Definition of a ‘traitor’ in Pakistan: An honest army general

Published: April 10, 2014

The hope of a promising future that the only person who made it all possible has been labelled a ‘traitor’.

The hope of a promising future that the only person who made it all possible has been labelled a ‘traitor’. The hope of a promising future that the only person who made it all possible has been labelled a ‘traitor’.

Pervez Musharraf’s indictment in the high treason case has opened up a Pandora ’s Box; with this, our corrupt politicians will no longer fear an army clamp down on their evil doings, only because now they know that the judiciary already provides complete shelter to their corrupt practices. The army will obviously stay away regardless of how much the public may plead.

But this is what Pakistan wants, right?

This indictment will also ensure that the title of ‘traitor’ is exclusively reserved for an honest army general who sent a group of corrupt politicians packing, gave strength to a failing state by giving it the required adrenalin shot, provided employment, uplifted the economy and invited foreign direct investment in the country.

This is indeed a moment of triumph for the blood thirsty fanatics holed up in the Lal Masjid, for the Sardars of Balochistan who continue to play pharaohs over their down trodden people and of course, the ruling feudal elite of Sindh whose claim to fame is the Sindh Festival while hundreds of Thar villagers died of hunger.

This is also a big day for all the hypocrites who changed sides once the general quit his office and are enjoying important portfolios in the current government.

This indictment ensures that no one will ever dare to introduce a genuine democratic system in the form of local bodies system of governance which provides true power to the grass root level people and thus, resolving public issues in a timely manner.

Karachites shall no longer enjoy development projects and the hope of a promising future since the only person who made it all possible has been labelled a ‘traitor’.

Members of the national and provincial assemblies will now continue with their loot and plunder with complete and utter disregard to their oath. This sacred oath holds one responsible for performing their functions honestly and faithfully in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the law and the rules of the Assembly, and always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well- being and prosperity of Pakistan.

They clearly realised that no matter what they do, they have complete immunity and none of their misdeeds will earn them the title of a ‘traitor’ now that it is reserved exclusively for an army general.

Now with the strengthening nexus between politicians, extremists and judiciary, the country is all set to venture out on a new path of prosperity and success.

The traitor has been identified and cornered.

Bravo Pakistan, bravo.

Arsalan Faruqi

Arsalan Faruqi

An entrepreneur with a degree in computer engineering and an MBA from IBA Karachi. He tweets as @arsalanfaruqi (

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  • WhoWasThatMaskedMan

    Read the constitution of Pakistan, ever?Recommend

  • Usman

    There were some bad aspects in his government but his government was far more better than the governments of these so called politicians but he has broken the constitution and he should be trialed for that as no one should be above the law sir Recommend

  • Syed Sohaib.

    I agree with what you all said but shouldnt have written it here. This space is reserved for TTP, likes of Maya Khan and Mubasher Lucman and those who consider Bugti as National hero (just forgetting the gas pipelines he was blowing in National Interest at that time)


  • Anam

    If politicians aren’t being tried for their wrongdoings, it didn’t make Musharraf any less of a traitor. Recommend

  • Maddy

    Just a true depiction of the pity state we are in! just cant agree more!!! Long Live Musharraf !!!Recommend

  • Hamza

    actually a ROLF laughing kinda stupidest article. Biased and blind.Recommend

  • naeem khan

    another boot licker of establishmentRecommend

  • usman

    His government was far better than the governments of these so called politicians but he should be trialed for breaking the constitution as no one should be above the law sir. He alone shouldn’t be victimized as he alone didn’t took that decision Recommend

  • MHZ

    Someone spoke!

    If the general who fought two wars for Pakistan, took bullets for it and dented India a considerable damage , yet still received a standing ovation in India for his straight talk and blunt answers on RAW, is a traitor then I GUESS there’s no point in defending a country called Pakistan.Recommend

  • maeedah

    he educated have gone insane.
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Bad politicians don’t make Musharraf any less of a traitor, dictator and law breaker.
    Mushaarraf’s trial will set an amazing precedence for those daring to mess with democracy.Recommend

  • usman

    Well sir I have not read it completely tbh but that doesn’t mean that one should not be accountable to law enforcing agenciesRecommend

  • Saad

    To the haters, “Jiye Musharraf”Recommend

  • Saad

    To whoever who is saying, he broke the constitution, please read the constitution before 18th amendment, and you will know he never broke the constitution !Recommend

