20 reasons we asked Musharraf to go

Published: October 9, 2010

The former president does not have a great track record - why would we want him back?

We Pakistani’s at times are so eager to see the bright side of a coin we neglect to notice that the coin’s edges are black with grime. Similarly, Syed Abid Raza Abidi has written a post presenting 50 points for which Pakistan needs Mr Pervez Musharraf but he failed to glimpse the other side of the coin.

I have 20 solid points which prove Pakistan doesn’t need Musharraf.

  1. He allowed Nato and American forces to launch attacks inside Pakistan. Can anyone on earth justify the killing of thousands of innocents?
  2. Terrorism increased during his presidency because of which all of us are still suffering.
  3. How can supporters of Musharraf justify a person who entered the government the wrong way? Have you forgotten the night martial law was imposed?
  4. Do you cry because a pastor was burning the Holy Quran? How about when the leader of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was attacking a mosque?
  5. Derailing democracy is one of his biggest achievements. Thank you, Mr Musharraf.
  6. What about Dr Aafia?  Here is a person who was Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan and still claims that he does not know anything about Dr Aafia. “I don’t know who gave her to America,” he says.
  7. Thank you, Musharraf for ruining the army’s image in Pakistan. You are the reason why the security forces are attacked every day.
  8. Would you still prefer a person who has carried out operations in different parts of Pakistan just to prolong his reign? Did you forget the mass killings in Balochistan and Waziristan?
  9. Maybe many are thankful to him for legalizing corruption but I am not (since I am not corrupt.) I wonder if he thought twice before bringing the NRO to legalize corruption in Pakistan?
  10. Has the general forgotten the first lesson from Pakistan Military Academy.  A soldier’s job is to “serve” the country not to “rule” it.
  11. Who gave him the right to amend the constitution when he was sitting on the seat of president unconstitutionally.
  12. How would you support a person who disqualified and disgraced the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The rank of Chief Justice in any dignified nation is greater than any General but he threw him out in one stroke for his own.
  13. Most of the crises we face today, including shortage of electricity and gas, are a result of the former president’s ‘good intentions’.
  14. He destroyed our Islamic ideology with his nonsense “enlightened moderation.”
  15. He brought disgrace to the army by addressing political jalsay in an army uniform.
  16. He lied. He promised to handover powers to an elected government in three months, which later proved to be more than 8 years.
  17. How many of you have forgotten the TV channels which were banned for months just because a dictator was not fond of listening to criticism.
  18. The Kashmir cause was badly damaged during his presidency. Can somebody on earth clear his stance in the Agra Summit?
  19. Should we thank Musharraf for paving the way to a provincial division by brutally killing Akbar Bugti? The All Anti Pakistani Movements in Balochistan are his gift to the nation. Thanks again!
  20. Generals like him have managed to change the motto of Pakistan into “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia ?…Laathi, Goli, Martial Law

I don’t believe I need to repeat the same point again and again –  you can agree with me or refute my points with valid arguments.


Rana Usman

A free-lance writer who also enjoys taking photographs. He is an under-graduate student of electronic engineering. He tweets @rana_usman

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel.
  • http://www.twitter.com/abidifactor S. Ali Raza

    Good one Rana, I was expecting something in response, but this was quick :) I will let Musharraf team to justify each one of the points you have mentioned.

    All I can say, if the USA did not scare us and force us to get into the war with Afghanistan in 2001, we wouldn’t have had reasons 2 to 20. I still fail to understand why was Pakistan bullied into a war which was originally prompted by the Arabs!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/1979/what-we-dont-know-will-hurt-us/ Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    They way the narrative is being shaped by Musharaf supporters, the patriotic thing to do will be to support the APML. Now patriotism is also linked to Musharaf’s personality. More like a cult than a political party. Lets just agree to disagree. Recommend

  • Talha

    Let me counter these dubious attempts to malign Musharraf.

    Nato and American forces launched attacks inside FATA, a non sovereign territory which was never under the control of GoP. FATA is not under the control of Pakistan, thus it can not be labelled Pakistani territory. Even USSR launched cross border attacks because that is where the militants operated from and a superpower will attack a capital if it has to, no one on this planet can stop that.
    Terrorism started during the tenure of Zia, the militants were then dispersed to other regions such as Bosnia and Kashmir, while some remained in Afghanistan. A bomb a day went off in Zia’s time, just like today and that was the beginning of all this, not during Musharraf’s time.
    The Martial Law was absolutely needed as the Bhutto/Sharif combo had completely dislodged Pakistan in every way possible. Our economy was in tatters, social and civil unrest was underway and do not forget Sharif’s move to bring in Sharia Law.
    How odd, firstly the pastor did not burn the Quran, secondly he attacked a mosque because the extremist occupiers of that place challenged the state. Can you imagine not taking action against these miscreants, they would have run wild in Islamabad wrecking havoc.
    Refer to point No.3.
    Dr Afia is a known terrorist, her links to known militants and her actions prior to her disappearance are clear signs of her duplicity.
    So the likes of Zia, Gul and many colorful characters of the army did not hurt its image. Very inane point, how can one man be used to malign a whole institution.
    Bugti died because his own explosives went off in his cave. Waziristan is terrorist central of the world, a small scale attack was an absolute requirement.

    To be honest, your write up is very weak and your points reek of ambiguity. Let me point to one for example.

    He destroyed our Islamic ideology with his nonsense “enlightened

    Seriously, that intolerant, misguided and violent version of Islamic ideology is a good thing.

    You are repeating points, blaming Musharraf for long occurring problems and frankly Sir, I think you sound like a Fundamentalist. How can you cry for something that did not occur and that Mosque was full of terrorist who were openly hostile and ready to attack our nation.

    You are going to get a lot of heat for this boy.Recommend

  • Samreen A.Khan

    well its really a quick response for which i was waiting….(as most of the people over are supporting musharaf! …..and i’m not) …… so Good Job!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/1979/what-we-dont-know-will-hurt-us/ Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    @S.Ali – if we werent forced into the war that opened the funnels of US assistance and IFI support we wouldn’t have had most of the economic benefits that make up your 50 ;)

    They are many circumstances that contributed to any economic progress that took place especially between 2002-2007 that can be attributed to factors beyond Pakistani state policy. Again, they are many factors, such as Pak support for US actions which were forced upon us. In both cases Musharaf was either in the right place at the right time, or he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Past performance/lack of performance cannot determine future performance. Because, even with the best of intentions, we have no idea of what the global external environment will be. For example, galloping increases in global oil and food prices from winter 2006 to mid 2008 undid many of the economic reforms and improvements that were witnessed over the start of the 2000’s.

    But there is just one caveat, Musharaf’s party is just Musharaf’s party. There might be alot of support for him, lets say come 2013 and there is an election, I am sure all his supporters will vote for him. However, to gain influence in a parliamentary democracy, where is he going to find votable individuals who will get the 180 odd parliamentary seats required to form a government, or even 80-100 seats to form a coalition?

    I am just not convinced that he is a viable player in Pakistan’s political future, regardless of my own biases, when will he return? Is it safe for him to return? He will be part of his party and are they votable? Will the Army tolerate his return? How is he going to campaign openly at a national level? Will he face the court cases if he returns? What will happen if hes convicted? Ruling with the military behind your back is one thing, however ruling through a political party, making compromises etc, suggests that he will find it very difficult to meet the high standards that people are expecting off him.

