1971 was a dark year in Pakistan’s history

Published: March 26, 2014

Our history is filled with a long list of political, social, foreign affair and economic blunders. But no event in our history manages to bring together all these blunders in one massive mould of earth-shaking revelations better than the 1971 debacle. PHOTO: AFP

Our history is filled with a long list of political, social, foreign affair and economic blunders. But no event in our history manages to bring together all these blunders in one massive mould of earth-shaking revelations better than the 1971 debacle.  PHOTO: AFP 1971 was a dark year in Pakistan’s history and it was squarely our fault, make no mistake about it. PHOTO: AFP

During the late hours of March 25, 1971 the Awami League leader, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, announced the independence of East Pakistan in the form of Bangladesh. What followed was the Bangladesh Liberation War which culminated in Pakistan’s defeat in the end of December that same year and Bangladesh celebrates its independence day on March 26. 

The surrender by Pakistan resulted in the largest accumulation of prisoners of war since the Second World War. Two wings of a country divided by almost 1,600 kilometres of presumably hostile territory was never a feasible idea logistically, politically, socially and militarily. Add to this, the startling gap of economic conditions in East Pakistan compared to its Western counterpart and Bangladesh’s independence was a time bomb waiting to go off.

However, despite losing half our territory in 1971 due to our own inept governance and unjust racially motivated economic, military and social preference from 1947 to 1971, the narrative taught to children in our school books has still not changed.

To this day, the separation of East Pakistan is taught as an Indian ploy, built up by Hindu conspirators while the truth behind the debacle is conveniently omitted from our text books. It is only once you grow out of our schooling system and do some very basic research on the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 that you come across facts ugly enough to chuck a significant amount of ill-found Pakistani ‘nationalism’ out of the window.

This is not to say that being patriotic is a bad thing.

Patriotism for your country is extremely healthy but the line separating desirable and undesirable levels of patriotism is very thin and it is a tragedy that every child coming out of our school system is on the wrong side of that line.

Our history is filled with a long list of political, social, foreign affair and economic blunders. But no event in our history manages to bring together all these blunders in one massive mould of earth-shaking revelations better than the 1971 debacle. Yet, the cold hard facts about the entire episode are dragged under the carpet and what is fed to our young minds is the exact opposite.

This sows the seeds of myopia and hatred in a nation that is crumbling under its own weight. The problems we face as a nation today are a direct result of the monsters we ourselves built. It is no wonder that a large chunk of our population has grown into what they are today – hard-lining bigots, perpetually beating their chests to the anti-India sentiment. This is the narrative that has been incorporated into our text books from 1947 and it is sad that despite facing the repercussions of this narrative more than once in our history, we still hold it dear to our hearts and are not willing to adapt to an alternate, more honest one.

It can be argued and rightly so, that the nation needs to promote a positive narrative about its history in order to enlist patriotism in its citizens. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, the problem arises when facts are completely over-turned to build the most ridiculously fake picture.

Unfortunately, this has been the case in our history books every time national blunders are discussed. The factual picture is given the shape of an anti-Pakistan conspiracy, whereas the opposing self-constructed picture is tattooed across every mind across classrooms. The concept of martial races for example, where the Punjabis and Pashtuns were identified as ‘the most capable – physically and militarily – while Hindus and Bengalis were perceived to be weak, was fed to us by the military even before the independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

Shockingly, this narrative still holds strong even to this day – one of the many reminders to us of how a narrative once built, eventually settles into the minds of people and starts being treated as an accepted fact.

The truth about what transpired in 1971 needs to be a part of our historical narrative, whether it is in our Pakistan Studies textbooks or in discussions between common people.

1971 was a dark year in Pakistan’s history and it was squarely our fault, make no mistake about it. But by continuously overlooking the shocking atrocities committed by us and the biased agenda pursued by the West Pakistani establishment leading to the events that year, we do ourselves more harm than good.

