Hasan Nisar and nude beaches in Pakistan

Published: March 14, 2014

Nude beaches are un-Islamic and definitely not acceptable in our country; we, as Muslims, prefer using proxies on the internet!

A well-known journalist, Hasan Nisar was recently criticised by religious extremists and individual zealots from all over the country for a statement he made on a TV show. The most circulated interpretation of his statement has been that he suggested nude beaches in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

I won’t be surprised if the analyst regrets having said something like that in a country where a woman is not just a woman but an honour for her family, sometimes her neighbourhood and in the case of women like Dr Aafia Siddiqui and Veena Malik, for the entire country. From a liberal perspective, the suggestion has been appreciated behind closed doors and it’s obvious why this appreciation can’t make its way to the mainstream.

To be clear, what we’re discussing here is not just a woman. It’s the opinion that a sexually satisfied nation would have more room for progress than a sexually frustrated one. Before we go any further, let us understand sex a little better. Sex is a basic human need without a doubt, unless you’re asexual. And the ratio of asexuality is normally very low to be brought into discussion here.

We all feel hungry, thirsty and you can add a couple more abstract nouns that fit here. Similarly, we have a very basic need for sex and studies confirm that the fulfilment of this need is normally very healthy for us, just like the fulfilment of all other basic needs. It isn’t very difficult for a conscious mind to understand that an unfulfilled basic need can not only lead to bad but downright dangerous consequences.

Think about it.

If you keep a man away from water for a very long time, he wouldn’t refrain from drinking his own urine for the sake of survival.

You may call yourself a ‘proud Pakistani’ but here a woman is veiled, considered a lollipop and forced to believe that she is not supposed to have an identity.

Alas, it really is a shame that even a pet is taken outdoors for its enjoyment and leisure while a woman is an embarrassment if she gets out of the house. These fathers and brothers may refuse to understand the very natural ways of the law of attraction between a man and a woman but it doesn’t change the fact that the person locked in the house is as attracted to the opposite sex as them.

A woman is just as human as a man. So, why is a woman supposedly the one to stay at home? Why is a man supposedly the one to go out and make a living? It’s time we understand that this ‘honour thing’ is nothing but a burden to society. We need to make the world a better place to live in and freedom for all genders is necessary for that.

I’m sure you are wondering what all this has to do with Hasan Nisar’s suggestion.

Well, nude beaches are un-Islamic and definitely not acceptable in our country; we prefer using proxies on the internet instead!

Danish Nazeer

Danish Nazeer

A student, learner and a keen observer, he tweets as @IamDanishNazeer (twitter.com/IamDanishNazeer)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ahmed

    Just get married as soon as possible. Just like it is in Islam. If you don’t wana follow it then be happy bouncing like a pinball from one idea to another. Nothings gonna happen.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Great subject and I’m sure there will be loads of opinions. The one small point I wish to make is that on a national level when women’s issues are discussed, its always the male who has the say. For example the CII that made recommendations on second marriage etc, has not even one female on the panel………..does that make sense.Recommend

  • Karachiwala

    ooo Danish bhai…what you have put up here? nobody would understand what you just have said. even though you eat up the space in your piece by writing “Think About it” but i am sure 99.99% would take that as a typo.
    Pakistani society along with many south asians would not dare or have courage to think for a second that women are just like men (a human being).Recommend

  • Sana

    very well said, We are too ignorant to understand this very natural concept of sex desires..and if we logically get into deep observation we will realize how much we have damaged this so called religious culture by being of this opinion that OH SEx….thats bad…come on…sooner we realize lessen will be the crime around..Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali


  • koshur_batta

    well said, now try and apply for refugee status as right wing numnuts would like to teach you a thing or to.Recommend

  • Curious

    Your points are valid but doesn’t build the whole case. You may end up having similar feedback as Hassan Nisar did, because in our country there are too many who would respond without understanding the full context, and will extract what make sense only to them.

