Mayday mayday, our daredevil pilot wants to fly through a thunderstorm!

Published: May 16, 2014

Thousands of flights get cancelled and delayed to due storms. PHOTO: REUTERS

Thai Air may have a very good air worthiness record both for their fleet and the flying staff. Being a Thai Air passenger on several occasions I have had no bad memories until I flew back to Islamabad on March 17th, 2014 from Manila via Bangkok.

Thai Air is probably one of the few foreign airlines that still maintain daily flights from three cities in Pakistan; all western airlines including Singapore Airlines stopped flying into Pakistan for various reasons, almost a decade ago, Thai Air has been providing that necessary bridge to keep Pakistan connected to Asia. By making a code-share agreement with PIA, it dominates the passengers from Pakistan to and fro from Australia, Asia and the pacific.

While having a chat on WhatsApp at the Bangkok airport, my wife in Islamabad informed me there was a thunderstorm predicted in Islamabad around the time my flight was supposed to land. I am sure the pilot of this TG 349 was also aware of the weather report besides the inbuilt weather radar fitted in Airbus 340-300.

Taking off on-time from Bangkok, this was a smooth flight until about 200 miles away from Islamabad when turbulence started. The lightning all around was a clear indication of a strong thunderstorm. Those living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi know how strong these thunderstorms are during spring and pre-spring. The in-flight-live-information-screen predicted our arrival at Islamabad airport 17 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of 10:25pm. It was wrong, the plane landed at about 10:50pm at the Islamabad airport but what happened in those 43 minutes to the passengers of TG 349 was nothing short of a nightmare come to life.

When the plane started its descent towards Islamabad, the pilot informed the passengers about the expected temperature and chances of heavy rainfall in the city. What he probably missed telling us was that it wasn’t normal rain but a strong thunderstorm. Passing through the lightning and heavy clouds in the night, however, probably gave the passengers a fair indication that this landing was not going to be easy, both for them as well as the pilot.

As the plane approached the ground it was over-speeding, was waving around, taking big and small turns both left and right. The plane missed the runway once – it seemed like the pilot could not see the landing strip – which meant we were going to take another turn-around in the thunderstorm-hit-Islamabad. Despite the fact that the pilot could have missed it on the second try again, he continued, only this time, he flew really low over Gulberg, passing over Chak-Shehzad area and headed straight towards the Margalla Hills. This was when the pilot pulled in the landing gear, increased the engine speed and started climbing height.

It was not an easy situation for somebody who had witnessed two fatal air crashes in Islamabad. Both in which the investigators held the pilots responsible.

The two aircrafts that crashed while attempting to land, in bad weather have created ripples in the Pakistan aviation history pages and for the residents of the twin cities in particular – let alone the relatives of the victims who have lost their loved ones. The AirBlue flight 202 that crashed with Margalla hills on July 28th 2010, on a mighty-monsoonal-rainy-morning occurred close to my office. This is one of the reasons I kept following up on stories regarding the crash even months and years later.

A rescue worker searches the wreckage of an Airblue passenger plane which crashed on the outskirts of Islamabad July 28, 2010. Photo: Reuters

The investigation report issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in November 2011 cited a lack of professionalism in the cockpit crew along with poor weather as primary factors of the crash.

Similarly on April 20, 2012, Bhoja Air’s flight BHO 213 departed from Karachi at 5:00pm and was due to land in Islamabad at 06:50pm. The plane crashed only 5.6 km short of its destination, near the village of Hussainabad. All 127 people on board were killed. According to reports, the pilot attempted to land during heavy rain and a thunderstorm. The investigative accounts suggested that the airplane was caught in a strong gush of unexpected wind consequently pushing the plane downwards, towards the ground, resulting in the crash.

Rescue workers search through debris following the crash of a Bhoja Air Boeing 737 plane in the outskirts of Islamabad on April 20, 2012. PHOTO: AFP

And here was a Thai pilot, unfamiliar with Islamabad’s weather and terrain, determined to land the plane. He made another attempt to land, and although he flew frightfully low for the longest few minutes of our lives, we made it! Some of the passengers started clapping, while others started thanking the Lord out loud and the rest, including myself, were still perplexed. It didn’t make sense; why had the pilot put the plane and the lives of over 300 people at risk? No one was judging his flying skills at the time. It wasn’t a challenge he had to prove worthy of. So then why the unnecessary daredevil stunt?

