Pakistan beyond Bin Laden

Published: March 25, 2014

Perhaps if Washington DC was able to provide significant proof in order to place blame on Pakistani authorities, Gall’s article would have been a more effective read. PHOTO: AFP

In her most recent article in The New York Times, Carlotta Gall, has shunned the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and military establishment of Pakistan in an attempt at assessing the troublesome relationship between Pakistani institutions and Islamic extremists.

The article titled “What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden” explicitly accuses the ISI of harbouring Islamic extremists for its own selfish reasons, with a special mention of Osama bin Laden who she believes had been under the protection of the ISI until he was killed during the raid on his compound in Abbottabad in 2011.

Considering the blatancy with which Gall points fingers in her writing, it is no surprise that the article had been censored in Pakistan and the local print copies of the paper appeared with a large blank space on their cover page. The censorship of the article has created an international reaction to the undemocratic ways in which Pakistan frequently curtails freedom of speech and expression. However, whether accusations such as those made by Gall in her article should be allowed to malign the reputation of sovereign institutions in Pakistan, without any proof of truth in them, creates room for questions as to which one of the two parties are in the wrong.

Even three years after the death of Bin Laden, heaps of unanswered questions continue to pile up about the circumstances in which he was located in Pakistan; no substantial proof has been uncovered that can be used to implicate the ISI and yet Gall does. In an article by Peter Bergen, CNN’s National Security Analyst, he responds to Gall’s accusations by writing,

“If the US government had any evidence that the Pakistanis were knowingly sheltering bin Laden, as Gall claims, why cover this up?”

In saying this, Bergen brings up an excellent point.

If the United States is convinced that Pakistani authorities played an active role in sheltering Bin Laden, they should provide concrete evidence in order to help Gall in making her claims more credible since “What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden” seems to be an inaccurately subjective narrative of historical events in Pakistan, at this point.

The censorship of Gall’s article from the locally distributed copies of the International New York Times has resulted in hostile reactions with American assumptions that the article was forcefully brought down by Pakistani authorities because they have something to hide. As can be seen, the article remains available to the public via the internet and if the government was involved, the article would be banned in Pakistan by now.

Pakistan has nothing to hide and they registered their protest by not running a piece that so severely lacked evidence. Perhaps if the piece did not lack substantial proof, its poor editorial content and credibility would not have been questioned and, it would have been published in Pakistan.

This is not the first time the Pakistani intelligence service and military establishment have been accused of extending help to Bin Laden without solid proof. In a politically unstable country such as Pakistan, where institutional rivalry has become an underpinning political theme, accusations such as these serve to weaken the political structures present within the country.

Perhaps if Washington DC was able to provide significant proof in order to place blame on Pakistani authorities, Gall’s article would have been a more effective read. However, without solid evidence in a conflict as such, it is destabilising to the country for its political institutions to be internationally questioned in this manner.

Not only have these allegations created concerns amongst the international community with regards to the reputations and intentions of the ISI, one of the world’s finest intelligence services, and Pakistan’s military, but also within the country itself as Pakistani citizens become increasingly disillusioned and begin to doubt the credibility of their own institutions, hence resulting in vast uncertainties about Pakistani intentions and national sovereignty.

Mira Hussain Haqqani

Mira Hussain Haqqani

Mira is a first-year undergraduate student at The Johns Hopkins University where she is double-majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a special focus on South Asian and Middle Eastern politics. Mira aspires to serve as a diplomat and a member of the Pakistani Parliament. She tweets @mhaqqani (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • water bottle


    Your loyalty to ISI and Pak army is admirable.

    But if you were a true patriot and your intentions had the honesty of the size of a sesame seed, then you should be asking questions to your government to thoroughly and honestly investigate the involvement of IsI in protecting and providing for Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists.

    Instead by questioning the US, you have showed your loyalty to your country’s two institution at the expense of truth.

    Pakistan is a failing country, which many predict to have horrible fate in the decades to come.

    And in such a situation, any country needs introspection and soul searching.

    Your writing does the opposite. It says, “ISI do what you want to do and we Pakistanis will blindly support you.”

