India does not want to invade Pakistan and the US is not our enemy!

Published: February 23, 2014

Foreign relations are not made on the basis of friendships. Pakistan's progress depends upon Pakistanis. I believe that we have lost pride in being Pakistanis. This pride needs to be reclaimed.

Foreign relations are not made on the basis of friendships. Pakistan's progress depends upon Pakistanis. I believe that we have lost pride in being Pakistanis. This pride needs to be reclaimed. Foreign relations are not made on the basis of friendships. Pakistan's progress depends upon Pakistanis. I believe that we have lost pride in being Pakistanis. This pride needs to be reclaimed.

India no longer considers Pakistan a threat. Let’s face it. India is poised to become a global economic engine; its economy is the 10th largest and third by Purchasing Power Parity. India is a member of the G4 and has recently acquired almost absolute control of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Having a G4 membership alone raises India’s global influence. Further, the day is near when India would be a permanent member in the UN Security Council. India played its cards well and is a potential super-power. It is time for Pakistan to come out of its shell of denial and recognise India’s swift progression.

Myth 1: India is Pakistan’s eternal enemy

Pakistanis are often found lamenting when India is offered a better deal by the US. The tendency of the West to prefer India has irked me for the longest of times. Nonetheless, when I analyse it rationally, I find asking myself,

“Why would they have it any other way?”

India has proven its mettle across diverse sectors of national importance.

So, why should it, then, not be offered a better package than us?

Further, given our all too frequent anti-US rhetoric, we should be grateful that the US still provides us abundantly, which in return sustains a big chunk of Pakistan.

Rationally speaking, whatever interest India may have had in the past to invade Pakistan is probably now lost. Now India is a lucrative business destination for many, including the US, and has repositioned itself as a competitor on a global level. With Indians stationed at key places globally, Indian leaders have re-imagined the world where the epicentre of power (economically at least) is India.

This dream may be far off but is certainly not far-fetched.

Subsequently, it is not in India’s strategic interests to continue to apportion defence budgets to fight a war with Pakistan in the hopes of an invasion – more so when Pakistan is in the midst of the worst crisis inflicted by rapid radicalisation of society.

In the same way, Pakistan must reduce the combatant engagement reserved for a war with India because it serves no other purpose but to satisfy inflated egos. National sovereignty is vital, yes, but it is important to realise that India has upped the ante and has no strategic advantage by conquering Pakistan – as many would have us believe.

The money spent fighting India could be spent elsewhere more productive; besides that, a peaceful South Asia is in everybody’s interest. It would be great and to the benefit of both the nations, if India and Pakistan were to reach a trade agreement like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and opened borders for tourism and trade.

If Pakistan has an enemy it is not India it is the wretched forces of extremism that have wreaked havoc on a typical Pakistani’s lifestyle.

Myth 2: US wants to take over Pakistan’s territory

Blasting the US is another classic.

Apart from all the controversy theories, some of which can naturally be true as well since there is always a one percent chance of them being true, the US is more our friend than we may realise. Contrary to popular belief, the US probably has no desire to gain territorial control over Pakistan, especially when it exercises so much indirect control anyway.

Projects such as the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), US help during the floods and other aid should be taken in a positive context. The fact that the government does not ensure that all the foreign aid is put to productive causes, is our fault, not that of the US.

The message I am trying to get across is that Pakistan must stop benchmarking international relations on a friend-foe scale. International relations are based on mutual interests, not friendships.

Myth 3: China will help Pakistan, no matter what

Our third misconception is about the Pak-China relations.

Yes, China has proven a steadfast ally for Pakistan. However, numerous analysts portray China as an ally that can always be trusted upon – no matter what the circumstances. This line of reasoning is absolutely incorrect and fails to account for the bilateral nature of national relations.

I do not want to portray China in a negative context, for that is not my intent, but the intent is for us to realise that there are benefits that China has by being our ally. Their main competition in the region is India and Pakistan’s historical relations with India positions Pakistan as an ally from a Chinese perspective. I admit this reasoning is rather simplistic, but that is just how it is. And, there is nothing morally wrong with it either.

It’s just how things work.

I believe that more than just economic and social indicators, we seem to have lost pride in being Pakistanis. This pride needs to be reignited. With news reports saying it has become controversial to play the national anthem at certain schools, it is no wonder we have lost the Pakistani sense of pride we once carried.

We need to start investing more in education and health, not our defence budget. That is the only way to eliminate the vicious cycle of terrorism, low standards of living and dwindling infrastructure.