    It his democratic right to return to Pakistan and run for elections, a right that he withheld from the country for a long time. At the same time, the law also requires him to present himself before the courts.

    I am just not sure whether the overwhelming support he seems to have online, is due to his personal appeal and support for his rule from 1999-2008, or whether its a reflection on the present government and its poor performance in governing the country. Either way, its disappointing that Musharafs name is now added to the list of Chaudhrys, Jatoi’s, Bhutto’s and Sharif’s that just seem to fade away only to reappear. Recommend

  • Save Pakistan

    Pakistan ko bachana hai
    Musharraf ko lana haiRecommend

  • ali

    Which islamic ideology? Zia’s legacy of intolerance, terrorism and sectarian voilence all in the name of islam. You are part of the Zia’s lost generation!Recommend

  • Zaki

    Pretty non-sense sensational empty rhetorics.Recommend

  • http://ranausman.wordpress.com/ Rana Usman

    Truely 50 is smaller than 20.

    But the question is how it became 50? by Repeating the same University and Economy point 20 times while it can be written under one point.

    You agree? if you dont. go and please read his post again.

    He repeated the same university point over regular intervals.

    The Institute of Space Technology was established.
    Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta was established.
    The University of Science and Technology, Bannu, was established.
    The University of Hazara was founded.
    The Malakand University in Chakdara was established.
    The University of Gujrat was established
    The Virtual University of Pakistan was established
    Sarhad University of IT in Peshawar was established
    The National Law University in Islamabad was established
    The Media University in Islamabad was established
    University of Education in Lahore was established
    Lasbela University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan, was established

    The above 12 points could have been written under one point, but he really knows how to fill the paper but I being a person doesnt believe in this policy.

    There is no repetition in my points. All 20 are solidRecommend

  • Mallak

    Really Rana? This is what you call SOLID 20 points? You might want to put more than 60 seconds into writing your next article otherwise THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE might take away your writing privilege.

    First of all, whats point #20 ? is that your MOST SOLID point? Because honestly thats not even a point, its your weak attempt at putting quick wits together into a sentence.

    Point #17. Clearly you have forgotten the ONE MILLION (gross exaggeration) TV licenses handed out during his tenure and the freedom of media and journalism that everyone started enjoying. Maybe you should be gagged and bound and FORCED to go back to 1998 and watch the only channel on TV, the brutal state-run PTV. My eyes used to bleed watching PTV and NTM everyday.

    I would keep going but then i see POINT #4 and i realize you need to be sat down and explain whats going on in our country from scratch. Please dont support the Lal Masjid incident, those fakesters had turned the masjid into a FORT with guns and women and children in there for use as a shield. If Lal Masjid’s example would not have been set imagine how many illiterate Mullahs across Pakistan would get empowered and start their own Lal Masjids.

    Pakistan is a country RAMPANT with illiterate people. If you leave the country in the hands of these people they will elect their respective jagirdaars, PPP, NAWAZ. So if along comes a person who has zero or LITTLE personal interest (does not own hundreds of acres of land or tens of factories and industries that kept on expanding during his tenure i.e. Nawaz), as long as he can put the country on the path of economic progress and education of ILLITERATE masses, let him stay AS LONG AS HE CAN. Forgot 8 years May Allah let him stay for 80 years. We live in a country where the vote of a PhD = the vote of illiterate person who is really owned by his feudal lord. The sad news is that the majority of the 17 crore people fall under that illiterate catagory owned by their feudals. Please start putting some more sense into your articles. My 10 year old nephew could write a loosely-worded article like for his english class. Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    None of your points makes any sense to me!!!Recommend

  • rehan saeed

    Though i believe Musharaf should be tried for treason among a host of other crimes your points against him reek of the garbage that fundamentalists usually spout against him. Lal masjid, Waziristan operation, Dr. Afia, Akbar Bugti, “starting” terrorism and most laughably of all our destroying our “islamic ideology” these are hardly things to hold against the man. in all of these cases Musharaf did the right thing.
    Its the fact that he’s was Military dictator that should be emphasized, that he is guilty of high treason and for mangling the constitution. if you wanna hold something against him these are things you should be focusing on, not right wing rhetoric! and kudos @talha^, excellent rebuttal of the article though ofcourse i completely disagree with you over supporting Musharaf..:)Recommend

  • Adil Farooq

    This country was a precious gift of Allah which unfortunatley has been ruined by such personals which have no smell of Pakistani blood. But we are the future & will Insh’Allah bring change for all that has been lost…. Recommend

  • Talha

    Do you cry for because a pastor was
    burning the Holy Quran?

    Seriously, how can you cry for something that did not occur and even if it did why would you cry?

    Also the English is a bit off.Recommend

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasserr

    Nicely written and the comparison is straight forward, i am sorry but the post simply represent the state of current Government with punctuation and grammatical errors and followed by awkward points.

    Many thanks for this.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    4) Aww, its so sad that a mosque filled with fundies that wreaked mayhem, burned books, videotapes and the like was attacked out of necessity and taken down instead of being allowed to grow stronger and become a serious threat.

    6) Yes, it truly is so sad. I mean, its not like the CIA puts people on their watch-list for no reason. Its not like they’re extremely well-informed and efficient and thus would have a good reason for arresting her. Its not like Dr. Aafia herself isn’t a suspicious character. Oh wait…

    7) Yeah, you know what, ever since our most glorious and revered leader Zia-ul-Haq died(Good bloody riddance). I mean, he was the best military dictator ever! remember how he introduced Ordinance XX? I mean, how dare those dirty wajib-ul-qatal Ahmadis try to practice freedom of religion and call themselves Muslims if they so wish to? This is the most glorious Islamic Republic of Pakistan, there’s no place for religious tolerance here!

    11) Yes, because Zia-ul-Haq, a prime example of the glowing image the military had before Musharraf NEVER amended the constitution.

    14) Oh yeaaah I can’t believe he tried to make us a liberal and modern state. I mean, if I get raped, how on earth would justice be served if I’m not tried for adultery because I don’t have any witnesses? And its just so awful that our women actually have so much freedom now, just the other day there was a woman on TV and her head was uncovered. GASP. The horror!

    16) How dare he! Remember how Zia-ul-Haq promised to hold elections within three months and then… Oh wait. They never happened.

    18) Srinagar. CRPF. Are you aware that the military forces in Srinagar bludgeoned, strangled, for God’s sake tortured a little boy to death? A little boy, no older than 7 or 8, a tiny little thing that just wanted to go buy himself some sweets. What’s Zardari doing to help Kashmir, or to free it? Or Nawaz Sharif? Or Rehman Malik? Or any of the other monkeys that were let out of their cage after Benazir died? Musharraf actually tried to do something about the issue, not prance around Europe on a fancy vacation while the country went to hell and people were dying in Srinagar.