  • Ghostrider

    People will ridicule you and will laugh at you for writing this article but yet in their heart they will agree that Mushi was the best thing that happened to Pakistan in a long long time. My question to the haters is simple, can you blame him for corruption, nepotism and financial irregularities? one can’t. People hate him because he gave them freedom of speech and thats why he is a traitorRecommend

  • Ghostrider

    People will ridicule you and will laugh at you for writing this article but yet in their heart they will agree that Mushi was the best thing that happened to Pakistan in a long long time. My question to the haters is simple, can you blame him for corruption, nepotism and financial irregularities? one can’t. People hate him because he gave them freedom of speech and thats why he is a traitorRecommend

  • Kalam wala

    Excellent article. With the likes of Nawaz selling the country
    piece by piece in the guise of privatization, the overseas accounts
    will be overflowing. Saad the railway minister bad mouthing Musharraf
    instead of running the Railways, that are blown up every two weeks.
    Nawaz,..4th. richest man in the country at $ 1.6 billion and counting.Recommend

  • Kalam wala

    Excellent article. With the likes of Nawaz selling the country
    piece by piece in the guise of privatization, the overseas accounts
    will be overflowing. Saad the railway minister bad mouthing Musharraf
    instead of running the Railways, that are blown up every two weeks.
    Nawaz,..4th. richest man in the country at $ 1.6 billion and counting.Recommend

  • Lahore wala

    Read you read the article? What did he wrote to become a
    boot licker? You just read the heading,..not the whole article.
    There will always be ignorants like you.Recommend

  • Lahore wala

    Read you read the article? What did he wrote to become a
    boot licker? You just read the heading,..not the whole article.
    There will always be ignorants like you.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Citizens of Paksitan, this is your country. If you cannot select your own leaders and hold them accountable then you must not expect a savior to change your circumstance by wrestling control of the government.Recommend

  • Salman

    If the constitution states what we are facing today then I, as a pakistani, would never want constitution to be implemented. Musharraf’s era was far better than what democracy has done to Pakistan in 6 years.Recommend

  • reader

    He was dictator….why are we Pakistanis like this? if someone hits us 10 times we think he is better than the person who hit us 20 times..why?Recommend

  • reader

    *a dictatorRecommend

  • Parvez

    When Musharraf came to power in 1999 he was confronted with the Herculean task of ‘ Cleaning out the Augean Stables ‘……..he had 8 long years to do this but failed. Today he and the country are regretting this failure.Recommend

  • Shela

    Why is only mussaraf their are other politician tooo so why only he is targetted i beleive other leaders are much worse then him Recommend

  • R.P

    Bravo Blogger Bravo !! your article makes me want to die banging my head on the wall
    just two points will be enough for you to (i sincerely hope) understand how daft your rationale is:
    1. since you talk about about oaths, there is an oath that the General took once….i will uphold and protect the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan….did he live up to that oath? what is the penalty of breaking this most sacred oath?
    2. as per article 6 of the Constituion (pre or post the 18th ammendment) anyone who subverts or holds in abeyance the Constitution shall be guilty of TREASON. soooo when he issued the PCO’s, what PCO’s do is they suspends/holds in abeyance/subverts the constitution. Which means THAT IT IS TREASONOUS TO ISSUE A PCO (which he did twice)
    3. no matter how much you adore the General or the so-called progress in his tyrannical rule of 9-10 years, the Constitution is supreme…for the General, the PM, the peasant
    get some knowledge on law and the legal system before writing such daft articlesRecommend

  • R.P

    and another thing, this isn’t the ‘wild wild west’.. he isn’t WANTED for treason, he has been INDICTED for treason to be convicted for treason if found guilty…the two are extremely differentRecommend

  • amoghavarsha.ii

    If your mayor or CM is corrupt, a bunch of gun toting civilians can barge in and take over, that is right right.
    If Govt. of Pakistan elected by people are corrupt, then Army Chief should take over.
    So what is the difference between the Army taking over saying Govt. is Corrupt and
    TTP trying to taking over saying Govt. is corrupt (in islamic sense) any difference.

    How do you know that Musharraf was not corrupt.
    If ARMY was corrupt will people of pakistan ask Navy/ airforce to take over ,
    after that if they are also corrupt who will take over.

    Giving reasons that economy was good at time of musharaf is silly to the least.
    How can economy tumble just in 1~2 year of changing of govt or get better just by changing over to musharaf govt.

    Basically you (author) do not have faith in the all encompassing TRUTH in your life.
    You do not believe in Turth and that Truth alone triumphs in the end.
    If you have faith in Truth and your work, Justice will automatically be done.