    Also, I don’t see a relevnace between nude beaches and what Hassan Nisar said. I think you failed to make that link clear.

    But overall, bravo!

    Now sit tight and wait for the feedback. :DRecommend

  • Mukhtaran

    Whats up with tribune asking kids to write articles.Recommend

  • pakiboy

    “If you keep a man away from water for a very long time, he wouldn’t refrain from drinking his own urine for the sake of survival”. Well I am sure many would die rather than resorting to this.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Hmmm, dare I say I love you for writing this… Young as I presume you are, you hit the nail on the head. Conservatives fail to understand that pretending like sexual needs or desires don’t exist will not simply make them go away; rather it leaves room for perversions. We’re all here because of sex and there’s nothing dirty or shameful about that. Zealots have managed to make sex a dirty word. Instead of women just being fellow humans with similar desires and needs, they are now an alien species to men – objects for men to lust after and there for not much else. This unhealthy environment will eventually implode until people loosen up a bit and understand that a sexually healthy nation is a happier nation (I know I’m opening the door up for arguments on that one, but I still feel this to be true). Anyways, good write up. Be prepared for the wrath of some. Cheers.

    P.S. ET Mods…you already know what my request will be :). Many thanks.Recommend

  • someone

    Many years ago, Osho said that porn should be shown in public and so much should be shown that people have no interest in naked bodies and then perhaps true love can emerge between man and woman. People in south Asia need that. So far, taboo on sex has not worked. Population explosion is result of that. May be we need radical ideas in south Asia.Recommend

  • The Blind Owl

    First it would be nice to see the whole show, in order to to see the context in which the alleged statement is placed. Judging by the clip I would guess the host or the other speaker propounded to Hassan nisar if we should emulate the immoral West, where nudity is the norm, in Pakistan (or something along those lines). Hence his response. He is not suggesting to open beaches and promote prostitution like the interpretation( read misrepresentation) of some fanatic Islamists, Hassan Nisar has having issues on the double standard of claiming moral superiority. Every immoral act that is happening in the West is happening in Pakistan behind closed doors. Hassan Nisar is saying that the West is open and honest about it and gives you freedom to engage in those activities or NOT, while in Pakistan prostitution is officially forbidden, but happens just as much and maybe even more, only not in the open. How can you claim to be moral superior and at the same time top the Google porn searches? Fanatics should really learn to read between the lines and not distort their opponents’ views, who in this case is criticising the hypocritical stance of many Pakistani.Recommend

  • Earth to Pakistan

    Completely manipulated cut and paste. His statement is blatantly taken out of context and substituted with another meaning by our more radical Muslim brothers.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/shail.arora.589 Shail Arora

    The word of the day is – befuddled.Recommend

  • Mz

    Hassan Nisar I respect your feelings but the thing is this that you are talking about nude beaches in the country where we have to use proxies if we want to open youtube, do you think it actually happen, Silly man Hassan Nisar :(Recommend

  • Pakistani Shehri

    I am very sorry, but it is hard for me to understand that how can you wake up and turn on the TV to hear that a college girl (rape victim) has burnt herself down in front of the police station. Do you guys not have a soul? Do you not want a society where your children are not target of lustful droolers?Recommend

  • Someone

    Do you guys not have a soul? Do you not want a society where your at least your own children are not target of lustful droolers?Recommend

  • Someone
  • Someone

    Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities, it’s not just about sex.Recommend

  • PostMan

    First thing first.. half of Pakistan would be standing on boundary of the beach trying to get a glimpse of anyone on the beach.

