The 67 Kashmiri students were wrong, period

Published: March 7, 2014

Cricket is linked to patriotism in both Pakistan and India. It is their chance to engage in war without actually going to war. PHOTO: REUTERS

Cricket is linked to patriotism in both Pakistan and India. It is their chance to engage in war without actually going to war. PHOTO: REUTERS Cricket is linked to patriotism in both Pakistan and India. It is their chance to engage in war without actually going to war. PHOTO: REUTERS

The news that 67 Kashmiri students were suspended in India after the recent Pakistan-India cricket match has generated quite a buzz. Social media is inundated with posts in favour of these students and people have tried to link it to fundamental human rights whilst describing the incident as a violation of freedom of expression.

The only reason, it seemed, that Pakistan spoke out against the incident was because the students had been cheering for Pakistan’s cricket team. We wanted to see it in the light of a person being persecuted in India simply because he or she spoke in favour of Pakistan. Although this may be the case in certain places in India, I don’t believe this incident was one of those cases and it would be prudent not to link this incident to our Pakistaniyat (nationalism).

I believe that any anti-national cheer by a crowd has the potential to lead to violence anywhere in the world and the university did due diligence on its part and ‘secured the parameter’ by suspending these students.

I ran a quick search on Twitter to identify the popularity of the story.

Here is what turned up:

As can be seen, most of the top tweets imply that the students were suspended and charged with sedition for merely cheering for Pakistan’s team. However, according to the Vice Chancellor of the university, Mr Manzoor Ahmed, the students also raised ‘anti-national’ slogans. BBC News India quoted him saying,

We must understand that cricket is linked to patriotism in both Pakistan and India. Always. Cricket is not a ‘just a game’; it is a battlefield for both countries to vent their anger and frustration at each other and to demonstrate their relative superiorities. It is a conquest. It is their chance to engage in war without actually going to war. It may look peaceful but it has ceremonial value.

The Kashmiri students in Uttar Pradesh (UP) were wrong, period.

Freedom of speech must not pervade the personal space of others and it must never have the potential to incite violence. The actions of these students instigated violence; whether it was intentional or not is for the courts to decide. Given UP’s history of communal riots, with the most recent ones having taken place in Muzaffarnagar in 2013, don’t you think the students should have exercised a measure of caution?

More importantly, why were anti-India slogans raised during a sporting event anyway?

I believe that the students were not penalised for simply harbouring and vocalising a sentiment, they were penalised to ensure that the probability of any violence and destruction was controlled. These were damage control efforts taken by the university. Any organisation faced with a similar situation would probably have reacted in a similar manner. The prime duty of the administration, be it of a university or a country, is to ensure that law and proper decorum is maintained. The university suspended these students simply to ensure this.

The students were not suspended for merely raising pro-Pakistan slogans. India has worked far too hard to become a democratic and tolerant nation to actually prosecute these students, were this simply a case of misplaced loyalties.

Cricket between India and Pakistan is a common denominator that can be used to promote peace or incite hatred. Hence, polluting it with anti-national sentiments and rhetoric would only hamper any peace efforts in South Asia which is detrimental to long-term growth of both, India and Pakistan.

As the saying goes, there is a time and place for everything and this certainly was not the right time to shout out anti-India slogans.

While the right to free speech exists, it must not incite hatred in any situation, it must not infringe upon the rights of others. Freedom of expression comes with the responsibility to recognise the consequences of one’s words. It is no wonder then that in the case of Chaplinsky versus New Hampshire (1942) the US Supreme Court determined that free speech is not an absolute right.

The only reason that the issue is getting this much publicity is because of the India-Pakistan game. And it is precisely this variable that must be removed from the picture to understand that the decision to suspend the Kashmiri students was fair – if they did, in fact, raise anti-nationalist slogans.

To address this issue with utmost neutrality I asked myself,

“What would I have done if I were the vice chancellor of that university?”

The answer was a no-brainer. Given the numerous social and political dimensions which inherently make the decision-making process complex, I would definitely have made the same decision to ensure that public safety was not endangered.

We must understand that the most sensitive issue in India is probably the relationship between Hindus and Muslims. Stories of scores of Muslims being butchered are not just some ghastly recollections of our elders from the time of partition. Religion has always evoked the strongest of sentiments among human beings and history is testament to the fact that such strong sentiments have paved the way for some of the worst bloodshed that modern history has to report.

As such, the university did what any reasonable entity would and should do.

Rafay Bin Ali

Rafay Bin Ali

A software developer working with financial clients from Toronto. He is currently doing his MBA from IBA, Karachi, and is planning an entrepreneurial set-up in Pakistan. He tweets as @rafayali (

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  • deep

    agree with you but charge of sedition was an overreation. Also very disappointed with the reaction of major television anchors across pakistani channels – this was a moment to explain nuances of patriotism, jingoism and what have you. Instead the mantra was – biggest democracy huh, poor kashmiris, brutality of the hindu indian govt and what have you. I believe anchors are now doing the role of what the nazariya pakistan people intended way back in 1971 when they rewrote the text books. Somehow, people like najam sethi, babar sattar, marvi sirmed, raza rumi and a few others have escaped this indoctrination. But like Hussain Haqqani stated the majority in pakistan is indoctrinated.Recommend

  • James

    To all my Pakistani friends, pleas go through this article before making any comments.