    Funny, Pakistanis keep talking about revolution. You see, revolution happens to those who are honest, brave and original.

    Pakistanis do not have the courage to look at themselves in the mirror.

    If I were you, I would be writing, “instead of censoring the truth, conduct a fair investigation of all top army officers and ISI officials of the time and bring the corrupt to justice.”

    Well, good for my country that I am not you.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Let’s see, “the ISI, one of the worlds finest intelligence services”, didn’t notice the largest private security compound with meters of Pakistan’s premier military academy in Abbottabad! Being a high security military cantonment, anything going on in Abbottabad was subject to rigorous security checks, but the largest private security compound (safe house???) was somehow “overlooked”!!!!
    Perhaps you should read the some 337 page long Abbottabad Commission Report that is readily available on AlJazeera (though suppressed in Pakistan which “has nothing to hide”) for obvious clues as to where Pakistan has everything to hide!!!!Recommend

  • Sane

    Pakistan had Bin Laden and now has Malaysian Plane too. Need to have sense.Recommend

  • knightridrr

    Okay you want investigation to be conducted everytime article with sources named “X, Y and Z” is published in a newspaper which has a history of circulating lies. Remember Obama admitted to being conned by media about presence of “weapons of mass destructions” in Iraq? You seem to be a believer of conspiracy theories so how about a theory that Osama was killed in 2001? How about Abbotabad raid was a hoax just to clear path for bringing soldiers back to US? Don’t believe anything until there is a substantial proof!Recommend

  • annony

    The newyork times is the gold standard of investigative journalism, almost 9000 copies of this article were blacked out by the ISI just that alone is enough to tell you how insecure they are.

    If that isn’t enough, the missing journalist who try to uncover such links (there is a list), the fact that everyone from Bin Laden to Khalid Sheikh Muhammad to Ramsee were caught right here in Pakistan (the latter let free at a Mc Donalds) and the fact that these organisations are allowed to hold rallies across pakistan where they PUBLICLY endorse terrorism is enought to let any Pakistani get its head out of the sand.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Mira, former Pakistani Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani has been saying the same things. Read his book “Magnificent Delusions” or listen to him speak on YouTube or NPR. Hussain Haqqani has called for a full accountability about who knew what about the presence of OBL in Pakistan. He is a true patriot that has the best interests of his country at heart. Recommend

  • mashaal

    this article doe not make any sense except that a Pakistani studying and living in US try to show her loyalty may be for getting a good job in future as a diplomat.Recommend

  • water bottle

    That’s funny, you have time to write a piece denouncing it as baseless but you don’t want to write a piece asking for investigation? That too for your own good?

    What does that prove? That you have blind faith in ISI?

    You are talking obscurantist nonsense. Are you suggesting the concern that ISI had a hand in Osama’s hiding as a conspiracy theory?

    The world’s most wanted man lives few hundred feet from one of the most secure areas in the country and you don’t doubt how he remained there? That’s called blind faith.

    Again, like I said, your blind faith in your country’s institutions has brought your country to the brink of failing. Good, keep it going and see where your country will be in the years to come.

    If it pertains to my country, I would press for investigation.

    I would equally say to an American to push for his country to investigate why Osma bin Laden was not captured alive and why he was killed? Why he was dumped in the sea? If this is a cold blooded murder, then the person who committed it, the president of US, should be tried for murder.Recommend

  • water bottle

    I believe Mira is Hussain Haqqani’s daughter.Recommend

  • water bottle

    That’s funny, you have time to write a piece denouncing it as baseless but you don’t want to write a piece asking for investigation? That too for your own good?

    What does that prove? That you have blind faith in ISI?

    You are talking obscurantist nonsense. Are you suggesting the concern that ISI had a hand in Osama’s hiding as a conspiracy theory?

    The world’s most wanted man lives few hundred feet from one of the most secure areas in the country and you don’t doubt how he remained there? That’s called blind faith.

    Again, like I said, your blind faith in your country’s institutions has brought your country to the brink of failing. Good, keep it going and see where your country will be in the years to come.

    If it pertains to my country, I would press for investigation.

