What Maulana Sahib taught me and what I learnt from him…

Published: April 15, 2014

“Astaghfarullah! You have a Hindu living in your house?” cried the Maulana. PHOTO: FILE

“Hello, dear. How was your day?” 

“Good, Mom,” replied Hina Khaleej as she walked into the house. 

Her mother was washing dishes in the kitchen. She asked, “How is Jenny? Are you still mad at her?”

Opening the refrigerator, Hina poked her head inside looking for something to eat and replied,

“No, we’ve worked things out. Mom, I can’t wait for the picnic tomorrow. It will be so much fun! And I would’ve been so bored if Jenny and I hadn’t patched up.”

Hina and Jenny had been best friends since kindergarten and although they fought quite often, their bond was unbreakable. They were both excited about the picnic the next day that had been arranged by their school at the beach for all the students.

She turned towards her mother and asked, “What did Shanti Aunty cook today?”

Her mother smiled and replied with a gleam in her eyes, “Biryani.”

Eyes sparkling, Hina took out a plate from the main cabinet in the kitchen and said jubilantly,

“I love her biryani!”

Shanti was an old and loyal servant of the Khaleej family.They had a huge mansion in their native village and Shanti had been hired by the senior Mr Khaleej (Hina’s grandfather) over 40 years ago. Therefore, she had raised not only Hina but her father as well.

Hina’s father, Jamal Khaleej, was a lawyer by profession. After his father passed away, he secured a good job offer at a reputable law firm in Karachi and when the family moved to the big city, Shanti came with them.They now lived in a bungalow in Defence, one of the most posh areas of Karachi. And Hina was studying in one of the best schools of the city.

Hina had no memory of their old mansion in their native village. However, she had heard a lot about it from Shanti. In a nostalgic tone, Shanti would reminisce,

“It was heavenly, child. Oh, I miss my village so much. How I wish to die and be buried there! But I cannot think of leaving you either. Only God knows what is in store for all of us.”


After lunch, Hina took a shower and donned a traditional shalwar kameez with a dupatta. She had never worn a shalwar kameez with a dupatta on a daily basis before her parents hired Maulana Sahib to teach her the Quran. A carefree girl of eight, she mostly wore skirts, jeans or shorts. After all, shalwar kameez with dupattas was something that only teenage girls or older women wore, she thought.

Hina had attended her first class with Maulana Sahib around three months ago. She had been wearing a blouse with a skirt. She had borrowed one of her mother’s dupattas to cover her head. To her surprise, Maulana Sahib had been cold and aloof during the lesson. And he remained like this for the first few days.

Finally, Hina realised that he had a problem with her shorts and skirts. She then started wearing only jeans and shirts during the lessons. But in spite of this, there was no change in his behaviour. This made Hina so uncomfortable that finally she asked her mother to have a few shalwar kameezes with dupattas tailored for her.

After all, he was a Maulana – a man of God. How could he be wrong?


Hina was sitting with Maulana Sahib on the drawing room sofa. He was teaching her Arabic alphabets from the Noorani Qaida – a learner’s guidebook. He asked,

“Could you please ask your mother or maidservant to make some tea for me?”

Hina replied, “Mom has gone out to our neighbour’s house for some work. I will ask Shanti Aunty.”

With an alarmed expression, Maulana Sahib asked,

“Shanti? Who is Shanti?”

Unable to understand his alarm, Hina replied innocently,

“She is our housekeeper.”

“Astaghfarullah! (May God forgive us!) You have a Hindu living in your house?” cried the Maulana.

Scared to see the rage in his eyes, Hina meekly questioned,

“Yes, so what?”

Looking increasingly upset, the Maulana said,

“It is good to give shelter to a homeless person but you just said that you were going to ask her to make tea. Does that mean your family eats and drinks anything she makes?”

Not understanding his implication, Hina replied very matter-of-factly,

“Depends on the taste.”

