Of course, charging an ex-Chief of Army staff with treason will help us fight terrorism

Published: April 1, 2014

While the country and military are in a state of war, the killers of 50,000 Pakistanis are ‘stakeholders of peace’ and we have spotted one traitor. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

After many hiccups and a long wait, the day has finally come and former president Pervez Musharraf has been indicted for treason. This is a new chapter in the history of Pakistan, for reasons both, good and bad.

However, before going into the reasons and the impact of this verdict, I think it is pertinent to recap the situation that led to the imposition of emergency on November 3, 2007 – the alleged violation of Article 6 of the constitution. Since the matter cannot be considered in isolation, let’s begin from the presidential reference against the former chief justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry.

The lawyers’ movement

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) investigates charges against judges, as clearly mentioned in Article 209 of the constitution. The unrest began on March 9, 2007 when the then president filed a reference to the SJC on the advice of the then prime minister, Shaukat Aziz.

Sidelining Article 209, the lawyers’ movement made the SJC irrelevant. No one cared about the charges of nepotism, misconduct and corruption in the reference; rather, Iftikhar Chaudhry emerged as someone who stood against the dictator.

The irony was that he himself had supported this same dictator every now and then.

If you take a step back in time, you might remember the ruling of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on May 13, 2000 which claimed that Nawaz Sharif’s era was corrupt, ineffective and a ‘one man rule’, and hence, the overthrow of his government on October 12, 1999 was justified. Incidentally, Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges in that 12-member court who favoured the military coup.

Not only that, he was also one of the nine judges who validated the Proclamation of Emergency dated October 14, 1999 and the Provisional Constitutional Order-I (PCO-I), as well as the referendum. In addition, he marked his presence in the five-member bench that validated the legal framework order issued by General Musharraf. He was also part of the five-member bench which passed judgment in favour of Musharraf’s uniform and the 17th Amendment.

Moreover, Iftikhar Chaudhry was the chief justice when the Supreme Court allowed Musharraf to be re-elected in uniform in 2007.

My question is, if the judgements stated above were wrong, why hasn’t the treason trial been initiated from October 12, 1999 against not only Pervez Musharraf but also Iftikhar Chaudhry and others who validated the coup and subsequent actions?

If these judgments are correct, there seems to be no reason for blaming Pervez Musharraf for the coup or calling him a dictator, especially when the Supreme Court itself allowed him to amend the constitution as well.

In retrospect, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had the golden opportunity to either reconcile and strengthen civil-military relations or initiate the trial of Pervez Musharraf over the military coup of October 12, 1999.

Unfortunately, he failed to do either.

By not pursuing the trial from October 12, he himself has endorsed the military coup, thereby accepting that he was guilty of hijacking from the ground. Hence, the decision of the Supreme Court validating the military coup stands tall, leaving no reason to consider Musharraf a usurper.

After being restored on July 20, 2007 the then chief justice adopted the confrontation mode with the executive and literally paralysed the government.

The chaos this resulted in provided an even playing field to the terrorists and the wave of suicide attacks began, mainly targeting law enforcement agencies. Keeping in mind the impending general elections and change in military command, it was a huge challenge to ensure a peaceful transition to the next elected government.

Law and order in 2007

Again, if we go back in history, the situation was extremely turbulent in the year 2007.

For one, there were the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) clerics challenging the writ of the state and threatening suicide attacks across the country. Then, there was an insurgency in the Swat district where the gang of a local cleric, Maulana Fazlullah, started beheading security personnel, killing lady health workers, banning polio vaccination campaigns and bombing girls’ schools and barber shops. There were suicide attacks on security check posts and on buses of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The Taliban announced the imposition of the Shariah in their territories and started public beheading.

There were at least 20 suicide attacks in 2007, mostly targeting military and security personnel. Then, there was a suicide blast at Islamabad Airport. The Punjab Minister for Social Welfare, Zil-e-Huma Usman was killed while there was an assassination attempt on the then Interior Minister, Aftab Sherpao.

Musharraf’s plane came under fire during the Lal Masjid saga and there was a suicide attack on the army officers’ mess in Tarbela Ghazi.