Do aircraft land in thunderstorms? No they don’t, even Yahoo says that!

Suqlain Haider

Suqlain Haider

A development management professional working as a Business Development Vice President for a consulting firm in Islamabad, he tweets as @suqlain_haider (

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  • Parvez

    The bottom line is that you landed safely and all was well…….when you get onto an airplane of a reputable airline, you put your life into the hands of thoroughly experienced pilot and crew. Its the captains call , and his alone ………and trust me he knows what he’s doing and there is much more than Yahoo or Google knowledge that is involved. My suggestion is to have faith and if he managed a difficult landing….a round of applause, is not out of order.Recommend

  • Hasan

    “Do aircraft land in thunderstorms? No they don’t, even Yahoo says that!”

    Who said that? Yes they do sir…. I am really grateful that you and the rest of the passengers are alright. But it seems like you do not have any idea about flying.

    There can be various reasons why the pilot decided to land the plane. First and foremost might have been the fuel. I am sure if they had enough fuel to divert the plane to a more suitable airport they might have had done that…

    Thunderstorms are not a threat to flying. I am sure many more flights might have had landed in Islamabad after yours too.Recommend

  • Aviator

    lol another aviation expert in the making ! :PRecommend

  • Adpran

    Your plane carried enough fuel to switch its route to Lahore and land there. But if pilot really decide to land his plane in Lahore due to bad weather in Islamabad, would you understand it?, or you would complain because your schedule ruined?.Recommend

  • Asif

    Seems like the author has been in a bad thunderstorm for the first time. Aircrafts land in thunderstorms all the time, ask people living in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and other equatorial countries, where there are frequent thunderstorms.

    Pilot will endanger the lives of 300 passengers? As if he does not have a life of his own? The number one duty of the pilot is the safety of passengers so he will NEVER knowingly endanger the lives of passengers and bring bad reputation for his airline.

    And how did you assume that the pilot was unfamiliar with Islamabad weather and terrain?Recommend

  • Pilotwala

    Has to do with money. Nearest feasible airport might have been Peshawar. If at all.
    Or perhaps Lahore, depending upon weather pattern. Otherwise straight to Karachi.
    In all these scenarios, the airline would have lost money. And the plane would have
    to be flown back to Islamabad. To start the outbound flight. A lot of money and headaches. That is why he landed at Islamabad. [The Captain is in charge, fully. He made the decision to land. And you are speculating when you say pilot was unfamiliar
    with Islamabad, and the weather. He may have been flying this route regularly..]Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Will not agree with you ..on tht terrain two plain crashed with the same reason..Yes the passenger has the right to point fingers, his life is at risk…!!!!!Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Dear friends I think you guys are missing a point here. Two aircraft crashed in Islamabad so wht was the need to carry out this stunt is right of every passenger to ask…The airline just wanted to save money…!!!!!Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Yeah but in the last 3 years two aircrafts crashed as well…due to the same reason… the author has a strong point…WHT WAS THE NEED…!!!!!Recommend

  • Ayaz

    Landing in thunderstorms is not normal, most accidents occur due to bad weather. Yes, the pilot will never knowingly endanger the lives of passengers, but due to stupidity or lack of expertiese they do actually sometimes.

    If pilot made wrong decisions, and even if luckily they avoid any disaster, such situations should still be investigated to avoid possibility of disaster in future.Recommend

  • Hasan

    “Pilot will endanger the lives of 300 passengers? As if he does not have a life of his own?”

    LOL very true, seems like the author cares about his life only :PRecommend

  • Syed Saqlain Asghar

    Well, by reading this blog, it seems that the author was really himself present in flight TG 349. Excellently explained.

    Mr. Author, you have mentioned 2 incidents of air crash in Islamabad. Sir, both the Pilots were local and were on domestic flights, very much familiar with the weather conditions of Islamabad. Mr. Pilotwala also mentioned that you are speculating that pilot was unfamiliar with weather conditions of Islamabad. Even then, landing in such conditions is totally at the discretion of the pilot.Recommend

  • AK

    I agree with some of the comments such as diverting flights is not an easy decision due to many reasons, Pilot’s life is at stake too etc. However, I also understand that accidents are not planned but rather an unfortunate episode or destiny. I think Pilots are also to be blamed in such situations where a human lives (incl his own) are put to risk. Thunderstorms may not be threat to flying but its effect could force pilot to take certain hasty or unclear decisions that could be detrimental to human lives, of course including his too which he could not foresee due to his lack of judgement. My take on this one is if a human life can be avoided to go through a psychological trauma, every effort should be made irrespective of financial gains or loss…