She was getting increasingly upset with his statements but was too fearful to tell him to mind his own business. Then the Maulana Sahib said to her in a soft voice, “My dear Hina, I want you to tell your parents that it is a big sin to eat and drink anything that is made by a non-Muslim. It would be better if your parents discharge her of her services at once. You can help needy people, even non-Muslims. Allah loves kindness. But there is no need to mingle too much with a disbeliever. It is not only undesirable; it is sinful!”


That night, Hina lay restless in her bed. Maulana Sahib’s words kept haunting her young mind and all she could think of was that two of the most important people in her life were non-Muslims – Shanti, a Hindu and Jenny, a Christian.

Could these two beautiful relations really be so sinful?

Then, she remembered the words of one of her classmates, a particularly conservative girl,

“If you doubt an Aalim, you will not only be doomed in this world but also in the Hereafter.”

Although she tried her best to push these thoughts away, she couldn’t and stayed awake the whole night.


At the Karachi beach, the sun shone at its brightest and the heat was intense. But the waves and cool breeze were refreshing.The children had come to the beach in the school bus but Hina had asked her father to drop her there directly.

She wanted to avoid Jenny’s company.

She was sitting on the sand enjoying the cool breeze when someone called out from behind her,

“Good morning!”

Hina had always loved the way Jenny greeted her enthusiastically every morning. But that morning, a chill went down her spine as she heard the same old amiability in her friend’s voice. Jenny sat down next to her and Hina replied softly, “Morning.”

Noticing her dull tone, Jenny looked at her and asked, “What is it? Why so serious?”

Standing up hurriedly, Hina mumbled,

“I need to have a word with Reema.”

And she walked off leaving Jenny sitting puzzled behind her.


“Why aren’t you having your lunch?” inquired Mrs Khaleej.

Hina raised her head to look at her mother. They were sitting on the dining table for lunch. Hina was feeling very guilty. She had ignored Jenny the whole day. Looking at the food on her plate, she wondered how she could eat the food when it had been cooked by Shanti, a non-Muslim.  Out loud she said,

“Mom, I am not really hungry. I ate too many snacks at the picnic.”

She got up and went to get ready for her class with Maulana Sahib.


The first question Maulana Sahib asked her was,

“Did you talk to your parents?”

Bursting into tears, Hina replied,

Maulana Sahib! I don’t know what to do. Two of the people I love the most are non-Muslims. I am trying my best to ignore them. But I know it would hurt them and it is tearing me apart.”

Maulana Sahib kept staring at her as she cried and told him how she felt. When she stopped, he smiled and reached out to hold her hands.Hina had not been expecting this and she shivered. After all, Maulana Sahib had seemed to be a very conservative man who shunned interaction with females, whether it was a child or an adult.

There was something odd about his touch. It felt eerie and he was looking at her in a strange way. She wanted to draw her hand away but didn’t have the courage to do so. Maulana Sahib said,

“Don’t worry, take your time. Remember, it is important that you break your ties with these two people and eventually convince your parents to avoid non-Muslim company as well.”

Hina nodded in fear. He smiled and stroked her cheeks saying,

“Good girl. Let’s start our lesson now.”


“Is everything okay?”

Hina looked at her mother in confusion. She was doing her homework on the dining table and her mother was sitting next to her to help her. Mrs Khaleej continued,

“It has been quite a while since you last mentioned Jenny. You skip your lunch on the pretext that you ate too much during the school snack break and then at night you just have a slice of bread and butter. Are you dieting? I will not tolerate this, young lady. You are a child and avoiding meals would hamper your growth!  Shanti Aunty is also very worried about you. She even said that you have not asked her to cook one of your favourite dishes for about two weeks now.”

Hina remained quiet and continued to do her homework.


There was a knock on Hina’s bedroom door and a voice called out, “Hina beta.”

Hina shuddered, recognising Shanti’s voice. She looked at the alarm clock. It was 9:30am on Sunday. The door opened and Shanti came in and sat next to Hina on her bed. Looking at the child with concern, she asked,

“My dear, what is the matter? You hardly talk to me anymore, let alone ask me to make your favourite dishes.”

Hina looked at her and with tears brimming in her eyes, said,

“Shanti Aunty, I need a favour from you. Will you promise not to tell Mom or Dad about this?”