In the same year, Maulana Hassan Jan, who issued a fatwa against suicide bombings, was shot dead and almost 100 people were killed in sectarian violence in Parachinar in three days. A suicide blast took place in a mosque on Eidul Azha in an assassination attempt on the Interior Minister, Aftab Sherpao. He survived but more than 50 were killed in the attack. Then, a suicide blast occurred close to the residence of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Around 150 people were killed in the attack on Benazir Bhutto’s convoy when she returned to Pakistan on October 18, 2007.

Quite understandably, the economy suffered terribly during this time. All this took place in 2007 with the general elections expected to be held at the end of the year. Hence, a peaceful, democratic transition was a huge challenge for the then government.

How did the government try to improve the situation?

Keeping in mind the above facts, there is no doubt that the country was in a state of emergency. The then Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, wrote a letter to President Pervez Musharraf urging him to take measures to handle the situation. After in-depth consultations with all the stake holders including the prime minister, governors of all four provinces and top brass of the military and Corps Commanders, President Musharraf declared an emergency by exercising Article 232 of the Constitution of Pakistan to deal with the menace of extremism and terrorism.

During all this turbulence in 2007, the judiciary remained hostile towards the government and state machinery and kept releasing alleged terrorists. Hence, the judiciary was also addressed and the judges who didn’t take oath on the new PCO were dismissed.

Inaction at that time would have been suicidal for the country and since the constitution did not provide any solution to the situation, extraordinary measures had to be taken.

It must be remembered that Musharraf was holding dual office at the time. Announcing an emergency as an army chief doesn’t negate the fact that he was also the president. One must also remember that an emergency was imposed on October 14, 1999 by the army chief and the Supreme Court validated it.

After imposing the emergency, he held the constitution in abeyance for a limited time which was not a violation of Article 6 at that time. It was the 18th Amendment, introduced in 2010, which termed it an act of treason. Logically speaking, one cannot and should not apply it on November 3, 2007.

Another point to note is that a treason trial can only be initiated by the federal government while this trial against Musharraf has been initiated on the Supreme Court’s order. And yet, the former president has been indicted for violating clause one while clause two which calls aiders and abetters guilty of high treason has been ignored. There are serious concerns about the members of the special court as well, which need to be addressed for impartiality.

This trial is historical and the first of its kind in the country. Apart from all the ‘ifs and buts’, it is a fact that the former president not only returned to Pakistan, he also appeared in court against his doctor’s advice, surrendering to the rule of law.

Let’s hope that all measures of justice will be taken without any victimisation.

Following the thumb rule, the principal of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ should be given to those who don’t consider Musharraf responsible for treason. And it must be noted that while the country and military are in a state of war, the killers of 50,000 Pakistanis are ‘stakeholders of peace’ and we have spotted one traitor.

Do you think Musharraf should have been charged with treason?

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Nayyar Afaq

Nayyar Afaq

He is pursuing a doctorate in Physics from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and his objective in life is to become a better human being. Nayyar tweets @Nay_Af (twitter.com/Nay_Af)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Akmal Ahmed Khan

    None of your argument makes Musharraf innocentRecommend

  • Sibte Syed

    true and remarkable composition but what can you do when the government is again playing a dirty game. Media is the main and only element in this scenario which is heavily bribed and not only hiding these facts but also staging the talk shows in favor of the government. But as you know my dear, the nation knows all these facts as well.but currency keeps moving among party workers and politicians. Recommend

  • Sara Bokhari

    Beautifully written. All this nation needs is an eye opener to see the truth of this whole scenario. The factualness will only be revealed once they change their thinking. There is just so much hatred in the hearts of Pakistani nation for this Patriotic Hero who was the only ray of hope then and now too. Too sad, they all are jingled up against the accuracy of the time. I say its complete injustice and pure prejudice to call the Former president a traitor. Traitors are those who have been looting this country for years and have overflowed their personal bank accounts.
    Live Long Musharraf!
    Love you to death!