Rafay Bin Ali

Rafay Bin Ali

A software developer working with financial clients from Toronto. He is currently doing his MBA from IBA, Karachi, and is planning an entrepreneurial set-up in Pakistan. He tweets as @rafayali (

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  • Sialkot wala

    Exactly, Exactly and Exactly. This is how it is !
    The Mullahs and the Army need to stop beating
    the war drums. No,.. India does not want to occupy
    this country. That is unadulterated hogwash. [Just to garner
    a big chunk of the budget. It does/will not work anymore.]
    India has better things to do. It is becoming a global economic
    powerhouse. Will not waste economic gains or assets by waging
    a war. India does not want to maintain an occupational army here.
    No one should buy that argument anymore.Recommend

  • Sabiha Saeed

    This author thinks Pakistanis are fools … Recommend

  • Student

    Well said! i second you…Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Well, that was certainly well put. India has many serious challenges along the way before it assumes a role in world affairs that is commensurate to its size and potential, one of which is making the best of its neighbourhood. Pakistan can only benefit from a rapidly growing India as a massive export market with increasing average disposable incomes – and hopefully that economic benefit will translate into a focus in Pakistan on issues that matter in this world, rather than the next.
    Jinnah may have stated his vision of emulating relations between US and Canada, but a better case for Pakistan to study is the rapid growth that Mexico has experienced after NAFTA came into effect (Note: I am not saying that India is the US – merely illustrating market potential of trade with large neighbours). This does not mean that Mexico has given up its sovereignty or that it ceases to have meaningful relations with the Spanish-speaking world (including Cuba) – and this parallel can be used with reference to Pakistan’s relations with the Islamic world as well, who may probably accord it respect befitting its size if it were self-reliant and progressive rather than a ticking time bomb that calls itself the citadel of Islam.
    China will do what serves China’s interests – and as long as there is no conflict between their interests and their friendship with Pakistan, there will be many photo-ops in the future. But while the market potential of India for Pakistan is still an academic concept, for China (and the US), it is a reality. So asking them to choose sides could well nigh signal the end of an optically satisfying relationship.Recommend

  • Rafay Bin Ali


    India does want to invade Pakistan but that will be the end of Hinduism as we know it.Recommend

  • Prateek Patnaik

    Nice article…well written!!!!!Recommend

  • haider

    we should improve our economy not cut our military budget …. what we already have in our arsenal is inferioir both in numbers and technology the indians are not cutting there budget they are increasing it exponentially because of their economical growth…we have weak economy and naturally we have peanuts as far as cutting edge is concerned, you should laud your defense forces for keeping them at bay and ask your economists as to why we are so behind …… you cannot expect a group to fight with swords against a group who have guns and alse three times more in number but still they are ready to do it……. i hope your intent in to writing this article is for a better pakistan but this thinking you have been incalculcated is wrong ….. cutting the military budget is not the solution ….. if you do it then they ll start thinking of invading you again …. they are already ahead by miles both militarily and economically ….. a soldier will fight with a stick if you give him a stick …… so make sure we should try to give them something then could fight with ….Recommend

  • Haris Javed

    We don’t have external enemies. We are our biggest enemies. As far as conspiracies towards India and US are concerned, we need to have de-radicalization programs to neutralize hardline clerics and politicians.

    And China!! Well if we expect China to do things that are our responsibilities, then this is not the sort of attitude required. Superlatives we use to describe Pak China relationship are nice, but we must not over rely on any country.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Now explain that to those who matter and have made big bucks in the name and on the shoulders of the people of Pakistan and in reality live in lands far away but still keep their Pakistani citizenship and thus their stranglehold on power……………and they will laugh at you and say ‘ Grow up son…….or do something about it ‘.Recommend

  • hippie

    Another US, india apologist.Recommend

  • Nasim Raza

    Past(1947-present) does not support this blog and my belief. India invaded (3) US not trustworthy (worldly known myth) and China proved + friend. Economic and Geo-political factors do influence the journey of friendship among nations and in fact this is the test time.Recommend

  • Ali

    No body thinks that India wants to ‘invade’ Pakistan. The conflict is of Kashmir. And speaking of ‘Invasion’, India had already invaded Pakistani area of Kashmir in 1948. BTW, why is Kashmir shown attached with India in the map above?Recommend

  • bmniac

    India taking over Pakistan? How conspiratorial! What could India have done with Pakistan? Just as what can they do now, with Pakistan even if freely given? They have their own myriad problems; they don’t need more!Recommend

  • Baba

    Pakistan should:
    Change its constitution
    Abolish its Madaris
    Decrease its Armed Forces
    Defuse its nukes…………………….
    Its the only way to go ahead to make the Pakistan “The Asian Tiger”Recommend

  • Tinu

    Mr. Rafay,

    Could you please explain as to why India continues to deploy around 80% of its army, including all of its offensive strike corps’, 29 air bases against Pakistan as compared to only six odd against China and 11-12 naval bases on its western shore as against 4 odd on its eastern shore and all this while Indians themselves acknowledge China as their number one enemy. And you state that India is not a threat to Pakistan.

    For most part of last sixty years Pakistan was economically much better-off than India and it has been only in the last decade or so that our economy has suffered. Pakistan’s economy has been gradually coming out of woods and it’s GDP is improving while India’s economy is declining and it’s GDP growth receded from around 9% to just over 4%.

    Yes, we do have internal problems in Pakistan, but this does not mean that we may not be able to improve our internal environment. I think we should be optimistic about our future rather than presenting doomsday scenarios time and time again – the Indians and some others are doing the same since long and are enough. Recommend

  • Kamran


    Much appreciation for writing such a wonderful article, you have hit the nail on the head. You can hardly win a race when all you do is just expect your opponent to perform badly, you just need to focus on your own preparation and sprint, it’s not about others being worse than you but you being better than them. The strongest point is that we have lost pride in being Pakistanis, we are not honest yet we expect others to be honest with us.