  • Fatima Ansari

    The thing is that you are not a Kashmiri nor a Palestinian. They’re one of the most oppressed people on Earth. And factually speaking, Kashmiris have immensely suffered at the hands of Indian soldiers. Their opinion matters the most than ours who have a separate nation and independence that *they* are deprived of. The reason why they raised pro-Pakistani slogans was only to show the Indians that they have the right to choose, that’s what happens in a democracy, India being the largest re presenter of it that is. There’s a difference between free speech and occupation. The principle of the University is a Muslim and for long Indian Muslims have served their masters in authority in India, what the principle did was because he was himself a part of a minority. He sacked the Kashmiris not to show his patriotism but he was himself afraid that if he did not Indian students might have launched a complain against him. It wasn’t patriotism, it was fear.Recommend

  • Rahul

    This is the smartest comment I have seen on this incident.Recommend

  • water bottle

    They are politicians. They are held at a different standard. Also it happened in POK.

    It’s not fair to compare that with what happened in UP.Recommend

  • Syed Arbab Ahmed

    Where is the tolerance? In Pakistan even leaders talk against Pakistan but nobody cares, but in so called democratic India, it was severely penalized, then I saw Indian comments where they were calling Muslims as India’s problemRecommend

  • mhammad ovais khan

    none of kashmiri was butchered or pelted out from any paki university for supporting india after that matchRecommend

  • Headstrong

    To all Pakistanis,

    Please do not claim to speak for us Indian Muslims. We dont want your support. We are fine here. Yes, there are issues, but we also have enough support within the political system. Our media is so pervasive that no communal incident can be hidden. By claiming to speak for us, you are not doing us any good – on the contrary, you are making things worse. In any case, Indian Muslims know that your lip service for our security is exactly that – lip service. You do not have our good at heart.
    When you can’t handle the inter-faith conflicts within Pakistan, how can you claim to speak for us? When you were ready to discriminate against Bengalis in the erstwhile Bangladesh, even though they were Muslims, how can you even dream of speaking for us? You have problems with every neighbour, including Iran and Afghanistan. And there are more of us in India than Muslims in Pakistan. Who needs you?
    Please keep out. We dont trust you. Recommend

  • water bottle

    Fatima Ansari,

    That’s a load of lies and half truths.

    The people who have suffered most in Kashmir dispute are Kashmiri Pandits at the hands of Pakistan state sponsored terrorism and Kashmiri extremist Muslims.

    Kashmiris lived peacefully until Pakistan vitiated the environment starting 1989 by sending the left over Jihadists of Afghan war. The tradition has continued where Pakistanis have killed Hindus both civilians and military. Some Kashmiri extremists are in cahoots with Pakistan in this.

    India moved the troops which vitiated the environment even further.

    You can be judgmental about why the Muslim VC suspended Kashmiri students. That only makes you a liar.Recommend

  • Bilal Afzal

    This is the latest trend in the so called progressive mind of people of Pakistan . They just try to show how secular they are by giving lame excuses and supporting shameful act the same logic your blog to ET is also the danger for national security of Pakistan so i demand govt of Pakistan should also take some protective measure in the name of “National security “..I think the writer forget that quite a large amount of UK citizens of Pakistan and India support there respective national team of there origin.. so will u also support that UK authorities should take action against them in the name of national security ??Recommend

  • Ravi

    See lady, there is an end to every thing. People just can’t create anarchy in the name of free speech.
    It’s like pakistanis come out in droves for a foolish movie, similarly for us Hindustan is very dear.
    Educated & learned indians would have no problems if it would have been Kashmir zindabad but we don’t compromise on Hindustan murdabad.

    Warm Regards ,
    From Across The BorderRecommend

  • Fatima Ansari

    Are you an Indian?Recommend

  • Waqas Anjum Khokhar

    As you have the right to write and freedom to express your views therefore I won’t get into the discussion of whether those students were wrong or right. However I would like to request you to present complete picture while jumping onto such a strong conclusion. They might be wrong but what was done to them, wasn’t right too. Sending them home when most of them even didn’t have money (remember college, university days, when students don’t have enough cash most of the times) to take transport to their home, leaving them in the “middle-of-nowhere” stations, where they had to spend three days without proper shelter and food. They were promised that they would be properly transported to safe places but that wasn’t done. Nothing is being said on the violence filled Indian youth, who were trying to hurt/kill these Kashmiri students. Why Vice Chancellor equated pro-Pakistan slogans as anti-Indian slogans, I am sure answer to this question will also be a no-brainer for you:)