  • Parvez

    The case here is a bit more than just about Musharraf and what he did, or did not, or should have done…… its about the country doing the right thing in a dignified way. Lets hope that happens.Recommend

  • Mugheer

    I couldn’t bother reading the whole article. But your title hints of sarcasm and between the lines reads that army chiefs are immune from any form of a fair trial. Good going.
    Praise be to the superior humans of the forces,
    Deprived civilian.Recommend

  • Humza

    Perhaps you should examine exactly why making the constitution and laws supreme in a country created stability and prevent extremist groups from taking over. By charging an army chief who takes over illegally and abuses power, you send a message that no unlawful take overs will be tolerated. If an army general can take over, you are in fact encouraging terrorists with guns to take over too – since your world any Tom , Dick or Abdul with a gun can just take over parliament. Think about how stability comes from a stable system of governance and why army generals don’t take over in Western democracies – no matter the circumstances.Recommend

  • ME

    dude your are a physics doctor not a political science oneRecommend

  • HYH

    These arguments are not addressed to you. Recommend

  • Shah

    “My question is, if the judgements stated above were wrong, why hasn’t the treason trial been initiated from October 12, 1999..?”
    1999 Unconstitutional action was validated by the parliament and Supreme Court (which was shameful). Judges & parliamentarians didn’t abrogate the Constitution, they just decided on whether Musharraf’s abrogation of Constitution can be upheld or not. The 2007 Unconstitutional actions were neither upheld by the Judiciary nor were validated by the parliament so there is no legal way to escape a treason trial here.

    You’re conflating the issue of 1999 coup with 2007 emergency. Its like saying that if a person killed two people, one in 1999 and one in 2007, then don’t punish him for 2007 murder if he was set free for the murder in 1999.Recommend

  • Alt..

    Anyone disagreeing with the article or the events and facts mentioned should pin point and then give his views.
    As a friend has already mentioned that the arguments don’t make Musharraf innocent, then pls. give your side of facts as to ‘WHY’ he is not innocent? in light of the above article.

  • HYH

    Musharraf surrendered to very ‘rule of law’ which in practice does not exist in this country.Recommend

  • HYH

    Civil society and ‘civilized’ society only feel protected in this country by presence of Pakistan Army and there true patriotism. Pak army is defending not only the borders of the country but it is also defending civil society from the enemies of the state. Though it is not army’s duty to secure the country from ‘internal’ threats. But, it has to, because the police, the courts and the black coats are not professionally honest and failed institutions. Why they are not honest? Because they are not patriotic. Those who sit time and again with the terror ‘mafia’ are cowardly traitors from the civil society. Those who elect them [only 25% cast votes] expect petty returns; business contracts and new mafia business ventures involving police, courts and black-coats. Only those people who have vested interests cannot tell a ‘hero’ from a ‘traitor’.Recommend

  • naeem khan

    the sole purpose of this writing is to make it plain that men in uniform are immune to law and to prove their point the people are ready to state that the sun actually rises from the east for the rest of the world but for us it rises from where men in uniform wish it to riseRecommend

  • Oats

    You’re right, we can see now why the author should stick to physics! As long as you have military take overs, there can never be stability in a country. Look at all those dictators – both Kings and Generals – in Arab countries. Those countries are the laughing stocks of the world.Recommend

  • http://aneyeonpakistan.blogspot.ca/ molson4u
  • charanjeet maan

    Then why terrorists are being negotiated with as legitimate players,and amnesty is being considered for them?Recommend

  • faraz

    once again an Excellent article by Nayyar Afaq keep it up dearRecommend

  • Rayan Syed

    If you keep guessing about others’ opinion without even reading or listening them, I fear you may remain deprived in future as well. Don’t hate me, as this is just a piece of friendly advice from another civilian. By the way I have read it and found it factually correct and honest writing.Recommend

  • Rayan Syed

    Then please enlighten us with your counter arguments to prove him a bad guy. But please after reading this article. Otherwise, firing in air doesn’t serve any good.Recommend

  • NAhmed

    Because, as a democrat and someone who stands for justice, you prefer to view men as guilty until proven innocent. That seems to be the premise our justice system, media and government is working from as well.

    I hope you believe that this should be applied to everyone equally?

    So if I accuse you for a crime, you should be considered guilty until you can provide witnesses to establish your innocence, right?Recommend

  • Fauzan

    As long as we keep eulogising military dictators, we will not be a modern country. The question is not this particular military dictatorship was any good, it is whether there should be military dictatorship at all. We need to show all future military dictators that the country will not stand for them taking absolute power when they feel personally threatened or have some vague belief that they need to solve the country’s problems.