    Long Live Pakistan.Recommend

  • stevenson

    I agree that the US is not our enemy but until India stops interfering in Pakistan’s affairs, I don’t think Pakistan can be friends with it. The fact that Indians celebrate anything bad that happens in Pakistan but try to hide the daily rapes and problems in India tells you about their mind set. Pakistanis don’t even know that India’s economy is going down because you seem to ignore world economic events! Short term money is going back to US and the West these days.Recommend

  • piyu2cool

    A very good article. Kudos for this honest opinion.Recommend

  • Humza

    India is a much bigger country than Pakistan but unfortunately its size is not commensurate with its position on the world stage. The Olympics showcase India’s reality more than anything. Regardless, when one fourth of the world’s population is Indian, the world community has to take it into consideration. It doesn’t matter than so much that India’s majority population is poor and that India is wasting billions on armaments and nuclearizing South Asia instead of feeding its poor. In Canada, people are offended that India used peaceful Canadian aid in the form of a nuclear reactor for energy and instead used it to make nuclear weapons. That said, I think you are overstating India’s case because it is nowhere in the same league as China. Only former commonwealth nations care about cricket as a sport and in Canada where I live no one cares about Indian control of ICC, even my Indian friends. I don’t know how you can possibly relate Indian control of the International Cricket Council with anything!Recommend

  • NexusFakir

    thank god for sanity. pls publish this in leading local newspapers (particularly in NWFP and POK) in local languages. Then arrange for security.Recommend

  • raghav

    Rafay, Excellent article. I hope that younger generation of Pakistanis, who are the future, understand you and echo your sentiments. US is no friend, they are only using you as a tool. China is nobody’s friend. They too use you as a tool, their eyes are on Gwadar, and immense natural resources that Pakistan is endowed with, but doesnt know how to exploit. In the long run only India could be the best friend and ally for Pakistan. If we join hands, we can beat any super power of the world and can become as big as the EEC!Recommend

  • Feroz

    India is not a threat to any neighbor and never has been. Whether any other country wants to call it a friend or enemy, is their prerogative. All I can say is that every country is trying to get a foothold in India so as to access its huge Market. Of late I am seeing a big influx of young foreigners coming to take up job or set up small businesses, to beat unemployment back home. The number of non resident Indian professionals returning is also high as they see better opportunities back home. These are good signs. By 2035 Indian Economy will rank third behind China and USA.
    With the number of Maths, Science and Technology graduates produced we can expect a greater number of innovations and discoveries coming from India and people of Indian origin.Recommend

  • observer

    Pakistan is no match for India, anyway you look at it. Better for the Pakistani nation to accept this simple fact, status quo. Infact we can learn a lot from India. We spent our precious resources to wage a war with India, not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. For that we have to bear the consequences, there is no short cut. You make a mistake, you pay for it, and Pakistan is paying thru its nose, paying thru its mouth, it is simply bleeding to death, a slow very painful death, that is the position that Pakistan finds itself today. Pakistan is on top of the list of countries which has suffered from extremism, both in terms of human loses, and monetary loses. We are a pariah state for most of world if not the entire world. For the rest of the world, we simply are not normal people, we are equated as being totally indoctrinated. We only have India and America on our radar, as if there is nothing else in this universe, wake up and wake up fast.Recommend

  • Meng Dao

    Buddha bless India.Recommend

  • Waqar

    Lolxxx……..BTW who told you India wants to invade Pakistan….What is want is to break Pakistan…….and if India is so innocent then why it has to interfer with our dealing of east Pakistan…..Recommend

  • Malik

    India is not invading Pakistan from borders but still deploys its 80% army, air force and navy towards Pakistani border and India in fact never gave any threat to Pakistan besides a dozen of times but that was just for fun i guess.
    US doesn’t want to take over Pakistani Land but want to destabilize it to the extent of division inside divisions.
    China is not our friend but China and Pakistan has mutual interests which Pakistan admits but the friendship is advertised to get both nations together perhaps.
    We need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.Recommend

  • Jebrael Üzeyir

    this is some ignorant or willfully ignoring the facts and ground realities, history and culture, liberal propaganda. Who will be fooled by this? India does want to invade Pakistan (rivalry exists) since its birth, despite US aid propaganda ads,, and trying to look good, they have made us global Muslim terrorist shame, why we always belie what they tell us by every available media out let about what we are, where is our thousands of years old history, culture, Islamic spiritualism, self respect, look close US involvement in Syria,, Libya, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan creating Taliban Mujaheddin at first place, yes they forcefully politically by waging wars supporting propaganda, proxy wars, sectarianism, want to prove to the world they are super power, by human rights abuses, for gold and oil. and yes they are enemy, if not on people scale on governmental or global scale yes, and china My dear is no one’s bff.Recommend