  • Fatima Ansari

    India has as much problems with its neighbors than Pakistan, my friend. An we’re not speaking for you. The topic is on Kashmiris not Indian Muslims.Recommend

  • Alann

    If only there were more of such sensible writers ‘blogging’ on ET, we wouldn’t have come across crap from Faraz Talat & others such as Noman Ansari & Malaika Harris shouting “freedom of speech!” “freedom of expression!” and the rest calling/mocking India “world’s biggest (fail) democracy” and stuff like that, without getting the whole picture.Recommend

  • sadaf

    Sad to see anyone supporting action against these students . It is not an India Pakistan thing It is a question of Free speech and civil liberties. I see a constant stream of criticism of pakistan and it’s Government and how much India is beeter in the express Tribune and all over the Pak Media …I remeber a blog someone wrote about how lucky certain people were to be born in India rather than Pakistan becuase otherwise their talents would have gone unrecognised. This means All of India’s economic success is nothing ,their so called Liberal democratic values not that strong either if they are bothered by such an incedent. It smacks of insecurity . Perhaps it is true that trials and adversity strnegthen character , because Pakistan suddenly looks more tolerant ( for all of two minutes I am guessing). # I expected more of IndiaRecommend

  • Malaika Harris

    Again, a deeply flawed argument. By your justification, then, the rioting that happened in Pakistan because of that film was the right thing to do. Freedom of speech means the right to say whatever the heck you want, without fear of retaliation. No one creates “anarchy” by saying what they want to say; rather, it’s the reactionary people who start rioting and filing sedition charges that are creating disorder.Recommend

  • Indian_ut

    Says who ? We have a problem with Pakistan and Pakistan alone. China, Srilanka are just irritants. You don’t see Chinese soldiers shooting at Indian soldiers. As for as Pakistan, entire World has a problem with Pakistan. Don’t you see the news ? You guys have served as a cannon fodder for USA before and now it is China. You never stood on your own feet. Kashmir will be with India no matter how much cry. Now given that BJP is coming to power in few weeks time, they are going to tighten the strangle hold grip on Kashmir even more. Right now your problem should be how to deal with Modi not Kashmir. He is astute and clever politician, not the Maunmohan singh type. People who have messed with him are eating their words.Recommend

  • Alann

    Uh no.
    As far as Pakistan is concerned, the real topic is not about Kashmiris; the topic is about “See how India treats its Muslims! There is no freedom of speech in India! The Kashmiri Muslims are being suppressed/oppressed/killed by the Indian Government! See, this is the true face of India, the world’s biggest (fail) democracy!”

    And thats what the author of this article is trying to fix/ make the blind people of Islamic Republic of Not-India realise with his sensible write-up. It’ll be better if Pakistan(is) totally ignore things happening within/inside India and how India deals with its issues.
    Pakistan trying to poke its nose in all other countries’ affairs instead of fixing itself has brought it to its current state.
    Instead of “sympathising” with those few suspended hate-spreading Kashmiri students who were studying in India on Government of India’s grants/scholarships, please worry about the everyday killing of the people living in Pakistan on an everyday basis.Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    Again, you’re bringing completely irrelevant subjects into the discussion. How do you know that those who are protesting what happened in Kashmir are the same ones that “discriminate against Bengalis” and have “problems with every neighbor?” You do know that there are liberal Pakistanis who condemn the intolerance in both countries, right? And, like Fatima said, it’s about Kashmiris, not Indian Muslims, provided you even are one (which I highly doubt.)Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    What a terrible article. So what if Pakistan is a “sensitive issue” among Indians? By the author’s logic, then, the bigoted blasphemy laws would also be justified, because Islam is definitely a “sensitive issue” in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Alann

    Just because a few students got SUSPENDED mainly for shouting anti-national slogans and JUST BECAUSE they yelled pro-Pakistan slogans, everyone in Pakistan has decided to make it a big issue just to make India as a whole look bad. Not only the ordinary brainwashed Pakistanis and the media but even the Government of Pakistan’s Foreign Office couldn’t resist giving out a statement over this minor incident.
    Those students were not put on death sentence by India and even if they were, Kashmiris or not, Pakistan(is) have no right to interfere in India’s internal affairs. Plus before calling out India as “world’s biggest (fail) democracy”, please look at your own country – it is no more than a large piece of land under control of military and political jahagirdars.

    Thanks for the sensible writeup; the only one I’ve seen from Pakistan over this issue.Recommend

  • roger

    Kashmiri’s are not just Muslims.The fact that you think kashmiris are only Muslims confirms how deep your knowledge is about Kashmir. & BTW don’t know whether kashmiri Muslims are Indian Muslims but definitely Kashmir is Indian.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    No, they were not wrong, they were exercising their freedom to express themselves, and since India is the world’s largest democracy, their rights should have been respected.

    Indian immigrants in England root for India over their adopted country during any cricket match, yet the British government doesn’t deport them back to India.