    I would equally say to an American to push for his country to investigate why Osma bin Laden was not captured alive and why he was killed? Why he was dumped in the sea? If this is a cold blooded murder, then the person who committed it, the president of US, should be tried for murder.Recommend

  • water bottle

    I believe Mira is Hussain Haqqani’s daughter.Recommend

  • Nouman

    It is a disgrace to sell your country and oneself while acting as an ambassador. Also , its lowest of the low who jump bails and fail to honour their promise to court. Nothing personal, its all in the game.Recommend

  • Agnostic Muslim

    The ‘Gold Standard of investigative journalism’ remains ‘journalism that is backed by credible facts and sources’ – Irrespective of the NYT’s past endeavors and reputation, the fact remains that Carlotta Gall’s piece severely lacks the aforementioned ‘credible facts and sources’ in support of her conclusions/allegations against the ISI/PA.Recommend

  • Agnostic Muslim

    Since when does the ISI go around ‘investigating’ every ‘large residence constructed within an arbitrary distance of a military academy’? That said, if you have followed the reports around the construction of the residence, they do indicate that law enforcement looked into the compound and its owners when it was being constructed and found no ‘red flags’ (hint: the owner of the compound was not listed as one Osama Bin Laden or any of his known associates).Recommend

  • Agnostic Muslim

    You are conflating two different issues in your haste to bash Pakistan and criticize Mira – the issue Mira is addressing here is that of the unsubstantiated allegations made in Carlotta Gall’s article. Mira has correctly pointed out the flaws in Gall’s piece. Now, with that said, the issue YOU mention here (the need for a thorough Pakistani investigation into the OBL fiasco) is an important one, and should also be supported by Pakistanis, but one does not have to be at the expense of the other.Recommend

  • tman

    haha this is one of the funniest articles I have ever readRecommend

  • Abbas

    Gold standards? Well there are lot of contradictions in that golden article.
    Anything that spreads venom against Pakistan should be blacked out.
    Your definition of terrorism is USA defined. ISI is much less notorious than CIA , Mossad or RAW. Get your facts right. Recommend

  • Rashid Hussain

    Lol. This is Hussain haqqani, the traitor himself posting. Recommend

  • naeem khan

    is she the daughter of hussain haqqani???????????Recommend

  • AliA

    This is a brilliantly written article! I want to thank Mira for shedding light upon an issue of which we were only hearing one side of the story. The NYT article is not at all credible as you comment. Creating doubts about our internal institutions is exactly what external forces want, so we need to stop giving them that. It breaks my heart to see people hating on the Pakistani army and ISI – they are the symbols of national pride. People blaming the army for such things should be aware that no story is one-sided and that they should open themselves up to hearing things they don’t like to hear as well. It is obvious that the OBL raid was all a set up so that the army could be framed.
    The fact that the article was censored doesn’t show that they are insecure, but that they are trying to prevent public opinion from becoming disillusioned as a result of silly articles published which have no proof to back them up!Recommend

  • Gratgy

    I guess Mira Hussain Haqqani is former Ambassador Haqqani’s youngest daughterRecommend

  • CuteKitty

    You go girl! Americans think they can come to our country and bully us like they own the place. They want to make Pakistan another Afghanistan and they don’t leave us alone because of our location. They need to stop treating us like their slaves and as equal partners instead. They can’t just go and write such articles that attack Pakistan. We’ve survived this long and all their efforts to damage our country, we will come out of this stronger than ever.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Pointless writing on this subject as the truth will NEVER be known……..but common sense is difficult to deceive.
    When I read your name and the article, I was forced to smile.
    Keep writing because you write well……but chose your topics carefully.Recommend

  • AliA

    The Pakistani Army works in the interests of our country!Recommend

  • luhar

    She is his daughter :)Recommend

  • AliA

    Why is ET not posting my comments?Recommend

  • manfromatlan

    Are you in any way related to Hussein Haqqani, the former ambassador to Washington D.C.? If so, given his um, bias towards ISI, should this not have been disclosed?Recommend

  • James Malish

    …Pakistan has nothing to hide and they registered their protest by not running a piece that so severely lacked evidence….
    Nice joke, i am going to file this blog in my ‘humor’ folder.Recommend

  • AliA

    “Good for my country that I am not you”….so what you’re saying is that she’s not good for the country because she doesn’t just believe what any random source tells her to blindly believe? That’s pathetic.