    It is pity that you people could not live freely. Always want some body to carry your luggage.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    If the writer so innocently thinks and believes on what he has written then PITY on him and if despite knowing the realities has committed an intellectual dishonesty, then SHAME upon him…Recommend

  • Mohammad

    If the writer so innocently thinks and believes on what he has written then PITY on him and if despite knowing the realities has committed an intellectual dishonesty, then SHAME upon him…Recommend

  • Humza

    Sad that you don’t understand that the basic definition of a traitor is someone who is not loyal to the constitution of the land. Musharraf like officers of countries all over the world pledge to uphold the constitution as commissioned officers. That doesn’t mean they have the right to take over. That’s why a serving military officer in the West does not take over because he would be committing treason. Musharraf is nothing more than another coward and traitor who undermined the nation and the military. His childish attempt to link his military service with taking over illegally does not fool anyone- even you. The military has regained its dignity without the bluster of ” I’ll have the last punch” Musharraf who is just an embarrassment to the armed forces now. Ten years of his rule only set back the country. When will people realize that a country’s real strength comes from a stable democratic system and strong institutions.? This will create an environment for a good economy. Sticking to dictatorships and authoritarian rule hasn’t help the Arab states so why do you deny Pakistan the vision of Iqbal and Jinnah. The believed in democracy and the constitution. Imagine telling them, dictatorship is the way forward!Recommend

  • MA

    Dear blogger, you forgot that this “wanted” & “traitor” also gave this nation Zardari & Nawaz Shareef and 8000 other culprits. Remember an ordinance called NRO. Had he had a vision he would not have let them come back to Pakistan. If this wanted man hadn’t knelt down in front of his US masters after 9/11, things would have been much different.Recommend

  • AJZ

    Jiye Musharraf!!! Jiye Army!!!Recommend

  • Mukhtaran

    & Justice Iftikhar Choudry. Such a political motivated judge cannot be judge in any country but Pakistan. One who forgets about constitution of Pakistan. What about him? Wake up! Look at the condition of Pakistan now.Recommend

  • zain

    so you mean to say Generals cant be traitors but civilians can be …?Recommend

  • sterry

    Yes why should we only target Musharraf who took over illegally with gun? We also shouldn’t target Taleban who want to take over illegally with guns too. Do you not see why illegal take overs should be stopped?Recommend

  • Aamir Jan Bangash

    The treatment meeted out to Musharaf may not be illegal or unfair but the reason for such a treatment should not be based on vengeance. Musharaf’s rule may not have been the most just or politically correct, especially regarding his role in dealing with the tribal prople of Fata and Balochistan with an iron hand. But then he didn’t had an option.
    I think he had been punished enough and it may be in the interest of democracy that he be allowed to leave. We must not forget that the top brass of the country were once his juniors and they may still see him with respect. For the success of democracy we should take small steps at a time and the politicians should prove their worth before taking the big leap.Recommend

  • Shayan Malik

    How about you leave it for the courts to decide who is and who is not a traitor? It is a legal issue (constitutional) more than anything else, above religion, ethnicity etc.Recommend

  • Mufasa101

    Pakistan and its wonderful political short term memory loss. After the next two years, there’s going to be an article about how PPP era was better. What a joke.Recommend

  • Meh

    He’s getting what he deservesRecommend

  • Aqeel Haider

    My concern is not with the politicians and whether they are corrupt or not. My critique of General Musharraf has to do with how once he had the command of Pakistan army what he did to it and its institutions. General TP was sent home and Mahmoud who wasn’t qualified was made in charge as CGS. Furthermore what he did in Kargil was criminal. Miscalculation of the Indian response and furthermore abandoning the troops was criminal. It was unheard off. I am critical of his army command. I don’t care what these politicians say, a mediocre caliber solider should never have risen beyond major general.Recommend

  • Rameez

    Nothing can be done about Pakistan. “An honest army general”….hahahahahaha, now that is one of the biggest oxymorons I have EVER heard in my life. ANY person who takes a public office in Pakistan (including the great armed forces) takes a sacred oath in which they state in front of witnesses, “I swear to uphold and protect the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan”…in that constitution, there is a clause that if anyone suspends the constitution…that person would be committing an act of high treason against the state. By suspending the Constitution, General Pervez Musharraf not only broke his sacred oath but he also committed treason…as such he is a traitor, plain and simple. Why shouldn’t he be punished for treason? Also I find it so hilarious that the writer mentions a ‘true democratic system’…but starts of his article with the line “Our corrupt politicians will no longer fear an army clamp down.”…maybe the idiot needs to open the dictionary and figure out what is democracy…in a true democracy, army generals do not come and oust the sitting elected representatives of the people…in a democracy, we call that a dictatorship.Recommend