    Also, someone from CAA told me that Islamabad is a difficult airport to land because it does not have landing aid (like Lahore, Karachi). In such situation, he said, as sensible pilot should avoid landing and prefer diverting…Recommend

  • Adpran

    There is difference between storm which the wind speed is extremely fast, and heavy rain which wind speed is still safe for plane landing. Pilots often land their planes under heavy rain, but when storm occur, they always switch their route and land in another airport.

    The danger for plane is coming from the wind, not from the water (rainfall).

    I guess, what the author, and you, mean with thunderstorm actually is heavy rain.Recommend

  • Hammad Rana

    It is
    strange that you pay huge amount to put your life into the hands of pilots…most
    crash investigations blame pilot’s error in crashes, yet we are not willing to
    even contemplate investigating landings in rough weathers. I have personally
    seen planes making attempts at Islamabad airport and then at the very last
    minute deciding against it…sometimes these last minute decisions can also be
    very fatal. I think any such landing or landing attempt should be properly
    investigated and passengers as customers who are paying huge price to fly have every
    right to question such decisions.Recommend

  • Parvez

    It would not be out of place to mention that air travel, given the number of flights and passengers that take off and land daily around the world, is the safest form of travel there is…… I hold that the airline and the captain know what they are doing.
    Incidents like the one described are a dime-a-dozen and blowing it out of proportion ( that is what this blog has done ) is not on.
    I have flown Thai many a time and I have found them to be very professional.Recommend

  • Satii

    yes thts why pilots of the other two aircrafts took tht risk..LOL but this time im laughing at u…!!!!Recommend

  • S Khan

    Its a nice written blog. I would like to point out a few inaccuracies. You said that Bhoja plane crashed because wind brought it down. Airplane is not a toy that can be brought down so easily. Every plane has a system that warns about wind shear in thunder storms. Secondly, you only made an assumption that Thai airline pilot aborted landing in the first instance. It is common to land planes in thunderstorms. Emirates pilot tried to land Boeing 777 at Birmingham, but he had to abort landing thrice due to strong wind gusts and rain. You know that it was Europe’s worst storm and it definitely can’t be compared to the normal winds of Islamabad. The wind gusts reached 145 km/h when he was trying to land at Birmingham. Why did the air-traffic controller of Islamabad airport give clearance to the pilot of Thai airlines?Recommend

  • AN

    Poor story of an individual scared of the unknown making a feeble attempt to judge a professional based on minimal knowledge of that profession. Mr. Suqlain, your story is typical of these parts, i.e. someone who thinks they know the pilots (or any professional for that matter) job better than he/she does. First of all Singapore Airlines is NOT a WESTERN AIRLINE. The weather at Islamabad at the time of departure from Bangkok is irrelevant as weather changes very rapidly and when travelling from so far away, it is the forecast that matters, and not the CURRENT weather. How did you establish that the plane was overspeeding on approach into islamabad? Was the air police chasing you for overspeeding? What is the “normal speed” for approach in islamabad and what speed were you flying at? How did you ascertain this? The plane was “waving” around taking “big turns and small turns”? in case you mean weaving, that is what aircraft do to avoid thunderstorms and to align themselves with the runway. What is your definition of a big and small turn and are turns in an aeroplane not allowed? When planes miss the runway, as you claim, they hit the ground next to it. Clearly that wasnt the case. The approach into islamabads runway 12 calls for the pilots to align with runway 30 (this is because only runway 30 has a precise instrument approach facility as CAA is to cheap to install it on runway 12, and hence runway 12 approaches are made visually i.e. by looking out the window) and then circle around, keeping the runway in sight to land from the other side. As you can guess this involves several “big and small turns” and “Waving” around. This procedure is performed with the landing gear down and in case the pilot loses sight of the runway, a GO AROUND is executed, during which time the pilot throttles up the engines and starts “climbing height” .

    The pilot not being familiar with Islamabad is irrelevant as pilots fly all over the globe and cannot be familiar with all airports.

    Women GUSH, winds GUST.