    I know Afghans that have lived their whole lives in Pakistan and support Afghanistan over Pakistan in cricket, and they’ve never faced any problems, so the treatment of these Kashmiri students can not be justified.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    Nobody in AJK really supports India apart from a few uber-nationalists that are on New Delhi’s payroll.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    lol nobody is speaking for Indian Muslims, we’re speaking up for the Kashmiris.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    You are obviously not a Baluchi who are one of the mst oppressed people on earth or an ahmediya living in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Yesterday, I caught some Hazaras saying some disrespectful things about Sunni Muslims. I propose Pakistan at least temporarily banishes the Hazaras.

    No, we’re not penalizing them for self-expression! We’re…umm…doing this for their own safety! We just don’t want them to get attacked by our violent locals who we continue to lovingly harbor in our midst.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    What does it have to do with “showing how secular they are”? Do you you realize what secularism is?

    I’m as secular as one can get, and I’m a strong critic of the university’s actions.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.”
    — Mahatma GandhiRecommend

  • Unknown

    If this would happen in any Pakistani University, author would have been the number one in the protest. Just look when Malala’s book was banned in Peshawar university, how these fake liberal had reacted. But now, India is doing everything right. Just like India have made cases against those Kashmiris, Pakistan should make cases against these fake liberals. These people are more loyal to India than Pakistan.Recommend

  • Unknown

    10% agreedRecommend

  • someone

    Ah so you conveniently forgot the Baloch in your list of most oppressed people on the earth. Their resources are diverted to your masters in Punjab who controls everything in Pakistan. Just one province consumes all of Pakistan resources while the people of other provinces are bombed or make disappear frequently. Baloch fighting for their rights are called terrorist while Kashmiri terrorist are hold in high esteem as freedom fighters. Is there an end to double face Pakistan and its people?Recommend

  • JammuShiaMuslim

    Bow to u sir….Since u are a software engineer i just hope u had many Indian friends..because 80% of world software engineers are Indian or have some conenction to India..u might very well undertand how well we Indians are and how we respect people irrespective of religion/cast/creed..I am myself a softEngineer working for a big financial services Indian company and just seeing the board in front of me where a kashmiri pandit is sitting and above him is written…….Among Best 200 finacial Services Companies……Recommend

  • vaibhav

    its foolish to link this incident with sedition ……. what harm it does to india if someone cheers to pakistan ckt team….. .but the students should understand the mood during indo pak match …. especially when they are in other parts of india …… its just a freak incidentRecommend

  • Abdul Khan

    The university authorities were absolutely right in taking steps to protect the lives of Kashmir students. Lives are more important than cricket matches or countries. Uttar Pradesh Government had done absolutely right in withdrawing sedition charges. I congratulate both of them.Think of a scenario: Baloochstan students cheering India, they would have been killed in Pakistan. I am impartial in my view. Let us look at ourselves first than to criticize others. We are going overboard in codemning our neighbour but not doing much to celebrate our own success.Recommend

  • Sickofit

    Yeah, the woman is right. You have all right to be proud of being an Indian Muslim. The problem here is about Kashmiris. It is no more a question of religion. A large Kashmiri population lives in Pakistan and it has all the right in the world to use state instruments to help their compatriots. Please don’t flatter yourself into thinking that people here care about what happens in Hyderabad. Stay proud, and stay Indian!Recommend

  • Guest

    No he is not just an Indian who lives in India. Kahsmiris lived peacefully till 1989? The Plebiscite Front, Agitation against fall of Sheikh Abdullah Govt., Kashmiris cheering for W.Indies in Srinagar! Kashmiri Pandits have as much right on life as Kashmiri Muslims.
    The unfortunate problem is that the VC is Muslim. Thus, he has to parade his patriotism and loyalty to India. A Muslim in India always needs to be more loyal than a Hindu. After the Kashmiri expulsion incident, patriotism expected from them would be much higher.Recommend

  • Bilal Afzal

    Seriously who is talking about Indian Muslims?? .. Indian Muslims and Kashmirs are two different entities .so here we are discussing Kashmirs and history shows us they as much as u people want but reality remains the same Kashmir is still unsettled dispute.Recommend

  • zoro

    ur obviously pakistani to ask that silly questionRecommend

  • NotSoCommon

    But do they shout slogans against UK? And if they do, do you want to oppose UK authority in taking action against such individual? There is a fine line between freedom of speech and anti national activities. Add to it the history of Kashmir dispute and the action taken by VC was appropriate to maintain law and order and contain the situation from escalating any further. However i do agree that they went a little overboard with their action. Now put yourself in the same situation, if there was a similar incident with Baloch students in Islamabad or any other parts of Pakistan what do you think the reaction would/should be? Going by the past (in terms of Bangladesh) not much!Recommend

  • Ravi

    Where do you get your info BTW, all of the students are sound and safe in their abode. No body got lynched!!!

