Pakistani airports vs international airports: Which is worse?

Published: November 1, 2010

If you think having a green passport abroad is bad, you should think about being an ordinary Pakistani at Jinnah Terminal.

I’ve been sniffed by dogs, asked to remove my shoes, been randomly radio tested for explosives, questioned by immigration officers and the list goes on.

After travelling  to 26 countries, I have realised that being a Pakistani is not easy when it comes to airport immigration and security clearance.

I imagined that at least in a Pakistani airport, I would have some respite. But I was so wrong.

My worst airport experience was at Karachi’s own Quaid-e-Azam International airport a few weeks ago. I reached the airport at 9pm to catch an 11pm flight and felt dismayed that I would be bored at the airport lounge waiting for my flight. Little did I know that I would end up running to catch my flight to avoid missing it.

First after what seemed like pointless questions and an unprofessional scuffle through my baggage, I finally cleared baggage security. Meanwhile, as  most of us went through the usual ordeal, I saw some passengers bypassing the queues and security formalities assisted by ‘airport officials.’ They managed to go though security as if they were celebrities at a movie premieres.

Next, I came towards my airline counter and waited to be checked in. There was quite a long line and I patiently waited for my turn. While I had once thought that only civil servants abused their power, here I saw airline officials helping their relatives and acquaintances check in without even making them join the line. They were asked to sit while officials took their documents and issued them boarding cards and baggage tags. The best part was that their bags weren’t even weighed, while other ordinary passengers were harassed if their bag was even a kilogram over the limit. I learned that individuals in both the public and the private sector abuse their power, but the worst was still to come.

At the passport immigration line, I witnessed an attitude I had never seen before. I could hear the announcement asking passengers for my flight to board the aircraft and I was still in line! I frantically excused myself and apologised, waving my boarding card and cut the queue to get to the counter. Five minutes before my flight took off, I cleared immigration and rushed to inner security.  It had taken me two hours to clear regular security.

I rushed towards the last security checkpoint before boarding the aircraft and after going through the normal procedure, I was surprised by a security officer, who asked me to switch on my laptop. I pleaded with him to let me go, as my flight was making its final boarding call, but he wouldn’t listen. I switched it on and as soon as the operating system loaded, he simply said “Okay, thank you,” and that was that!

I finally entered the aircraft several minutes late. To my shock, half the plane was empty. I had completely ignored the possibility that other passengers were also stuck with me in airport clearance formalities. The flight took off after a forty minute delay.

Now, I am happy to follow whatever I am told at any airport in the rest of the  world; be it in the US, Australia, UK or Singapore. At least everyone waits their turn in line, no one is given the unfair advantage to jump queues and pass security and the system is much faster, even at bigger airports where there are more passengers. Being a Pakistani, I feel deprived at my own country’s airport-how can I complain about other countries?


Faiq Najeeb

A teaching assistant and PhD Student in Finance at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Asif Hanafi

    This is a one-off extreme scenario that you have presented.
    Airline staff around the world help there relatives/friends all the time although they have more check-in desks open.

    security is pretty much the same all around the world, which has been pushed by the paranoid US.

    As for immigration, no doubt they are unprofessional and very slow. Recommend

  • Aina

    I couldn’t agree more..!! Pakistani airport and immigration staff is simply the worst. I had the same experience last week while I was travelling to Thailand. The immigration officer questioned me for at least 45 minutes, looking at all the previous visas stamped, asking me details why and how I travelled, and how can i travel without my family, which company i work in, and how many others he knows at my company who don’t travel so frequently.Recommend

  • Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    Arrive in Islamabad and the kleptocratic state is in overdrive. Customs official proudly smoke away infront of the non-smoking sign. When I challenged them, they guy first said how he was a retired army officer and how dare i say anything and how he will send me off to the ANF on heroin smuggling. Airport security is reduced to picking up luggage for the latest bureacrats, generals or politicans daughter who manged fine with her luggage abroad but needs to wear her sunglasses at 4 in the morning and have a local minion pick up her luggage for her. We have our proud officials harrasing every labourer returning from abroad, many after 4 or 5 years, asking for their “gift”. Shameful! Abroad one can aruge that its their country, here in Pakistan, whats their excuse?Recommend

  • maera

    i think individual incidents cannot give a complete picture as to how systems at airports operates, more or less i had most same experience at Beijing airport which by the way is one the most efficient airport yet i was running to catch my emirates flight which by the way is always on time.

    hence i think lets do some constructive criticism on some serious issues. as for our KHI airport operations i think they are not that bad and have more friendly staff as compared to rest.Recommend

  • Fahad

    Talking about unprofessionalism, then where else would you find it better! As Asif pointed out, there are a few things which are every where but I would agree that immigration system is immensly slow and needs attention. We wait too long to get clear, and we are Pakistanis entering Pakistan!