  • Eshel Dapez

    First of all, there is no
    criteria ever been invented to check the zeal and pride of Pakistanis. If we
    just put a glance from august 1947 till today, there are many ups and down in the
    state hood of Pakistan. The country is confronted with very serious kind and
    brutal kinds of external and interior challenges. A Long history of wars with
    India occurred and categorically not with any other state. China an ally
    pragmatically comes forward to support Pakistan. US possess a seasonal relation
    with Pakistan but the importance of Pakistan for US can never be avoided in any
    case. The rivalry of India towards Pakistan is an open secret through out the
    globe. History never repeats itself but it rhymes. After nuclear Pakistan,
    India needs to think hundred times before waging any hostility against Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Yeah right thats why 80% of their Army is stationed against our borders..And I dont want to talk about illegal bandit finanzing from India…Recommend

  • Satti

    Excellent reply…!!!!Recommend

  • Zoyal

    There seems to be certain gaps
    while discussing the dimensions of Pakistan’s statehood presented above over. The
    country survives with dignity and honor against all the odds and ends. To counter
    any kind of prevalent threats, country becomes nuclear weapons state I order to
    deter its adversaries qualitatively. With in all this parameter, security
    dilemma and realism are very dominating and unavoidable spheres of influence. If
    agreed for Indian side, why its is modernizing its military on every day basis.
    If agreed with China, why China is practically supporting Pakistan to get
    through with energy crisis. If agreed with US stance, why US categorically claims
    for Pakistan support in its exist from Afghanistan. The three cases presented
    in this account presents with out any measurement of rationalistic environment.
    Reality is what which Pakistan as a state follows to secure its sovereignty and

  • pappu

    “””Could you please explain as to why India continues to deploy around 80% of its army, including all of its offensive strike corps’, 29 air bases against Pakistan as compared to only six odd against China and 11-12 naval bases on its western shore as against 4 odd on its eastern shore and all this while Indians themselves acknowledge China as their number one enemy.”””

    – because out of 5 war, 4 were (80%) started by pakis against India, pakistan is unstable country, with free wandering terrorists, they are free to conduct public rallies, waving jihad against India. paki army is funding them.
    Indian GDP growth slowdown- its temporary if you are alittle aware of world economic situations and possibilities.Recommend

  • pappu

    India is not much in to olympics. if that is your logic, then african countries like kenya, ethiopia are way ahead than pakistan.Recommend

  • Asim

    Maybe it is because of the 3 wars we have had with them. Or maybe because of Kargil. Or maybe because of that Mumbai incident which we deny. Or maybe because of the refuge and support we give to our Kashmir freedom fighters which they call extremists or terrorists. Or maybe China has not deployed so many of its own resources on the Indo-China border that is why India feels safer there. Or maybe there is no infiltration or terrorism seeping in through that border.
    Just a few reasons which come to mind.Recommend

  • Humayun

    Just when i was about to lose hope in this nation. Brilliant writing. We pakistanis need to burst out of our bubble and look around.Recommend

  • gp65

    Was India’s army stationed there prior to 1989? No. It is there to prevent jihadi infiltration – not in preparation of a war of choice that it wants to start.Recommend

  • gp65

    India invaded KAshmir? Is that the history you have been taught? Please check some unbiased sources.Recommend

  • gp65

    India hides its rapes? So how exactly did you find out out about those? No my friend – tens of thousands of Indians came out in the street to protest the gang rape in Delhi and demand ore modern laws and in fact got them. Rich, powerful and well connected people are in jail without bail on accusation of rape – such is the mood in India that no one dare show any special favor to these VIPs.

    Even on corruption hundreds of thousands of people protested peacefully as part of Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption demanding LokPal and it was passed in the parliament.

    The notion that India hides its warts is simply a Pakistani notion. Problems are discussed very openly in India and though things are not perfect they are headed in the right direction.Recommend

  • Rafay Bin Ali

    Thanks for your comments Sabiha. I do not consider Pakistanis fools.

    What I suggest, however, is that instead of blaming the others for playing a strategy, why not look at where PK fails?

    If someone wins a round over you, there are 2 ways to go about it: hating the other or perfecting your own game. And, that is what my blog post talks about; instead of blaming others for playing their cards right (and according to what suits their interests), analyze what is it that prevents Pakistan from outwitting its competition.

    I am sure the answer can be found in education and health.Recommend

  • Gemed

    Historically, the most opportune time to capture Pakistan was in 1971
    a huge contingent of troops surrendered. The morale of the armed forces
    was at an all time low at that time. If India did not capture
    territory then (for whatever reason), there is even lesser reason today
    to do so today.