    Then someone will make a secret mobile video of beach.. then this video will be forwarded like hell to everyone who is anyone and they’ll say ‘This is Islamic republic of Pakistan!”, “What a shame! this is a Islamic country”- though they themselves will check the pics and videos first till their hearts content.Recommend

  • Guest

    Thank you for your responses. You guys are giving me a lot to learn from.Recommend

  • no name

    i agreed with what is said and it’s kinda whistle blower…i am amazed to see some body can think where people are just blind followersRecommend

  • Fahad

    If removing taboo on sex was the solution, The west would not see any sexual harassment cases, but it seems to be quite on the contrary.Recommend

  • Nobody

    The problem in your statement lies with the attitude people have when they hear of a rape survivor. The stigma is wrongfully attached to the woman in Pakistani society whereas the rapist more often than not roams freely, able to rape others. Something is wrong with a society when a rape survivor feels there is no other escape but death. And that problem will NOT be solved by restricting everything, keeping women immobile, covered up or hidden away, or continuing to segregate men and women.
    As far as not wanting a lustful society…. European nations are among the most open and free when it comes to nudity or semi nudity. The response to nude beaches there is not lustful oglers lining up to desperately catch a glimpse. It is normalized. People are so used to seeing one another it is no longer a big deal. Women are just people, just like men. Men do not run to these beaches and rape women left and right. They are desensitized to it and seeing a woman’s ankle or leg or belly does not turn them into lustful drooling animals ready to pounce.

    Nobody is saying the solution is to turn Pakistan into a European country because Pakistan has it’s own identity and culture; however, that culture needs to evolve a bit and cannot stay in the regressive and restrictive place it currently is. That stance is not helping anyone nor is it making Pakistan some magical utopia.Recommend

  • Nobody

    That attitude makes marriage seem like nothing more than an easy way to have sex available to one at all times. Very unhealthy stance.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Spot on. I for one an sick and tired of these old men sitting around making decisions for women, without so much as consulting. It’s insulting and degrading. I feel the same when old school republican men here in the US attempt to do the same. Difference here is women don’t stand for it and are active enough in the public sphere and politics to not have these decisions made for them by old men. Women in Pakistan need to take a similar stance. These guys are not going to hand them their rights on a silver platter and rather seem to be taking more and more of them away. When will enough be enough….Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    wow bold article. Yes please , I am all for bringing s*x out of the closet . Times are changing , so should we.Recommend

  • dr.jk

    instead of watching too much of youtube and tv, start reading Quran for a change.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    If you have a little knowledge of Islam, you would have known about the solution given in Islam about to satisfy your SEX need.
    There are always two ways to do things. One right and one wrong. Just like there is Halal food and there is Haram food. Both satisfy your hunger but one is permitted and one is not. In the same way there is also a correct way prescribed in religion to satisfy your this need.

    May ALLAH guide us to the right path!Recommend

  • H Q

    I believe Hasan Nisar and Danish Nazeer should endorse their views by taking women out nude on beaches in Karachi and let their admirers follow the trend. With Hasan Nisar saying it on TV and Danish Nazeer, the young apprentice of Nisar endorsing it on the blog, nothings going to change. Actions speak louder than words my “liberal” friends. Bring it on!Recommend

  • Malti Chaturvedi

    goa has nude beachessssssRecommend

  • Guest

    This is the first time that I’ve tried writing so you know I’ve still got a lot to learn.
    I’m loving the feedback and I’m very sure now that I’ll be writing more. Thank you.Recommend

  • WhoWasThatMaskedMan

    I thought marriage was more than just satisfying your sex needs.Recommend

  • Talha Khan

    thats the right answer for all. dont make it a fun for everyone. follow the rules even if its for sex or for family or games or for sitting in a restaurant.Recommend

  • Ajnabi Sheher

    A society where marriage is difficult and extra-marital relations are easy will eventually lead to these kind of suggestions and thoughts. I am not negating the basic human needs / desires. But why do we have to violate the teachings of our religion to be considered enlightened and moderate?

    Please identify the root cause. We have associated so much requisites with marriage. Why don’t our liberals / seculars first try to launch a campaign to make marriage as easy and simple as possible? Why is there so much hype associated to marriage? Why can’t we marry people as early as possible?

    And please do not give me excuses of responsibilities this or that. Every relation is a responsibility as well as an obligation. Every society has its morals. Which society doesn’t possess its own unique set of morals?