    Funny part is, I’m not even a Musharraf sympathizer, nor am I against Zia-ul-Haq although he was a major douche and a prime example of a bad ruler, democratic or otherwise. I have no political loyalties whatsoever, but I can’t be blinded to the facts at least. Seems like you wrote this more out of emotion than logic. Its sad because you’re actually a good writer, I’ve enjoyed your previous blogs but this is far too emotional and rantish. Mr. Abidi’s points at least had a factual basis. Very weak article dude.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/143/taha-kerar/ Taha Kehar

    A reasonably well-justified stance has been presented here. However, your position could have been strengthened had you remained extremely objective – even if it reduced the number of reasons why the erstwhile general should not be given a second chance. A biased point of view will always be disputed. Blog posts/articles that profess to hold a monopoly over facts (whether overtly or through the title) should address constitutional breaches as opposed to moral weakness and although the author has capably highlighted arguments oriented to the infringement of the law, making sweeping statements like “He lied” and ”brought disgrace to the army” adds a measure of subjectivity to something that should be intrinsically objective. These don’t classify as ”solid reasons” why the author wants him gone. They are repetitive and immensely cliché.

    Despite this, I enjoyed every sardonic remark and colloquial phrase and to some extent agree with your justifications. Recommend

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    I have read both the 50 points for musharraf and 20 against him. Politically i am neutral. I don’t support or oppose any political party in pakistan. I agree with Mr. Kehar, that the points are not objective and some one here mentioned that Nawab Bugti was killed by his own explosives and General Musharraf did a nice job by removing Nawaz government. Well, democracy in our country does not take root because the people of our country do not feel that it is they who make the government or break it. whenever there is resentment against a government the army steps in. whenever there are elections, they are engineered, sometimes by some individuals other times by organisations. The only way people will feel empowered, is when their votes will form governments and the rulers will change because of ballot not bullet. when this sort of political accountability will take root our governance will improve and priorities of the rulers will change, it will also change the traditional class of rulers if they don’t change their ways. About nawab bugti murder, we should not merely protest his murder, but we should also protest the reason which led to his murder and his armed resistance. why wasn’t the doctor’s rape case transparently inverstigated? the people in our country have a rich tradition. we have our own system of dispensing justice, why can’t we institutionalise it instead of adopting the british common law system. the british also institutionalised their tradtion law, and made it into the british common law which was suited to their social and cultural environment. General Musharaf has a right of entering politics, every citizen of the country does, but first he should face the law. without the rule of law and respect for law our country will cease to exist. countries do not merely become states with international borders, without a working and vibrant social contract, and running institutions, a country is simply a piece of land and nothing more. islamic ideology was not general zia’s gift to our country, our country was made for the muslims of the then india, so that they could live there according to their “islamic tradition:” and practice their faith without any hindrance. this is what was believed by the ordinary people who were braving the lathis of the RAJ and the enduring boring lectures by someone they thought and rightly so, would lead them to their dream, in a language they did not understand, in the scorching heat which our part of the world is famous for. Recommend

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    so let us not ridicule the idea of islamic ideology merely because general zia used it to sell his idea of Jihad in afghanistan, which by the way was not a bad idea in my opinion i just disagree with the way it was handled. of course the generals then had their own vested interests involved in handling the way it was handled but then that was again because of the reason that there was no accountability for what they were doing. law is unfair too, it is treated like trash, judges sell it and the rich buy it, it is twisted and turned, the lawyers, who are officers of law, also treat it the way pimps treat their commodity, but their is not better way human beings have been able to evolve to form a better social contract with each other. there is not better option anyone has come up with for the smooth functioning of the society.Recommend

  • Janjee

    UsMan your points are are voice of nation, the questions which were and will remain un-answered. People who are opposing your points specially LAL-masjid point, ” cannot justify even killing of one 8year kid burnt with white posphorus” burn your finger with normal fire and then come back to re-answer this point. Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Salute to Ghausia!!Recommend

  • F. Alam

    Musharraf’s recent speeches are quite ridiculous to say the least. Maybe he should heed his own advice: ‘agar shakal acchi na ho…..’ Karaila and neem charha example is very apt too!Recommend

  • hu

    Congratulations on using a highly flawed and baseless article as an inspiration for an even worse attempt at common sense. Were any of your “points” worthy of being addressed, I would do so. Rather, I will offer you constructive criticism.

    In the future, if you would like to be taken seriously, it would be prudent to avoid placing a personal bias within every single one of your points. Secondly, I would suggest you attempt some research at least. The “50 reasons Pakistan needs Musharraf” at least has research. What are you offering besides hackneyed observations and fallacious conclusions?

    Do Pakistan a favor and offer some substance within your work. Our country needs our youth to be intelligent, engaged and inspired; not trite, illogical and blatantly irresponsible. Recommend

  • Majid

    Good Job Rana. These 20 points are so solid that even 100 points in favor of Musharraf cannot stand to justify his existence as a ruler in Pakistan. Supporters of Musharraf can’t even think that If we accept Musharraf, we are actually supporting the act of martial law and defiance of constitution of Pakistan. It means those people would also accept the one who would make a coupe against Musharraf, for Musharraf did a coupe. Might then some one would write 60 points in favor of that general after his 10 years of rule.Recommend

  • rocket

    well ,the list should be opened with Kargil fiasco. Recommend

  • thetruthaboutpakistan

    if masharaff didnt help us post 911, they were gona send pakistan to stone ages. he did that to save his country. He is one of the greatest president in pakistan history. the whole benazir government took pakistan 1000 years back. with musharrraf around, pakistan economically was doin great. PAKISTAN NEEDS MUSHARRAFRecommend

  • Yousaf

    There are still 30 reasons why we need Musharraf back….!!

    Would you like to divert your readers to a valid politicians who has delivered in the past years? Or any politician who has guts to lead the nation from forefront without running the government as a money making business.

    I am amazed for the criticism, without giving us an alternative. Recommend

  • Tani

    Great work Rana, awesome points, rock solid points. Recommend

  • Ammad Hafeez

    50 is greater than 2o.. Oay.. Ranaaaa ;)Recommend

  • Mahvesh

    Ghausia got it spot on. Even if 50<20, those 50 points made more sense to me than your ‘precise and eloquent’ ones – and I’m not even a Mush supporter! Maybe had you put some serious thought into it and actually come up with something more solid than harping on about Lal Masjid, and a bunch of crazed people who were using human shields?

    Not well thought out, at all. Recommend

  • mazhar


  • mazhar

    1.”He allowed Nato and American forces to launch attacks inside Pakistan”
    can you be more specific ?????
    2.”Terrorism increased during his presidency”
    thats just a silly argument dude
    3.”entered the government the wrong way”
    dude,mr.iftikhaar choudhary called it the right way,supreme court declared it all legal
    4. “How about when the leader of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was attacking a mosque?”
    attacking a mosque;:::really,
    terrorist captured the mosque,and you want the government to lay on their knees, >>>////
    5.”Derailing democracy is one of his biggest achievements”
    its the politician that derail the democracy,if conditions of pakistan would have very good in 1999 ,there was no need for martial law,but they werent .>>>>Recommend

  • Maira

    @Rana Usman:

    Solid?? hardly. you seem to possess closed, single-minded values.