    Good for my country that people like her still exist and have sane opinions about the way Pakistan is being toyed with in the international community.

    As a Pakistani, I am proud of my institutions and without proof, no one has a right to question them. Recommend

  • AliA

    Very well said!Recommend

  • Mansoor Ali

    I have sent my comment twice but mods have not ‘approved’ them. All I can see here is negative comments. It’s shameful that a bright young girl is being discouraged by negative comments. What’s ET’s agenda anyway? Support Pakistan and get bashed by fake comments. It’s disgusting. ET, I understand your love with NYT but too much bias will damage your whatever little credibility you have. Recommend

  • sexton blake

    I suppose we will have to tolerate numbers love affair with an OBL, 337 page report for ever. He never mentions the lack of hard evidence such as DNA, video footage, or better still a body. Numbers will always maintain that the ISI were naughty and harbored OBL. Unfortunately for numbers I do not think the ISI chief is about to have a mental breakdown anytime soon.Recommend

  • AliA

    Why does it matter whose child she is or isn’t? As far as I know she should be able to have her own independent point of view. It is because of people like you who identify others as being related to someone that there is a remote possibity that Bilawal will one day be the leader of Pakistan. Recommend

  • Faheem

    If she is Husain Haqqani’s daughter then she deserves more appreciation. She has to prove to be a patriot to join politics. Wish her success. Recommend

  • Parvez

    A quick Google search says YES.Recommend

  • water bottle

    You are talking as if this is the first time someone has accused ISI of hiding Osama.

    There have been plenty of allegations. Perhaps no concrete proof because in such cases it’s not easy to get adequate proof.

    That’s why honest Pakistanis must push their government to investigate it thoroughly.

    Instead, I see here, mostly blind support for ISI, which ( along with the army) has been responsible for the downfall of Pakistan.

    But, wait a minute, honest Pakistani? That’s species on extinction. Once the Hoodbhoys and Asmas are gone, there will be none left.Recommend

  • Sanjarani

    Brilliantly written article by a teenager.
    She is Pakistan’s daughter.
    Mira, don’t get discouraged by losers’ comments. It’s a very well argued article. Recommend

  • Arsalan Shafiq

    This means you only read najam Sethi , Hussain haqqani and likes. I don’t blame you. Most fake liberals enjoy Pakistan bashing. Recommend

  • Shafiq

    She shouldn’t be judged on who her father is. She is an intelligent individual, sounds very assertive at such young age. We should judge her on her own abilities. Way to go, Mira. Recommend

  • NA

    Thank you, Mira, for finally doing what Pakistanis just can’t seem to do: standing up for your country. I have rarely seen my countrymen defend the land they live off, and your patriotism is a breath of fresh air amongst a people long gone stale with the eagerness to believe the worst of Pakistan. As you can see from the comments in this article, you’re still in the minority. Stand strong! Many of us are behind you.Recommend

  • Momina

    She is a first year undergrad student. Must be a teenager. She has a long way to go before she can be a diplomat. Wish you could argue in a better way. Rise above your bias, whatever it is. Recommend

  • Lalit

    if i were the Osama and had to choose a place to hide…..doorstep of a hostile army cantonment would be my last choice unless.
    1.i am convinced that those running the affairs are with me and won’t touch me and save me.
    2.i am sure about the incompetence of those running the affairs.Recommend

  • wajid

    Since you have so much faith in New york times investigative journalism, New york times has many stories on kashmir. you should also accept the attrocities committed by Indian government in kashmir.Recommend

  • Lalit

    the state of your country proves your assumption right.Recommend

  • knightridrr

    You are firing blanks here. I am not denouncing anything I am just questioning the credibility of the sources by Ms. Gall.

    You don’t want me to blindly put my faith on ISI and blindly trust Ms. Gall? Perfect example of double standards.