    Had you flown through a thunderstorm you would either not be alive, or would never step on an aircraft again. Your pilot expertly and safely guided you around the thunderstorms( something Thai pilots’ are renowned for as severe tropical thunderstorms are a daily feature in their country) and guided your flight in for a safe landing. Ungrateful persons like yourself should take the train or boat next time.Recommend


    Seeing all these negative some positive comments one thing is for sure that you wasn’t or any loved one wasn’t on this flight or anyone of those flights that crushed in Islamabad.After reading this Blog (Article) one thing is for sure that the writer
    was really concern about the his safety and fellow passengers safety. I read one of the comments where it was mention that plane are the safest form of travel/transportation YES they are but that doesn’t mean that Captain(pilot) can’t make wrong decision and put everyone on the plane life in risk.It was up to the Captain of that plane to make a right decision to re-route that plane to another airport close by and to inform the passengers the reason of re-routing am sure none would have obliged to that but then again if that captain had made that choice would he still have his job after that causing his company some losses for fuel and runway/gate fees that airport charge each international airlines these airline are very greedy and would not spend extra cent. Dear write Thank Allah almighty that you are safe and sound with your love ones and am pretty sure you’ll be nervous flyer from now on and i would think twice next time taking a flight to Islamabad in the months springsRecommend

  • Lockheed

    I am a layman and I don’t know about airplane and pilots but I watch Air crash investigations regularly where such incidents, pilots arrogance, their mishaps, inability to make decisions on time, air controllers mismanagement, companies as profit seekers , lack of training of pilots, lack of understanding of manuals, lack of understanding of airplanes and their computer systems caused accidents. there is no passengers involved in these accidents so Mr. pilots don’t show arrogance on this blog that we know nothing about you and your profession and be responsible.Recommend

  • Ali Syed (new york)

    if you read this article you would know it wasn’t blown out of proportion yes its a dime a dozen incident but thing is you haven’t experience what the write has living in Islamabad and seeing couple of plane crashes and then being in a situation where you thinking your plane won’t make it so taking that in prospective this blog wasn’t out of content. This blog isn’t telling/asking you to stop flying thai airline or any other airline the writer is only pointing out the flawsRecommend

  • Syed

    But that proves the point that CAA reports were unsuccessful in identifying the root cause, and blamed the pilots simply because it was the easiest thing to do.Recommend

  • Syed

    Well said.. Statistically speaking the chances of someone dying on way to airport (if travelling by car) are 10-50 times higher than dying from the same flight they are trying to board.
    The stats would be a lot different if they took into account the traffic situation in Islamabad..Recommend

  • Syed

    Couldn’t have said it better..Recommend

  • Aamir Shahzad

    I endorse that the story is a factual account of what happened that day, having myself onboard that flight. Its easier for many to comment that it is a story of a scared individual or the author is trying to be an expert, given that they haven’t experienced it themselves. I am not an expert but a frequent flyer and I would say it was the only flight in my whole life that made me scare because of various unusual things and circumstances. I don’t know anything about the procedures as to who makes the final decision to land in such a weather but I was wondering that day if the lives of all onboard was being put at risk to save logistics and expenses involved in diverting the flight to another airport. Yes the end was that we landed safely and thanks God for that, it would had been very hard, otherwise, for my 12 year old son and nine year old daughter who were waiting in the lounge with their mother to receive their dad.Recommend

  • Vmoug

    Epic reply ;)Recommend

  • fze

    Count yourself lucky and thank Allah.Recommend

  • Alann

    Did you write this article just to scare me? :(
    I’m catching a Thai Airways flight in 3 days from now!Recommend

  • RF

    So rude…Recommend

  • Sobia Hussain

    to pilots being primary causes of accidents, their role has been
    minimized and given more to technology. Some standard phrases at the
    beginning of the flight are basically to tell passengers the plane is in safe,
    human hands and that they can relax and enjoy the flight. However that does not happen all the times. But some of the phrases
    like “this is your captain speaking” may soon become a thing of the past, as we
    begin to see new generation of robotic, passenger aircraft that will take to
    the skies by themselves.Recommend

  • A Abid S

    Your Stats dont matter a bit when the impact is this high. Give these stats to the families of the passengers who lost their lives. When I am in the plane the only stat that matter is that specfic flight. Most of these crashes are pilots fault and most common of all is over confidence or not knowing the ability of their machine. bottom line it landed safely because may be next time it wont..I hope you are not in PIA flight safety or a commercial pilot. And people who update google and yahoo are mostly professionals and the information is not provided by google but by other prople using google there is difference.Recommend