    In my humble opinion, making marriages easy and at a young age will solve most of our problems. Suggestions like free sex are not for us. I respect your right to have your opinion but I strongly disagree with your opinion on this particular issue.

    P.S: I am requesting the same which some ‘nobody’ did. In fact simply copying and pasting her message, I think a man also deserves equality ;-)
    “ET Mods…you already know what my request will be :). Many thanks”Recommend

  • Waseem Sarwar

    well done lad, looking forward for more such stuff.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    You have to be at least 18 to get married, the author seems younger than that, and hormones usually kick in around the age of 13, so are you going tell little kids to get married now?Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    Maybe the Government of Pakistan could legalize ‘contract marriages’ like in the Gulf states and Iran.Recommend

  • Sane

    It’s the
    opinion that a sexually satisfied nation would have more room for
    progress than a sexually frustrated one.

    Only key to success. Education, economy and all indicators shall progress. Hurray……Recommend

  • abubakar

    The concept of nude beaches is fine as long as the males that support this idea and will go to these beaches, will feel ok if their sisters, mothers, wives go to these beaches. And you’re of course right when you say a sexuaxlly satisfied nation has more room to progress but you have to understand why we as a nation are not sexualy satisfied and you must hate the end not the means that cause this dissatisfactionRecommend

  • abubakar

    Apparently not for an average pakistaniRecommend

  • Fahad Hafeez

    Issue of not allowing women to work is due to reason that this nation is sex starved and sexually frustrated which can go to any lengths to obtain their needs , i have no issue with women working but then again who is guaranteeing them their safety, sexually frustrated guys are the main threat to their lives, so first thing if these guys are not frustrated things will improve on their own !Recommend

  • Tuba Butt

    you should write but with more clearer concepts as it was ur first atempt u made many mistakes young man.
    woman is veild nd is not allowed to hav identity . i would like to ask are you living in Pak? if yes then u must nt hav much exposur.
    it is felt that you are adding terms nd terms in your blog just to give good impression.
    veil is smth diff , having Identity is smth diff and LAW of Attraction or sexual need is smth diff. You are trying to deal with so many things without having clear concept. Lmme tel you on e more thing Honour has no concern with all these three different topics as i mentioned above. one more thing Honour isnt at all burden on society . rather its a sort of pattern to walk toward prosperity without having other social problems. And its at equal level for both man and woman.
    your last sentence………………..hmmm… now focs using proxies is individual mistake whereas nude beaches is the matter of authorities: collective sin . i hope u knw this concept.
    now please ponder over all the points i highlighted .
    best of luck for the next time but avoid givng a Jail image on the name of Pakistan in your writings.Recommend

  • Fahad Hafeez

    Agreed with you 100% ! , sexually frustrated people are dangerous for allRecommend

  • Fahad Hafeez

    Hahhaha ! , and mostly on that beach will be a sausage fest :pRecommend

  • Fahad Hafeez

    teach ur children not to go there , and if people are sexually satisfied there will be no droolers peroid !Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    If reading the ‘Quran’ could stop carnal desires then sexual abuse wouldn’t occur in Madrassahs.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    Nobody’s going against the teaching of the Quran & Sunnah, but I think we(the Muslim world) need to come together and interpret the Quran and Sunnah within the context of present times and circumstances, the social norms/circumstances of bronze age Arabia are not the same as the 21st century, and last time I checked, Islam allows ijtihad.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The author is saying that we want a society where our children are NOT targets of lustful droolers……….and the way forward is to be more open about women and their needs, after all they are as human as men, if not more so . What we see happening is exactly the opposite, resulting in a frustrated society of lustful droolers.
    Having said that I must stress that cultural and societal demands need to be respected in order to achieve a decent balance.Recommend

  • Fraz

    I’m expecting a reply on this by Nobody…. Waiting….Recommend

  • Waqar Qureshi

    Are you allergic to marriage? Do you even know what does it mean? Sex is one part of it not the whole. But of course if we could make marriage easy and timely, lot of issues would be solved.
    Do not take it personal but I have often seen people bashing marriage as an institution simply because their own marriages failed or they could never get married. I strongly hope, you are not one of those unlucky people.