    Yes I’ll think of this article by Ms. Gall as a conspiracy theory UNLESS I AM GIVEN ENOUGH PROOF.Recommend

  • Alina

    If this article makes no sende to you, i think that suggests more about you than the article itself or the writer. Your argument against her is PERSONAL and therefore not an argument at all. the fact that someone can be so politically sound and aware at such a young age makes me happy that ignorant people like yourself will one day be brought to your senses by them. She’s done a great job and I can say this because I don’t read the ET since its articles are so biased against Pakisan. In fact I am surprised this blog was even posted since it actually makes sense! If anything Mira has helped ET gain pea sized amounts of crediibility. Unlike Mira, you don’t have an argument and if i were you I would keep my ignorance to myself.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    How about eye witnesses which include OBL wife’s? At some point in time common sense has to prevail over anti American blather.Recommend

  • amoghavarshaii

    @author, I am an Indian, If Dawood was hiding in Heart of Delhi next to Army training camp and was found out by US or other country and killed, without our PM/chief of army or chief of all the intel agencies (RAW/IB/MI etc.,),
    I would have made sure that all above PM/chief of army/chiefs of intel are Fired and arrested for high treason.
    The catch is, I here means common citizens of India and
    I should consider Dawood a traitor.

    Rest you have written is good story about two articles one from your favorite other from some one whom u do not care about.Recommend

  • Alizeh Faisal Haq

    Criticizing the writer is extremely uncalled for. Just because someone may or may not be related to Hussain Haqqani, does not mean they have to share their views. The comments on this article disgust me because they shoe the archaic times we live in in which people are identified and judged for who they’re related to rather their own individuality and points of view.Recommend

  • Ali Kazmi

    Dear Mira.

    We salute you for writing this. Gall’s article does not bring forward any solid evidence, but you have to understand that Pakistan bashing is very popular these days, so she will be selling a lot more books now, especially across border from us, which I guess is one of the reasons for writing such an article. I personally don’t think if BBC, CNN and NYTimes print something that does not mean directly mean it is 100% fact based?

    While we are taking about that I think as a Pakistani I would like the US to show me the evidence of OBL being in Pakistan in the first place. Do they want us to believe everything they say about us?

    On a different note, I pity the Pakistan bashing Indian and non-Indians alike. They will not let any article on our newspapers (or for that matter any newspaper/social media etc) go without bringing their negative influence there and liking all the negative comments. That’s how much they would like us to fail but let me tell you guys once for all; no matter what happens, we will make Pakistan a peaceful country, we will work and make it a successful developed country. No matter how many times a day you dream about it, we will not let it fail. We are also very proud of our institutions like the ISI and Pakistan Army. As the big guy himself said “Nothing can undo Pakistan”

    Pakistan Zindabaad.Recommend

  • Alizeh Faisal Haq

    Reading this article was like a breath of fresh air to me. Mira has written a well-argued article that shows the world Pakistan’s dilemma from the Pakistani point of view. I?m pretty sure that’s why she’s being criticized. She’s Pakistani, which other point of view would she present in her article? Seeing the comments that are continuously bashing the article and personally targeting her disgust me. I hadn’t thought it was possible for people to judge others based on whom they’re related to. I then realized this is Pakistan and that we live in somewhat archaic times where people are known to be successful or not depending on who their parents or grandparents are. Most comments on this page suggest that Pakistanis want a change in the way the country is run, but I fail to see how bashing Mira is helping them achieve that because they seem to be no different from those people in Sindh or Punjab who will blindly vote for Bilawal or Maryam Nawaz because of their personal affiliations. The ET is known to advocate fake liberalism in the country and in doing do is hurting the country by giving people a reason to target those who are working to protect it.Recommend

  • Stanif

    The state of our country will not stay the same. It will change when our politicians stop selling their souls to bidders.
    We will never give up hope when we have youth like Mira. Recommend