  • logicwins

    Musharraf, an honest army general? Then, how do you explain his personal wealth of $50M to $100M? How did he acquire so much wealth on his army salary? What about the 3000 young NLI boys he sent to die in the meaningless Kargil invasion? What of the many Jihadi terror outfits he nurtured and supported who are now killing Pakistanis? Why did he hide the likes of Osama bin Laden, Zawahiri etc. notorious global terrorists in Pakistan, an act which helped malign the name of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror in the international community?

    Then there is the instance of Mush overthrowing a constitutionally elected Prime Minister in a military coup and installing himself as the unchallenged dictator and committing further rape of the constitution during his dictatorship/Recommend

  • Omer Siddiqui

    TOTALLY agree with the author,
    great write upRecommend

  • MAD

    Why is Karachi constantly linked with Musharraf. I blame him for Karachi’ss destruction as he handed over power to criminals. And I am a Karachiite.Recommend

  • Sardar Zaheer

    If he is traitor i am to traitor for having blind faith in him for achieving personal benefits in his regime in form of higher education, a good job, and must more i have accomplished which was not a possibility for an ordinary person like me…What is constitution its has nothing to with me and many other Pakistanis for us country’s real progress and global prestige matters…he has done nothing wrong…and only he should be provided with selected justice…what about others who helped him done all this and rule the country for almost decade…what about their looted money and so many pending cases in NAB and other courts…If Nations killers are being freed from Jails and they are one who even do not accept state of Pakistan yet they are not traitor since independence many sold Pakistan the most resent was Hussain Haqani what happened in that case….oh please do’nt tell that case is in court and what about those who gave clear passage to American forces to operate in Pakistan and Mush was coward man and surrendered on one call for providing support to allied forces which India was more eager to combat against taliban in Afghanistan…one man was coward yes but what did the whole assembly of people’s rep. they announced it great victory…yet no one from lal masjid group came out for this brutal killing of his excellence OBL…there is lot more to write about our Hippocratic politicians and Judges but it would just waste of time as in udru “Bensh k age been bagane ka koi faida nain”Recommend

  • Raza Sajjad

    If jamhooriyat means the continous flip flopping of power between zardari and nawaz sharif for the next 20 years, if it means to destroy all institutions in the country, if it means to tax the poor and profit the rich, if it means corruption at its heights, if it means breakdown of Parliament, if it means no local municipal elections, if it means selling of all your countrys assets PIA, Railway etc, if it means fooling the population on attempted peace talks with taliban than we do not need democracy. Allow this to continur for 10 years and we would no longer have a Pakistan with the borders of what we know today. I would want Musharraf to break the Constitution a hundred times if he had to, to prevent Pakistan from falling in this mess. Reality is, there is no law in Pakistan, there is no constitution, its a piece of paper at best. We wouldnt have this parliament if there was a constitution, we would no have zardari and nawaz if the constitution ever existed because the Constitution and these politicians cannot coexist. No part of the constitution was ever obeyed. And if you want to remain under the illusion that Pakistan is governed by a constitution than feel free to do so but i pity your stupidity.

    I hope Pakistan one day will get a complete change in system, a working democracy instead of zoo run by the biggest robbers. This is not democracy. This is robbery in broad daylight. Recommend

  • AFH

    ummm, just a thought, hope you can put me wise on that, if what all the general did as being a soldier in uniform is a traitor then what makes a head of a state who plans and orders a mass murder by disallowing a commercial airliner to land in Pakistan and forces it to take on a journey that not only send it to a country that is your declared enemy but also the airliner doesnt have enough fuel to complete a journey. I dont see you laughing about that same very guy being your prime minister Now either two things can be deduced from it, either you have a short term memory loss or a convenient loss of memory of selected events or you support that act of your prime minister. Because if you find one a traitor and sit idly as the other one rules your country to shambles what does it make you. Isnt this also part of the constitution that any man, party to an act of disloyalty, destruction or treason towards the country is also to be tried for it, ho and behold what does this make our complete nation then?Recommend

  • AFH

    And what I fail to understand is that if an average Pakistani knows so much about treason, why oh why doesnt he educate his fellow citizens to stop looking towards and expecting army to intervene again. For God’s Sakes, stop this national hypocrisy. Its an embarrassment.Recommend

  • Ghostrider

    Does this logic apply to Gen. Musharraf only, what about rounding up judiciary who legitimized his misdoings…first one to be hanged is Justice Iftikhar chaudhry, then start the trial from 1958 not 2007Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    Th every first sentence says that the author is one of those who support military takeovers in pakistan. Faruqi Sahab, you are in minority. Tata, bye bye.