Correction only comes after self-reflection. It is only after you realise that you were at fault that you might make an effort to avoid making the same mistake again. If you don’t admit to your mistake in the first place, whatever minimal chance you have of making amends doesn’t take birth to begin with.

salman Zafar

Salman Zafar

The writer works in the Education Sector and tweets as @salmanzafar1985 (twitter.com/salmanzafar1985)

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  • Naveed Razzaq


  • Mohi1

    Mr.Zafar – get ready to be accused as anti-Pakistani :) . Our people love living in denial.Recommend

  • Fahd

    Good job SalmanRecommend

  • Dr. Akram H

    Every other country on the face of this planet has a region which wants to break away on perceived “injustices”. Resolving such an issue is the internal matter of the country. However India was instrumental in instigating the crises in the first place and then blowing it out of proportion. This would of course be never told.
    “What is history?” said Napoleon, “but a fable agreed upon.”
    The thing with history is that “international/credible” versions of any conflict are written by the victors and not the vanquished. Having lost East Pakistan we lost this authority to India. However as a sovereign nation Pakistan has every right to have the truth told to at least its citizens, if not the world. By denying this national narrative the author has chosen his loyalties and its definitely not Pakistani.

    And why? India it seems to have won the psychological warfare already having unleashed its soft power via their cinemas, dramas,media, culture and clout on average pakistanis – to the point that we are almost apologetic of our national narratives.
    Is it not time the government put an end to indian contents in the media brainwashing our youth?Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    Okay, now, Let me be the devil advocate then.

    the author writes….”The factual picture is given the shape of an anti-Pakistan conspiracy…”

    So, my simple question(s) is/are :

    Was there is no anti-Pakistan conspiracy at all? Are you sure?

    Does the basic “research” not points to the fact that there were training camp inside India and East Pakistan before 1971 where seccesionist ideology and sabotage activities were taught?

    Does it not the Freedom Fighter series in Daily Star narrated the self account of those “Freedom Fighters” who blew up Intercontinental Hotel lobby while there was an aid conference going on for the floods of 1970s in East Pakistan?

    Does it not he consipracy that the officers of East Pakistan Rifles were killed while they were sleeping in their barracks?

    Indeed 1971 was a dark year in Pakistan’s history, I agree, everyone agrees, but in 1971 is laiden with consipracies, deceit, violence, betrayal & brutality.


  • Nasratullah kenagzai

    I am afraid very same is being done in Balochistan and similarly India is being blamed for it. Why on earth a college going young lad takes a weapon and go on hills and fight to kill or be killed any one thought about it? What are the reasons behind it but no one here ready to accept that something surely went wrong here. I am a witness myself that in 1965 war with India in a very remote village of Balochistan people volunteered to go to border and fight against India. Who made these people now think otherwise? Please for God sake be realistic and revisit your policies. By only killing and calling everyone traitor things get worst. I , as pro Pakistani, urge to those, who actually matter, to treat the Balochs equally and stop the atrocities and end the deprivations else the consequences are seem to be very grave and God forbid we dont commit same mistake and history not to repeat same thing.Recommend

  • Nouman

    A really badly researched article. The arguments in the article are not backed by any facts. The author has not mentioned a single fact that is wrong in our history textbook and hence not given the correct version of that fact.
    History can not be taught in general and broad statements which you seem to have done in your article.
    “It is no wonder that a large chunk of our population has grown into what they are today – hard-lining bigots, perpetually beating their chests to the anti-India sentiment. “Recommend

  • baig

    ok so you are trying to imply that India was not even 0.5 % responsible for 1971?Recommend

  • water bottle

    You are not being the Devil’s advocate. You are being the Devil.Recommend

  • baig

    i was trying to write 0.005 % :)Recommend

  • Aktar

    Every other country on the face of this planet has a region which wants to break away on perceived “injustices”. Resolving such an issue is the internal matter of the country. However India was instrumental in instigating the crises in the first place and then blowing it out of proportion. This would of course be never told.
    “What is history?” said Napoleon, “but a fable agreed upon.”
    The thing with history is that “international/credible” versions of any conflict are written by the victors and not the vanquished. Having lost East Pakistan we lost this authority to India. However as a sovereign nation Pakistan has every right to have the truth told to at least its citizens, if not the world. By denying this national narrative the author has chosen his loyalties and its definitely not Pakistani.

    And why? India it seems to have won the psychological warfare already having unleashed its soft power via their cinemas, dramas,media, culture and clout on average pakistanis – to the point that we are almost apologetic of our national narratives.