  • Taimoor Khalid

    Most secured area, lol. Abbottabad has a Military academy that trains 18 years old kids, 3 regimental centres that are used for ceremonial purposes, one Army Public School and one CMH. It hardly has any presence of MI (Military counter and operational intelligence agency) and ISI (Federal External intelligence agency). If OBL was there than it is a failure of the local SHO, SDPO, DPO, Special Branch (Intelligence agency of Provincial Police) and Intelligence Bureau (Federal Counter and Security Intelligence agency). But as it’s a fashion and people will consider you “cool” if you’ll bash army and ISI, so we are habitual of blaming them for things they are not even responsible for. Secondly, I doubt that anyone of you have ever seen a safe-house of any of our 26 intelligence agencies, they are just like one of the houses in any residential area, they are not like having an Aiwan-e-Sadar sort of a palace in Machar colony (OBL compound was exactly the same) because the purpose is to get camouflage instead of getting highlighted.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    I suppose we have to tolerate Sexton Blake’s delusions of denial, ignoring the presence of Osama bin Laden’s wives, children and grandchildren at the compound (all without Pakistani visas by the way)! Let’s see we have Khairiah (third Saudi wife), Siham (forth Saudi wife), Amal (fifth Yemeni wife), along with 5 minor children of Osama and Amal, along with 4 bin Laden grandchildren.
    This information is available in detail on Wikipedia under “Death of Osama bin Laden”! ALL were present in the compound after the raid, and most were interviewed at length by multiple Pakistani authorities (confirming Osama bin Laden’s presence) as reported in many Pakistani news outlets such as ET!Recommend

  • Abs

    The ISi didnt know Bin Laden was hiding there, just like they didnt know the CIA had a safe house in the same area. If they knew one they would know both.

    Houses in Pakistan are not searched! And until recently a record of who lives in a house or rents a house were not recorded. If Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Such an impressive piece of work by a talented young writer! Mira is making Pakistan proud of her. I hope that you will stay committed to coming back home to fix things with the knowledge you are receiving at the great university you attend.Recommend

  • Sajjad H Syed.

    After reading this piece, I can safely say our future is in safe hands.
    Proud of Mira. Recommend

  • Sara Khalid

    Good to see your argument here.
    What about Narindera Modi, the butcher of Muslims of India and obsessed with Pakistan ? Are you guys not going to elect a murderer whose key election campaign is based on spreading hatred for Pakistan and Muslims? What’s the difference between The Taliban and RSS? Not to mention the human rights violation in Kashmir.
    Truth is always bitter. Recommend

  • Rehan Ahmad

    Just like America didn’t know WTC was going to be hit by a hijacked airplane.
    Intelligence failures do happen. Only if most readers here knew Bin Laden’s sore relations with Musharaf and ISI they wouldn’t have blamed ISI. I agree that there might be a rogue element within ISI but their conduct as individuals or misuse of official authority is NOT ISI’s official baggage. Recommend

  • lala gee

    correct, they should ban the judicial commission report also to prevent public opinion going against ISI and army. Has Pakistan ever conducted an honest enquiry in its history… 1971 war and break up of Pak… 1999 kargil war… 2008 Mumbai attack….Recommend

  • Anjaan

    Why is it … that every time there is a scandal involving Pakistan … be it Dr AQ Khan’s nuke-Mart, the Pakistani gunmen killing civilians in Mumbai , or OBL living right within Pakistani army garrison for six long years … the onus of providing evidence lies with the international community, and not Pakistan … ?? !!Recommend

  • Bilaawalshah

    One Foreign Minister coming right up…clearly has the brains and the looks. That last name though.

    You have my support, Mira, I’m so proud that we still have voices that will speak up against what is wrong. Ignore people criticizing you for not being a traitor. Even they know there is truth in what you write and whether or not they admit to that is their problem, not yours :)Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Not many people are brave enough to do what Mira has done. Her country is her number one priority it seems. Good for her and for Pakistan!Recommend