    P.S. I read the whole article, not just the first sentenceRecommend

  • Ishrat salim

    I agree 100 Per cent with you, but he is being tried for 2007 and not 1999 when this period is moré crucial….why is he not being tried for his 1999 role where in he not only sent a democratically govt home, imposed. emergency by suspending constitution and all his acts were supported by judiciary and all those politicians etc; and all those who supported his act of 1999 also took similar oath… how do you justify those people ? Recommend

  • Lalit

    this article in a nutshell indicates why Democracy can never stand on its feet in Pakistan..Recommend

  • bystander

    A short sighted article at best. Precisely the reasons why democratic values have failed in this society. It hurts to read the comments in which constitution has been disregarded. The fact is that there is nothing wrong with the constitution but with its enforcement and respect. This is a thought which has been systematically instilled in our youth. Lets call a spade a spade. He has broken the law and there are no two things about it. And please do not give any lectures about honesty of army. It is as corrupt as rest of the nation or maybe even more. The scandals which have been brushed under the carpet need to be highlighted. The thought that army is a clamp down mechanism should be thrown out of window.Recommend

  • Mia

    Everything you said about the parliament is true, but none of it justifies a military coup.Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    Yes, corruption and terrorism are serious issues, but I don’t see how a military dictatorship can solve either of those problems. You Musharraf supporters are a lot like Egyptians who like Sisi: nationalistic, boorish, and hopelessly myopic. Think in the long term, for a change.Recommend

  • anwar kamal

    The opposition leaders are always treated as traitor.Recommend

  • Gemini

    I totally disagree with you. At the first pt he was not an honest general. To the minimum he was a corrupt general, a boozer and womanizer. He was a self centred, egoistic stupid man with no love for Pakistan or for the Army. Being a MQM front man he favored that party and their supremo Iltaf. He was never a clean man. He favored his cronies to the maximum and his cronies made billions and trillians of rupees. He himself and his PM Shaukat Aziz made rupees one fifty billion each from the stock exchange of Pakistan and other means. His son billal musharaf was a shareholder with Malik Riaz in Bahria town and in the process they destroyed DHA Islamabad, a collosal loss to Pak Army. He was a traitor like Zia, Yahya and Ayub.
    We have to come out of the era of dictatorships if we have to live like a respectable nation. Let us love democracy and let us hate dictators. Please………Recommend

  • Gemini

    The man with a gun in his hand is the master of the ceremoney. Do not give stupid arguments that round up others. Well others were forced to join hands through coercion or bribe but mostly at gun point. Please spare our country you dictator loversRecommend

  • Malik

    No once forced the plane anywhere. The matter was fully discussed in the court of law and the general was proved a liar there. He had planned an action against elected PM before going to Sirilanka and his generals executed it. Some of those generals have amply revealed the plans in public. For God’s sake do not support the dictators, they have destroyed my country, they have pushed us back by 5 decades in the commity of nations. Today we are in the stone age because of these peopleRecommend

  • Malik

    We need to start from some point. Let him be tried for his sins of 2007, next turn will be for his crimes of 1999. For heavens sake let us start correcting the wrongs done to our country in last 67 years and let it start with himRecommend

  • Malik

    That is rightRecommend

  • Malik

    Institutions of the country were destroyed by Musharraf and them by Zardari. Thanks God NS is trying to build the institutions. We hate dictators for these crimes. I hate Zardari but I consider the govt of zardari better than that of Musharaf’s govtRecommend

  • Malik

    A lot more is to come yet and he deserves every ounce of itRecommend

  • Malik

    Musharaf is not Army and Army is not Musharraf. Let us not confuse it.Recommend

  • Malik

    He only gave Zardari to this nation. Nawaz came at the discretion of the People of Pakistan and he is doing a better job. We must shun dictatorship and must love democracy if we want to save this country for our next generationRecommend

  • Malik

    I fully agree with youRecommend

  • Malik

    We the people of this country have a right to say the traitor a traitor. The man who pushed this country in dark age. He left load shedding of 12 hours which was magnified to 18 hours by zardari. Thanks to Nawaz Sharif that load shedding has come down to 2 to 3 hours a dayRecommend