    Warm Regards,
    From Across The BorderRecommend

  • Chughtai

    I believe the author got his answer from A PROUD INDIAN.
    Your article I believe is also a threat to Pakistans sovereignty as its also yelling I DON’T BELIVE IN PAKISTAN and I believe PEMRA should be taking an action against it.. Recommend

  • hassam

    unrelated to the topic, but, no one likes Najam Sethi and Ms. Sirmed, no one.Recommend

  • Shail Arora

    Well, you can not discount the fact that part of Kashmir is in Indian Union, hence the muslims of that state are Indian muslims too. Just a fact check.Recommend

  • Enkay

    What would Pakistanis do to Pakistani Christians if they supported England or Australia or New Zealand beat Pakistan in an International Cricket Competition?Recommend

  • Asad Khan

    Spot On, free speech cannot be and should not tolerated at the expense of anarchy, it wasn’t tolerated in good old Yugoslavia, how come in a country such as India where there is history of race riots / religious riots, free speech should be allowed? I think not. Nobody should allowed to speak from its hole.

    Dude, we Paks does not give two cents to the learned / unlearned, Rich/Poor etc etc Indians to love their Hindustan. It is your country, it is your passion, your responsibility, simply your saga. So it should be none of your concern either that we Paks should watch foolish (???) movies, funny movies or just plain porn. Okay.

    I am sure that the Educated Learned Indians must know the fact that Jammu & Kashmir is not part of either India or Pakistan, its status is disputed and that part of the world has UN resolutions & a bloody history as well.

    The attitude of Kashmiri Students shouting Murdabad (highly doubt about the legality of such claim) cannot be tamed by sending them back forcibly and filing cases of Treason against them. It’s only going to exacerbate their feeling of detachment, seclusion. Period.

    Well wisher.

    From Across the Border.Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Oh look another self hating Pakistani I do agree with writer here thoughRecommend

  • Pakistani

    South-East Asia, or rather sub-continent, does not accommodate pluralism even when it says it does. The author of this blog speaks on behalf of sub-continental values rather than the western ones that are still slowly taking over the rest of the world in the form of “western liberal and secular democracy”. Interestingly India claims to be both liberal and secular democracy whereas Pakistan has not bragged about any of it yet. Punishing students for supporting another nation in sports only proves that India has false claims about its political and social identity; freedom of speech in this context has little or nothing to do with the entire situation.

    When you brag big, act big too.Recommend

  • rasgullah

    Are you a pakistani?.
    You won’t ever get Kashmir.Recommend

  • usman786

    Proud Indian Muslim , you are right. we don’t speak for you… nor do you speak for Kashmiri muslims under indian occupation. Pak has zero issues with Iran and has been incredibly helpful to afghani. What your media won’t tell you is that India has or has had problems with Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Sikkim, Maldives, Sikkim, Portugal (goa), Nepal. Look at the other side of the coin and good luck with your future leader MODI.Recommend



  • Rakib

    You say:(Sending them home when most of them even didn’t have money….where they had to spend three days without proper shelter and food Etc.) With due respect, this appears an exaggerated sob story related by some sissies. What’s so great about going thru some hardship when one is young & strong? No point mollycoddling mama’s boys. If they are such softies & can’t take it, they shouldn’t provoke others. And they are not as innocent as you seem to imply. Living it up on dad’s money & government aid! Action taken was not correct though..Couple of canes on the rear, for a few boys at random, by a local cop, a stern warning, & withdrawal of some facility, and not suspension, would have been the correct prescription.Recommend

  • UK citizen

    Im shocked how this article got published in Pak Tribune. Writer is studying business n before setting up a business venture, he has kept his business interests in mind. Nothing wrong to secure your future. However, I hope you understand Kashmir is a disputed land with one part in Pak enjoying freedom n another being occupied by India since Oct 27 1947. You are talking abt Indian democracy n tolerance. Have you ever read history of Kashmir n HR violations, rapes to mass killings, committed by Indian Army. You are talking abt anti-national slogans without understanding who wr chanting them; Brave Kashmiris Mr Rafey. They never accepted Indian occupation n always supported Accession to Pakistan. Recommend

  • JayMankind

    I suppose Pakistan has a great equation with its neighbors. Here’s proof:
    a). Iran. Pakistan has an exemplary dynamic with its Shia neighbor.
    b). Afghanistan. The Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan only have love for big-brother Pakistan who has nothing but the good of that nation at heart.
    c). India. Pakistan ONLY proffers peace to India but only gets malice in return.
    Even the all-weather friend China thinks Pakistan is playing a very positive role in the Urumqi region and that Pakistan hosts camps that train the Urumqi Chinese on how to be model citizens.Recommend