Looking extremely worried, Shanti asked,

“No, dear. Tell me. What is it?”

Maulana Sahib has told me that your presence is sinful for my family. Not only that, the food we consume is sinful too as it is prepared by you, a non-Muslim. If it continues this way, God will punish us in the Hereafter. I do not want my family to burn in Hell. Please go away.”

There was silence. Shanti got up and left the room without saying anything.

Hina wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. But all she could do was lie in her bed and weep silently.


Hina’s mother walked into the room with a paper in her hand and a worried look in her eyes,

“Jamal, Shanti is not in her room. She left this letter.”

Hina was sitting next to her father on his bed, enjoying the light discussions she had with him every Sunday evening.

Mr Khaleej took the paper from his wife. Next to him, Hina could read the words clearly. The letter said,

Dear Mr and Mrs Khaleej,

It was a pleasure working for your family for all these years but I miss my village too much. I don’t want to die and be buried here. I know you wouldn’t let me go. Therefore, I am leaving without telling you.

Take care of yourselves and my dear Hina.

Khuda Hafiz (Good Bye)


It was Hina’s first lesson with Maulana Sahib since Shanti had left. She said,

“Maulana Sahib, our Hindu cook has gone. I told her to leave and she did.”

Beaming, he stroked his long beard and said, “Mashallah!”

“I told her that her presence in a Muslim household was sinful in the eyes of God. And if she did not leave, my parents would be punished. She seemed so hurt.”

Hina realised that she was crying and wiped the tears off her face.

Maulana Sahib embraced her and said,

“Beta (daughter), you do not realise that you have saved your family from God’s displeasure. Don’t cry.”

Hina was dumbfounded. He tightened his grip around her body and she pushed him away crying out, “Maulana Sahib!”

He was staring at her in a strange way. Hina rose to her feet and dashed out of the room.


It had been a week since the terrible episode. Mr and Mrs Khaleej were infuriated with what Hina had just told them and Mrs Khaleej said,

“You should have told us about this at the very beginning.”

The first thing Mr Khaleej did was register a complaint of child molestation against the Maulana at the nearest police station. The Maulana was arrested and the case was in court.

Hina did not go to school the entire week. Her parents tried their best to comfort her and help her regain her confidence. At the end of the week, she sat with her parents in their room since they wanted to talk about the incident and they believed that she was strong enough by then. Sobbing, Hina said,

“Mom, I felt that Maulana Sahib had to be right. After all, he was a man of God. I thought you people…..”

She left the sentence hanging. But her father finished it for her saying,

“That we were not good Muslims and he was one because he had a long beard and wore a skull cap. Your father does not claim to be a man of God and your mother does not wear a burqa. So their views must be wrong if a maulvi says so.

He told you that being friendly with a non-Muslim was sinful. Haven’t we taught you to respect all human beings, irrespective of religion, colour, caste or creed? How could God hate another group of His creation just because they hold different views from Muslims? Allah is the Most Gracious and Most Merciful. How could His Grace and Mercy be limited to one group of people? Nothing hurts God more than hurting a member of His Creation.”

Listening to her father’s words, Hina cried even more and said,

“Daddy! I have hurt Shanti Aunty and Jenny so much. I want to say sorry. Will they forgive me? Please bring Shanti Aunty back.”

There was a lull as her parents looked at each other. And then her mother said,

“Shanti Aunty passed away five days ago, dear. We received a letter from her relatives a couple of days ago. We didn’t tell you since you were in no condition to hear such news.”

Hina couldn’t say a word. Her mother hugged her and wiped away her tears.


 “Jenny!” Hina called out to her friend.

All the students were gathered in the assembly hall at school.Hina had come to school after two whole weeks. Jenny had been staring at her but she looked away when she noticed that Hina had caught her gaze. Running to her, Hina called out her name again.

In a low voice, Jenny replied, “Hi.”

“How are you?” Hina asked.

“I am fine but what happened to you? You were away for so long.”

Hina laughed and said,

“You don’t know? Everyone in town does.”