    India maintains its deployment to show tit-for-tat.Recommend

  • Rafay Bin Ali

    Thanks for your comment Waqar, I am not saying any country is innocent
    or guilty. What I state is that other countries have a complete right to
    pursue policies in their own interest. If Pakistan is unable to
    retaliate with a meaningful reply, then the fault lies with Pakistan
    (not the other country for pursuing its interests and national agenda.)Recommend

  • Khalid

    I think what the author is trying to say is that Instead of blaming
    other country, examine why and where is it that Pakistan fails, and take
    action to correct those failures. I don’t think the author is trying to
    absolve India of its share of wrong-doings or problems but suggest that
    instead of an attitude of self-pity, we must take proactive action.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Considering Pakistan has attacked India four times and continues to send “non state actors”, why would the Indian army be stationed elsewhereRecommend

  • Alann

    India did not have such huge army on its northern/north-western borders until 1989 (when suddenly large numbers of militants entered India). If Pakistan can manage to keep its “non-state actors” from entering into India territory, there would be no need for such a huge army to be located there. Also, given Pakistan’s record of starting wars randomly without provocation, it is better the Army stays there.
    Besides, it is not only India, but also Afghan, Chinese and Iran border security forces that are tightening their security along Pakistani borders, because of these same “non-state actors”.Recommend

  • Farahi

    The G4 is just a bunch of countries that want permanent UNSC seats. There is no value to it.Recommend

  • Alann

    Pakistan has initiated multiple wars on India without provocation. The kargirl happened when India’s PM was in Pakistan for peace! China and India do have some territorial issues, but China in today’s scenario cannot afford to afford to start any war with India even though it is economically as well as militarily mightier than India. Also, China does not send “non-state actors” into India, nor are there any Chinese terrorists coming via sea routes to Mumbai or elsewhere. I guess these are enough reasons to tell you why there is a huge Indian army on Pakistani borders than on Chinese side.
    P.S.: it is not only India that has tightened its security on borders shared with Pakistan; Nowadays, Afghanistan, Iran and CHINA too have increased security on Pakistani borders. I hope you don’t label them all “Indian Agents”!Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    You should ask yourself as to why bulk of the Indian armed forces are deployed on it’s Western borders. Simple because there is more danger from across the Western borders than anywhere else. It is a well known fact that Pakistan’s foreign policy, especially related to India is dictated by GHQ and not FO. In order to keep itself relevant, they need to keep the border simmering through proxies. This also ensures them of a big slice of the budget. The day Pakistan becomes really democratic, i.e., real decision making is done by the government/parliament most of the border problems will be resolved. But vested interests is not going to give up easilyRecommend

  • BlackJack

    Quote: After nuclear Pakistan, India needs to think hundred times before waging any hostility against Pakistan.
    If this was the purpose of your nuclear weapons (as an actual war deterrent), then no one would really have a problem. The issue is not that that you need nuclear weapons to protect yourself from aggression (we have not initiated any wars with Pakistan), it is that you need nuclear weapons to continue with your existing destructive policies. You must understand that Pakistan would need to destroy India (from Kashmir to Mizoram to Andaman and Nicobar to Lakshadweep) with a pre-emptive nuclear strike to eliminate the threat of total annihilation in a guaranteed second strike. First of all, this is no longer possible with the nuclear triad now in action; second, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and large parts of China would be uninhabitable for the next thousand years if such a massive attack were to take place. The only people you threaten with your nuclear weapons are yourselves, and they will not protect you from a comeuppance if push comes to shove.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    You’re telling us most people in Canada ARE perpetually offended about foreign political events they barely remember or care about? What year are we in? I must have missed that sentiment (except for one or two ‘offended’ columnists resigned to the public’s apathy) when the Harperites went around the NPT and signed new nuclear and trade agreements worth billions between India and Canada. Their relations have never been better. How does that irrelevant nuclear theft fact disclaim where India is today?

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your comment’s overall sentiment about overstating India’s importance, considering its size, problems, and comparison with China, but at the same time see your comment making the same mistake of downplaying India’s direction with outdated Pakistani slanted glasses, when it is indeed on the upswing and making a presence. The author giving false importance to sports dominance in cricket was silly, but countering with the Winter – still not as large or cool as Summer – Olympics to reflect the reality of a nation’s progress…really? It matters to only a few full winter season countries and mostly Canada, particularly being invested in its annoying obsessed dominance on ‘ICE’ hockey.Recommend

  • logicwins

    Very sensible article. I would just add one comment with respect to the author’s statement: “India has proven its mettle across diverse sectors of national importance. So, why should it, then, not be offered a better package than us?”. The main reason Pakistan won’t get the nuclear deal that India got was due to Pakistan’s bad history of blatant nuclear proliferation.Recommend

  • Anwaar
  • Ali

    I dont entirely agree. India has been involved against us since its inception. Please try to understand these so called talibans are a piece of the puzzle which belongs to India & the CIA. You have gone on to justify India’s stance as to how far ahead it has gone in the economic race but you have to understand the threat of Pakistan still haunts India. Kargil still haunts India and the Audacity of Pakistan to do such a thing again or not haunts India. Plus Pakistan has nukes that haunts India. Please understand India has more to lose than us. Hence all this internal unrest in Pakistan through Indian Influence in Afghanistan and Balochistan. Plus the issue of Gawader port development doesnt sound too good for either India, Iran or Dubai for that matter.

    I am proud of my Identity of me being a Pakistani and have full faith in the Armed Forces of Pakistan that can slap India on the face any day not like India attacking Pakistan from the back like the bunch of cowards they are.