  • Shahbaz Asif Tahir

    The simple truth is that the master mind of the 1971 debacle was no other
    than ZAB, who refused to come to terms with the reality of his defeat in the 1970
    elections. The legitimate elected person was Mujeeb, yet ZAB refused to hand over power. He used a half sober Yahya Khan, and some bureaucrats around him, and
    deceitfully caused the breakup of East Pakistan, and consequently humiliated the
    Pakistan army. The mukti bayani, trained Indian insurgents, in the guise of Pakistan
    army, dressed in uniforms, went about killing and raping women. Details are
    available in Sharmeela Bose’s book, a Bengali, Hindu, and Indian national, who has
    interviewed several Indian army officers, about the planned conspiracy against the
    Pakistan army. How ever Allah Subhana humiliated all the characters in this political
    drama. ZAB was rightfully hanged, and met a humiliating end, and Mujeeb’s family
    was decimated, and Indira Gandhi, along with two of her sons was assassinated.
    The rest is history.Recommend

  • Aktar

    well said sir i am copying it :)Recommend

  • Fauzan

    Very well put. There are two sides to every story and Pakistan is telling it’s side. Sure…maybe a few facts are being missed but do British textbooks tell everything about the dark side of the Raj? Do American textbooks talk about the war crimes committed by Lincoln in the War of Independance?

    I’d back a little bit objectivity but I’m strongly against blindly accepting the other side’s narrative.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    From Wikipedia
    “In common parlance, a devil’s advocate is someone who, given a certain argument, takes a position they do not necessarily agree with, for the sake of debate.”

    Am I to believe that you don’t necessary agree with all that you just said? Or most probably you used the wrong word to describe your intent.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    ….so that is your best shot eh, O Gabriel.


  • Asad Khan

    “….Is it not time the government put an end to Indian contents in the media brainwashing our youth?…..”

    Is not the time that our bright “Youth” should move their bottoms and start indulging themselves into research n history? why we left each n everything for government which we ourselves scorn for being inept? Is not the educated masses have responsibility to look each angle n side of 1971 and have at least a catharsis if not advertent for the future?


  • water bottle


    You are acknowledging that something else managed to overwhelm you more than Quran e Pak?

    Wow, what happened to Pakistan ka matlab kya? La iLLaha Illallah.

    Did Bollywood – which is stupid by the way – managed to take over Allah?

    Please answer me sir. Take no offense.Recommend

  • water bottle

    Were you? Interesting.

    Let me reply by saying that, India was not even 0.0000002% responsible for 1971.Recommend

  • Parvez

    To an extent I would say…….well said……..but for us to accept what you are saying would require for us to mature and be comfortable with the truth. For that to happen requires time and in our case a lot of time. Also to say that India had no hand in the happenings would be very naive.Recommend

  • B Khan

    You are so very right!!! It is all about evil India and evil Hindu designs. Thanks for showing us the light.

    Now can you please help us write the truthful narrative of Kargil or Mumbai massacres or Osama’s shelter in Pakistan …. because as you know the world seems to be blaming us poor patriotic Pakistanis for all of this … India with its soft power and clout seems to be forcing their version of truth upon all of us!!!!Recommend

  • James Malish

    All i can say to the autor is , salam, amen, namaste and sat sri akal. You, my dear are a good soul!Recommend

  • Salman

    Actually, the same is being done in Kashmir if you ask me. Balochistan is perfectly okay and it was so before Indian started sending terrorist there.Recommend

  • LoseLose

    Forget 0.5% or 0.005% Sir – let’s assume India was 50% responsible – the author’s point is – is the remaining 50% being told to successive generations of your citizens?

    My humble opinion is that indulging the craving for conspiracy is actually in the best interest of your worst enemies since a populace fed on conspiracies does no harm to any hindu or jew but weakens the very foundations of your own society by breeding impotent rage, helplessness, fatalism and unquestioning acceptance of more conspiracies peddled by sectarian / religious zealots to their own ends.Recommend

  • Fahad Zaman

    As a Bangladeshi reading these articles what strikes me is how often ’71 is termed a “strategic failure” or “incompetent mishandling”, without ever discussing it’s human tragedy element ▬ the large numbers of lives [especially “East Pakistani”/Bengali] lost in the fighting/crackdown by the Pak military.