  • A Abid S

    While your last paragraph does make sense regarding thai pilots being more trained but that does not mean that can go risking lives. New Khan bus drivers are extremely experienced in all types of weather but still their rash driving have killed so many. What do you mean dont ask professional any questions..?? So many experience doctors had killed their patients due to negligence. The building that fell down in islamabad was designed by a prefessionals. I feel for the passenger, if i was in that flight or my family I would have been mad and scared also.Recommend

  • Airline wala

    Must have been a long time since you flew. In case you don’t know, they now
    have cameras. Even one in the nosewheel. That shows you the approach, and landing. During your flight, all info is given to passengers. aircraft speed, heading, GPS location, distance to location, and ETA,.that would be [for you] Estimated Time of Arrival. You can see the landing approach. Missing the runway does not mean hitting the ground next to it. It means missing the
    spot or marks where your fuselage/wing wheels should have made contact,
    If you miss it, you are too high. You will overshoot the runway. You go around.
    In other words the passengers are fully aware of what is happening. No need to cut down the blogger with your arrogance.
    Singapore airlines is an INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE. The best of the best in
    the business. Rated 1st. or 2nd. year after year in Conde Nast, plus other
    international surveys. Thai Airways is also there among the best. The western
    airlines are pathetic, with lousy service. Service that stinks. That includes the
    majority of them, in US and simply, simply BAD…. in EU.
    Now runway 12…and runway say? That is another story.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    wow, This guy gets you safe and sound on the ground , he shows professionalism and by your account he seems to be a great, and even then you have the sheer lack of mind and the utter audacity to BLAME HIM? to be honest even if flying has scared you should actually be thankful to the pilot not blame himRecommend

  • Sobia Hussain

    Due to pilots being primary causes of accidents, their role has been minimized and given more to technology. Some standard phrases at the beginning of the flight are basically to tell passengers the plane is in safe, human hands and that they can relax and enjoy the flight. However that does not happen all the times. But some of the phrases like “this is your captain speaking” may soon become a thing of the past, as we begin to see new generation of robotic, passenger aircraft that will take to the skies by themselves.Recommend

  • Anonymouse

    My spider sense tells me that you are in the aviation industry, and your response to an individual into the insight could have been more professional. However, your aggressive response coupled with your sexist definition of gush, and that lovely racist comment “people from these parts” has probably created a more negative picture of the aviation industry, before you tried to help it. Congratulations, next time don’t try to help.Recommend

  • FK


    I think after AirBlue and Bhoja incidents, people have developed the fear for flying specially if it involves landing at ISB airport, and now as they can’t avoid this mode of travelling, they try keeping an eye on the weather, flight performance and other factors by themselves for the entire duration, in some cases even hours before the departure :-). Although once they are aboard and aircraft is airborne they are just the spectators. Well, I think up to some extent this reaction is natural but one can’t achieve anything while fearing about their destiny while flying. Making the case of dying of a heart attack for fearing and aircraft lands safely lolz.

    Every flight is being operated and monitored by thorough professionals, and the passengers’ safety is the main concern for them. So, pray before travelling and keep faith in Allah and then keep calm and enjoy the flight.

    Death can approach you anywhere, even in your cozy beds.Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    I was in the same flight, and yes I was scared to death. But I was sure that the pilot knew what he was doing. Once we landed he explained he wasn’t getting permission to land as there were other flights that needed to land first. It all made sense. This is a poor article indeed!Recommend

  • Sultan Hamdani

    Please lets avoid the attacks. and lets focus on the question: Are planes supposed to land in thunderstorms? I think yes. and my first experience was very scary too, the recent experience was scary, but, yes they are supposed to land, unless the ATC of the landing airport says otherwise.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Firstly I have no association with the airline industry apart from having travelled a fair amount. Having said that, let me explain that being a professional person myself and having personal experience in somewhat similar matters where professionalism is concerned, I will hold fast to my comments. Yes the author has the right to air his views just as I have the right to think they are, just a bit, blown out of proportion.
    On Yahoo / Google knowledge ……. would you read up on a kidney transplant on Google and then decide to operate on your friend ??…….there is a limit to all such information.Recommend

  • Parvez

    When the author chose to name Thai Air and equate it with Bhoja and Air Blue’s accidents….he was stretching the narrative for effect.
    The author has a point…….the way he made it was all wrong.Recommend

  • necromancer

    He was awesome but to be honest I hate airplanesRecommend

  • Bee

    get a depression pill, you are criticizing way much!!!Recommend

  • Muhammad Kashaan

    This is very bad story , i only wish that Pakistan will be stand again in all sectors and industries, Insha ALLAH
    Muhammad KashaanRecommend

  • Anil Bhala

    The following excerpt from the script of last minute conversations before the crash is a reply to all those who believe the Captain knows what he is doing while flying.