    Please rectify your opinion and talk on facts and ground realities.Recommend

  • saswath

    so what are you expecting…80% army should moved so again nomad tribals with the help of pak army encroached and started killing residents of that area…the side you mentioned are the most volatile due to your non-state actors.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Sensible article , especially I liked the first point a lot . Keep it up . Your last sentence goes for both sides of the subcontinent – “our enemy is within – lets focus on education … “Recommend

  • vasan

    Salaams. Valid pointsRecommend

  • Mirza

    Very well written on a topic which particularly the Pakistani youth need to grasp in, as we have grown up listening to these myths and we hardly question it, and start perceiving India as our forever enemy and China as the ultimate friend. This article has given food for thought when talked about the US, China and India.Recommend

  • Junaid Hamid

    India and the USA are our biggest external enemy. Since the beginning of Pakistan they have been planning the collapse of state. There is so much evidence of India’s spying and underhand plots. Just look at the false flag operations in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Dear Author,

    please read the above comments..these people have venom in their hearts regarding Pakistan and you are singing Friendship song…!!!
    There was a time when I used to sing the same but trust me..we dont need to….
    And to my Indian friends .wht are your Consulates in Afghanistan doing…I think there are not tht many indians that you need 8 consulates to operate there…its no more hidden than your agencies are finanzing groups in Pakistan…!!!!!!

    And E.T Please publish the comment…Recommend

  • Bilal

    And wht about the finanzing of BLA and TTP through indian soil….or wht about the opening of 4 consualtes in Afghanistan….wht r they doing giveing VISAS to indians….???????Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    If there is more danger than the point is valid that Pakistan nor India is safe from each other so the article is invalid ….Recommend

  • Raj

    yeah and 1971 and 1965 was also Pakistan responsible..when a kid is born in India I think Pakistan is responsible…WHT A JOKE…!!!Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Dear Rafay,

    India has 4 consulate in Afgahistan operating to infiltrate in Pakistan. 80% of their Border forces are against Pakistan…They dont even allow are cricket players to play in their country…WHT friendship are you talking about..Just read the comments on E.T there is venom filled in them against Pakistan…!!!Recommend

  • RAJ

    India is into playing cricket in Home…i think because oustside they cant do any thing..!!!Recommend

  • Anoop

    From Alexander to Mughals yesterday; terrorists today; Pakistan is the direction from which invaders have come and looted India.

    Hardly anyone crossed the Himalayas to the North and North East.

    Club all this historical data with the fact that, be it in ’48, ’65, ’99 or almost everyday militants trying to infiltrate, you get a pretty solid reasons to station so many pointing in one direction.

    But, do not fret, for the troops are a precautionary measure. Pakistan will do much more harm to itself than India ever can plan to.

    The snakes Pakistan fed will do India’s bidding. India just has to make sure these snakes do not crawl across the LoC into India. Hence, 80% troops are stationed in the direction of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Anoop

    From the link you pasted.

    “In October 1947, Muslim revolutionaries in western Kashmir[20] and Pakistani tribals from Dir entered Kashmir, intending to liberate it from Dogra rule.”

    “Muslim Revolutionaries”. Lol.

    How are they treating you nowadays?Recommend

  • Anoop

    By forcing to divert so much resources towards Indian border and LoC, hatred towards India will make sure Pakistan will loses its war with terrorists.

    I predict a 3rd Partition of Pakistan.

    In fact, considering that FATA is a no-go zone for any sane human being, the wheels are already turning.

    I am afraid I will be proved right.Recommend

  • oats

    Sorry to say, your argument makes no sense because India started nuclear arms race in the subcontinent and now they worry about nuclear weapons? India tried to threaten Pakistan with nuclear weapons but look what happened – Pakistan created a deterrent. In terms of comeuppance, I think that the illegal occupation of part of Kashmir will eventually cause India to rethink its aggression and bullying in the region. Despite 800, 000 soldiers to keep down the people, they are nowhere nearer to their dream of subjugation. India may have brow beaten Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and control their proxies in Afghanistan but they have not managed to control Pakistan despite their best efforts.Recommend

  • SudharJao

    You make interesting points:
    1. India has more to lose.
    Why? And how come you have so less to lose? Is that a good thing?

    2. Your weapons and your “non-state actors” have nuisance value.
    Granted. Is that a good thing?

    3. Your intentions to wage war are causing your neighbors to look at you warily.
    Correct. Is that a good thing?Recommend

  • mangal pandey

    Let me get some popcorn first, because i like hearing all that terrorists being cia-india agents theory. It’s amusing to it’s core if you just apply some logic. From your logic India supports them right ? they kill pakistanis on daily basis ? Imran khan and a lot of other pakistanis sympathize with them right ? So are they hypocrites or pacifist towards india or your logic is skewed. From last 3 years i have been waiting for that Gazwa-e-hind to take place, jaldi aao yar :DRecommend

  • gp65

    ET Mods – Please allow rebuttal to someone who has written to me directly.