    It’s actually quite chilling to me that this aspect is overlooked as a mere triviality. It really underlines to me that even now, in 2014, there is still such utter contempt for the people of erstwhile East Pakistan from the [former] West Pakistani’s. Even from rather well-educated persons, who should surely know better. It has certainly been a revelation to me.

    I used to actually support Pakistan & wish it the best, being the only other Muslim-majority country [of non-trivial size] in South Asia. Now ▬ NO MORE!Recommend

  • hoshiar singh gill

    @Dr.Akram H. Sahib me my family and many friends and relatives read Pakistani literature,listen to ghazals,Quwaalis and Naats:watch Pakistani films and dramas and listen to pakistani songs and music.I even try to write Urdu poetry.We consider Panjabi Sufi poets as our elders.We don’t feel and no one has ever accused us of being brain washed.

    Coming to the saga of Bengal, for you it was a calamity but for Bangladeshis it was freedom.Just like making of Pakistan was freedom for you but a tragedy for those who wanted to form one mighty uniform nation of the whole sub-continent of which you also would have been an important part. What prevailed in both instances in a different manner was that might is right.This is the rule by which Human beings have lived by throughout history and continue to do so.I don’t agree with it,but alas thats the bitter truth.

    The land of Pakistan is also the birth place of Sikh religion ,yet Sikhs lost many of their holiest shrines forever in the making of Pakistan.Nankana Sahib is to Sikhs what Mecca Mukarmah is to Muslims.I read an article on the internet on how the small community of Sikhs is treated there by local shop keepers.Some shop keepers refuse to serve them.I saw picture of a tea shop where two separate glasses were kept for Sikh customers.Yet Sikhs have moved on,it was the will of almighty God.We are happy now just to go there as yatris like muslim brothers and sisters go to Hajj and Ummrah.

    Lastly whatever you may feel the correct narrative is on Bangladesh remember one
    thing Indian and many Pakistani films are doing untold damage to our communities
    where ever we may live.I do not agree with you that Pakistanis are brain washed.
    I find them very patriotic proud and in tune with the Pakistani narrative sometimes what i consider to be the wrong one. Salam.Rabb Rakha!Recommend

  • Unknown

    :) Article with zero facts. Who were mukhti bani? Please elaborate.Recommend

  • Reddy

    There wouldn’t be1971 If not for the mass murders and rapes in East Pakistan by JI and Pakistan Army. Accept your mistakes and move on like Germany did.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Not to forget Pakistanis adopted Urdu, a dialect of Hindi, which even strengthens the soft power hold over Pakistan. The funny thing is Pakistan did it on its own accord.

    Had Pakistan felt proud of its own language, Bangladesh would never have been born.

    How funny a tiny light can ignite such a big fire. Who named Urdu the national language of Pakistan? He inadvertently set of a series of reaction which precipitated in the breakup of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    couldn’t agree more with you Nouman. But the irony is that the ET blog’s editorship let it publish!


  • Hassam Kafeel

    Great Article..Write a one on atrocities done by punjab on other provinces..specially Balochistan..Recommend

  • baig

    we are all entitled to our opinions -: case close.Recommend

  • vasan

    Everybody dies one day. So nothing about Zab, Indira or Mujeeb. Mujeeb may be a diff case. You forgot to mention the glorious surrender of Pak army under Tikka Khan and what punishment did he get. Still better will be if u read the Hamud ur rahman commission report which was never published by Pak like the Abbotabad commission report. They will throw more lights than Sarmilla bose.Recommend

  • vasan

    Pity you.Recommend

  • Field Marshal Robin

    Mukti Bhani are the people of Bangladesh who fight for their nation. And still now they are ready to serve their country.Recommend

  • N.Kaji

    1971 was not the only dark year in and for Pakistan.
    Since 1947 it is all dark years till today. And Islam will make it worse, … and the muslims will try to comfort themselves with typical muslim self-deceit and by blaming jews, USA and India.Recommend

  • wajid

    India trained Mukhti bahni millitants. Many Indian army officers crossed the East pakistan border and helped Mukhti Bahni. Bangladeshi Government in exile was also run from calcutta. I am not trying to defend the blunders made by the dictator yahya khan goverment but Indian also threw a fair share of petrol on the flames.Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    …”Hamud ur rahman commission report which was never published by Pak like the Abbotabad commission report????????