    One minute before the crash the Flight Officer told the captain’ sir terrain ahead is coming’. The captain of Air Blue flight replied ‘Han ji (yes), we are turning left’. But the aircraft did not turn left.

    Seconds before the crash Captain of Bhoja Air was yelling, “No, no.” and Flight Officer was shouting “Go around, go around.”Recommend

  • Mano

    I am glad you landed safely. And I am sure the pilot knew what he was doing. He was as aware of the surroundings, rather more aware as you were and he knew it was safe to attempt the landing. Comparing thai air to Bhoja incident will be unfair. The Bhoja aircraft was a Boeing 737-200 which was a very old aircraft. It’s age and outdated technology contributed to the crash. I have traveled a lot in thunderstorms and recently landed at chicago airport during a snow storm. The pilot warned it was going to be a bit rough landing and it was but again, he knew what he was doing. You are questioning the pilot’s professionalism. I think a better approach would have been to report this to Thai Air. I am sure the airline would like to make sure if it was a pilot mistake, it doesn’t happen again.Recommend

  • Khalil Sufi

    Before taking a flight a pilot is briefed on the route s/ he has to take, as also about the weather conditions It is not so much of visual contact as also the sophisticated gadgets provided in the plane, Moreover a pilot is all the time in touch with Control Tower and on the radar of the country over which a plane is flying. Things should not be sensationalized. Aviation professionals are best to comment on such situation. At times a plane is put on hold, if the runway is taking on another plane.Recommend

  • AN

    Thank you sir. Well said. Professionals can monitor each other, it is the publics job to question why the professional monitoring agencies are not more active. Where are the reports from the aforementioned incidents. Worldwide the reports are released instantly, as they come together, yet here the public is quick to criticize the individual, but not the system that covers up its own shortcoming by blaming the individual. So many years on and the reports of these crashes are yet to be released. Wheres Mr Suqlains blog about that? Oh wait he obviously wasnt on those flights was he.Recommend

  • AN

    blogger said singapore airlines is a western airline. I corrected his mistake. Most airlines are international airlines so what are you trying to prove?
    As far as the information regarding speed and location provided to passengers they are groundspeed which is useless as far as flying an airplane is concerned. Airplanes fly based on AIRSPEED, which is NOT displayed to the passengers.
    I never questioned the blogger how he ascertained the speed of the aircraft, rather, I asked how he determined the aircraft was OVERSPEEDING, this implies the blogger knew what the correct airspeed of the aircraft should have been, and also knew the actual airspeed of the aircraft, neither of which are displayed in the passenger cabin. So how did he make such bold statements like “the aircraft was overspeeding”! Just like the blogger, your knowledge of the subject is poor and therefore you are unqualified to comment on the matter.Recommend

  • AN

    thanks for the insight. The pilot was gracious enough to explain himself, something Mr. Suqlain fails to mention. The problem lies with Islamabad airport, and its inability to handle a high rate of landings due to lack of taxiways. The Author should be ranting on CAA not providing adequate landing facilities at the airport which would minimize time spent in the air holding over the city awaiting turn to land as well as minimize risk to dangerous elements such as weather and high terrain.
    Thats beacuse its easier to blame the pilots, than to educate oneself on the matter and get to the root cause of the problem.Recommend

  • AN


  • Airline wala

    Even the village idiot will tell you that AIRSPEED is displayed
    to passengers. Simply because no one is interested in knowing
    they are cruising at 500 MPH…er..11000 + kilometers per hour.
    Had no idea you are the blogger police. How dare anyone challenge your arrogance. And blog etiquette.Recommend

  • Mohamamd Nazir

    Pilots needed to be held accountable for the decisions they take that sometimes puts the lives of passengers and others at risk, create fears about flying – they need to understand the difference between a commercial passenger flight and flying planes on an airshow.Recommend