    I don’t strongly support Musharraf but I can hardly agree with any of your points. Pay closer attention to the reasons behind his actions (eg, the Laal Mosque operation). It was both necessary as well as wise. Portrayal of “potential murderers” – people who ultimately give fuel to the fire of Islamophobia- as “innocents” by the media is hardly grounds enough to criticize Musharraf. Recommend

  • Maira

    @hu: nice response. That is truly what i felt when i read this blog!Recommend

  • Zafar

    Now someone give us only ONE reason why we wud want anyone else in power ???????????? other than Musharraf.Recommend

  • Peesa Gul

    A powerful moment, the first Pakistani leader ever to admit faults in his leadership and then tell the nation he was sorryRecommend

  • Peesa Gul

    still in anyway, If all Pakistan has to offer is Musharraf as a possible savior to their current chaotic plight then only Allah can come to theri rescue ! Pakistan is a failed state and about to implode. God Bless UsRecommend

  • Umer Abbasi

    Great job Rana.
    i totally agreed by your 20 points . these are very solid.
    on the other side..50 points which are in favour of Musharraf are senseless..
    same points are written again by again.just for filling the paper.
    i find about 15-18 points which are based on only the names of education centres.
    i must say that its a strong response to the 50 points…great work..:)Recommend

  • waleed khan

    almost all points seem more like jamat i islami propaganda than anything else.

    This blog should focus on quality rather than childish jingoism.

    That point on enlightened moderation is specially hilarious. All points are focused on one thing and that is the curse of islamic fundamentalism which should he dealt with full force.Recommend

  • Adil Farooq

    @For all Above

    Those who think incident of Laal Masjid was a wise or right decision by Musharraf at that time, just for a moment place yourself inside that mosque and feel the strive of thirst hunger and innocient bodies lying besides you. How will ou feel for the one who gave the authority to do it. While the result was infront of you. How many terrorists were found? how many tons of armes were hidden there? Burning of Quranic verses and mosque by our own army under influence of one man still being a so called a patriotic pakistani Muslim. huh…

    Your saying because you are not one of the SHAHEED’s or their relatives. Even mine are not but being a Pakistani i can smell their innocent bloodshed smell & cries which can still be heared in H-10 graveyard, but those who are sitting abroard or in home AC, how can they smell it?

    First of all you need to face the music, then try to post any comment worth arguing….Recommend

  • http://kulsoom-b.blogspot.com Kulsoom

    What crap?

    Musharraf is an ultimate choice and savior of nation. During his tenure, country had substantial economy and significant impact on foreign policy.

    What kind of mosque you talking or Mr.? The mosque whose Imam was running away under a veil? A mosque who “danda-bardaar” students were going around harassing people? A mosque who harassed female drivers in Islamabad because they are female? A mosque that was a weapon’s depot?

    And who bred Talibans and eventually terrorism? Not, Musharraf. History witnesses the steps Zia ul Haq regime took and we still paying for it.

    Don’t forget Kargil War, where Musharraf had a stance against India. Which other ruler of Pakistan had the guts to shut India’s mouth, and that too amicably?

    Who else has put an effort of improving image of Pakistan? World knows who Musharraf is and accept him as a successful Dictator. He proved the world that Dictatorship brings down the country.

    You talking about his military coup as illegal? Then was it legal to abandon your COAS with limited fuel in air-space where even civilians on board?
    When it comes to coup, its not illegal or legal, its just the coup. And Musharraf;s coup was the right one.

    Dr.Afia? Why not you, me or any other man or woman get arrested for such charges? Why her? Why do we consider this woman as most pious? What was she doing in Bagraam? Where was her Pakistan when gave up her nationality for green card?

    Army Image improved during his reign. Nation consider them as savior and a part of politics.

    Waziristan is also responsible for breeding and brewing terrorism. Who gave them the right to open borders with Afghanistan? Why do they have Chechans, Serbians, Uzbeks?
    For Balochistan, they were always at war with any Government since they want a seperation. Don’t forget Army’s effort in Chamalang.

    And shall I remind you the mass killing of Urdu Speaking in Karachi/Hyderabad during 1992-1996? Who is to be punished for it?

    Promises? what promises are you talking of?
    These bloody rich politicians make promises before each and every election and what do we get in return? High prices and high taxes? Why blame Musharraf? Only because he was dictator? Unfair.

    What about 50 new licences for alcohol shops in Karachi? Do we still have Musharraf?
    What about open alcohol selling and Casino in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s time? Was that pure Islam?

    And of course, my friend you forgot how many times President Zardari has put ban on news channels. Remember Ms.Sherry Rahman, flaunting her hair and shades, addressing why news channels are no more private.

    Musharraf’s time gave highest number of licences to private TV channels, for people like you to prove and dicuss dumb 20 points.Recommend

  • Saqib

    cool reply yaar…. great responsE!!Recommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    Hey, if I was inside that mosque, or six feet under because I was killed inside, I deserved it, and thank God I died rather than live as a bloody fundie. What about the attack on the Chinese massage parlour by Lal masjid militants? The fact that Abdul Aziz and Ghazi admitted that they communicated regularly with Al-Qaeda? The fact that they made no secret of their support for Taliban? Gave speeches calling for the assasination of the country’s then-ruler which btw, is just unpatriotic no matter where you are, and specially considering that Musharraf was no Stalin or Hitler! That they set fire to a Ministry of Environment building, thanks a lot for contributing to air pollution morons maybe if you studied something other than religion, you’d be smart enough to care about your surroundings.That their female students took control of a library swearing that they’d fight to their last breath, wielding machine guns? Is THAT what the most glorious and peaceful religion of Islam teaches us? Really? Oh wait I know. Everything I’ve said are lies, all those things never happened but really, they were an attempt to undermine the peaceful attempts of Lal Masjid to spread Islam’s message and just be all around good guys. It was all a conspiracy between Musharraf, MOSSAD, RAW, the CIA, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Hitler who never died, goblins, Sauron, Voldemort, and pretty much every bad guy that hates Islam and Pakistan. Please. The country may be wracked by terrorism right now, but it would’ve been a whole lot worse if Musharraf hadn’t done what he did. Yes, its sad that they had to attack a mosque and sure, the loss of human life is always tragic, whether they’re innocent or not.Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    Why a mere 20 to counter a solid 50?

    Baazicha-e-Atfaal hai dunya mere aagey
    Hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mere aagey

    -M.A.K. GhalibRecommend

  • F. Alam

    People like Talha may have a great future on blogging world if they don’t appear to be Mush supporter. Musharraf is chala hua kartoos.

    There was some economic development due to many factors and lets give Mush credit for that. Lets not forget that Mush’s era had more ‘SIDE EFFECTS’ than benefits. If you sow dictatorship, you reap bloodshed. Recommend

  • iJoker

    hey rana it seems you just pushed yourself a bit to hard to come up with something to counter the 50 points, & end result is pretty lame. You haven’t provided any justification what so ever to back your 20 crippled points. Your views lack backing from any form of proven truth.You just came up with this piece of diarrhea just because you don’t like Musharraf, and that’s how views are expressed in a democratic nation, you like some or none. I can go on blasting your childish thinking & writing which wont help at all.

    You are a brave man to have come up with something like this, & still having the manliness for posting it.

    As Cowesjee Said: Musharraf is the best from the worst lot.

    Cheers Mate
    (waiting for genuine backing for each point; remember: innocent until proven guilty) Recommend

  • http://deleted Sajjad Ahmed

    Excellent write up Rana – great points there …Recommend

  • Zain

    “How would you support a person who disqualified and disgraced the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The rank of Chief Justice in any dignified nation is greater than any General but he threw him out in one stroke for his own”

    To the author, I was a Musharaff Supporter but right now, I have no political affiliations..till the next election at least. I just want to ask you a few questions. Which I know will be lost amongst this tidal wave of questions.