  • tungi

    a society as bigoted as ours needs a century to change!religion is the biggest problem in societies right nwRecommend

  • S M Shah

    How the hell is Veena Malik a pride of Pakistan or when did that happen, how did that happen?Recommend

  • TP

    I was once in Barcelona, and women there occasionally sunbathe topless. All of the teps were stood at the side of the beach on a 35 degree day just staring.. Lol.Recommend

  • Trust

    Oh really do u think it’s that simple???? By the way I live in a western country and according to you sexually satisfied people are not droolers, you r Absolutely Wrong ,if so is the case why there are so many paedophiles in UK ??? I know the people here ( sexually satisfied by the way) do all sorts of things ,watch porn , rape etc etc etc why is that so???
    People who are in favour of this blogger are SICK !!! Maybe you guys want homosexual marriage to be officially accepted in Pakistan next that’s where you r heading!!!!Recommend

  • Trust

    Oh really then why there are so many paedophiles in Uk , why people rape there when they have full sexual freedom . I live there so I know the facts, I know that even billionaire are not happy and satisfied , if they progress it’s Booz they work hard they do not cheat or make short cuts to achieve something, wake up the formula for being happy is not sex everything benefits only when it is in a limit ,even Food.
    May ALLAH guide us all.Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    dear et,
    apart from jokes, those among u or readers who were at the verge, you have pushed them off the cliff, by opening such discussion. Trust me on this.
    It is childish and silly to consider opening such discussions a matter of jest and burden our souls.
    If you seriously hold above ideas, please ignore the above comment.Recommend

  • Mr Bajwa

    Dear No one deny sex or sex desire. But it should be channelised otherwise there is no difference between human and animals. Dear if a couple want to do sex, they can marry and do this for whole life. No one will object them.

    2nd point is if I do anything wrong( including sex) in private it is between me and ALLAH. If I do this openly among peoples, it is no more between me and ALLAH. If people take inspiration for wrong deeds from me, then I am guilty. It is also ordered “Do not make people witness of your wrong deeds” . Probability to get forgiveness is inversely proportional to number of people know about my sins.

    So do not do advocacy for doing wrong things openly on public places. ThanksRecommend

  • gp65

    IT is not for the males to decide if their sisters and mothers would like to go there. As long as they are adults, they can decide for themselves.
    Any decision that one takes in life has social, economic consequences and as long as those have been cosidered by the women, it is upto them and not their brothers, sons to decide what they do.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/shail.arora.589 Shail Arora

    I think the author did not consider this possibility :D … but given his age, I’m not surprised. I like his enthusiasm though, just for the fact that he brings hope where none exists.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/shail.arora.589 Shail Arora

    Btw, there is an Osho ashram in Pune. Just happened to pass by once on a short trip to the city, would love to go inside and explore some day ;)Recommend

  • Parvez

    Tribune is doing the right thing by a mile………….today the so called kid is in many ways capable of independent thought as opposed to the older lot who are rigid in view ……… yes with age comes experience but not necessarily wisdom.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    Yes it is. but it is also a way to satisfy and NOT THE ONLY way to satisfy itRecommend

  • TheAverageJoe

    We already have prostitution in Pakistan…..Recommend

  • bozo

    Storng Language – Nudity – Parental Guidence Advised – 18+ onlyRecommend

  • Akhtar

    Danish may not be the only one to blame for these sickening views. It is the ‘Madressah’ where he studied that needs to be closed. Recommend

  • Akhtar

    Sex is no doubt a human need and Islam teaches how to fulfill it. A society can only be sexualy contended if it adheres to the Islamic teachings otherwise it will only make the society sex addicted. Recommend