    …both reports are published and available by request through member of National Assembly member. Hamurd ur Rahman commission report was public way back in early 2000s in Musharaf Era.

    Ironically Both reports in their conclusion / recommendation established the fact that it was indeed a deliberate conspiracy harm the state.

    (PS Even the much touted Assembly Debate / Proceeding for Declaration of Qadyanis as Non Muslims is fully available….minute by minute)


  • Asad Khan

    not even 0.0000002%?

    Either you have shrewd sense of humor or you are an outright ignorant.

    Do not disgrace your military historians who themselves claim that India attacked East Pakistan with 8 Divisions and 10 Airforce Suqadrons and suffered causality as well while advancing.

    I think putting decimal to sixteen places right from where it is now would be the best to describe the India’s role in secession of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).


  • Nasratullah kenagzai

    Salman we are discussing our mistakes not others so I fully agree with you regading Kashmir but that is being done by another country. Author has hilighted what we did wrong in1971. I fear we repeating same and not learnt a lesson.Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Like it or not, what happened in 71 was a long and detailed plan executed by Indira Gandhi’s government with years in the making, regardless of how we treated our fellow countrymen this was no excuse to go on an all out war and commit treason by sleeping with the enemy. Awami League thugs unleashed hell on the streets of East Pakistan long before operation searchlightRecommend

  • Alann

    Do you have even one single proof of India sending terrorists in Balochistan? Pakistan has not provided even one single proof to India or anyone in the world about its accusations of India interfering in Balochistan. All that Pakistan’s politicians have done is accuse India of sending terrorists to Balochistan, because it helps them gain political favours from the Pakistani public. The above article is a good example of the wrong history Pakistanis have always been taught (and are still taught) by Pakistan’s rulers. Do proper research before simply blaming India just because your politicians told you to.Recommend

  • Umar Farooq

    Don’t say anything about islam if you dont know anything.
    Bangladesh separated from pakistan due to the interference of india. Now a days bangladesh is killing Jimatey islami leader to make indians happy. But Bangali love pakistani people even today and pakistani also and this is clear from the support of bangalis for pakistan team against india.And on the will of indians bangla govt. banned on carrying flag of some other country to the stadium.Recommend

  • Shakil Akhtar

    all the brothers/sisters underneath who have tried to put the blame on one or two people or to India or foreign powers are high;y influenced by the propaganda we have been through whist children….my suggestion read some history from neutral sources not indian or pakistani then u will know the facts, meet some bengali brothers….The injustices going on since Pakistan’s inception led to East Pakistan debacle not one instance or Yahya or ZAB they shud put the nail in the coffin..the persecution by West Pakistanis had been going on for ages since 47….in simple terms we couldnt sustain a poor far off country with thousands of KM of hostile India in between….Islam or no ISlam as a unifying factor….Recommend

  • Unknown

    Do you know all the old poetry including Galib’s one is in urdu. Even writen in urdu. So how Urdu become dialect of Hindi. In India your textbooks are teaching totally lie. Correct them please.Recommend

  • Unknown

    And where they get the training to fight against the army by the wayRecommend

  • Unknown

    By the way, who came first, mukhti bani or Bangladesh? If Mukhti bani then how they become people of Bangladesh :) Also please elaborate, who train them and Why?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    “Aap ka naam kya hai?”. I know HIndi. Do you know Hindi? I just spoke Hindi. Were you able to understand it?

    Isn’t it funny that so many Pakistanis know and understand and even can converse in Hindi if they meet an Indian?

    Even Wasim Akram comes to IPL and gives commentary in Hindi. So does Rameez Raja.

    Where did so many Pakistanis learn Hindi?

    Veena Malik and Ali Zafar have remarkably adjusted to a language they don’t speak, then. Katrina Kaif who doesn’t know Hindi that well, should emulate them..

    Do you know what a dialect is? There are dialects which do not resemble each other most of the time. Yet, they are the same languages.