    Once my flight arrived at 5.30am in Karachi, and I reached the counter at around 7.45 and the immigration officer then asked me where I was coming from and she was shocked to hear about my flight timings. As she was the only one working, she did not realise other officers around were just not stamping passports and people were leaving their lines and jumping on to her counter. And then when I was done with immigration, I had tough time getting my luggage as it was on the belt which showed flights from other countries and not the one where I was coming from!

    Still, I hope things to get better and as I will be travelling soon, I just pray to reach home on time!Recommend

  • Saba

    40 minute delays are quite normal, and so is all the checking- but I understand that’s not the reason you wrote the article. The WAY that it’s all done is why it’s frustrating. That’s why it was so ridiculous to read the pathetic rant of a Pakistani official complaining about extra checking (after he clearly lied about his age.) It sounds ridiculous when a person complains when everything is so much worse over here. The only way it’s bearable to go through an airport here is if you already have a contact who will get you through. And then there’s all the staring, the lack of decent food, the annoying music playing (as i was leaving Pakistan this summer and getting all sentimental about all the things I was going to miss- they wouldn’t stop playing Indian songs. Then they started playing the Indian national anthem. By that point I was dying for my plane to finally start boarding.), the fact that it feels more like a fancy daewoo station than a real airport, no internet, and all the people who bombard you as soon as you walk out because they want to carry your bags and ask you for dollars……yeah i’d rather be at a foreign airport any day and simply be asked to remove my shoes…even if they do throw my liquid moisturizer away although i just bought it. Still better than what happens here.Recommend

  • Hamza Malik

    Quite shameful. And I absolutely agree with Nadir. He experienced that event in the airport, I experience it daily. Makes me wonder whether the PMA is training army “officers” or rude people who only know how to grunt, wave their tail and tell everyone else to take a hike. Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    I just have One thing to Say, we as a nation lack Common Courtesy
    Full Stop
    We Do not even remotely know it exists
    We see it as an Alien Concept
    By far my worst experience at the Karachi airport was, that I arrived 3 hours before my midnight flight to Hong Kong, so that I could get the seat of my choice and just calmly wait for my flight to start boarding. But Little to my knowledge, what my airline Cathay Pacific had done was that about an hour after I checked in, they had some difficult passengers, a family wishing to sit together
    they changed my requested seat for which I came especially early, and had assigned it to some nagging passengers without even asking me, and how they chose to inform me. When the flight boarded they announced my name citing, Airline officials wished to see me. When I went to them, they told me, because a family wanted to sit together, so they changed my seat and have pushed me right to the final row of economy class, and I was made to sit near the tail next to really impolite young kids who play for a local Football club, and they were Very Loud. Can u imagine, first few front economy rows, I was seated in on an Aisle seat as per my request. I got moved to a middle seat , right at the back without my Permission. Nerve of the airline check in staff, who works for CAA btw, when i complained to the airline on the flight, i gave them a complaint in writing and they apologised in Writing.Recommend

  • Ambreen Darjat

    i completely agree. I have also been through this ordeal a lot of times! And the worst part is that the “celebrity” passengers don’t have to go through this just because they have a relative sitting at the counter!Recommend

  • Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    I think we should all also keep our own experiences in perspective. After all those of us who are able to access and read through this blog have little experience of what the vast majority of Pakistani’s traveling abroad face. That is, the labourers whose hard earned remmittances is keeping the country afloat. Talking about being “humiliated” in America is sexy, but look at how Pakistanis are treated in any Middle Eastern airport. The rich shoppers with there designer bags splash money in the duty free, while labourers are made to march through the terminal, talked down at, and sat down well away from everyone else. Not to mention the hassle they face in immigration and customs of their return to Pakistan. Regardless of what I have experienced its nothing compared to what the vast mojority of Pakistanis face. Recommend