  • Bilawal Shah

    Express Tribune is promoting fake liberal agenda to create chaos in the country and create divisions which will destroy Pakistan. It seems that they only posted this article to bring it down, but I am so happy that many other Pakistanis like Mira think like us and won’t let the Quaid down.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Is there anyone in Pakistan who is ”supposedly” not selling himself to highest bidders.Pakistani Cricketers are often accused by the supposed fans for being sold out specially after every match they lose to India.Pakistani leaders are second most favorites with a sold loyalty to a host of foreign nations from India to US to Iran to what not.even journalists,Professors,Generals,Doctors and Scientists are supposedly up for sale.the truth is every Pakistani feels that everyone except him or her are sold out or are at least potential turn-coats. this state of Paranoia is becoming deeper by the day.i agree with you that the state of your country will not remain the same.the only problem is i see it becoming grimmer in coming days,unless of course, a course correction is done.Recommend

  • Desi guy

    What has Pakistan to do with Mumbai? Their own officer said it was an inside job. It was hushed later but it’s on record. Break up of Pakistan was everyone’s fault not only army’s. Bhutto was big time responsible. You sound like Hamid Mir. Recommend

  • Desi guy

    Your comment clearly shows you live off Wikipedia which any one edit. Can’t argue with wikepedians so I quit. :DRecommend

  • Amal

    Pakistan bashing has become a status symbol for fascist liberals. Proud to see people defending the country and it’s institution.
    Long live my country. Recommend

  • Umar

    Very shocked that the ET has posted something worth reading for the first time. All their other articles are just horrible. Well done on a well written piece of journalism. As many readers have already said, bashing Pakistan, the ISI and the army has become a new fashion – a pathetic one. Such people should be ashamed to call themselves Pakistani because they don’t have the courage to speak up against those who benefit from instability in Pakistan. I ask them only one question: “What are you getting from bashing your own country?” At the end of the day, you won’t have a country if you continue to do this and that will be your loss and your fault!

    It makes me happy to see that this article is one of the top blogs on ET right now because it addresses the truth.Recommend

  • Umar

    Mashallah and Inshallah! Mira, you make us so proud.Recommend

  • Umar

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. How can you say something like that before thinking it through? Do you have any idea what an honour it is to represent Pakistan at such a brilliant institution? You probably can’t even imagine what this child has achieved in a few years. The fact that her heart is still in Pakistan, her home country, even though she is thousands of miles away is admirable. She is a first year student, that means she’s roughly 18. I’m pretty sure not every 18 year old can pull off something like this, so instead of accusing her of being an opportunist, maybe you should appreciate her for how well she argues like she did in this article to defend her country. Recommend

  • Saleha

    translated this article to my grandmother because she cannot read English.

    Her reply was: “Shukar hai kissi ko tou apna mulk pyaara hai”

    Thank You, Mira.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    The only person in the world who can humanize former ambassador to the US.Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    You go around filing people’s blogs?Recommend

  • Mhdjan

    Benazir Bhutto Part Two? Recommend

  • Guest

    It also has Santa Clause and Elvis Presley.Recommend

  • Mujtaba

    I’m equally shocked. Her parents should be proud of her. I salute them for raising a child so articulate.
    I agree that she is the true daughter of the soil.
    Well done , Mira. Recommend

  • Zia Farooqi

    This girl has a promising political career. It’s written on the wall. Best of luck and thank you for standing by Pakistan. Bashing Pakistan has become a status symbol in this country but people like Mira will make us proud, I’m sure. Recommend

  • Sputnik

    Where is the root of cricket corruption? It’s. INDIA.
    Please, look in your own giriban than accuse others. India is Rapistan. We have problems, I agree but font judge us based on your Bollywood inspired media reports. India doesn’t want a stable Pakistan and that’s why they have 29 consulates working in Afghanistan.
    Your country is responsible for what is happening here. Leave us alone and we shall solve our problems. Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Proud daughter of Pakistan.
    Way to go Mira. You should also read about RAW – Kabul nexus and write about it.
    Wish to see you in parliament as soon as possible.
    Stand up for your country. Recommend

  • Lalit

    do me a favor.solve a trivia for me.Half of Pakistan says TTP are Indian agents,guided, trained and funded by RAW.while half of the Pakistan finds them Islamic warriors who are committed to save Pakistan from corrupt politicians and a sold out Army. what are your views….Recommend