    With regards to the point you made above. How can you or any one support the chief justice who legalized Musharrafs presidency in the first place? Supported him when other judges, his superiors, resigned.Then also took the CJP oath under Musharraf? And is now on a personal vendetta against every other politician. Why didn’t the great CJP take a step when Musharraf was president if he is such a supporter of justice (check the irony). He was the army chief, at the time is no excuse. He had his own agenda which was to become the CJP.

    Oh and with regards to Lal Masjid, when somebody breaks into your shops burns what you sell to earn a living on the context of Islam, I will ask you. Oh and another thing, takes women hostage on the assumption they were prostitutes or something. And one more thing oh great blogger, why were there so many weapons in a Mosque in the first place? Seems like they were training would be moderate preachers. (sense the sarcasm)Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/2126/twenty-reasons-we-asked-musharraf-to-go/ jiya

    I am totally amused to read all the comments,I am so glad to know that there are people out there to answer the irrationals writings of emotional minds,,Good Job all the wakeful people who
    think objectively in terms of benefiting the country. Regardless of the person who should bring the change,one should think of the change that is needed,and some where musharaff seems to be an eligible candidate!!!Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Well said Zain!!Recommend

  • Hasan

    How can supporters of Musharraf
    justify a person who entered the
    government the wrong way? Have you
    forgotten the night martial law was

    No we haven’t and good too as Musharraf took down Nawaz Sharif who was about to become Ameerul-Momineen. Phew, that was close. Thank you Musharraf.

    Do you cry because a pastor was
    burning the Holy Quran? How about when
    the leader of the Islamic Republic of
    Pakistan was attacking a mosque?

    He was not attacking the mosque, don’t misrepresent the facts. He was attacking the terrorists as any government would. The mosque is still there and functional. Your support for these Lal Masjid Taliban waanabees is actually making Musharraf look good.

    At least the pastor did not burn the Quran in the end. How about Nawaz Sharif under whose auspices churches, bibles and Christians were burnt? How do you feel about Nawaz Sharif?

    Has the general forgotten the first
    lesson from Pakistan Military Academy.
    A soldier’s job is to “serve” the
    country not to “rule” it.

    Uh huh, is he the first soldier or the last to forget that lesson? What’s your point?

    Who gave him the right to amend the
    constitution when he was sitting on
    the seat of president

    Iftikhar Chaudhary the current “azad” adliyya. It’s a matter of record you can check it.

    What about Dr Aafia?

    What about her? Good riddance, we have plenty of extremists of our own to worry.

    How can supporters of Musharraf
    justify a person who entered the
    government the wrong way? Have you
    forgotten the night martial law was

    Musharaf was supported with 17 amendment by Maulana sahibs. How can you go against Maulanas? They are custodian of our religion. Don’t you know?Recommend

  • Mawali

    Ever heard of the word “stretch”. Then as you admit “I don’t believe I need to repeat the same point again and again” that is all you have done. I would not even respond to such nonsense except for the fact that “Tribune” allowed you to post this on a public forum.

    First learn to distinguishg between reason, argument and a statement! Your vitriol is a combination of all three not to mention badly written and expressed nonsense not worthy of a response. Recommend

  • Mubeen Malik

    Musharraf might not be the best choice.

    But in opposite what choices we have? I think we can ask ourselves and get answers within.
    People whose vision is to give Rs. 1000 per month to few political people and people who waste money in Sasti Roti and develop a Nation of beggars.

    I request everybody who writes in comments to compare Governments and Parties on merit rather than personal alliances.Recommend

  • Imran Tariq

    I am a resident of G6 islamabad. Which most of you guys are probably not even aware where Lal Masjid is located. its is hardly 100 meters walking distance form my house. I remember 2006 when the Lal masjid operation was done right infront of my eyes.

    I also remember the preceeding 12 months during which me, my family and everywhere in and out of the streets were terrified by the activities of these guys. I did not send my children to schools for 3 months for the sake of their safety because women from jamia hafsa were frequently holding processions with sticks in their hand. young and old bearded people holding guns openly. It was sight where most would consider leaving the area. Why? because most sane people have familes to feed and take care of.

    I remember the terror and panic these guys were spreading. I am a first hand witness to it. So before you people from another area without knowing the facts on ground, go ask people who lived peacfuly in that area and whose lives were made miserable by terrorists. I hope everyone stops playing politics with Lal masjid incident. Because I sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank the the true muslims of Pakistan armed forces who relieved us ,the residents from this menace. May Allah bless you all my children. And may He take care of you, your parents and your familes and keep you safe. Allah HafizRecommend

  • Imran Tariq

    One more thing i think it was 2007 or 2006 i dont remember i am sorry i am old. but one more point i want to tell all people taking part in internet discussion is that, I sincerely feel that my generation, and the one before me has failed. It is now upto you, the youth of Pakistan to to undo our wrongs and please instead of abusing each other and playing party politics for once, unite for Pakistan. You are eventually all brothers and children of parents who want you to succeed. I want the same for my children. Every human being is bound by one common faith, humanity. Allah bless you allRecommend

  • basharat

    The Blogger has asked as to why General Musharraf had taken over the reins of the Government, the question has been answered by the Supreme Court through a large charge sheet against the Government of Mian Nawaz Sharif in the case of Zafar Ali Shah, a few excerpts would suffice in this regard, ” Where all the Institutions of the State were being systematically destroyed due to self serving policies of the previous Government, which had threatened the existence , security, economic life , financial stability and credit of Pakistan, where a situation had arisen under which the democratic institutions were not functioning in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, inasmuch as the Senate and the National Assembly were closely associated with the Prime Minister and there was no real democracy because the Country was , by and large under one man rule; where an attempt was made to politicize the Army , destabilize it and create dissension within its ranks and where the Judiciary was ridiculed, leaving no stone unturned to disparage and malign it by making derogatory contemptuous speeches by some of the members of the previous ruling party inside and out side of the Parliament and no reference was made to the Chief Election Commissioner for their disqualification as members of the Parliament under Article 63 ( 2 ) of the Constitution,where the disparaging remarks against the Judiciary crossed all limits with rendering judgment by this Court in the case of Sh Liaqat Hussain V the Federation PLD 1999 SC 504 declaring the establishing of Military Courts as ultra vires of the Constitution , which resulted into a slandering campaign against the Judiciary launched by the former Prime Minister registering his helplessness in the face of the Judiciary not allowing the establishment of Military Courts as a mode of speedy justice, where image of the Judiciary was tarnished under a well conceived design.” The Charge sheet is long , so much should suffice to answer, as to why General Musharraf was constrained to take over the affairs of the Government due to the situation created by despotic rule of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Present Chief Justice of Pakistan was a member of the Bench which decided the case.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Very well written Rana. It seems that we the public, especially those belonging to the cival educated class are more fond of personalities rather than what the individual has offered. We all seemed to have a very deep love affair with General Musharraf based on his tough man personality, completely ignoring his decisions would do for us in the near future.Recommend

  • Patriot

    @ Rana…biases aside i think these arguments are very emotional in nature and are not backed by fact….something for El Nadir El Edroos to consider next time he says the same about the pro-musharraf camp.