  • Syed

    Strange my experience was not that bad, but I did have problems at the luggage counter, due to which I had to leave my books behind in Karachi, Although I had extra space in my hand luggage. :S. Recommend

  • Sana Saleem

    Pakistan is just in miserable condition. We cant help ourselves alone. There is a great long way to prosperity and i Doubt no destiny !Recommend

  • Saba

    The way Dubai treats the working classes, especially Bangladeshis and Pakistanis is disgusting, appalling and completely antithetical to Islam. But that is another topic entirely.Recommend

  • faryal

    i soooooooooooo agree…. and its really sad actually bcoz when foreigners come to visit our country, the 1st impression they have is of the airport… and likewise, when they are departing, the last impression is of the airport and unpleasant incidences at the airport can mar the entire experience….our govt, along with another million issues, should concentrate on improving the services of the airport.Recommend

  • Waleed khan

    I saw some passengers bypassing the queues and security formalities assisted by ‘airport officials.’ They managed to go though security as if they were celebrities at a movie premieres.

    This . I guess Mr. Javaid ‘Hot Shot Express’ Choudhry was missing THIS in the USA . Recommend

  • Rebel

    Well you just surmised the beauty of having the right ‘connections’ in Pakistan. First of, the protocol for catching an International flight requires you to be there three hours in advance. It is, in part, the late arrival of most passengers that leads to the consequent delay of the flight. Not many flights do that by the way. Secondly, you wouldn’t be complaining if it was you who was actually receiving this preferential treatment. As for the laptop check, you should be glad that ended so fast. Try the Saudi Arabian airport where people have to wait hours upon hours while some guy, who has nothing better to do, goes through all of your media files and you are required to sit there throughout this dire and pointless process. And yes, I mean all media files. Don’t really understand how going through each and every song on your hard-disk serves any purpose. But yeah, it does happen. And believe me, its times like these yo really wish you had those ‘connections’ to rely on and get you out of there quickly.Recommend

  • Jehangir Isran

    Interesting article. The thing is that the Pakistani officials actually make you go through all this trouble so that when you go through less stricter procedures abroad you do not feel bad about it. It is a kind of a phycological training you know :PRecommend

  • Safder Abbas

    I think we have all had some unpleasant experiences with different officials and staff in the country, but here atleast you were a victim of incompetence, and not racism. And personally, I’d pick this FRUSTRATION over the EMBARRASSMENT of being pulled out of line for a random explosives check, any day of the week!Recommend

  • Mubasher

    hahahaha I am not amazed with the problems we so called pakistanis face everywhere. the only thing we pakistanis know is to complain about everything especially the system. but who are responsible to make the system…WE…so please think before electing politicians who will in the assembly and did anyone fight for their rights…NO…just complaining…YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF NOT THE SYSTEM, SYSTEM WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CHANGED WHEN YOU WILL CHANGE YOURSELF.
    and Mr. Faiq Najeeb you could had been ‘served’ out of way if you have some ‘mama or chacha’ at a higher position.So, my simple message is CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST, SYSTEM WILL BE CHANGED AUTOMATICALLY’ but this needs efforts, commitment with honesty and follow the teachings of Quran. It will take time and sacrifices but there is always light on the other end of the tunnel. ALLAH BLESS US ALL AMEEN! Recommend

  • Saad Rohan

    The article is very well written and its highlight the incompetence of our civil servants in all aspects of life. However, why doesn’t the writer start giving solutions as well?Recommend

  • Afaq Tariq

    I will have to agree with Safdar Abbas … being frustrated rather than discriminated. I have also experienced many times discrimination abroad. Specificially, treatment in the US airports is so so bad.Recommend

  • Chandio

    I think we have to accept that we as a nation are ourselves to blame. I agree with Faiq, why do we criticize security checks out at foreign airports when we are harassed at our own airports? I understand the writers view point, we are not respected in our own country, what can we expect from people abroad?Recommend