    In the case of Hindi and Urdu, they mirror each other in so many ways. If they ARE different languages, I suggest all Pakistanis to list Hindi as “Languages I speak” section in their resumes.

    You know what: I will include Urdu too in my resume!

    Dude, who are you trying to hoodwink..Recommend

  • Queen

    Kindly read the following article before bashing Pakistan for no apparent reason. Pakistan is aware of India’s involvement in Balochistan in the same way as we are aware of India’s role in the Samjhota Express incident.


  • Roshan

    Mukti Bahini were bengali people from east Pakistan who revolted against west pakistanis because they always insulted them, ignored their development and when their leader won the elections, he was denied the chance to become PM. This resulted in revolt which was brutally suppressed by the government by massacre and mass rape. These atrocities took the revolt to a No Return and eventually they defeated Pakistani Army and won freedom.Recommend

  • Roshan

    Mukti Bahini included bengali army men and police men from east pakistan who were already trained.Recommend

  • amoghavarshaii

    whether India proactively or re actively divided Pakistan is NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT.
    Did India do what is best for Indians? If Yes, then Pakistanis complaining would be of no significance for us.
    Please check what India did before sending the army, there was exodus from Bangladesh of all(hindus/muslims) towards India, India had to face huge number of refugees, which we could not handle, so we had to get in, Get Involved to make sure we are safe.
    Remember, we did not take over any Bangladeshi territory.
    In fact pardoned 90,000 of you soldiers, showing grace in victory too, this is soft power.
    Back to future,
    Afghans are in Pakistan by millions, as refugees, why is your army not acting to stop and protect Pakistanis?
    Is there some other intentions of Pakistanis towards Afghans and there territory.
    Or Pakistanis do not love them sleves and there country?

    you need to learn from 1971 war and stop doing the same mistake in 2014.
    two areas, Afghanistan and Baluchistan? do something before you have some body else to blame again?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Lol! this is such a credible newspaper.LMAO Please furnish any neutral sources which say that Indian General admitted to conducting bomb blasts in PakistanRecommend

  • Unknown

    Where were their training camps? Please elaborate.Recommend

  • Unknown

    Who finance them? Who gave them the weapons? Who train them to kill innocent people and train them to show that Pak army doing all those things that were actually being done by Mukhti bani? Who were master mind behind all that? Please elaborate.Recommend

  • Unknown

    All the civilians and army men from east Pakistan were in love with Pakistan and still love Pakistan with few exceptions. Why people are being hanged in Bangladesh these days? Why Bangladeshi being stopped to bring Pakistani flags in the stadium? Why they were beaten to death by Police on roads of Bangladesh last year (videos all over the internet)? Please elaborate.
    If they were all original bengali army men and police men then why this is happening till today? They were all thugs and terrorists trained by India, my dear. Can you please tell us what Indian prime minster had said after the war? If they were all bengalies then why those words, please elaborateRecommend

  • Sid

    Stating from your own news paper is not smart at all. As Alann mentioned, how come Pakistan has not dragged India to UN with material proof ? Just words and wishful thinking doesn’t cut.Recommend

  • Sid

    Another example from history text books of Pakistan. You were not even born back than, but you state with a confidence of a witness.Recommend

  • Sid

    American text book does. It has spoke about most if not all it’s mis calculations in history. They do not hide details and embarrassing facts. If you are not aware then hear this, in USA all national secrets on sensitive information becomes public after 25 yrs. Which allows people to look back at historical event and correct or confirm their narrative.
    As again, Pakistanis thinking is that if world is a thief it’s ok to be caught in act of theft.Recommend

  • Sid

    Next time sir, we will try our best to print pages from your history text books and ten non Pakistani non Indian history records across the world and let you do your own research. How about that ? Since I can clearly see that your skill with computers is just to write comment and how tedious it is google up and read facts.

    Have you heard of a site called wikipedia ? This articles on this site is not influenced by governments but all the references they print in the bottom. Ofcourse your government did not even publish Hamoodur Rahman Commission’s report on Bangladesh war crimes.