    For those who will inevitably reply to this with the comment that our politicians are worse, I say that dictatorship is not the answer. If you’re not satisfied with the current politicians, find and support someone who you think is better or failing that, step forward yourself. Do not wait for some magical commando to turn up and solve the country’s problems.

    Let’s not mince words. Military dictatorship and illegal abrogation of constitutional authority is treason and should be punished as such.Recommend

  • Maria

    Charging a dictator who breaks the law will be deterrent for others who break the law, including Taleban who don’t respect Pakistani government too.Recommend

  • Chakwalwala

    Nawaz and his cabal should be charged for racketeering, misappropriation
    of exchequer funds. Making decisions and deals that caused huge losses
    to this country. While garnering millions of dollars in illegal profits to his family,
    cronies. Then start with nepotism. [Nawaz is fourth richest man at $1.4 billion]
    Then comes Zardari, Mr. 10%, let’s see how many ways he can be indicted.
    Started with Mohtarma’s jewelry sitting in Swiss vaults. Including dollars.
    At $1.8 billion, he is third richest in the country. [That is without including Mohtarma’s $1.5 billion]…..think Lichtenstein, Caymans and Macau.Recommend

  • محب اللہ کراچوی

    Of course, we in this country have no other concern or purpose other than to pursue the western power’s “War on Terrorism”. We have no interests in discouraging military takeovers since both civil & military governments can equally pursue “war on terrorism”, nor do we wish to encourage rule of law; the law is a big obstacle in pursuing the “war on terrorism”.Recommend

  • Tahseen Khan

    Do you what justice means, i guess not.Recommend

  • Tahseen Khan

    The blog is saying were many others involved and approved the actions of dictorship. So why prosecute Musharaf only, prosecute all of them Recommend

  • Ahmed Ali Khan

    You do not have to be a political science doctor to give a view on Pakistan’s politics. Even an illeterate also argue about politics. Didnt you see fake degree holders on TV channels arguing politics.Recommend

  • Alt..

    Almost right ! the case is not about what Musharraf did or did not..rather it is something ‘ELSE’
    Doing the ‘RIGHT THING’ in a dignified way..
    so very much ‘Right’ happening through the owners of Justice system(Judiciary) and the ruling government..as it is not about what he did and did not do..Recommend

  • Fooks

    Go dig deep into Musharraf’s Era of growth in this damn nation of Hypocrites. Neither that require Physics or Intellect. Just some Web BOts ! I am sure u can mange that . If there was economic growth, stability must have been there . N ?Recommend

  • amoghavarsha.ii

    hi Author !!!
    Amazing that you are defending a non-elected person who desecrated your own constitution. The fact he has just over run your fundamental rights is enough to make is fry in prisons.
    Dear author, either you punish the dictator or you abrogate your constitution, for that too u need to have a consensus.
    Your argument is totally upside down on your requirement!!!Recommend

  • Akmal Ahmed Khan

    Still they don’tRecommend

  • Syed Bukhari

    AA Nayyar

    I am not a Musharraf supporter. However I have to say you make your case well. I agree with you in that there are inherent problems with the trial itself. Also I loved the last sentence.
    Am I right in inferring from your writing that you HAVE started writing your Thesis??
    Anyways best of luck with your PhD.. We need people in science who can communicate without resorting to jargon.

    Kind regards;

  • محب اللہ کراچوی

    First of all, when a crime has been committed by a large number of people acting in concert with varying degrees of responsibility, the government has to pick and choose who to prosecute, based on likelihood of conviction and strength of evidence, this is something prosecutors in every government do.

    Secondly, “Y me every1 else was doing it 2” is an excuse suitable for kindergarten or primary school, it’s not valid in the eyes of the law otherwise we would have no traffic fines or convicted target killers & extortionists.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    Iftikhar chaudhry is wrong, musharraf was not alone in doing all the things, so musharraf is right!!! What a dumb logic! And how easily did you say that since the constitution didn’t offer any solution, extraordinary measures had to be taken. This is the Nazariya-e-zaroorat which has been used an excuse by the dictatorsRecommend

  • sterry

    You must love Taleban too since they want to take over government through undemocratic methods too! Shame on people who support military rule and dictators. A patriotic person doesn’t want Pakistan to become like those arab states run by dictators for decades.Recommend

  • sterry

    Why go deep, let’s look superficially into Musharraf’s phoney growth figures which were proved to be nothing. In this damn nation of hypocrites people blindly believe anything that a dictator and his cabal tells them. A wasted decade under a dictator was all the nation got from unlawful rule.Recommend

  • immortal_soloist

    Well written.