    @Anwaar: Did you even read the ‘source’ that you have attached? Where does it say India attacked Kashmir in 1948? Here is what it DOES say in the source that YOU have attached

    “After rumours that the Maharaja supported the annexation of Kashmir by India, militant Muslim revolutionaries from western Kashmir[20] and Pakistani tribesmen made rapid advances into the Baramulla sector. Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir asked the government of India to intervene. However, India and Pakistan had signed an agreement of non-intervention. Although tribal fighters from Pakistan had entered Jammu and Kashmir, there was no iron-clad legal evidence to unequivocally prove that Pakistan was officially involved.[citation needed] It would have been illegal for India to unilaterally intervene in an open, official capacity unless Jammu and Kashmir officially joined the Union of India, at which point it would be possible to send in its forces and occupy the remaining parts.

    The Maharaja desperately needed military assistance when the Pakistani tribals reached the outskirts of Srinagar. Before their arrival into Srinagar, India argued that the Maharaja must complete negotiations for ceding Jammu and Kashmir to India in exchange for receiving military aid. The agreement which ceded Jammu and Kashmir to India was signed by the Maharaja and Lord Mountbatten of Burma.[5] In Jammu and Kashmir, National Conference volunteers worked with the Indian Army to drive out the Pakistanis.[24]”Recommend

  • Alann

    Dear Ali,
    Please stop listening to Zaid Hamid. You will do a great service to your own country.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Its like you are just hoping for a fight or war and expecting Pak’s soldiers to initiate one. Pak is under-funded or out-matched militarily (the first is untrue, the latter is true) compared to India. Then why has there not been a full scale invasion already as you claim will happen if the Pak military is that weak?

    The current conventional and mushrooming Pak army seems to also be at a complete loss at tackling a closer and immediate threat of local insurgency, some of whom are former militant assets (horrible and immoral judgement, wasted investment and recurring painful costs), but still the lack of priority, delusion and biased paranoia exists on a conventional war. And if it was only purely about defense, why poke the larger enemy by allowing proxy militants to cross over for attacks showing bad faith and aggression?

    Pak’s military budget is totally disproportionate to its budget or economic size and have used the funds inappropriately like any other Pak institution. You can only sustain such a size after making the economy and development a priority first rather than feeding a blackhole which should get leaner and qualitative. Some of those funds would be more wisely and better used towards education. At least the US were able to produce some sort of innovation, that can ultimately benefit civilians or the state, from their R&D (Research and Development) out of their military industrial complex, something Pak’s military has failed to show results.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    It is impossible to understand how such ridiculous brainwashed propaganda about the Taliban’s origin being RAW or CIA creations persists in the minds of some of our delusional citizens, who are in denial and fail to grasp that Pak (the region and global as well) is mired by our own locals, and some foreign, insurgents made up of Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband/Ahle-hadith/Sunni Islamist extremist militants, and yes, we used and still selectively use such groups as proxy militants and assets.

    It is not only the anti-establishment jihadists in TTP, some of whom are still activists in JeM and LeJ – despite being banned by name as their leaders roam around freely – we also have the support network for Taliban Haqqanis for the West and LeT for the East intact.

    The fact that you admit Pak is a ‘threat’ to India or audacious enough to initiate a Kargil war, and take pleasure in ‘slapping’ or ‘haunting’ your neighbours, shows our twisted sadist mindset of justifying all means of violent force, war-mongering and aggression. And now you’ve added Iran and Dubai on a hit list, one probably on sectarian prejudice the other on jealous fantasy (or maybe Dubai’s favour to Iran or India in commerce compared to other Emirates or gulf states…who knows what irrational beliefs and thinking).Recommend

  • sterry

    Sad that someone from Sialkot does not know that 80 % of India’s army is arrayed against Pakistan and that Indians are obsessed with Pakistan. Makes me think you are not really from Sialkot since you’ld remember the sacrifices of Pakistani Jawans at Chawinda. Look at all the Indian commentators on this site. Does that not tell you something? India would love to take over Sialkot. The British and Indians cheated Pakistan over Ferozpur, Gurdaspur and Kashmir and you think that India doesn’t want more Pakistani land? Why do you think they spend so many billions of dollars when most people in India don’t even have access to toilets?Recommend

  • Anwaar

    naahh… i just meant to show you that none of us is a saint.. pakistan has done bad so has india…why cant we have a plebiscite to just let this issue go …Recommend

  • Sialkot wala

    See, as long as there are people like you, there will be no peace.
    Before India even gets to occupying Sialkot there will be a nuclear
    exchange. Resulting in millions dead. You don’t base an opinion
    on “..Indians comments on this blog.” You form your own. Which you
    are incapable of because of twisted logic. Your diatribe exposes your true, unreasoning…..Like the British description of low class.