  • Agnostic Muslim

    I see no refutation on your part of the points made by Mira or myself – that Carlotta Gall’s article has unsubstantiated claims – just more Pakistan/Pakistani bashing …

    Questioning the veracity of allegations because of the lack of any credible evidence/sources supporting said allegations is not ‘blind support’, it is called ‘thinking rationally’.Recommend

  • Fiza

    Shabash Mira.
    You’re a star, a rising, shining star.
    It’s a tight slap on the ugly faces of anti Pakistan Pakistanis. Shame. Recommend

  • Trollmaster

    Hope she never associates herself with baby Zardari lolRecommend

  • Trollmaster

    It would be so funny if this was only from Bilawal hahahaRecommend

  • Noor

    Your jealous of her achievements at such a young age. She studied at the best schools like karachi grammar and is now in the US. Recommend

  • unbelievable

    His comment is also supported by every major newspaper on the planet … rather than “quit” .. how about supporting your position?Recommend

  • Niazi

    I am surprised to see how the ‘Pakistanis’ here are ready to buy what Gall has written and shun Mira for what sounds logical. Gall, you have to deal with our young gal first. I bet the poison you have written against Pakistan has been fed to you by najam Sethi and Hussain haqqani. Recommend

  • Mazhar Laghari

    Clap, clap, clap. This article is talk of the town at the moment. I just read it.
    I must thank ET for publishing (perhaps first) a pro-Pakistan article.
    Gall has clearly surmised.
    Mira, keep the passion alive. Defending your country us an honour. Youth like you’re a ray of hope when everything else looks bleak.
    Love your country. Recommend

  • Raza Ali

    I don’t think anyone can easily tell her what to do and I think that’s what this country needs. She’s a feisty one!Recommend

  • KlingOn2K

    Since the high-security compound that screamed “KEEP OFF” just around the corner of a high-security military academy did not list the owner as “Osama Bin Laden” you could let the ISI off the hook.Recommend

  • antanu

    recently a general from US had planted a theory that Malaysian airlines plane was hijacked to Pakistan. so most of such articles should be treated with disdain and dumped in dustbin. why discuss such reports/articles and give publicity?Recommend

  • Anushe Noor Faheem

    The question that can be raised is that how does Gall know about involvement if ISI in the protection.Well as a country it was important to ban the condemntion against them and if Galls accusion are still there then why aren’t any steos taken towards it ?

  • amoghavarsha.ii

    wow……good tangent of a question. What has modi got to do with OBL/Dawood. What has taliban got to do with RSS. RSS does not roam Indian streets with guns blazing, our army or police will not allow it, that is different matter. RSS does not impose there own form of hinduism, as taliban is doing for you guys. NO HINDU IS SCARED OF RSS. Can you say the same.

    any way, there is GALL article and there is this article both about OBL case. Both have no proof at hand to prove there point.

    Author is simply defending without proof and GALL accusing with our proof.
    But fact remains, two helicopters entered deep inside pakistan killed people and went back, without single return fire from ground or no chase too.
    Author needs to first know herself WHY THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE BULLET FIRED AGAINST THE INTRUDERS.Recommend

  • Kashif Magsi

    Looks like you’re more interested in Pakistan than your own country. Can Muslims of India say they’re not scared of RSS?
    Can you explain why India has 22 consulates in Afghanistan?
    Can you explain what are RAW’s activities on the land leased from Tajikistan? Can you explain why the province of Kunar in Afghanistan, where all TTP criminals are given official refuge, is so important for India? Can you explain why India is encouraging, funding and promoting terrorists in Balochistan?
    Unfortunately our leaders, our media and so called liberals have sold their souls for $$$ but it won’t last. Some 2 to 300 people won’t be able to implement what our enemies want. We are stronger than you think or you would have broken us into more pieces. We are resilient and inshAllah we will survive and survive beautifully.

  • James Malish

    Comparing RSS to taliban terrorist who destroyed our families lives in gojra!! Stop marrying first cousins!Recommend

  • Derwaish

    Water Bottle? And that too an empty one? Ghosh!!!Recommend