  • Malik

    His was the darkest era and he has not been punished for that. We the people of pakistan want to see him getting his due share for destroying our countryRecommend

  • syed

    It is very precise, based on facts article.
    This must be translated into Urdu and videly published, so as to enable general
    public to know the facts. The black propaganda by the fraud degree claimants of
    “Democracy” against Musharraf and Army as an institution has badly
    affected the genral public. A large scale movement should be made to stop this
    blood sucking democracy, by which these people grab power by
    fraudulant sale / purchase of votes and constituencies, through their black
    money. We will have to have proper democracy of educated, patriotic and sincere
    elected representatives of the people or we have government of technocrates,
    failing which these blood sucking leaches would destroy every thing made by people
    like Musharraf.Recommend

  • Grace

    I disagree with your definition of an ” honest army general” because no honest army general takes over his own country. Look what happened to the great patriot US General Macarthur as supreme army commander in Korea when he publicly disagreed with US President – President Truman just kicked him out. The American general didn’t take over Washington even though he has tons of medals. Musharraf really is a traitor!Recommend

  • Rana Waheed

    Oh! so you have knowledge of law and constitution of Pakistan. What constitution of Pakistan say about those who help General to gear up for 1999 coup and then safeguarded it in 17 amendment afterwards? What about your CJ who took oath as a PCO judge? What about those who enjoyed being a part of Shaukat Aziz’s parliament and now enjoying the same with ruling party again? What about politicians who take oath to work for and serve people of Pakistan and then they serve their own families only? Shouldn’t all these be hanged with General? Isn’t that all should be labelled as “Traitor”?

    Take away your rationalism and legal knowledge….Recommend

  • Rana Waheed

    And you think that politicians in Pakistan get votes from poor people without gun? Or in your views, pointing a gun to a powerful is far bitter than pointing a gun to poor?Recommend

  • Salma

    I suggest you to read constitution thoroughly just once. You’ll get to know who is violating what.Recommend

  • IHateDisqus

    This is the best comment I have seen here.Recommend

  • Syed Sohaib.

    Sisi has curtailed free media in Egypt auntie. Dont compare Mush with Sisi. You are looking in the mirror sadly.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Countless people have opted to not go along with the so-called man with a gun. The judiciary could have stuck to its principles back then but chose not to. Lets not sugar coat the involvement of judiciary as having been forced.

    Give us a break from your new-found love for “democracy and supremacy of the parliament for the elite.”Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Military dictatorship cannot solve Pakistan’s problems, but neither can feudalistic, self serving elitism in politics. Realize that the military takeover happened when Musharraf was in the air and he was not calling the shots on the ground. Secondly, what you Musharraf haters are looking to do is to set things right by going after only one person and that too not for the original issue of the military takeover but for declaring a state of emergency in 2007. The more one digs into this, the more this comes across as a vindictive effort to extract revenge against one man. If you really want to solve the problems facing Pakistan then lets fix the things at the root. All this trial is doing is angering the military and its supporters due to the perceived unfairness and high-handedness of this trial. If anyone thinks this is going to act as a deterrent in the future, then I have a bridge to sell to them.
    The best way to protect democracy in Pakistan is through performance. We will have 10 years of uninterrupted democracy after this NS government, yet what is there to show for these 10 years of democracy? We are teetering on the politics of the lost decade of the 90s yet again. You started calling foul after 8 years of Musharraf’s military, yet much more inclusive and liberal, rule but why do the civvies not get the same level of scrutiny? How many tribunals have been set up to look at the dismal performance of these democrats? But then again, how can these democrats perform, the vast majority don’t look beyond their own zaat or biradary. So how can one expect them to consider Pakistan’s interests over their own?Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    In any case, had the establishment not been around, Pakistan would have been sold off three times over by the PML-PPP collective by now.

    So thank you Almighty God for the “establishment”!Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Well when the victimization stops then only you can put someone on trial fairly. The politicians of the PML-N and the judiciary have already passed a guilty verdict on him and some of the paid-up media in Pakistan have played an active part in propagating this perception.

    Funny you see so many mouthing off here to the author about his lack of understanding of the constitution, yet most here cannot even come to terms with the fact that Musharraf is innocent until proven guilty.