    My fav “Who gave him the right to amend the constitution when he was sitting on the seat of president unconstitutionally.”

    It was your beloved current CJP…hehhehehe Recommend

  • Kashif

    Jaldi aur zaroor bulao musharaf ko, muqadmat uska intizar kar rahay hain :)Recommend

  • Ammar hasan

    Dude get a life..
    You are again one of those people who tend to support people when they come in to a rule and once they leave you tend to point out all the negatives out of them.

    This problem lies with in us. We as a nation just always talk about what should not have happened and how the person mismanaged an issue. We never talk about the pros and what good the person has actually done.

    I am not a mushi supporter but i can assure you some thing that the amount of MNA and MPA plates you see nowadys were not there in the time of musharraf. We as a nation need the stick approach and musharraf by all means used the “Stick approach”.Its very sad seems that poor country is a victim of bad politcs and personal grudges.

    Pakistan Zindabad. Recommend

  • Kashif Mehmood

    How can supporters of Musharraf
    justify a person who entered the
    government the wrong way? Have you
    forgotten the night martial law was

    No we haven’t and good too as Musharraf took down Nawaz Sharif who was about to become Ameerul-Momineen. Phew, that was close. Thank you Musharraf.

    Ans: Hassan! Who told you this? A General jo jhoot bolnay say nahin darta :)

    Do you cry because a pastor was
    burning the Holy Quran? How about when
    the leader of the Islamic Republic of
    Pakistan was attacking a mosque?

    He was not attacking the mosque, don’t misrepresent the facts. He was attacking the terrorists as any government would. The mosque is still there and functional. Your support for these Lal Masjid Taliban waanabees is actually making Musharraf look good.

    Ans: You have no idea that lal masjid is just 1 km away from ISI head quarter and how it is possible that terrorist are grouped and our security agencies have no clue. By the way musharraf claimed that weapons are stored in a masjid, but what after operation. They did not even find out a knief. similiarly happend in Iraq
    Sheikh Rasheed the biggest supporter at that time NOW applogies people in Jalsa’s on Lal Masjid. and you are supporting him?

    At least the pastor did not burn the Quran in the end. How about Nawaz Sharif under whose auspices churches, bibles and Christians were burnt? How do you feel about Nawaz Sharif?

    Ans: Yes, you mean to say pastor is better than musharraf. As he did not burn, and musharraf did.

    Has the general forgotten the first
    lesson from Pakistan Military Academy.
    A soldier’s job is to “serve” the
    country not to “rule” it.

    Uh huh, is he the first soldier or the last to forget that lesson? What’s your point?

    Ans: So, again you agree that he did not follow army’s code of conduct :) By the way, there is no justification that someone else do wrong so I also did.
    And I am sure he is not the firstone but must be last one.

    Who gave him the right to amend the
    constitution when he was sitting on
    the seat of president

    Iftikhar Chaudhary the current “azad” adliyya. It’s a matter of record you can check it.

    Ans: You may forget that Rana is talking about 2nd Martial law.

    What about Dr Aafia?

    What about her? Good riddance, we have plenty of extremists of our own to worry.

    Ans: We have, but who give right musharraf to provide own citizens to america?

    How can supporters of Musharraf
    justify a person who entered the
    government the wrong way? Have you
    forgotten the night martial law was

    Musharaf was supported with 17 amendment by Maulana sahibs. How can you go against Maulanas? They are custodian of our religion. Don’t you know?

    Ans: hmm… at last they have accepted this is on of the biggest political mistake. But remember hassan neither we want Musharraf neither current Maulana’s in political parties.Recommend

  • Farasat Ali

    Pakistan need 50 points not 20 So Musharraf is Best. If you are ignoring 50 points then you are not right. Because Current government not doing these 50 points they are doing 20 points so we will wellcome to Musharraf. Beacuse i am not happy with current government.Recommend

  • Kashif Mehmood


    My fav “Who gave him the right to amend the constitution when he was sitting on the seat of president unconstitutionally.”

    It was your beloved current CJP…hehhehehe

    Ans: For your kind information: Iftikhar Chaudhary appointed as C.J on May 07, 2005…… and 17th amendaments was passed in December 2003Recommend

  • souskk

    @Talha: couldnt have said it better myselfRecommend

  • souskk

    awful misrepresentation of facts..very dangerous. rana u only struck the surface and repeated needlessly. if ure going to state something, atleast have the full picture and let the readers make up their mind. Recommend

  • Maryam

    Very well written Rana….
    some one who came in power in the wrong way, without the will of the people of pakistan , just because he wanted to was not acceptable then and is acceptable never.
    i have no idea why everybody is defending him.
    plus the shame he bought to army cannot be denied. thousands of boys including my own brother who so wanted to join pakistan army is no longer interested just because of him, even the families now don’t want their sons to join army just because of this single non-sense man..Recommend

  • Kashif Mehmood

    I just say 1 thing…. and that is atleast Judiciary have accepted “Nazria -e- zaroorat” is biggest mistake in Pakistani judiciary and buried it.
    but when Generals appologies nation and guaranteed to nation that they will never break and play with constitution of Pakistan??????Recommend

  • Ali

    When people like you with the most pessimistic approach continue to exist Pakistan will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Other side of the coin would have been balanced hence you would have placed 50 reasons for him to not return?

    Can you please elaborate what this Government has given to Pakistan? or taken away from it for that matter?

    A new name for NWFP? What benefit will this give to a poor starving nation?
    A fifth province? again? what benefit? People need relief not further taxes for the lavish lifestyle of these Parliamentarians
    Riots in other parts of Pakistan such as abbotabad & hazara for their own province? are you in favor of creating division in this country?
    18th amendment? what benefit will it have on the poor & working class? None whatsoever.
    These so called Flag Carriers of Democracy whom are in favor of dont even know the true definition of the term. Why isnt there any democracy within their parties? why has Nawaz Sharif always been the leader? Why Bhutto, then Benazir, Now Zardari and Bilawa? Why not Amin Faheem? why was he side lined? Ring any bells?

    Pakistan does Indeed Need Musharraf and as far as Military Operations? Hence Musharraf carried out much less and lighter operations then the present Government. Cheers to you! Recommend

  • Hassan Zubair

    After Musharraf all my love for the army died…and this is coming from an army man .!Recommend

  • shaihryar

    musharraf still won 20 resons to go 50 to come back!! still won by 30, do all of us favor do same this with this govt rati it like that ! plzzRecommend

  • Ali Hasan

    Hi Rana,

    First of all you loose on sheer count 20 againt 50:) Let’s take them one by one, should we?