  • Virkaul

    You have no idea of Kashmir as you are not a Kashmiri but I am. Until 1990, Kashmir was the most peaceful regions of India until Pakstan started fomenting trouble by sending in miscreants to wage Jihad. This religious card was played by Pakistan in 1948, 1965 and 1971 but it did not work. Huge funding from the Middle East via Pakistan promoted militant Islam since 1990 and threw out Kashmiri Hindus numbering over 6 lakh out of the valley. This can in no terms be termed as nationalistic movement but it certainly is communal one. The world recognizes it.
    There is a difference between cheering for a team and creating trouble that would lead to clash among students. The best course would have been handing over miscreants to police for rioting.
    I would like you to compare this with Balochistan, where people are picked without warning, beheaded or thrown of helicopter.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    Mr.Kashif Abbasi hosted a program on this topic by claiming that the Kashmiri students were KILLED !! That is the extent of truth that Pakistani citizens are fed. If your heart bleeds for these rabble-rousers, you should invite them over – permanently.Recommend

  • virkaul

    Are you from Punjab?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Are all Seperatist Kashmiris Muslims? Seems to be so.

    In that case this is a classic case of islamism with the facade of Seperatism.

    I wonder what the Buddists of Ladakh, Pandits, Shias, Sikhs and Ahmadis feel when pro-Pakistan people like Geelani speak of implementing Sharia.

    The question for me is when Pakistan is plagued by Radical Islam is it so wise to support such a movement in Kashmir, right int it’s neighborhood?

    Isn’t it hypocritical to fight terrorists but support their ideological equals in India? Can Pakistan rid itself of Radicalism like this?Recommend

  • K Mohamma of China

    Good article James. This is a non issue between two third grade countries. Little to differentiate. However the above article is also making no senseRecommend

  • Anoop

    You are equating wrong things. For Indians critiquing India is same as critiquing Islam in Pakistan for Pakistanis.

    The priorities of he 2 countries are radically different. Pakistan is an Islamic country, remember? Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and Muslims, followers of Islam.

    While these student we’re let off, Blasphemy ensures you are jailed for life at best, or killed by a mob at worst.

    In every way India is far more tolerant than Pakistan relatively speaking. Recommend

  • Spock

    Well i want to see if Pakistani leaders and media would show the same attitude had pakistani kashmiri were cheering for India in lahore or some people were cheering for Israel in peshawar?Recommend

  • Anoop

    While your concern for Kashmiri and Palestinians is heart rending. But I can easily accuse Pakistanis of being selective in their application of Humanity, the reason no Indian will agree with you.

    While Pakistanis are at the forefront of expressing support for Muslim Kashmiris, your profound concern goes absent for Kashmiri Pandits. Their fault: they are Hindu.

    It’s not like your seeing through a green lens. When Uighur Muslims who are being oppressed by Pakistan’s best friend n sugar daddy – China, there is hardly any articles written or any blogs penned or the foreign ministry of Pakistan offers support.

    While you worry about the plight of far away Palestinians, you intentionally ignore to comment on a country which Pakistan needs.

    So your heart rendering concern for Kashmiris is purely opportunistic. Replace Sunni Kashmiris and Palestinians with Uighur Muslims Xinjiang and Kashmiri Hindus, the mind switches to Bollywood mode of escaping reality.

    So please keep your protestations to your drawing rooms

    So why should anyone take you seriously?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Indians value and feel about their country, the way Pakistanis feel about their Religion. That is why Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, while even a Sikh, a minority community member can become the PM for a whole decade in India!

    These kids shouted anti India slogans and are living to tell the tale.

    Can anyone shout anti Islam slogans in Pakistan be alive, forget going jailed for Blasphemy. The most likely outcome is being killed by a mob. Gojra and Salman Taseer are classic examples.

    The most dearest thing to Indians is their country to Pakistan their Religion. When those feelings are violated we have seen the reactions in the 2 countries.

    So please tell me which country’s youth is more violent? Which country has acted in a more civilised manner? Recommend

  • Bilal Afzal

    hahhaha nice joke “India is least tolerant country “.. infect India is most racists and it goes down in your religion …just go through this link study about the tolerance level of Indians

  • Sanjeev

    The best punishment to these students will be to send them to live in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Ravi

    Oh Seriously, so now you are comparing india with erstwhile Yugoslavia, India is not a communist dictator run country.
    India tolerates dissent, that’s why you find high profile Gilanis and yasin maliks of Kashmir still alive or else their fate would be like Bugti of Balochistan.
    India allows kashmiri dissent to that extent that GOI allowed meeting of your various foreign ministers like Mrs Rabbani and recently sartaj aziz to meet separatist leaders right under the nose of GOI in delhi. Lets see when pakistanis allows balochi leader to meet foreign leaders right in islamabad.
    But coming back to your argument about Kashmiri students, it’s sheer ungratefulness of these people to take scholarship to study in india and then chant India Murdabad on the campus.
    If you are so committed to kashmiri causes then you should not accept scholarships and if you do then keep the chantings to your homes in kashmir.