    This is another ZAB case in the making and this won’t be pretty for PML-N either.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    The same oath also says roughly “and I will lay down my life for Pakistan if called upon to do so”. Meaning Pakistan is above all. Since you are not an expert of the constitution I would think, I doubt you can tell me that one part of the oath has more weight than the other. Logic would tell me that all things would be equal in that case, I.e. the sanctity of the constitution and Pakistan’s well being. Perhaps the judiciary would be better served clearing this up so there is no confusion in the future for anyone.

    Secondly, you need to go back and look at the facts. Although this is a technicality, but since you point it out, Musharraf did not “suspend” the constitution. He held it in “abeyance” and while he was in power, “abeyance” was not equated to being punished as an act of “treason” as per the clauses in the constitution. Then in 2010, this clause was changed and now the opportunistic judiciary and its PML-N benefactors are trying to corner Musharraf using this change retroactively for something that was done 3 years before the change in the law. This is a comical and unprecedented move. This is like saying that if I do something which is within the ambit of law today and tomorrow you change the law then I am liable for falling outside of it. No court anywhere else in the World would entertain this type of reasoning.

    If this was being done fairly, then just on the basis of technicalities, there is no case against Musharraf. However this won’t fly with the PML-N and as such all sorts of curve balls are being thrown in here to somehow make something stick on Musharraf.Recommend

  • Adel Darweesh

    If this type of Islam you are practicing in your country shame on you, Pakistanis. You better remove the word Islamic from the name of your country.Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    sohaib have you forgotten that this TTP and Baluchistan problem is all because of musharraf it is because of him we are facing bombing & terrorism
    in the start he is was good but in the end he did what others did that is destroyed pakistanRecommend

  • Omair Shahid

    we blame him for terrorism and bombing we are facing in pakistan every dayRecommend

  • Omair Shahid

    what he did as a general fighting 2 wars and taking bullets no one is denying his services but as far as running the country we blame him for creating this TTP and terrorism mess that we are facing today he gave blunt answer on RAW but allowed CIA to enter pakistan and take any one have to forgotten the relatives of all the missing person.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    The militants were always there. The Balochistan problem was ignited by ZAB. Its been boiling. What was Musharraf to do? Let the militants and Bugti flout the laws of the land and carry on with their agenda at the barrel of the gun?Recommend

  • economist


  • economist


  • Omair Shahid

    yes but they were never against pakistan there was no bombing and terrorism before musharraf government sent army in fata now we are facing the problem because of himRecommend

  • Saad Hasan

    So your suggestion is that he should have let Bugti bully people around and kick them out of their lands and the state should have stayed out of it?

    Bugti had a tendency of picking up the gun when it suited him. He did that during the ZAB government and then started it again when Musharraf led government was in place.

    Bombing and terrorism spread in Pakistan because of the war in Afghanistan. Do you think Pakistan could have just ignored the people going into Afghanistan to fight the Americans? Why do you think the drone attacks started? Because the state of Pakistan was not doing anything about these people.Recommend

  • Shamy

    He could be an honest army general to you, but to many he is a murderer who killed innocent civilians in balochistan and lal masjid.Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    ok firstly tell me honestly that musharraf sending our army in the fata was the solution please also tell me one good thing that has happened after musharraf ‘s decision nothing and Afghanistan was at war long before musharraf’s government this was not the solution but he didnt listen to any one and sending our troops to FATA as far a drones attack are concern usa was still sending drones in fata after musharraf’s action now after many years they have stop after imran khan’ s pressure to the government. also i would like to add after musharraf’s decision we lost many lives we still are our northern areas used to be full of tourist now there is nothing i can go on and on but these are the few things we are facing because of that stupid decisionRecommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Very illogical thinking when you say he created the TTP. Also who did he hand over to the CIA? Can you name a single Pakistani citizen with proof? Even Afia Siddiqui’s ex-husband is on record that she got married to someone else and was arrested from Afghanistan. So how many Pakistani citizens do you know of who have brought up cases that Pakistan has handed over their loved ones to CIA? The only ones handed over were foreigners whose own governments, KSA, Libya, Egypt etc. did not want them back. What was Pakistan to do?

    Dig into the facts and get a sense of truth. Snowballing fact and fiction will not help Pakistan. I know you just need a punching bag to get your frustrations out. Pakistanis have become experts at this because we don’t ever want to look at the problems we have internally (militancy and its morphing into TTP is something that we have been dealing with since Zia’s times, yes we did not have an organization named TTP then, but we had all sorts of militants gunning people down and causing sectarian strife. The only difference now is that the TTP is gunning down everyone and could care less about sectarianism). We prefer to find a bogey, either a domestic one (Musharraf in this case) or a foreign one (America, Zionists or the CIA) to lay the blame on. This is a sign of a degenerative society because it has lost the ability to do introspection and remediation.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    He got retirement and plots through the Army. He went on lecture circuits which paid him $100K-200,000 per each session and he did this for 3-5 years. So not everyone has made haraam ki kamai and become well off.