    Like our decision to join American alliance in late 40’s as opposed to Russian we could only do a rear end analysis. My take is Nawaz Shareef or Benazir would have done the same, because our inability to be in-charge of our affairs has been obvious since our inception. Let me know if you see an exception.
    Terrorism is a product of our regional circumstances and our ill conceived policies in mid-80’s coupled with our over-obsession with religious extremism as a nation.
    And have you forgotten the woes of nation under 38 billion dollars of debt, and counting, before that. May be we should have waited for the country to go down the drain!
    Do not forget the deeds of those who were in there as well weeks of continuous calls to surrender, endless negotiations and dead army personnel.
    A country where political parties do not have democracy inside them and only 2-3 people are playing the musical chairs game of ruling the rest does not deserve of being labelled democratic. Just look into 18th amendment yourself to see where they have re-continued their job from.
    First of all, there is no question about how unjustly her case has been handled BUT could someone tell me why she was top 7 most wanted list prior to this and why on earth was she so closely linked with KSM?
    Why is police, Shiite and Ahmdi’s attacked? They have not done anything like you associate with Mush? Mate, this is because of reasons in point 2 above in my response.
    Baloch problem is decades old and there was no mass killing in Wazirastan. Please enlighten me!
    He was definitely wrong about NRO.
    Ruling is serving if one is good enough for it.
    Justice Ifitkhar Muhammad Chaudary before he fell apart with Mush:)
    Look, don’t take me wrong but they were friends turn foes. Means, “aik hee thailee ke …..”
    We have 18000Mw plus capacity and our needs are under 16000Mw for most part of the year. Hydral energy is around 6000Mw out of this and minimum hydral capacity, when dams are empty is 3500Mw. This is a cash crunch not a power crises.
    Religious beliefs should be one’s own choice and we should give this to him along with the right to express them, even if we do not agree with them. Let’s all grow up as human beings, PLEASE.
    To err is human but yes a mistake.
    Yeah and Justice Ifitkhar Muhammad Chaudary helped him out with this:)
    He should have been more tolerant as he himself advocated, another one that actually goes in the against column.
    Everyone, in India acknowledged Kashmir as an issue worthy of negotiations and as a result was brought on table for resolution. Something we failed to get out from Indians in decades.
    Again, Baloch issue goes way back. First operation in 40’s, followed by ones and 50 and 70’s, some under civil rule (when Bugti himself was in cabinet). Let’s not make Mush a scapegoat for this, it is an international war game in Balochistan(like it is in some resource rich african countries).
    Atleast we still have a country to freely live in another couple of years under Nawaz Sharif and we would have begging others to pay public servants (we are almost there again, just hang in there a little more).

  • Malik Sajid Raza

    In my opinion all 20 points are baseless as when person is on chair he has some limitation to act as normal person (for example Zardari is doing the same or more than musharaf for US). We should think positively the development of Pakistan (I likes Ali Raza 50 point) in his first 7 years and should excuse last year in which he played some wrong decision because of his political allies. We should not fight for pints but think positive not like if you personally dislike Musharaf because of 1 or 2 reasons.Recommend

  • Javed

    Tremendous job by Rana. People who are defending the Musharraf should think once again, because this is not the plaor drama, but it is the question of pakistan’s sovernity. musharraf has destroyed the nation’s dignity. He sold the pakistan for the sake of his small intersts. He made all the decisions during his tenure like a crazy and psycho man. Once again good job rana and keep it up.Recommend

  • Patriot

    @ Kahsif Mehmood…tsk tsk now this is called poor home work…Your honorable CJP of Pakistan was the part of that elite bench which game General Musharraf the right the amend constitution in May 2000. Inshaallah when the CJP will see the exit door you and Mr. Rana (the blogger) should be the first to ask him WHY???Recommend

  • Patriot

    @ Kashif Mehmood, my brother, the same judiciary that claimed to have buried the “Nazaria-e-Zaroorat” used it as recently as 30th August 2010 in giving extension to ad-hoc judges….how would you explain that?Recommend

  • Patriot

    @ Ali Hasan….BRAVO!! ;)Recommend

  • Talha

    @ Hassan Zubair

    Really, the actions of Zia and related Jihadi generals did not end your love for the army.

    Perhaps you need to look into what the army got up to before making these wishy washy statements.

    Think rationally and not emotionally.Recommend

  • Javed

    @Patriot: it was the duty of Govt to manage the issue of adhoc judges. one of judiciary’s organs was passing into inactivity but, the government was sleeping. Atorny genral told the SC the judges could be given extension without holding the constitutional amendment in abeyance. therefore SC had given the verdict of extension. Govt should feel shame on this and should be grate full to SC.Recommend

  • Javed

    @Admin Why my comment is not being appearing?Recommend

  • Majid

    Musharraf is for everyone who listen to the voice of “Danda”. For all other humans, we are good without him since we learn things without Mola Buksh.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/13/syed-ali/ S. Ali Raza

    Rana Sahib: Nawaz Sharif just copied this blog and used 16 points to make his charge-sheet against Musharraf :) If you hadn’t written it he wouldn’t have been able to pursue it. Fake Degree walay jo hain. Recommend

  • kashif Mehmood

    That is why we are saying that no generl is good for Pakistan, and have no right to demolish democratic govt, even it is zia or musharraf… But musharraf majorly damage army’s image. occupied all BLOODY CIVILIAN seats/ rights and after 9/11 a phone call from america teach your leader musharraf that these Jihadi elements are harmful for you. Did not musharraf knows all these when he was army chief and president in first 2 years…….Recommend

  • kashif Mehmood

    dear! You do not want independt judiciary in pakistan?? We do not like personalities, but we are in favour of good system… where someone atlest say NO to dictator. and NOW every dictator thinks once atleast before ruining Constitution of Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://www.vitalbpo.com Fawaz Chughtai

    @Rana Usman:
    Liked itRecommend

  • K


    You should write your own blog.Recommend

  • http://www.vitalbpo.com Fawaz Chughtai

    @Rana usman
    Where is AQ Khan’s matter?Recommend

  • Javed

    @Malik Sajid Raza: Yes you are right, there were limitations for musharraf, if we assume this is our home and my father takes such decisions which are in favour of my and my home’s enemies how i should react. He allow to the others to attack on my house what should i do, although my father gave me better eduction, better economy. no my dear He was the head of our beloved country. He has no reason to justify his acts which he has taken. people like you want to give him another opportunity. No this is impossible now. I proud on my Judiciary. Recommend

  • Omar

    Dear blogger,
    Your points seems to be more emotional than rational. My request to you and others, please write some points about our glorious leader zardari. i really wana see his good and bad points. Of all i know, during Musharraf’s rein Pakistan was into ‘peace’ now its into ‘pieces’. Recommend

  • Daaniyal

    I believe Rana Usman is getting his talking points from the local chapter of the Anti-Pakistan and Anti-National Jamat e Islami….

    ‘Do you cry because a pastor was burning the Holy Quran? How about when the leader of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was attacking a mosque?’

    Nice try. It was no mosque. It was a building from where innocent people were being attacked. A rangers jawan was shot and killed by a sniper form Inside just a day before the attack. It was led by those sick and fitna infested Ghazi brothers and that mother of theirs. So no thankyou. IT WAS NO MOSQUE. NO HOUSE OF Allah SWT. Stop Lying. A building that houses FItna is no Mosuqe. Liar.

    ‘He destroyed our Islamic ideology with his nonsense “enlightened moderation.”

    Child. Just how old are you? 12?
    just what do you even mean by ‘our Islamic ideology’? This statement is so pathetic in it’s ignorance that it does not even merit a response. Just which ‘ideology’ are you talking about? The one that allows society to tolerate fitna worshiping riyakaars in it’s midst? or the our Islamic character that somehow makes us scream and shout for all those except the very weakest? How Islamic were we boy? A house where not a single minority feels safe. A house where bigotry and evil madrassas produce killers is no Islamic house at all.
    Damn child needs a political history lesson..