  • Hillary 2016

    Why do you think there is so much sexual frustration among young men in Pakistan. The body hormone produces these exciting proteins that transmits exciting lustful cells to the brain and the young man is unable to control these sexual pulses. But living in a country where sex is whispered and banned he does not know how to react? So he gets aroused when he sees a female gender some act on it others suffer! The amount of intensity that is poured on sexual behaviour says it all…..let it happen naturally and there will be a decrease in sexual attacks on Pakistani women!Recommend

  • Amna

    What a simplistic approach to Pakistan’s problems. Firstly, there are countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where there are non-Muslim majorities and people are having plenty of sex. Please explain why your logic is a total failure in many of those countries that have similar problems to ours.
    Secondly, you are implying that people at nude beaches are just going to have sex with anyone and everyone. You actually sound like the type of people you are looking to bash. So because someone is naked at the beach, they are automatically going to fulfill sexual needs of the average Pakistani? WHAT?
    If that is not what you mean, than a nude beach will not fix our issues, as a sexually open society has not done a whole lot in many parts of Africa.
    Pakistan’s problems have to do with ignorance, poverty and a terrible cultural mentality.Recommend

  • KB

    You mean Four Hindu brothers should be able to have one wife like in the old days Recommend

  • SS

    @fahadhafeez:disqus you dont live here so this shouldn’t concern you. Stay out of itRecommend

  • cabalco

    you will only increase the divorce rate and population by lowering marriage age, if anything the age should be increased! Overflowing hormones with dogmatic religious based sexuality is a recipe for societal suicide. Marriage isnt a game of dolls that young children play in. Concentrating on careers, getting responsible in life before hitching should be mandatory, not the way its done in our cultures, where families go shopping for a mate followed by retarded bollywood sequencesRecommend

  • cabalco

    Its very clear you seem to be allergic to something – logic and reasoningRecommend

  • usual suspect

    kids can not sleep with out stories and paki can’t live without fanaticism.Recommend

  • Who

    If you’re a brother, a father or a cleric, you do not hold any more rights on a women’s body than herself. She is not your honor. You yourself are your honor.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/shail.arora.589 Shail Arora

    With the dwindling sex ration in India, even this would be a luxury one day.Recommend

  • Aslam

    How many men have been targets of honor killings so far?Recommend

  • Questions

    Can you explain the connection of having sexual freedom to engage in sexual interaction between two consenting adults and paedophilia – an act of rape, without the consent, between and adult and a child? How does one lead to the other?

    Can you also explain why British Pakistani men in the UK are disproportionately involved in child grooming, while they hail from a Muslim background?Recommend

  • Mshakilsadiq

    Danish Nazeer, today you are advocating nude beaches and sex-friendly environment and following it nation will progress. Years after you will advocate illicit relationship (extra marital), and later you will advocate incest. Just ask one question from you would you like to go to such places with your family members. If your answer is YES then you will follow the path as mentioned befor, if your answer is NO then you are hippocrate.
    The Creator has mentioned all the solutions of problems of human beings including sex but within a frame to keep the dignity of the female partner and male partner as well giving them a legitimate identity.
    Sex is not our problem. Our problems are economic frustration and education.
    Moreover put some time to know the message of All Mighty Allah, if that does not enlighten you then do as you want (because He might have put a seal on your heart and you don’t want to get rid of this seal). May Allah showers his blessing on you to think rightRecommend

  • Sam

    Nude beaches in Pakistan. You promise pretty girls sunbathing and not hairy, bearded men lolling around. And visa free travel for Indians you say. Ok, you can have Kashmir .Recommend

  • Undhyu Patil

    Once I went to Anjuna beach with my classmates from medical school as it was youth festival time in Goa medical college. I was shocked to see nude women on the beach and we made a hasty exit.Recommend

  • Malang

    Would a malang be allowed on the beach, huge entry guaranteed.Recommend

  • Amna Abbasi


    In other words you are saying that you don’t care about what Islam says….Oh right then you can say any thing you like.