Jenny looked at her and said, “I would never believe a word about you unless you told me first.”

Touched and feeling guilty at the same time, Hina felt ashamed at having hurt such a true friend. She said,

“I want to apologise for the way I behaved with you. I will explain everything.”

“Ha!” cried Jenny. “I have been waiting for this.”

“What?” Hina did not understand. Jenny replied, “An apology and an explanation. I was so mad at you!”

“And rightly so.”

The two friends smiled at each other just as the bell rang. Jenny ran off saying,

“Assembly time. Have to go!”

This time it was Jenny who left Hina behind. Hina knew she was playing with her and ran to catch up with her old friend.

Khushbakht Vaka

Khushbakht Vaka

An accountant and auditor by profession, Khushbakht’s interests include reading and writing. She is also a member of Women’s Action Forum (WAF).

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

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    And I agree that “no book, no person should be above criticism…justifiable criticism of any religion is acceptable”. Which you and every human being is entitled to. In fact the Quran itself allows you: “And if you (Arab pagans, Jews, and Christians) are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down (i.e. the Qur’an) to Our slave (Muhammad PBUH ), then produce a surah (chapter) of the like thereof and call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides Allah, if you are truthful.” [Quran 2:23]Recommend

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    Just i want to ask one question if France don’t let its Muslim women cover their heads we Pakistanis react at the top of our lungs even wedamage our own infrastructure during protests, why don’t Pakistanis tolerate few million Non-Muslims living here and then raise finger on other countries????Recommend

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    As if the elites of this country are any better, in fact they are worse way worse than these lies written about bearded people, for one thing atleast these kind of bearded people are not hypocritesRecommend

  • abubakar

    Don’t worry sir, I’m sure most of the country holds atleast a decent if not very high opinion of molanas, it’s just this elite bubble of pakistan that abhors and despises anyone who is different from them and trys to tell them the fact and condemns their hypocrisy.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Please read the Quran.You should know ur Dress Code At least you will agree with the Dress when you are lowered in the Grave. All in White from the Head to the Toe.Recommend

  • SANA

    Please STOP spreading hatred about Maulana….Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    The Prophet (PBUH) SAW also had a beard. I emulate his Sunnah. I am proud of it.Recommend

  • Nashim

    The Prohibition of Being Loyal Friends with Disbelievers

    Allah said;

    يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ لاَ تَتَّخِذُواْ الَّذِينَ اتَّخَذُواْ دِينَكُمْ هُزُوًا وَلَعِبًا …

    O you who believe! Do not take as friends those who take your religion for a mockery and fun,

    This Ayah discourages and forbids taking the enemies of Islam and its people, such as the People of the Book and the polytheists, as friends. These disbelievers mock the most important acts that any person could ever perform, the honorable, pure acts of Islam which include all types of good for this life and the Hereafter. They mock such acts and make them the subject of jest and play, because this is what these acts represent in their misguided minds and cold hearts.

    Allah said;

    … مِّنَ الَّذِينَ أُوتُواْ الْكِتَابَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ وَالْكُفَّارَ …

    from those who received the Scriptures before you and (nor) the disbelievers…,

    This is to clarify the particular category (of disbelievers).

    As Allah said,

    فَاجْتَنِبُواْ الرِّجْسَ مِنَ الاٌّوْثَـنِ

    So shun the evil of the idols… (22:30)

    So some recited it “Kuffari”, making it an object of the preposition, and others recited it “Kuffara”, making it a predicate noun;Recommend

  • Lalit

    ”Your article reminds me of my stay in London when everytime I told people that I was a Pakistani, they asked “is your family safe” ? Lol. Another stereotype”.

    the ever increasing number of blogs on ET titled”why my this and that was killed ?” by Terrorists of different hues like anti-Shia,anti-Christian,anti-Ahmadis,anti-Hazara,anti-Pakistan or literally anti-everyone,only indicate that they were not asking a totally irrelevant question. were they ?Recommend