    Warm Regards,
    From Across The BorderRecommend

  • Anoop

    Considering Indians value their country the way Pakistanis value their Religion, India has treated them far well than Pakistan treats people who have committed Blasphemy, isn’t it.

    Proof : they are alive and breathing and not lynched by a mob and out of jail.

    Salman Taseer got killed for criticising a law, but scores of Indians have criticised Sedition law and we all are still alive.

    Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. Note how the phrase Islam comes before republic.

    Please compare 2 equivalent things. You cannot compare an elephant to a deer saying both are vegetarians, can you.Recommend

  • Ravi

    Well i don’t care what pakistanis do about the film, but some amount of nationalism is required to run a country. No country is perfect. Let me give you a simple example, it’s like you are an islamist, you are thoroughly against and hold america responsible for the stupid film but regardless you take an offer of scholarship from an american university. Then once you reach, you start chanting death to america and islam zindabad.
    It will be unbelievable for people to think that you are just exercising free speech.

    Warm Regards,
    From Across The BorderRecommend

  • Anoop

    Correction: Muslim Kashmiris. To be more precise Sunni Muslims.

    I have never seen a comment from you feeling sorry for the plight of Kashmir Pandits by the very same breed of people who have killed 50,000 Pakistanis in the last decade.

    Is it a surprise there are hardly any Kashmiri separatists who are NOT Muslim? Even though there are hundreds and thousands of Kashmiri Pandits in refugee camps and elsewhere all over India. Recommend

  • Shail Arora

    Vir, since you are from the region, I won’t debate about the background, but would only like to add that Indian and Pakistani states have failed miserably, to sort out this problem. I do believe that the people of that region were naive and might have been easily led into a separatist cause, which might have led to further alienation of Kashmiri Muslims from Pandits and Indian mainland, in general. To some extent, I can even draw some parallels with what transpired in Punjab in 80s. However, the Punjabis (both Sikhs & Hindus) rejected the separatist agenda, which finally led to it’s death, at least from the mainstream. We could’ve only hoped for a similar solution to Kashmir issue, however, it wasn’t to be. And for that, we should be blaming the politicians on either side of the border, and not the civilians. Btw, if Kashmiri Pandits haven’t been rehabilitated properly, it’s again a failure of the Indian state. But then, this is just my point of view, you or others do not necessarily have to agree.Recommend

  • Anoop

    How do you know? AJK is infested with Jihadi groups.A lot of groups have Terror training camps there.

    In that case are you telling me all Shais and Ahmadis and whatever is left of the Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs support a Pakistani state which has in the past supported anti-non-Sunni groups? Why would they do that?

    Does that make a any sense? Recommend

  • Muhammad Aqib Ch

    Claim Kashmir but never accepted Kashmiris as regular citizens just because they are pro Pakisan. Let alone having freedom of speech.Recommend

  • Muhammad Aqib Ch

    Totally off-topic. Its the Kashmiris we are talking about and you brought everything on Muslims.Recommend

  • Shail Arora

    Just a couple of fact checks:
    “Pak has zero issues with Iran…” –

    “…been incredibly helpful to afghani” – Just read ‘My Life with the Taliban’, by Abdul Salam Zaeef.Recommend

  • Prakash

    Does it not occur to anyone that a temporary removal of Kashmiri students from the university was necessary FOR THEIR OWN GOOD and to avoid any untoward incident from taking place? What these students did was stupid to say the least – after all the university is a place to learn and not chant slogans – but how can anybody rationally believe that the rest of the students will keep their sanity about them in the face of 67 persons openly provoking them? The situation was bound to get out of hand sooner or later, and once it did, the VC would have been compelled to take even stricter action against these students, possibly leading to their expulsion from the university.Recommend

  • water bottle

    As always, Pakistanis take things out of context. This is the usual scene on ET.

    Blasphemy law is a terrible law which you agree also.

    We have no law against anyone saying anything. But when the situation calls some action is required to maintain peace and order.

    Even without blasphemy law, if someone toes to the door of red mosque and shouts ‘God doesn’t exist’, ‘Islam is a cult’, what would you think happens?

    For a second forget that Blasphemy laws exist. What would happen to that man? I will tell you what will happen. The Jamaat of red mosque will finish him off. If they are sensible, they will give a police complain and the police will take him into custody. whether he will be charged or not is a different issue.

    These Kashmiris came to the communally sensitive part and shouted anti India slogans. thank god the VC was sensible. He punished them for inciting violence by suspending them temporarily. And sent home for their protection. Notice the difference between punishing and protection by two different actions.

    How come today, you are not saying sedition, sedition, sedition?Recommend

  • water bottle

    They are your own religion man.

    They are not different country or they are not asking for a separate state. What is the comparison here?

    Why don’t you compare to Baloch separatists. Tell me what would happen if Baloch students at some hardcore Punjab university shout the slogan Damn Pakistan?Recommend

  • Paki

    Such unfair treatment and discrimination against Kashmiri Students proved that The Dream of Iqbal, Two Nation Theory and Jinnah struggle for Separate Land for Muslims of Sub-Continent all were imperatives and true.Recommend

  • water bottle

    exactly. well said.