    Let me clear your misunderstanding which happier nation you are talking about I am sure you are talking about western nations… those nations where there is no difference between sister and girlfriend between daughter and wife no difference between animals and humans.Do you have any idea how frustrate their young generation is?and what is the ratio of young suiciders in west.?you know they have no desire every thing is in their access and they don’t no the real purpose of life.O my God how happy they are.

    What you people want? You want that type of culture here in Pakistan.

    Honestly speaking we don’t need such type of progress in our Country. If we are under develop then its ok for us.

    Below is specially for you if you can understand.

    tumari tazab apny khanjar see app he khudkushi karay gee.

    jo shakh e nazuk py ayshania banay ga na paydar ho ga (Allama Iqbal)Recommend

  • akhandBharat

    Its definitely better than marrying a kid.Recommend

  • ajeet

    Wasn’t Pakistan number 1 in porn search in the worldRecommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/shail.arora.589 Shail Arora

    Well, for starters, you can call it sex instead of s*x.Recommend

  • Ajnabi Sheher

    You can also decrease accident rates by raising the legal age limit for driving license to 35 (lets say) ;-)
    Above comment was logical worth of your argument. CheersRecommend

  • Ajnabi Sheher

    And you said it without any logic whatsoever LOLRecommend

  • someone

    Well the way girl abortion is rampant in India, it might actually be a reality. On the other hand, do you find it offensive if a woman wishes to have 4 husband? If a man can demand 4 wives and can have 4 wives, why women should not be given the same opportunity?Recommend

  • someone

    Well it may not be the same place that it was when Osho was alive. He was the force behind the whole thing which kept it moving. Now it may just be a stagnant place.Not trying to discourage you though.Recommend

  • normskyy

    ‘…but here a woman is veiled.’
    How absurd, because a woman is veiled men get asexually frustrated resulting in them targeting women! Really??? So in the UK where women are in veiled, then by default there should be no problem of sexual frustration. Here’s news for you…30% of women experience sexual assault in the UK. 1 in 20 are raped. What are you talking about??? Pakistan is a dysfunctional society in which frustrations of all types exist… be they with women, men, children or even animals… next you’ll be saying there is a lack of animals in Pakistan resulting in increased acts of beastiality!Recommend

  • Unknown

    Why unhealthy? If men and women are mature and are agreed to live with each other and want to enjoy their sex life, what is your problem? Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    i think in our region, where men stare at women with eyes literally pooping out from their sockets, who needs a nudist beach.Recommend

  • WQ

    answer for all liberalsRecommend

  • Astonished

    USA is probably one of the most liberal places of the world. Nude beaches, strips club, prostitution and even casual sex are extremely common there, but, still, it has the highest rate of rape cases. An year ago, a girl used to get raped almost on every 2 minutes on an average. So, what is the reason then? Veil? Women’s freedom? Lack of sexual knowledge or what?Recommend

  • Ron

    In India we already have nude beaches in Goa!Recommend

  • Nobody

    Why are you directing that comment at ME? Did you even read my comment?Recommend

  • Nobody

    I don’t think you understood my comment at all. Having a healthy sex life or adults enjoying sex is not what I said is unhealthy.
    If society encourages people to marry ONLY to have sex, that’s problematic and regressive. Healthy marriages are meant to be much more than that. If it’s just about sex, then why marry? Adults can can do whatever they want behind closed doors, married unmarried, makes no difference to me and shouldn’t matter to others either.Recommend

  • Nobody

    Nude beaches are actually not common here. Public nudity still doesn’t sit well with Americans. Parts of Europe, on the other hand, are a different story. And you’re correct about the high rape rates (also a high rate of REPORTING rape comparatively speaking). The why is still very difficult to answer. Why do men rape anywhere in the world?

    I think given the fact that even openly sexual and free societies experience rape strongly suggests that rape is, in fact, not about sex or uncontrollable lust in most cases. It’s about violence and power and a certain mentality of entitlement regarding women.Recommend

  • Meena

    Huh? What other way is there?Recommend