    No matter how many times you tell this nation the truth,no matter how many times the lies against Musharraf are proven wrong and no matter how many times factual records of his excellent tenure are presented this nation will still disrespect him. The only reason is because he is honest and incorruptible,this nation likes to give a pat on the back to those that loot the money of this country and run their pseudo democracy in the form of a monarchy.

    Let them be sir,Pervez Musharraf is a great man and there is no doubt about it but this nation will sadly never realise that.

    A true leader without a doubt.Recommend

  • Akmal Ahmed Khan

    This is what forces are doing to us, to each resident in Balochistan…Recommend

  • dmfarooq

    Gen ( r ) Musharraf ‘s Attorneys should look into legal aspect , if it would help Gen ( r ) Musharraf in the case before court , to have millions of us most willing , able and ready folks in Pakistan and overseas , should sign a document . Not only as those supported , but also aided or abetted in Pakistan First movements mission , of Pervez Musharraf him as a leader .Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    There are too many Indians and Pakistani Indians who support Mr Parvez Musharaf who has been indicted on Treason charge! He is also accused of many crimes including the attack on the Red Mosque, not providing adequate security for BB, the disappearance of many citizens and last but not least swearing of allegance to the congress of a foreign power. Let the judicial system of the country handle the man who has operated outside the limitations of law.Recommend

  • Maria

    Unfortunately some people just support Musharraf because he is a Muhajir from India and ignore the charges associated with his illegal rule. He should not be supported just because he is Indian origin by those of shared ethnicity but rather on the basis of his actions. The same should apply to Pakistanis of all ethnicities. If all citizens just support or critiicize people based on ethnicity, the country will not progress.Recommend

  • Mamoon

    I think the people legally representing Musharaf should turn against him and file more allegations against him, extending the time period of his offenses back up to 1999. As the government and judiciary system are affixed on charging him, they will have to prove him guilty over those issues as well. As they all fall under similar clauses within the law, for those cases to conclude they will have to drag the other people to court as well and convict everyone involved.Recommend

  • hassan

    you can stop the military rulers, its OK You wanna c him punished. Where your Justice is gone when you see a politician taking bribe in 1990 elections and it is proved in the same so called court but allowing them run for the elections and sitting on the throne of Islamabad, they had too attacked the same court. Why your words dry up…… justice is justice, and proved criminals are facilitated their way to the Throne….Will you plz qoute a definition of democracy which allows this….. You must have devised your own to serve your purpose, Recommend

  • Sam Siddiquie

    This article was worth reading. It was impartial, bordered on facts rather than personal opinion and sentiments and it was very well worded. It should be translated and circulated around in all media outlets. I believe it’s a very journalistic piece of work, that would shame intruders in the field of journalism like Dr. Shahid Masood.Recommend

  • Aly S

    Impressed with the writing, you will go a long way… Though I beg to differ, 99 emergency was validated by the law, an amendment was made and passed with two third majority by the sitting parliament. What musharraf did before 2002 is all protected under the law. The constitution is supreme and the court does not have the authority to challenge it. Then comes the Nov Nov 3, 2007 emergency which is not validated and against the spirit of the constitution. Shaukat Aziz a well known banker aka economic hitman for Pakistan causing multiple stockmarket crashes was Musharrafs front man. Where is he now? Was he a democrat, No.. Can we get him back to Pakistan.. No. And he was the one writing a letter to the president to call proclaim emergency. Seriously? Between all that you wrote.. You forgot to mention that the courts were in process of passing a judgement on Oct 2007 presidential election since its against the law for a president to hold dual offices of an Army Chief and President together. We received billions of dollars from US for war against terror.. The Army accounts are never audited and made public if you forgot. Where is that money gone.. A house on black river and a nice multi million dollar home in an upscale Boston neighbourhood is what an Army chief gets as a going away bonus, right? He is not the only one responsible, but the people are already biased and judgemental about the outcome. Let the courts decide how it unfolds. And the war was bought onto us, thousands of Pakistanis lost there life’s under his rule.. While Karachi was burning Musharraf was having a ball in Islamabad showing his might. That’s not a leader, that’s a power hungry dictator.Recommend