  • Zain Nauman

    nicely done.. but u have presented an extreme scenario bro.. this happens almost everywhere in the world.. i can give u an example of doha airport and dubai airport.. as soon as the plane landed every one was asked to remain seated whil…e the sheikhs at the front got off straight into there mercedes and beamers .. where as the ordinary people had to go through the enitre hassle .. soo its not only pakistan that this takes place it happens everywhere.. i have seen it happen in doha, dubai, london, toronto.. I think although wat u said was true at some point you should have done some research on the other airports as well and not just gone after pakistan..
    never the less it was well thought out and i was just trying to give it a fair cricticism.. :)Recommend

  • jhanzeb imran

    This vip culture has been around here long … nothing new … those who abuse the power are the ones in power to abolish it … and they will never do it.Recommend

  • Quratulain

    Yes security and immigration can be time consuming however, i’d like to point out to you why it seemed that airport officials were helping out their relatives and why they had their tags and passes handed to them instead of standing in line. These are mostly non revenue passengers who cannot stand in lines to get their work done like paying passengers simply because they will not be entertained until the last minute when the shift supervisor or a higher authority (mostly captain) comes by and takes a look at seat availability for them and issues a jump seat if not a regular seat.

    Outside countries handle these passengers in a different manner i.e. after flight closes (15 mins before takeoff). Speaking from my experiences, I have wished to be standing in line rather than sit idle and wait for someone to come and hand me a boarding pass. Our baggage too, is weighed separately and generally well before you people show up. Why? we need to show up to the airport atleast 1 hour before paying passengers hence if you are asked to come 2 hours before, we show up at 3 hours or 4 hours before! Imagine that! As always, there are many sides to each story. And i hope you feel slightly better. Recommend

  • Imran Hassan

    All the people criticizing this blog have actually missed the writer’s point. Faiq is just trying to say that he knows elsewhere in the world, we Pakistanis already face problems. Least we can expect is at least some respect in our own country airports. I complete agree with Faiq Najeeb.Recommend

  • aftab

    My Dear its damn lengthy story that why it is like that” here in Pakistan ” ! Recommend

  • aamir hussain

    Its not just airport as a Pakistani and being a responsible citizen we face the same situation in every aspect of our life. You just name it we face it in Transport, Health care, Electricity…

    Long live the king……Recommend

  • Aamir Saleem

    As Aamir hussain says … we face it in all aspects of life … not just the airport alone … how can we solve this corrupt system? Mr Mubashar says change ourselves … How can we change ourselves because the ordinary ‘ourselves’ never have privileges anyway. its the corrupt public officials who need to change.Recommend

  • parvez

    If you go out to dinner and find you have nothing to talk about the safest is to gab about your travel experience. The stories will be never ending. Bon appetit.Recommend

  • sana

    Wow. What a waste of space.

    Please don’t bother writing again.Recommend

  • Asif Siddiqi

    I have few questions from the writer;

    If it was an international flight why didn’t you arrive 3 hours early? If you were late your self why are you blaming others for being slow.
    Point less questions? how many years or air traffic security do you have to call them point less. These questions are more of a technique to judge the person.
    Passengers bypassing the queues? you don’t bypassed any queue in Pakistan and this was totally a virgin phenomenon for you?
    4.In opening of your blog you are having an issue with queues not maintained and moments later you are disrupting queues by your self?
    Laptops round the world are now being verified (Off course your didn’t knew) and the guy was just doing his job, which you on the other hand tried to influence by using your urgency as an excuse. Any one can go and say my flight it departing and carry a bomb in his laptop. This is done to ensure a secure air travel is made possible.
    In other countries as per your say … at least everyone waits their turn in line (agreed), no one is given the unfair advantage to jump queues (really? so if i put a white skin next to brown they are treated the same?) and the system is much faster (do we train our people or do we even have a system?

    Long this country has suffered by its own people having a guilty feeling of carrying its passport. If you don’t have the courage to go out and change the system then better stay quite in the line or better … change your passport … that i guess you can’t do :) Recommend

  • Fahad

    What a waste of a blog.

    I have a story too:

    I went to a supermarket and it took sooooooooo long for me to check out my shopping trolley. sob sob sob…

    Stop wasting my time with such nonsense. Get over it you loser.Recommend

  • John

    An interesting article and perspective and more interesting were to see some really rude replies :) I would encourage the writer to ignore rude replies but do take criticisms constructively.Recommend

  • rocket

    was this effort, in reply to Mr “Jeuw’ved Shoodri” article?Recommend

  • Assad

    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding this article. The point is that if Pakistanis are treated poorly at foreign airports they are treated equally badly in there home country as well.