  • Gill

    he is a religious leader he has right to his own opinion, Lastly I’m a Pakistani Christian , I grew up around very conservative Muslims, My one
    time encounter with Maulvi on this issue give me better understanding on how things operate. I was filled in my head with nonsense like Oh! Maulvi’s don’t get served from Non-Muslim, and they really frown upon food being cooked by a non-Muslim. I vividly remember this scene, the remarks I passed and the response I got. It was a hot summer afternoon and I was running errant for my mother when I saw this local preacher getting served food by a young boy. I knew both of them as
    the Maulvi of the local mosque lived two houses down from us. This young boy I knew was Christian because he lived in the slums around our neighborhood
    and came to our church.
    As I saw this transaction taking place, I felt obliged to intervene.
    I hollered at the Maulvi Sahib to make him aware “Is say roti nah kaho yeh Christian
    hai” (Don’t take food from him he’s Christian).
    Maulana looked at me and laughed stating “We are all humans”! I felt so embarrassed.Recommend

  • Lalit

    by following the logic that quantity is somehow greater than quality,you are not being superior to such guys,whom you find distasteful.Recommend

  • bob

    The only Muslims who practise Islam as taught in the Quran are the Ahmadies. Love for all and hatred for none.Recommend

  • bob

    This article is not against Islam. It is for humanity and Islam is humanity- if practised correctly!!! Unfortunately many people have no idea bout real Islam and trust long bearded clerics blindly!!!! Sorry, this is true!!!Recommend

  • Parvez

    What happened to the comment by a retired Lt Col. along with his picture…….it was there a few hours ago and now its gone……and that’s not right.
    His views may reflect a rigid view, not understandable to an enlightened thought process BUT it is his view and he has the right to express it. If he can not be heard how will people discern for themselves, as to what is right or wrong.Recommend


    Well when one does not gets enough in reality, they surely have to make some random plays…

    I am deeply attached with the religious scholars and madarsahs…i have rarely seen anything like that happening….the points is, every profession in the world has got both type of people…if a doctor commits a crime, nobody blames the whole medical field…same goes here as well…i cant remember if i have ever seen something like that hapening ever, but if it did happen sonewhere, the scholars of islam cannot be held responsible for this…

    Infact the real responsibility lies with the victims..do they ever carry out any research before appointing someone for their child’s religious education? When it comes to schooling, you go for the best, but when its about religious education, you appoint any tom, dick or harry and the cry for the consequences….many of the people who come to teach children at home are not qualified scholars (what we call AALIM)..

    I Myself is a madarsah student, i am studying Dars e Nizami course (8 year duration)…the sketch of the ulama drawn in the above article is not somewhere even close to the reality…in fact, i am sure, people discussing about madaris and ulama have never even visited any madarsa…they should, before they speak a word about it…Recommend

  • gp65

    This is in the ‘Poetic License’ section. It means this is not a true story.Recommend

  • gp65

    What about those that are not ahle kitab as apparently ‘Aunty Shanti’ was?
    Also can a Muslim woman marry a Christian or Jewish man?Recommend

  • Nasir

    I know Naila… you referred to what protagonist has called him. But this comment isn’t only for you it is for writer and protagonist as well.Recommend

  • SonnyD

    Hammad, buddy chill and get a grip. Of all people, why Pakistani people have to think within the box of Islam and Pakistan? Islam is not only for Pakistan nor Pakistan is only for Islam or Muslims. You all need to accept the reality that religious bigots, hypocrites, self righteous etc. are all in Pakistani society and unfortunately, Pakistani society has been accustomed to hypocrisy and listening or reading to truth is a shock for them.Recommend

  • Nasir

    You are a Christian living in Pakistan. Do you know this self-righteous Muslim Pakistanis treat their own Muslims as out class? Christians, Hindus, Sikhs all can vote only Ahmadis cannot vote as their vote will become discarded if Ahmadis voted in joint electorate. Here is another example, classic one! Only in Pakistan recently, Ahmadi students from primary school got expelled in Faisalabad based on their faith. So buddy….you are still lucky that they just see you digustingly. For Ahmadis if they find out he or she is Ahmadi you can kill them and get away scott free. No FIRs or anything. If Christian would be accused of blasphemy he’ll be protected (except few notables like Mr. Bhatti and others got shot but compare to Ahmadis killings it’s not significant.) due to Western pressure. For Ahmadis there is no such pressure even to vote in joint electorate.Recommend