    ‘Would you still prefer a person who has carried out operations in different parts of Pakistan just to prolong his reign? Did you forget the mass killings in Balochistan and Waziristan?’

    actually I DONT remember mass killings in Waziristan. Although it may make you sad to know that the PA did kick some rather nasty Takfeeri Mullahs straight into hell.
    Sick of children like you pissing over the graves of my friends and the jawans who followed them.
    Typical brain washed urban Jamatiya. Ignorant liars.

  • Daaniyal


    Yes, and hopefully only you and other Jamatiya’s can read it and revel in it’s ignorance.Recommend

  • aNu

    Musharraf is the best choice Recommend

  • kk

    if u r not a regular writer yet, pls consider it seriously. Talent galore – style n flair.
    Sorry Mr. Rana, but this is a lame attempt to counter the 50 reasons…..Not a Mush fan either BUT your silly article had me leaning in the wrong direction….LOL !!!Recommend

  • A true Pakistani

    @ all
    First of all this nation does not deserve the democracy. in a country where 95% people dont know about what is right and what is wrong, where the educated people is not more the 5% how could they vote to some one who is on right ?
    Democracy is nothing but a AZAAB for this country.

    we always talk about lal masjid? Afia siddiqui ?Chief justice Constitution breaking and few other issues like that na ???
    These issues are very important to b answered yar but think kia in sab se zarori ye issues nahi k log bhok se mer rahe hain? petrol 45 rs ka hona chahiyeh abhi tak 68 ka q hai ? taxes din ba din berhtay ja rahe hain q ? Electricity , Sui gas sab kuch mehenga hota ja raha hai ??? q middle class ghareeb ho raha hai or ghareeb sarak pe agaya hai. yar pehle primary needs to pori karlo us k baad in issues ki baat kerna.

    me kisi musharaf ya MQM ya PPP ya PML ki side nahi. me sirf us ki side hon jis ne logo ko primary needs provide ki. Dr. Afia ko wapis le aogay to kia lakho log bhok se mer rahe hain wo buch jainge ? Agar ek insaan k lye itna bara stand lia ja raha hai to jo lakho log tumhare apnay hain or mer rahe hain mehegai se un k lye q nahi le saktay itna bara stand ?kitnay log sirf mehegai ki waja se suicide ker rahe hain.
    Agar ghaur karo to har banda itna hi pareshan hai is waqt jitna Dr. Afia k ghar wale.

    C’mon yar pehle khud apnay pairo pe kharay to hojao is kabil to bano k dunya aap ki baat sun sakay.

    NRO ,Contitution breaking, Supreme Court etc in sab se 95% pakistanio ko koi ferk nahi perta , agar ferk perta hai to opposition parties ko. sab log apni parties ko acha prove kerne k lye ye issues discuss ker rahe hain. magar common man ko in sab se koi faida nahi hoa. khud batao NRO se kisi aam insaan ko faida ya naqsaan pohacha ? 17th ammendment 18th ammendment what a crab is this yar …. sab politicians bewakoof bana rahe hain awam ko.


    Ap jis party ki bhi side hon, ek dafa soch lien kia us party me past me is mulk ki PRIMARY needs pori ki hain ya apni pockets fill ki hain. or jab apna zameer satisfy hojai to phir jis ko chahe support karo. ONE THING IS FOR SURE K WE WANT A CHANGE , A DRAMATIC CHANGE IN OUR COUNTRY, chahe wo koi bhi le ker aye.Recommend

  • aNu

    Good work you are a true pakistani.
    100% percent agree with youRecommend

  • aNu

    Basic comparison of 1999 and 2007

    Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion
    Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion

    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion
    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion

    GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 2,000
    GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 3,004

    Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion
    Pak revenue collection 2007: Rs. 708 billion

    Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million
    Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion

    Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion
    Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion

    Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion
    Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion

    KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
    KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 14,000 points

    Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion
    Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8 billion

    Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP
    Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP

    Poverty level in 1999: 34%
    Poverty level in 2007: 24%

    Literacy rate in 1999: 45%
    Literacy rate in 2007: 53%

    Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion
    Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billionRecommend

  • aNu

    Under Musharraf’s vision.

    · 9 world class Engineering universities being developed and 18 Public universities already developed.
    · Public sector institutions have increased from 110,267 (in 1999) to become
    · Private sector institutions have increased from 36,096 (in 1999) to become 81,103 (in 2006).
    · PAK is 3rd best in world Banking profitability.
    · PAK IT industry now values around $2 billion, including $1 billion exports and employs around 90,000 professionals.
    · CNG sector has attracted over $70 billion investment in last 5 years; and created 45,000 jobs.
    · Telecom sector attracted around $10 billion in investment and created above 1.3 million jobs.
    · Industrial Parks are being setup throughout the country for the first time! M3 estate, Sunder industrial estate, Chakri, etc.
    · Major Mega projects like the Saindak, Rekodiq, Marble production, Coal production and Mining & Quarrying are being pursued.
    · In 2006, GDP growth is 6%. Earlier in 1999 was 3.5%.
    · Foreign Reserves from $1 bn to $17 bn.
    · KHI stock market: from 700 points to 13,000 points.
    · Literacy rate improved by 11%.
    · Poverty decreased by 10%.
    · He made 4 dams: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram Tangi dams.
    · 6 Motorways completed or under construction: M1, M3, M8, M9, M10, M11.
    · Six major highways under construction.
    · GWADAR advance mega Sea port developed under his vision!
    · Historic 100% increase in Tax collection of $11 billion.
    · Large scale manufacturing is 30 year high, and Construction activity is 17 year high.
    · Newly found World class copper- gold deposits in Chagai will fetch $600 million per year.
    · A new Oil refinery with UAE will fetch $5 billion & will process 300,000 oil barrels a day.
    · Industrial sector registered 26% growth.
    · PAK in 1999 was a $75 billion economy; and now 2006 it’s $160 billion economy!
    · PAK economy is now the 3rd fastest growing economy after China & India .

    Education under Musharraf Era

    In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005-2006 there are 49 Public Universities. Under Musharraf 20 NEW UNIVERSITIES SET UP!

    Ø · Air University (established 2002)
    Ø · Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002)
    Ø · Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University , Quetta (established 2004)
    Ø · University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)
    Ø · University of Hazara (founded 2002)
    Ø · Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002)
    Ø · Karakurum International university, Gilgit (established 2002)
    Ø · University of Gujrat (established 2004)
    Ø · Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002)
    Ø · Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001)
    Ø · National Law University, ISB (2007)
    Ø · Media University, ISB (2007) etc.
    Ø · University of Education , Lahore (2002)
    Ø · Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005)
    Ø · Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc.

    Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 percent) in the Public sector and 81,103 (i.e. 100 percent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) — reveals that the number of private-sector institutions has increased from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent.

    Total 99,319 Educational Institutions (Public & Private) have increased in Musharraf Era!Recommend

  • aNu

    Educated and sensible peoples love Musharraf because they know how Musarraf save Pakistan after 9/11 from become Iraq 2.Recommend

  • A true Pakistani

    Thanks aNu … but i think we really need some educated people in Pakistani politics now. Musharraf is one of it.Recommend

  • aNu

    Yes he is the only choice :)Recommend