    Balochistan was a good comparison.Recommend

  • water bottle

    I have said it once and I am saying it again.

    don’t compare students to politicians.

    Try arresting Altaf Hussain for his pro Indian speech and see what happens to Karachi?Recommend

  • Liaqat Yousufzai

    Whenever there is a football match between Algeria and France, the Algerian origin French support and chant in favor of Algeria, never France labeled them traitor or so. The question is how open and big heart do you have.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If so why are the student alive and not lynch by a mob to death and out of jail and free?

    Please compare this the fate of Salman Taseer and various ppl who have been accused of blasphemy. Recommend

  • water bottle


    Good example.

    Now, go a step further and think more, why?


    1) Algerians are not asking for a separate country in France.

    2) Algerians don’t shout ‘damn France’.Recommend

  • sree

    Kashmir was part of India long before Pakistan was created. How Pakistan can claim Kashmir as it’s own ?Recommend

  • Reality Check

    Dont think you should be giving us lectures on religion and mob lynches, considering you are a country of that burnt down Graeme Staimes a christian missonary with his two young children ALIVE in their car (by a hindu mob) I could go on and on and name some more very prominent acts of religious violence take place in India. So please spare us your bhashan and get a reality check. Atleast we are not hypocrites and dont hide under the fake facade of secularism that you lot do, where you have hindu right wing organisations like Shiv Sena and RSS beating up people for celebrating valentines day. Sort your own house first, before coming here.Recommend

  • WahReWah

    You seem to be suffering from selective amnesia (or maybe you just hypocritically like to one sided apply rules) Let me remind you of Graeme Staines, Ayodhya, Gujrat, Muzaffarnagar, Golden Temple massacre of Sikhs, Church burnings in Assam and Orissa. Please google and read your history (and reality). Recommend

  • Wateva

    The fact that you jumped in to compare this case to that of Indian Muslims shows how hijacked your mentality is. Kashmir is a disputed territory (which has a resolution of plebscite issued by UN issued upon it) while the rest of Indian Muslims have nothing to do with us, unless you feel as unwanted in India as these Kashmiris did, I dont see why you even had to drag this in and make such unrelated comparsions. You contradict your own self.Recommend

  • theageless

    same old farce… trying to alienate ‘muslims’ from ‘Indians’. You say Indian Muslims have served their masters , here who was the master? Wasn’t it the Principle himself or was it the UP’s SP government who keep running to their minorities for all single matters?. This issue was never about muslims as the Pakistanis are trying to showcase, It was about Kashmiris. Whether patriotic or not no Indian Muslim(other than Kashmiri perhaps) will associate themselves with Pakistan.Recommend


    Oh please lets not forget India is the same country whose fans pelted Srilankan team with bottles and set fires, when they started outplaying the Indian team in the 1996 world cup. The violence was so bad, that the match had to be abandoned altogether. You guys are just sore losers, who cant turn defeat with humility and dignity.Recommend

  • Err

    Actually its the other way around, those people are the ones indoctrinated. And we know who those sources are.Recommend

  • Ravi

    There is no absolute truth in this world, Truth is just perception guided by your belief systems. For me truth is that Kashmir is an integral part of india, for you it’s a pakistani territory and for a kashmiri its independent.
    Care to shed light on which one is true????Recommend

  • ravi

    Pakistan wants Kashmir , minus its minorities. Muslim Kashmiris want to be free, but again minus the minorities.

    The problem is not with cheering any team. The problem is with attitude. Its ok if u shout against India is Kashmir. But not in other parts of country. Will not be tolerated. Human rights is equalRecommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    What about the Kashmiri kid killed by an Indian soldier for celebrating Pakistan’s win?!Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    The founding father of Pakistan was a Shiite and some of the most pro-Pakistani people i’ve spoken to were shiites.Recommend

  • Rakib

    UK did contemplate some action but finally decided to leave the conductors & drivers to their own devices.Sociology of Sports is a subject in itself.-In the ’90s Lord Tebbit famously talked of Cricket Test of Loyalty. Thomas Fletcher of Leeds Metropolitan University wrote “Who do ‘they’ cheer for?” Cricket, diaspora, hybridity and divided loyalties amongst British Asians”. On the Net. Worth a browse.Recommend

  • Malaika Harris

    Yeah, Kashmir is independent.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    For the last time, those students were not rioting for separation. We cannot base our arguments on what you think those students did, or speculations on what Pakistanis MIGHT have done if it had been the other way around.

    What matters is what happened.Recommend

  • Lionheart

    And in Pakistan the srilankan team was shot!!Recommend

  • Fatima Ansari

    We stood on our own feet that is why we are a nation right now. Modi is your problem, not ours. And you said that China, Sri Lanka are irritants? Meaning you *do* have border issues with them.Recommend