    For example, malaysian citizens in Malaysia can simply swipe there passports and be done with, whereas we have to wait in long ques and then are spoken too rudely by the immigration people.Recommend

  • critical

    @sana: waste of space???? this is a genuine issue madam…. may be u are jealous bcoz u never got to travel anywhere except orangi and lyari or some other shanty town!!!!Recommend

  • critical

    @Fahad: read wat i said to sana…. of course u are jealous bcoz the only place u have ever been to IS the super market… proly never even seen a passport in ur life!!!!Recommend

  • Mirhan

    If you cannot encourage someone, please buy a goat and stay in a cave and don’t discourage anyone else. Clearly your mental level is clear here. This is a opinion blog and the writer has expressed his opinion. If you do not like it, air your criticisms here, but don’t discourage anyone from writing. Recommend

  • Hina

    Hi Faiq,

    Firstly, It is HIGHLY recommended for ANY international flight that you arrive at least 3 hours in advance. Flights to and from Pakistan are usually very very crowded and that is something i always account for each my four flights back and forth in a year.
    And when i am taking this flight i also take in to consideration the FACT that there will be people not in line- that older people will try to send officials in, that women will try to fight for seats that are not next to na mehram men oh and so much more. But I find that hilarious it is such a uniquely charming and yes sometimes irritating characteristic of our society.
    Sadly, i see the same characteristics in a PIA line at other international Airports as i see in Karachi Quaid-e-Azam International Airport.
    What happened to you was partly your mistake and you cannot deny it. You basically failed to take into consideration the circumstances of where you were and and where you were flying from. Also please take into consideration the fact the landing airports REQUIRE additional security from flights that are taking off from Pakistan and i am aware of that because i have run into that “extra” security as well in one of my many flights.Recommend

  • Mirhan

    Clearly you are a VIP whose time is very precious. You are such a loser that you had time to read a person’s opinion and then try put your opinion on it. I will give you same advice which I gave Sana.

    If you cannot encourage someone, please buy a goat and stay in a cave and don’t discourage anyone else. Clearly your mental level is clear here. This is a opinion blog and the writer has expressed his opinion. If you do not like it, air your criticisms here, but don’t discourage anyone from writing.

    To the writer:

    Being a patriotic pakistani, i would be more happy if you start giving solutions as well instead of just criticizing the system. I know people in this blog have different comments to your opinion. Please ignore rude people and discouraging comments, but do look at constructive criticisms professionally and give us solutions. Make Pakistan’s image prosperous.Recommend

  • http://zainhasan, Zain Hasan

    You live in a fantasy world, please come out and experience the real world. Pakistan isn’t that beautiful as it looks in your dreams.Recommend

  • R. Qureishi

    The smokers (mentioned by Nadir el adroos) in the airport are usually the ‘boss’ of custom officials. They unnecessarily harass passengers and demand money. Why nobody watches them taking customers in the toilets to receive bribery?? Usually dressed in civilian clothes, these guys in moustache are chain smokers and are caught in cameras every day! Be in Mush’s era or democracy, I find them the worst of creatures. I request COAS to take action against these retired army guys. After all COAS is our de facto master. Recommend

  • Maj Imtiaz

    I am serving civil servant and I have never abused my power at the airport. I go through normal security procedures and I am with the writer because many times i see fellow civil servants abusing their authorities. I also get annoyed by this.

    I have seen many people advising the writer, the writer claims he has travelled 26 countries, I doubt he needs any of our advises. I myself have travelled 17 countries.Recommend

  • Guybrush

    Please send a copy/link of this blog to Javed Chaudry.Recommend

  • Shariq Qureshi

    Simply the plight of those who travel frequently, but this can happen at any airport, why single out KHI airport? Those who travel frequently know what they can expect. Khi airport is not that bad in my opinion and yes wifi is available, ok I don’t really dig the yellow dim lighting but as far as the service is concerned, the question should be, what are you expecting?