  • Nasir

    If you want to promote positive things about the religion of Islam then only http://www.alislam.org is promoting it along with http://www.muslimsforpeace.orgRecommend

  • Norman

    Well said buddy! I have read this Hadith as well. Unfortunately, it seems like people are awaiting for the Messiah / Mahdi to come and deliver them from the shackles of these beasts. But when the deliverer is here they don’t pay heed. What a joke!Recommend

  • Nasir

    Usman, I think we should embrace any such woman who has been wronged and support her in anyway we can including marrying her if no one wants to marry her. I think such taboos have no place in Islam. From earlier teachings of the Sahabaas of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) they married women who were wronged by people on account of their religion. Plus, if someone accidentally gets trapped into the situation they should be protected and those who are the culprits should be given exemplary punishment.Recommend

  • BM

    Poorly written article or whatever it was. Tribune should also take responsibility for publishing this. Lets see if they publish this comment.Recommend

  • Kappa

    Seriously!! You believe in “Outside of Context” theory for a “Very clear Book” as claimed by the writer? One book and 100 sects, all out of context? And you are the judge to decide who is reading Out of Context? Amazing. Recommend

  • Umer Ijaz

    Why don’t you blame so many people with no beard and doing menace all around?????Recommend

  • Naila

    I am Ahmadi :) Love for all hatred for none.Recommend

  • Naila

    I agree, but their suffering is no less than ours. After all which Ahmadis have done for this country, we still aren’t given any rights.Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Excellent and spot on and I hope that girl was not youRecommend

  • Kappa

    Miswaak is sunnah but no need when better options are available. BTW, do you use miswaak or a tooth brush?Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Koran Specifically says that Jews and Christians are your worst enemy (5:52) read and don’t be an ignorantRecommend

  • Anwaar

    yeah she can….Recommend

  • Anwaar

    in my office there are a few hindus .. but ive never seen any muslim coworker treating them otherwise or look down upon them… no need to stereotype.. there are good and bad in every society …Recommend

  • Anthony

    If ‘all of the articles are either against Pakistan or Islam’, it means either you’re blind and someone who can’t read that all the positive articles – hundreds – on the blog pages here are invisible to you.Recommend

  • abubakar

    Of course they don’t have same (or any) rights at all in a muslim state. Most of the elites in pakistan have created their own watered down version of Islam, because they don’t have the guts to follow islam in it’s original form.Recommend

  • TSil

    My 2 cents…
    1. If all muslims start thinking like you…then they cant have freedom of thought…and that is why the muslim community has been unable to contribute anything of the modern world…

    2. I verify my own reality and god is not something to be afraid of…
    3. ‘Justifiable criticism of any religion is acceptable. It was observed by none other the MA Jinnah..in a case in 1920s..

    If most Muslims continue thinking like this…they will become obsolete…The world will move to a new level of consciousness and you guys will be still stcuk in deciding how long will your beard be and how big should be a womans viel?Recommend

  • Illuminati2014

    the problem is not muslims its Islam..and muslims follow it blindly..Tell me onw muslim majority country where minorities are safe? or there is freedom of speech..

    I hope you know what is happening in Turkey..

    So my empathies for you…get out of Pakistan if possible..Recommend

  • ajeet

    Is it a school that it needs a dress code?

  • Master Mind

    Good article. But People who have very limited knowledge about Islam are making fool of it. All we need is to stop spreading hatred towards Islam.
    Please be informed that Islam didn’t stopped anyone to eat with Non-Muslims (Except Haram Food).
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made peace agreement with the Jews in Madinah to defend Madinah from Invaders. Islam is peace and respect the other religions as well.Recommend

  • Adnan Ahmed Mandhai

    God bless u its not a story its a lesson 4 all of us.it doesnt mean all beared man r wrong or all shaved man r right. story of human beings plz respect humans.welldoneRecommend