    Worry not, Pakistanis only thrive when living in denial. Truth is too hard for them.Recommend

  • Sid

    And of course sir you have all facts and no prejudices to support what you claimed above. Do you see the Pakistani pattern here ?Recommend

  • Sid

    Politically and Strategically speaking I would agree that India may have been involved. But it only tapped the domino laid by Pakistanis themselves.Recommend

  • Pakistanis do tend to take a historical view of East Pakistan’s separation and think of it as the culmination of two and a half decades of mismanagement, discrimination, disenfranchisement, and exploitation. Of course it’s not surprising that they focus less on the military crackdown and more on the national mistakes that led to it, seeing as how they are still Pakistanis.

    No one thinks of the deaths as trivial, however. Not of Bengalis, and not of the West Pakistani civilians who were caught in the mayhem.

    You can go on hating and generalizing as you see fit about a whole country from your blinkered position, but as a young Pakistani, I can tell you that 2/3rd of our country is under-40 and 98% are under-65: we have no recollection for the most part of living with an eastern wing or being part of a unified India. We are Pakistanis first and foremost. India is thought of as a generally hostile country on the eastern border, and Bangladesh is just another distant regional country which is also Muslim. Don’t waste your energies on sulking anymore. Pakistanis have moved on, so should you. However, in the interest of mutual patching up, I am all for both countries acknowledging the specific wrongs of the liberation war and moving on.Recommend

  • Urdu is a dialect of Hindi? Jesus Christ!Recommend

  • More like “Abay, naam kya hai tera” if you ask me!

    Also, why don’t you listen to your parliamentary speeches or Doordarshan news casts and then tell me what (at least modern official) Hindi sounds like with all its guttural Sanskrit? I wouldn’t be able to make any sense of the official version at all. Of course there’s no hard line that divides one language from the other. Both are mutually intelligible in their popular use at least; Urdu is not an original language after all. It was born relatively recently at the intersection of lots of different Muslim and regional linguistic traditions.Recommend

  • That’s actually not true. Curriculum development in the US is typically driven by elected community education boards, the largest of which is the one in Texas. It has been accused multiple times of inserting a conservative bias in the textbooks it designs and approves. And because it’s the largest Board of Education, it impacts textbooks used in smaller states across the US who don’t develop their own curricula. This is actually a very heated issue. Know before you speak:


  • Gary

    It is interesting to note how the writer has just skimmed over what parts were left out of the books and just talked generally.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    You haven’t learned your history in school properly. If you are in Australia go to a public library and follow these steps:

    1. Open a google browser.
    2. Type in 1971 liberation war in Bangladesh in the search button.
    3. If not satisfied with your search engine, please seek help of the librarian who will be more than glad to school you in academic searches.

    Conclusion : if you have done your research work correctly, you will come to conclusion Bengalis were the victims and west wing Pakistan govt were the perpetrators.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Anoop – Sanskrit is the root language for many of the south asian languages. Urdu is an amalgamation of Hindi and Farsi, with some derived vocabulary from Arabic. In a way you are correct it can be classified as a dialect of Hindustani Hindi. Urdu is 500 years old language and Hindi at least 2000 years old. Recommend

  • Junaid

    Hey don’t drag us into this :) (Australia)Recommend

  • Junaid

    We should definitely pull out the army from any of the parts of our own country, whether it be Balouchistan, FATA or Karachi (Rangers). Empower the police.Recommend

  • Field Marshal Robin

    Listen Bangladesh Declare indipendence in 26th march and mukti bahini establish in 17th April. So mukti bahini is the people of Bangladesh. Yes India trained mukti bahini and yes they want Bangladesh should be calibrate because it will weaken Pakistan. But who were the responsible for the war, who organized operation search light, killing 25000 innocent people in one night. Pakistan Government did this. Pakistan Goverment and West Pakistan people do not think us as Pakistani. General Yahya told that “I do not want Bengali People, I only want Land of Bangla”Recommend

  • BanglaBoy

    ►Pakistanis have moved on, so should you. ◄

    You clearly haven’t moved on, if you are still discussing it here ☺.

    But of course it is easier for you to move on, you didn’t face mass slaughter in your own country from a foreign external enemy.

    If that day ever comes, you will surely see how easy it is to “move on”, perhaps 40 years from there.Recommend

  • Redowan Ahmed Niloy

    But you have to admit,the the then politician had created the field depriving us in all forms of lives.Recommend