    Only thing I could not digest was preferential treatment meted out to the returning fellow country men with dual citizen ship or those who have denounced Pakistan as their country.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Rizwan

    Spot on bro. I can totally relate with the Saudi Arabian authorities. The immigration officials there will leave entire queues waiting while they go off to have their coffee and a chat with their mates. And if by any chance you have a laptop on you (or an external hard drive, even worse), they will make you wait while they scan all your files to find any hint of porn. I remember back when video cameras had those small cassettes, the authorities were perplexed and tried to find something they could play them in (they gave up after a short while). Anyway, this was all before I started getting preferential treatment at Jeddah airport, lol. Trust me people, we have it a lot better in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Cyko

    Let me tell you one simple point;

    Every airport in the world itself tells you the story of how country treats their people.

    Pakistanis can apply I guess two type of passports ie Ordinary and Diplomatic;
    Wikipedia “Visa on Arrival for Pakistani” citizens carrying diplomat and ordinary passport;

    Do u still need to know why u r treated as u r ??? haha!!Recommend

  • Osayed Rehman

    I dont think that any matter in this article gives us the right to call our system or airports bad!…trust me…these days because of security concerns, airlines call you to the airport atleast 3 hours before your departure.

    I have travelled to a lot of countries, and i have not seen any difference, our people help their relatives or VIPs get the luxury to jump the queues, well trust me..i have seen this happening in UAE, Thailand, and many more countries. You just cant ignore it!

    Security is pretty much lenient and the questioning mentioned by the immigration staff is much more logical and sensible in Pakistan. I mean, the personnel at UAE airport used to ask me “what is your date of birth?” i used to reply with my date of birth … they would then say…no wat is ur islamic date of birth!?!…beat that!!!

    Anyways, i would say…without being even slightly biased…that pakistani airports still serve you better…compared to wat happens to us abroad!Recommend

  • faryal

    @Osayed Rehman: regarding DOB….oh mi gosh really???? i frequently travel to the UAE… thank god i was never asked such a dumb question! im sure no one can beat tht!!! LOLRecommend

  • Imran

    Yes I also agree with the fact that there are many irregularities in Karachi airport but a single or 20 incidence can’t be sufficient to blame any Country….

    I recently traveled to KSA and I found the way they treated the person …ghoush… its pathetic.. only one counter was running for foreign visitors and that person doesn’t want to sit on his chair. He preferred to walk on the ground and wanted to straightened up the queue. Some ladies are standing infront of the queue with their little kids, he found a document missing and he said to them to fill the doc and stand in the last .. Shame!!!…

    After more than an hour i stand in the queue and once I cleared from the queue, the most embarrassing stuff comes after that….

    There is only one luggage belt was running and it contains other flight luggage… I fortunately checked all the luggage belts and found one stopped belts at which some luggage was on the belt and many is on the ground…. I found my luggage from the ground… Then I said to other passengers who were waiting on the the running belt that you will find your luggage on the stopped belt or on the ground….

    What you will say about this..!!!!!!! Recommend

  • SH

    What you will notice when you arrive is that, as a Pakistani in Pakistan, you’re treated as though you’re a second class citizen. Immigration officers are usually rude, or merely uninterested if you’re lucky, and extremely slow. Often they’ll stop to chat or sip their tea while you stand there waiting with dozens in line waiting behind you. And then there’ll be that “airport functionary” or peon in a customs/army uniform carrying the passports of an important person who chose not to stand in line. I’ve actually seen such flunkies standing around right before the immigration area, asking people if they’d like to bypass the lines for a fee. Foreigners, of course, have it easy and generally fly by.
    Coming into the US, even as a foreigner, the staff are courteous and you get a “Welcome to the US”, even if you’ve got to go through extra screening in a back room somewhere. US Nationals get a “Welcome home sir.” Having travelled extensively, I am yet to hear a similar phrase upon returning to Pakistan. We need to be a little more proud as a nation and value nationality. This is our country and we should welcome our compatriots back, and in turn feel welcome. We’re put through extra scrutiny when we travel abroad, yet we lay out the red carpet every time a foreigner walks in….perhaps a little tit for tat is in order?Recommend

  • Zia

    NO WAY… Please do not visit GCC airports if you feeel khi airport has issues… You will kill yourself if you have to wait at JEddah airport or ryd airport…I am still so happy that AIRPORT Services in PAkistan are far better than many places… Recommend