    ” YOU can’t be from Sialkot because you don’t hate India”Recommend

  • sterry

    What I find even more ridiculous is that you choose to ignore India’s role in creating tensions and outright criminality in Pakistan from their operating bases in Afghanistan. None other than US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has confirmed that India is using Afghanistan as a base to conduct these operations. Yes many of the foreign militants came to fight the Soviets and stayed behind but you are brainwashed by Indian propaganda to not understand that India and Indians are fixated with Pakistan. Unless Indians finally wake up to the folly of terrorizing Kashmir and trying to control the region, they are destined to failureRecommend

  • Maryam

    Brother your point is right but i want to add a piece to it.its not about the pakistani land.its about the muslim blood..had it been about ONLY pakistani land gujrat massacre would have taken place in pakistan’s part of gujrat. we MUST understand that its not a war of water or food,its the war of ideology. and there is no such thing as pakistani ideology, “ISLAM is pakistan’s ideology”Recommend

  • Ali

    Its got nothing to with Zaid Hamid. The point being why cant india leave the people around itself alone? India is controlling the waters and the leave it open hence resulting in massive floods in Pakistan for the last few years. You dont understand and I dont blame you. Please do some research on ground realities. The author is completely deluded and is in some state of obsession with India. India has had problems with all its neighbors in exception of Pakistan. Be it China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. I have got nothing more to say to be honest. I have to call wrong wrong and right right.Recommend

  • fun fun

    same applies to others also. India lost to SA, NZ in their countries, means they can win against India only in their country.

    some countries can’t play even in their home.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Writer is right.But no one can change the mind set of people who have only leaned hatred and conspiracy theories in schools and from the society.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Allow me to reply ET mod. I’ll cut details and keep it short.

    Indian role in the BLA, that delusional religious nationalists hype, pales in comparison to the internal religious political extremism we face, and yes, export(ed) for our more frequent regional criminal purposes. You quote Hagel, who never said India financed our top Islamist militant threat, then pls quote Mike Mullen who named Pak for supporting foreign Afghan Haqqani Taliban, involved in terrorism against military allies, Afghan-Pak civilians, including attack on the Indian embassy.

    Most jihadists are local, some foreign but linked to our state in some way. Put up a mirror and see where anti-India obsession and regurgitated excuses has brought us. If JeM, a group terrorizing Pakistanis with sectarianism linked with TTP, is protected for Kashmir’s sake (same rationale Mumbai terrorist backers probably used), then its us that need to wake from our international deviousness and mental state failure.Recommend

  • Himavan

    We consider Pakistan to be Nomad tribals,this is true, because this is the perception in India.This was not his intentional reason to hurt you.This is how Pakistan as a whole and Muslims in general are perceived as.Nomad Tribals.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Oh for heaven’s sake man .. when taken to the nth point of exaggeration all the points u mention do indeed become false myths .. but there are many rational truths too . Propaganda , espionage , intelligence , finding human assets .. these are techniques that most countries in the world employ to further their objectives .. There is a reason for existence of the academic discipline of IR(International relations) and book by international authors come in handyRecommend

  • someone

    Hmm punching above your weight again, aren’t you? India never needed a nuclear weapon for Pakistan. Conventional weapons were enough to deal with any Pakistani aggression. You guys want to keep your self happy by keep saying that India needed a nuclear bomb to check in Pakistan. No. It was needed after 1962 war with China and Chinese nuclear test. As far as Kashmir is concerned, despite numerous efforts from Pakistan, India still controls the territory and as time progresses, the control is going to be tighter. On the other hand, Pakistan has lost half of its territory and is barely managing what is left of it. As for controlling Pakistan, why does India even need to do that? What does Pakistan has to offer which India does not have already? Has India annexed Nepal or Bhutan which at least have water resources? Has Indian annexed Bangladesh ? Has India annexed Srilanka? You guys on the other hand dream about annexing Afghanistan as your 5th province which is proving a deadly dream cause now Afghanistan is thinking of annexing you guys.Beware.Recommend

  • Steve Bakewell

    They don’t have any nukes.. they’re bluffingRecommend

  • Davidson

    even it hey have nukes, it can be stopped with interceptor missilesRecommend

  • jayz

    Mountbatten, Nehru, Jinnah are the ones that should be blamed for this controversy. the subcontinent are victims of british poison of divide and rule. and most of the fools still dont realise and kept on fightingRecommend

  • frank

    well there’s your problem.Recommend

  • shaheryar afzal

    that’s why…..
    asnd yes, india created HITLER. YES, INDIA started ww1 and ww2. from the UNSEEN sovereignity. YES. it was THEM.

    THIS WORLD is manipulated. and that’s that. really.Recommend

  • abc

    Pakistan should stop trying to compare itself with India.It has a lot to learn from India. If required, it can also ask India for aid. India with its $ 300+ bn forex reserves can support Pakistan like USA, China.Recommend

  • MuslimsIndia

    Sorry ! but Pakistan was created with the same Ideology just as Israel based on Religion. There are many Millions of Muslims living in India much more better lives then any cities in Pakistan. don’t just hold on to Gujarat Massacre , you can’t even compare Pakistan with India for the sake of Allah. we are even accessed to free University Education as on Minorities development SchemeRecommend

  • Sabiha Saeed

    Either you absolutly have no idea of ground situation in Pakistan or you are just like other propagandist/Hypocrite who just can’t dijest the military streghening of PakistanRecommend

  • saswath

    keep crying…but fact is factRecommend

  • true patriot

    You are right. 99% Indians do not wish a war with Pakistan. (I am an Indian). Both countries should concentrate on economic development Recommend