  • Aly S

    Impressed with the writing.. Though I beg to differ onreceived unts, 99 emergency was not only validated by he court but also by the sitting parliament by amending the constitution with two third majority. Courts does not have the authority to. challenge it. The constitution is supreme but Musharraf subverted it for personl gains. Clearly. Shaukat Aziz a well known banker aka economic hitman caused multiple stock crashes and resulting in billions of dollar of loss to the exchange and common man, what we see is stagnant dollar but not the bubble that leave you with losses for generations to come. Where is Shaukat Aziz? Was he a democrat? No.. Was he a Pakistani? I doubt. Do we even bother to think about those days? Between all you forgit to mention there was a judgement due on Musharrafs eligibility as a President after Oct 2007 elections. And it wasnt. A president cannot hold dual offices. And who suggested that we proclaim emergency Mr. PM Shaukat Aziz, btw where is he? Musharraf was the man for Americans, the Yes Sir Man. recieved billions of dollar for are on terror, where is that gone? A house by black sea and a multi millio. Dollar home in Boston is what he recived as a golden hand shake probably. 12 May while karachi was burning Musharraf was having a ball in islamabad showing his power. A leader will never do that only a dictator would. Army accounts are never audited and made public. Hence no clue about the money our generals can be making. In a country where army has ruled most of the the history. We blame the politicians. whMany politicians have been to jail and many will go.. But Army should know the limits and realise the law is equal for everyone. The people are already biased and judgemental about the outcome. Let the courts decide whoever is involved.Recommend

  • syed

    The countries called modern have 80 % specialized Phd doctors in the relevant subjects in their lagislative assemblies, who monitor development activities, while you have 80 % fraud degree holders in your assemblies. With 90 % illiterate population you want to be called “Modern Country”, is it not an International joke? With 80 % fraud degree lagislators in your assemblies, who grabbed power with fraudulant sale / purchase of votes and constituencies, do you call it “Democracy”? Then what would you call a joker shouting slogans of “Democracy”, Nationalized and destroyed the whole commercial, industrial and finacial set created by a so called dictator? Not a single constituency out of thousands can claim to have fair polling and honest counting, yet you call it people’s mandate and “Democracy”, what a farse?Recommend

  • syed

    Pakistan the fraud degree holder feudal and their corrupt street gangsters
    turned politicians, have grabbed power through fraudulent sale / purchase of
    votes and constituencies, under cover of Democracy. These Pakistani politicians
    are deadly against Pakistan Army and Army officers as they are the only check
    on these fraud gangsters. General Musharraf came into power due to retaliation
    of Pakistan Army as an institution against Nawaz Sharif’s hijacking plan
    carrying Serving Army Chief Musharraf, while Musharraf was still in the air.
    Nawaz has been cleaned of his attempted plan hijacking and attempt to murder by
    Rana Iftekhar old PCO CJ. They were all out to take their revenge through
    Treason Trial against Musharraf, failing which they are trying to settle their
    score through the terrorist’s attacks on him. Pakistan Army should immediately
    take over Musharraf’s security and shouldn’t leave him alone at the mercy of
    these touts.Recommend

  • Muhammad Younas

    Our enemy “INDIA” could not defeat Pakistan Army in any field. Now Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and present Army Chief Raheel Shareef want to defeat / insult Pakistan Army by keeping ex COAS General Musharraf by keeping him in jail and by declaring him as TRAITOR. What enemy could not do, our own Prime Minister and Chief of Army Staff will do it.Recommend

  • Malik Afzal

    great Jon
    informative and reality depicting article


  • Yasir Siddiqui

    Well written man.. it’s unfortunate how our nation forgets history and facts so quickly and keeps on making the same mistake again and again.Recommend

  • XFactor

    Shame on people who support all those corrupt civilian dictators who have been looting and plundering with nation’s wealth and hide behind the facade of democracy.Recommend

  • Ammar Altaf

    I agree with you 100%Recommend

  • Muhammad Younas

    In Pakistan, courts and police must be crushed so that people could have justice from local committees.Recommend