamic Beard.Recommend

  • The Technical Analyst

    /// I find it odd how some Muslims break multiple rules of their own faith
    and yet, maintain a ‘holier than thou’ attitude simply because they pray
    regularly ///

    Human Beings are made weak with a whole lot of limitations.

    But that is not going to make a Muslim praying his obligatory prayers 5 times a day, any worser than a far more ‘deviant’, ‘non-praying’ ‘name sake Muslim Criminal’ – who cheat ‘Muslims’, ‘Non-Muslims’ and ‘Himself’ – on one pretext or the other.

    If you don’t pray five times a day, don’t blame it on the sins of Muslims who does.

    Blame it on yourself if you are honest enough – that you don’t like to pray.

    If you want to be a Muslim you ought to pray 5 times a day, irrespective of who does what. Period.Recommend

  • Dan

    What makes you think Pakistan has Islam? I think its the lack of religion that is making what we in Pakistan are doing?,Recommend

  • sane

    Writing on the wall…….Muslims to rule the world.Recommend

  • observer

    Express Tribune has a lot of courage to write this article and the comments that follow. Simply horrific, even beasts have more sense, more “humaneness” more “civility” more kindness, one is simply appalled, horrified to read the comments, beyond the pale. It demonstrates the mind set of many people and the extent to which as individuals, groups, society, community, officials are indoctrinated, brainwashed into doing what has been described in the article and the comments that follow.Recommend

  • Razzy

    Wow..nice narrative…

    Care to share your email? Would love to talk with you. Mail me on [email protected]Recommend

  • Sarah Uzair

    Um, this article has touched upon a matter which is something that should have been tackled with more care and consideration.
    The matter of one being a Muslim or not is something so insignificant as one’s family being Muslim – it is Divine Decree which had been assigned by Allah. One’s family has nothing to do with it.

    Tthese issues that people face with regards to family pressures and unclean conditions and others being forced to convert are indeed wrong, however it is not the reason to despise the religion. What do other religions and the atheism provide that Islam does not ….
    Islam is the best religion, designed to help mankind. Blame the people, not the religion. Recommend

  • Abdullah

    I couldnt agree more…people are increasingly getting fond of using religion for their own devious means…thats why Islam is being alienated all over the world…so called ‘religious-scholars’ have twisted the teachings of Islam and brain washed the masses to support their own agendasRecommend

  • sheraz1

    please do not defame Pakistan and Islam, just for your own interest.Recommend

  • Sloppy Mcool

    I applaud your thoughtful and reasoned article, however, judging from comments below, it’s too little too late. The blinkered ‘it’s not Islam’s fault , it’s everybody else’s’ attitude that most Pakistanis have will not die out. To take responsibility is something that Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular, are not equipped to do, mentally or spiritually.
    As I said, it was a valiant effort, Noman. A shame your countrymen haven’t got the capacity to appreciate urRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Umm.. so asking nam key Muslims not to rape minorities is nitpicking?Recommend

  • The Technical Analyst

    You seem not to understand.
    People praying five times a day will never have an ‘attitude’ about it. Because, people really praying with all their hearts would always be ‘humble’ and trying to tell the ‘Truth’ and would be ready to suffer its consequences.
    Know this – praying 5 times a day is a pre-condition to being a Muslims after ‘Utterance of Kalima’. Period.Recommend

  • Najeeb Ullah

    freedom of expression hahahahRecommend

  • Jill


  • Sunny Cena

    Islam still is fastest growing religion, but we see no sword. Muslims are not in power now, but people are accepting Islam from all over the world including famous people, u think they also are converted to Islam by force ? it is your misconception that Hindus were converted by force, if a person has not admitted a specific system from his heart and mind, he will never ever teach that system to his people or children. it means Islamic growth should had collapsed in moghal period. u r being taught wrong history.Recommend

  • Sunny Cena

    where u found minorities are being forced to convert to Islam ? u think Muhammad yusuf (Yusuf yohana), yovenne Radely, tony blares’s sister in law and other such new Muslims were converted forcefully ?Recommend

  • Sunny Cena

    Islam is not merely a religion, it is a law, like democracy. if u r non Muslim then u r correct regarding ur religion. but don’t mention Islam. we want Sharia law as it was established in Caliphate era, when there was not a single beggar, not a single injustice, everyone was given equal rights. this was just due to Islamic law.Recommend

  • Sunny Cena

    shias are slaughtered by sunnies ? realy, when u saw this dream ?Recommend

  • Sunny Cena

    may be u r against Islam and Pakistan, that’s y u r trying to give bad name to Pakistan and trying to prove Islamic growth by sword here. where u found non Muslims are being converted forcefully to Islam ? why don’t u write against Crusaders and Zionists ? why don’t u write against Hindus ? why don’t u write against Secular politicians and other people who are involved in killings, rapes, bhatta khori, target killing, looting, land occupation, injustice ?Recommend

  • Mihir Thakkar

    trurth is always bitter strong people accept it and take appropriate measures to improve whereas weak people look for excuses and blame othersRecommend

  • Mihir Thakkar

    quality is more important than quantityRecommend