    What was meaningless about Kargil? Should we surrender Kashmir and Siachen to India and put on the bangles? Wars are fought to further the interests of the Country. All countries in the world do it. We did it in 48 and 65, Indians instigated in 71, Siachen so what is the issue with us taking the initiative from the Indians at Kargil? Kargil is across Line of Control, and as such its open to interpretation as to what we have control over and what the Indians do.

    I would say, what Musharraf did at Kargil was a payback for the Indian machinations at Siachen and Pakistan will take the initiative when and as needed because that is what India has done all along. We sacrificed our boys for our ends, and no we did not lose 3000 as the Indian media likes to lie. Pakistan’s casualties were less than a 1000 and the Indian casualties were in the 3000+ range. It is illogical for a defending force to lose more than an attacking force launching frontal infantry assaults against well dug in defenders on the heights. The heights did not even have enough positions to provide space for accommodating 3000 defenders.Recommend

  • Omair Shahid

    well firstly please read my comment carefully i didnt say he created ttp i said he created this mess before musharraf government there was no bombing and please study the missing person case all the person as below:

    Munir Mengal

    Allah Nazar Baloch

    Ghulam Mohammed Baloch (found dead in 2009, see also Turbat killings)

    Safdar Sarki

    Saud Memon

    Hafiz Abdul Basit

    as per you these persons above not pakistani
    yes i agree there were killing in the since zia’s government but it was never like this because we this musharraf mess we have lost tourism ,industries,in our north areas before this every one from all over the world used to come in kp & gb after this mess they dont even come our cities and please tell me one good thing that has happened after musharraf’s decision of sending troops in fata.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Sorry but your statement was “we blame him for creating this TTP and terrorism mess”. Essentially you are blaming him for creating the TTP so you can’t really say now “I am not blaming him for creating the TTP…”

    Secondly, before you post the names for me, please make a distinction. None of the above individuals have been handed over to the CIA as you claimed above and there is no proof for this either. They are most likely in the hands of Pakistani security forces for either involvement in insurgency in Balochistan or in militancy (or abetting it). There is a very specific reason too as to why this is being done. The Army has handed over hundreds of militants captured in fighting to the police only to see them being set free by the courts for lack of evidence or because their supporters threatened witnesses in the courts and they could not testify against the militants.

    So realize what is going on in Pakistan currently. The Army in Pakistan, including Musharraf and Generals, has never wanted to instigate trouble just to end up fighting it. There are people in the FATA and Balochistan who are working on cross-purposes from those of the Government of Pakistan. Due to lack of prosecution and punishment for these individuals, the security agencies are holding them up. This is a reality that only proper prosecution in the courts and investigations by the police can change. The Army will not allow people who attack it and the civilians to be let free by the courts only to see them attack us again. This has happened on multiple occasions when the planners or attackers have been people who were held in custody and later released.Recommend

  • AliG

    Did we win any of those wars?? And let’s not forget the Kargil adventure, which was a slap on the face of the civil diplomacy! Later when he was in power he tried to improve the relations with India himself, but again failed to bring any concrete results.

    So stop trying to label someone as being honest, patriot or “holy cow” when in fact he also did the same blunders that politician do when they see their power chair is fading away.Recommend

  • marsvam

    what a lame argument , hang them all i would say those who helped mr musharraf , but does this make musharraf not guilty of high treason ? according to our sacret constitution, why you do not accept like educated people that yes musharraf did wrong he should be punished as well as those whom helped him including politicians and judges, but alas you are sleepingRecommend

  • marsvam

    hang iftikhar choudry as well but i am afraid this can not make musharraf innocent, it is like if someone say A killed a person he should be hanged and you said leave alone A , B also killed a person, does this make any sense?Recommend

  • marsvam

    Yes i have readed it and it clearly says in article sixth “anyone who subverts or holds in abeyance the Constitution shall be guilty of TREASON”, and this is exactly what musharraf did , so stop following blindly, if you have time spare enough and you are interested in knowing the reality , you should look into Pakistan’s constitution instead of musharraf fans page on facebook.Recommend